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DECEMBER 20, 2006

Selectors present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Hilary and Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Betty Sienkiewicz, Annie and Bill Pickford, Ron and Sue Price, Glen and David Bridges and Marion Bowers.

Minutes of the December 13, 2006 were amended and then approved.

1. Glen Bridges would like to see that town meetings are summarized and put in the annual town report.

1. Thank you notes have been received from several of the charities that have received money.
2. Little league contact person is unknown regarding where to send their check. Suggestions were to contact Erna and Kevin Keller or Jim Mitchell of Troy who is the director.
3. Accounts:
4. A. Checking: $81,565.40
B. Total: $194,042.31
5. Real estate taxes paid to date: $422,479.00. Outstanding taxes: $151,000.
6. Line 52 of the budget should have the sander on it according to Tim Biggs.
7. According to Steve Bennett we have over-budgeted revenue. In other words, the Town collected about 17% more than anticipated.
8. The treasurer will be attending an end of year training in Bangor and will then meet with the auditors.

Skidgell property:
1. Scott Layton of the DEP related to hazardous material has been contacted.
2. Gordon Fuller of the DEP has contacted Jay regarding the Skidgell property. A copy of a letter written to Steve Packard, attorney for Skidgell’s,to Gordon Fuller is attached. This letter relates some of the findings the DEP found with a limited investigation of the property inside and outside of the building which was done on December 12, 2006.
A. DEP recommendations:;
i. Phase 1 and 11 Environmental Assessment be performed by an environmental consultant. This would be helpful to the owners and any potential buyers as well as the MEDEP.
ii. If the Town is interested in the property they could explore requesting that the State Brownfield’s Program consider doing the Assessment. Jean Firth heads up this department, but the Town has to show an interest. This necessitates a letter from the Selectpersons to Jay which would be forwarded to the DEP and would need to be done before the next DEP visit.
iii. Don Robbins of the DEP was contacted by Jay.
iv. It is essential that the Town not procrastinate on the protection of the salt-sand pile with silt fencing and hay since according to Clint Spaulding hot ash spray will be difficult to obtain. David Bridges offered 100 feet of silt fencing he has.
3. Permits:
A. Doug and Sandra Gould of 104 Albion RD for a barn and storage facility.
B. Anderson trailer on Stevens Rd: Stakes have been put in by a site engineer relating to a septic system. Dave Schofield has been involved in this. Deeds are needed related to this property and others in the surrounding area. Set backs need to be met. If the Town has none then the State statute would have to be followed.
C. Cy Reynolds has been upset by the possibility of a septic system being installed and has said that he would get a lawyer and his wife voiced that DEP would be contacted. There is a contentious relationship between the plumbing inspector and the Reynolds.

1. A grant has been applied for that involves significant money according to Hilary Fleming.

1. Signs and posts have been delivered.
2. Prepare budget
3. End of year evaluation meeting with Selectors.

1. Budget committee: January 10th or 11th.
2. Assessors meeting: None this week.

1. Stevens RD property: The deed of property of Irene Anderson and her mother are needed before it can be put out to bid. A copy of these should be in the office.
2. Mitchell RD. property: No longer of interest to the Town.
3. Junkyards and Automobile graveyards: Discussion as to whether to adopt the State Statute or create our own ordinance. It was felt that the State Statute was too vague. According to Lynn Hadyniak, the Town could make it more restrictive, not less. This was questioned.
4. Jane Fasculo Property Offer: If the offer were accepted, the Town would lose taxable property unless some plans were made for some kind of income producing product. The conservation plan by Lissa Widdoff has not been received. There are 78 acres in this property divided into three lots. A possibility is to have Unity College do a forestry management plan for the property. Selective cutting could be done and also maple sugaring has been mentioned.

1. Warrants:
Payroll: motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the Town Clerk for extra hours in the amounts of $371.39 for Dec 14, 2006 and $403.69 for Dec 21, 2996 since this was approved by the special town meeting.
Payroll: $209.53; A motion was made to pay
Accounts payable: $6,197.43. This amount is inclusive of $511.of credit memo including two abatements.
2. Selectpersons meeting: A motion was made by Steve Bennett, seconded by
Tim Biggs, to cancel the meeting for Wednesday December 27, 2006.
Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

Letter from Gordon Fuller, DEP and other information

DECEMBER 13, 2006
    Selectors present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
          Others present: Jay Guber, Sallyann Hadyniak, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Cindy and Tim Abbott, and Marion Bowers.
1.     Homestead exemption information.
2.     CBIZ: property tax solution, doesn’t want to be taxed anymore.
3.     School Board Superintendent will visit January 3, 2007.
4.     Unity Area Recycling Report.
5.     Dale Rowley: E-mail letting us know that there are one half million dollars mitigation funds available through grants.  December 18th there will be a one-day work shop from 9:00AM to 4:00PM at EMA headquarters in Augusta for help in writing grants.
6.     Maine State Police form for concealed weapons for Michael Dani was signed and dated by Steve Bennett.
7.     2007 State Valuation for Freedom:
A.   Steve Bennett spoke with Michael Rogers of municipal services for state valuations.  Our valuation has gone up to 40,500,000.  An increase of about 11% over one year.
B.    Possible way to change this increase is to appeal it and show a decrease in the price of property. Steve Bennett discussed this with Mike Rogers and we had no ability to make a good appeal. 
C.   Letter to Michael Rogers needs to be filled out with the transfers for 2007.
D.   Valuations are based on property transfer information that Jeff Kendall receives.  This information is then put into a ratio formula and the percentage of the assessment gives the municipal value.
E.    Developed parcel ration is 82% of real market value.
8.     TIF’S:  State has negative feelings regarding them.  They decrease the valuation of the Town.  Only Unity is know to have TIFS in the surrounding area.
9.     Letter from Barbara Mosseau dated December 5, 2007 alleged that we are four payments in arrears.
10. Legislative staff of Micheau, Collins and Snow letter advising that through the US Department of Agriculture that there may be a grant available for the performing arts center at the new high school.
11. Supplements and abatements: Supplements = 43,000 and abatements= $3,600.
12. Irene Raven:  Wants to move in to the trailer on Stevens Road.  There currently is a mal-functioning septic system and she would also need a leach field. The area has been seen by David Schofield and a permit would depend upon where the property lines were.  The area would really need to be surveyed.  It would be up to the applicant to have the lines surveyed.
13. Special Town Meeting is scheduled for December 20th at the town office.  A motion was made by Tim Biggs to have a special town meeting at 6:00PM on the 20th of December to vote on additional funds of not more than $3,000 to pay the Town Clerk. Motion was seconded by Steve Bennett and carried. 
          CEO: JAY GUBER
1.         Questions related to permits in which he will have to talk with the   planning board and attorney.
2.         How to charge for the permit: one or three permit charges?  Referred to Bill Kelly. 
3.         Letter from CES re: permit.  Copy is attached.
4.         Letter to Skidgels related to hazardous waste. See attached.
5.         Unsafe wood stove was seen by Jim Waterman. Recommendations of the State were given.   
6.         Drew Fales had sought some information pertaining to the Earthen Dam and flood plain level which is needed prior to being given a permit. Tim was aware of this.
1.     Accounts:
          A.  Checking: $191,954.57
          B.  Total: $304,431.48
2.     Auto excise is down to $4500 compared to last year.  This is only 94% of prior collections
3.     One more revenue sharing should be coming in next week.
4.     Homestead monies may come in this week.
1.     Real estate tax collected was more then $300,000 in November. 
2.     One-half a million had been billed by October 31, 2006. 
3.     Prepayments: $5,000. 
4.     Still have $150,000 to be collected.
5.     Cindy expressed concern regarding the loss of a home since taxes haven’t been paid since 2004.  This would be effective April 19, 2007.  This party has been denied general assistance in the past and had one bill abated.  The foreclosure process has been started.  
          PUBLIC WORKS:  
1.      Jay Guber mentioned that something needs to be done about the salt and sand situation to prevent some of it washing into the stream.
2.      Possibilities are: hay bales and 2 rows of silt fencing or hot ash spray.
3.      A motion was made and then retracted with a following motion.  Lynn Hadyniak made a motion to instruct Clint Spaulding, road commissioner to obtain and to apply hot ash spray over the existing and pile.  Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
          OLD BUSINESS:
          1.  Town clerk-tax collector, Cindy Abbott has exceeded the amount in the    budget for compensation. MMA was called by Lynn HAdyniak and Hilary Fleming also called. Sue Pilgrim and Flewelling of MMA were spoken with     regarding the situation.
                   How to handle the problem:
                   A.  Require the Town Clerk to pay it back.                      
                   B.  Sign a contract with Cindy.
                   C.  Allow her not to repay the money.
                   D.  Special Town Meeting and pay her if motion is approved.
          2.  Moderator needed for Special Town Meeting.
          3.  New snowplow drivers: Daniel Dodge and David Vignant.
          4.  Policy for Selectors regarding vacancies and qualifications was presented by Lynn Hadyniak.  Additional comments will be made. A copy is attached.
          NEW BUSINESS:
1.          Warrants: Motions were made, seconded and approved to pay the following warrants.
        Payroll: $4,132.13 ; Cindy’s compensation is on hold.
        Accounts payable: $100,658.80; $95,752. includes payments to SAD   3 for October, November, and December. 
2.          Next week more charities will be paid.
          Meeting adjourned at 8:36PM.
          Respectfully submitted,
          Marion Bowers
1.     CES letter
2.     Letters re: Skidgels
          3.  Draft of policy regarding vacancies, appointments.
 DECEMBER 6, 2006
          Selectors present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs.
          Others present: Jay Guber, Gerry Spaulding, Hilary Fleming, Pete and Marion Bowers.
          Minutes of the November 29th meeting were read and accepted as read.
1.     Gerry Spaulding was present to discuss his tax bill and had many questions as to how the amount was arrived at, including how a house was classified.  He was informed by the Selectors that they were trying to go by the Assessors’ manual.  There were two mathematical errors found in his bill and an abatement form was made out.  This has not been signed by Mr. Spaulding. 
          CEO: JAY GUBER
1.     Seminars recently attended or will be attending  sponsored by the Maine Building and Inspectors Association:  
          A. 11/29/06 FPA 101 Safety Course in Rockport.
          B. 12/6/06 Legal Issues in Fairfield.
          C. 12/7/06 Electrical Underground in Brunswick.
2.  Phone call recently received from a CEO who had been contacted by an attorney regarding the Skidgell’s property and wanting an assessment done.  A second CEO had been contacted.  In the past the Skidgell’s had declined to allow anyone to enter the building.  DEP has been notified of
this refusal.
2.     Inspected an unsafe wood stove at Lisa Vigneau’s of 395 Belfast RD.  Also  noted a shed had been build there.  Paid a building permit fee immediately.
3.     11/13/06  Permit for Max Ascrizzi that had been made out 12/6/04 and had not been brought forth.  This was for a shed at 95 North Palermo RD.
4.     Permit 11/14/06  for Clifton Lewin on Lewin Lane, a storage shed.
5.     Permit 11/17/06 Carrie Bennett of 62 Bennett Lane,  a horse barn.
6.     On 3/3/06 a plumbing permit was granted to Lora Hess. 11/27/06 permit for a year-round camp and shed.
7.     Permit for Robert Mulhman of 49 Carrie Lane for  a dwelling shed, and breezeway.  Some of his property is in significant wildlife habitat.   In this area he had done a clear-cut of the area leaving an open canopy; for this he will be assessed a fine, need to do erosion control and replant the area involved.
8.      Mike Smith’s is not in the significant wildlife habitat.
9.     Jessie Beaudry has a garage on Greeley RD and it appears someone may be living there according to a citizen.  They are putting in a well.   Jay will check on this.  
10. 12/6/06 Letter sent to Skidgells regarding Phase 2 of the clean-up to be done.  DEP is involved in this.  The site was visited and much work had been done.  There is wood there the owners would like to burn.  However, there is a lot of hazardous material and Val Whittier of the DEP will contact the DEP person dealing with hazardous material.
11. Jay would like to contact the Town Attorney, in the future, to protect the Town, if it is agreeable with the Selectors. This letter would be to reiterate and document what has been done.  Since Jay has been denied entrance to the building he will wait and see what happens with the DEP.  He has noted salt on the Skidgell’s property. 
1.     Application for a snowplow driver has been received.  This needs to be discussed with Clint Spaulding. Steve Bennett would be agreeable to this.
2.     Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for the 13th or 24th of December.
          A.  Salary and expenses need to be brought up.
          B.  Suggestion of an hourly rate after a certain amount has been paid.
3.  Ron Wentworth has sold TRIO to Harris Computer Systems. 
4.  Waldo County Committee Treasurer has sent a letter thanking the  
Town   for the money they delivered in person.
5.  Thank you letter from WCAP for holiday basket from volunteers of the
     Fire Department.
6.     There are 10 isssues related to taxes that are minor in nature.
          TOWN OFFICES:
1.     Accounts:
          A.  Checking: $217,520.79
          B.  Total: $329.997.70 without the CDs.
2.  Payments tonight will include two for the school.
3.  DOT-URIP check for $7,759.00 was received this week.
4.  Black Hills Account:  Interest paid $32.64 and dividends $142.
1.     Request:  Hours for training 81.75 and as a ballot clerk 47.25 hours be considered for payment. 
2.     In the discussion that followed it was felt that they should have been considered as part of her regular work hours and there is no line item for training.  She had been informed on two occasions that she was close to the allotted hours for pay. 
3.     In order to pay her above the budgeted hours there will need to be a special town meeting.  If she were to be paid now, it would be an unauthorized expenditure and it would be illegal to do this.  Therefore a motion was made to have a special town meeting December 20, 2006 at 6:00PM at the Town Office  to see if the Town will vote to 
    authorize additional compensation not to exceed $3,000 for  the tax
    collector and town clerk for the remainder of the year.  Motion
   was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Steve Bennett.   Motion carried.
4.     Hours are to be limited to four hours daily, Tuesday through Friday.  A motion was made to pay Cindy for no more than 80 hours beginning December 7, 2006 until the end of the year pending results of special town meeting.   
1.     Plowing request by the Freedom Church: A trustee of the Church has made this request to Tim Biggs.  There has been an unwritten policy with the church and the Town in regards to using a water supply that originates at the Church, the septic system is partially on Town land and parking for games usually fills the front parking space of the church.
    A motion was made to plow the church parking lot out with having the
    protruding site well marked.  Motion was seconded and carried.  In plowing
    there will be a semi-circular area done in the front of the church since the
    plows are difficult to back up.
2.     Warrants:
          Motions were made and seconded to pay the following:
          A.  Payroll: $853.98
          B.  Special payroll $400.60 as long as the Treasurer instructs Cindy to reduce her hours to 80 hours for the remainder of 2006.
          C.  Accounts payable for Dec 6, 2006:  $91,330.70
3.  Professional audit for 2004 will be billed at $7,540.00
4.  The website for Frances Walker is;
Motion was made to adjourn at 9:15PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers

NOVEMBER 29, 2006
Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Tom & Hilary Fleming, Carole & Arthur Richardson, Carole Hager, Joe Richardson, Jim Hayes, Ron Price, Travis Price, Steve Cross, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Sallyann Hadyniak, Glen & David Bridges, Thelma Ledden, Robert Mulhman, and Marion Bowers. 
The meeting was opened at 6:02PM.
Minutes of the November 15, 2006 were read and amended.  A motion was made to accept the amended minutes.
1.     Joe Richardson questioned if Red Mitchell’s letter concerning Beaver Hill Rd was available.  This can be made available to the public according to Steve Bennett.
2.     Steve Cross questioned as to how many Selectmen had acted on discontinuing Beaver Hill RD and also questioned if it had ever come before the Town.  He also stated that action on the road would require a vote of more than one Selectman. 
3.     Discussion continued by various citizens with input on the section of Beaver Hill RD in question for nearly an hour. It was felt by the Selectors and some of the audience that this was a civil issue.
4.     Sallyann Hadyniak who lives in the area in question will bring in the information that had been provided to her.
5.     Ron Price had several questions and comments.
A.   Tax map he brought in and noted errors on; has any corrections been done? Also who makes the changes on the tax maps?  The assessors do this with the help of Tony Neves. There is a need for updating the tax maps.  Some of this has been done according to the Selectors.
B.    Protocol for board appointments:  The Town has none but it was felt to be a good idea.  Many of the people did not know about the last vacancy on the Appeals Board.  Need for posting in numerous places was also suggested.
C.   Executive Session:  The recent executive session was not done properly.  Ron stated the motion as it should have been made.  A copy of Executive Session Motion Citations was given to the Selectors.  A copy of this is attached.
D.   Glen Bridges:  She has submitted an application to be on the Planning Board. The opening on this position should be advertised and chosen in a fair and equitable way.  Conflict of interest should be considered.  If she were chosen for the position she would recuse herself from anything related to the wind turbines. 
    She also felt that the last appointment to the appeals board should be rescinded because of a conflict of interest.  
E.    Robert Muchlman:  Question on taxes.  This will be addressed at the Assessors’ meeting.   
1.     Sysco Food Company is looking for class A drivers.
2.     Coca Cola has had a problem with double assessment.  This situation has been corrected. 
3.     Assessment question from Ken Shaw; will be discussed at Assessors Meeting.
4.     Valuation letter from Maine Revenue Service:  They will increase the valuation by about four million dollars bringing it up to $40,500,000.  There is a 45 day appeal length of time.  A letter will be drafted and sent to Jeff Kendall to learn how they arrived at this amount.
5.     William Kelly, ESQ letter with his resume.  He is representing the Town as a resource for the Planning Board.  No report was included.  Lynn Hadyniak will respond to his letter. He did note that in going over the ordinances, changes need to be done.  He is willing to meet with the Selectors to discuss these changes.
6.     Waldo County Community Action will have a meeting on December 2, 2006 at the Community Building in Unity relating to health and economic issues in the surrounding towns.
7.     Letter from Susan Shell recommending Glen Bridges for the Planning Board.
8.     Waldo County EMA letter regarding a meeting for all Waldo County Selectmen, Local EMDs, Health Officers and Fire Chief  to be held on November 30th at 6:30PM to be held at the Waldo Town Office.
9.     Project Canopy Assistance Grants for 2007.
10. Abatement request from Tom and Hilary Fleming; Discussion for Assessors’ meeting.
11. Community Farm Share:  Article for the Warrant.
12. Maintaining gravel roads informational seminar will be given.  Tim Biggs was given this information.
13. Sadowski appeal: Maine Supreme Judicial Court denied an extension of time for the appeal.  
1.     Accounts:
          A. Checking: $251,961.32
          B.  Total: $64,256.83
2.     Smithton interest $256.00 and Thurston account interest of $162.65 will be used by the Cemetery Committee.
3.     Municipal Revenue Income: $4,332.69
4.     School and County Budget are items on the Accounts Payable Warrant.
5.     Hilary will hand deliver the one to the County, so that we are not penalized because it was received after December1, 2006.
6.     Audit information:
7.          A. 2004 information sent to Angela.
8.          B. 2005 information will be ready within a day or two.
9.     Information for the Budget Committee:
          A.  List of extra expenses through out the year in detail.
          B.  Deputy Treasurer
          C.  New equipment for Selectors
          D.  New Copier
          E.  Charity requests
          F.  Fire department.
1.     Culvert in front of the Hager house needs work, creates flooding.
2.     Major hole in Rollins RD.  Has a stick in it to warn people.
3.     Waning RD has been repaired.
1.     Family without heat was given $30.00 worth of heating fuel.  Later was irate because she claimed she had slid an application for assistance under the door.  No one ever saw this.  Reapplied today and all information obtained.  Intense situation with her.
2.     Another requestor for assistance was approved for maximum level of $538.00 as long as she abides by the guidelines, such as submitting bills from vendors.  The Town will then submit the bills for re-imbursement. This party must also provide evidence that 2 jobs per week have been applied for and check into other sources of help.
3.     There is a need to add an article to the ordinance to make this an official notice.
1.     Mitchell Rd property:  Asking price was too high.  It was felt that he might be willing to agree to a lower price.  Will bring up to the Budget Committee meeting.
2.                                  Website:  Still having problems.  Sallyann and Marion have been unable to find minutes of the Selectperson’s meetings.   Also e-mailed minutes have been returned using the site.
1.     Policy needs to be written regarding board appointments.
2.     Warrants for November 11, 2006:
          A. Payroll: $645.96
          B.  Accounts Payable: $97,681.84
                   This included $60,000 for the County, and around $32,000                  for the school.
          Meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.
          Respectfully submitted,
          Marion Bowers
          1. Executive Session Motion Guide
          2. Waldo County Selectmen’s meeting with EMA director.
          3.  Project Canopy Assistance Grants 2007
          4.  Community Farm Share Warrant Article.

NOVEMBER 15, 2006

Selectors present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Thelma Ledden, Sallyann Hadyniak, James Hayes, Joe Richardson, Sr., Betty Sienkiewicz, Jay Guber, Carol and Arthur Richardson, Donald Hagger Carrie Bennett, Glen and David Bridges, Jim Jeranka, and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:05PM.
Minutes of the last meeting November 8, 2006 were amended and approved.
A missing page of the minutes for October 25 was read and approved.
1.     A group of concerned citizens questioned their denial of traveling on a part of Beaver Ridge RD.  They presented  minutes of a vote taken at an annual Town meeting in 1955 to discontinue a section of the road for maintenance which referred to a the road from O.B. Ward’s in a direction leading over Beaver Hill. There is a trail leading off to the right which leads to Oak Lane, (previously called Under the Beaver). The road above OB Ward’s referred to in “E” of this document has not been historically abandoned.  When a road has not been maintained at public expense for motor vehicles for a period of 30 to 35 years prior to 1965 it is effectively abandoned by public statute and by common law reverts back to the private owners.  Tim Biggs was able to give these citizens copies of the law that pertain to their right to use this road.
2.     Carrie Bennett announced her resignation from the Recreation Committee and the Planning Board because of recent attacks on her horse which resulted in the animal’s demise. Carrie has been an outspoken advocate against the wind turbines.  Those in the audience who were unaware of this uncalled for violence were all disturbed.
     Lynn Hadyniak will contact the Sheriff Storie since the sheriff’s department has been called seven times and have not responded.        Contacts to the Unity College and the Game Warden will also be done.
     Another possible contact is Deputy Jones of Freedom.  
3.     A letter from David and Glen Bridges was presented to the Selectors    regarding the co-mingling of two parcels of property.  They are filing          for abatement and will meet with the Assessors on Saturday.
4.     Jim Geranka’s offer:  Mr. Geranka has property on Mitchell RD he is selling that the Town maybe interested in buying.  A motion was made to go into executive session by Steve Bennett and seconded by Tim Biggs to discuss this offer of a sale.  Upon return from the executive session the Selectors stated that they had had a good discussion regarding this property which consists of 6 acres with 1000 ft of frontage.  Currently there is a trailer, shed, well and septic system in place.
          Glen Bridges suggested that they inform landowners of possible fire station there. This comment lead to a heated discussion regarding information being available to abutters. 
Steve Bennett left the meeting.  Lynn Hadyniak chaired the remainder of the meeting.
1.     Accounts:
        Checking: $62,550.09
        Total monies: $174,845.60
        Thurston CD:  $5,021.  Interest has been drawn out to use for    maintenance.
2.     County tax is due by December 1, 2006.  This will be paid by then.
3.     FC Work will be paid in full this week.
4.     Income from Municipal Review Committee received: $9124.99
5.     Maine Revenue Service and State Planning Office document that required signing by the Selectors.  This was done by Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak. 
1.     Attendance in Augusta on November 9, 2006 for local health officers; meeting was very informative.  Going back to statutes from 1918 showed how important this position was.  Currently the group is trying to update or remove antiquated statutes.
1.     Skidgel property: Jay Guber letter related to his re-inspection of the warehouse site was presented.  Phase 1 has been accomplished as requested.  Phase 2 needs to commence in the Spring of 2007.  Letter is attached.
2.     Attorney for Town for Planning Board:  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to hire Bill Kelly and associates as a company on behalf of the Town to work with the planning board on the CES application.  Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.  Steve Bennett was absent.
3.     Attorney  Kelly charges $145/hr regardless of what he is doing related to the case.  He can be at the Planning Board meeting on the 20th and or the 29th.  He will mail a contract and his CV.  He has had 16 years of experience.
3.  Waldo County Commission Meeting:  Tim Biggs attended this last week.  Insurance for the 69 employees has gone up and now averages $2,000 per individual. 
1.     Hilary Fleming spoke on behalf of TOPS, a non-profit group, who has to find another meeting place since they no longer can meet at the Freedom Congregational Church because of changes in the insurance the church now has. The Selectors were agreeable to this.  Hilary will bring in a document for them to sign. 
2.     There is a new case of rabies from a skunk in Thorndike.
3.     Warrants:
        Motions were made seconded and carried to pay the following:
                  1.  Payroll: $4,019.50
                  2.  Accounts payable: $36,220.18  
1.     Assessors: Saturday 8:AM.
2.     Budget Committee: November 30, 2006
3.     Planning Board: November 20 at 6: 30PM
                                                  November 29 at 6: 30 or 7:00PM
Meeting was adjourned at 8:09PM
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
1.  Letter from Jay Guber: re Skidgels

