Selectmen of Freedom: Division of Responsibilities for 2006

It is board policy for the Board of Selectmen to apportion work responsibilities along lines of interest or other lines so that the work load that represents the requirements of the office are equitably divided. The working procedure shall be that each Selectman will be responsible for overseeing specific areas and for making weekly or as needed reports to the full board on activity within his area of responsibility, and for obtaining board authority. This working procedure does not abrogate the responsibilities of the full Board of Selectmen.

A. Major Areas of responsibility:
1. Board Chair-Steve Bennett
2. Assessments, abatements, supplements, maps and records-All three Selectpersons
3. Overseeing operations of the Public Works Department-Tim Biggs
4. Overseeing operations of the Town Office-Steve Bennett
5. Overseeing operations of the Fire Department-Lynn Hadyniak
6. General Assistance-Lynn Hadyniak

B. Liaison duties with appointed and elected town officers:
1. CEO and Building Inspector-Tim Biggs
2. Plumbing Inspector-Tim Biggs
3. Regional Solid Waste Representative (PERC)-Tim Biggs
4. School Board Director-Steve Bennett
5. Superintendent of Schools-Steve Bennett
6. Health Nurse-Steve Bennett
7. Animal Control Officer-Steve Bennett
8. Emergency Mngt. Director-Steve Bennett

C. Committee Responsibilities:
1. Planning Board-Steve Bennett
2. Budget Committee-Steve Bennett
3. Appeals Board-Tim Biggs
4. Recreation Committee & Freedom Field Day-Steve Bennett
5. Historical Society-Lynn Hadyniak
6. Cemetery Committee-Lynn Hadyniak
7. Public Works Committee-Lynn Hadyniak
8. Comprehensive Planning Committee-Tim Biggs
9. Waldo County Budget Committee-Tim Biggs

D. Other areas of responsibility:
1. Town Insurance-Steve Bennett
2. Annual Report-Steve Bennett
3. Spring Cleanup-Tim Biggs
4. Sullivan's Waste Disposal-Tim Biggs
5. Sandy Pond Dam-Lynn Hadyniak
6. Old town roads-Tim Biggs

E. Responsibility for temporary projects will be decided by the board as those items occur. Enacted by the Selectmen of Freedom as of January 2006: