Reports from Cindy Abbott, Town Clerk and Tax Collector

Date: May 3, 2006


We have discussed on the phone 4/28/06 about posting of ordinances and you had asked me to call MMA. I talked with Kristan - we do not have to post the old and new. Because we are not making any changes to the ordinances, the only time you do is if you are amending the ordinance.

I have printed a copy of the post card to be mailed out - as we discussed on the phone. They are printed on pink paper right now , however will be printed on a white post card to be mailed out.

Town has 2 different e-mail and - Please see me for the pass words! ALSO I talked with Todd today and we also have an e-mail on our web page which could be -Todd has said that we could pick anything where it is in bold letters and he also said that the only difference is that the server will never change (ie to Let me know which one that the selectpeople to use.

I have attached a copy of the State's update on the HAVA program and please keep in mind that there will be more aining for this program that I will need.

I have 4 accounts that I would like to see what is happening on them (2 RE accounts high lighted in blue & 2 PP accounts High lighted in yellow)- they are also attached.

I have attached April's cash report in two different formats (labeled - report #1 & report #2), please let me know which one the selectpeople like.

BMV Audit - Janice came to count all of my plates & stickers, only found that 5-May singles was mixed in with April singles and then I had to go back on my reports to find where they were mixed up. She also looked at my green BMV registrations copies to see if they were all there and they was. She then wanted to see if my daily pink BMV registrations which I use to do my BMV weekly report and matched with my daily Cash up Report (state fee and excise amounts). The selectpeople and myself will receive a report from the state of what they found. ALSO Joanne and I have been tested & approved by the state to use the new BMV program.

I Have talked to Carrie Bennett and ther is no date set yet for the Freedom Field Day - they will be meeting with the FVFD d will set the date at that point. I will write the minutes for this meeting only and have it for your next meeting, however please see that someone else writes these minutes that is attending to committee meeting.

Tax Collectors Policy -1 think that a list of uncollected tax payers should be given to the selectpeople each quartet, only iccause there is nothing that can be done to these people until it is time to put their account to lein. I do think that the Tax Collector should give a list of accounts that need to be corrected or abated to the selectpeople every month. I have also included time line for 2005, 2004 & 2003- I did check with MMA on the 2003 taxes and they looked back in theii records to see where I had called them. I called only because it keeps coming up about the 2003 taxes. They found that I had called in April and June of 2004 and also sent a fax to me, which for what ever reason I didn't receive. That seem to be the only thing that she could find for 2003 taxes and if I remember right at that point you thought that they had to be filed at 8 months. The 2003 30- day notices could have been started on November 24, 2004 and would have ended on December 24, 2004 and then still had 10 days to get them to the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.

Flags - I have order flags for the cemeteries and have set it up for Thressa Abbott will go to Thorndike to pick out and pick up the flowers for Memorial Day.