November 8, 2006

Selectors present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak.  Tim Biggs was attending the Waldo County Commissioners Meeting.
Others present:  Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Theresa Poulin, Mike Smith, Willa Dibner, Hilary Fleming Ron Price, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:02PM by Steve Bennett.
Minutes of the November 1, 2006 were read and amended.  Motion was made to accept the amended minutes.
1.     Theresa Poulin: The homestead exemption no longer applied to her tax bill since the owner of the property was her niece who lives out of state. Although this was done some time ago the Town has just received this information.
2.     Ron Price:  There is a discrepancy between the Town tax map and the surveyor’s findings done in 1979.  He outlined the property he owns in red on Beaver Ridge on his copy of his surveyors report and left it with the Selectors.   Tony Neves will be consulted about this.
3.     Mike Smith and Willa Dibner were in about property they own and have requested an abatement.  They feel they are being charged twice and also too high a rate for land the State has designated for wild life.  They will return Saturday Am to discuss this.
4.     Jay Guber:  Wanning RD near the bottom of the road where Albion, Unity and Freedom meet is in need of repair.  It has disintegrated and is a danger for vehicles and the school bus.  There has also been a complaint from a Unity official.  In the past Jay has repaired this himself.  He is now willing to again repair it and charge the Town.  This offer was not accepted.  The information will be relayed to the Road Commissioner by Lynn Hadyniak.
          1.  MERC letter asking for a candidate on the Municipal Review Board. No action was taken.
          2.  Neighbor to neighbor applications for referrals was given to Lynn Hadyniak.  These will be approved for Christmas.
          3.  KVCOG is looking for applicants for a solid waste proposal to create a think tank. This has been referred to Read Brugger.  We currently, spend $46,340 on waste. This is a big part of our budget.
          4.  DHS application:  This application was already signed by Lynn Hadyniak.  It was related to confirming ownership of property in relationship to the state health program.
          5.  Letter from attorney:  This had been sent by Andrew Hamilton to    Bill Pickford and the Board of Selectors.  The letter was in a form of a contract to be signed.  The prices they charge were listed.  The letter  does not repeat the standards as agreed to last week in the discussion  
          Lynn responded by E-mail to Bill Pickford and the Selectors. The letter was not signed.  
          Lynn has found a list of possible attorneys:
A.     Paul Driscall from Portland
B.      Lee Braggs from Augusta
C.     Michael Gentile from Augusta
D.     Eric Stumpfel from Dover-Foxcroft
E.  Michale Clisham from Bangor.  
The Selectors will not hire an attorney until the Board can agree to one.
1.     Income Revenue through October :$23,645.25  
2.     Income Revenue for November 1-8 :$72,599.94
3.     Unpaid taxes 2005:$3300, 2004 $2500, 2003 $1600
4.     A total of $8,000 for 6 years.  Personal property taxes not paid is about the same as property taxes.
          ROAD COMMISSIONER: Clint Spaulding was absent.
1.     Grading roads:  He has been trying to get Lee Brothers to do    them.  Clint will begin to do some of this him self.
2.     Wanning Road as discussed under Citizens Concerns.
          CEO: JAY GUBER
1.     Formal request for the remainder of his yearly salary.
2.     Documents received related to CES.
          A. Historical preservation information.
          B.  Turbine noise study.
3.  Permits for review.
          A.  Isiah Humphry of 38 Albion Rd for a trailer with an addition, garage and barn.
4.  Trailers:  The State has a law which stated mobile homes should not be over a certain age.  The Planning Board may need   to review this.  
1.     Budget Committee: November 30, 2006 at 6:30PM.
2.     Planning Board: November 15 and the 29th at the Freedom Congregational Church beginning at 7:00PM.
1.     Warrants: Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following warrants;
2.          A.  Payroll: $2,155.90
3.          B.  Accounts payable: $29,518.87.
                   1.  $27,000 was paid to SAD #3.
                   2.  F.C. Work and sons was paid $2,000.
The meeting adjourned at 7:30PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
NOVEMBER 1, 2006
Selectors present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak
Others present: Tom and Hilary Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Sallyann Hadyniak, Jay Keating, Matt Bennett Andy Kekacs, Bill Pickford, and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened at 6:10PM.
Minutes of the October 25, 2006 were read and approved after they were amended.
Minutes of the October 18, 2006 were read, amended and approved after they were amended.
1.     Jay Keating questioned why his taxes had increased.  His property card will be gone over later in the meeting.
2.     Bill Pickford
A.   He remarked about the letter that came with the tax bill.  He approved of it except for the statement related to the TIF and the shifting of the tax to another community.  He found the wording troublesome.  There needs to be some clarification regarding the TIF as there is the difference of interpretation of it according to Lynn Hadyniak.  Steve Bennett found nothing wrong with the TIF and he had researched it and spoken with Dave Ledoux.   
B.    Planning Board request: The planning board has made a motion which carried to request funding authorization to hire an attorney to represent the planning board.  Bill Pickford, co-chair of the board has spoken with MMA’s Richard Flewelling who suggested that they have legal representation and sent him a list of possible candidates.  There was a long discussion as to the pros and cons of hiring legal representation. 
     The Planning Board had no right to grant a 24 month waiver as   had been requested.  This had been the opinion of Ed Bearar,   the attorney, who represents the Bennetts. MMA agreed with this as well.
     Some of the reasons for a lawyer representing the Planning Board at the meetings were regarding decisions that were being made and questions the public had.
     It was suggested by Lynn Hadyniak to Bill Pickford  that estimates for what it would cost for the attorney to get up to    speed as to what has been done; also to  get opinions from MMA.
In making a motion, Lynn Hadyniak, considered the amount of money that had been set aside for contracted services in this account. There is $17,831 in this account that has not been used.  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak that the Selectors set aside $2500 for legal representation by an outside counsel to represent the town re: Planning Board issues and if needed more money could possibly be available. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs, Steve Bennett abstained and motion carried. 
C.   Bill also suggested that it would be nice to have a time for people to come in regarding taxes. The letter with the taxes does state that they can come into any Selectors meeting to discuss their taxes. 
1.     The appeals board has been legal since 1991.
2.     Letter from municipal officers from Gray and Scarborough re: voting for TABOR.
3.     Classification for tree growth for Jonathon Plengey:  This would be a reapplication.  Tim will take care of this.
4.     Handicap voting is ready according to Cindy. 
5.     A poverty abatement requested, via phone, has been turned in.  No General Assistance has been requested according to Lynn.
6.     Jim Jeranka of Mitchell RD has told Cindy that he would like to know if the Town is interested in buying his property.  There are two lots there consisting of a total of 5.85 acres.  Steve Bennett will look into this as the Selectors were interested.
1.     Accounts:
        A. Checking: $20,672.25
        B. Total: $132,967.76
2. State truck excise refund: $342.52
3. Request from Unity College Library (Quimby) for donation for 2007.
4. Taxable parcels of land need to be clarified which Hilary will look into.
5. Auditors have set up a new fund account #4 for CD’s.
6.  SAD 3 is looking for money owed them.
7.  Road salt has been delivered.
8.  Fuel was probably delivered.
                 1.  Maine CDC will be having a meeting for local health officers to strengthen the system which will include a revision of the LHO statutes.  A meeting will be on November 9th in Augusta which she will attend.
              Clint Spaulding was absent.  Tim Biggs gave an update on what was going on.
1.     Grading will be done on the dirt roads by the Lee Bros.  
2.     Garage doors: One garage door and two panels on another door will be replaced.
3.     Salt and sand are mixed.
4.     Cold patching has been done n the culvert on Ayer Ridge and Sibley RD. Greeley Rd. still needs to be done as well as Beaver Ridge.
5.     Rollins RD is in need of repair.  One-third of the road is washing out.
6.     Sanders are nearly done.
7.     Request by Clint Spaulding  for road safety compliance class was denied.  
8.     Tim suggested that an article be placed on the warrant for the annual Town Meeting for a number of dollars for sealing and top-coating roads.  The Budget Committee should be made aware of this.
1.  Skidgels: no action.
2.  Sullivan Bros. have signed their contract with a “hold harmless” clause in it.  This means they won’t sue the Town of Freedom.A certificate of general liability was not agreed to by their insurance company. This is not essential according to MMA Risk pool. A motion was made to accept the solid waste contract as amended by Sullivan’s. Motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak and seconded by Tim Biggs.  Motion carried.
3.  Sandy Pond:  John Carver, attorney, has informed Steve Bennett that the plaintiff, Mr. Sadowski, has had the hearing postponed three times. If this is done again, a ruling in favor of the town will be made.
4. Bid for Lot 57 of Map 11 needs to have a document done.  This is in regards to selling the town “garage” on Stevens RD. This document can be obtained from MMA.
1.     Appointment to the Budget Committee:  Connie Ponder was nominated by Steve Bennett and nomination was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak to serve the remainder of Jay Guber’s term.   She is knowledgeable regarding accounting.
2.     Warrants:
          A.  Payroll: $1,837.58
          B. Accounts payable: $5,579.75
1.     Assessors: Saturday 8:00AM.
2.     Planning Board: November 9th, 6:30PM at the Town Office.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers

OCTOBER 25, 2006
Selectpersons present:   Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak was absent.
Others present:  Hilary Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, David Schofield, Sallyann Hadyniak.
The meeting was opened by Steve Bennett at 6:10 p.m.
1. The application to buy town surplus needs to be updated.  It is 6 months overdue.
2. Steve Bennett read a letter from Dana Murch regarding Sandy Pond Dam.  He also read the latest brief from Sadowsky’s attorney.  It was dated 10/11/2006.
3. There is nothing new.   The Superior Court of Maine has not made a decision therefore the town can’t do anything with the dam.
4. Thressa questioned the “ditch” that was mentioned in the previous weeks meeting.  No one had an answer.
       Hilary Fleming
1. The town valuation went up three million.
2. Sad 3 assessed $61,000.00 more this year than last year.
3. 19% Freedom school budget went up and state revenue share is down $21,000.00.
4. The town has to raise $93,000.00 more then last year.
5. The spending of town budget for 2006 decreased $2,000.00.
6. Mill rate went from 14.7 to 17.1.
7. There will be a $240.00 increase per $100,000.00 valuation.
8. There is $14,076.40 in the checking account and in total accounts there is $125,944.36.
9. Revenue received was a check in the amount of $5,803.2.
10. The Historical Society received a check in the amount of $3,000.00 from MBNA in regards to a grant.
11. Hilary called Nelson Oil to top off the tanks at a rate of $2.10 a gallon for the Town Office, Fire Department and garage.
12.  Tina Freeman wants ? of her salary.  She was paid her 18 ? hours at $9.93 and the last quarterly will be less then $500.00, this covers January to December.
13.  The vacuum cleaner needs to be repaired.  Hilary will take it to be fixed and returned the same day or maybe the vacuum isn’t worth fixing.
14. Clint Spaulding requested a cell phone for his use being he is the Road Commissioner.  Hilary will check out the cost and program.
15.  Jay Guber will be out of town for a while and Dave Skofield will cover for him.
16.  Hilary is still working off figures for the 2006 audit. 
Will try to have figures for the budget committee meeting that will be held on the third Thursday.
17. Municipal report needs to be done by hand.
18. 2004 did not match with 2005.  It was off by $12.02.
1. David Schofield is waiting for DOT to make a decision and DEP will let him know if they will give money toward the septic system for Mc Donald.  It may be put off for another year due to lack of funds. 
2. He explained what the ditch is all about that he spoke of in the previous meeting.
New Business:
1.  The 2006 Tax Commitment for the Town of Freedom is in the amount of $577,879.00, and the mill rate is 17.1.
2.  Steve Bennett made a motion to accept, Tim Biggs second.  Motion made and carried.
3.  Tim Biggs made a motion to accept the letter that is going out with the tax bills and it was seconded by Steve Bennett.  Motion made and carried.
Vendor warrant:  $1,702.80 motion to accept made by Tim Biggs and second by Steve Bennett.  Motion made and carried.
Payroll warrant:   $1,234.95 motion to accept made by Steve Bennett and second by Tim Biggs.
1. Tim Biggs stated that Jim Waterman needs to know the name of the road by the Hutchins Cemetery.  Tim made a motion to call it Hutchins Lane and Steve seconds it.  Motion made and carried.
2. Clint Spaulding wants to get a porta potty for the garage.  They will get a price for the cost.
3. Clint is taking care of the cold patch.
4. A new steel door will be installed at the town garage for a total of approximately $200.00.  Lendel Chase will put it in.
5. There is no insulation in the garage and plastic will be covering the windows.
6. Roads need to be graded and it will cost approximately $1,200.00.
7. Also Waldo County is looking for a 23% increase in medical cost and a 3.8 raise for all.
The meeting was adjourned by Steve Bennett at 7:56 and second by Tim Biggs.  Motion made and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak

October 18, 2006

Selectpersons present:  Steve Bennett, Lynn Q. Hadyniak.  Tim Biggs was absent due to attending another meeting.
Others present:  Tom and Hilary Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Jim Waterman, David Skofield and Sallyann Hadyniak.
The meeting was opened by Steve Bennett at 6:05 p.m.
The minutes of the October 11, 2006 meeting were read and a motion was made by Steve Bennett to approve the minutes as read.  Lynn Hadyniak seconds the motion and the motion was made and carried.
Tom Fleming stated that he wants the part of the road in front of him home fixed because it is washing away and will continue to get worse.
Sallyann Hadyniak stated that she has a culvert in her yard that she is willing to donate to the town if needed.  Steve Bennett will notify the Road Commissioner Clint Spaulding.
TOWN OFFICERS:    Hilary Fleming, Treasurer:
1.      There is $15,127.68 in the operating checking account.
2.      There is $126,995.64 in our total accounts.
3.      The Freedom Historical Society received a $3,000.00 grant from MBNA.
4.      PERC notified us that the total for garbage will be $66.20.  When it started it was $64.80 and has then increased.
5.      The American Business Machine Company in Fairfield is charging $390.40 for a service agreement.
6.      Hilary will call Nelson to top off the oil tanks at the Town Office, Fire Department and Garage while the oil is still cheap.
Steve Bennett reported that due to many errors that were found, the total valuation for Freedom increased Five Million Dollars making our town valuation go from Thirty Two Million to Thirty Seven Million.  A large portion of it was found around the pond area.
1.      The taxes are going up!
2.      The tax increased by $61,000.00 is due to the raise in taxes for the school and the loss of revenue.  It went up to $83,000.00.  This will increase our part to $5,000.00 more each month to cover the school budget starting July 2006.
3.      Taxes will be done next week and Lynn Hadyniak will compose a letter to be sent out with the taxes.
FIRE CHIEF:       Jim Waterman
1.  Jim announced that there will be a “Hunter’s  Breakfast” on November 4, 2006 at the fire house starting at 4 a.m. to 10 a.m.  The price will be $5.00.
2. The Selectperson’s needed to sign a form from the Waldo County Fire Protection Mutual contract.
3. He stated that if anyone hears anything associated with the recent break out of fires they are to call the State Fire Marshall’s Office.
4. The firemen want to go wireless with computers.  They want to be allowed to piggy-back to the town computer and it will be used only by certain officials and will have a special password known only to a few.
5. The fire trucks need tires and three need to be replaced on the tanker.
6. Jim assisted the Selectperson’s to name the roads on the map.  They were changed when 911 went into effect.
7. Sallyann Hadyniak was asked to cook the bacon for the Hunter’s Breakfast and accepted.
1.      Correspondence was read by Steve Bennett and discussed with Lynn Hadyniak.
2.      an un-named family was pleading hardship
PLUMBING INSPECTOR:      Dave Skofield  
1.      The bids are over for the McDonald septic system.  Dave and DEP recommend getting more money toward the septic.  Dave wants to open the ditch.  If he isn’t allowed to, he will not take responsibility for it. 
There is a difference of $3,200.00 because the bids were way too high.  Dave will call DEP and ask for more money toward the system.
1.       Regarding personal property, someone stated that they got rid of it in 05 and Steve said we needed evidence in order to take it off the rolls.
2.   Account #99 was denied abatement.  According to a letter by ? The backhoe was on plaintiff’s property.
3.  It was decided to renew the contract for the copier.
VENDOR WARRANT      $1,683.99
A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to accept both warrants and second by Steve Bennett.  Motion made and carried. 
Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 by Lynn and second by Steve.  Motion made and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak
The minutes were not able to be approved as amended due to the fact that Lynn Hadyniak and Tim Biggs wasn’t at the meeting last week.  This motion will be made on Wednesday November 1, 2006        

OCTOBER 11, 2006

          Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and LynnHadyniak.
          Others present: Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, SallyannHadyniak, Clint and Christine Spaulding, Hilary Fleming,Jay Guber, Frances Walker and friend, Robert and Marion Bowers.
          The meeting was called to order at 6:05PM.
          Minutes of the October 4, 2006 meeting were read and approved.
          TOWN OFFICERS:
                    TREASURER: HILARY FLEMING
1.     Year to date revenue was reviewed by the Selectors.
2.     Revenue sharing is down to 70%; however in the past we have been overpaid.
3.     Craig Costello, the accountant, has made changes to funds, called #1, based on the 2004 audit.  He has received the trial balance for 2004 and 2005.
4.     Accounts:
          A. Checking: $30,896.18
          B.  Total monies: $142,764.14
5.     Postage machine:
          A.  Currently it is being rented at $128 per quarter.
          B.  Business lease would cost us $124 per quarter.
          C.  If we were to do a business lease it would also include a weighing scale, an ink cartridge with 800 hits costing $39.00 versus          the present one that has 400 hits costing $35.00. Also included in   the deal with Pitney-Bowes would be a free ink cartridge and a  $50.00 credit.  
          D.  Contract with Pitney-Bowes would be for five years.
6.     Sullivan fuel surcharge: This amount of $49.00 was erroneous. Diesel fuel was $3.07 the week in question and Freedom uses 35 gallons of fuel for its weekly pick-up.  The amount we should have been charged was $2.45.
7.     IRS taxes for 1st quarter of 2004: We owe the IRS $219.86 which includes a penalty of $52 and interest of $27.00.  This could be taken out of undesignated funds aka surplus.
1.     Sand bids: These were opened from three bidders.
A.   F.C. Work: 1, 500 yards of sand delivered: $6:00 per yard for a total amount of $9,000.
B.     Roger Littlefield:  1,500 yards of sand: $4:00 per yard for an amount of $6,000 plus trucking costs of $3,750 for a total cost of $9,750.
C.   WTW:  1,500 yards of live sand: $$6.75 per yard for a total amount of $10,125.
D.   A motion was made by Tim Biggs to accept the F.C. Works and Sons bid for 1500 yards of road screened sand delivered
     for the amount of $9, 00.00.  Motion was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and motion carried.
2.     Garage door contract: This needs to be signed and 25% down is needed.
3.     Steel entry-way door was requested for the Town Garage. No action taken.
4.     Fuel difference between the un-insulated Town Garage and the Fire Station were discussed.  There is a difference of only $300.00.  There is the question of partitioning off an area in the garage.
5.     Land for sale on the North Palermo RD needs to be looked into as a possible site for a Fire Station.
6.     Public works group needs to be restarted was suggested by Steve Bennett.
7.     Hot-top the salt and sand yard to help prevent pollution.
8.     Town house RD complaint regarding the road has been received.
          CEO: JAY GUBER
1.     Education:
          A.  Wetlands Seminar on September 19, 2006in Augusta.
          B.  Shoreland Zoning Changes at KVCOG inFairfield 9/27/06.
2.  DEP approval regarding wetlands or shore-land zoning:
          A.  Mike Smith
          B.  Robert Mulhman
          C.  Dan Ward and Julia Karet also had the approval of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife re: eagle
3.  Skidgel property:
          A.  Certified mail receipt showing a relative ofMildred’s had signed for the letter. Second letter sent.
          B.  Inspection of the property shows major clean-up has been done as was requested.  Still needs to seed the area in.
          C.  Potential buyer for the property according toMildred.
           D.  Town is interested in a small amount of the land to add to what they already have there.This would make building a salt-and shed more feasible. Steve Bennett will contact Mildred Skidgel regarding this interest.
E.  Kleinschmidt letter:  Copies made for all Selectpersons. Please read.
F.  Permits:
          1.  Prentiss Grassi and Polly Shyka of 122 Belfast Rd. for an attached storage shed.
G.  Mike Willette from Stargate is looking for land in Freedom close to Route #137 for a site for a cell tower. Phone # 872-7267
H.  Ron Price’s deed:  A copy of this needs to go withCES’s application. This deed is in relationship to the land that is leased.
I.  Certificate of compliance has been received from CMP for Ed Ponder.
J.  Compensation: Jay is to receive $4,000 annually, plus $1,100+ for expenses.  He has used $892.00 re: expenses.
K.  Permission to copy the wetlands map of Freedom was approved.
1.     Difficulty contacting her.  Vonage phone # 433-5416.
2.     Liaison selectperson is Lynn Hadyniak:  All information needs to be sent to Lynn and then she will transfer it to Frances.
3.     Nothing had been posted on the site since late inJune.  She had been busy with her own business.
1.     Budget Committee: November 16, 2006.
          A.  Budget ordinance is needed.
2.  Assessors: November 14, 2006 at 7:AM
          OLD BUSINESS:
1.     Copies of updated policies were given to each Selectperson.
          A. Board of Assessors
          B.  Selectpersons
2.  Sandy Pond Dam:
          A.  Letter from Attorney John Carver regarding the status of the           ownership of the dam.  He wants to know what is going on.
          B.  Kleinschmidt letter given to Steve Bennettby Jay Guber since         the Town’s copy is missing. All Selectpersons need to read this so that it can be discussed at the next meeting.
3.  Waldo County Commission minutes were received.
4.  David Parkman sent a reminder that the County taxes were due.
5.  General Assistance letter given to Lynn Hadyniak.
6.  MMA Workers’ Comp:  Estimate of payroll is $97,815.00.  This includes a 4% raise.
7.  Bureau of Elections: no action.
8.  Gerry Sullivan: Contract revisions still need to be done. 
9.  Garbage, junkyards and automobile graveyards has been investigated by Lynn Hadyniak. 
          A.  Any three or more vehicles that are unlicensed and unregistered      constitute a graveyard. If visible from the street the law is more        restrictive than if they were out of sight.
          B.  Fencing is required.
          C.  State law
          D.  Felony charges can be involved.
The question now is whether to modify the state statute or to accept it as is.  Jay Guber felt that modification was the way to go.  Tim felt that this would need to go on a warrant before the Town.
Lynn will bring in a copy of the state statute for discussion.  
9.     Fasulo property:  Lynn Hadyniak is working withLissa Widdoff in regards to a conservation and land use plan.
10.  Septic bids related to Property of Stanley MacDonald. 
          A. Tom Berry: $10,100
          B.  James Marple: $11,192
          C. A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to accept the bid of   $10,100 by T.E. Berry to install a septic system at the Stanley           MacDonald residence. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and     motion carried by all.
          D.  Tim Biggs spoke about the Town having to pay up front and          then being reimbursed by the State.
11.  Bulletin Boards: Tim Biggs made two bulletin boards for the meeting       rooms. Tim was thanked for this.
12.  Bid for Lot 57, Map 11: 
          Attorney Carver needs to be contacted as well asCindy needs to be    notified so this can be posted.
13.     TIF’s:  At the Planning Board meeting, CES were informed that the Town is interested in doing aTIF on the project.  An open invitation was extended to CES to attend a Selectperson’s meeting.
          NEW BUSINESS
1.     A motion was made authorizing Hilary Fleming to contact Pitney-Bowes regarding changing the postal machine rental to a business lease. Motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak, seconded by Tim Biggs. Motion carried.
2.     IRS:  A motion was made to take $219.86 out of the surplus account to pay this bill which includes penalty, interest and principle. Motion was seconded and carried.
3.     Board of Appeals:  Lissa Widdoff has expressed an interest in being on this board. A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to appoint Lissa Widdoff to the Appeals Board to fill out an unexpired term that runs to 2008. 
4.     Cindy Ponder was suggested for an appointment to the Budget Committee since she maybe taking the Treasurer’s position.  She is studying accounting.
5.     Warrants: Motions were made and seconded to pay the following warrants:
6.          A. Payroll: $1,986.52
B.     Vendors: $4,579. 97
          The meeting adjourned at 8:15PM.
          Respectfully submitted,
          Marion Bowers     

OCTOBER 4, 2006 

Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.  Steve Bennett was absent.
Others present: Hilary and Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Cindy Abbott, Clint Spaulding and Marion Bowers
The meeting was opened at 6:10PM by Lynn Hadyniak who chaired the meeting.
Minutes of the September 27, 2006 meeting were read.  The minutes were approved as amended and then approved by Tim Biggs as Lynn Hadyniak had not been at that meeting.
1.     Jerry Sullivan of Sullivan Bros. may be here tonight re contract and insurance.
2.     Read Brugger may be interested in being the representative to MERC.
1.     Account balances
          Checking: $28,812.32
          Total of accounts without CDs: $140,680.28
2.     Sullivan charges: A separate bill for fuel surcharge for one week in August is $49.00.  This charge needs to be checked on and is not in the warrant for tonight.
3.     Lee Brothers will be paid in full as of tonight’s warrant.
4.     Audit information: A trial balance has been sent to Craig Costello, the auditor.  Hilary informed Angela it was coming.
5.     The County Commission Report has been received.
6.     Information re: Maine Revenue Tax transfers.
7.     IRS re: first quarter of taxes unpaid in 2004 ( January to March)
8.     Penalties: Hilary will be sending the IRS a letter for reconsideration of the penalties that were paid.
1.     Prepared report related to her activities.
          A.  Rabies Clinic:  138 animals were vaccinated before running out of  
                vaccine.  Vouchers were given to about 20 people so that they                       could go to Dr. Blake’s office with their animal to obtain the                                vaccine.
                 There is a need to advertise these clinics. 
                Mobile Clinic in Belmont the end of October for neutering of male                 cats will be held.  Fee will be $30.00.
B.     Clerk and Registrar of Voters: Training for the AVS (Assessable     Voter System) and CVR (Central Voter Registration).
          1. The handicap assessable program requires some changes be made. Most of which are easy enough to do.
                   a. Sign for parking,
                   b. Marking handicap parking area.
                   c. Lowering the fire extinguisher.
        However, the           entrance and exit ways need to have a ? step.              
        Ours is 2 ?.  The door creates a problem in doing this.
         The possibility of applying to the State for help or 
         reimbursement was brought up in correcting this problem.
C.     Excise Tax Collector:  Money has been collected for 2005 and 2006 for motor vehicles and boats.
D.     Cash reports for July August and September.  Also year to September.
E.      Real Estate Tax Liens: Timeline for these are attached.
F.      Taxes: See attached.
          1.  Prepayment of 2006 property  taxes $13,668.00
          2.  Many errors have been found by the Assessors including                 lapsed forest tree growth plans.
          3.  Changes are entered in the computer regarding taxes as they are done.
          4.  Unlicensed dogs need to be followed up on by the Animal     Control Officer.
G.  Personal Property:
          Discussion regarding who gets taxed when the property is out of          Freedom. 
1.     In the case of a tractor who was the owner on April 1  and where does the owner reside?
2.     If it is a business, is it incorporated and where?
1.     Sander:  Discussion regarding the advantages of a stainless steel sander       were discussed.  It was felt that it would be a wise investment; would last  longer than a carbon-stainless steel one and it would not rust.
A.   motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to accept the price quote from Howard Faifield of Skowhegan of $10,995 to purchase and install this stainless steel sander. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
2.     Portable potty:  There is a need for this at the garage.
A.   A motion was made by Tim Biggs to have a portable potty placed at the garage by November 1, 2006 for a price of not more than $200 for two months.
B.    Clint will try to negotiate a better price.  
3.     Drug Testing:
          A.  Discussion regarding drivers and drug testing.  This may be done   on a random basis in the future.
          B. Prescription drugs were also talked about.
          C. Cindy has been certified to do drug testing.             
          D.  Drug policy needs to be done.
          1.  Writing, research and maps need to be done.  They need HELP!
1.     Automobile graveyards, junkyards and garbage will be discussed at another time.
2.     Skidgel’s property is being worked on.
1.     Budget Committee needs another member since one has resigned.
2.     Warrants:
          A. Accounts payable:  $9,307.43
          B. Payroll: $984.77
          C.  Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the above warrants.
1.     Assessors will meet on Sunday, October 8, 2006  from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Motion was made to adjourn at 8:30PM.
Respectfully submitted
Marion Bowers
1.     Time line for tax liens
2.     Town clerk’s summa

SEPTEMBER 27, 2006

    Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak absent.
    Others present: Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Hilary Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Clint Spaulding, Jim Waterman and Marion Bowers.
    The meeting was called to order by Steve Bennett at 6:08PM.
    Minutes of the September 20th meeting were read, amended and then passed.
1.     Marjorie Reynolds called Marion Bowers regarding people who were moving things into the Steve Anderson trailer.  Upon a visit by the Health Nurse, no one was there.  Jay Guber was informed and met Marion there.  A sign was then posted informing the public that the trailer was uninhabitable because of a non-functioning septic system.  Later on Sunday, another phone call informing the Health Nurse that there were people there moving stuff in.  Steve Bennett was informed and accompanied Marion to the trailer to be sure that those parties were informed of the situation and to see what their intentions were.  They were only there to remove articles so that the trailer could be moved to Brooks.  The posted sign had been removed and they were asked to put it back up until the time the trailer is moved.
1.     County Commissioners Agenda
2.     MERC application for membership:  Will check to see if Read Brugger is interested.
3.     Workshop safety maintenance of vehicles and loader available.
4.     Workshop for keeping records in the digital age, including information about the right to know law.
5.     Maine recycle week is November 8th to the 15th.
6.     MMA is requesting the estimated payroll for 2007.  Hilary will take care of this.
1.     Accounts
    A. Checking: $29,190.48
    B. Total: $140,617.02, excludes CDs.
2.    Bulk mailing information: $160 was for the permit only( #15).  A fee of $160 is charged annually.  The permit fee is a one time charge.  Hilary suggested that we wait if possible until May or when we do our first bulk mailing if that is possible.
3.    South Freedom Cemetery has a CD that is due.  It will be reinvested for ten months with an APR of 5.25 percent.  This was discussed with Lorraine Overlock and the interest will be used for cemetery maintenance.
4.    Smithton Account has interest of $227.88 which will be used for the cemetery as well.
5.    Revenue Sharing is down: $1108.39
6.    The Historical Account and the Smithton Account at BGS had both been charged a service charge of $100 each.  This will be returned.
7.    Audit:  An error was found by Hilary related to information from Andreas and Craig, our accountants.  Hilary will do journaling for 2004 and 2005.  They then will be ready to start the audit, but more information may be needed by the accountants.
1.     Trucks are being worked on.
2.     Getting quotes for garage doors.
3.     Bryant RD. culvert: The culvert would need to be put in deeper and a trench made across Dave Phillips yard.  As it is now the culvert is up a small amount and is like a speed bump.  The best thing to do is to drive slower over it.  Steve Bennett will speak to Mike Ingraham, the complainant, about it.
4.     Sander: Clint needs an approval before he can make a decision regarding a sander.     
    A.  The old sander has been stripped down with the chain being used.
    B. Clint suggests that we get the sander with a carbon-stainless steel
         body.  The stainless body will not rust.  Good for 6-9 years.  
    C.  Howard  Fairfield has a used one coming in that Clint will check  out as
well as a new stainless one. This stainless one (used) might be able to be gotten for $3,000 less than a new one.  
     D. The only moving parts on the sander are the chain and the motor.
5.  Bids: Next week the bids for sand will be bid on. 
              One sand bid has been received. In the past sand from Works has been             better.
5.     Salt is all set.  All that is needed is a phone call.  This will be done next    week.  
6.     Cold Patch: Clint would like to haul 12 -14 yards of this on his own truck.  Greeley culvert needs to be done and an area on Smithton Rd.
7.     Waning RD potholes need to be checked on.
8.     Road grading possible if there is money on Rollins, Davis and Town house RD. Rough spots do need to be fixed.
9.     Garage Maintenance:
        A.  Partition the garage with 2 partitions
            B.  Replace wooden door and repair damaged ones.
           C. Windows
        D. Insulate.  
10.     Motion:  A motion made by Tim Biggs authorizing Clint Spaulding to            purchase the best door and have it installed by the door contractor.
        Motion was seconded by Steve Bennett and carried.
    11.     Salt and sand pile:   Protection of salt pile was brought up by Tim                     Biggs.  A suggestion was to spray it with a substance.  Clint thinks a                       hot pad should be set down.  Something needs to be done to prevent         
              pollution of the area.
1.     Requested that the Selectpersons sign a fire fighter mutual aid compact agreement.  This is not the usual mutual aid compact.  It would involve other towns.  A motion was made by Steve Bennett authorizing the signing of this       document; seconded by Tim Biggs and motion carried.
2.     To change the ISO rating of the fire department an evaluation by a geologist or a hydro-geologist would need to be done so that the water sites could be certified.
3.     Replacement of a 1974 fire truck needs to be done.  This is a tanker which is used.  It is rusting and leaking. A refurbished or a newer vehicle is what he would like to see.
4.     The comprehensive plan really needs to be finished.  It is essential if we want to take advantage of getting one-quarter of a million dollars in help.
5.     Lumber has been offered in the form of trees by Sallyann Hadyniak and Barbara Ellis for a structure.   This structure would provide some protection for a rescue vehicle, not a true ambulance. 
1.     Steve Bennett spoke with Liz Sulllivan regarding our contract with Sullivan Brothers.  The MMA has requested that a hold-harmless clause be put in the contract as well as the Town should be listed as an additional insurer.  When Liz spoke with her insurer, Cross, they were told they didn’t do that; list the Town as an additional insurer. This would protect the Town from being sued.  It indemnifies us so that Sullivans can’t sue us.  As it is now it doesn’t protect us against third party suites.
2.     Road policy:  Contractor liability should be checked on. 
3.     Jerry Sullivan will be in soon to a meeting.
4.     Sex-offender policy:  Our zip code is also used for Montville.  The Deputy has ok’d that those offenders in Montville can be listed in the book.
5.     Septic Bids are due by October 11, 2006.
6.     Bulletin boards are in the process of being worked on.
7.     The Town lot 57 on Map 11 needs a quit claim deed.
1.     Meeting on October 1, from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.
2.     Homestead and Veterans need to be checked on to be sure they are in the computer.
1.     TIFS
A.   Discussion regarding TIFS.  Tony Neves will be contacted for his input.
B.    Letter to be sent to CES with intent to discuss TIFS.
C.   There is a loss of revenue sharing with a TIF
2.     Warrants for week of September 28. 2006.
A.   Payroll: $2, 071.65
B.    Accounts Payable: $ 8, 615.07
C.   Motions were made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Tim Biggs to pay the above warrants.  Motions carried.
   A motion was made to adjourn at 8:00PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
SEPTEMBER 20, 2006
Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Sallyann Hadyniak, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Jay Guber, Mike Ingraham and Marion Bowers.
Meeting was called to order by Steve Bennett at 6:02PM.
Minutes of the September 13, 2006 meeting were accepted with amendments.
1.     Mike Ingraham asked that something be done by the culvert near Dave Phillips driveway on Bryant RD.  He feels the area should be scraped and filled with dirt.  Tim Biggs will contact the Road Commissioner regarding this.
2.     Marjorie Reynolds called Marion Bowers regarding activity at the Steve Anderson’s trailer on Stevens RD.  Bags of material were being brought in there.  There have been two visits made by people.  She wanted to know if any thing had been done about the Town owned property being put up for bid.  See new business.
          TREASURER:  Hilary Fleming was absent but had given a written report       which Steve Bennett read.
1.     Sullivan Brothers has notified the Town that they will be billing us for a fuel surcharge for the fuel they used in Freedom that was $3.00+ per gallon. No one was aware of gas being over that amount.  The contract speaks of negotiating a price if this were to occur.
     A letter will be sent to Jerry Spaulding regarding: the contract,
      insurance certificate and an additional insurer, the Town of Freedom.
2.     Bulk mailing will cost $160.00.  A check was taken to the post office for that amount.  We have a total of 309 drops for mail.
3.     Accounts:
          a. Check Book, $32,230.48      
          b. Total accounts, $144,511.34
4. There has been almost a 200% increase in the homestead fund.
5.  Expenditure report needs some clarification according to the            Selectpersons.
1.     Copies of the public hearing by the Planning Board on October 5 at 6:30 PM at the Freedom Church and the Rabies clinic on September 30 need to be sent out on one sheet of paper on Thursday.
2.     AVS equipment is in and is stored under the front counter.
CEO: Jay Guber
1.     Discussion related to the Skidgel property and the need for getting a         written permission to inventory the contents of the building. 
          Letter previously written regarding what the Skidgels would have          to do to the land and property as far as cleaning up the debris that    has collected was considered harsh to them. 
          Complaints were made to Steve Bennett and there was a   discrepancy           in what was said and written.
          Jay will contact them again and make some definite dates in the   letter. They will be required to sign that they have received this   notice.
2.     Work-stop notices:
          A. Robert Muehlman building is near shore-land zoning and the  state   biologist  will make a determination if everything is correct before he can            proceed.
          B. Dan Ward and Julia Karet: eagle
          C. Deanna Richardson.
3.  Education:
          A.  Wet-lands seminar in August. Mileage and lunch costs given to       Hilary.
          B.  Shoreland seminar at KVCOG September 27th.
4.  Permits:
          A. Prentiss Grassi and Polly Shyka
5.  Application from CES is being mailed to the Town Office.
          Tim Biggs had spoken with Clint Spaulding.
          A new sander is needed: $8,069 for one with a carbon-steel blade or a stainless steel one for $3,000 more needs to be considered.
          Clint needs to come in next week and discuss what he estimates his needs      are.
          Sand: Last year we got it from Works.  We need 1500 yards for this year.
1.     Bureau of Elections compliance request regarding door jam: no action.
2.     Garbage, junkyards and automobile graveyards: Lynn has been looking into this. 
3.     Jane Fasulo Property and land use: Lynn and Lissa Widdoff have been in touch via e-mail regarding this.
4.     Board of Selectmen Policy #16:  This is related to the sex offender.  There will be a book in the Town Office readily available for the public as well as a sign in the meeting room letting the public know this information is available.  The policy will be posted on the website. A motion was made by Tim Biggs to accept this policy of the Selectpersons, seconded and motion carried. Policy is attached.
5.     Board of Assessors policy related to developed or undeveloped lots: A motion was made by Tim Biggs, seconded by Lynn Hadynaik and carried
     to accept this policy.
6.     Septic Bids:  It was unknown if a second bid for Stan MacDonald’s septic work had gone out for bid. It was approved to have gone out on September 13, 06.The bids are due in the office by 2:30PM on Oct 11, 06.
7.     Sandy Pond Dam: no action
8.     Bulletin board:  Beaverboard needs to be bought to do the board and a frame.  Tim will take care of this.  Sallyann Hadyniak offered to paint the frame.
9.       Lynn Hadyniak will act as liaison with Frances Walker, webmaster.  Minutes have not been put on website since June.
1.     Tax issues:
A.   Tina and Joe Freeman requested an abatement:  They have already received a deduction.  A motion was made to reject their requested abatement.
B.    Gerald Nelson: A motion was made by Lynn Hadniak, seconded by Tim Biggs to pursue unpaid personal property taxes for all the years eligible in small claims court.  Motion carried.
C.   Martha and Paul Foisy: Will be discussed Sunday night.
D.   Sandra Gould: Re personal property.  This needs to be deleted from the computer.
E.    Tiffany Mailloux who inherited Louise Mailloux property needs to file an application for the homestead exemption.
F.    Whittakers: Re: penalty related to tree growth.  Will contact Tony.
G.   Nicole Stevenson: trailer moved to Knox.  Had been on Virgil Thompson’s property.  Will be discussed Sunday night.
H.   Diane Winn and Mark Payne: Re addition which cost them $43,000.  They have a non-profit business.  Will be discussed Sunday night.
I.       Supplemental issue: The town can go back three years if there was a building on the property.
2.     TIFS:  There was a discussion related to the positive and negative aspects  of them. They are primarily beneficial to the town.
3.     Town property on Stevens RD:  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to put up for bid property on map 11, lot 57 town owned property.  Steve Bennett seconded the motion and motion carried.
4.     Dorothy Waterman tendered her resignation from the Board of Appeals.  
1.     Letter from CES indicating that they had filed an application for a building permit to construct three wind turbines.  A copy of the letter is attached.
2.     Warrants:
A.   Accounts payable: A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to pay    the vendors warrant of $3,798.63. This was seconded by Steve      Bennett and carried. This did not include a fuel surcharge.
B.    Payroll:  $990.50: A motion was made to pay this amount by Lynn Hadyniak and seconded by Steve Bennett.  Motion carried.
          The meeting adjourned at 8:30PM.
          Respectfully submitted,
          Marion Bowers
1.     Selectpersons policy #16
2.     Board of Assessors policy
3.     CES letter

UNAPPROVED/Selectperson’s Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2006

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Lynn Hadyniak, Tim Biggs
Others present: Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Jay Guber, Hilary Fleming, David Schofield, Sandra and Jon Willette, David Parkman and Sallyann Hadyniak.

The meeting was opened by Steve Bennett at 6:01 p.m.


David Parkman is the Waldo County Treasurer and stated that there was a lack of communication last year. This year the county taxes are due October 1st until November 30th. That will give us 60 days. Beginning December 1st. letters will be sent out with the daily interest rate. A portion of the taxes can be paid at any time. Karen Ward is the Deputy and David is part time.


Jon Willette questioned if the sex offender photo’s will be posted on the wall in the Town Office. Both he and his wife object to this being done. After the brief discussion, Jon read a letter that was written to the Selectpersons by his wife Sandra regarding this matter.


0. Steve Bennett talked about an article that appeared in the Morning Sentinel.
0. There was correspondence relating to SAD3 volunteers, TABA, Sr. Spectrum, David Parkman. Regarding an audit of 4/27, the letter explained that copies were sent in during the year and there were no issues on the cash report. May 4,9,16 clean bill of health.
0. Lynn Hadyniak mailed out a request for General Assistance which was discussed. The answer was no. The applicant withdrew the application for no applications have been approved.
0. Tim Biggs held up beaver board to present to the Selectperson’s for approval to be used for a bulletin board in the Town Office. It can be painted and framed. A 4X6-8 and a 2X4.


0. Hilary Fleming discussed bulk mailing. It would cost 12.7 as opposed to .39 per letter. The coverage will start 12 months from the day it was purchased. The fee for this is $160.00 annually and $175.00 just to get the permit. Tax mailing is not included. Town reports would be more expensive.
0. Craig was advised that the audit for 2005 is being worked on.
0. There is a credit of $511.00 from Tri City (where we buy our tires for the trucks)
0. Checking Account $32,935.72
0. Total Accounts $142,016.58
0. Cash S? CD $8,732.42 surplus account
0. Thurstin Accounts $5,148.63
0. Hilary will look into the re-purchase accounts.
0. Connie Ponder talked to Hilary about the treasurer’s job. Connie is experienced in accounting and Hilary would be glad to train her. If she was opposed in the election and lost she could always be a deputy so the training would help.
0. Hilary mailed a check to the IRA.
0. Summer roads over budget is $1,642.00


0. As of May 2006 the shore land zoning ordinance will be effective until July 1, 2008 at which time it will be updated according to what the state imposes it.\
0. Maine Department of Inland Fishery and Wildlife looked at the Eagle’s nest on the one acre of land on Ledges Lane which is the property of Dan Ward and Julia Karet .They were advised that they must fill out a form.
0. Jay sent out two certified letter’s to Dan Ward and Julia Karet notifying them that they must fill out forms for DEP before anything can be done.
0. Three permits that were given out were:
A. Robert Newman for a house on Carey Lane.
B. Roland and Angela Robitalle on Rollins Road for a double wide
C. Dan Ward and Julia Karet of Ledges Lane.
0. Last week Jay put fourth to the Planning Board on August 7th and each one was approved by the Planning Board.
0. Jay reported that the CES application was approved.
0. Tim Biggs paid a $100.00 fine for putting up a building without a permit and also paid the $15.00 fee for the permit.
0. Bob Cote wants to move a bus onto Hardwood Lane and needs a plumbing and building permit.
0. Jay presented a letter to Lynn to read out loud and a copy of the letter is attached to these minutes.

0. Steve Bennett got in touch with Mildred Skidule and talked about what needs to be done on the property. Getting permission to test soil, water, and do inventory. Jay Guber will also contact Mildred.
0. The Selectperson’s asked Jay to contact Brian Mitchell regarding the re doing of his deed.
0. The entrance to the Town Office doorway has to be fixed by 9/1/06 in order for wheelchairs can be accessible. _ inch height is required. Lynn will check this out.


Tim Biggs stated that gravel was put down on several areas but did not get to talk to Jerry Sullivan.

Board Policies:

1. Need to be read and signed.
2. Lynn Hadyniak will handle Web Site Control in regards to sex offenders?
3. Board of Assessors policy will be discussed when Tim and Steve meet on Sunday night.
4. There were two sealed bids regarding Stanley McDonald’s septic system. The deadline for the bids to be in the Town Office was September 6, 2006. One was dated September 5th and the other was September 8th. The bid that was opened dated the 5th was from Tom Berry for $10,150.00.
5. Lynn made a motion not to accept the bid (rejected) and Steve second it. Motion made and carried.
6. The second bid dated September 8, 2006 was opened and submitted by James Marple.
7. Because of the lack of bids, they were given to Donald Skofield to hold and Steve Bennett made a motion to put it out for bid again and the bids must be in the office no later then 2:30 p.m. on October 11, 2006. Motion made and carried.


0. Lynn still needs to give a report on the Sandy Pond Dam /Klinshmidt study.
0. Has not worked on the Fusilo project.
0. Needs to contact Jerry Sullivan, Clint and Tim.


0. Tim Biggs made a motion to get Bulk Mail and Lynn Hadyniak second it. Motion made and carried.
0. Steve Bennett made a motion that a mailing be sent out for the October 5, 2006 meeting of the Planning Board and the free rabies clinic on September 30, 2006. Second by Lynn Hadyniak. Motion made and carried.
0. Hilary will see if we can do this.

Warrants for September 13, 2006

Payroll warrant $1,054.95
Motion made by Tim Biggs to accept, second by Lynn Hadyniak. Motion made and carried.

Vendor Warrant $7,816.94
Motion made by Steve Bennett to accept second by Lynn Hadyniak. Motion made and carried.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 was made by Tim Biggs and second by Lynn Hadyniak. Motion made and carried.

Respectfully submitted by,

Sallyann Hadyniak

See Attachment letter from Jay Guber

Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.  Steve Bennett absent.
Others present: Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Salllyann Hadyniak, Jay Guber, Hilary and Tom Fleming, and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order by Lynn Hadyniak at 6:45PM.
Minutes of the August 30, 2006 meeting were read and accepted by Tim Biggs after amendments were made. Lynn had not been at the last meeting.
1.     Sex offender policy was deferred until all Selectpersons are present.
1.     Checking account: $49,702.83
2.     Total funds: $158,783.69
3.     Income:
a.      Homestead for 2005: $16,211. A new application provides $6.00 each.
b.     URIP: $7,769.59
c.     Black Hills account: $35.64
4.     Port-a-potty at the Freedom Field has been removed.  One for the garage could be arranged.
5.     School taxes have not been paid for May, June, July and August.
6.     Historical Society has applied for another grant from MBNA.
1.     Permits for buildings:
a.      Robert Newman has requested a permit for a new house on Carey Lane
b.     Roland III and Angela Robitallle on Rollins Rd for a double-wide.
     They will require a new deed for set back requirements.
c.     Laura and Martin Freeman of 290 Rollins RD. for a garage and bath.  They are waiting for a deed.
d.     Dan Ward and Julia Karet of Ledges Lane want to build in an area which contains an eagle nest.  DEP and the state biologist will need to advise re permit by rule.
2.     CMP has notified Jay of certification of compliance re:
3.          a.  Dorothy Jansen of North Palelrmo RD.  She doesn’t want               electricity.  However, he has learned there is a trailer they used for           storage. 
          b.  James Rogers of Smithton RD already has power and has been       billed by CMP for 2 months.
          c.  Amanda Jamison and Peter Abello of 640 Waning RD has a permit for a barn.  No electricity has been applied for.
          The above three CMP certificaton of compliance,where applicable,      should have been received by Jay before now.
4.     Brian Mitchell will change back his deed to the original because of a          non-conforming lot.
5.     Mileage request has been turned in by Jay.
6.     Skidgel’s property has not been checked re: DEP.  This is now in the hands of the Selectpersons.
7.     CES:  Jay has heard nothing, but expects this will change when the Planning Board meets on Thursday night.  He had requested that Cindy send CES a letter on August 9th which she did not receive until a later date which was then sent.   
          1.  Clint was absent but he will be present next week. Lynn Hadyniak   reassured him that as long as he kept in touch that that would be acceptable.
1.     Lynn Hadyniak recently was missing several of her dogs. She would         publicly like to thank Tina for her assistance.  All dogs are now home.
          1.  Needs to be informed of coming to a Selectpersons meeting occasionaly.
1.     Gerry Sullivan re: insurance for trash pick-up.  No contact.
2.     Garbage, junkyards and automobile graveyards:  So far Lynn has found nothing.  Will check with MMA.  There was a question as to whether as ordinance had been made in the late 80’s.  Betty Sienkiewicz thought that Frances Walker had typed it up.  Nothing was found when they were looking for ordinances.  Marion Bowers felt some of this was addressed in the health officer’s manual.
3.     Fasulo property plan is still waiting to be done.  Lissa Widdoff and Lynn Hadyniak have been in touch but nothing done.
4.     Sandy Pond Dam: Jay suggested they follow up with the letter he gave the Selectpersons in July from Klienschmidt.
MEETINGS:  Assessors: Saturday 7AM-10AM
1.     Warrants:
          a.Vendors: $11,704.51 including some money for Lee Brothers. Motion made and carried to pay this.
          b. Payroll: $3,902.31.  Motion made, seconded and carried to pay        this.
          c. On 9/1/06 a tax supplement bill was approved to pay a total    amount of $3,445.87. This included $1,838.56 for 9/30/04 and        $1,607.31 for 12/30/04.
Government Assistance request:
1.     Lynn Hadyniak was told that “N” had left a message at the Town    Office regarding an application. Lynn came in, and none could be         found. This was on September 5, 2006.  Since then contact has been made within the required 24 hours.
The meeting adjourned at 7:45PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
AUGUST 30, 2006

Selectmen present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak absent.
Others present: Hilary Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened at 6:05PM.
Minutes of the August 23, 2006 meeting were read and accepted with amendments.
1.     Letter to Jay Guber from Donald Robbins of EnviroInvestigations and Remediation, Inc.  This was in regard to an inquiry on possible funding for an environmental site assessment and remedial clean-up at the Skidgel’s property.  There is the possibility that there are funds available to help with this.  One question that was brought forth was whether we had to have a comprehensive plan to be eligible.
This letter is attached.
2.     Copy of file, and claims from the State of Maine Workers Comp Board
     related to the Albion Fire.
3.     Letter from MMA Risk Management regarding Workers Comp.  We are
     receiving a $239.00 dividend for our low cost ratio.
4.     Blake Municipal Services offering services related to audit being compliant.
5.     Waldo County Court Action e-mail received.
6.     Maine State Housing Authority report 2005
7.     Health and Human Services and CDC announce they have an entomologist for mosquito analysis.
8.     Letter from Sandra Willette regarding the posting of sex-offenders in the meeting room.  She feels this is detrimental to her daughter.  This will be discussed when all Selectpersons are present.
9.     Suggestions from Cindy to make the meeting room more assessable to disabled including painting the driveway for handicap parking.  
1.     Asssessors: September 3, 2006 6:00PM.
2.     Waldo County Commissioners Meeting changed to August 30.
3.     Pam Beverage will be here for a meeting regarding bulk mailing.
a.      This last mailing cost us $118.00
          Town Treasurer: Hilary Fleming
1.     Bulletin board cost varies according to size.  Tim suggested
making them from beaver board or similar material which would be much cheaper.
2.     Operating checking account: $28,302.94
3.     Total accounts: $136,967.27
4.     She is still working with the IRS re: delinquent payments.
CEO: Jay Guber
1.     He has not received a check yet for 2006.  No mileage has been turned in yet.
2.     Inspections/Permits
a.      Ken Shaw sub-division on North Palermo.  Inspection with Val Whittier of the DEP, Ken and Steve Shaw and noting the amount of fill that is allowable.  The gravel already in place illegally is Ken Shaw’s problem since he has the deed on the property.  About 60% of this gravel will need to be removed.
b.     Bill Pickford’s pond site inspected with Val whittier on Goosepecker Ridge Rd.   Permit would be needed by natural resources act.  Wetland scientist will need to map out area. 
c.     Deanna Richardson’s camp site would be permit by rule if in shoreland zoning.
d.     Larry Turner of North Palermo Rd filled in an area near wooded wetlands.  Since it was filled in on the high side this was allowed.
e.      Jody and Mark Whittier of North Palermo Rd are having a house delivered on September 1, 2006.  Planning Board will meet about this.
f.       Dana Ward and Julia Karet of Ledges Lane permit by rule , shore land property, for a shed, boathouse, and parking area. 
   DEP meeting regarding driveway and gravel is required.  
                           g.  Roland II and Angela Robitallie  permit request, but need to do                                new deed with the required set back.
                             h.  Laura and Martin Freedman of Rollins Land permit request for                               a garage.
           i.  Allan Downer received permit to harvest 5 acres on Smithton         
                             j.  Diane Winn DOT permit for driveway. 
                             k.  James Rogers of South Freedom checked on permit.
                             l. Dorothy Jenson of North Palermo RD checked on permit
m. Amanda Jamison and Peter Abello on Smithton RD checked on permit.  
                             n. Other inspections with Val Whittier: Deanna Richardson,
Ledges Lane, Town of Freedom Garage, and  Skidgels.
                   3.  Received an attested copy of the building ordinance from Cindy.
                   4.  New address for Roberta McCarroll on Sanford Hill.
5.  Brian Mitchell house and business deeded off.  House deeded only
    one acre, needs two acres.
                   HEALTH OFFICER: Marion Bowers
1.     ExonMobil Pipeline has sent a notice for Emergency Responder and what to do in case of emergency.  Copy will be given to Craig Overlock.  This gives information and what to do if there is a leak.  The Pipeline is in South Freedom off Smithton Rd. 
          OLD BUSINESS:
1.Board of Selectmen polices: change in language and needs to be signed.
2.  Overseer of website needs to be made.
          NEW BUSINESS:
1.     Supplements and abatements:
a.      Supplemental tax to Mark and Jody Whittaker to be sent to Barbara Ellis for land that had been in tree growth on North Palermo RD in the amount of $1863.20.
b.     Bessie Development 18 acres of land that border Albion , Map 7-11.  This has never been taxed by Freedom.  Value for years 2003, 2004 and 2005 is $13,900.  Supplement tax of $173.75 for years 2003 and 2004.  Tax for 2005 of $204.33
c.     Motions were made, seconded and carried to issue supplement tax certificates in the amounts as listed above.
2.     Warrants:
a.      A motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Tim Biggs authorizing the Town Treasurer to pay the IRS for back taxes for 2004 in the amount of $3,445.83 if approved at the Special Town Meeting on August 31, 2004.  Motion carried.
b.     Vendor warrant of $7,453.72: Motion was made, seconded  and carried to pay this.
c.     Payroll warrant of $949.06: Motion was made, seconded and carried to pay this.
Meeting adjourned at 7:35PM.
Respectfully submitted, 
Marion Bowers
          1. Letter from EnviroInvestigations & Remediation, Inc.

AUGUST 23, 2006
Present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak was late in arriving.
Others present: Sallyann and Ann Hadyniak, Hilary and Tom Fleming, Marianne and Dave Bennett, Ron Price and Nancy Bailey Farrar, Rhoda Waller,  Drew Fales and Marion Bowers.
      1.  Sallyann Hadyniak spoke about a phone call from Cindy regarding minutes that had yet to be put in the book that had been requested by a resident.   She e-mailed them to the office.  Tonight we learn they were sent to an incorrect address.  The e-mail office address
1.     Waldo County Pre-school and Family Services bulletin.
2.     Waldo County Commission report
3.     KVCOG memo related to rock/salt co-operative purchase.
a.      $56.79/ton for Southern Maine
b.     58.80/ton Northern Maine
c.     $55.00/ ton if picked up in Searsport.
4.     Letter from Jay Guber
a.      Resignation from budget committee and public works.
b.     Allegations made at a prior meeting and response.
c.     Letter attached.
5.     Bessie Development submitted a tree growth application.
1.     Steve Bennett has been in touch with Tony Neves and they will have a meeting on Monday for advice and finalizing policies for taxes.
2.     Nancy Bailey Farrar chairperson from the Planning Board was present in response to last weeks meeting and comments made regarding building permits.  A building permit taken out March 30th by Judy Bennett was taken by Jay Guber to the planning board along with three other permits.  The Planning Board asked Judy Bennett if she could wait a few days for it since they wanted to have the MMA review the request.  Judy was agreeable to this.   A copy of this response by Becky Seel is attached which was sent to Jay Guber.
3.     Also presented by the Planning Board was a copy of a letter regarding the Board of Appeals concern regarding the relationship between the Commercial Review Ordinance and their authority.  In the response she, Miriam Bader of KVCOG, suggested amending the Board of Appeals Ordinance adopted May 16, 1990 to reflect the addition of a new ordinance.
     A copy of this letter is attached.
4.  Tapping of Planning Board meetings is up to the Planning Board.
          .  1. Revenue Sharing income: $2,288.87 for a total this year of $31, 830.64.
             2. MRC income $756.00
             3.  Operating checking account: $254,152.77
             4.  All accounts total: $129,315.96.
             5.  IRS VIST BY Todd Greeley
a. Additional money owed for 2004.
1. $140.001st quarter. 
2. $1,227.47 of taxes for 3rd quarter
    $193.76 interest
    $4417.33 penalty
3. $53.64 4th taxes for 4th quarter
    $217.84 interest
    $ 1,335.85 for penalty.
b.     A check made out January 05 was not cashed until July of that year.
c.     These monies must be paid by August 31 if we do not want further penalties.  There is money in surplus or else the money could be appropriated at the Town meeting.
d.     Ron Price suggested that they negotiate penalties with the Selectpersons, IRS rep and Hilary. 
1.     Steve Bennett had spoken with Clint and he is working on a report for all  the work that was done this summer related to roads.
2.     Presently he is working on a report related to trucks. 
1.     Skidgels: unable to contact.
2.     Trash pick-up contract:  The clause “hold harmless the Town of Freedom” needs to be added to his contract. Also insurance policies need to be updated.
3.     Board of Selectperson’s policies:
a.      Thirteen of these have been adopted including minutes, security, website and the approval of content by a Selectperson, and sex offender registry policy. 
b.     Comments regarding pictures posted of sex offenders were requested.  Legally the Town could be held liable if some child were attacked by a know offender.
1.     Special Town Meeting : Moratorium Ordinance
a.      A letter from Steve Bennett was read regarding CES and the Commercial Ordinance voted in at the last meeting. Letter attached.
b.     There was a lot of discussion regarding this: why not amend the ordinance as necessary instead of a moratorium which includes continuations. A copy of the warrant for a Special Town Meeting is attached.
c.     Motion: Steve Bennett made a motion that a Special Town Meeting for considering four articles be held on August 31, 2006 at Dirigo Grange Hall at 7:00PM.  Lynn Hadyniak seconded the motion.  The motion was passed by Bennett and Hadyniak  with Tim Biggs being opposed.
2.  Steve Bennett also had consulted with a lawyer regarding recusing
himself.  He read reasons for doing so and since he feels he has no
pecuniary interest, he will no longer recuse himself.  There was
 also a discussion regarding this.
3. WCAP request for matching funds for transportation in the amount of
      $346. Steve Bennett signed this certifying this was agreeable to the
4.     Warrants:  Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following warrants:
a.      Accounts payable: $4,305.13
b.     Payroll: $1,056.31
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:00PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
MMA letter re: building permit application
1.     Jay Guber letter
2.     Letter from KVCOG re: Board of Appeals and Ordinance
3.     Letter from Steve Bennett
4.     Letter from CES
5.     Warrant for Special Town Meeting

Minutes of the Selectperson’s Meeting
August 16, 2006

Selectperson’s present:  Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak
Other’s present:  Hilary Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Jay Guber, Donald Robbins and           Sallyann Hadyniak.
The meeting was called to order at 6:07 p.m. by Steve Bennett.
Minutes of the August 9, 2006 meeting were absent due to leaving them at home.  It was approved that we can do the two meeting minutes (August 9th and August 16th at the next meeting.
1.  Jay Guber took Don Robbins (retired State of Maine connected with DEP) to Skidgel’s to check it out.  Mr. Robbins gave an estimate of $1,250.00 to inspect it inside and outside.  The estimate is not to exceed that amount and included is two days looking in and around the building.  One day on site, one day to make up the report and traveling and incidentals.    He also stated that funding is available in the form grants and loans (from VRap funding source) available that can be used to clean up this property. It will take approximately 1,000 tractor trailer loads to clean it up and out.  The town voted $20,000.00 toward building a salt and sand shed and maybe we can try to justify $1,250.00 out of the $20,000.00.  The power should be turned on for about a month to run pumps, and well in order to take inventory.  Steve Bennett will call Mildred to talk about the power etc.
Passed over till next week.
1.  Jay Guber stated that Kleinschmidt sent 2 copies giving an assessment and cost.  Will discuss this at next week’s meeting.
2.  Building permit was given out to Mark and Jody Wittiker for a double wide home.  They had all permits.
3. Building permit was given to Don Ward and Julia Carrat for a shed/boat house on Ledges Lane.
4.  Mr. Bennett stated that Jay was wrong in issuing the permit to the Whitaker’s without going to the Planning Board first.  Jay apologized and stated this was something that was in the works for several months and he wouldn’t do it again.   Jay apologized and Mr. Bennett said that everyone should be treated alike and to live by the rules.  (Referring to the new ordinances).
5.  Selectperson’s had nothing to report.  Still waiting to hear from Jerry Sullivan.
1. Rewrites to board policies were given out regarding 12 through 16.  The wording in #14 was amended.  A motion by Lynn Hadyniak was made to accept the amendment and was second by Tim Biggs.  Motion made and carried.
2. Mr. Bennett wants a bulletin board on the wall in the Town Office.  Hilary Fleming will check out the prices and get back next week.
3. Steve Bennett spoke to Mike Stoltz at MMA.  They discussed the site review ordinance and the board of appeals. The SRO does set up differently then the board of appeals.  Our appeals ordinance is very good.  Did MMA revise the site review ordinance? 
As far as we know, no attorney looked at it and Steve didn’t know of the ordinance is legal.
4. Ordinance should be reviewed by MMA to set up ordinance for site reviews and appeals.
5. Steve questioned Lynn abut the SRO regarding a line, the 2nd part was not in the 1st.  Two copies were passed out and Lynn will check her notes.
            Words used were specific reasons and for any reason at all.  That was the      difference!
6.  Gerald Nelson owes $373.80 for taxes for the year 2001 and 2002.  No one knows how to contact him and they would like to clear up the books. 
Stanley McDonald sewage will be free!  All the paper work is in.  He needs to know when to open bids at the Selectperson’s meeting.  Will give Cindy the bid package in three weeks on September 6, 2006.
Vendor warrant            $9,274.48
Payroll warrant               1,805.55
A motion to accept the vendor warrant was made by Steve and seconded by Lynn
A motion to accept the payroll warrant was made by Lynn and seconded by Tim
Hilary reported that there is $21,412.83 in the checking account.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 p.m.  Motion made and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak
AUGUST 9, 2006

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak. Tim Biggs was absent.
Others present: Hilary Fleming, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Carrie Bennett, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 6:02PM.
Minutes of the August 2, 2006 meeting were read, amended, seconded and accepted.

TOWN TREASURER: Hilary Fleming
1. Operating check book: $23,341.11
2. Total of all accounts: $132,005.44
3. An Expenditures for $1,000 was approved for supplies at the Special Town Meeting.
4. Revenue and income statements were reviewed.
5. Information for the 2005 Audit will be available at the Budget Committee Meeting.
6. Sams membership has expired and will not be renewed.

CEO: Jay Guber
1. Re-inspections
a. Roberta McCarrol 7 Sanford Hill for an addition.
b. Ed Ponder: Greeley RD: new house
c. Gunner Wood 190 Goosepecker Ridge RD: shed.
d. Avian Haven, N. Palermo RD. eagle cage
e. Rob and Barb Littlefield: Deer Hill RD.
f. James and Dot Waterman, N. Palermo RD: addition
g. George Harda and Dawn 304 North Palermo: garage
h. Freedom Field: Brush pile has been moved back 80 ft.
2. Mildred Skidgell letter of 8/9/06.
a. Moving stuff with a truck.
b. Offers on land from a low of $20,000 to an alleged $75,000.
3. Meeting with Whitaker from DEP and Ken Shaw to go over the entire
sub-division on North Palermo Rd. and discuss what can and can’t be done.
4. Bill Pickford’s proposed pond site. This can be done by permit by rule, a state law. DEP has precedence over Town.
5. Theresa Poulin of North Palermo RD has had an oil spill from an accident with oil tank. Clean Harbors is taking care of this and the DEP has already been notified.
6. Possible septic problem at the same address. Dave Schofield has been notified.
7. Driveways:
a. Ralph and Ann Littlefield, 1174 North Palermo RD for access to woodlot. Need to involve DOT.
b. Mark Whittaker, North Palermo RD. Need to involve DOT.
8. Milberry’s garbage has been moved to 80 ft from the road.
9. Roland and Ingrid Robitaille, road project: This has been ditched and rip rapped by owner.
10. Letter from CES thanking Jay for his work on the land ordinance. Permit needs to be resubmitted with new application. They also need to reapply to the Planning Board.
11. Letter received by Jay regarding permit by rule from the DEP for David Gardner and John Dorothy for replacing culver and ditching on North Palermo Rd. Letter dated 7/19/06.
12. State of Maine Shore land Ordinance May 2006.
13. Manure utilization guidelines from state
14. Rich Baker amendments to Shore land Ordinance.

SCHOOL BOARD REP: Jennifer Turner has agreed to be the representative from Freedom.

HEALTH NURSE: Marion Bowers
1. Lynn Hadyniak requested authorization for Marion to attend the workshop on the pandemic influenza summit to be held on Sept 20, 2006.
2. A motion was made for the town to pay the $10.00 fee.

1. Carrie spoke about the Freedom Field Day and the events planned for it.
2. Request for money for Freedom Field Day of $600.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Meeting August 16, 2006 at 7:00PM.

1. Discussion related to the Skidgel property.
a. Mildred Skidgel wants the Town to make an offer on the site which involves 18 acres and stream frontage. The pros and cons related to ownership of this site were discussed including the environmental concerns.
b. Jay suggested that the Town send a formal letter with information regarding the environmental impact and problems with ownership of the land.
c. An environmental study needs to be done regarding water, solvents, volatiles, tires, etc. Jay was asked by the Board to get this started.
d. Possibility that if the site was considered a new site, a 50 % return on the cost of construction would be returned to the Town.

2. Albion fire:
a. The Town is being penalized $25.00 per firefighter involved. This is a charge by workers comp. A discussion with workers comp along with a letter was not helpful in dismissing the charge.
b. This charge will be discussed with Jim Waterman since the Board feels that either Albion or Asperlundh should be responsible for this charge.
c. Need to have liver chemistries checked in two years. Who will be responsible for the cost?

3. Discussion with Gerry Sullivan and his brother:
a. The contract was discussed.
b. Costs have increased and even with a new charge of $1.25 per bag, the Town still is not breaking even.
c. Spring clean-up would cost much less, if the discarded material was brought to one site, instead of being picked up at each residence.
d. Need to learn about “stop” charge.

4. Garbage, junkyards & automobile graveyards:
a. Discussion on enforcing.
b. No Town ordinance.
c. Who would be fined?
d. Lynn will check on the State statute.

5. Review of current board policies:
a. Town office security
b. Minutes of the Selectpersons meetings.

6. Development of new board policies:
a. Return of town keys.
b. Web-site control: designate a web-site manager, control of what goes on web-site.
c. Sex 0ffenders: need to create a strong policy.
i. Offenders photos posted in general meeting room would include those who live in or work in Freedom.
ii. Information on the web-site regarding offenders, but no photos would be included in that.

1. Site review and appeal ordinances need to check on regarding questions that have arisen.
2. Planning Board appointment: A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to appoint Carrie Bennett to the vacant position on the Planning Board. Motion was seconded by Steve Bennett and carried.
3. Request to fund the pandemic workshop on September 20 for the health nurse as stated earlier. This was approved and there is money available.
4. Request for Carrie Bennett of the Recreation Committee for $600 to buy items for Freedom Field Day. This was approved and the money will come from the field day budget. Any money unused will be returned to the Treasurer.
5. Supplements and Abatements:
a. Tammy Swan:
b. Harry and Thelma Ledden made an abatement request to the County Commissioners which accepted their petition on 8 acres of wetland. Since the number of years and since Maine law regarding over valuating within185 days after tax commitment date, only the year for 2005 can be abated. A motion to accept an abatement request of $35.28 was approved.
c. Ken and Priscilla Gould: A motion was made, seconded an approved to abate $197.50. They had been charged for two lots instead of one.

6. Warrants:
a. Payroll: $2,281.77 a motion was made and seconded to pay this.
b. Accounts payable: $5,782.40. A motion was made and seconded to pay this amended amount

A motion was made for meeting to adjourn at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

Related to board policies

AUGUST 2, 2006

Selectmen present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak was absent because of work restraint.
Others present:  Betty Sinkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Sallyann Hadyniak, Hilary and Tom Fleming, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened by Steve Bennett at 6:00PM. 
Minutes of the July 26, 2006 meeting were read and approved after being amended.
1.     Sallyann Hadyniak spoke about information related to the invitation to the christening of the USS Freedom in Mariette, WI. There will be about 1,500  attendees and only one attendee from each group will be able to attend the evening function.   No one from Freedom is interested in attending under these circumstances. 
2.     Tom Fleming spoke about the condition of the Greeley RD after the recent culvert was put in.  Since this has been done it has affected his driveway resulting it being washed out with each rainstorm.  Sallyann Hadyniak also spoke about the condition of the road needing additional repairs.    Clint Spaulding is aware of this and it will be taken care of.
1.     MMA Survey:  Another request for a survey.  Steve Bennett will make this out.
2.     MMA Risk Management renewal insurance for the Town of Freedom  for property and coverage’s, five of which are new.
3.     John Piotti will moderate the Special Town Meeting on August 7, 2006 according to a note from Cindy.
4.     Mailings: 
a.      Negative comments about lack of information on the postcard related to the Special Ton Meeting.
b.     Steve Bennett authorized mailing the entire warrant to all residents.
c.     Costs: postcard $72.00; warrant $118.00.
d.     Bulk mailing permit information needed.
5.     Several comments about the inability to have an absentee ballot.
    Absentee ballots have never been allowed at Town Meetings.
6.     School Board Rep:  Jennifer Turner has expressed an interest in this position to  
     Steve Bennett.
7.     Assessors meeting: Friday, August 4, 2006 at 7:00AM.
8.     Liens:  A list of certificates for liens has been made out and sent by Cindy.
9.     Minutes: RE: Selectpersons meetings
a.       There is nothing in state law requiring recording of minutes.  However, it may be in the best interest of the Town to have an accurate record of decisions made by the municipal officers and the taking of the minutes is the most efficient way to create this record.
b.      The minutes may be very simple, and include the way problems may have been resolved.
c.     It was decided to mark unapproved minutes as unapproved until a corrected copy can be made available.
d.     See attachment for more information. 
e.      Minutes should be made according to  a board policy marked #13.  This will need to be voted on next week.
10. Town Office Security :
a.      Master keys will be had by the Selectpersons and the Town Clerk.
b.     Vault keys will be had by the Town Clerk, Town Treasurer and one other deputy clerk.
c.     Keys to the general meeting room will be had by the committee chairpersons.
11. Meeting with Jason Trundy, Waldo County Sheriff:
a.      He is meeting with Selectpersons, school administrators, daycare centers regarding sexual molesters.
b.     There was a lengthy discussion as to how to keep the public informed from a public posting with or without pictures of the perpetrator along with addresses of the offenders.
c.     Need to create a policy
12. Budget Committee Meeting: August 16, 2006 at 7:00PM.
1.     The sweep account it closed for now.
2.     Operating check book: $23, 867.62
3.     Total accounts: $132,531.95
4.     Planning Board costs are included in the warrant.
1.     Town Park:  The wood and brush need to be moved ASAP.  It is too close to the wetlands, DEP rule.  It needs to be moved 75 to 100 ft. Steve Bennett suggested that Jay speak to Carrie Bennett and to Rick Martin about getting it disposed of.
2.     Town landing has trash all over the ground.  There is a barrel there, but it needs to be emptied on a weekly basis.  Jerry Sullivan will be notified of this.
3.     Inspections:
a.      Gerald Stefansky, chimney
b.     Deanne Richardson permit for a camp on Penny Lane.
c.     Bill Pickford: pond permit request.  DEP inspection is needed.
4.     Meeting with Mildred Skidgell on Monday, July 31, 2006: Multiple problems were discussed. 
a.      Location of warehouse and impact on shore land and environmental zoning.
b.     Removal of all debris 75 feet from Sandy Stream.
c.     Suggest that she discuss situation with a rubbish collector and costs.
d.     She has considered Keenan Auction as a way to remove contents.
5.     Letter from CES was read and copies given to the Selectpersons relating to permits after the upcoming Special Town Meeting.
Read was not present but there will be a grand opening on September 16, 2006.
1.     Tim Biggs spoke on behalf of Clint.
2.     Sibley Rd. will repplace 1 culverts in 3 sections  replaced hopefully early on Friday, August 4, 2006.  Cost: $2,200.
3.     Davis RD. culvert needs to be looked at.
4.     There will be an increase in the amount of money requested for summer roads.
5.     Greeley RD. as discussed previously.
1.     Brief report on ticks, particularly those causing Lyme disease.  Wallet cards with information and description available for public.
2.     Flyers related to this are on outside bulletin board and at the post office.
1.     There was a meeting on Tuesday evening which was poorly attended.
1.     School Board appointment:
a.       A motion to appoint Jennifer Turner to be the representative for Freedom, replacing Brian Jones, until June 30. 2007 was made by Steve Bennett. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
b.     Next March at the Town Meeting she will need to run for a 2-year term.
2.     Mailing cost motion:  A motion by Steve Bennett authorizing Cindy to send out mailing of the Aug7th Special Town Meeting warrant  was made and seconded by Tim Biggs.  Motion carried.
3.     Financial Warrants:  Motions were made, seconded and carried  for the following warrants August 2, 2006
a.      Vendors: $5,150.48
b.     Payroll: $1,323.60
Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:00PM.
Respectfully submitted,
 Marion Bowers
JULY 26, 2006
Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present:  Hilary and Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Thressa Abbott, Betty
Sienkiewicz, Read Brugger, Ron Price, Bill Pickford, Nancy Farrar, Jay Guber, Carrie and Steve Bennett and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened at 6:00PM.  Minutes of the July 19, 2006 meeting were read and amended.  The minutes then were accepted.
1.     Representatives are still needed :
a.       School Board
b.      Planning Board
2.     The Selectpersons will need to meet with Jerry Spaulding regarding insurance.
1. Jason Trundy, a deputy sheriff, will meet with the Board regarding child molestation protection.  This will be on Saturday morning 29th at 7:30 AM.
2. Selectpersons’ minutes and when they should be put in the book for the public.  This has come about because unapproved minutes which were never seen were given out to a resident.  As of last week a draft copy has been put in the book until a corrected version can be done.  Steve Bennett will check with MMA.  According to information from the Town Clerk, minutes don’t even need to be taken. The waste of paper was also pointed out.
3. A request for $1,000 for repair and maintenance should be moved to office supplies in the warrant for the special Town meeting.
1.     Sullivan Brothers billing and the receipts from PERC match.  Tonnage has averaged 25 to 26 tons per month.  Their bill for June is on the warrant tonight.
2.     Bank North will meet with Hilary. 
3.     The Volunteer Fire Department has received a conservation grant of $645.
4.     Account information:
a.      Checking account has $19,812. in it.   A deposit of $10,000 is expected to soon be made.
b.     Sweep account is currently empty.
c.     Account from Maine Municipal Revenue sharing, $5,380.26
d.     Total amount in all accounts: $128,102.24.
5.  Fire department by-laws and articles of incorporation of the Fire Department have been sent to Susan Caston of MMA Risk Management.   
6.  Repair and Maintenance have been journaled to the fire department instead of where they were.
1.     Pending permits:
a.      Gerry Stefanski for a shed on Ayer Ridge Rd.
b.     Ingrid and Roland Robitallie for a double wide mobile home on Rollins Rd.
c.     Deanna Richardson for a camp cottage on Penny RD.
d.     Ron and Sue Price, 8 Evans Lane for a shed.  
2.     Klienschmidt will cast a bid and analysis of projects for overseeing the Earthen Dam project.
3.     Letter to CES related to waiting to August 7, 2006 for permit.
4.     Driveways on North Palermo RD need to be checked on for permits. Jay will check this out with DOT.
5.     Skidgell property may be up for sale.  Town might want to buy but the hazards need to be considered.  Jay will call Mildred Skidgell. 
1.     Clint was unable to attend but spoke with Steve Bennett prior to the meeting. 
2.     Mitchell and Clark RD have both been worked on.
3.     Greeley RD will have work done where previous work has settled.
4.     Sibley RD has a dangerous culvert that needs attention according to Steve.
1.     The upcoming Freedom Field Day was discussed at length.  This will be on August 12, 2006.  In addition to the usual games they will also have a bounce house. Some of the games they will build instead of buying or renting poor quality articles in need of repair. 
2.     The field has had a lot of the trees removed and the remaining stumpage will be moved. 
3.     The snack shack will house the lawn mower and Herb Abbott and Lisa Smith will be responsible for mowing.  A ceiling will be put in place so that the area above it can be used for storage. 
4.     Playground equipment:        
a.      monkey bars are fractured and being replaced.
b.     bleaches have been fixed.
c.     other repairs have been done.
5.     Gross proceeds from the event will be put into a bicentennial fund. 
6.     T-shirts for volunteers.   Volunteers are still welcome.
1.     The director has resigned to work for KVCOG. 
2.     Universal waste is up and running.  The list of articles such as computers, TV’s  that this applies to are in the Town Office.
1.  The ordinances and final changes were gone over by Nancy Farrar and Bill Pickford.  Lynn Hadyniak had spent a lot of time with Bill in correcting grammar and using legalese when appropriate.
2.  In relationship to the commercial site ordinance the definition of farmland was removed since there was already information related to that.
1.  Motions were made and seconded  by the Selectpersons to sign ordinances and certification of ordinances related to
          a. building ordinance
b. commercial review site; Steve Bennett abstained from voting on this ordinance.
          c. water extraction ordinance. 
2.  Special Town Meeting and Hearing: A warrant was presented to have a special Town Meeting at the Grange Hall on August 7, 2006 at 7:30PM.  A motion was made, seconded by all to accept this warrant.
          3.  Garbage, junkyards and automobile graveyards were discussed at length.  The    State laws will be looked over related to this.
1.     Hilary has made up a property card which Steve Bennett displayed.  Positive comments were made.
2.     Warrants:
a.      Payroll warrant for the week of July 27, 2006 was for $1,063.37.  A motion was made and seconded to pay this amount.  This was approved.
b.     Vendors warrant for the week of July 27, 2006 was $8, 237.28 A motion was made and seconded to pay this amount.
Meeting adjourned at 7:50PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
 Selectperson’s Meeting Minutes 
July 19, 2006
Selectperson’s present:  Steve Bennett, Lynn Hadyniak, Tim Biggs
Others present:  Heidi Brugger, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Jay Guber, Kerrie Bennett, Hilary and Tom Fleming, Bill Pickford, Nancey Bailey, Kim Holmes, Prentiss Grassy, Matt and Adrian Bennett, Jeff Keating, Lillian Phillips, Erin Bennett and Sallyann Hadyniak.
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Steve Bennett.
The minutes of the July 12th meeting were read, amended and a motion was made to accept the minutes.  Motion made and carried.
1.      Steve Bennett spoke to Debbie Diemer and Phil Bloomstein asking if either of them would be interested in filling the seat as the Freedom representative to the School Board.  No luck!
2.      Mr. Bennett also spoke to Jerry Sullivan regarding the bill.  Mr. Sullivan dropped off copies of the receipts from PERC at Mr. Bennett’s office in Unity.
3.      Mr. Bennett also spoke to Steve Anderson about putting the 30 X 50 property out for bid.
4.      It was stated that Jerry Sullivan is totally responsible if any accidents etc. happen.  Lynn Hadyniak will draft a letter to Mr. Sullivan.
1.      The Selectperson’s received a notice from Cindy Abbott stating that the office will be closed one day while she is on vacation and that will be on August 11th.
2.      Mr. Bennett read a variety of correspondences and distributed them to be taken care of by each of the three Selectperson’s.
3.      According to the DEP the only way property can be defined as “Wetland”, is to have several soil samples taken on the property in question.  The burden of proof is on the landowner.
4.      Mr. Bennett will E-mail Tony Neves to ask him to meet with the Board on Saturday morning during their workshop.
5.      Lynn Hadyniak was not able to contact Rick Martin in order to find out the value of tree stumpage on the Faculo property.
6.      The Planning Board attended the meeting in order to discuss the commercial site/review ordinance starting around 6:30 p.m.
7.      Nancy Bailey requested that a letter she wrote on July 14th be read out loud.
8.      Mr. Bennett read a letter (two page, that he wrote) at the meeting July 19th and requested that it be attached to the minutes together with a list of the Maine statute 2605-30A. (4 pages)
9.      Steve Bennett rescued himself from the Board of Selectpersons during the discussion regarding the wind turbines.  He also stated that everything that was stated in Judy Bennet’s letter was true!
10.  Mr. Bennett also stated that all that the Board of Selectperson’s does not have to accept anything the Planning Board puts in front of them. 
11.  Jay Guber must issue the building permit to CES by August 1st.
12.  There was a lengthy discussion in regards to questions that were presented by Lynn Hadyniak who chaired the Board in the absence of Steve Bennett as Selectmen.  She went over the proposed ordinances and others that attended the meeting participated.
13.  Lynn Hadyniak and Tim Biggs want to draft a building ordinance and a Commercial Review Site Ordinance to be put on the warrant for next week.
14.  The special Town Meeting will be on Monday August 7th at the Grange Hall starting at 7 p.m.
15.  Jay Guber will ask CES for an extension after the special town meeting.
16.   Mr. Bennett took back the Chair after the planning board left the meeting.
A.      Lynn briefly discussed information regarding she received regarding a Community Development block Grant.
B.     MMA wants copies of the Firemen’s By-Laws and annual reports.
C.     The town is all set regarding accident insurance this year.
A.     There is $30,000.00 in the checking account
B.     There is $4,957.01 in the sweeps account
C.     Hilary recommended that the sweep account be discontinue until after taxes are sent.  The Selectperson’s agreed.
D.    Total amount if all accounts is $143,246.42
E.     The annual pick up on June 28th totaled $9,463.69.
F.      The two bills from Jerry Sullivan totaled $1,503.00.
G.    The MMA bill is in the basket in the amount of $5.293.50.  It is in accounts payable.Risk Management, Liability, Workmen’s Comp. etc.
H.    The fuel total for 6/05-6/06 paid by the town 7/1/05 was $1,880.00
It covered 915 gallons at $2.05
The total used for the Town Office was 257.7 gallons
The total used for the Fire House was 731.7 gallons
The total used for the Garage was 1,000 gallons
A grand total of 3,958.86
A.     All the trees on the path leading into the Freedom Rec Park have been cut down.  They were cut down due to insurance purposes.
B.     We will receive $7,759 quarter each year from URIP starting in September.
C.     The total of six (6) ordinances was certified by all the Selectperson’s.  A motion was made to accept, second and all were in favor.
D.    Lisa Smith will mow the Mitchell field and Steve Bennett will call Dave Bennett to arrange storage for the mower in the snack shack.
E.     Tim Biggs reported that Mildred Skidgell will not open this year and may decide to put the property up for sale.  The lower portion of the road has an easement on it and there is also access to water well on the property.
F.      A brief discussion was held in regards to an article in the Village Soup regarding a Town Manager.
                  1.  The Vender Warrant $10,658.25  Motion was made for the July 19th warrant and second to accept, all were in favor.
                  2.   The Payroll Warrant   $  1,050.45  Motion was made and second to accept, all were in favor.
                   A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:23 p.m. by Steve Bennett, motion made and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak
 Copy of Steve Bennett’s letter is attached together with the 4 pages of statue 2605-30A

 July 12, 2006
Selectperson’s present:  Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present:  Bill Pickford, Nancy Bailey, Drew Fales, Prentiss Grassy, Lillian Phillips,  Kerrie Bennett, Thelma Ledden, Carol and Arthur Richardson, Jay Guber, Cynthia Abbott, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz and Sallyann Hadyniak.
The meeting was called to order by Steve Bennett at 6 p.m.
The minutes of the July 6th meeting were read, amended and a motion was made to
     1.  Carol Richardson questioned why the Selectperson’s did not settle the alleged wetland abatement on the property of Thelma and Harry Ledden.  She wanted to know why people had to go to the County Comm. Office in Belfast.  The Selectperson’s stated that if they agreed that it was wet lands, everyone would claim wetlands on their property.  Most all the residents have some water on their property.  Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs walked the Ledden property and did not find standing water.  Mrs. Ledden on the other hand stated that her husband walked the property yesterday and there was a lot of water.  Lynn Hadyniak stated it was probably because we had a downpour of rain the day before.
It was agreed that a good definition for the word “wetland” be defined.
2.      Mr. Bennett asked how the deliberation turned out and Mrs. Richardson stated that it was voted 2-1 that the Board of Commissioners granted Mr. & Mrs. Ledden 2 years abatement on her 8 acres and they said an adjustment would be made for 2006 taxes.
3.      Mrs. Richardson also stated that our Board of Appeals is not legal and never has been.
  1.  Lynn contacted Grant Estelle at Unity College to put together a conservation plan.  Tim Biggs wants the lot cruised for pulp.  Rick Martin will be contacted to walk the property and give his opinion.
   2.  A very brief discussion was held regarding the September 23rd. dedication of a boat named Freedom, Maine in Wisconsin.  Steve Bennett will give Lynn Hadyniak all the information.
  3.  The trailer on the Anderson property will be removed.  The 30 X 50 property has to be put out for bid.
  4.  The new keys are working fine.  Two keys are needed to lock and unlock on the front door.  There isn’t any need to change the locks after the yearly town meeting anymore.  Cindy has a list of keys (which are all numbered and cannot be copied) as do the Selectperson’s.
  5.  Sea Coast Securities gave a quote of $462.50 for installation and $22.00 per month.  It would include two motion detectors.  A motion detector should only be installed to show the Selectperson’s door and Cindy’s windows.  The quote was changed to $425.00 installed.  No decision was made.
6.  Debbie Diemer will be asked to volunteer to represent Freedom on the school board.
7.  PERC sent two bills and Tim Biggs.  Jerry Sullivan said he would supply a written report about the changes.  Tim will call Jerry.
8.  A letter was received from the Senior Underwriter Susan Casten from MMA regarding the renewal of property and casualty insurance.  She had some questions and the application was included.  Steve Bennett will draft an e mail and sent it to her.
9.  Lynn Hadyniak read a letter of resignation from Judy Bennett and the Planning Board.  A motion was made to accept the resignation and was seconded.  Motion made and carried.  There is now a vacancy on the planning board.  The letter of resignation is attached to the minutes. The deadline for this is July 22nd.
10.  Lynn Hadyniak reported that Nelson Fuel Company would give a special rate of $2.50 for their large clients.  It was reported that we need to know how many gallons are needed to supply the Town Office, Firehouse and the Town Garage.  They said we need 1,000 from Oct. 5, 2005 to April 30, 2006.  They will hold this price up to September 1, 2006
1.      Steve Bennett reported in the absence of Hilary Fleming, there is #30,000.00 in the checking account and $5,953.07 in the sweeps account.
2.      July will reflect a new payment schedule due to the evaluation of the town.
3.      The Capital Improvement Accounts total #144,242.48, Surplus Account $8,677.00 and Thurston $5,121.17.  The approximate total is $200,000.00
1.      Cindy Abbott reported that Lisa Smith and Jeff Keating were sworn in regarding the Rec. Comm.
2.      She also reported that she will be out of the office from August 6th to the 12th.
3.       JoAnn Knowlton will cover for her.  Cindy will return on the 14th.
4.      Lynn Hadyniak read a letter from Cindy?????
5.      There are no unpaid taxes for the year 2000.
6.      Cindy attended the meeting to give a quarterly presentation regarding the taxes to the Selectpersons.    There is #17,000.00 in back taxes for the year 2004.
7.      Cindy sent out 30 day notices.
8.      Cindy presented the Selectperson’s a form to sign regarding the attesting of the ordinances regarding the June 7th, June 12th and special town meeting and the amendments regarding the building ordinances.
9.      There are 4 family addresses on Stevens Road that are being changed due to            911. A motion was made, seconded and passed.
10.  Regarding the minutes of the Selectperson’s meeting, the DRAFT copy is to be put into the book in the office asap and then replaced the following week with the amended minutes.  This way whenever anyone comes into the office to read what has been discussed etc. they can decide if they want to attend the meeting the following week.
1.      Contacted Kleinschmidt and they declined to bid.
2.      The Selectperson’s want Jay to contact Kleinschmidt regarding the Earthen Dam.
3.      Jay went to the Millbury home and asked that they remove their garbage from the road and move it back by the house.
4.      Appointing Jay to enforce state statues will be tabled and thought about and in January they can add it as an article to the warrant.
5.      A permit was given to Art Allen and Barbara Schent to harvest 20 of 23 acres on map 29-2 lot 25
6.      Another permit was given to Jesse and Angie Kenney on 57 Pleasantview Lane Ridge Road in China for a driveway on Rt. 137 lot 20 map 9 (6,646 W from North Palermo Road.)
7.      Lee Bros. is working on Mitchell Road and Clint Spaulding the Road
      Commissioner is putting in more hours.  New gravel is being put down and   work is being done on the Deerhill ends of the road.  The work that was done last year wasn’t done right; therefore this new work is being done over the old work of last year.
Some of the members of the Planning Board attended the meeting and presented the Selectperson’s with a draft of ordinances.  Nancy Bailey requested their input.  She wanted the Selectperson’s to present the final copy on the 19th in order for it to be ready for the special town meeting which is not written in stone on the 24th.  After a lengthy discussion the meeting moved on.
1.      Kerrie Bennett requested that a special account be made available for the Freedom Rec. Comm. to place all monies received in order to have a nice amount for the Bi Centennial.  Kerrie will draft an article to be put on the warrant in order for the town to vote on it.
2.      Kerrie Bennett is Chairperson
      Tim Turner is Vice Chair
      Dave Bennett is Sec. and Treas.
VENDOR WARRANT                $9,062.49
PAYROLL WARRANT              $ 2,103.68
Motion made to accept, motion seconded and motion carried.
Sullivan’s bill was removed from the warrant.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.  Motion made and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak

July 5, 2006

Selectperson’s present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs. Lynn Hadyniak was absent.
Others present: Hilary Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Marion Bowers and Jay Guber.

The meeting was opened by Steve Bennett at 6:03 p.m.

Starting this week the minutes will contain the word “DRAFT” on top of the page. Before the minutes are given out to the public or placed in the book, they must show they are the amended minutes.
The minutes of the June 28th meeting were read, amended and a motion was made to accept the corrected minutes. Motion made and carried.


Jay Guber volunteered to be a representative to the MMA Legislative policy commission.


1. Janet White who is running for VP of MMA in the Kingfield area is looking for votes.
2. A letter from the Superintendent of School saying our share is $31,916.38 and the first monthly installment will be due in July which is almost $5.000.00 more then last year.
3. Tim Biggs stated that there wasn’t a file for pay by Clint Spaulding this past week because no work was done.
4. Nothing has been decided on the Fusulo property. Conservation Plan has not yet been completed.
5. Freedom, Maine is the oldest of all the towns by the name of Freedom in the country.
6. Anderson moved out of Freedom this past weekend and the Reynolds have the go ahead to do whatever work needs to be done to repair their septic system. The Anderson property shall be disconnected from the system. No one can live on the Anderson property till someone does something to solve the problem. The town will put the property 30 X 50 out for bid and place a minimum price on the property. John Carver will be consulted concerning this strategy.
7. Brian Jones handed in his resignation as the representative for Freedom on the School Board. Some names that were mentioned to replace him were: Nancy Zane, Phil Bloomstein, Doug Van horn, Prentiss Grassy, Polly Schoka.


1. Hilary Fleming reported that all new locks are on the doors and all the keys are numbered for identification. The selectors have received a report on what number key is held by each employee.
2. There was some conversation regarding Sea Coast Motion Detector. The monthly cost could be $22.00 and information regarding the set up cost would have to be determined.
3. $555.54 was received from schools for the cost of the school budget election. There is a total operating of $30,000.00 in the checking account and $7,990.59 in the sweep account. A total of $146,280.00 in all accounts.
4. Hilary requested that the expense and revenue reports be distributed monthly. The Selectors would like to have them weekly.
5. Deposits from June 1-June30 totals $48,574.30
6. Hilary is questioning why PERC is sending in two bills 6/5-6/7 and 6/19/-6/23; Tim Biggs will call Jerry Sullivan and find out.
7. Cindy Abbott will attend next week’s Selectperson’s Meeting.
8. On July 11, Tim Biggs will go to Belfast and attend a meeting at the County Commissioner’s office at 11:30 a.m. regarding the Thelma and Harry Ledden wet lands. If approved, it would total approximately $28.00.
9. 30 day notices were sent out 7/3/06 for owed taxes for 2005. This represents $36,000.00


1. Waiting for clear title before contacting Kleinschmidt from Pittsfield to continue any further work on the Earthen Dam.
2. A call will be put into E. A. Hodgkin’s stating that we have an emergency plan with the help of the state.
3. Permits were given out to:
Ed Ponder, 445 Greeley Road for a building
Jody and Rebecca Furrow 92 Belfast Road for a deck
John Caterina for change of usage on Ayer Ridge Road. He wants to turn it into a barn and personal shop.
Roberta McCard for adding an addition on Sanford Hill Lane off of Rollins Road.
Ron and Sue Price applied for 2 separate permits for CMP power.
4. Jay mentioned that there were no set prices in the building ordinance for permits for additions.
5. Jay will look into and find out about the Mulbury garbage on North Palermo Road and will ask that it be removed.

Hilary advised Clint about the yield and North Palermo road sign being down in the grass. It will be taken care of.


Lynn was supposed to check out the fuel prices and information from Nelson Fuel.


2 abatements:
1 supplement:

One supplement, M3 L20 in the amount of $532.36 to David Pottle

1 abatement for Lysander Palmer was denied.
Harold Holtham did not receive abatement. A check in the amount of $110.75 was not sent out to him because he owes back taxes. Lot 9-19-2
was outstanding, therefore no refund will be given to him.


Payroll Warrant July 1, 2006 $825.23

Vendor Warrant $3,248.94

Tim Biggs made a motion to accept the amended vendor warrant to exclude the Sullivan invoice for Spring Clean-up . Motion made and carried.

The meeting was adjourned by Steve Bennett at 7:42 p.m. and second by Tim Biggs. Motion made and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak


Selectperson’s present: Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak. Steve Bennett was absent.
Others present: Sallyann Hadyniak, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Hilary and Tom Fleming, Dave Schofield, Tina Freeman and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was chaired by Lynn Hadyniak and called to order at 6:00PM.
Minutes of the June 21 were read, amended and a motion was made to accept the corrected minutes.

1. Ledden assessment issue requesting an abatement for two years has been tabled.
2. Sallyann Hadyniak wondered why when she was over charged on her taxes only one year was abated.
1. Positive comments were made regarding the replacement of culverts and closing of Greeley Road briefly. The job was finished sooner than anticipated.
2. Clint Spaulding had bid to plow Unity roads, but he was not awarded the contract.
3. Town office locks: Steve Bennett had spoken with Ray Hall, Locksmith with the two proposed plans. The more expensive one is to our advantage. It is a more restrictive system and the keys cannot be duplicated. A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to accept the more expensive proposal for $648.00 which would include 4 deadbolt assemblies and existing cylinder with restricted cylinders on a master key system except for vault door which would be keyed separately. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
4. Seacoast Security Quote: This system would be for the Town Office and bids are being sought on this. No action was taken.
5. Jane Fasulo’s Representative was left a message by Steve Bennett. A copy of the notes related to a conversation related to the property is attached.
Lissa Widdoff needs to be checked with regarding the conservation and
use plan for this property.
6. USS Freedom: An inquiry has been made as to a representative of the
Town coming to this event in Mariette, WI on Sept 23, 2006. This is a
trip that would be at the individual’s expense.
7. Estimate of John Carver’s fee for sale of town lot: No information
was available.
8. Nelson’s fuel oil bid: This was with a bid of $2.50 per gallon. More
information is needed. Lynn will check into this.
PANDEMIC CONCERNS: Lynn Hadyniak and Marion Bowers spoke about information they had obtained at different seminars. This is a potential problem that could affect 40% of the population if it becomes able to spread from human to human. It has already done so in a small number of cases in other countries, namely in Asia.
A vaccine can not be made until there is an efficient human to human transmission. Then it would take six months to manufacture a vaccine.
Infected birds are the carriers and it is from their contaminated feces that it is spread. If the chicken is well cooked it is alright to eat.
A question was asked as to whether a domesticated animal, such as a cat could get it from an infected predatory animal. The answer was unknown.
More discussion followed covering a broad area.

1. Revaluation of property: Our assessment will be going up by
about $4,000.

1. Information on small community grant programs was given to the Selectpersons.
2. Approved for money for a septic system, primarily a leaching field,
for Stanley MacDonald on High Street through this grant program.
The DEP has approved this. The site plan is now at DEP for approval,
then it will go out to be bid on. Cost for doing this is $5,000.00. Mr.
MacDonald will need to pay 10% of this and the remaining 90% will
have to come from the Town. They are then reimbursed by the State.
3. Lissa Widdoff has an approved septic system on top of the ground.
4. A site with an RV on Rte. 137 was briefly discussed. This is actually in Knox.
5. Reynolds-Anderson septic problem was briefly discussed. Steve Anderson will be moving out by July 10th. At that time his system will be disconnected. An easement for access to the Reynolds property will be sought for one year for inspection purposes.

1. A warrant for prosecuting owners of dogs that are unlicensed was presented.
2. Currently two citations are being presented to Casey Poore and Mulman. This will result in proceeding with court appearances.
3. Of the four owners of dogs found that had unlicensed dogs, one has paid and the other has moved.

1. Meetings continue with workshops on commercial ordinances and the wind turbines. On Thursday June 29, 2006 a draft plan for general purpose business amendment will be presented.
2. On July 24th they should be a special Town Meeting to vote on the final draft of the ordinances.
3. The Selectpersons were informed by three of the Planning Board members that the Selectpersons can veto a proposed ordinance.

1. They have requested a letter from the Town since they are applying for another grant. The grantee, MBNA/Bank of America has requested that the Town send a letter that they, the Town, will attempt to match the funds.

1. Members who have taken the requested oath:
a. Tim Turner
b. Dave Bennett
c. Carrie Bennett

2. Dave Bennett has a key to the front door.

1. Cindy had a phone call from a lady in Howland who expressed concern with the state of the cemetery and the desecration of the stones in the Gould-Fuller Cemetery. Skidders in the past have done much damage. Most or all of the remains have been removed.
2. Thressa Abbott has been informed of this conversation and there is little that can be done.

1. Dana Commercial ATM at the Freedom General Store has been removed. An abatement in the amount of $99.96 was approved.
2. Patricia Corson: A base-lot should have been removed. An abatement of $244.60 was approved.
3. #116 abatement for a poverty abatement was denied.
4. Austin Odgen: All structures have been removed. There is only land. An abatement of $313.73 was approved.
5. Xerox: No equipment in Freedom: An abatement of $14.70 was approved.
6. Coca-Cola: All equipment has been removed from Freedom General Store. An abatement of $48.29 has been abated.
1. Public Interest Phone:
a. This would be a coinless operated phone that could be applied for for health safety and welfare reasons.
b. It could be used for local calls, 911, calling cards,etc.
c. This would need to be applied for from July 1-Sept1, 2006.
d. Sallyann was asked to put this in the Freedom News Column.
2. Letter from State Treasurer.
a. Paid from Maine Muncipal: $1,166.27 which was more than we should have been paid. In the future we will be receiving less to correct this error.
3. Candidate for MMA 70 members group needed: A representative is
needed and Lynn Hadyniak will look into this.
4. There is a grant development workshop.
5. New Roads:
a. Ron and Sue Price will be at 8 Evans Lane.
b. Changes in address on Steven Roads for three families.
c. Not new, but most people don’t know where Sanford Hill RD is.
6. Motion: A motion was made and seconded to make money available from
Town funds to pay for repair of a septic system for 90% of $5,000 to be paid
by the town in advance and to be reimbursed by 90% of the expected
amount of $5,000.
7. Warrants: Motions were made and seconded to pay the following:
a. Vendors $14,073.14
b. Payroll: $1246.09

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

1. Jane Fasulo information
2. Small community grant program

JUNE 21, 2006

Selectmen present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak was absent.
Others present: Marjorie Reynolds, Hilary Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Steve Anderson, Sallyann Hadyniak, Ann Hadyniak, Dottie Chase, Clint Spaulding and Marion Bowers.
Steve Bennett called the meeting to order at 6:00PM.
Minutes of the June 14, 2006 were read, amended and accepted thereafter.
1.     Marjorie Reynolds and Steve Anderson were present regarding the septic problem which has resulted in an overflow from the leaching bed.  Dave Schofield is looking for a tank for Steve Anderson.  However Steve will be moving; the trailer is not moving which means that a new leach field will be needed.  The amount of land is insufficient unless he were to acquire the land next to him which has a dilapidated Town barn on it.  The barn could then be removed and a new leach field could be created.  This small parcel of land owned by the Town would need to go up for bid.  Other costs would be for a deed and transfer fee.
2.     Steve Anderson does need to get this compliance plan written up and he was so informed.
3.     Marjorie Reynolds pointed out that since the rainy weather has stopped the overflow area is much drier.
1.     Hazardous litigation grant application:  This is not applicable to Dam or Stevens Rd.
2.     Community Farm Share application for Ginger Dermont to participate was signed by Steve Bennett.
3.     TRIO software agreement for 12 months commencing on August 1, 2006 with a basic fee of $2,486.38. 
4.     Estimates to change locks at Town Office and the vault: Two quotes were given; one for $350 and the other for $640.  There would be six master keys, one for each of the clerks and the three selectpersons.  They could not be copied.  The locksmith would have a list of who has each key.
Tim Biggs will do a comparison of the estimates and talk with the locksmith.
5.     MMA has denied a grant the fire chief had submitted. 
6.     A letter requesting who is coming to the naval vessel christening in Wisconsin.  This is for a vessel named for Freedom. 
7.     Troy Lebovitz has requested a reassessment on Clark Rd.
8.     Summary from DOT: systems report.
9.     Information for accident insurance for volunteers was made out.
10. Thelma Ledden called requesting two years abatement of taxes on wetland. This will be considered by the Assessors on Saturday morning.
11. Draft of Ordinances by Planning Board for Selectpersons to review.
12. Cindy’s Cub Scout have planted flowers out front.  They need some help with watering and weeding and more flowers.  Volunteers needed. Also a load of mulch would help.
13. Request from resident for sign to be made and placed on Deer Hill Rd.  No action taken.
1.     There are two poverty abatements.  One has been taken care of and the other information is currently unavailable.
2.     Shawn Turner and Mark MacBride have both been charged for the same lot.  One is being abated.
1.     There will be a notebook on the shelf with these.
2.     They can also be found at the Web-site.
1.     Municipal sharing check for $3,665.72 has arrived.
2.     Cost of an election: $550. This should be reimbursed by the school.
3.     Checking and sweep accounts at bank: $42,940.
1.     Culverts replaced on Deer Hill, Mitchell and Goosepecker Ridge Rd.
2.     Raven RD near intersection of Ayer Ridge repaired.
3.     Culvert is still needed on Ayer Ridge.
4.     Greeley Rd will be closed on Friday and reopened on Saturday.  This is necessary for the culvert placement.  Various groups have been notified.
5.     So far $7,000+ has been spent on 3 culverts and ditching.
6.     Tree on Ayer Ridge removed by Rick Martin: $800.
7.     Davis, Rollins and Mitchell still need surfacing.
8.     Clark Rd could use a few loads of gravel. 
9.     $39,000 is still available for road work.  Of this amount $2,000 will be used for mowing.
10. Several companies were asked to bid but only Lee Brothers responded
by date requested.  Lee Brothers received the contract.
1.     Unknown if any one has been sworn in yet.
2.     Improvement in Town Park is a goal.
3.     By-laws are needed.
4.     Plan for Rick Martin to remove the marked trees. 
5.     Brush to be burned. 
6.     Foundation to be removed.
7.     Chairperson to attend Selectperson’s meeting.
WARRANTS for June 21,2006.
   Motions were made and seconded to pay the following:
1.     Vendors:  $13,322.48
2.     Payroll:  $2,330.00  
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:45PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Lynn Hadyniak and Tim Biggs.
Others present: Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Sallyann Hadyniak, Nancy Bailey, Bill Pickford, Jay Guber, Marjorie Reynolds, Hilary Fleming, Dave Schofield, Ray Hall, Jim Waterman, and Prentice Grassi.
The meeting was called to order by Steve Bennett at 6:01 p.m. Minutes of the May 30 were read and were approved as amended.

1. There was a lengthy discussion between Majorie Reynolds, Dave
Schofield and the Selectpersons regarding the septic and leach field that
are being used by both Majorie Reynolds and the Andersen's.
DEP came to town to approve or disapprove and took pictures. He stated
that this is not a serious enough problem related to the stream to qualify the
state to get involved. Brent Larson from DHHS sent compliance orders to
Dave Schofield for the Reynolds and the Andersons. Instead to being
allowed 20 days to comply, this was changed to 30days. Dave Schofield and
Marion Bowers went to the home of the Reynolds and informed them that
they would receive compliance orders in which they were to state in writing a
plan to fix the problem. It was reported that the Anderson's are closing
on a new home on June 30th and the trailer will be removed from the
Dave will notify the Reynold's as to what will be done to resolve this
2. Ray Hall (the locksmith) gave a report regarding the different doors and vault in the Town Office. Several of the doors have been tampered with including the vault! After a discussion, it was stated that there will be 6 master keys and 4 vault keys (restricted) made. The restricted key will always come back. Following the 1st meeting after the Annual Town Meeting, the tumblers will be changed.
1. Two pieces of correspondence were read by Mr. Bennett, one from Searsmont and one from Quintan Publishing Group.
2. Nancy Bailey read a letter at the meeting regarding the ordinances and wanted clarification from the Selectpersons.
Two members of the Planning Board complained that there is a lack of communication between the members of the planning board and the Selectpersons. They all were in agreement to work harder at communicating and Lynn will keep in touch with Bill Pickford via e-mail. It was suggested that someone from the planning board attend a selectperson's meeting by taking turns on a quarterly basis. People are quite busy and cannot attend several meetings a week. Over a period of oneyear each will only have to attend only 7 meetings.

3. Ray Hall gave the selectperson's an estimate regarding the door and vault locks at Town Hall.

4. Prentiss questioned the letter sent by the Selectperson's regarding the taxes. This letter was the action of the Assessors, not the Board of Selectpersons. This corrected any misunderstandings.

5. MMA advised Steve Bennett to recuse himself regarding any discussions related to the windmill turbines.

6.  Herb Abbott will store the lawn mower at the Freedom Rec. Snack Shack.

May's cash receipt report $33,676.00 and the Real Estate payments $66,074.39

There were two poverty (General Assistance) abatements reported but only one was received.

Tim Biggs gave a report that Clint Spaulding (Road Commissioner) will be closing the Greeley Road on the first Friday after school lets out to put in a new culvert

It was announced that the 2006 taxes hope to be out by August

The Review Board policy needs to be looked at

The Rec. Comm. ordinance: 5 people volunteered at the meeting to be on the comm. and they will have staggered terms. Expire 2009   Tim Turner/Dave Bennett Expire 2008   Jeff Keating/Carrie Bennet Expire 2007    Lisa Smith

Jim Waterman: Mr. Thomhill signed a contract to do the roof on the old town office building. MBNA gave grant money for the construction of the roof. The $34,000.00 warrant for next wek. ($47,000, $2,500.00 (the town) and $500.00 the Historical Society.

Payroll Warrant $1,460.38 Vendor Warrant $35,385.81

A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak, second by Tim Biggs and all were in favor. Motion made and carried.

The meeting was adjourned by 9:45pm.

Respectively submitted,

Sallyann Hadyiak


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak; Tim Biggs was absent.

Others present:  Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Sallyann Hadyniak, Lendall Chase, Pete and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order by Steve Bennett at 6:00PM.

This meeting was called to approve a few articles that needed approval by the Board prior to the Special Town Meeting on June 7, 2006. These need to be done a full 7 days prior to that special meeting.

There will be no presentation from the Selectpersons on taxes to the Planning Board; only the Assessors can do this.

Minutes of the May 24th were read and were approved as amended. 


1. Ledden’s appeal related to taxes on their wetland will need to go before the County Commissioners.  They can not appeal to the local appeals board since Freedom does not have an ordinance related to wetland. Wetland delineation can be done using GPS.  There are only six to eight acres that maybe involved.  It was suggested that Tim Biggs attend the hearing with the County Commissioners.  Barbara Arsenault chairs these hearings.

2. Lockheed Martin has sent a letter related to a US Navy boat that will be launched; Latorral Freedom LS 1.  This is an antiterrorist boat that sails inland and the coastal waters.  Launching and christening will be on September 23 rd in Marinette, Wisconsin.

3. Keys:  New locks and keys were done this week by Locksmith Ray Hall.  Three different locks had been tampered with.  Cindy will keep a list of the number of keys made and who has received them.  The keys we have now can be duplicated by anyone.  New keys should have a number on the key and the locksmith’s name on them.  Five keys are needed for the vault.

    Betty Sienkiewicz recalled that sometime in either 2001 or 2002, while Red Mitchell was alive, that the locks had been tampered with.   

4.  Policy book item:  After each annual Town Meeting locks will be changed;    who has the properly marked keys and a log of this information.

5.  Invitation to be extended to Ray Hall, the locksmith, to come to a Selectperson’s meeting. 



a. Notices for nonpayment of 2005 taxes have been sent out.  This involves about $60,000.


a. Attached is a report related to the septic system failure at the residence of Cy and Marjorie Reynolds.  This is a system shared by two families and at this point the leaching bed is inadequate. 

b. Also attached is a report from Jim Crowley of the EPA.  He had been called since the residence is across the street from a stream.  At this time he feels there is no significant threat to Sandy Stream, but a property rights issue that needs to be solved by the Town. 



1. Board needs to be reactivated. 

2. Revolving loans at 3.5% for projects such as the salt and sand shed.  If it is to be rebuilt at the same spot with State specs it would cost in the vicinity of $175,000.

3. Clint Spaulding was asked to get this group together.

4. Summer road work: no plans at present.

     Freedom Field Day: August 12, 2006.

      Review Board Polices:

1. Board policies need to be enacted by each board each year. 

2. Division of responsibilities of the Selectpersons.

3. Assessors, abatements, maps, general information related to taxes. 

     Board meets every Saturday from 7AM to 10AM

4. Warrant articles

5. Budget Committee: meet on a quarterly basis; May, August, &November.

6. Tax Collector: monthly report of paid and unpaid real estate taxes, excise. Taxes paid to date, liens and keeping Selectpersons informed on all tax issues.

7. Treasurer: Budget versus actual statement with a weekly report. Checking account reconciliation monthly, and a weekly Fund account balance.

8. Town Clerk: Meet with Selectpersons in Jan, April, July and October.  Keep the Selectpersons informed.

9. Road Commissioner:

10. Mail Log:

11. Mileage Re-imbursement: for mileage out of town and then no more than allowed in their expense account.  Currently mileage is paid at .32 cent/mile.

12. Selectpersons meeting  to run no later than 9:00PM.

A motion by Steve Bennett to move to accept the board policies and have the Town Clerk to make copies for each Selectperson’s book.  Also

to have a policy notebook be created.  This was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and carried. 

This information should also be on the Web-site.

Another policy related to outstanding or delinquent taxes should be in the policy book and was made into a motion by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak.  Motion carried.  A copy of this “Order of the Municipal Officers Pursuant to 36 M.R.S.A. Section 906” is attached.

Special Town Meeting:

1. This has been discussed with MMA attorneys, Becky Seel and Ellerby Cole. Voting on ordinances can take place without a hearing.

2.  At the Town Meeting each ordinance will be discussed and then voted on.  Voting can be done by paper ballot. 

3. Information related to the above will be sent to each resident.  A  copy of this letter is attached.

4. Warrants and ordinances for the Town Meeting need to be certified. Steve Bennett made a motion hereby to certify the following ordinances, articles, and warrants as listed below:

a. Recall of a Selectperson

b. Freedom rental ordinance

c. Emergency Management Agent

d. Freedom Planning ordinance

e. Board of Appeals

f. Building ordinance

g. Freedom Recreation ordinance

Planning Board had requested that that a Selectperson do a presentation on taxes related to the wind turbines.  Steve Bennett offered at the Planning Board meeting to do a presentation, but before the presentation happened, he was asked not to make this presentation on taxes and wind turbines.  This was offer was declined by the Chairperson to have him do this and it was on her own, without other members knowing of this letter which she openedly admitted at the Selectpersons meeting on June 14, 2006.    All Selectpersons declined to discuss the tax situation related to the wind turbines.    

Steve Bennett has investigated this with Dave Ledew of the Maine Property Tax Division, Ray Mersereau, Town Manager of Mars Hill and Tony Neves.  The discussion has centered on increased valuation in relationship to taxes and how TIF could affect this. This information has been written out by Steve and Lynn will review it.


          Warrants:  Motions were made, seconded and approved to pay the following

1. Vendors: $772.51

2. Payroll: $1,058.55

A motion was made to adjourn at 8:45PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers


1. Health Nurse report including report from Jim Crowley of the EPA.

2. 36 MRSA Section 906

Freedom Selectpersons' Meeting: Minutes of May 24, 2006

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak

Others present: Marjorie Reynolds, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Clint and Chris Spaulding, Jim Waterman and Sallyann Hadyniak.

The meeting was called to order at 5:50 PM. by Steve Bennett. Minutes were read and amended of the May 17, 2006 meeting.

Under Citizens Issues Steve clarified that the two letters that were sent to Ron Price. One was a personal letter that Steve was about going to dig a basin at the end of the Sibley Road.

The second letter from the Selectperson's stated that in 1975 it was voted at the town meeting to make the upper part of Sibley Road a discontinued road.

Citizen's Issues:

Marjorie Reynolds had a lengthy discussion regarding the septic system shared with Steve Anderson. Lynn Hadyniak was to get in touch with Dave Schofield to determine what action was to be done regarding this situation.

Clint and Chris Spaulding discussed the time involved in having Delta Ambulance show up at their home. Clint will contact Delta to let them know of a quicker route to take to get to South Freedom.

Fire Chief Jim Waterman discussed a frequency agreement with Thorndike radio which Waldo County area is utilizing. In order to use the repeater, the town must sign on to use the frequency. It will be an emergency frequency that will be used interoperability by the fire department, police, Nima, etc. This single frequency commander can be placed anywhere but the best place would be the fire department building. The annual cost for maintaining ft is approximately $30.00 per year. The tower used will be on Aborn Hill in Knox. This is for any major disaster. Jim recommended signing on. There are 26 towns in Waldo County.

Jim also suggested and is agreeing to have the Freedom Field Day the second week in August 12. The week before that is the Field Day in Montville.

Jim also pointed out the new file cabinet in the outer office which belongs to the Historical Society. The files are under lock and key because they  store historical artifacts which will include a list of all the cemeteries  located in Freedom from Mr. Elliot. There will be four key available to the locks and Jim Waterman, Viola Greeley and Lorraine Overlock will each have one and there will be one extra.

The Historical Society received a grant from MBNA for $4,700.00 and will  redo the roof on the Old Town House  building. Joe Thornhill will be doing the work. The building was built in 1845 and is classified as an historical site. At that time there two doors to enter the building; one for the men and one for the women.

These will be submitted to the Town Clerk and will be attested by her.
 The Freedom Field Day will be held on Saturday August 12, 2006.
1. Steve Bennett made a motion to appoint Brian Jones as the Freedom Representative for the Mt. View School Board which will expire June 30, 2007 for a one of three year term: Tim Biggs second this motion and all were in favor.
2   Steve Bennett also made a motion for Marion Bowers to be the Health Nurse and Deputy Clerk  until the town meeting in March of 2007. Lynn Hadyniak seconded the motion and all were in favor.
Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following for the week of May 25, 2006.
A. Payroll: $958.20
B. Vendor: $2,095.16

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:27PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs. Lynn Hadyniak was absent because of illness.
Others present: Hilary and Tom Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Ron Price, David Schofield, Jay Guber, Steve Bennett and Marion Bowers

The meeting was called to order at 5:55PM by Steve Bennett.
Minutes were read and amended of the May 10, 2006 meeting. A motion was made to accept them as amended and motion carried.

1. Ron Price spoke about letters he had received from Steve Bennett and from
the Selectpersons. He was concerned about whether what was said in the letter
would be honored and a comment in the later letter. He was reassured by Steve.

1. Information was given to Tim Biggs related to the UARC.
2. Letter from Fairpoint Telephone company for an approval to bury a cable for service for David Richardson. Tim will check with Fairpoint regarding this.
3. Budget Committee Meeting tonight at 7:30PM.

1. Quarterly distribution check for $972.97 has been received from Maine
Municipal Review Commission (MRC).
2. Historical Society representative, Lorraine Overlock, has requested that $2,500 needs to be put into their account for repairs to the Town House. They have received a grant for $4,000.
3. The Cemetery CD uses the interest for maintaince only.
4. Scott Anderson spoke with Hilary about mowing the Academy lot and the ball field. Herb Abbott will be doing some of this for the Town. It was suggested that Dave Bennett be spoken to regarding this.
5. Re: Town borrowing money. This idea has been cancelled.
6. Checkbook balance: $36004.31. Total in accounts: $142,207.04
7. Computer problems: Don’t leave computer on with TRIO in the back office. She will need to contact Todd.

1. A serious situation in a septic system that has failed in wetland. This
system has a second mobile home plugged into it producing an
overloaded septic system.
2. A temporary fix has been done for now.
3. The owners did pay for some work to be done, a new tank, and other improvements were made on it in the recent past and now they have no money to spend to repair or replace it.
4. Possible options are: 1. Close the system, condemn the property which the Town has a right to do, or 2. repair the system.
5. MMA has recommended that we fix it and add it to the taxes for the two families that are using it.
6. Dave has plans to contact a soil scientist, and has draw up plans to remove the old system and replace it with a new one. He also will be meeting with the DEP in regard to this problem since it is near a stream.

1. He had planned to present some of the ordinances he has worked on, but
was having computer problems, so will e-mail them to Steve Bennett.
2. The ordinances need to go before the Planning Board.
3. Dave’s personal opinion is to vote on the ordinance as they are now and then correct them at a later date.
4. Foot print size document was signed in 1991 and was using the 100 sq ft as a guide for assessment. The original attested copy by Joyce Turner is missing. Copies of this have no legal standing.
5. We have no legal document for anything more than 100 sq ft. requiring a permit.

1. Clint was unable to attend, but had talked with Steve Bennett.
2. Bids have been requested from Travis in Belgrade, Barry Tweedie, Wolf and Lee Brothers.
3. Steve Bennett would like to see the Mitchell RD up to par.
4. CMP has been contacted regarding dangerous trees. There are two on Ayer Ridge RD and one on Stevens Rd. They will put a work order in for this. Rick Martin would be willing to bid on this tree job.
5. Stop sign has been replaced on Pleasant St.

1. The Selectmen read to themselves a letter from Cindy.
2. Steve Bennett will look into days regarding a hearing and a special Town Meeting.

1. Kleinschmidt hydraulic engineers are unable to do anything for two
weeks regarding a study of what needs to be done at the earthen dam.
A copy of what is requested should be sent to A.E. Hodgkin’s as well.
2. Permits:
A. Gunnar Wood of Goosepecker Ridge RD for a wood shed 20X16.
B. Prentiss Grassi of 122 Belfast RD for a greenhouse
C. Edward and Connie Ponder of 445 Greeley Rd for a house.
D. Steve and Carrie Bennett of Bennett Lane for a horse barn.
3. A visit was made on May 11, 2006 to the wind turbine site with the
Planning Board and CES. He also recommended that CES have a
representative at the Planning Board meetings.

1. Freedom Field Day will probably be sometime in August.
2. School Board Representative: See New Business.
3. Articles and Notice on June 7th hearing and Special Town Meeting: This needs to be checked on with MMA. The Articles are nearly finished by Lynn Hadyniak. They will be acted on next week.
4. Board Policies continue to be reviewed.
5. Assessors Policy: This will be discussed with Jim Phillips of TRIO.

1. Brian Jones, school board representative, spoke about the 6.6% increase in
the school budget for Freedom. The main reasons for this are related to personnel, petroleum and the legislature has just passed an increase in salary for teachers.
A. Valuation of the Town has increased and Steve Bennett explained why. The local assessment of the Town has gone up 18%. At one point the Town was assessed at 28 million and in one year the assessment has gone up to 35million. This valuation is reflected in another reason why there will be a $61,000 increase in our share of the school budget.
B. The football debate had nothing to do with the increase.
C. Construction for the new school should start in the fall.
D. According to Brian Jones, it is difficult to balance the needs of the students and the tax payers.
E. Election of a school board representative should have been done at the annual town meeting. He is willing to be appointed for a one year term.

2. Warrants: Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following for the week of May 18, 2006.
A. Payroll: $891.15
B. Accounts Payable: $1,441.65

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 7:30PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers


SELECTPERSONS PRESENT: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Jay Guber, Clint Spaulding and Marion Bowers.

Steve Bennett called the meeting to order at 6:00PM.
Minutes of the May 3, 2006 meeting were read, amended and accepted as amended.

1. Lynn Hadyniak spoke about the stop sign past the bridge on Pleasant Street and the profanity that has been sprayed on it. She feels it needs to be replaced. Clint Spaulding will check into the cost.
2. Pauline Nickless was not present but had complained about an elm tree that was a potential danger and needed to be removed

1. Lynn Hadyniak spoke about the earthen dam and an appeal by Mr. Sadowksi. There is a question as to whether this was a timely appeal. She has spoken with Assistant Attorney General Mark Randlett and he is pretty sure it will come out in favor of the Town.
2. A resident who had requested General Assistance has had a marked change in his financial status. Lynn will send a letter to the DHS on Freedom stationery noting this.
3. OSHA: Cindy Abbott has been spoken to about this by Lynn. An up-to-date poster needs to be displayed if it has not already been done.
4. Tim Biggs has spoken with Brian Jones regarding the School Board appointment. See under old business.
5. Recreation Committee: Cindy Abbott has typed up minutes of the ad hoc meetings. These were signed by Steve Bennett.
6. MOSES update: Additional funding is needed for Cindy to attend this workshop. Since there is no money left in the training workshop an article will have to be written for additional money in a warrant for the Special Town Meeting.
7. Informational postcards regarding Spring Clean-up information have been sent out. This information is also on the web-page. A copy is attached. In the next mailing there will be information about the monthly recycling.
8. Herb Abbott has signed his contract after making some corrections. This is for the monthly recycling.
9. Hazardous Mitigation Program information has been received. There is a $100,000 grant available. This was given to Tim Biggs. Jay Guber suggested that since the Skidgell property is in the floodplain anything done there would be very expensive.
10. The Handbook for Small Community Grant Program was received. This is how the septic system was obtained for a resident.
11. LD 2056 re: teachers pay bulletin was received.

1. Most of the journaling is done to reflect chart of account changes.
2. Checkbook has $30,000; sweep account has $89,031.34 and in all accounts there is $145.134.07 The “surplus” CD from Key Bank has $8,602.07 and the Cemetery CD has $5,093.86.
3. Black Hill report for 2005 has been received along with a proxy that Hilary Fleming was authorized to sign.
4. Grant money from the Fire Department needs to be journaled in.
5. Cell phones in two of the Town trucks are on. One needs to be shut off. Clint will speak to Cindy regarding this.

1. Cindy was not present, but a draft of a letter she had written regarding unpaid taxes on a mobile home owned by Pine View Mobile Homes was read. Lynn Hadyniak will go over this with her.

1. Planning board meeting attendance on May 4, 2006. Ken Parent had notified all land owners by certified mail of this meeting. He had received no responses. He had a map and letter that were notarized between he, Ken Parent and the owners of Cellar-Kitchen Rd. He has up to 120 days to get a deed for the property. Jay lifted the work stop order that had been in place.
2. The Prices were not present at this meeting.
3. CES attorney, Sue Jones has been in contact with Jay. There will be a site visit on May 11, 2006 at 5:00 PM. Stakes will be flagged for the sites of the wind turbines.
4. CES will sponsor a bus trip to Hull, MA to see the #2 wind turbine that is 380 feet tall. Date is unknown but a week-end is requested. This trip is for the planning board and other interested parties.
5. Jay received a copy of the Bruggers petition.
6. Earthen dam: Information from Kleinschmidt and A.E. Hodgkin engineering firms needs to be requested as to what to do to the weak spots in the dam, particularly where the gate valve was and the trees. Steve Bennett would like to see bids on: 1, the design as to whatever is needed at old gate valve to put dam in good shape; 2, trees and 3. increase the surface of the dam.
A site visit needs to be done by bother firms.
7. Permits:
a. Gerald Stefanski of Ayer Ridge RD for a chimney. No permit was needed, but a visit was made and he was given the height requirements.
b. Gunner Wood of Goosepecker Ridge for a 16 X 16 wood shed.
8. Changes in the ordinances can be made which would be enforceable. This would be ok with MMA.

1. Summer roads
a. Gravel and where to get it were discussed. It was left that Clint obtain information considering the grade of the gravel and yardage being priorities. The same information needs to be given to each company or person he is dealing with.
b. Priority list:
i. Mitchell RD. doing sections of it. Also one culvert needs to be replaced.
ii. Raven RD. at the intersection of Ayer Ridge RD.
iii. Rollins and Davis RD. both need to be surfaced.
iv. Ditching of Town House Rd.
c. Requests for bids on road work is attached
d. Culverts that are needed are attached.
e. Obtaining a revolving loan from the State so that major improvements can be done particularly on the Mitchell RD.
and all roads can be in good shape. Tim Biggs will inquire
regarding the loan.

1. Had contacted the Maine CDC for information re: Avian Flu.
a. Referred to Dale Rowley with whom she spoke.
b. Pat Woodberry, a public health nurse, has been assigned to inform each town what is going on. An e-mail was sent to her inviting her to come to Selectperson’s meeting to present any information available. At the meeting Lynn Hadyniak informed us that she was out on medical leave.
2. Request to be reimbursed for attending two seminars in MA on
disaster nursing which would cover a variety of subjects including the Avian Flu. The cost is $35 per seminar.
Lynn Hadyniak was hesitatant about it conflicting with what Dale Rowley might want or expect. Steve Bennett was in favor of her attending. No money was allotted for educational expenses, so this will have to go on an article for the Special Town Meeting.
3. Regardless of whether the Town will reimburse the cost of the
seminars, she stated that she planned to attend them.

1. Freedom Field Day date is still unknown.
2. School Board Appointment: Brain Jones is willing to continue, but he has applied for a position as a principal and a replacement would be needed if he obtains this position. Reportedly he has been a good representative for the Town.
3. Brian Jones will come to the next meeting of the Selectpersons.
4. June 13 Referendum and Petition Question: Articles generally
need to be voted on and certified 45 days prior to June 13th. This
was unknown. In a letter from MMA attorney, Richard Flewelling, stated
a special Town Meeting can be called requiring only a seven day
warrant considering the articles. This letter is attached. Therefore in
view of this information there will be a hearing and a Special Town
Meeting on June 7, 2006 beginning with a hearing at 6:00PM.
A motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn
Hadyniak to schedule a hearing on June 7, 2006 beginning at 6:00PM
followed by a Special Town Meeting at 7:30PM for voting. Motion
Articles to be considered for the hearing are:
1. trash
2. money for UARC building
3. travel and educational expenses
4. Ordinances
5. Loan for roads
6. Jane Fasculo gift
7. Others possible
5. Wording in Article A. on Carol’s Petition needs to be changed from elected as to appointed as it is “nonsensical” as it is written according to the MMA attorney.
6. 2004 Audit report and management letter with reportable offenses will be spoken about at the hearing.
7. The hearing on June 5th will be cancelled. A letter will be sent as to why the
date had to be changed for the Articles.
8.Review of Board Policies: Changes in the Board Policy were discussed.
The Board of Selectpersons would like to have updates related to town
business on January, March, and October.

1. Reply to Ron Price’s letter: A motion was made to vote on a letter from
Steve Bennett to Ron Price to accept the letter as written and signed. The
motion was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak. Steve
Bennett abstained. This letter described Ron Price’s request and information
that had been found relating to the road in question. Ron Price’s request was
denied. A copy of the letter is attached.
2. Warrants for May 10, 2006
a. Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following”
i. Payroll: $2,776.41
ii. Vendors: $5,884.29

A motion was made for the meeting to adjourn at 9:20PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

1. Letter from MMA Attorney Richard Flewelling
2. Articles
3. Letter to Ron Price and information from 1975.
4. Road Commissioner’s bid request and summer work plan.
5. Spring Clean-up information


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Tom & Hilary Fleming,
Read & Heidi Brugger, Jay Guber & Marion Bowers.

Steve Bennett called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.
Minutes of the April 26th meeting were read and approved after editing.

1.Heidi Brugger spoke about the meeting with CES at the Grange Hall and recalled that the representative of the company had stated that the company didn’t want to come to Freedom if they Town did not want them.
2. A copy of this petition was to go to the Selectpersons, the Planning Board and the CEO. A copy of the petition is attached.
3. Steve Bennett questioned as to why there were only three wind turbines mentioned and Heidi responded that that was what the CES had suggested.

1. Town Ordinances: Dave Schofield had made a list of attested and unattested or nonexistent.
A. Attested ordinance:
1. Subdivision Ordinances, references missing and needs to be updated.
2. Shoreline Zoning will need to be redone in two years.
3. Boat Landing Ordinance: Although attested to by Selectmen, it should be attested to by the Town Clerk.
4. Weight limits for town roads.
5. Nuisance Animal Ordinance
6. Enhanced 911 Ordinance.
B. Ordinances which are not attested to or non-existent.
1. Building and Land Use Ordinance: needs name change and no
original attested copy exists.
2. Planning Board Ordinance: No attested copy.
3. Board of Appeals Ordinance: no attested copy and needs a lot of work.
4. Rental Occupancy Ordinance: no attested copy and language needs to be redone.
5. Recreation Committee: None that can be found.
6. Budget Committee Ordinance: None that can be found.
7. Emergency Management Ordinance: There is a purposed ordinance for 2006,
8. Investment Ordinance: There has never been a purposed Ordinance but one has been drafted.
A copy re: Ordinances is attached.

2. Budget Meeting: May 17th 2006.
3. Difference between an ordinance and a policy was a question asked by Lynn Hadyniak. An ordinance is voted on by a municipal body. A policy is something that the Board of Selectpersons votes on annually.
4. Access to pond and boat landing need to be discussed.
5. There will be NO ASSESSOR’S meeting on Saturday, May 6, 2006 as most of the Selectpersons are out of town.
6. Ordinance Book is a goal of the town. This would have all attested and dated copies of ordinances in it.
7. Hearing on June 5th discussion. See under old business.
8. Ron Price had requested information on road on Beaver Ridge.
a. Steve Bennett and Tony Neves spent the day going over the County Commissioners records. At some point they found that the Commissioners ordered the Town to fix up the road from Peter Greenwood’s drive to Dean’s Corner. This was done in September 1934.
b. Town reports were gone through. 1975 report is missing. In one of the minutes there were articles to discontinue a road. The road from Gary Zane’s driveway, which is now Deer Hill RD, to Dean’s corner was for maintenance only, otherwise discontinued. Dean’s barn fell down in the ice storm. Two sections of the road were discontinued in 1975 and were for maintenance only. This information was found in the vault.
c. Steve Bennett thinks the Town has no responsibility for maintenance, but public has access.
d. At some point this was a Town road.
e. Lynn Hadyniak questioned what it meant to discontinue a road for maintenance only.
f. The audit for 2004 has been completed according to Craig Costello.
g. The audit for 2005 can now be done.
h. Management letter has been received.
i. Letter related to Help America Vote Act (HAVA). This concerns a central voter registration.


1. The budget revenue versus expenses was gone over carefully. Although it is not complete it gives the Selectpersons a much better
appreciation of where the Town stands financially.
2. Journaling changes still need to be made.
3. Hilary has spent hours getting this information together and receive positive comments on the budget report.
4. The fire department has no training expenses or conferences in their budget.
5. Currently there is $30,100 in the checking account; sweep reinvestment account has $20,335.00. Total amount without the CD’s is $156,637.75.

1. Town office e-mail address, several are listed, but it was decided to have one,
2. Postcard sample for Spring pick-up and change in the monthly recycle pick up was available for the Selectpersons.
3. The State’s HAVA program update mentioned that there will be more training required by the Town Clerk. See attached.
4. Other reports related to taxes and cash reports were attached to the letter.
5. BMV audit was done. Joanne Knowlton and Cindy have both been approved by the State to use the new BMV program.
6. No date for Freedom Field Day has been set.
1. Cindy would like to see uncollected taxes be given to the Selectpersons on a quarterly basis.
2. Flags for the cemeteries have been obtained. Money was available in the cemetery fund.

1. Permit requests:
a. Ron and Sue Price of 490 Belfast RD would like to put in a trailer behind the present house where the old barn was. This would entail putting in another driveway. Also a separate two acre lot is required along with a separate deed for this. This will need to be discussed with the Planning Board.
2. Ken Parent needs to see the Planning Boarding re: Cellar Kitchen Rd.
3. Charlie Palmer of Cellar Kitchen Rd. will deed land of his to widen this road. A deed or other notarized documentation needs to be done.
4. Jessie Kenny, owner of a farm on the Belfast Rd. has a form for a pad. He has no permit and needs one for a driveway and DOT permit.
5. Request for Town to pay for a group net working dinner by the MBOA on May 18th, 2006 at the Comfort Inn, at the cost of $23.00. The cost can be taken out of the training budget for the CEO.

1. Clint was not able to be present, but had sent in a document that he has written “Requests for Bids on Road Work.” This will be discussed next week and is related to summer road work.

1. Needs to be appointed.

1. Cindy has written up a notification to be mailed to all residents regarding
a. Spring Clean-up
b. Change in day of monthly recycling.
c. A motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak to put the postcards together as she has done and mail them out.
2. Freedom Field Day: no date yet.
3. June 13, 2006 State Referendum will be done by secret ballot. On this ballot there will also be three questions related to Carol Richardson’s petition. An additional petition request to be put on the ballot is related to the Wind turbines.
4. Wind turbines question for ballot: A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to accept an article for the June 13, 2006 ballot that states, “Do you support the idea of having up to three windmills build on Beaver Ridge as purposed by Competitive Energy Services (CES)?” The motion was seconded by Tim Biggs. Motion carried with Steve Bennett abstaining.
5. Review of Board Policies:
a. Tax collector:
i. A list of amounts paid, and unpaid: re real estate and excise taxes. This is to be done on a monthly basis. Cindy would like to have it done on a quarterly basis.
ii. Timely reports on lien notices, liens and foreclosures.
b. Town clerk:
i. Information that the Board of Selectpersons need to do their job.

6. Jane Fasulo gift proposal:
A. Lynn Hadyniak spoke with Grant Estelle of Unity College regarding a possible forestry program involving the students on 78 acres in Freedom that would be a gift with restrictions.
B. Forestry Program not available until 2008.
C. Grant Estelle would be interested in setting this up.
D. A forestry management plan would be needed and the Town’s intent would be to maintain this plan.
E. Warrant article: To see if the Town will vote to accept gift of 78 acres from Jane Fasulo with the stipulation that the land use will follow the guidelines set for this in the following paragraph describing the Forestry Management Plan. This plan should be on Unity College stationery.
F. No taxes would be collected on this. Income could be had by harvesting wood, possible maple syrup production, etc.
7. Recycling Contract: A contract for Herb Abbott to do the monthly collection and to be paid on a monthly basis. Total compensation $3,000.
8. WCAP letter asking for support from Freedom for pre-application grant assistance was responded to by Lynn Hadyniak with a supporting letter.

1. Request for poverty abatement: A resident of the town is asking for this. If the Town denies an abatement on these grounds, this person has another source that will pay the property taxes. There was much discussion regarding this request. There was a question whether she would lose her trailer? She could apply to the County Commissioners and the Board of Appeals. The total amount of taxes to present and going back five years is $2,006.38. A motion was made to deny her poverty abatement request in addition to denying the request it was noted that taxes for 2002 if more than three years ago and the Board is not able to deny. The motion was approved by Lynn Hadyniak and Steve Bennett with Tim Biggs abstaining.
2. School Board Appointment: No one was elected so there is the need to appoint this position for one year, until June 30, 2007. Brian Jones needs to be contacted to see if he is interested. Don Newell, chair of the school board will be contacted for his opinion of the possible candidate.
3. Abatement request: The Leddens have applied to Waldo County Commission for an abatement on their “swamp.” Their abatement was denied by the Town.
4. Warrants for May 3, 2006:
a. Payroll: $983.39. Motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Tim Biggs to approve of this warrant. Motion carried.
b. Vendors: $6,716.76. This was an amended amount related to grading roads. Motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to pay this warrant, seconded by Steve Bennett and motion carried.
c. There was a discussion related to a bill from Lee Brothers, who authorized this and what was it for?
d. Hilary Fleming had talked with the auditors regarding a bill in 2005 which was related to FEMA work and how it could be paid. This issue has been resolved.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

1. Freedom Town Ordinance Report
2. Articles from the Town Meeting 1975.
3. HAVA project
4. Reports from Cindy Abbott, town clerk and tax collector.
5. Tax collection time line.
6. Liens
7. Petition in support of Wind Power on Beaver Ridge.
8. Intent to Harvest notification.
9. WCAP request and response from Lynn Hadyniak.
10. Contract for monthly recycling.


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Tom & Hilary Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Dave Schofield, Jay Guber, Clint and Christine Spaulding & boys and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 5:57PM by Steve Bennett.
Minutes of the April 19, 2006 minutes were read and accepted with amendments.

1. Ron Price had left a letter for the Selectpersons relating to the repair of 900ft of Sibley RD and Deer Hill RD, also known as Beaver Ridge RD. This area encompasses the end of the pavement on Sibley RD to the gate on Ron Price’s land. There has been a question as to whether this is a road that has been discontinued for maintenance. No definite answer has been forthcoming. Mr. Price feels that basic repairs should be made for emergencies. Otherwise individuals with a vested interest need to do this.
2. Lynn Hadyniak suggested that a denial be sent to him. Copies of the minutes that he attended are available on the Freedom website.
3. At the past meetings that he has attended there were no motions made to resolve this issue.
4. Steve Bennett has gone back in the minutes to 1911 and Tim Biggs has gone back to the 1850’s and found nothing that substantiates anything definite that relates to the road in question.
5. Steve Cross was consulted by Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs and to his knowledge this was never a Town Rd and no work was ever done. There was an old barn there at one time and occasionally the Town would plow so that the farmer could get his hay out of the barn in the winter.
6. About two weeks ago Steve Bennett sent Ron Price a letter stating that he would put in a needed culvert next to the road and offered to ditch from the end of the pavement up to the gate. Rick Martin will help.
7. Tony Neves will be asked by Steve Bennett to check with the County Commissioners regarding the road and also recommended that Ron Price be advised to check the Freedom web site which has the minutes.
8. Roads can be discontinued or abandoned by the Town or Selectpersons or by State Statute. They then revert to the abutters. A private easement can still be had.
9. Jay Guber stated that CMP requires easements anytime they are crossing over a private road. When a Town Rd is closed it is still open for the public unless voted on otherwise.
10. Hilary Fleming spoke about all abutters having to sign off when they were having a phone and electric put in on a private road.

1. Sandy Pond Dam on April 21, 2006 was viewed by Dale Rowley, Ted Bartlett, Steve Bennett and Craig Overlock.
a. The names of the different dams on the ponds were corrected including the latitude and longitude of each. The dam on the lake is Sandy Pond Dam and is in the most danger.
b. The concrete dam is the Mill Pond Dam and is owned by Rod Luhn.
c. The middle dam is Duck Pond Dam and this has a concrete spillway that is clogged and not working. The other end of it has about a 250ft breach. This is an earthen dam. Sandy Pond Dam presents the most concern regarding a breach because of possible increased pressure and it has one weak area. The DOT had fences erected in the past for safety reasons on the bridge. However they could catch debris if the dams failed. This could possibly take the bridge out.
Lynn Hadyniak suggested that they contact the State regarding this fence and the potential problem with it.

We have not received official ownership of the dam, so who is responsible for taking care of it? Lynn Hadyniak will contact Tony Fletcher the hydraulic engineer at the State, DOT, Dale Rowley and Dana Murch of the DEP.

2. Jay Guber recalled that the State had wanted a high fence at the bridge for safety concerns. Betty Sienkiewicz felt that the State had insisted on this fence.
3. Jay Guber also presented a letter from Kleinschmidt which was really a survey regarding the work they had done for the Town. It was suggested that they be asked for a proposal regarding the Dam.
4. Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be at the Town Office going over old numbered stickers and license plates which they will pick up on Friday, April 28, 2006.
5. On May 1, 2006 TRIO and the State will be installing a new program. We do not as of the present have a new printer for BMV.
6. June 13, 2006: State Referendum.
a. There are a number of articles to be worked on that will be voted on by secret ballot that day.

a. David Schofield and others spoke about some of the ordinances.
b. The shoreland ordinance is mandated by the State and must be enforced by the CEO. Any expenses incurred are paid by the Town, put any penalties paid go to the State.
c. The subdivision ordinance needs to be gone over.
d. The ordinance for posting roads was found on the web-site.
e. The building ordinance has not been attested to.
f. Corrections on ordinances should be made prior to voting and the corrected versions should be voted on and then dated and attested to.
g. Every ordinance put on the warrant should have the new wording highlighted.
h. In the past, fines were paid for violations related to ordinances and he, Jay Guber, suggested that with each Ordinance State guidelines be included.

8. TIM BIGGS: Questioned as to the variance in the tonnage for PERC.
a. Met with Hazel Beers regarding general assistance and learned that she was missing a lot of information. The poster outside was approved of.
b. There is one general assistance application at present.

1. Municipal revenue received: $2,754.84
2. Checking: $30,000, Sweep account: $44,129.27
3. Budget versus actual should be available next week. This will include a column for expenses and revenue.
4. Discussion related to bill from Lee Brothers for FEMA work done on Deer hill RD which has not been paid yet. Steve Bennett would like to talk with TRIO and the Auditor before it is paid.

1. A report on priority work which must be done was presented. This outlines in detail what needs to be done and specifications.
a. Mitchell Rd
b. Town house RD
c. Raven Rd.
d. Clark RD
e. Davis RD
f. Rollins RD
g. Smithton RD.
2. Also a list of other work that he would like to see done if possible.
a. Town house RD
b. Smithton RD.

3. A copy of this report is attached.
4. When a contract is signed and warranties are requested everything must be done by state regulations.
5. The gravel from three sources needs to be tested as to its composition. There is a company in Augusta that will do this, Coles engineering. The price for doing this needs to obtained.
6. Discussion followed as to which type of gravel to use.
7. Decisions will be made when all information is available.

1. Permits:
a. Ronald & Barbara Littlefield of 23 Deer Hill Rd for a house.
b. Glen & Donna Sporie of 235 Clark RD, replacing mobile home with another mobile home and garage.
c. Dianne Winn of 418 North Palermo Rd for 2 cages for birds.
d. Judy Bennett of Sibley RD for a house and garage.
e. Harold and Dawn Palmer of 304 North Palermo RD for a garage
2. Permits by David Schofield:
a. Stanwood Taylor of 135 Smithton Rd for a storage building.
b. Harold & Dawn Palmer of 304 North Palermo Rd for a garage.
3. Educational sessions:
a. Training session by CMP at UMA on April 4 & 5, 2006.
b. International building codes on April 12 & 13, 2006.
c. Seminar by Rich Baker on April 26, 2006 related to shoreland zoning and new building codes. Amended shoreland zoning will be effective in 2008. If we do not adopt and leave out all notification relating to Town officials, the State will pay for mapping of wetlands, otherwise the Town has to pay for this.
4. Cellar Kitchen RD: Ken Parent had spoken with Jay about the road.
a. Nothing has been done regarding the change in the road. A deed to the Town has not been done and all abutters need to sign off.
b. In the past the Town maintained this road. Now the Town no longer maintains it. In the past it was open from Freedom to Montville and there was mail delivery.

1. Two meetings have been held.
2. The by-laws have been worked on.
3. Official recognition of the board will be voted on the June 13, 2006 ballot until then it is an ad hoc committee.
4. Terms of members will be for a staggered three year period.
5. Christine Spaulding has agreed to be a member.
6. Tree clearing will be done and Clayton Larrabbe will be contacted regarding stump removal.
7. Riding lawn mower: Plans are to lock it in the snack shack.

1. Herb Abbott is willing to mow the lawn around the Town Office and the Fire Department. Also some of the Town Park.

1. Herb Abbott will no longer be able to do the monthly recycling pick-up on Saturday.
2. Beginning in May, this will be done on a monthly basis the last Friday, May 26, 2006.

1. A postcard will be sent regarding Spring Clean-up on June 10, 2006.
Lynn Hadyniak will be composing this.
2. New recycling pick-up as mentioned above. Material should be at the curbside by 9:00AM.
3. Warrants:
a. Vendors: A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay an amended warrant in the amount of $30,506.79. The bill from Lee Brothers was discussed and no action taken on it.
b. Payroll: A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay this warrant in the amount of $2,492.53
A motion was made to adjourn at 9:20PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers
Attachments: Road Commissioner Report


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak and Dave Schofield, and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 by Steve Bennett.
Minutes of the April 12, 2006 were read and accepted with amendments.

1. There was a good turnout for the visit at Avian Haven.
2. Sandy Pond Dam meeting Friday, April 21 at 1:00PM with Dale Rowley and Ted Bartlett.
3. Town ordinances will be placed on the June 13, 2006 State Referendum.
4. MMA Insurance renewals are being worked on by Steve Bennett.
5. Assessors work session was held on April 15, 2006.
6. Waldo County Financial Report has been received.
7. Emergency Management Plan needs to be done. It was last done two years ago.
8. Unpaid tax bill: A tax bill for a mobile home was pro-rated when it was paid. Cindy Abbott signed that the taxes had been paid on June 22, 2004. However, a mobile home such as this was can not be pro-rated. Pine View which owned the home needs to pay the rest of the due taxes. Steve Bennett discussed this with an MMA attorney and said that the signing on this document doesn’t mean a thing. According to state law, the tax collector is required to collect the tax due. The MMA can be of some help to Cindy.
9. General Assistance: Lynn Hadyniak had one application.

1. Dave Schofield has been looking for all the ordinances and putting them in proper order. Four ordinances , rental occupancy, board of appeals, planning board and the building ordinances were invalid according to the MMA attorney; These were never attested to.
2. The Town Clerk must attest to the ordinance and it must be dated to be legal. The old ordinance should then be disposed of.
3. Verify ordinances that we have and how to make them legal.
4. The Planning Board ordinance should be one of the first considered. Even without a legal ordinance the Planning Board can still work and make some decisions.
5. On any proposed ordinance there needs to be a public hearing one week before voting on an ordinance. Voting on these can be done at a Town Meeting or by a secret ballot The ordinance should then be attached to the minutes of that meeting and the ordinance attested to and dated.
6. On ordinances that have not been attested to, the Town can vote on these and then follow the required steps to make them legal.
7. Dave Schofield reiterated much of which had been discussed earlier. The name of the building ordinance should be changed to land-use ordinance.
8. The sub-division ordinance is an old one and a new one needs to be at the Registry of Deeds.
9. Shoreland zoning needs to be included

1. Policy was made two years ago.
a. Upon request financial information should be available to those needing it. State law states that the Selectpersons have a right to ask and receive information upon request.
b. Monthly up to date financial information.
c. Budget versus Actual or a General Ledger will be available weekly.
d. Check book reconciliation on a monthly basis; difficult to do on a weekly basis.
e. Expense summary.
f. All operating fund account balances weekly.
g. The treasurer was agreeable to this policy.
2. Discussion of journaling resulting in chart of account changes.
3. Revenue estimate will be done by using last year’s figures.
4. Check book reconciliation of March 31, 2006 was $30,156.
Sweep account, a repurchasing agreement was $36,881.37.
Total worth of all accounts: $185,000.

1. Tina Freeman was not present, but Steve Bennett related how she had had some difficulty with an owner of an unlicensed dog which resulted in her calling the State Police. The owner of the dog was cited by the State Police and will have to go to court.

1. Clint Spaulding was not present but summer roads were discussed at length.
2. In the road budget there is about $150,000. It is estimated that one-half to two-thirds will be spent for summer roads.
3. Summer road plan will be done by May1, 2006. This will include what needs to be done and the specifications are to be included.
4. Major projects need to be bid on. An example would be for a yard of gravel leveled on the road for a certain amount of money.
5. Written contracts are sometimes increased by 10%. The Town could write up a contract and get the bidder to sign avoiding the 10%.
6. In the past, contractors have met at the Town Office and submitted their bids.
7. Smaller jobs could be bundled together for bidding.

1. Jay is currently out of town and Dave Schofield is willing to be the interim CEO. Questions that he had in relationship to building permits were answered.

1. Work sessions are being held.

1. Members have been informed of the quarterly meetings beginning in May.

1. An informal gathering was held on Tuesday night, April 18, 2006
a. Carrie Bennett
b. Dave Bennett
c. Jeff Keating
d. Tim Turner.
2. By-laws were drafted
a. responsibilities
b. duties
c. staggered terms for three years
d. monthly meeting. Monday at 5:30PM.
3. Several people have volunteered to work but not be a member of the committee.
a. Linda Dixon
b. Chuck Hadyniak

1. State Referendum June 13, 2006.
Articles need to be written
a. trash sticker,
b. ordinances,
c. UARC article,
d. Carol Richardson’s petition omitting article three.
2. Review Board of Selectperson’s Policies
a. yearly renewal
b. annual enactment
c. responsibilities
d. warrant articles
e. payroll policy
f. quarterly budget committee meetings
g. Overseeing the Town tax collector
h. Overseeing the Road commissioner
i. mail log policy
j. mileage reimbursement
k. Board of Assessors meeting
3. Jane Fasulo gift proposal:
a. Obtain a forest plan
b. What the proceeds from harvesting would be
c. Written proposal
d. Lynn Hadyniak will send draft of plan to Steve Bennett.
4. Property taxes owed by a resident for several years because of poverty needs the Selectpersons to write a letter of denial for assistance.

