Office of the Town of Freedom
71 Pleasant Street
Freedom, ME 04941

May 10,2006

Dear Ron,

In your letter dated April 26, 2006, you asked that the Selectmen of Freedom respond to your request to have the last 900' of the Sibley Road up to the point where it intersects with the Beaver Ridge Road and Deer Hill Rd repaired at town expense. Since the Town of Freedom voted in 1975 to discontinue this section of road for maintenance only, the town has no obligation to repair it. Furthermore, we cannot find in the statutes that the town has any obligation to repair a discontinued road for emergency vehicles. Therefore, we respectfully deny your request. Also, you requested copies of minutes from previous meetings. These are available at the town office, or on the town website www. freedornme. org

Finally, we would suggest that you speak to the abutters about permission to repair the road, and/or seek legal advice.

Sincerely, The Selectmen of Freedom

Steve Bennett
Lynn Hadyrkiak