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Select Board meets every other Monday of each month.

December 31st 2014


Meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm
Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Erna Keller.


Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant………. $763.78
2nd Payroll-Selectmen… $358.86
AP Warrant ……………. $14,369.73
Ending Checkbook Balance………. $567,554.95

1. Payroll Warrant this week is $763.78
2. Payroll Warrant $358.86
3. A/P this week is $14,369.73
4. Ending Checkbook balance…………….……$567,554.95
5. We received a check from Redwine’s for NSF check 167.19, Dept of Corrections for FVFD $10.92, USPS for $630 December Rent, Snowmobile Reimbursement for 2014 for $278.04

Ron/Clint moved to sign payrolls and AP warrant.

Motion to adjourn passed at 4:30 pm
Next AP/Warrant signing meeting will be January 5th 2015 @ 6 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller

December 29th 2014 REGULAR MEETING


PRESENT: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock. Also in attendance was Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cynthia Abbott (Clerk), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Bob Hermon (Public Works) and Pam, Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry AND Tim Biggs.

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from December 15th, and December 22nd were reviewed. Ken, seconded by Clint, made motions, to accept both as written and place on file; motions passed.

Letter to Gerald Spaulding:
Discussion was started on a new site for the sand/salt pad. Ron asked question for the Town would be how much they are willing to spend on this.
Clint said there is room at the old dump but they would have to build a building there.
Gerry came in @ 6:20 went over the letter written.
The Town will use the land for access to the rear of the salt and sand pad. It will also use the land for Temporary parking of Town Equipment and a small pile of yard scrapings. There will not be any Permanent Structures or Equipment placed on this property.
A ninety day notice will be required for either party to cancel this agreement.
All parties agreed Gerald plus the 3 selectmen signed in front of Cynthia Abbott who the notarized it and it will be put on file.

Gerry asked about his abatement and was told that had gotten taken care of at the last selectmen’s meeting

Selectmen Thanked Mr. Spaulding for coming in and working with the town.

Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant........................$1,889.09
A/P Warrant.............................$4,812.05
Ending checkbook balance......$569,431.82

Ken/Clint moved to accept and sign the payroll; motion passed.
Ken/Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant; motion passed.

1. Payroll Warrant this week is $1889.09 (clerk, secretary, treasurer, road crew)
2. A/P this week is $4812.05 (maritime, Perc, Fire Tech, Gorham Leasing, Erna, Staples, Travis, Audrey Smith, Tara Ferguson, Dave Schofield, Bob Hermon)
3. Ending Checkbook balance…………….……$569,431.82
4. Letter for Gerry Spaulding with Notary info @ bottom
5. Barb Durr- would match 3 yrs but couldn’t match 60 per month with positive pay
6. Wed is the last day of year… There will be an ap & payroll warrant
7. Discussion on Banks- Ken/Clint to move forward with Bank of Maine to be the Towns new Bank.

Cindy reported:
1. There was 3 poverty abatements that Cindy still had questions on
One was already paid just need letter for the others
2. Cindy has printed off from the MMA website an application for GA that is much more in detail than the one the town uses.

Clint/Ken made motion to adopt & use the form 36MRSA841 for ALL applicants (which is an Application for Poverty Tax Abatement Form)

Clint/Ken made motion to adopt denial letter to be used as a guideline for the towns in decision making. (Attach E to Poverty Abatement)
3. Safety Training Papers for the garage are in the front of their book
Selectmen will do their training after next meeting is over

Town of Knox sent the contract for Fire Protection…
Jim has read over and the cover letter and the contract dates are different
Coverage goes until March 31st 2015 for contract we are on now
New contract is Feb 1st 2015-Jan 1st 2018 according to front page cover letter
In contract dates are April 1st 2015-March 31st 2018
Ron has talked with Galen Larrabee about the clerical errors
Jim asked if water test had been completed yet? NOT YET…

Cindy had called Unity and gotten an EMERGENCY Food basket for a family of 7

Citizen’s Issues:
Sallyann asked if there was a dog lease that the town uses… If so does it deal with Ducks?
Selectmen will contact Scott Holmes ACO
ACO needs to talk to Marcia O’Connor about the duck issue with them being in the road.

Clint reported he went to Trailside today and picked up tow ropes for the garage
50’x2” smallest that they had
Cutting edges had also been ordered

Inspection stuff that still needs to be addressed @ town garage
Gantry-needs to be rated (Actually aren’t using anymore)
Jacks Stands-was put together wrong- has this been addressed yet?
Lock Out/Tag Out- Has this been taken care of… Erna has already done the books with all the info check with Bob to see if everything has been tagged and listed
Basic 1st Aide Kit-needs to be bought still
Eye Wash Station- needs to be bought still

Lights still need to be taken care of

Office- need EXIT sign in the EMA office

Ron asked if they are going to continue to use Paul for fuel or fill out paperwork for the state.
Discussion on fuel and tanks
Northern Tool has tanks- Clint hasn’t checked into yet but will and will talk to Tim Varney about whether Town can buy in bulk.
Ron will check on the taxes per gallon
Ron will ask about Off Road Diesel and its uses

Ron/Ken made motion to go into executive session 1MRSA-405 (6) A for a personnel Matter @ 7:14 pm
Returned @ 7:752 pm

Jackie met with Allen Downer. Clint waived the fees and he paid his taxes. He was glad to get this taken care of

Need to have Dave go to corner of Greeley & North Palermo to get something done about the mess there on the corner again.

Historical :
Myrick has been given the $10,000 check along with the message about getting the foreclosure property paid asap so it doesn’t show on books for next year. Also that every time he sends info to Gibson about where the money is being spent that the town needs a copy for audit purposes. He said definitely he also will be having pictures that he would like to share with the town.

Recreation Committee :
Will be meeting on Friday to go over budget

Comp Plan:

Cemetery Committee :
Will also be meeting soon to go over what still needs to be raised for the Restoration Of Old Cemeteries

Budget Committee:
Will be meeting January 6th 2015 @ 6:30 in election hall

Old Business:
Ken will take Gazeteer to Jack Kelly in Camden to get value on Tingley Property
Ron mentioned to contact Bill Pickford too

New Business:
Tim Biggs mentioned that at Hidden Valley Camp they pour gallon of bleach into well then run the hose back into the well so it circulates the water
Then let it sit for a day
Can also use a torch to sterilize or a squeeze bottle to squirt back up inside the tap

Tim asked about the salt/sand shed- state participation and DEP
Clint said All the work would have to be kept under $110,000 or we would have to have an engineered study done.

Tim mentioned that they asked for the drawing on the Dam to stay under $5000 but he thinks it might have gone over

Tim also mentioned that after reviewing last few years he figures that town is spending around $2800 per mile.
Clint asked him to add in insurance and taxes to that number

Clint/Ken motion to adjourn @ 8:00 pm :

Next AP/Warrant signing meeting will be December 31st to take care of all outstanding bills and to pay the road crew
Next AP/Warrant signing meeting will be January 5th 2015 @ 6:00 pm
The next regular meeting will be January 12th 2015 @ 6:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller,

December 15th 2014 REGULAR MEETING


PRESENT: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock. Also in attendance was Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cynthia Abbott (Clerk), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Bob Hermon (Public Works) and Pam, Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry.

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from December 1st, and December 8th were reviewed. Ken, seconded by Clint, made motions, to accept both as written and place on file; motions passed.


Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant........................$3616.24
A/P Warrant.............................$10,878.48
Ending checkbook balance...................$550,550.70

Ken/Ron moved to accept and sign the payroll; motion passed.
Ken/Ron moved to sign the A/P warrant; motion passed.

1. Vernice will be here Tuesday
2. Banks -What do you want to do Bank of Maine or Bangor Savings?

Discussion on Banks was held:
Ken/Clint motion to transfer the checking account from Key Bank to Bank of Maine. (With the exceptions of Cd’s in Bangor Savings-those accts will stay there) Passes
Erna will contact Ted by the end of the week to get process started:

Theodore N. Scontras
Executive Vice President
The Bank of Maine
2 Canal Plaza, Portland, ME 04101

Cindy reported:
1. Water Test-Failed-see analysis report… Due to Ecoli which is a common occurrence –Ron will have someone dump bleach in again to start process again
2. Trash Pickup & Recycling Pickup for December 25th & 26th, 2014 will take place as normal…they also would like it if residents put BOTH out EACH DAY a little EARLIER…
3. Appointments’-Need to be done for Recreational Committee (Ken recommended terms are to be staggered for 1 yr, 2yr and 3 yr terms) and Budget Committee-what date would you like for terms on these? Ron asked how many members should we have and should we stagger them? Ron/Ken made motion to have 3 selectmen, and around 6 members, staggering them 2-for 1 yr, 2 for 2 yrs, 2 for 3 yrs with Doug being a 3 yr term
4. YEAR END INFO-I NEED ALL ABATEMENTS TO BE COMPLETED BY THIS FRIDAY; DECEMBER 19TH, 2014…THIS IS BOTH ABATEMENTS & POVERTY ABATEMENTS… Ron/Ken made motion to recess meeting tonight to come in tm night before budget meeting to do poverty abatements so Cindy can process by Friday.
5. Historical Committee has rescheduled their meeting for Thursday January 29th, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
6. Superintendant Heather Perry will be attending the Selectmen’s meeting on January 26th 2015.
7. Nomination Papers will be available on December 18th 2014 for the following:
Selectmen 3 yr term
Clerk, Tax Collector & Excise Tax Collector- 1 year term
Treasurer- 1 year term
School Board Rep- 3 year term
8. Election of Officers will take place on Friday, March 13th 2015 and Town Meeting will be Saturday March 14th 2015
9. Town Meeting Warrant for 2015-I have corrected the dates and there is an example for selectmen to start looking over to see what needs to be added or removed…WARRANT MUST BE COMPLETED BY FEBRUARY 25TH, 2015 –this is the last regular selectmen’s meeting before the Warrant needs to be posted.
10. Town Report- If selectmen would start thinking about the cover for its color and what you would like to see on it…

Clint left @ 6:40 for a meeting @ school

Town of Knox sent the contract for Fire Protection…
Jim has read over and the cover letter and the contract dates are different
Coverage goes until March 31st 2015 for contract we are on now
New contract is Feb 1st 2015-Jan 1st 2018 according to front page cover letter
In contract dates are April 1st 2015-March 31st 2018

Fire Dept has gotten a quote to replace the 2-12 ft doors plus electrical openers
Overhead doors estimate is $5,100 plus 10 yr warranty

Christmas Baskets will be delivered on Saturday December 20th 2014

Trk#3 is @ Pat’s garage for a tune up

Next month will be when the 6 month period is up on labor inspection. Fire Dept has a few more things that needs to be added then they are done addressing the issues

This year there has been around 50 calls between accidents & fires

Working on Reports... There is still a lot that needs to be done to get organized and make it easier to keep track of where items are , purchase orders and Erna’s Reports.
Ken will be back tomorrow to try to finish these up so Cindy can send reports to State for refund
Clint reported Trk# 6 had to have Hydraulic Hoses replaced.
Ron said 2 had been replaced today
Bob said That there are still the spinner lines that are steel that need to be replaced
The Town Garage is desperate for lights. Bob said they are down to one 8’ section that is working. Ken Boulier hasn’t been back and Clint will call him
Erna mentioned that he is still working out of town and has been really busy
Clint will try to call him again
If Clint can’t reach him
Ron/Ken said for Clint to call that Bob in Newburg

Personal Property was discussed. Jackie said that the oldest should be abated. There is a time limit on them
CEO/Health Officer:
Tires was the only issue-need to have Dave go back to check on progress

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: When bid for Keene house was accepted it was without the 2014 taxes, so Cindy says the selectmen will have to abate it b4 end of year when they pay it off

We will be meeting to come up with a budget for 2015
Meeting tm night Dec 16th @ 6:30 in election hall
Dam- Ken says we need to plan ahead-was wondering if there are any costs that the other selectmen thinks will occur
Ron says we need to form a committee to see what kind of Grants are available

Ken talked about Tingley Property lot size and that it is not very accessible.. He will contact real estate agent about a price for resale... So far it isn’t worth what they thought it might be

Cindy mentioned that Sue Frost has contacted her again about obtaining that property back- but wants to do it for the amount owed in back taxes

Ron brought up that the audit info for 2015 was in-this year was $4800 and next year could be up to but not to exceed $6500

Erna stated that this year with end of year will average out about $6000 and she thought that's what was decided last year

Ron/Ken made motion to sign contract for fee listed

Vernice will be here tomorrow @ 9am to start end of year audit
Ron/Ken Motion to recess meeting until Dec 16th prior to budget meeting to go over the poverty abatements on hand-

also at next AP/Warrant signing Dec 22nd they will go over any abatements that are in file that need to be taken care of before end of year-Cindy will have all items to look at then

meeting ended @ 7:32

Next AP/Warrant signing meeting will be Dec 22nd @ 6:00pm
The next regular meeting is Dec. 29th at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ernestine Keller,

December 8th 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:22 PM.
Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller.

Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant ...........................$5,760.98
A/P Warrant ................................$56,067.78
Ending checkbook balance..........................$557,554.05

1. Payroll Warrant this week is $ $5760.98 (clerk, treasurer, ACO, Selectmen, LPI & CEO, cleaning lady, road crew {35.5 Hrs OT} and Health Officer)
2. A/P this week is $56,067.78 (Maritime Energy, Dogs, CMP, Freedom General, Ingraham Equipment, PERC, BMV, IF & W, HP Fairfield, Eagle Rental, Freedom Fire Dept, MSAD #3, Hygrade, Mac’s, Yeatons, Freightliner, Travis, Canadian Chains, Knox, Lakeview Lumber, Kelly & Collins, White & Bradstreet, Cindy, Hilttop, Scott Holmes, Christine Spaulding, Bob Herman)
3. Ending Checkbook balance…………….……$557,554.05
4. Bangor Savings sent paperwork to look @ that Kenny asked to have filled in-Erna needs to contact Bank of Maine to ask about if the check reader key capture @ beginning of year will support XP… If not contact Ryan to find out what we need to do to comply…Bank of Maine doesn’t support XP they support Vista, Erna sent message to Ryan and waiting for response Ryan responded that we are all set he changed everything over to Windows 7 when we was having problems few months ago Erna will contact Bank of Maine Monday to let them know that's what we have
5. Can meeting be recessed until Tuesday to sign AP only… Unless storm then will be Wed or Thursday to sign
6. Bank -discussion and the decision will be made @ next meeting
7. Boxes for Christmas will be going out December 20th
8. Alison Perez contacted Cindy about Randy Witham taxes: she said she hadn’t been contacted and didn’t realize that taxes was behind. Her name is not on any deeds @ registry. Erna needs to add 2 liens to next AP to discharge them.
Ron/Clint moved to sign the payroll . The A/P warrants will be ready to sign Tuesday night before the budget meeting. Selectmen will meet then to sign warrant.

Motion to adjourn passed at 6:30 PM.
Next regular meeting December 15th@ 6 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller

December 1st 2014 REGULAR MEETING


PRESENT: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Bob Hermon (Public Works) and Pam, Myrick Cross (School Board & Historical,) Dave Schofield (CEO & LPI), Tim Biggs

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from November 17th & 24th were reviewed. Ken, seconded by Ron, made motions, to accept all three as written and place on file; motions passed.

Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant ........................$4,145.76
A/P Warrant .............................$10,503.83 after removing Eagle Rental $385
Ending checkbook balance...................$555,101.07

Ken/Clint moved to accept and sign the payroll; motion passed.
Ken/Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant with correction of removing Eagle for $385; motion passed.
1.Payroll warrant this week is $4,145.76 (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, road crew and fire chief)
2. A/P this week is $10,888.83 - $385 Eagle Rental= new amount $10,503.83
3. Ending checkbook balance...................$555,101.07
4. We rec’d check from LRAP/URIP $25,636 and Post Office Rent for November $630
5. I sent a bank comparison for selectmen to look at
Clint- Bank of Maine is cheapest
Ken-they have the low bid but didn't like the answer if bank fails, town would have to jump in car and go to Boston to get towns money
Ron-Bank of Maine is a new bank they seem to change their name-leans more towards Bangor Savings. They have been around a long time, might be a little more but they are also closer
Ken asked Erna to send comparison to Bangor Savings to fill in the empty spaces and report back at next meeting

Citizens Issues:
Gerald Spaulding stopped in halfway thru meeting to let selectmen know that he bought the property between Town Garage and his property which was owned by Mildred Skidgell.
Ron asked if the EPA released the property and he has a warranty deed.
Gerry said “Yes, he has a clear deed that has been registered @ the Registry of Deeds, pins have not been reset yet.”
Gerry said ” I am letting the town know this because if the town wants to continue using this property then I need it in writing by year end.”
Ron thanked Gerry for coming to let the board know and said they would get a letter written and sent to him right off.
After Gerry left there was discussion about where property was and what the town uses it for also need to contact Mildred because she has said that town has another piece available for them
Ron/Clint made motion to write a letter saying that the Town would like to use this property, pass over property but will not put any permanent structures on this property.
Motion passed all in favor with Ron writing the letter

Closer to the end of meeting a concerned citizen come in about a dog complaint. There has been dogs that he thinks aren’t registered in town on his property again and wanted to let the selectmen know that he has made several complaints. He asked what the selectmen was going to do about this issue and wanted to know who told the woman that this citizen made the complaint.
Cindy has talked to the ACO about this problem, she said she said the citizen wanted to stay anonymous so she wasn’t sure how anyone would of known.
Ron will have Scott Holmes (ACO) contact this lady about this issue and let her no this is her last warning, she needs to keep her dogs on her property and make sure they are registered with town.


Cindy has left a copy of Waldo County Proposed Budget for 2015 which was rec’d 11/25 and there is an upcoming meeting being held on December 12th @ 6 pm in Belfast @ District Court Building
2. Ken still has to be trained and certified online on the “Right to Know” Law at

General Assistance: GA REPORT needs to be done. Ken, Ron and Cindy will start work on this Wednesday morning @ 9 am ( Erna went and printed off report for 2013 & 2014 of what was spent)

FIRE DEPT: not present

CORRESPONDENCE: Was looked at and discussed

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that truck #8 had an issue during the last storm the road was soft and truck slide into ditch.Public Works bought whole new door that needs to be painted and sometime in future will need a windshield. It was broken in the top right hand corner from wing.
Ron mentioned garage still needs to buy tow ropes, should of had them during that last storm.
Ken said we already approved having them so they just need to be bought.
Dave Schofield mentioned that straps would also be good to use in that situation.
Clint will check with Trailside in Bangor to see if they have big enough tow ropes.
Clint also reported he had Travis go to Canadian Chains to get 3 sets of tire chains and to pick up cutting edges @ HP Fairfield
Clint mentioned there might be some complaints about the side of the roads being torn up by plow. They are going to tighten the wing up, loosened up from the incident above.

ACO: wasn’t here

School Board Member: Myrick Cross reported that they will be evaluating the superintendent at the next meeting and has is on a new committee. This evaluation committee will be for teachers.
Ken asked about the Virtual Curriculum
Myrick said that 2 of the students are back and 1 is still missing.

Solid Waste: wasn’t here

EMA: Meeting/Training and refresher course coming up on December 11th

PUBLIC WORKS: Ken asked where we stand on lights
Ron stated Ken is working out of town on another job but the garage has to have something done, they can’t keep working under those conditions
Clint has a person who has contacted him and is interested in doing the work but he will contact Ken Boulier first

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Myrick reported that he contacted the Gibson Foundation. He gave a copy of his letter to Gibson and there response to the select board and Erna.
Erna will send to Ron Smith to see what else has to be done. Looks like everything is covered but wants to make sure.
Keene Hall meeting will be on December 10th from 7-9 in our Election Hall. They need tables and chairs set up for meeting. There will be a presentation from Christopher Glass & Tony Grassi
Myrick asked when the key would be available-Cindy told him beginning of week

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Christmas craft fair total was around $900 totals of how money was distributed:
$140 for restoration of old cemeteries from the tables rented to vendors and $752 was made towards the maintenance of Freedom Ballfield and Park
Next year we will be going back to second Sat of December
Storm-made parking very difficult and next year we will ask vendors to park @ fire dept and church to keep parking at office clear for easier access.

