Freedom Town Ordinance Report

A. Town Ordinances which are attested:

1 .  Subdivision Ordinance; We have an attested copy, however, its lacking state minimums, some controls are missing, should be worked on and updated by the PB

2.   Shoreland Zoining; State is sending us an attested copy. Will have to be redone within two years.

3 .  Boat Landing Ordinance; Voted upon at a town meeting and attested by two selectmen. Could be still attested by the town clerk.

4.   Weight Limits for town roads; Attested and ok.

5.  Nuisance Animal Ordinance; Attested and ok.

6.  Enhanced 911 ordinance; Attested and ok.

B.  Town Ordinances which are not attested or are non-existent:

1 .  Building and Land use Ordinance; Changes made at 2006 town meeting are ok, but no Original attested copy exists. Should have a name change.

2.   Planning Board Ordinance; No attested copy.

3 .  Board of Appeals Ordinance; No attested copy, and needs a lot of work.

4.   Rental Occupancy Ordinance; No attested copy, and needs to be redone.

5 .  Recreation Committee Ordinance; None that can be found.

6.   Budget Committee Ordinance; None that can be found.

7.   Emergency Management Ordinance; Have a proposed ordinance for 2006.

8.   Investment Ordinance: There has never been one proposed, but have a draft ordinance.