PREVIOUS YEARS 2004 2003-2000
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Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Viola and Harold Greeley, Marjorie Reynolds, and Marion Bowers.

The meeting opened at 6:07PM.
Minutes of the meeting on December 14, 2005 were read and approved with amendments.

Marjorie Reynolds questioned as to what was done when a tax bill is returned because the address for the person who is responsible is unknown. This relates to property Theresa Fisher gave to Renee Raven. Scott Anderson may have information as to Renee Raven’s current address. Steve Bennett asked Ms. Reynolds to put in writing what she knows. This information should include location of the property, names and possible contacts.
Later, she spoke about a place on High Street where someone was alleged to be living in a
camper. She felt that this needed to be checked by the CEO.

Responsibilities were divided among the selectmen. A copy of this is attached.
This meeting will be in regards to the audit. It is planned for January 5, 2006. The
Selectpersons need to see the process involved.
This program would require a down payment of $2,000 and a final payment of $2,500. It would require 700 parcels to be entered into the software program and the need to re-measure in some cases. Basic data would be entered. There would be a photo for each card. This would give the Town a legible record as well as a track record of the parcel. It would automatically enter the date.
An advantage of the program is that it would be more accurate; however it would be time consuming and there is a cost involved. You can also plug in recent sale’s price for a cost to value number.
Jim Phillips works with the TRIO software and the Selectpersons would like to see this program in action. He does assessing for the towns of Pittsfield and Newport. Steve Bennett will get in touch with him.
There are several towns around who have this TRIO assessing software; among them are Palermo, Albion, Knox and possibly Montville.
On December 31, 2005 surplus monies move to an unexpended line and this money would then be available for use.
A. Work Session: January 5, 2006 at 6PM with Tony Neves. There are still some
commercial sites to assess.
B. Bobbi Alley was denied a homestead exemption that was not found. She said
that she had sent it in. The file will need to be checked for this.
C. Marietta Larrabbe called Steve Bennett regarding a rumor she had heard that a
home was being condemned by the Selectpersons. This was never discussed by
the Selectpersons.
5. BUDGET COMMITTEE WORK SESSION: A date of January 4, 2006 at 7:30PM has been suggested. Lynn Hadyniak will contact Doug Van Horn, chair of the committee.
6. ROADS: Steve Bennett asked Harold Greeley about roads that were no longer being maintained and what he could remember regarding this subject.
a. Malady Rd was maintained as far the barn.
b. Sibley Rd maintained where the pavement is and was never maintained beyond there.
c. He was asked to put in writing what he could remember about other roads and whether they were maintained or not.
The tax maps are being taken to see if someone is interested in working on them. He pointed out that the mylar should not be written on. Some of the writing is difficult to remove.
He pointed out that the real estate deeds in the office be put into a file for selectpersons to review. Only changes on the maps can be done by the Selectperson or get someone to do it. No names are used, only map and lot number.
Knox, Albion and Montville have bought new system for assessing properties. If inaccurate information goes on the card, the card then becomes inaccurate. It is important to get good information the first time entries are made.
8. SANDY POND: Lynn Hadniak has been unable to get in touch with Dana Murch.
We are still waiting to see if the Town owns the pond legally.
9. COUNTY TAX MEETING was attended by Tim Biggs. In the past two years the tax
rate has increased 30% for the county. A lot of it is because of health costs and
boarding out prisoners at the cost of $100 daily. The government state legislature has
LD 1 before it. This would limit the county tax and would limit the tax to no more
than 4.81%. This has a good chance of passing according to Tim.
He enjoyed the process and found it enlightening.
A request of the county for a $500,000 computer software program was turned down.
12. WALDO COUNTY EMERGENCY DIRECTOR: This position has been accepted
by Dale Rowley.

TOWN TREASURER REPORT: Hilary Fleming was not present, but left information.
1. Safe deposit box contents from Peoples Bank were removed by Cindy and contents
were identified. The whereabouts of the second key is unknown. There is a $15.00
fee to replace this, There was not enough room to put the items in the safe deposit
box at Bangor Savings Bank. The larger box costs $44.00.
2. Hilary will try to transfer the Key Bank CD this week to the Bangor Savings Bank
where the interest would be 4.27%.
3. On-line access for Steve Bennett at the Bangor Savings Bank has been accomplished.
4. The preliminary chart of account for 2006 on TRIO and what we use for the budget, a Warrant, do not match. The chart should reflect what we spend money on.
5. Steve Bennett noted that the reconciliation of the check book and the computer should match. This has not been accomplished.
6. Unexpended balances are needed by the end of the year.
7. A check for municipal revenue sharing has been received in the amount of $3,231.11.
8. Warrants included for payment tonight include charities, Merrill Bank for the paving loan; this will be a final payment, school payment loan and Waldo County interest.
9. Hilary attended a workshop for ending the year with TRIO. She obtained a lot of information from Ron Wentworth, owner of TRIO.

