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April 4, 2006

Mr. Jay Guber
Code Enforcement Officer
Town of Freedom
Freedom, Maine

Nancy Farrar-Bailey
Chairperson Freedom
Planning Board
Town of Freedom
Freedom, Maine

Dear Jay and Nancy:

We very much appreciated the opportunity to meet with interested members of the Town to describe our project, hear their concerns and attempt to respond. Aside from a few somewhat testy exchanges, we thought the time was very well spent and appreciate your efforts in helping put this together.
In addition to this thank you, this letter responds to a few points raised during the meeting last evening. First, we wish to clarify and reiterate our request that you suspend consideration of our complete and pending application before the Town for a permit for the Beaver Ridge Project while you work to develop and adopt ordinances designed to address wind and/or other commercial development in Freedom. Despite what we view as a transparent attempt by one resident to take advantage of our goodwill, we have complete confidence in both of you and the Planning Board to treat us and our project fairly and expeditiously. Accordingly, we confirm our request made in our letter dated March 23rd.

Second, we wish to emphasize our qualifications to develop the Beaver Ridge Project. During the meeting, Steve Bennett repeatedly questioned our ability to develop and operate energy projects on this scale. We acknowledged that this is our first wind project, but we also emphasized that we have developed projects of greater magnitude and complexity. As Mark Isaacson indicated, he developed and manages the Worumbo Hydroelectric plant on the Androscoggin River in Lisbon Falls, Maine. This plant is a 19 MW plant that cost almost $30 million to develop about 20 years ago. It is currently the only hydro facility in Maine that is certified low impact by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute - a non profit organization that is "dedicated to reducing the impacts of hydropower generation through the certification of environmentally responsible, "low impact" hydropower". We are certain that a visit to this facility will eliminate any doubts you might have about our ability to develop our proposed wind project in Freedom. Therefore, we invite you and other members of the Planning Board to visit this facility as a demonstration of our ability to develop, own, operate and maintain energy projects. If you wish to visit the project, please give us a call at 772-6190 so that we can arrange a tour of the plant.

We are also very proud of our long list of clients who look to us for energy consulting services. This list includes many of the most sophisticated institutions in the State including: Bowdoin College, Colby College, University of Maine, Maine Medical Center, State of Maine, Hannaford, Jackson Labs and Eastern Maine Medical Center. For Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor we have acted as advisors on their development of a 4.5 MW combined heat and power facility. This facility is under construction now.

Finally, there were questions raised about fire protection. We are pursuing this issue directly with turbine manufacturers to determine the type of fire suppression technologies installed on their wind turbine models. Once we have received this information, we will pass it along to you. In any case we would not expect the Freedom volunteer fire department to attempt to fight a fire that they do not have the equipment or training to handle, especially where there is no threat to life or limb.
We continue to appreciate the time and effort you are devoting to the Beaver Ridge Project and believe that this Project will become a major asset for the Town of Freedom. With best regards, l am

Richard Silkman Managing Member

cc. Planning Board Members