1Dave Schofield was appointed as a substitute code enforcement officer for the residents of Freedom. This was approved by all Selectpersons. 2Surplus Property request: Lynn Hadyniak made a motion to allow all surplus material to be given to the residents of Freedom by the Town Clerk. Motion was seconded by Steve Bennett and carried.
3A hearing needs to be held on June 5th related to ordinances that will be voted on at the June referendum.
4Financial Warrant:
a. Payroll: $1,332.90
b. Accounts payable: $1,753.65
c. A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the above warrants.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Betty Sienkiewicz, Judy Bennett, Jay Guber, Heidi Brugger and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00PM.
Minutes of the March 29, 2006 meeting were read and approved.

1. NIMS training: April 10th, 7:00PM at the Grange Hall.
2. Avian Haven tour: April 16th at 2:00PM.
3. Bureau of Motor Vehicles audit: April 27th at 9:00AM.
4. Selectmen and Town Clerk meeting May 11th from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at the Waldo County Technical Center.
5. Information from Cindy, Town Clerk: Assessors met and in going over their information which includes dogs, one unregistered dog was found. This was reported to Tina Freeman, animal control officer.

1. Chart of accounts will be updated to journal information in the correct line. Educational dues, mileage, etc will have a separate line.
2. Outstanding money due to the IRS for unpaid FICA for 12/ 31/ 03 is $1,477.79and $305.00 for 6/30/05 of 2005. With penalties the amount due in total is $1,783.27.
3. An update on correct addresses is needed to pay parties requesting monies.
4. Property taxes of $77,691.46 are unpaid as of 4/5/06.
5. Checking account has $30,000, sweep account $18,951.14. Total in all accounts: $162.947.72. A check for $10,300 from the Key Bank CD was deposited into a CD at Bangor Savings, minus the amount of $1,783.27 owed the IRS.
6. Hilary has offered to hand carry the check of $1,783.27 to the IRS in Augusta tomorrow, 4/6/06, so no more penalties will occur.

TOWN CLERK: CINDY ABBOTT will be here next week.

1. Ed Ponder of Greeley Rd will be removing his trailer and building a house.
2. Judy Bennett has applied for a building permit off Sibley RD.
3. Letter from Competitive Energy to Jay was read by Lynn Hadyniak. A copy of this is attached.
4. He requested that several things be voted on by Australian ballot.
a. Ordinance that the Planning Board review the residential building permit applications.
b. A referendum regarding the wind turbines.
c. Ordinance related to commercial and industrial applications.
Both Lynn Hadyniak and Tim Biggs feel these things should be
included on the ballot.

1. Clint was not present.
2. Gravel has been put on some roads according to Tim Biggs.
3. Town Landing Rd needs work according to Jay.

1. Budget Committee: Steve Bennett suggested that the committee meet on a quarterly basis. The 3rd Wednesday in May, August and November were suggested. Meeting time would be from 7:30PM to 9:00PM. This would be after the Selectperson’s meeting.

1. Carol Richardson petition: Steve Bennett spoke with a legal representative from the MMA regarding this. There is a problem with Article 3. “This Article requests an illegal and unenforceable action, because it is considered an “ultra vires act” (an action beyond town meeting’s authority). The Maine courts have held that it is impermissible for one legislative body to limit the ability of a future legislative body to act.”
2. Further questions that were asked were related to a moratorium, and road abandonment and since the Selectman, Steve Bennett, calling MMA has a vested interest as a private citizen, in each of these issues no further answers were forthcoming, since this would be a conflict of interest and he will recuse himself in any thing related to the wind turbine project and not to vote on any petition to be put on the warrant so related.
3. Questions related to the moratorium and road abandonment can be answered if the majority of the other Selectpersons contact the MMA in writing. Lynn Hadyniak offered to do this.
4. Question of date for petition: According to law the petition should be acted on and a special town meeting be held within 60 days. However the petitioner asks that this be done at the June election. Lynn Hadyniak will speak with another attorney at MMA for a written opinion regarding the date.
5. Farm share representative: Prentiss Grassi agreed to do this.
6. Sandy Pond inspection: Tentative date of April 17th.
7. Trash collection: Waiting to hear from Bolsters.
8. Spring clean-up: Sullivan Brothers has May 27th date available. Decision pending by Selectpersons.
9. UARC: This is a monetary item and will need to go before the voters. They are requesting $500.00.

1. Mileage reimbursement policy: A policy needs to be created regarding what reimbursement will be. This would cover going out-of-town for necessary seminars, work-shops, etc. Lynn Hadyniak will create a policy.
2. 2006 appointments still need to be done.
3. Assessors Session: A motion was made by Tim Biggs that the assessors meet every Saturday morning from 7AM to 10AM, with the time subject to change when necessary. Motion was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and motion carried.
4. Our present printer won’t accept the motor vehicles form. The treasurer is asking if we can get one that will accept the forms.
5. Warrants: Motions were made and seconded to pay the following warrants:
a. Vendors: $5,407.78
b. Payroll: $2,489.96
Motion carried.

A motion was made and carried for the meeting to adjourn at 7:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

CES 4/4/06 Letter
MMA 4/5/06 Letter

MARCH 29, 2006

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Lynn Hadyniak, and Tim Biggs.
Others present: Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Dick and Kathy Kershaw, Sallyann Hadyniak, Tom and Hilary Fleming, Cindy Abbott, Frances Walker, Jay Guber, Dave and Maryann Bennett, Jerry Spaulding and wife, Arthur and Carol Richardson, Phil Bloomstein, Tina Freeman, Carrie Bennett, Bo Selleck, Diane Winn, Erin Wade, Jeff Keating, Ron and Sue Price, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Barnes, Wila Dibner and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00PM.
Minutes of the last meeting on March 22, 2006 were read, amended and a motion to approve carried.

1. Carol Richardson gave a letter to Lynn Hadyniak that she had received, but it was for a Selectperson. She also presented the Board of Selectpersons with a gavel.
2. Cindy Abbott presented to the Board a copy of a document pertaining to petitions and who may circulate them as there had been a question regarding this in the past and their legality. This document states that any registered voter of the State may circulate a petition for a local initiative. A copy of this is attached.
3. Cindy Abbott, Town Clerk, presented to the Selectpersons a petition to have some of the Town officials (tax collector, excise tax collector, town clerk, treasurer and road commissioner) voted on by Australian ballot and also to notify all tax payers of upcoming events. The articles stated in this petition would be placed as referendum questions on the June 2006 election ballot. A copy of this petition is attached.
Steve Bennett made a motion to table this petition until it can be reviewed by the MMA. This was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and the motion carried.
4. Bo Selleck had some concerns regarding the Mitchell and Smithton RD. Work had been done on them in the past and inferior material was paid for. He feels the Town should not have to pay for this work again.
5. Tina Freeman spoke about a “widow-maker” tree on Ayer Ridge RD that needs to be taken care of.
6. Ron Price has done some research on a road leading to his hay field on Beaver Ridge. It is not passable with his farm equipment as it is. In the past he has spend money on this road. There is the possibility that it is a town road that is not maintained. Others feel it is a private road. Lynn Hadyniak stated that there are some roads that are a big issue. These should not be allowed to slide as their designation. This is an issue that is being worked on. Steve Bennett stated that he would be willing to help, as a private citizen, in making this a passable road.

Frances Walker, our Web master, was introduced and she asked for suggestions and information for the Freedom website. In addition to information re: Town events, there will be warnings, such as the recent rabies outbreak, ordinances, minutes of Selectperson’s meetings, calendar of Town meetings and a street map to list a few ideas put forth. The possibility of e-mailing notices was also suggested.
Steve Bennett thanked Ms. Walker for volunteering to make this all possible.

A. March 31, 7:00PM: Windwise at the Freedom Congregational
B. April 3, 9:00AM: TRIO Software Systems and Assessors all day meeting.
C. April 3, 6:30PM: Competitive Energy Services at the Grange
D. Sandy Pond visit: April 3, 2006 PM.
E. April 5, 7:00PM : Planning Board.
F. April 10, 7:00PM: NIMS training at the Grange Hall.
G. April 16, 2:00PM: Tour of Avian Haven
H. April 20, DHS review with Hazel Beers

2. 2004 Audit update: Cash reconciliation according to Craig Costello off by $5,000.
3.Tim Biggs
A. Needs to get in touch with Tom Stout regarding a bill from Leon Williams for a culvert and a load of gravel.
B. Rubbish Pickup: Two bids have been received so far; waiting to hear from one more company. A decision will be made on April 12, 2006.
4. Spring Clean-up: Jerry Spaulding will check on available dates.
Possible dates are the second or third Saturday of May or in June.
5. Homestead applications: Three new ones have been received.
6. NIMS training is for all Town employees. Any questions should be
referred to the Waldo County EMD.
7. 2005 Workers’ Comp Audit is being taken care of by Lynn Hadyniak.
8. Personal property tax repeal is a possibility in Maine.

1. A letter has been received regarding unpaid with-holding taxes for the year 2003. The IRS will garnish the checking account if they are not paid. In 2003, Peoples Bank automatically was to send in these taxes. Hilary knows that money has been sent to the Federal Government, but there is a question if it was the correct amount. The 941s were paid. However, she does not have a copy of information from the bank. She will be investigating this on Thursday.
2. The revenue expense summary: YTD $62,061.61. Check book $30,000.00, sweep account $24,105 for a total of $54,105.70.
Total assets: $167,681.12.

1. Clint was not able to be here tonight because of prior commitments.
2. Steve Bennett spoke about a five year road plan which the MMA will
help to plan at no cost. Half of the Town’s budget goes toward roads and it is essential that all work to be done has bids with specs.
3. Tim Biggs spoke about bids for doing 2500 feet of road work on
Mitchell RD. Clint also has a culvert plan in which the five worst
culverts would be replaced. These five culverts would cost $13,500
from KVCOG. It was decided to do more checking on the price and Ron Price suggested checking with Buxton’s.
4. The road commissioner should visit the site where gravel or such is
coming from and inspect what he is purchasing.
5. Other work that needs to be done is at the end of Raven RD near Ayer Ridge Rd., Rollins RD which is down to ledge and Davis RD. More detail is needed before work can be approved.

1. Rabies problem: Recently there have been several confirmed reports of
rabies in various parts of the Town. If there is one or two cases reported it frequently becomes endemic. Precautions are essential in handling an infected animal, dead or alive. If a dead rabid animal is found and it is “dry” it can be buried using bleach and lime. An instruments used exposed to the rabid animal must be disinfected.
Touching a rabid animal or being exposed to its’ saliva requires treatment.
2. Equipment which is needed are a small crate, leashes 3-6, choke chain, mace, latex gloves and hand sanitizer.
3. Vehicle for transporting animals is an older truck she has and it will be
worked on so that she can use it.
4. Titer level: Tina had preventative rabies vaccine on July 16, 2003. This
is good for two to three years. To do a titer level now would cost $57.00.
For medical reasons, she is unable to have repeated vaccine at this time.
5. Tina was agreeable to receiving her compensation quarterly.
6. April 1st a warrant listing is issued for unregistered dogs. There is a
$25.00 late penalty.

REGIONAL SOLID WASTE REPRESENTATIVE: Read Brugger has agreed to fill this position.

1. Three sites have recently been inspected.
A. Ron and Barb Littlefield: a dwelling and a barn on Deer Hill Rd.
B. Avian Haven: Two bird buildings. Diane Winn of Avian Haven gave
a summary of the work done there with wild birds that need to be rehabilitated. They receive injured birds from all over. Since 1999 they have cared for 5,000 of them. The facility is not open to the public.
C. Glen and Donna Sporie: of Clark Road: Removal of a dwelling to be
replaced by a new one.
2. Wind Turbine project: MMA has informed Jay that any meeting at the site would be illegal.
He will be receiving a letter from MMA confirming that the planning board has no authority to review the application since the Town has no ordinance giving the Planning Board this authority.
There is no help forthcoming from the DEP it falls under the radar in Jay’s words.
The building ordinance needs a lot more work re: regulatory zoning.
3. An application from CES has been accepted by Jay. A copy of a letter he
received was read and is attached. A discussion followed with concerns voiced about having the wind turbines and potential problems, along with positive comments.
4. As it stands now the Town has no protection because of lacking
ordinances specifically related to commercial or industrial projects.
5. The Planning Board will be involved in this project of creating
ordinances in relationship to this.
6. Phil Bloomstein felt that this meeting was not a good place to discuss
the pros and cons of the wind turbine project.
The rights of the residents of Freedom need protection in the future.
7. Projects have been stopped in other communities, i.e. Searsport and Unity Plantation.
8. According to Steve Bennett, MMA has said that a moratorium ordinance can be retroactive.

1. Election of chair for Board of Selectmen: A nomination was made to have Steve Bennett chair the Board for the 2006-2007 term. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
2. 2006 Appointments:
a. Motions were made and seconded and carried on the following list unless otherwise noted.
1. EMD: Craig Overlock, 1 year term.
2. CEO BUILDING INSPECTOR: Jay Guber, 1 year.
3. ROAD COMMISSIONER: Clint Spaulding , no action
4. ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: Tina Freeman, 1 Year.
5. REGIONAL SOLDID WASTE : Read Brugger, 1 year
6. HEALTH NURSE : Marion Bowers, 1 year.
7. PLUMBING INSPECTOR: David Schofield, 1 year.
8. PLANNING BOARD: Lillian Phillips and Kim Holmes, 5 years.
9. APPEALS BOARD: Michael Smith, 5 years.
10. BUDGET COMMITTEE; Jay Guber, 5 years.
The remainder of the appointments will be made in the future.
3. Jane Fasulo gift: Ms. Fasculo, a resident of NY would like to give the Town three lots on North Palermo RD, a total of 78 acres. However, there are strings attached to this gift; there is to be no development on this acreage. Could selective cutting be done, or tapping trees for syrup were a couple of the questions that were asked. What could be done to make up for the lose of tax revenue? No action was taken.
4. Board policy review: no action taken. These need to be voted on, on a yearly basis.
5. Division of responsibilities will be reviewed at a later late.
6. Humane Society Contract: A contract for $840.00 which is $1.25 per capita, was signed by Steve Bennett after being approved by Lynn Hadyniak and Tim Biggs.
7. Trash Stickers: There was a question as to the possibility of the Freedom General Store selling them. This will be looked into.
8. Spring Clean-up as discussed above.
9. Recycling Contract: Herb Abbott will be doing this collection at the end of the month. A written contract needs to be done.
10. UARC Request: They are applying for a grant to build a unit for storage of televisions and computer monitors. Read Brugger will be asked to look into this.
11. Warrants: Motions were made and approved to pay the following warrants for March 30, 2006.
a. Payroll: $1,416.78
b. Vendors: $12,592.47

A motion was made for the meeting to adjourn at 9:40PM. This was seconded and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

1. Petition information
2. Petition: re Town officials
3. Competitive energy letter

MARCH 15, 2006

Selectmen present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs. Others present: Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Tim & Hilary Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 6:07 by Steve Bennett.
Minutes of the March 8, 2005 meeting were read, amended and then approved.

1. Rabies report: A stray dog was recently attacked by a rabid raccoon infecting the stray dog. All of those exposed to the animal will need to have costly rabies shots. The animal control officer is concerned that there may be more rabid animals around. It is imperative that all animals receive their rabies shot and be licensed. These animals should be licensed by February 1st each year. There is a $15.00 late charge after that date. A notice has been posted related to this situation. It is also on our Web site.
2. The Town Reports will be ready on Thursday and will be available at the Town Office. That is the only place you can get them. More than one copy can be picked up if you are getting them for another person. The cost to have them prepared was $600.00.
3. Sullivan contract: This contract is up this year and he would like to in-
crease a surcharge of $75.00 for fuel. Also there is the possibility of an in-
crease of .50 cents per bag, making each bag cost $1.50. There needs to be meeting with Jerry Sullivan before a decision is made. It was suggested he come to the Town Meeting.
4. Road posting has begun because of road conditions.
5. Suggestion regarding winter roads: This would be to sand only hills,
turns and intersections. About 10% of the Winter Road Budget ($30,000)
went for sanding. This will be discussed at a later date.
6. Waldo County Budget: This has gone down $601.00.
7. Wind Turbines: This project presents many facets to be studied by the Planning Board. Assessing questions regarding the property and taxes will need to be resolved by the Board of Assessors.
Jay Guber suggested that the Selectmen/Assessors contact the Town Manager of Mars Hills, Mr. Mersereau, who has first hand knowledge regarding Wind Turbines. His phone number: 425-3731.
8. Workers Comp Letter: Patty Stevens of the MMA had sent a letter since no one from Freedom had contacted Workers Comp regarding the Albion fire which we responded to for mutual aid. The Town is subject to a fine of $100.00 per firefighter because they had not heard from us.
Steve Bennett called MMA and sent a letter in response to Brenda Barton.
The firefighters were volunteers at a mutual aid fire and the question arose as to whom they were employed by. Hopefully the fines will be dismissed.
9. Irving Lane and other old roads: A statement is being drafted regarding this. Basil Barnes is waiting for this so that he can apply for a grant to reconstruct a rock bridge.
10. A bill is being discussed by the State that would repeal all business taxes LD2056 if this is enacted. Personal property tax would only be collected on telecommunication articles.

1. An application for a building permit has been received from
Competitive Energy. He has requested from them a copy of the lease
agreement, copy of the warranty deed and a certified survey map of the
70+ acres involved.
2. The above company is willing to rent a tour bus to bring the Selectmen and other parties to the Boston area to see these wind turbines in a real life scenario. They would like this to take place the last week of March or the first week of April.
3. Numerous phone calls have been received regarding this project.
4. Ordinances needed. Jay has talked with Mike Stoltz from MMA regarding this. The Town needs a land-use ordinance as well as a moratorium on industrial/commercial endeavors. As it stands now we have nothing to protect the Town, no zoning laws, no comprehensive plan.
5. Need for a representative from the DEP join us re: wind and environment was another suggestion.
6. Competitive Energy may have incentives to get this project going soon,
? Federal funding,? time restraints.
7. Suggestion for Competitive Energy to come to a meeting with interested parties invited to discuss the project. Use the earlier dates they had suggested for the Boston trip and have an open meeting here instead.
8. Permit from Ron and Barbara Littlefield of Deer Hill RD was referred to the Planning Board.
9. Application submitted for attending a two day seminar for Maine Builders and the International Building Codes.

1. Revenue and expense summaries were gone over.
2. Accounts:
A. BGS: $192,030.34
B. Checking and sweep: $75,543. 92
3. County Tax bill needs to be paid by November 30,2006. Included in
this is a five year breakdown.
4. Harold and Margaret Raven need a tax card for their double-wide home.
Their son David Phillips owns the land.

1. Hilary Fleming stated that Jim Waterman is seek another grant for the
Fire Department.

ROAD COMMISSIONER: Tim Biggs spoke on Clint’s behalf as they had a meeting on Friday. As soon as possible Clint would like to begin summer work. His plan needs to be known.
1. There is money available for Safety projects according to Risk Management.
Jay suggested the Dam as a safety issue.
2. Jay also mentioned that the DOT should be applied to for a safety grant for projects not normally under their domain.

1. As mentioned earlier Town Reports will be available at the Town Office.
2. Town Warrant which was voted on last week, but had some missing information. A motion to accept the 2006 Warrant as amended motion was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Steve Bennett. Motion carried.
3. An application for an abatement from Harry Ledden regarding wetland:
A motion by Tim Biggs was made to deny the abatement since it lacked proof it was wetland. Motion was seconded by Steve Bennett and carried. It was suggested that a surveyor could do a wetlands delineation instead of a survey which would be acceptable.
4. A motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Tim Biggs that the Selectmen declare that all issues and questions concerning the review of the windmill application for Beaver Ridge/Hill , as it relates to assessments and all other tax considerations shall be directed to and taken up by the Board of Assessors who will issue a report to all interested parties.
Discussion surrounding this motion was that considerations and decisions having to do with any and all tax and assessment issues regarding the windmill
application was the territory of the Assessors, not the Planning Board. It was felt that handling that issue over to the Planning Board would be contrary to our roles in Town government as assessors and that the Planning Board would have enough on their hands with all the other issues related to this application.
5. A motion was made by Steve Bennett to have the above motion written into an e-mail and to be sent to all members of the Planning Board. This was seconded by Tim Biggs and motion carried.
6. A motion was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Steve Bennett that since the Town of Freedom has not Site Review Ordinance,, Comprehensive Plan Zoning or any other land use ordinances that apply to the application before us, that the Selectmen of the Town of Freedom request of the Planning Board, in the strongest terms possible, that they contact MMA Legal Services for assistance in drafting a “Moratorium Ordinance,” holding public hearings and special town meetings for the purpose of creating ordinances that address industrial and commercial development that the citizens of the Town feel are necessary in order to protect their health, safety and welfare, and furthermore that these actions be taken before any consideration of a windmill application is begun actions or of any other application for industrial or commercial development.
Discussion of this subject started with a request by the CEO, Jay Guber, for a Moratorium Ordinance. The two selectmen present agreed that the town is completely unprepared to meet the challenge that this windmill application represents, or for that matter, any of a number of other industrial or commercial applications.
7. A motion was made that the county tax report be e-mailed to Francis Walker for the Web page. Motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Tim Biggs. Motion carried.
8. Warrants:
A motion was made and seconded for the warrants of March 15, 2006.
A. Payroll: $1,271.64
B. Vendors: $32,245.44
9. The Selectmen/Assessors will meet on Saturday March 18, 2006 at 7:30AMfor the purpose of working on property tax cards, reviewing and updating them.
10 Barbara Mosseau will be at the Selectperson’s meeting on March 29, 2006.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2006

Selectmen present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs. Lynn Hadyniak was absent due to illness. Others present were: Richard Kershaw, Jay Guber, Tom & Hilary Fleming. Betty Sienldewicz, Thressa Abbott, Judy Bennett Peter Bowers and Sallyann Hadyniak.
The meeting was called to order at 6:08 p.m.
Minutes of the February 22m meeting were read and accepted as written.
1. It was reported that the Planning Board and Budget Committee meeting was very productive.
2. We now have our own web site. It cost $ 15.00 for the domain and Frances Walker agreed to be Web Master. This will be a great depository for the town. The address is www. Ireedomme. org.
3. Lynn Hadyniak wondered about an annual summary statement according to law-regarding injuries, etc. A call will be made to the Department of Labor or OSHA for information.
4. Steve Bennett spoke to Craig Costello who is working very hard trying to
reconcile the figures but found out it will not be done in time for the warrant. The 2004 reconciliation was off $180,000.00 but after speaking to Craig, they found that it was between $2,000.0045.000.00. Because there isn't a 2004 audit there will not be 2005 audit until the 2004 audit is done.
5. A renewal application came from Bessey Development for tree growth grant application.
6. Steve will call MMA and Jim Waterman tomorrow regarding the Albion fire and fines.
7. Jay Guber notified the Competitive energy of the abutting landowners regarding the wind project and a file needs to be made regarding this proposed project.
1. Received a check on 2/17/06 from the Revenue sharing in the amount of $4,577.57. Also a check in the amount $7,800.00 from URIP dated 3/6/06.
2. As of 4 p.m. today, there was $44,166.93 in the Investment sweep account.
3. Hilary gave a report on all accounts in Bangor Savings which come out to $190,653.35
4. Hilary will check on OSHA.
JAYGUBER ______________________________________ -
A. There are 20 new homes in less then a year in Freedom. The town is growing.
B. DOT sent Reference #FYO6~07 Work Plan Project Request for miscellaneous
special projects. They must be filled out immediately for grant money. Tim will give them to the Road Commissioner Clint Spaulding.
C. Laura Hess on Mitchell Road applied for a building permit from Jay but he didn't give it to her because she needs to get a septic design and plumbing permit.
D. Jay received calls from the Village Soup, and the Bangor Daily asking to interview him regarding the wind project. He refused.
E. Jay inspected the handicap ramp to see if it meets the Building Ordinance and the American Disability Act regarding Margaret and Harold Raven property on 3 Bryant Road. Jay sent a letter to Maine Modular Manufactured Homes.
F. Mid Coast is having a training seminar at Rockport and Jay wants to attend.
G. Two residents showed up at the special town meeting (hearing). Those in attendance were the Planning Board Committee, Selectmen and Jay. They did the ordinance for commercial water pumping plants as well.
H. From now on any new applications will go before the Planning Board to be reviewed before Jay gives out a permit to the applicant.
1. Clint Spaulding purchased a new dump track and wants to work part time for the town. He gets paid hourly therefore; the money and hours will be less. He will be working at Pike for the summer. During the winter Pike closes down.
1. The Budget Committee met in November for the first time and the report was very good. They put. in two hours at a time and it was a lot of work. The Town budget for 2005 was 1% more then the year before and the school was 4% more.
2. for 2006 it is 4% less then 2005. The county budget should go down and the school budget will go up. Our mill rate will go down. New businesses, etc, ($342,000.00 for town 4% less) for 2006
1. The following will be attached to the minutes:
a. 2001 audit report
b. 2002 audit management letter
c. 2003 audit management letter
d. Reportable conditions and then some.
e. Trio letters
f. A to do list for the audit, 12/31/04.
g. Another to do list for audit January 31st. follow-up.
h. Bureau of MV 12/3 1/04
i. Maine Revenue Service (MRS)
j. Letter from IRS dated 12/5/05
k. 2004 Audit letter
1. 2003 State of Maine Audit.
2. Steve Bermett made a motion that 10 copies be made and placed in the Umn office where anyone can pick it up and it will go on the web site this week. Motion made and carried.
3. TheSelectmen will deliver the Warrant for printing on Friday.
4. The Town Report is done and the warrant is ready. There are 35 separate articles.
5. A motion was made to approve the warrant for the 2006 Town Meeting. Motion made and carried.
6. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the printing and binding of the Town Report. Different prices were quoted.
1 . Richard Kershaw received $73.50 for 2005 due to vet's exemption.
2. No action was taken for Harold Raven because he filed on February 24, 2006 for the homestead exemption plus he wasn't here last year.
3. Jerry Leman received $701 .72 due to incoirect valuation
4. A motion was made for the above abatements, motion made and carried,

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:43 p.m. Motion made and carried.

Sallyann Hodvniak


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.

Others present:  Hilary & Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Thressa Abbott,

Betty Sienkiewicz, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00PM.

Minutes of the February 15th meeting were read and accepted as amended.


If anyone would like verification of who is responsible for the information for the audit they can contact Craig Costello, the auditor or the State Auditor.

The Selectpersons do not keep the check book or balance it. The last known  information sent to the auditor was on February 15, 06.  Information for the audit has been incomplete for the last fifteen months. 

     1. Planning Board Meeting tonight at 7:00PM

     2. Budget Committee Workshop: March 2, 2006 at 6:00PM.

     3. Warrant for Town Report should be ready for signing on March 8, 2006.

     4. LD 1660:  Discussion related to personal property.  There is a bill pending to get rid of the personal property tax by the State. According to a statement allegedly made by Tony Neves, the current law states personal property has to be taxed and is payable up until the time of commitment.

     5. Welcome to Freedom brochure with lots of handy information was commented on by Steve Bennett.  This is available in the Town Office and at the General Store.

     6.  Mark Soisson abatement:  He has not received this yet.

     7.  MMA Workshop for Planning Board and municipal websites: March 14, 2006.

     8.  Freedom Website:  This is being set-up by Todd Van Tassell.  The website’s address is: www.freedom <http://www.freedom/>

     9.  Dana Murch of the DEP regarding ownership of Sandy Pond.  Mr. Sandowski’s claim is being dismissed.  The Attorney General is in the process of a release claim.

     10.   An engineer’s study has the water level 14inches over the top of the dam according to one hundred year flood plain information.   

     11.  Underage drinking seminar at the Hutchinson’s Center on March 23, 2006 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM

     12.  Letter from a Mr.Gates interested in mowing along the roads.

     13.  NIMS seminar: April 10, 2006 at the Dirigo Grange Hall.

     14.  Ron Price was agreeable to being moderator at the Town Meeting.

     15.  Accident on Young Hill involving Freedom’s snowplow truck:  Plow truck went off the road related to poor repair on a wash-out.  The plow was damaged and the driver, Steve Spaulding did lose consciousness.  He was sent to the hospital.   

     16. Letter from George Butlers regarding the mentioned accident was read.  He felt that the mishap was the fault of the State Highway Department’s repair job.  The Spaulding family was commended on their work and thanks offered to Freddie of the towing company and Gerald Spaulding.  Mr. Butlers felt that the Town officials should inform the State of this accident. 

     17. Letter from Marjorie Reynolds related to the newspaper article and the food pantry was read.  She requested a correction that those seeking food go through the General Assistance Selectperson.



      1.  Reminder regarding portable toilets for Freedom Field.

      2.  Tony Neves will be contacted regarding any action on new property cards and action on roads.


      1.  Financial warrants:

Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following warrants:

A. Vendors: $11,044.24.

B.  Payroll: $1,657.25

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak; Tim Biggs is out of town.

Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak and Marion Bowers

The meeting was called to order at 6:05PM.

Minutes of the February 8, 2006 were read and approved with amendments.


     1. Craig Costello re: 2004 & 2005 Audit: In speaking with Mr. Costello he learned that the Selectpersons are only responsible as far as the audit goes for signing the weekly financial warrants and getting them to the auditor.   It then is given to the Town Clerk, who in turn presents it to the Auditor. 

     It is the responsibility of the Town Clerk, Tax Collector and Treasurer to prepare for the Auditor, the checkbook and reconciliation, unpaid taxes, year-end revenue and year-end expense reports.

     As of January 5, 2005 and the year of 2004 had not been closed out!

     The checkbook information for 2005 had been sent to the Auditor along with a December 2004 statement.

     The checkbook and the reconciliation are off by $180,000 .  Cindy was to contact the Auditor regarding this.

2.  Reports from Town Officers and Boards are due by February 27, 2006.

3.  Budget Committee workshop: February 16, 2006.

4.  Town Park Tree Clearing Project:  No report.

5.  Warrant Articles Request:  Several of these have been received including one from the Food pantry, Mt.View Peewee’s, and one from Jim Waterman. Also a request for a stipend for the EMA.

6.  Mileage change form has been received regarding Russell RD being .07mile longer than it had been.  Lynn Hadyniak will look into this.

7.  Waldo County Selectmen’s Association Meeting: February 22nd.  Speaker will be Dale Rowley, Director of the EMA; he will speak on his role.  Lynn Hadyniak will contact our EMA, Craig Overlock suggesting that he attend this.

8.  Letter from the Bureau of Labor Standards regarding OSHA rules. The Fire Department and its members were all inspected and approved.  There was no penalty related to the Asplundh fire.

9.  Barbara Mosseau, Superintendent of Schools for SAD 3 would like to come to a Selectperson’s meeting on March 29, 2006. Steve Bennett has been working with her in relationship to raising money for a performance art center at the new school and finds that she has high standards and is really interested in the district.

Building on the school will be started on in August.

10.  All town employees will have to attend a NIMS workshop on

April 10, 2006 at 7:00PM at the Grange Hall.



1.  Touchtone has been in contact with the Town by letter requesting any additional phone numbers we might want to add along with verifying that this is for interstate and intrastate calling.

Our first bill for only a few days was $6.84.

The one disadvantage is that all the lines are listed on one bill.  However they are separated by number.  The universal service charge will be added to the Town Office number instead of separating it for each line.

2.  Cash management training in Lewiston was attended by both Hilary and Cindy.  A lot of this was on investing.  The speaker did say that sweep and repurchase agreements was the best way to invest money.

3.  DHS has requested information regarding a 3rd party liability.  This would be for a potential reimbursement. 

4.  Key Bank CD has not yet been transferred.

5.  The amount on FICA coverage for the account was questioned.  Hilary will look into this.


1. Mutual Aid Agreement:  A motion was made that the Selectmen, acting as an officer of the Town of Freedom agree to sign a mutual aid agreement for the towns of Knox, Brooks, Thorndike and Freedom.

Motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and carried.

2.  Warrants for the week of February 15, 2006:

          Vendors: $28,127.88

          Payroll: $1,315.98

          Motions were made to pay the above warrants by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak.  Motions carried.

3.  Jean Alley from Representative  Mike Michaud’s office requested any information relating to concerns with heating oil that the Town had.

The meeting adjourned at 7:05PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak

Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Marjorie Reynolds, Judy Bennett, Sallyann Hadyniak, Jay Guber, Jim Waterman, Dave Bennett and Marion Bowers.

Steve Bennett called the meeting to order at 6:02PM.

Minutes of the January 25th were read and accepted as read.


1. Jay Guber had contacted an MMA attorney regarding the recall issue.  According to the attorney if the charges are not valid as seen by the two uninvolved Selectpersons, the recall petition can be “tossed out.”  A recall in that case is a waste of money and maybe a personal vendetta. 

However, the Town Clerk still has the option to bring it forth.

2. Tom Fleming questioned why something to this effect was not put into the original recall ordinance. Steve Bennett responded to this, by giving the history of Selectmen having a three-year term and the need for removal of a Selectmen if it became necessary.  He called MMA and requested wording for an ordinance and this was what was put before the Town and accepted. In retrospect the wording needs to be amended to prevent frivolous recalls.

3. Many people present did not know the alleged charges in the recall petition.  These charges were read to the audience. 


            1.  Craig Costello-2004 Audit, follow-up:  The audit had to wait for another month for   December check book reconciliation.  “It is not the Selectperson’s job to reconcile the  books” according to all three of  the Selectpersons and Betty Sienkiewicz.

2.  Budget Committee workshop scheduled for February 9, 2006 at 6PM.  This is a

public meeting. The Committee is made up a good sharp group and is nearing the end of the recommended budget.  There is still work to be done on the Public Works budget.

  3.  Waldo County Budget for 2006:  The figures on this will not be released until around February 15, 2006.  According to Tim Biggs, there was a spending cap in place which had been changed after the closed meeting was reopened.  

4.  Town Park Tree Clearing Project: Rick Martin, the low bidder on this project and Jeff Holmes will work on this together.

5. Letter from Attorney John Carver to the Auditors:  He has sent a letter to the auditor stating that there are no pending lawsuits or claims against the Town.

6. Meeting with Ron Wentworth:  On February 6, 2006 he met with Hilary Fleming in the presence of Steve Bennett.  The chart of accounts and warrants were gone over. Current and new chart of accounts were modified so that the budget and the chart of accounts mirror the budget. This was beneficial in streamlining the chart of accounts. There is still more work to be done on this.

7. Town Ordinance Records:  There is the need to create and review the current ordinances.  The ordinances need to be recorded, voted on by the Board of Selectpersons and attested to by the Town Clerk.  They should be updated if necessary and dated. The by-laws should be included as well.

 All of this information should be put on a disc.  The attested articles should be stored in the vault.

          Lynn Hadyniak has heard from David Schofield regarding the ordinances he has collected. These include ordinances on land-use (building ordinances) sub-divisions, planning board and rental ordinances.  He would like to be compensated for his work.

8. Planning Board meeting February 1, 2006: Dave Pottle attended the meeting to discuss his potential water business on Spring Lane.  Currently he has eight wells capable of producing 80,000 gallons of water per hour.  He has yet to receive information from the engineering firm he has hired and was unable to answer some of the questions he was asked. This information is necessary before he can go further in obtaining permits. Mr. Pottle has supplied all of the information he currently has and has been co-operative with requests. 

9. Sandy Pond Dam:  No tree removal has been done because of the water.  This still needs to be done. 

10. UARC Rep:  This vacancy still needs to be filled.


   1   Meeting with Waldo County Community Action Program.

2.  One request for fuel assistance was fulfilled.  Recipient will paint the meeting room      in exchange for this help.

3. Marjorie Reynolds spoke about the Food Pantry in Unity that serves this area.  They have emergency boxes of food they prepare which will serve a family of three a total of nine meals.  Richard and Bunny Moore of Unity are the people to contact.  Richard Leveque makes delivery of food to Freedom residents that are house bound.



Papers were presented to the Selectpersons for signatures for

1. Key Bank for withdrawal of CD.

2. Freedom Historical Society application for grant letter stating that the Board of Selectpersons  were in agreement to receive funds for the Historical Society.

3. Also a request for the Town Warrant for money for the Historical Society.   

Bangor Savings account currently has $128,017.33 in the savings and sweep accounts.


      1. Letter from Competitive Energy Services, LLC attorney requesting information as to the initial steps in the building application process in regards to wind turbines on the Ron Price Property.

2. Letter to Ken Shaw written in conjunction with David Schofield regarding his sub-division.  This letter was sent certified mail putting him on notice that he, Ken Shaw is responsible for all wetlands in the sub-division.  There is to be no more work there until he has contacted Jay.  The land he is selling is bond for deed, so Ken Shaw is still the owner. A copy of the covenant and restrictions needs to be sent to all buyers.

3.  Inspections:

            A. Shawn Raven on Raven RD, log cabin, Certificate of compliance for CMP.

            B.  Carrie Khalvati on Smithton RD: Certificate of compliance for CMP.  No    plumbing permit is required at this time.

4.  Permits:

            A.  Carol Thornhill of 145 Smithton RD for a trailer replacement

            B.  Dave Phillips of Bryant RD. a disability ramp that met requirements for his

                  double-wide mobile home.  Documentation as needed by a company.

5. Continuing Education: Course on legal rulings 80-K at Orono on January 17 and January 31, 2006.

A. Mileage for above course was turned in.

6. Tax maps, 3 sets at the cost of $93.

      Sallyann Hadyniak did the erasures on the mylars. 


1. Equipment:

a. Truck #2 passed a pump service test recently done at the cost of $1,300.

Gear case oil not done, but no water was found.

b. Truck #1, 1964 GMAC, a brake cylinder, part of the hydraulic clutch was found by Harry Yeaton and installed.  This performed well.

2. Respiratory Testing:

a. Testing was administered to all firefighters except for one who had been ill.

b. Results: all passed. This is a State- mandated test.

3. By-laws:

a. 1950 by-laws have been updated and are presented for review. 

b. Update includes an amendment regarding the ability to dismiss a firefighter.  This was voted on and approved by all the firefighters and is so stated in the fire department minutes of January 9, 2006.

4.  Investigation: re Albion fire:

a. All towns that responded to the Asplundh fire were investigated by the Department of Labor regarding safety regulations.

b. Freedom had three definable violations.  These have all been corrected.  There will be no fine.

4. NIMS testing:

            Homeland security is requiring that all town officers and anyone dealing with the Town

            have to take the NIMS course.  This is two hours long and needs to be done by October


a. The EMA director will be giving this instruction. 

b. The plan is to have this offered at the Grange Hall.

5. Fire grant money:

a. A grant received for $57,700 of which the Town is responsible for $2,585.00 is nearly all spent.  This was used for 8 SCBA’s, turnout gear, flashlights and gloves.  Fourteen firefighters were outfitted.

6. Sandy Pond Dam:

a. As stated earlier, trees can’t be removed because of the weather.

b. Vandalism:  large rocks have been taken off the wall. 

7. UARC:

a. They have received a grant for a building for hazardous material, such as TV monitors, florescent bulbs, etc.


1. Recall Petition:  A recall petition for Steve Bennett petitioned by Margerie Reynolds was read listing the undocumented reasons for initiating this recall.  Concern had been expressed whether the recall would be accepted as one since two different people had circulated this. After a conference with Ellerbe Cole. attorney at MMA, it was deemed acceptable. The petition is valid if more than one person circulated it and only one person brings them in. 

The Town Clerk, Cindy, must according to the ordinance, attest to this petition and certifies it. A copy of this petition is then given to Steve Bennett as was done.

A motion to make the petition into a ballot for the recall of Steve Bennett with an election date of March 24, 2006 was made by Lynn Hadyniak and seconded by Tim Biggs and accepted by all three selectpersons.  

Selectpersons Hadyniak and Biggs vehemently disagreed with the charges since there was no documentation of them.

2. Quit-claim deed:  This was in reqard to the property that Laura Stevens had owned. 

      All of the selectmen agreed to sign this.  The liens had been paid.

      3.   Public Market Certification:  Ginger Dumont and Daniel Price of Freedom Farm have          requested this certificate to be signed certifying that their produce is locally grown in Freedom and that they are residents of the Town.  A motion was made to accept the public market certification as read aloud. Motion carried.

4.   Motions:

                 A. CD at Key Bank: A motion was made by Tim Biggs to sign the letter of authorization for Hilary Fleming to withdraw  the CD at Key Bank.  Lynn Hadyniak seconded this and it carried.

                  B. Historical Society requests: A motion was made to sign both statements for the Historical Town House in  relationship to a grant.  Motion was seconded and carried.

                              1.  We support the Freedom Historical Society in its attempt to restore the old Town House in Freedom.

                              2.   Any funds received from a grant from MBNA will be disbursed to the Freedom Historical Society.

                  C. Deadline for annual reports:  A motion was made that all reports shall be in the Town Office by 5PM on February 27, 2006. Motion carried.

D. David Schofield Ordinance Offer:  A motion was made to accept the Ordinance consolidation offer from David Schofield for $175.00.  Motion carried. 

      Abatements/ Supplements:

            Motions were made and carried to act on the following:

            1. Supplemental tax for 2005 for Mary Nevin for $191.10.  She was not a resident and was not eligible for Homestead Exemption.

      2. Mark Soissen: Charged for an extra base-lot on a contiguous parcel; abatement of $110.25.

            3. Wayne Russell: Assessed on wrong lot; abated $127.76.

            4.  Basil Barnes:  Lot not developed: abated $104.37.

            5.  Mary Jane Jenkins: Homestead Exemption: abated $191.10.

            6.  Lillian Phillips: Math incorrect on card; abated $92.76.

            7.  Mary Ellen Nelson, personal property, need clarification; passed over.

            8.  Polly Shyka and Prentice Grassi: Water frontage is in tree growth and open space, o             overstated value; abated $1,694.92.  

            9.  Tellmark LLA: overvalued skidder; abated $113.10.

      Warrants for February 8, 2005:

            Motions were made and carried to act on the following warrants:

            1. Payroll $1,631.52

            2. Vendors $22,930.23

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes January 25, 2006

Selectmen present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak Others present: Basil Bames, Tony Neves, Tom and Hilary Fleming, Jay Guber, David Schofield and Sallyann Hadyniak.

The meeting was opened by Steve Bennett at 6 p.m. Minutes of the January 11th meeting were read and approved with amendments. The meeting of January l8th was cancelled due to bad weather and electrical power outage at the Town Office.

Citizens Issues:,

1. The contract for weekly solid waste pick-up was discussed. The issues centered on the expiration of the current contract which was reported to expire in March 2006. Jerry Sullivan and Clint Spaulding have expressed interest in bidding on the next contract.

2. Sallyann Hadyniak presented a draft article she would like to include as a warrant for the 2006 town meeting. The article is to solicit voluntary donations in an annual fund raising drive to help support the Freedom Volunteer Fire Department. The Board of Selectmen approved and accepted the draft article. Lynn Hadyniak will format the language in the form of an article to be placed in the warrant.

Selectmen's Reports/Correspondence/Discussions:

1. The Selectmen have called for all standing committees in town to have their annual reports submitted as soon as possible. The Budget Committee is meeting regularly Thursday nights at 6:00 p.m. until the proposed 2006 budget is completed

2. Craig Costello was called in follow-up to the 2004 audit he is working on. He was not available and did not return the call.

3. Salt and Sand Survey Evaluation must be submitted by February 17, 2006. The Selectmen discussed issues related to the location of the salt and sand stockpile and the cost associated with building an approved storage shed should the town choose to stay at the current site. There needs to be further discussion with Sidney and Mildred Skidgell concerning the purchase of additional land at the current site and Davia Cluck a coordinator at the Department of Transportation, for the design and development of saitfsand sheds.

4. The town has been notified that the Unity Area Recycling Center (UARC) has applied for a grant to provide a building for the recycling of discarded TVs and computer monitors. Each town that participates in the UARC will be expected to share the expense at $23.00 per person. This will have to be supported by the majority of the participating towns. The Selectmen Will include this as a warrant item at the 2006 town meeting.

5. The Selectmen discussed the Waldo County Budget Report for 2006. Freedom has not yet received a bill for the county taxes it was noted by Tim Biggs, the town's representative to the County Budget Committee, that the proposed Waldo County budget is $6.6 million. The county can not exceed a 5.8% increase,

6. Waterville Area Humane Society has submitted its contract with The town to accept any stray animals the Freedom Animal Control Officer delivers to them. The contract price is $840.00 and is based on $1.26 per capita. The contract is to be signed and returned to the agency. However, the Selectmen must include this in the warrant in order to fund the contract. Therefore the contract will be held until the town meeting is held.

7. Every town received a new computer from the state for voter registration. Freedom's list of registered voters is loaded into the system and will be used to check voters off during each election as soon as the system is implemented state wide. The Selectmen have received a request for a laptop computer to augment the desktop system in order to have the laptop in a location convenient for a ballot clerk to check voters in during elections. Request was discussed and denied.

8. Lynn Hadyniak was requested to contact MMA to discuss the ' ramifications of changing the approval of building permits from the sole approval by the CEO to approval by the Freedom Planning Board. A second issue was discussed concerning the approval process of buildings whose cost is less then an established dollar limit, i.e.: any structure less then $10,000.

9. Lynn Hadyniak reported the following:

a. Touch Tone Communications was contacted regarding telephone rates for long distance and local long distance for the town telephones, including the two lines in the town office, and the lines for the fire department and garage. She reported that she accepted the promotional offer of $.425/minute with no monthly minimum. A one time monthly charge of $1.50 for more then one line.

b. Jim Waterman was contacted for an update on the activity of the Freedom Volunteer Fire Department. Jim reported that he was in the process of writing a grant for the department which is to be submitted by February 25, 2006. If it is accepted the grant will fund 50% of the project and the town must fund 50% of the project.

Jim also requested that Craig Overlock be notified of any discussion or work on the Sandy Pond Dam.

10. Tony Neves reported that he has completed his work on updating the Freedom tax maps and is returning the maps to the town. He has made corrections based on reading the deeds, contacting property owners and walking property lines. He noted that he identified approximately 140 errors that have been found in the past 6year's work that he reviewed. Corrections and changes were made and the maps which he presented to the Selectmen. Mr. Neves has recommended that the assessors not write the property owners names on the Mylar maps only include map and lot numbers. That can be done on the paper copies of the tax maps. He has recommended the names currently noted on the Mylar maps be erased using a very soft erasure. When this is done the maps will be given to Jay Guber to have two copies of the maps made. Sallyann Hadyniak volunteered to take the names off the maps. As soon as they are done, she will contact Jay Guber to pick them up so he can take them and have 2 copies made of each of the 11 pages.

a. Mr. Neves submitted a bill to the Board of Selectmen for the work on updating the tax maps and has volunteered to update the tax cards that are affected by the work he has completed pointing out that new cards may be needed for clarification. Mr. Bennett thanked Mr. Neves for all he has and is doing for the town. The work will allow the assessors to assess these properties in a fair and accurate manner. Mr. Neves volunteered to assist the Board of Selectmen with assessing some additional properties but is not interested in completing a full assessment of the town.

b. Mr. Bennett recommended that the town retain Mr. Neves services to research the history of discontinued roads in town.

c. Lynn Hadyniak has requested Mr. Neves quplifications to complete this work.

11. Basil Bames requested the status of Irving Lane and whether it is a discontinued road. There was a lengthy discussion with Mr. Neves, Basil Bames and the Board regarding Mr. Bames property lines and assessment of his land that is encompassed by Irving Lane, Timberwood Lane and abutting the Spencer farm on Rt. 137. Mr. Batnes also asked how his property, had been assessed and if open farm lands and swamp land had been considered.

Plumbing lnspector’s Report:

David Schofield reported that he has completed one application for a septic system grant for a system in the center of town. There was discussion of other properties that may need septic revisions in and around the center of town. However, upon inspection there was no immediate contamination noted therefore the property would not be eligible for a commercial grant. The towns' legal responsibilities were discussed.

Code Enforcement Officer's Report:

Jay Guber reported the following:

1. Jay discussed concerns about the Shaw subdivisions on the North Palermo Road and the lack of any documentation that the property ever changes hands. This is a problem for the town that may need to be discussed with an attorney. The town should state their position.

2. David Pottle has been asked to attend the Seleetperson's and the Planning Board meetings on February 1, 2006.

3. On January 13"Jay has received a request from an attorney for any and all town ordinances related to land division and development. This appears to be related to the land on Beaver Ridge which currently has a windmill testing for wind power generation.

4. Jay received a request to complete a report form related to 2004-2005 shoreline zoning.

5. Mr. Guber handed in his expenses related to seminars he recently attended including the cost of the seminar, mileage and meals. He also requested permission to attend another seminar and to join the Mid-Coast Code Enforcement Officers Association with dues of $10.00.

Attachment: Selectmens' Division of Responsibilities


Selectmen present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak is ill.

Others present: Clint Spaulding with Clint Jr. and Christopher, Jay Guber, Basil Barnes and Marion Bowers.

The meeting opened at 6:00PM. 

Minutes of the January 7th meeting were read and approved with amendments.


Basil Barnes was present to discuss his taxes and the discrepancy in the acreage.

The Town had found that there were about 200 acres he had not been previously taxed on. 

Mr. Barnes is going to have one of his lots surveyed to compare to what the Town says the acreage is.  He refers to this lot as the Smith lot, which runs from Timberland RD to Dave Spencer’s line. According to his deed there are 175 acres in this parcel.  He will have the other parcels of acreage done as well in the future.

A lot of his property is open hay fields which could be listed as farmland.  It was unknown by Mr. Barnes if this is the way it is listed.  If it were farmland the tax rate would be lower on that acreage.

Another issue he had was with the Irving Lane RD which is a discontinued or abandoned road.  There is a bridge he has to cross to get to his hayfields and it no longer is safe to cross with his hay equipment. He would like help with this or else some help on the other end of the road. Steve Bennett explained that the Town could not help him with this since it is illegal for the Town to do this according to state law. The Selectmen will have Tony Neves check out the acreage.

2004 Audit:  The auditor and his assistant were here all day on January 5, 2005. The State is requiring that fixed assets, know as GASBY 34, with a valuation at the time of purchase or given as a gift in the amount of $2,000 or more be listed. Article included would be land, real estate, and equipment.  The value and when such articles were acquired would need to be listed.

Included in that list would be the Town Office Fire Department renovations  
Town House because of $10,000 worth of repairs
Equipment such as trucks, loader, and power washer.

       All of the Town land was given as a gift with a valuation at the time of the gift as less than $2000.  The Town Garage was given as a gift.

       We should be hearing soon about the results of the 2004 audit.

.      Audit 2005: Will hopefully be done in the next month. 

   Abatement/ Supplement work session: Saturday January 7th the Selectperson’s met with Tony Neves.  This was not a secret meeting. 
Budget Committee workshop will be on January 12th at 6PM.  It is open to the public. There is a preliminary budget that Hilary and Steve have worked on.

David Schofield, Ordinances and DEP Septic Grants:
 He has on disc ordinances related to building, rentals, and sub-divisions. This was done several years ago so that he could know what he was enforcing.  He has offered to update this with research; put it on floppies and the hard-drive and do a print-out for the price of $275.00 A book of Freedom’s ordinances would be created. 
      Steve Bennett felt that there were very few new ordinances and if the Town had the floppies we could do the rest ourselves. David Schofield will discuss this with his wife, who has helped him in this project.
A grant application has been applied for sub-surface drainage for Stanley MacDonald.  Reimbursement is requested at 100%.  It is unlikely this amount would be forthcoming.  A 10% fee is generally required of the homeowner.  We now have to wait for State approval before any action can take place.

Waldo County Budget Report for 2006:  This budget is for $6.6million.  They were allowed increases that would not go above 5.8%.

Solid Waste Program:  The Town needs to get involved in one of these programs mainly because of the cost of disposing of TV’s, monitors, etc.

MMA Risk Management:  No further inspections of the boiler in the Town Office will be done.

Workers’ Compensatation:  No claims have been submitted and in view of this, our bill has gone down to $2,270.00.

KVCOG Report of the September 2005 meeting is available.

Sullivan Contract:  A contract that had been done in 2001 will terminate 2006. Mr. Sullivan would like to have us sign up for another five years.  He would like to have us pay a surcharge for fuel of $75.00 per week for a total of twelve weeks, $900.00 he would be willing to forgo this amount if we were to sign up with him.  At the annual Town Meeting the amount he is requesting for the surcharge can be put on the Warrant. It was also pointed out that this contract needs to be put out to bid.



1. A revenue and expense report was available to peruse. A Homestead check has      been received in the amount of $18,622.00+.  This was higher than anticipated.  This was done in 2005.

2. Accounts and valuation rounded off.

a. Checking $30,000.

b. Sweep $114,000.

c. Fire Department: $24,000.

d. Town Capitol Improvement: $70,000.

e. Key Bank: $11,000.  This has not yet been moved to Bangor Savings.

f. Black Hills: $6,000.

   Total amount of $238,150.94.


            1.  The amount in the sand pile is getting low.  More than one-half of it is gone. We had bought 2000 yards and had a 1,000 that had been left from last year.

            2.   Obtain more sand: Clint will see what John Works in Jackson has.  The Town would have to haul it.  It would be wise to hire some trucks to do this.  Clint will look into getting a 1,000 yards of sand.

3. Need for a new truck: Clint will look into this.  The cost would be put on the  Annual Warrant and paid for with a low-cost revolving loan.

CEO: Jay Guber

1. This year forty permits have been given out.

2. His work load has increased and he would like to have a raise.  He has yet to put in for his mileage, fees, and meals.  He would like to make the same amount the plumbing inspector does.

3. The building code whereby you need a building permit should read, 100 square feet, not 200 square feet.  An example of this error has led Lori Hess to built a place thinking that she did not need a building permit, since her building would be less than 200 square feet.  This error needs to be corrected.

4. Problems related to the Ken Shaw sub-division:  He has a protective covenant which has not been put in the hands of the buyers. There is a lot of wetland in this subdivision. 


a. Jeff and Stacey Scott of North Palermo RD, property taken back by Ken Shaw. Permit voided.

b. Jim and Sylvia Moody of North Palermo RD , lot #6, building permit and plumbing permit.  Have encountered major problems because of the wetland.  Some of the wetland was filled in for their septic system.  Work stoppage order given by Jay.

Jay has spoken with Ken Shaw and instructed him that he was to send a certified letter to buyers of property which would include a map and th  protective covenants related to this subdivision.

            5. Permit to Debbie and Phil Bloomstein of 98 Deer Hill RD for an enclosed porch and  garage.

            6.  Inspected Rick Martin’s Ledge Pond outlook stream crossing in Montville.

            7.  There is a need to have a policy whereby the Planning Board approves building permits.  This would require all applicants for a building permit to go before the Planning Board for approval.  This would include applications for new homes, mobile homes, shoreline zoning and commercial or new businesses.


1. The Vendors’ warrant in the amount of $16,390.79 was approved.

2. The Payroll warrant in the amount of $1,709.38 was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers


Selectmen present: Steve Bennett and Tim Biggs.  Lynn Hadyniak was ill.

Others present: Tom and Hilary Fleming, Craig Overlock, Peter & Marion Bowers.

The minutes of the December 21, 2005 meeting were read and approved with modifications.

Audit with Craig Costello for January 5, at 8:30AM.
Abatement workshop with Tony Neves for January 5, at 6PM.
Budget Committee meeting January 12, at 6PM.

Dave Schofield offer: no action since Lynn was ill and was the contact person.
Bobbie Alley abatement: no action.  Her homestead exemption has not been found.
Mail Log: This is working well.  Policy is needed which Lynn is working on.
Mutual Aid to Knox: The Freedom Fire Department responded to the dwelling fire in Knox.  Our fire-truck slid off the road when it hit an icy patch but no damage was done to the truck or to personnel.
Steve Bennett checked the Selectmen’s manual regarding disbursements.  There was only one page and nothing there mentioned keeping a disbursement book.
Hilary and Steve worked on the budget.  It is under budget on 16 lines. 
Dave Pottle’s road has been named Spring Lane.  This information was forwarded to Jim Waterman.
Safe Deposit box at Bangor Savings is now a larger one as had been requested.
MMA Dues: This is related to membership dues and services.  There is a charge of $1,123.00. 
Letter from Maine Property and Casualty: Letter of explanation was requested related to issues with the Fire Department and the Town Garage.  Steve Bennett will take care of this

2003 unpaid real estate taxes: $6,700.
2004 unpaid real estate taxes: $21,400. +
2005 taxes collected as of Dec 21, 2005: $348,000+.  There is still another $120,000+ or – due. 


1. Checkbook balance is $30,300 and Sweep Account has $166,000 in it.  The latter 

The latter account has an APR of 3.37%.

2. Interest needs to be checked to be sure it has been added.

3. Total Town account has $225,229.41.  There are other monies that are not included in that amount.

4. Historical and Cemetery accounts are not shown in the above figure.

Vendor bills included in the warrant are related to

1. Maine Motor for random drug testing, $25.00.  This is coming up for renewal.

2. Augusta Business Machine related to upkeep of the copier; $301.60 for renewal and it was felt to be well worth it. The present machine is “cranky.”   It may be getting close to the time that a new one is needed. The contract for this upkeep was signed by the Selectmen.

3. Sullivan Brothers has a $300.00 surcharge.  It was questioned as to whether this was in the contract if there is one.  He will be informed that it will be put on the budget for 2006 to pay this bill for 2005.

He had been asked to come in regarding the situation at Sandy Pond dam
     Currently there is no clear title to the earthen dam.  Dana Murch of the DEP has given his permission to remove several trees that present a potential problem.  In lieu of an engineers study, these offending trees need to be cut down which could cause more damage.
When there is an adequate amount of ice, the trees need to be removed.  Craig is willing to monitor the depth of the ice.  When there is a dept of ten to twelve inches he would be able to get a group together to saw them and lower them slowly to the ice.  He will notify the Selectmen when this is able to be done.

Budget requests:  A motion was made that every board member, officers and
Committees be informed that budget requests and annual reports be made by February 1, 2006 and turned into the Town Office.  This motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Tim Biggs.  Motion carried.

These requests should included mileage and dues.
The outside bulletin board has arrived.
Vendors’ Warrant: $13,332.80. A motion was made and seconded to pay this warrant. Motion carried.
Payroll Warrant: $1,342.81.  A motion was made and seconded to pay this warrant.  Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

Additional Minutes: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000.