1. All unpaid taxes for 2003 and 2004 with outstanding balances including
personal property were included.
a. Outstanding amount of $23,000 on real estate for 2004. Is there a lien?
b. Personal property tax for 2004 of $25,000.000 is due.
c. Unpaid real estate tax of 2003 is $6,700.00
d. Unpaid personal property tax for 2003 is $1,600.00.
e. There is a discrepancy in the amount of real estate taxes collected for 2005. The amount of $122,886.00 collected needs an explanation. The amount committed to taxes is $476,000. The amount of $118,00+ was given as an
outstanding balance.
2. Cindy completed the tasks asked of her.

1. MAIL LOG: A list of what not to include on mail log has been prepared. This now
needs to become board policy. Lynn Hadyniak will write such a policy which
included that the Town Clerk open all work, date stamp and log accordingly.

1. A motion was made, seconded and approved to pay Bangor Savings Bank $43.00 instead of $25.00 for a larger safe deposit box.
a. A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the Vendor’s warrant in the
amount of $154,507.53.
b. A motion was made, seconded and carried to pay the Payroll warrant in the
amount of $7,925.66
3. Request for road name: Dave Pottle has requested, via Jim Waterman, that a road off of Beaver Ridge Road be named Spring Lane. A motion to approve this road name of Spring Lane was made, seconded and approved.

A motion to adjourn was made at 8:55PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

Attachments: Division of Selectperson’s responsibilities


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak. Tim Biggs was attending a Waldo
County meeting.
Others present: Sallyann Hadyniak, Ann Hadyniak, Hilary and Tom Fleming, Jay Guber and
Marion Bowers.

The meeting was opened at 6:00PM.
Minutes were read and a motion to accept them as read was made.

1. Ron Price was present to discuss the end of Sibley Road situation. It needs to be worked on. In the past, he has rebuilt about 900 ft of the road himself. However, there are a few vehicles that do use it besides Mr. Price. To his knowledge there is no documentation that the road was discontinued. If the road were to be closed it would require the action of the Town according to Steve Bennett. Ron Price feels that if it is a town road, then the town should do some work on it. Red Mitchell had told him that the road was discontinued for maintenance only. There was a long discussion as to maintenance of the road.
It was suggested that Ron Price write an article for a warrant and present this at a Town Meeting asking that they maintain the road for vehicle traffic.

Clint Spaulding stated that the end of Rollins RD. was never discontinued and also needs maintenance.

A. Lynn Hadyniak pointed out that she is already acting as a liaison with the Fire
Department, taking care of legal points and working with assessing property.

2. MMA WORKERS C0MP REQUEST: This has been filled out and sent. According to Steve Bennett we already have a low rate and are claim free.

3. AUDIT 2004 & 2005: Craig Costello, CPA, who has been the auditor for the past three to four years has received most of the information he needs from Cindy. There is one thing he is waiting for. This is a third level audit. He would like to be in the office next week or the following week. The Selectpersons need to be present at the same time. The first week of January would be best for Lynn Hadyniak.
For the 2005 Audit they will require GASBY 34 which pertains to fixed assets with a valuation of $2,000 or more. This also pertains to depreciated land, buildings, vehicles and equipment again with a valuation of $2,000 or more. We will be required to provide this information.
Hilary Fleming questioned whether the computer and scanner which came from the Secretary of State should be included.

Distribution book and extra set of books: Steve Bennett asked Craig Costello about a distribution book which had been mentioned by a former Selectperson at the recent special town meeting. According to the accountant, there is no such thing. When there is another set of books, it says the Selectpersons are saying they don’t like the book kept by the Town Treasurer.

Selectpersons can request summary statements related to the revenue and expenses whenever they want to according to Craig Costello and the law.
The budget appropriations warrant has to match the information on the computer. The first three months of the year no more than 3/12 of the appropriations can be spent. There needs to be a warrant in the Town Report relating to this and authorizing this expenditure. There was an article in the warrant for this.
Unexpended monies at the end of the year are automatically carried over as surplus and put back in the general budget, unless the specific item it falls under, it stays in the line, it came from and can be allocated for that expenditure.
TRIO software has various levels and programs; we have all but two.
It is hoped that we can do next years audit in February.

a. The Selectpersons had a meeting on December 12, 2005 with Tony Neves who has an expertise in assessing. This was very informative for them. They learned that there are only three reasons for giving an abatement. They will be having another meeting with him December 19, 2005 from 6:00PM to 8:00. This will be to go over problematic abatements.
b. In going over the tax maps Tony went back five years and found 140 errors related to bought and sold properties. Some mistakes were missing more than 20 years. Lots and boundary lines have been added. Some grantors need to be met with regarding deeds. Four to five hundred acres have not been taxed more than five years.
c. Tax maps must not be used for conveyance of property.
d. The change of selectpersons/assessors makes the job difficult.
e. Different lengths of time are allowed for abatements depending upon the reason. The reasons for abatements are over valuation, simple mistake, or poverty and infirmity.
f. Assessors notice in the Town report has no legal bearing as a basis as to date for an abatement. This notice must be mailed and certified to be legal.
g. 185 days after commitment date (November 1, 2005) right of appeal for abatement is lost due to overvaluation mistakes.

a. Steve Bennett had spoken with Bob Penley. Three hundred towns use the real estate assessment software program. There is poor documentation on property cards as we are presently doing. The TRIO program is complete and costs $4,500 with a yearly fee. Albion is buying the program.
b. Jim Philips, a certified assessor, is agreeable to seeing the program. It would have uniform standards and will create a diary. Photographs can be attached. It would include transfers with the selling price. A cost to valuation could then be done.
c. Ron Wentworth, TRIO owner, could also do assessments. If we purchased his program, he would require less than 50% as a down payment.
d. INFOME is another program. They take a portion of the assessment as their cost.
e. TRIO also has a motor vehicle program for $4,000. However the State BMV is working on a similar program and this would be free.

Mr. Sadowsky’s appeal was denied on a technicality. Lynn Hadniak will contact Dana Murch regarding the dam. The Town also needs a written copy of this denial.

MAIL LOG: A list of what needs to be recorded is being worked on.

COMMITMENT BOOKS: the books for 2004 and 2005 both need to be bound.

The Peoples safe deposit box will be emptied next week by Cindy.
Key Bank Certificate: see treasurer’s report.

Lynn Hadyniak will clarify what he has in mind regarding ordinances. He would charge $275 to put the information on a disc.

1. Charity and social programs requesting money have been examined.
Some of them have no address or contacts in years past.
Freedom Booster Club, who to contact? Jeff Holmes
Mt View Area Cub Scouts, same question. Cindy Abbott
Larrabbe field, no address.
2. The Town of Freedom has received a notice from the Department of
Treasury, IRS concerning federal withholding taxes for the tax period of December 2003. There is a discrepancy between the amount of reported wages on the 941 forms submitted quarterly and the amount of wages reported on the W/2 W3 forms. This amounts to $7,132.57 in reviewing the payments the Town made, there was an error in the December 2003 amount listed. The IRS believes we own an additional $1,091.28 for Medicare/ Social Security and $189.68 in withholding.
Based on the erroneous reporting the Town received a refund of $1,421.39
The 941’s for 2003 and the W2s and W3s need to be compared to see who is right. A letter and or payment would need to be sent within the four weeks they have given the Town to do this.
3. There still needs to be a meeting regarding the unemployment tax not paid for 1997 and 2004.
4. Key Bank Certificate: A quote of $4.27% was given for this at Key Bank. Bangor Savings Bank has not responded to an inquiry it they could match this.
5. Steve Bennett would like to get online Town financial information with the Bangor Savings Bank. Hilary will take care of this.
6. Checking account has $30,200.00 available and the sweep account has $221,000. This latter amount was questioned and will be checked on.

Clint was unable to be present but left copies of a road budget for 2006.

