Road Commissioner Report April 26, 2006

This is work that on the priority list must be done.

Mitchell Road:

498 feet in on the Mitchell road from the Smithton Road Work will begin, going 1100 feet towards the dump. This work is rebuilding the road.   The measurements are 1100 ft long by 24 feet wide 12 inches thick. Total cubic yards is 978.

Skipping 681 feet of the Mitchell Road starting at the end of the 681 feet will gravel work of 466 feet. This will be 466 ft. long 24 ft. by 12 inches thick. Total cubic yard is 414.

Skipping 297 feet of the road. Work again will begin for another 414 ft. of gravel work it will be 414 ft. long, 6 inches thick and 24 ft. wide the total cubic yard is 184. Work on the Mitchell Road ends at this point.

The total cubic yard required for all the work on the Mitchell Road is 1576. Total road footage repaired 1980 ft.

Town House Road:

Heading from RT. 137, going 112 feet in, begin work of rebuilding the road for . 400 ft long ,18 feet wide and 12 inches thick . Total cubic yards is 267.

Raven Road:

From Arye Ridge Road 100 feet in. This need to be dug out and filled back in. This needs to be dug out in order to blend in with Arye Ridge road. The Work will be 100 feet long 50 feet wide at intersection and 12 inches thick. The total cubic Yards is 185 yards.

Clark Road:

Starting at the Bryant Road going 864 feet long to the Unity Town line, 18 feet wide, 8 inches thick. Total cubic yards is 380 yards.

Davis Road:

Work of rebuilding the Davis Road is starting at the very end Going out towards the Greeley Road 360 feet long 18 feet wide, 12 inches thick . Total cubic yards 240.

Rollins Road:

Beginning at the end of the tar (Robitaille's) towards Lunrvich end of the town Maintained road rebuilding the road 1585 long 18 feet wide and 6 inches thick. Total cubic yards 528.

Smithton Road

From Mitchell Road end of tar skipping 110 feet heading towards Burnham hill Road Work beings there is a flag going 1200 feet 24 feet wide and 12 inches thick total cubic yard 1066.

There was 2211 feet that needed to be done I choose not to start in the middle of the road. You can not repair the worst of this road without repairing the whole of the road. To do this it would have taken away from other roads that need to be repaired too. I do not feel that taking away from the other roads is in the best interest of the town. The total yardage to do the whole 2211 feet of road would have been 1965 cubic yards.

The Work I would like to do (My wish List) Town House Road

In addition to what is stated in the must be done I would like to see surfacing of 1648 feet 6 inches thick and 18 feet wide total cubic yards being 550.

Davis Road

Resurfacing 2033 feet long by 18 feet wide by 6 inches thick. Total cubic yards being 677 yards.