1. A bill for the earthen dam from Klineschmidt was presented to the Selectpersons.
2. Certification of shoreline property and for CMP properties of
David Richardson of 69 Goosepecker Road
Thomas Stout of 453 Greeley Road.
2. Permit by rule for Rick Martin who is putting a stream crossing on Ledge Pond in Montville. This needs to be inspected.
3. Educational credits: December 8, 2005 MBOAI Seminar in Brunswick. Topics presented were on energy efficient homes and sprinkler.
Expenses: $30.00 fee for seminar, 130 miles, and tolls of $1.20. Jay will submit this for payment at a later time.

1. SPECIAL TOWN MEETING 12/21/05 WARRANT: A motion for approval for
a special town meeting on December 21, 2005 was made for expenditure of
money, not too exceed $300.00 for 2004 unemployment taxes and any remaining
interest on unpaid Maine Revenue taxes for 2004.
Article 3 relates to the approval of the 2005 amendments made on November 29,
2005 regarding the Floodplain Management Ordinance.
The amended ordinance has the changes made in red. A copy of the old
ordinance as well as the amended one are available in the Town Office.
Sallyann Hadyniak will post the ordinances tonight in the required areas.
2.UNPAID PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX: Gerald Nelson , whereabouts unknown,
owes $1,100 to the Town. How to collect this is a problem. Lynn Hadyniak
offered to get in touch with someone in Skowhegan who has had good luck with
this type of problem.

1. UNPAID 2004 IRS TAXES was discussed under Treasurer’s report.
2. MUNCIIPAL QUIT-CLAIM DEED was at length. Documentation of liens that had been removed was questioned. Later in the evening the documentation on the computer was found. A motion was made and seconded to release the quit- claim deed of Charlotte Shaw.
3. MORTGAGE LIENS: There were several other liens for consideration, but no action was taken. More information was needed.
a. Payroll: A motion was made and seconded for payment of the payroll in the amount of $1,582.91; motion carried.
b. Vendors: A motion was made and seconded for payment of the vendor’s amended warrant in the amount of $7,750.67; motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

Special Town Meeting Warrant for 12/21/05


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Sallyann Hadyniak, Tom and Hilary Fleming, Julia Raven, Marion Bowers, Jay Guber, Dottie and Lendall Chase.

The meeting was opened at 6:00PM.
Minutes were read and a motion was made to accept the amended minutes.

1. Julia Raven questioned why the Homestead Exemption did not appear on the Floyd Raven Jr.’s tax bill? She was informed by Steve Bennett that he would be credited the required amount as it was to be acted on tonight.
2. Lendall and Dottie Chase were present regarding the assessment on the house she owned and also requested that the correct address be used. They were given an abatement form to be made out.

1. CLINT SPAULDING, Road Commissioner was not able to be present so Tim Biggs reported that Clint was working on a five-year road plan and a budget for the roads.
2. 2004 AUDIT REQUEST: Cindy has completed the list of topics for the audit that Craig Costello had requested and e-mailed them to him.
3. SANDY POND DAM: Steve Bennett has learned that the court case Sadowsky versus State of Maine was heard on October 26, 2005 and the judge has taken it under advisement.

There are trees interfering with the flow of water at the face of the dam. Dana Murch of the DEP has authorized removal of these trees. Jim Waterman spoke with Jethro Pease, interim EMA director and he agrees with the need to remove these trees.
Parts of the cement dam are disintegrating.

The engineers report from Klineschmidt regarding the dam has been received. It is three feet under the one-hundred year flood plain.
Possi Nason is alleged to have removed the gate valve which acted as an emergency device. The engineers feel there is the need to design another emergency spillway to go in the face of the earthen dam.
4. SPECIAL TOWN MEETING: December 8, 2005 at the Dirigo Grange Hall.
5. TAXES Owed: Taxes for unemployment and interest on revenue taxes 2004 are due in the amount of $300. Another special town meeting will be required for this money.

1. Letter from John Carver, attorney stating nothing has been done re: dam.
2. URIP: $7,799.00 has been received. We previously have received other money.
3. Someone has donated $30.00 to the Town for a needy family for Christmas.
4. MMA Risk Management Survey has not been sent back and they are requesting that it be made out and sent. Steve Bennett has this. This is an application for renewal of workers compensation fund. Application attached.
5. The county bill is in the warrant for tonight.

1. Dave Schofield and he met with Tim Biggs on December 2, 2005 regarding a plumbing
application that had been made sometime ago by Stanley MacDonald. Paperwork need
to be done so that a community grant can be applied for.
2. Robert Muelman of Cary Lane needs a wastewater disposal plan. Septic designs will b done.
3. Mike Smith has applied for a shoreline building and plumbing permit for his new camp.
4. Permit by rule for Rick Martin and one for Mike Smith have been received. DEP has already okayed the latter.

1. MAIL LOG: This has been created on the computer. It was suggested that Cindy and Hilary make a definition of what to log and what not to log.

1. SPECIAL TOWN MEETING: A motion was made to have a special town meeting on
December 21, 2005 at 6:00PM for an article to authorize money, not too exceed $300.00 for payment of 2004 unemployment and unpaid interest on Maine revenue tax for 2004.
Motion was made by Tim Biggs to accept the warrant as written. Seconded by Steve Bennett and motion carried.
2. PLANNING BOARD APPOINTMENT: Prentiss Grassi expressed interest in joining
the board. A motion was made to nominate Prentiss Grassi to fill in the vacancy of an un-
expired term created when Bruce Peterson resigned. This term runs until 2009. Motion was made by Steve Bennett, seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
3. The BIDS ON TREE REMOVAL: Two bids were received for tree removal work at the Freedom Town Park. They were received unsealed; one by e-mail. They were carefully gone over and a decision to give the bid to Rick Martin was made. Tim Biggs made a motion to have Rick Martin remove the trees at the Town Park as outlined to him for the amount of $2,000. This was seconded and carried.
4. 2004 COMMITMENT BOOK: The missing 2004 Commitment Book has been
reconstructed. An affidavit was signed that this new reconstructed book represents a true
and accurate copy of the original. The affidavit is attached. This book will be bound and
put into the vault.
A motion was made by Steve Bennett to sign the affidavit tonight, December 7, 2005 which
represent our statement to the best of our knowledge regarding the tax commitment book of
2004. Motion was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and carried.
5. DAVID SCHOFIELD OFFER: An e-mail from David Schofield was received by Lynn
Hadynaik to take on the job of getting the Town Ordinances together and putting them on a disc. The information he obtained would be gone over with the Selectpersons. He would charge a fee for doing this. Steve Bennett felt information was available from David Schofield, Lissa Widdoff and the floodplain ordinance from State Planning and perhaps David Schofield could head this.
One ordinance at a time should be done checking it out as to accuracy, then do an affidavit
making this a valid ordinance and destroying previous ones.
The decision was tabled.
6. $30.00 DONATION: This donation was given for a needy family for Christmas. The
Selectpersons suggested a family and Hilary Fleming will see that they received the donation.
a. Robert Betjeman: There was an increase of $36,900 in valuation of property, because of this supplemental valuation taxes will increase by $542.40. Motion made and carried.
b. Hilary and Tom Fleming: Should be taxes only lot 51. An abatement of valuation of $47,600 For the amount of $699.72. Motion made and carried.
c. Bobbie Alley: Requested homestead exemption. No application is on file. Motion made to deny request. Motion carried.
d. Gerald Stafansky: Request for Veterans exemption. Not made out prior to deadline April 1, 2005, so does not qualify for this. Motion made and carried to deny exemption for 2005.
e. Bruce and Carol Morgan: Requested an abatement for backhoe. Valued at $15,000. Tim has seen this piece of equipment and confirms that it is not that valuable. They would accept an abatement of $5,000. Motion made and carried.
f. Mark Boudreau: No building on map 7. He has been taxed twice. Motion made to abate valuation of $15,970 and refund tax of $234. Motion carried.
g. Barbara Watson: No homestead exemption applied. We do have a copy of her application for homestead exemption. Motion made for abatement of taxes because of valuation of $131,000 resulting in $191.10 credit. Motion made and carried.
h. Floyd Raven Jr: Homestead exemption not applied. Motion made and carried to apply the exemption resulting in a credit of $191.10.
i. Tom Leveque: Applied for homestead exemption on September 8, 2005. Not eligible for Homestead because of date. Motion made and carried to deny request.
j. Tim Biggs: No Homestead Exemption applied. Abatement of $191.10. Motion
made by Steve Bennett, seconded by Lynn Hadyniak. Carried with Tim Biggs
k. Gilman and Audrey Williams: Homestead exemption application made out 3/23/05. Motion to abate 191.10 was made, seconded and it carried.
l. Bo Selleck: Homestead exemption not applied. Motion to abate $191.10 carried.
m. Dan Price and Ginger Dermot: Abatement request to remove personal property taxes that belonged to former owner, Tony Neves. A valuation of $3,000 needs to removed. Motion was made to abate personal property taxes in the amount of $44.10.
n. Glen Bridges: Lake frontage footage was incorrect. The correct amount is 300feet.
A motion was made that lake frontage had been overstated. Motion carried.
o. Tom Clay: Motion for abatement of taxes in the amount of $88.26 carried.
p. Justin Overlock: Building permit obtained 4/30/05. Should not have been taxed.
Motion to abate the amount of $247.20. Motion carried.
q. Matthew and Holly Brown: Homestead exemption made out in 2004 and then
replaced 11/22/05. Motion was made and carried to abate taxes of $191.10
r . Vincent Nadolny: Requested that he be billed for one lot instead to two. He
requested an abatement of $1,202.75. A motion for this amount was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak. Motion carried.

There are still fourteen tax issues to resolve. There are many tax questions related to commercial or business property. The assessors will have a meeting December 12, 2005
from 6PM to 8PM.

The revenue and expense summary reports were carefully gone over.
1. Payroll warrant for the week of December 5th, 2005 was $$2,177.73.Motion was
made to pay this by Tim Biggs and seconded by Lynn Hadynaik. Motion
2. Vendors warrant was $95,665.44 for the week of December 5, 2005. A motion
was made by Lynn Hadyniak to pay this. Tim Biggs seconded this and motion carried. This warrant included $60, 650.21 for the county tax bill.

1. Major warrants are coming up related to paving and school.
2. Lynn Hadyniak offered to be the liaison with the fire department.
3. Assessment issues need to be done by more than one person. They need to be done on time and an inspection of the property needs to take place.

A motion for adjournment was made. Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

1. Affidavit: re commitment book
2. Special Town Meeting 12/21/05


Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Betty Sienkiewicz, Sallyann Hadyniak, Tom and Hilary Fleming, Polly Shyka, Jay Guber, Dave Schofield, and Marion Bowers.

The meeting was called to order at 6PM.
Minutes of the November 16th meeting were accepted as amended.

1. Polly Shyka wanted to discuss the assessment on her property. Her tax bill has doubled. Last year her property was assessed at $36,713. and this year it is more than $100,000. There was a long discussion as to why this has happened; part of the reason being the shoreline frontage is taxed more than previously.
She would also like a clearer assessment card and requested it be redone.
Although it would not be helpful for current taxes, a homestead application will be applied for.
Ms. Shyka has filled out an abatement request. In looking at the figures quickly it does not appear that an abatement will be allowable. She voiced concern over paying for this large increase.
Her request will be reviewed with other abatement requests.

1. BUDGET MEETING: postponed in view of long Selectpersons meeting tonight.
2. REGIONAL SOLID WASTE REPRESENTATIVE: A representative needs to be appointed. Jay Guber suggested that Sullivan Bros. represent us.
He also mentioned that Ron Leveque has been helping with the collection of
cardboard from different places. Theressa Abbott would Herb’s job be held for the time being.
4. GENERAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION: One person has recently applied and because of income was refused.
5. 2004 AUDIT REQUESTS: Some of the information requested by the Selectpersons from Cindy has been done. However the accountant Craig Costello sent a list in January and this has not been completed. A copy of this request is attached. It is unclear if Cindy was aware that the Selectperson had wanted it done by today.
The minutes for the annual and special town meetings for 2004 and 2005 done by
Cindy is now complete.
Steve Bennett made a motion requiring the Town Clerk have all of these items requested by Craig Costello to be done by December 7th at 5:00PM. This motion was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and motion carried.
All of the information needed to meet this request is on TRIO.
6. 2004 COMMITMENT BOOK: This book had been signed by Wilson Hess, Steve Cross and Steve Bennett. It is now missing. Steve Bennett spoke with Michael Stokes at MMA on how to correct the situation. The commitment book needs to be reconstituted. Included in this would be a signed assessor’s certificate which is done by the Selectmen. This is given to the tax collector along with a commitment book and all of this is bound. After this commitment book is reconstructed an affidavit is made up, signed and notarized.
Lynn Hadyniak will e-mail Michel Stokes regarding the conversation that Steve
Bennett had with him today and get this in writing as to what to do regarding reconstructing the commitment book.
7. TOWN OFFICE MAIL LOG: The mail is currently being stamped with the date it is received. A mail log has been made up. It was pointed out this may take time to do since you need to fill in information for each piece of mail. This may need to be factored into the budget according to Hilary Fleming.
8. FLOODPLAIN ORDINANCE: Lynn Hadyniak reviewed the new floodplain
ordinance and found many changes needed to be made in the document.
Corrections have been made in the Floodplain Ordinance Management but she has just
received them and has not had time to review them.
This ordinance needs wording for the article to be presented at a special Town Meeting. When and if this is adopted by the Town, we will be in good standing with the NFIP.
9. CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY: This will require an amendment to the building ordinance according to an attorney. This amendment would need to be presented at a Town Meeting.
10. CEO FEES: A request for an increase in these fees has been made. These fees go to the Town. This needs to be written up as an amendment and voted on at a meeting.
11. PLANNING BOARD VACANCY: Prentiss Grassi may be interested in this vacancy.
Steve Bennett stated that we now have a qualified and fair group on the board. They recently attended a seminar related to their duties.
12. REPRESENTATIVE TO THE MT. VIEW FUND: Lynn Hadynaik offered to fill this position. She will get in touch with Barbara Adams.
13. FREEDOM PARK BIDS: Latham Landscaping viewed the Park with Steve Bennett and will be bidding on the tree work. Rick Martin has also bid on this and there may be one other person interested. Insurance is needed to do this work. A decision on the bidding will be postponed until December 7, 2005.
14. TAX CAP GROWTH LIMITATION FACTOR: Lynn Hadyniak has offered to do this and will be in touch with Kathy Littlefield of Waldo regarding this. In doing this a variety of property is listed.
15. SANDY POND DAM COURT CASE: There was to be a hearing on this on October 26, 2005. If the case was heard, the outcome is unknown. Steve Bennett will send the information regarding the case to Lynn Hadyniak and she will check on the resolution of it.
16. ORDINANCES: Dave Schofield spoke of the need for someone to type up amendments after they are voted in and to get an attested copy. These amendments then need to be put on the hard drive.
Steve Bennett felt there was a need to create a file of attested and complete ordinances as well.

1. Ratio/Declaration and Reimbursement application needs to be signed tonight.
2. Municipal Valuation Report also needs to be signed tonight. This is part of the commitment book.
3. Recent income:
a. PERC: $750.00
b. State Revenue Sharing $3,258.76. This was less than anticipated.
c. Black Hills stock: Dividends in September were $34.56. So far this year we have received a total of 103.56. Hilary spoke with Shawn in regards to this stock and he will send an update.
4. Key Bank Certificate: There is $10,550 in this CD with interest of 1.7%.
There will be a penalty to withdraw this of $170, but it felt it could be better invested. Cindy is to withdraw this money and give a check to the Treasurer. While in-town she is to empty the safe deposit box at the Peoples Bank and close it.
5. Steve Bennett mentioned that the Town does not have an investment policy.

1. A statement has been received from Shawn Biello of the Waldo County
Soil and Water Conservation regarding the technical and safety situation the Town is faced with regarding Stevens RD. He suggested that the
Selectpersons have her come in and discuss the problem with her. There is a possibility that we could ask for funding, but this would be a cost-
sharing agreement. We would need to pay 25% of the cost. No action was taken.
2. Jay attended a meeting in which there were several things discussed
including new DEP shore land rules, timber harvesting, and appeals. He
also picked up some planning board manuals.
3. Dave Pottle has been paying personal property taxes on equipment in
Albion, that he is using in Freedom. Jay suggested that he bring a statement in from Albion stating this as a fact. Steve Bennett had also spoken with Dave Pottle regarding this.
He also he also needs to make a list of the equipment in the building and prepare a list of its cost. It is in his best interest to provide this information.
4. Building Permits:
a. Dave and Elizabeth Phillips of 9 Bryant RD replacing single-width trailer to a doublewide and a storage shed.
b. Donna Sporgy of 23 Clark RD for a Doggie Design Coat shop and showroom.
c. Since April, 2005 36 building permits have been given out.
d. Steve Bennett gave Jay a permit by rule application he had received from Rick Martin.

1. The open septic system has been corrected. Final approval is pending. There is another tank there that will be connected to the new plumbing.
2. Small community grant money has some money available. This money
is available to people in the low income bracket in need of help. Several
residents suggested were the O’Tooles of Irish Moose, Stanley
MacDonald and Jay Guber spoke of another place that was in shoreline zoning.
Applications for this need to be in by January 1, 2006. Tim Biggs and Dave Schofield will meet regarding this on December 2, 2005. The Town has to front the money when the application is accepted. There was a consensus to go ahead with the application.
Tim Biggs spoke about the roads since Clint was unable to attend the meeting.
1. Mitchell RD had work done by Whalen Earth Works this summer. The mix of clay and gravel was not good. There is a 300 foot section that is muck since the rain.
2. Culverts: The culvert on Greeley road has been plugged by beavers. A telephone pole was rammed to clear the culvert. It is still plugged but water is flowing through it. There is a ten foot section of the culvert that is bad. Lee Brothers thinks it was placed in 1960.
There is another plugged culvert on Greeley Rd near Hagerson’s.
3. Culverts in Town need to be listed as to their grade and condition.
4. There needs to be an increase in the summer budget for roads from $20,000 to $40,000.

1. There is the need to renew board policy regarding payment of delinquent taxes.
Last year liens weren’t filed when they should have been. They need to be filled four months after deadline for paying. Tax payments received on delinquent accounts goes to the oldest unpaid bill.
A motion to this effect was made by Steve Bennett, seconded by Lynn Hadyniak. Motion carried.
A copy of the motion Pursuant to 36 MRSA section 906 is attached.
There is a possibility of late payments affecting one’s credit.
2. Waldo County Soil and Conservation application was passed on. Lynn Hadyniak will meet with Shawn Biello first.
3. Ordinances: There is a need to hire someone to go over building ordinances. This would entail putting them on a disc and searching through files, consulting with anyone who may have information and then bringing them to the Selectpersons for approval.
Dave Schofield may have a floppy disc with some of this information.
4. Municipal Valuation Report: Tim Biggs made a motion to accept the Municipal
Valuation Report form as made out by Hilary Fleming. Motion was seconded by
Lynn Hadyniak and carried.
5. Ratio/ Declaration and Reimbursement: A motion was made by Steve Bennett to
sign this form. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
6. Key Bank CD: Tim Biggs made a motion to have Cindy Abbott withdraw our Key Bank CD money and give it to the Town Treasurer to deposit. Motion was seconded and carried.
7. Special Town Meeting: A motion was made to approve and sign articles for the December 8th, 2005 articles. Motion was made by Steve Bennett, seconded by Tim Biggs and carried. Sallyann Hadyniak will post them in the appropriate places.

1. Mary Norwood request: This individual lives on Oak Lane which is dirt road, not
maintained by the Town. For medical reasons, an ill father-in-law requiring
twenty-four hour care, she would like to have the Town maintain her road during
the winter. According to Steve Bennett this would not be approved by the MMA.
Their laws state that you can’t take a town-owned vehicle onto a road that is non-
maintained by the town, including private roads and driveways. State law also
states that you face liability if you do so.
Her second request was to have horse rider caution signs on Rollins, Oak and
Greeley Rds. posted. She can post them on Oak Lane only. A motion made by
Steve Bennett to deny her request re: horse signs and also to deny maintenance of
her road. Motion was seconded and carried.
Lynn Hadyniak will inform her of the decision.
2. Abatements and Supplements: There will be a meeting to discuss these on Dec 3, 2005
3. Warrants:
a. Vendors: This included one month, September, in the warrant.
A motion was made to pay this warrant in the amount of $32,644.45
b. Payroll: A motion was made and carried to pay this warrant in the amount of $1,652.89
4. Thank you note from Gloria Pacheo.

1. Fire Insurance rating: Lynn Hadyniak had spoken with the hearing examiner of the State Insurance office regarding information. The ISO manual has us listed as 9/9, but it really means a 9/10. There was not enough room to list this as a 9/10. In other words part of the Town is a nine even though listed as a ten.
Ranking is done by the training, equipment, mutual aid, water supplies, both dry wet, number of tankers and ponds available to the Fire Department.
The insurance office will re-evaluate the Town.
The ISO has been called and a message left. She is waiting to hear from Portia.
2. There is a PPC survey to be made out. Lynn would like to do this with Jim Waterman.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Marion Bowers

1. Audit to do list
2. Pursuant to 36 MRSA Section 906