COMP. PLAN: no report

APPEALS BOARD: no report
DAM: no new news but there will be an article for funding on warrant for town meeting

CEO & LPI: David Schofield reported that there is a building that had been built with no permit. He contacted them and sent them to the office to get one.
Tony Grassi has a walking path and footbridge that he is working on. Dave has met with him several times.
Call from selectmen- Dave and the health officer has been to the residence and still hasn’t caught up with them. Discussion held on what should be done.
Plumbing Inspector at this time has nothing going on
Myrick Cross asked Dave when he needs to be involved with the work they are doing on Keene Hall.
Dave will come up anytime that they call him and that they should be careful around the end of house where they are cutting bushes, that use to be an open septic and should have a fence around it.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: nothing at this time

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Meets on Tuesday nights @ 6:30 pm

OLD BUSINESS: Ron asked about Nuisance Ordinance and if we have one in place
The Grazitua/Macloed consent decree still haven't heard back from them.
Ron stated that every time we contact the lawyer it cost the town money
Ken stated that he feels like they aren’t going to respond, at first they said they would pay the fine then they changed their minds.
They have the letter lawyer sent-consent decree
Clint said as representatives of the town we said we was going to fine them and lawyer sent them another letter
Dave- ordinance says if they refuse to pay they can be fined up to 2500-5000 a day per violation. This ordinance was put into effect so that there wouldn’t be these issues.
so far it has cost the town $1500...
Ron asked board what they would like to do
Clint/Ken motion for Ron to talk to lawyer again about towns option. motion passes

Spirit of America needs to be done.
Cindy suggested OLD MILL PROJECT
Ron/Clint motion for Old Mill Project to be recipient
Cindy asked who would write tribute
Ron said he will/ Ken will help if Ron can’t

Tingley Property:
Ron suggests that the board take it back to Town Meeting to see what they would like done with property
Ken says need to do little more leg work and check with a realtor to see what property is worth, should they keep any separate for town-cell tower or a portion kept for recreation
Clint says it’s a lot for town to manage
Ken thinks they should sell and get the cost used to offset taxes
Warrant article said for selectmen to have surveyed and managed by the town- need to take back to town meeting to open back up for discussion
Ron says they nee to get a committee together and report back to selectmen with a proposal to take to town meeting
Ken offered to talk to some realtors
Ron/Clint motion for Ken to talk to realtors and report back

NEW BUSINESS: Ron said they need to come up with some policies for town facilities
Ron will go over fees for building permits and report back @ next regular meeting
Alfond Scholarship-needs to be looked into
Ron: THANK YOU to Publics Works Dept for there hard work, it is greatly appreciated. Sometimes it feels like a thankless job.

The next meeting is December 8th to sign warrants. The next regular meeting is December 15th at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller,

November 24th, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 5:59 PM.

Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller, Bob & Pam Herman, Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry, James Rogers & his wife, Ted Scontras (Vice President Bank of Maine)


Payroll Warrant Sept. 29th...........................$2,259.28
A/P Warrant Sept. 29th................................$3,538.44
Ending checkbook balance..........................$566,476.01

1. Payroll Warrant this week is $2,259.28 (clerk, secretary, treasurer, cleaning lady and road crew)
2. A/P this week is $3538.44(CMP, Thorndike Auto, PERC, Fairpoint, AAA, Cindy, Hutchins, Mac’s, KVCOG, Tina Freeman, Erna, Travis, Cox Machine, Coastal Medical, Standard Distributors, Bob,)
3. Ending Checkbook balance……………$566,476.01
4. We received a check from Clark’s Corner 219.60, MMTCTA $30.00, Revenue Sharing $3274.79
5. Christmas Craft Fair Sat
Ken/Clint moved to sign the payroll
Clint/Ken moved to sign A/P warrants and to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

The Bank of Maines vice president Ted Scontras came and did a presentation
Discussed municipal loans 3yr, 5yr, 7yr and how much the road bond would have been in interest and how they come up with the figures
3 yr Guarantee
$60.00 per month includes positive pay, Libor, (when interest goes up we get it automatically) New remote capture machine, everything except incoming & outgoing wires are in this cost
Federal Home Loan Bank-guarantees/insures every dime Federal govt set up this bank to cover all other banks (If bank fails there would be an economic collapse) Quasi Public
2 branches close-Waterville & Augusta
Final Report & presentation on Tingley Property from James Rogers

Ron/Ken motion to adjourn
Motion to adjourn passed at 7:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller

November 17th, 2014 REGULAR MEETING

CALL TO ORDER: 5:55 pm

PRESENT: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Bob Hermon (Public Works) and Pam, Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Glenn Sporie

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from November 3rd & November 10th were reviewed. Ken, seconded by Clint, made motions, to accept with small correction to Nov. 10th pg 1-should be trk#6 not #7 and place on file; motions passed.


Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant 10/6/14........................$2,479.13
A/P Warrant 10/6/14.............................$2,800.17
Ending checkbook balance...................$589,485.31

1. Don’t forget Christmas Craft Fair will be here on November 29th… Sat after Thanksgiving
2. There is a mailing we would like to send out to our citizens with info and updates from Cindy on Holiday office hours, rabies clinic, craft fair, and Historical on Keene building meeting… Cost is $44.38 (on warrant)
3. We received a check from MRC for $1606.44
4. KVCOG check???
5. Discussion of Bank of Maine coming @ 5:30 on November 24th with a presentation
6. Still haven’t heard from Camden National
7. Have received 2 calls from Bangor Savings-Danielle and Jen asking if there is any news or if selectmen have any more questions.
8. Two way mirrors-have these been put up yet?
9. I will continue as secretary until you can find someone else, but it just is too many hours with my full time job, 20-25 hours here and volunteering with the cemetery plus rec/booster club … Thank You for the opportunity- if I wasn’t working so many hours I would enjoy this job.
Clint/Ron moved to accept and sign the payroll; motion passed.
Clint/Ron moved to sign the A/P warrant; motion passed.
[Treasurer’s report attached]


FIRE DEPT: Jim Waterman advised that the street light in front of Fire House is not working-Ron will call CMP to get this fixed.
Safety Works-Jim mentioned that the fire dept has addressed the issues @ fire house and has a letter they are writing describing the discrepancies and what is being or been to done to fix them. January is when the 6 months is up to have addressed these issues. Letter needs to be sent to Bureau of Labor. Jim had copy in his truck-copies was made for selectmen and secretary. Bob Herman has his whole packet @ the town garage.
Fire Dept was scheduling cleaning chimneys tonight but it was cancelled due to the weather.
Jim mentioned that the state is doing work on North Palermo by bridge and are now starting to remove signs and lights. Discussion went on to trees at the corner of Albion Road. (Mr. Higgins property)
Ron has talked to Pat Cronin about the limbs being a danger when trying to leave that intersection.
Clint thinks there should be a flashing light there
Ron-that visibility there is terrible
Ken asked if anyone had contacted Basil Higgins?
Ron thinks Pat from Maine DOT has

Water test will be going out this week

6 Abatements was discussed
1. Gerald and Barbara Spaulding: They are being charged for a garage that has been previously removed. (GIVE TO JACKIE)
2. Audrey Smith: requesting that she also receives abatement for 2011, 2012 & 2013 taxed for 1 _ Story (Clint/Ken motion to grant abatement for 2012 & 2013) motions passed.
3. Ferguson 158 Greely Road show they are being taxed for 1 _ story house, this was burned down on October 16th 2011 (GIVE TO JACKIE)
4. James Marple-Sugar shack equipment, bulldozer & machinery that had been sold this should have been removed from computer by Brian Jones last year when this was brought to selectmen’s attention (GIVE TO JACKIE)
5. Erwin Nickless request abatement for pay loader 2013 & 2014 (Clint/Ken motion to grant abatement for 2013 & 2014) motions passed.
6. Robert & Rita Shepard- “DENIED” Town doesn’t use current valuation
1 Poverty Abatement was discussed-when doing paperwork on these abatements just say acct number and NO names

Discussion on what banks have been here with a quote and that will be here on Monday November 24th @ 5:30

Truck seven inspection sticker

Clint-haven’t heard back from Ken Boulier yet on lights for garage. There was another man that was interested in coming and giving a quote (Bob from Newport) Energy of Maine works with these guys to give you a discount when using new LED lights.

There was an issue with the GFI @ garage
2 bays @ town garage aren’t even lighting up anymore, hard to work with no lights
Ron/Ken motion Clint was authorized to get guy down there to get lights taken care of.
Clint went over PW Budget - $22,000 with 6 weeks to go


CEO/LPI: Ron had to call and let Dave know he was very upset that did not call or go to a residents that had tried several times to reach him. Dave has now been there and inspected.


Since the letter pertaining to the Dam went to Dave Bridges-selectmen instead of town office for selectmen & EMA officer there might be a hefty fine for paperwork never being done.
Might be an upcoming Mock evacuation

Sand Pile- Eric Kluck from DEP kindly told Clint that there are things that still need to be done to contain salt/sand pile, such as pave around the area where dumping and loading is done.
That we can’t use a roll up side for sand shed that the sides must be on the building to contain salt/sand pile.
Under $110,000 we don’t need a design for
Clint will call Pete McLaughlin (?) about setting up a meeting

A Community Conversation will be held at the Freedom Town Office Annex/Election Hall on Wednesday December 10, 2014 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
We would like to invite your ideas about the restoration of Keen Hall, located at One Main Street in Freedom.
Special guests attending will be Tony Grassi Owner and Project Manager for the restoration of the Mill at Freedom Falls and Christopher Glass, Maine Preservation Architect, author and lecturer.
Everyone is encouraged to come listen and to participate in creating a vision for this important future community resource sponsored by the Freedom Community Historical Society.

Paperwork is back from Freedom Community Historical Society from IRS and State of Maine. Now that they have this info-Erna will send to Ron Smith, auditor. In the meantime we are still waiting for a letter from Gibson Foundation that the Historical was to contact.

Freedom Recreational/Booster 5th Annual Christmas Craft Fair:
Date - Saturday, November, 29, 2014
Time – 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location - Freedom Town Office; 71 Pleasant Street, Freedom, ME
There will be LOCAL CRAFTERS.........Table fee - $10.00 each
Theme - "The Grinch"
Come and have your picture taken with the Grinch for FREE.
Also we always have lots of nice items on our Silent Auction, Chinese Auction and White Elephant Sale. There will be a drawing on a boy and a girl Christmas stocking, 50/50 raffle and we will have lunch for sale.
Proceeds from the Silent Auction & Lunch sales will go towards the maintenance & improvements for the Freedom Ball Field.
Contact – Cindy at the Freedom Town Office 382-6177
please share this with your friends.

COMP. PLAN: none


First meeting is Thursday November 20th 2014 @ 6:30 pm
LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS- there has been a few people get done
Second meeting will be Tuesday December 2nd 2014 @ 6:30

Tingley Property:
Ken said Jim was a little hung up on survey.
He feels like the value of survey was off. Ken will try to get this info for next week.
Ron stated if Town decides to put this property out for bid, we need to know how much it is worth.

Ron also stated that the lawyer representing the Tingley Estates contacted him wanting to buy the property back. After discussion they will have to bid on this property just like any other person interested.

Ken mentioned using a realtor for assessing the value, could be considered a hunter’s paradise among other things.

Clint mentioned that the worth needs to be figured out so we can take back to town meeting.

Discussion on the properties “RIGHT OF WAY” Ron will call and ask Lane Gray for a legal description of the right of way.

US Cellular:
Ron has contacted them and trucks will have phones as of November 27th

Veteran’s Day Ceremony:
Ron stated that this was a great day put on by the Freedom Recreation/Booster Club. Everyone was very pleased and great attendance. They also had a birthday cake for Roy Ward.

KVCOG Check needs to be redone for the next AP warrant

Protocol on Mailboxes:
Ron wants to know if they are going to keep it as is with not replacing them or change it back to fix what we break.

Clint stated that you can’t chase mailboxes, sometimes accidents happen and boxes get hit.

Ron/Ken made motion for a Policy to fix any mailboxes that we hit. If we end up having to replace quite a few then we will readdress in future. Motion passes

Ken/Ron asked Glenn Sporie if he would be in charge of fixing any mailboxes that get hit
Motion passes
Glenn Sporie accepted

State of Maine @ Knox State Camp
Ron asked if anyone had any ideas of where to proceed with this opportunity
Ken thinks it would really save the town a lot of money
Ron had talked with Paul Flynn; unfortunately there was no way he could match states pricing. He asked Paul if he could work with town and maybe just give a discount- Paul said that wasn’t possible
Concerns of having to drive up that huge hill during a bad storm
Contact Tim Varney to see if we could put tank @ garage and still get pricing, piggyback with the states deliveries
Ken mentioned maybe using truck 7 and putting tank in back to go get fuel
Clint said then we would be needed certain drivers that could haul hazardous materials
Discussion on a tank with a containment area
Clint will get pricing for next meeting

Ron & Ken received certificates from General Assistance

The next meeting is November 24th @ 5:30 to meet with Bank of Maine and @ 6:00pm to sign warrants. The next regular meeting is December 1st 2014 at 6 PM.

Clint/Ron motion to adjourn passed at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller,

November 10th 2014

Recessed from Nov 3rd 2014 @ 6:00pm REGULAR MEETING


PRESENT: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Glenn Sporie, Bob and Pam Herman, Travis Price

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes was not done because it was recessed until tonight, mistake on Erna’s part

Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant 11/10/14........................$3,429.85
A/P Warrant 11/10/14.............................$10,538.33
A/P Warrant 11/07/14.............................$82.50 (PA sound system for Veteran’s Day @ R U Ready to Party)
Ending checkbook balance...................$556,429.90

1. Payroll Warrant this week is $3,429.85 (clerk, deputy clerk, treasurer, ballot clerks, cleaning lady and road crew-2.5 hrs OT)
2. A/P this week is $10,538.33(Sullivan’s, CMP, Freedom General, Thorndike Auto, Ingraham Equip, PERC, BMV, O Connor, Fire Tech, My Sister & I, Erna- Oriental Trading, Harcros, Ron Price, Kelly & Collins, White & Bradstreet, C & J Trailor, Hilltop, MGMC..)
3. A/P last week was $82.50 R U READY TO PARTY for PA system for Veteran’s Day Memorial
4. Ending Checkbook balance……………$556,429.90
5. Don’t forget
6. We received a check from Clayton Larrabee for use of town truck -70 hrs summer roads & 27 winter rds also Truck Excise Tax Reimbursement $40.72
7. Thank You Barbara Durr TD Bank for being here today
Clint/Ken moved to accept and sign the payroll; motion passed.

Ken brought up truck # 6 and there was a discussion on whether it was making the town money. Clayton paid state wages for use of truck so the profit was state pay per hour - hrs for labor… Town made money

[Treasurer’s report attached]

TD Bank:

Barbara Durr was here and made a presentation
Remote Scanner-they provide us with a new one
Online Banking
Account Maintenance
Unlimited check writing
Based on the analysis she rec’d from us for Key Bank fee will be around $62.88 on our low balance months
High Balance months there will be no fees
Ron-cost will be pretty much 0 except for the few months of July & August
Barbara-Yes as far as she can see with the analysis… Around $150ish a year based on historical balances.
Ron- Cost to keep in bank to offset any fees?
Barbara- Average of $235,000
Cost of key services for 9 months was $1800
Govt Banking relation with the selectmen & treasurer
Direct Deposit for employees
Ken-How do u secure
Barbara- Fed Home Loan Bank of Pittsburg which is basically an insurance policy which the bank covers the cost not the town
Event of Bank failure- TOWN gets paid the full amount
Daily check balance-influx of money and bank will cover to make sure checks are maintained
2nd Safest Bank in World
Closest branch is Fairfield, Barbara works out of Portland Branch
TD etreasurer- provide new scanner, Escrow Direct is a free acct based on 15pt system for dedicated or perpetual care accts
Ron asked How big bank is
Barbara from Maine, Canada and all of East Coast except for Georgia
Ken asked How many does she you handle that are municipalities?
Barbara handles around 197 accts that are govt or TIN related
Erna asked about check stock - The towns responsibility but suggests that all check stock go thru Lewiston to be tested.
Payroll-ACH process right thru Trio that is set up with bank-up to a 2 day process
Ron-Thank You for coming and giving presentation-we will discuss as a board and get back to you
Couple of Questions forgot to ask was How long does bank guarantee prices and do you have credit cards…Erna emailed this on 11/11/2014
Barbara’s response was
The rates she quoted are good for a year. We do have a Corporate Credit Card that currently costs $150 per year. Does the town currently have a card? The other option is debit cards attached to the Town account.
Thank You so much for inviting me to selectmen’s meeting.

Erna wrote back
No we don’t have any credit cards at this time
Probably a debit card would be alright
I will mention to selectmen
Thank you for coming, We really appreciated it

I have also sent analysis to Camden national-Natalie Nadeau and to sent request to Bank of Maine

Bank of Maine responded with
Hi Ernestine,
We spoke at MMA and I am the person who would meet with the selectmen and you.
I cannot make the meeting on the 17th because I am in Bangladesh right now doing volunteer work. I will be back on the 17th but see that I am booked up that day.
I would like to suggest an alternative. Would you and the selectmen mind if you and I met first so that I can get some information as to the current account structure and volume of activity?
With that information, I can put together a meaningful proposal to present at the next selectmen's meeting.
Email isn't that reliable here so if you email me back and don't hear for a day or so that's why.
Be assured that The Bank of Maine would definitely like to service the town's accounts
Ted Scontras
Executive Vice President
The Bank of Maine

Plus I got a phone call from Betsy who is helping out until Ted gets back-I sent the analysis and asked about credit cards, remote deposit, guarantee on pricing and let them know there is a meeting on November 24th… They would like to come make a presentation @ 5:30-5:45

Executive Session:
Poverty Abatements 6:45pm
1MRSA 405 (6) E
Returned @ 7:05pm
Ron/Clint No decisions made-reviewed poverty Abatement for $16.00 (2014 Property Tax cost of $1696.77)

Mildred Skidgell signed the paperwork for the town garage to use the well for water to town garage.

Nancy Farrar-personal Property abatement request (set up meeting for Wed. Nov. 19th @ 6pm, Ron will call Nancy)

Audrey Smith- Abatement for two previous yrs-her first form was just for 2014

Clint said that Truck#7 was harnessed up and ready to go for inspection
Wondering if Glenn Sporie was willing to drive it and do Town Office and the smaller roads in town –That is what he recommends
Needs to put wing on
Ron said fine with him
Glenn said he was willing
Clint/Ken motion to put truck #7 back and road with Glenn Sporie driving
Approved by all
Ron stated Travis said it should be good to go for inspection, he has checked it out thoroughly. Clutch might be needing work shortly.
Clint had to leave for an appointment

Ron-There is cold patch that needs to be removed from body of truck-tm they should go out and do patching of roads and get cleaned out
Ken/Ron approved for this to be done

The Hunter’s Breakfast was a success… Will have more details after there business meeting

Thanksgiving Day baskets-will be distributed the weekend before on November 22nd. Anyone who is interested in some COMMUNITY SERVICE call WCAP and ask for Dallas about times to assembly & deliver boxes. They can always use more delivery drivers. (Airport Road where Old Harbor Graphics was) Be there around 7:30 to go and deliver for anyone interested there are 30-35 boxes as of right now.

Ron/Ken made a motion to RECESS meeting until Monday November 10th 2014 @ 6:00pm Approved

Solid Waste:

MRC & PERC are still butting heads.
Meredith has talked to Sullivan’s about a tentative change
Sullivan’s contract will be under review –board should take look at

Recreational Dept:

Don’t forget Veteran’s Day events at 11:00 tomorrow

Budget Committee:

Doug has started contacting members to set up date and time

Need NEW members

Old Business:

Personal Property
Needs to be gone over and discussed as a group- selectmen have a lot to look at
One big one that is still outstanding and should discuss what to do with it @ next meeting

Ken will contact Jim Rogers-Cindy nor Ken have heard from him yet on Tingley Property Analysis

KVCOG check-
Discussion on they supply a great service but the Comp Plan is now done and they are not anticipating anything cropping up in future
Ken asked if MMA covers the things we might need
Ron-They give legal advice but will send us to KVCOG for ordinances, planning board questions, etc…
Ken asked if the work on dam would be an issue
Ron/Ken motion to not send check to KVCOG and Ron will write a letter thanking them for their services but declining to keep them for the town.

Ken asked about barn on ledges lane
Ron stated that lawyer has sent letter so we are waiting to hear from them, then will discuss how to proceed.

Glenn asked about brush cutting and stated there are still a couple of places he knows of that needs to be done.

New Business:

Ron asked if they could check out Paul Smith’s Property, said he saw an ad for him that said he has 6 acres on waterfront and doesn’t remember that being so
Actually being taxed for 2.8 acres-tax map

Ken wants to know if they can come up with a cost of Winter roads (including town garage costs, payroll, supplies, etc) from last year and how much per mile cost would be. He knows that it would take some doing but wonder if Erna could do this?

Erna said she would try to get that together but it would take a bit because she would have to put in excel and remove items and add items to give an estimate of cost per mile

Ron said its total cost / amount of miles in town

Ken asked “How they would decide on staying with Key bank or going with another bank to save town money.”

Ron says we still have 2 banks that are interested in a presentation- then will go over all banks involved Look @ good and bad things that we see.

Erna stated that we also need to consider how long bank will guarantee their pricing… Bangor Savings has said 3 years, Key hasn’t even offered to come and meet with us again, TD Bank has quoted 1 year

Not passed still couple things to discuss

Chain Saw
Ron/Ken gives permission for Town Garage to purchase the chainsaw to keep in truck during winter and for use on any committee that needs to use during other times. Saw would be a lightweight 235 maybe 18” bar
Sept 28th it was voted that cemetery could get a chainsaw. Ron/Clint moved to authorize Cemetery Committee to buy their own chainsaw. Motion passed (then retracted when Cindy was upset with the money coming out of cemetery account.)
Oct 6th Clint suggested Public Works Dept buying a small chainsaw for which the cemetery committee could borrow. Ron/Ken moved to authorize Clint to purchase a chainsaw up to $250.00

Communication for Trucks
Ron stated right now there is no way to communicate with trucks while they are plowing.
Ron would like authorization to contact US Cellular
Ken asked if these would stay in the trucks
Ron- yes for winter months only would like to check on a contract for Oct-April
Ken/Ron would like to authorize getting the best deal possible with texting

Tow Ropes for Trucks
Ron would like permission to get a good tow rope to have available in case they are needed can get from Trailside

Ron/Ken motion to Public Works Dept purchase a new tow rope

Ron/Ken Motion to adjourn
passed at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller,

November 3rd 2014

Recessed til Nov 10th 2014 @ 6:00pm REGULAR MEETING


PRESENT: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Ken Overlock Erna Keller (Treasurer), Glenn Sporie (PW Dept), Cindy Abbott (Clerk), Clayton Larrabee

Clint Spaulding was not at this meeting

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes were reviewed. Ken/Ron made motions, to accept as written and place on file; motions passed.

Erna reported:
Payroll Warrant 10/6/14........................$5276.67
A/P Warrant 10/6/14.............................$61,344.19- Hold KVCOG check out til next meeting to discuss
Ending checkbook balance...................$546,808.99

1. Payroll Warrant this week is $5,276.67 (clerk, aco, treasurer, cleaning ladies, selectmen, CEO & LPI, laborer for office and road crew-19.25 hrs OT)
2. A/P this week is $61,344.19 (Ingraham Equipment, PERC, BMV, MSAD 3, Clayton Larrabee, Glenn Sporie, Mac’s Hdw, KVCOG, Gorham Leasing, Tina Freeman, Travis Price, Lakeview Lumber, Paris Farmer’s Union...)
3. Ending Checkbook balance……………$546,808.99
4. We still haven’t rec’d a check from Clayton Larrabee for use of Town truck from this summer. Clayton was @ meeting requesting the amount of hours for the use of the truck for sand… 27 hrs will be added to summer roads amount and will be paid soon
5. We received a check from Tree Growth Reimbursement for $6,053.53 and USPS for October Rent $630.00
6. Barbara Durr would like to come November 11th @ 6:15-6:30 to make a presentation from TD Bank
7. Having a drawing on Dec 15th @ 6:00 pm for a Suede Patriots Jacket to raise money for Restoration of Old Cemeteries… We would like the selectmen to draw the name @ that meeting… PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!
8. Walk ways??? Can we have Glenn if available to keep these cleared for us??? Ron asked Glenn if he was interested- Glenn Said yes, Ron/Ken approved Glenn Sporie to keep walkways cleared
Ron/Ken moved to accept and sign the payroll; motion passed.
Ron/Ken moved to sign the A/P warrant but holding out KVCOG until next meeting for discussion; motion passed.

[Treasurer’s report attached]

Citizens Issues:

Clayton Larrabee was here as a contractor to discuss the Sand/Salt

Ron told Clayton that the town must owe him money still because of the communication or misunderstanding that went on @ public works dept-
Clayton said that he did end up filling the remainder of order with the better sand
Ron wants to talk next week about this issue
Clayton said just leave it- next year we will make sure things are in order and taken care of so there are no miscommunications

Cindy reported:
1. There is a report there from Meredith Coffin
2. Can you have the town truck come drop sand before 7:30 am, elections start @ 8:00 am? Ron/Ken approved
3. Water Test needs to be sent next warrant-Cindy will get copy to Erna
4. We are having an issue with the septic needs to be cleaned. Cindy will check with state to see if it is on file-we don’t have here in the office.
There was small discussion Ken suggests we make a map and put on file here in office. Clayton thinks he knows where it is- Ron asked Glenn to use a _ rod and probe out where they think it is... Glenn said he would
5. Poverty abatements –Ron/Ken will bring these up @ next Monday night meeting
6. Need a claim for town truck -MMA
7. “Spirit of America” certificate for Bicentennial Committee Please start thinking about nominations for this year- Cindy explained what this was and there was a small discussion. (Cindy- Mill Project might be a great one to nominate)
Clayton mentioned groups and committees that have their awards hung for everyone to see- appreciates it so much
Ken asked Cindy if she had heard from Jim Rogers, Cindy will check emails-If no then Ken will contact him
8. Abatement Homestead exemption 6/4/14 Bonnie B (DENIED-doesn’t qualify, needs to live there a year for a homestead)
9. Abatement 1089 N Palermo Rd for 2014 (assessed value, recent market analysis compared to 3 properties sold) 229,000 to 243,000
Ron/Ken motion: Hand to Jackie to take care of to check for a mistake-otherwise then that we don’t give abatements on Real Estate Value; once you start everyone will be asking for abatement. Continue with the same method as always APPROVED

Ron/Ken moved to accept clerks report; motion passed

Glenn Sporie-The trash that I was asked to go clean up on Greeley was done, there is a bag on the selectmen’s desk with 3 names on mail items

Cindy said a plow driver took out Patty Sylvia’s mailbox even after she has orange tape on it. She lives alone. Will Plow driver replace it?? Passed earlier in year not to replace any boxes that have been damaged

The Hunter’s Breakfast will be Nov. 8 from 5-10 AM for $7 per person. Fire Dept will be using bottled water for everyone’s safety.

Vehicle Fire -1/2 way up n Palermo road before willettes. There was damage done to the road-vehicle was fully involved when fire dept got there. Plow truck was on top of hill waiting to get down sand-around 45 mins

Thanksgiving Day baskets-will be distributed the weekend before on November 22nd. Anyone who is interested in some COMMUNITY SERVICE call WCAP and ask for Dallas about times to assembly & deliver boxes. They can always use more delivery drivers.

Ken asked Jim if town and fire dept shares septic
Jim said “No, just the well and as far as he knew the fire dept hadn’t been pumped either.”
Ken/Ron made motion to have Glenn Sporie checked over at fire dept for that septic too and have both pumped at same time. Approved

Ron/Ken made a motion to RECESS meeting until Monday November 10th 2014 @ 6:00pm Approved

Motion to adjourn passed at 6:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller,

October 27th 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM

Present: Ron Price, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller, Bob & Pam Herman, Danielle Burke and Cathy Reynolds.
Clint Spaulding was not here


Erna reported:

Payroll Warrant Sept. 29th...........................$ 2,663.90 (clerk, deputy clerks, treasurer, cleaning lady and road crew)
A/P Warrant Sept. 29th................................$ 8,992.67 (CMP, Thorndike Auto, PERC, BMV, HP Fairfield, Fairpoint, Fire Tech, Glenn Sporie, Mac’s, Travis Price, Harcros, Lakeview Lumber, IPS, Hilltop, MGMC, Key Bank-941, Bob Herman, Freedom Falls) Ending checkbook balance..........................$ 588,930.19

1. In the front of payroll is a list of wages- Please sign- Ron/ Ken motion to accept & sign
2. In front of AP folder there is a letter concerning community service that needs to be signed – Ron/ Ken motion to accept & sign
3. Need a corrected sign for Penney Cemetery
4. Veteran’s Day is November 11th- Don’t forget to come to the Welcome Home Vietnam celebration… Bells will RING @ 11:00 AM!!!
Veterans Day Ceremony –
• Tuesday, November 11th,
• bells ring at 11 am
• Theme – “Welcome home Vietnam Veterans”
• Location – Academy Lot next to the Freedom Church
• Snacks available after the ceremony in church basement
5. Christmas Craft Fair
• Saturday, November 29th
• 9 am - 3 pm
• Theme “The Grinch” – come have your pictures taken with the Grinch!! This could be wonderful Christmas card idea.
• Silent Auction - watch our page & we'll post pictures of our items
• Chinese Auction
• Boy & Girl Christmas Stocking Drawing
• 50/50
• Lunch for Sales
• Proceeds from the Silent Auction & Lunch Sales will go towards the maintenance & improvements for the Freedom Ball Field
6. Bangor Savings presentation is tonight (Danielle Burke & Cathy Reynolds)
7. TD Bank vice president of Gov Relationship manager was here Wednesday when I got here. We talked I gave her the selectmen’s business card and our analysis She would like to set up a time to meet with you- Her number is 828-7457 Barbara Durr- she talked to us @ MMA convention
8. Ron have you contacted Bank of Maine yet?

Ron/Ken moved to sign both the payroll and A/P warrants and to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Meeting with Bangor Savings ( Danielle Burke and Cathy Reynolds)
Every night money is swept out- we can decide whether all is or just part is
Business Checking Plus
Scanner- We deposit just like we have been. They can reprogram the scanner that we are using currently if key doesn’t take it back
All statements & analysis is done online and can be downloaded to a file on computer
Payroll option- $32.00 a week for up to 8 employees W-2’s are 85.00 with each addtl over the 8 @ 5.00 each
Community Card- set up to not exceed $500 daily. Checking into if there is a purchase over that amount how to go about it.
They come here and train for the online use
Fraud Protection
Cost savings around $179 per month
They guarantee these prices for 3 years and every month they will be personally checking our analysis statement to see if we should be doing any changes, etc..
Old business that from Oct 20th was to take care of 2 poverty abatements after listening to Bangor Savings… This has been tabled until next selectmen’s meeting on November 3rd 2014 when Clint will be back.

Next regular meeting is November 3rd 2014 @ 6:00

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ernestine Keller

OCTOBER 20th, 2014                    REGULAR MEETING

PRESENT:  Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Ken Overlock.  Also Erna Keller (Treasurer  & Secretary), Bob Hermon (Public Works) and Pam, Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry, Myrick Cross (School Representative) along with Clayton Larrabee.
REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from Oct 6th 2014, and October 13th 2014 were reviewed.  Ken, seconded by Ron, made motions, to accept all as written and place on file; motions passed.
1.       Payroll Warrant this week is $2,255.78 (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, health officer and road crew)
2.    A/P this week is $7523.46
3.    Ending Checkbook balance……………$582,039.58
4.    Bangor Savings will be here Oct 27th with a proposal
5.    Reordered checks- they will be here in 5-10 days cost $154.94
6.    PERC tipping fee is $77.00 per ton
7.    Employee pay scale & what to pay for mileage & equipment used
            [Treasurer’s report attached]
Ron welcomed Erna as new secretary
Citizens Issues:  
Cindy left for selectmen:
1. Two abatements and one supplemental to be signed. Ken motion to sign Ron seconded
FIRE DEPT:  Jim Waterman advised that the instructions to purify the well are usually included with the test results.  Run the water until it is coming from the well (not the pipes), put in the required gallons of bleach, and run the water until you can smell the chlorine. Ron said that tomorrow he will add 2 gals bleach.
1.     Jim said for the HUNTER’S Breakfast they will be using bottled water.
2.     The Hunter’s Breakfast will be Nov. 8 from 5-10 AM for $7 per person.
3.     Safety Works-Jim is writing the letter for the Fire Dept on the items that were listed to be addressed.
4.     They went to Knox on a call for a Carbon Monoxide Detector call but then had to call another Dept to cover because the equipment malfunctions. Jim will be purchasing the replacement of this item- cost is around $1000.00
5.     There was a chimney fire South Liberty Road in Palermo
6.     Liberty & Palermo are very short handed right now and our fire dept will be assisting whenever needed due to the Mutual Aide Agreement.
          Carbon Monoxide Detector life is 3-4yrs (propane, furnace-cracked heat exchanger, etc…)
          Smoke Detector life is approx. 10 yrs
Myrick discussed that the financial committee gas come up with several items that he has in a letter to select board
[See attached]
FBI investigation on hackers the bill for school district was$18,000, Charter Schools, Future 3 improvements, enrollment, student board member CALEB LARRABEE (he is doing very well and has a lot of great input, they will be adding another student very soon) MVHS Advisory Program, Florida schools will be visiting MV on Proficiency Based Education system, etc…
Clayton Larrabee was here and discussed the salt/sand pile and what should be done with it. There is a lot of salt still in our wet sand-take it and mix with live sand so it will drain and mix through out
Ron asked amount of sand talking about
Clayton said 700 yds, he can use about 500 yds of it and remove the remainder. This will save buying extra salt (have about 2 loads)
Ron/Ken motion to try this and start this project at the beginning of next week (approved)
Ken asked Clayton about his thoughts on a building that you can roll up and down the sides
Clayton says it keeps it a lot drier when you can circulate the air flow
Ron mentioned Travis requested a light on 1st pole to help because that area is so dark
Ken asked how much lights on flag poles cost
Erna stated that all the street lights in town runs around $180 a month
Ken/Ron motion to request Ken Boulier to add to quote for the lights @ town garage (approved)
EXECUTIVE SESSION: Ron moved, seconded by Ken, to go into executive session under the authority of 1MRSA 405 (6)A, 405 (6)D, and 405 (6) F to discuss a personnel issue, a labor issue, and confidential records@ 7:11 pm. The Board returned at 7:16 no decisions was made.
ASSESSOR’S:  Jackie Robbins left 2 abatements: Freedom Falls-error in acreage and 1171 N Palermo Rd for a gutted house.  There was one Supplemental tax bill for personal property. Ken/Ron moved to approve and sign.  Motion passed.
 Selectmen have a training that must be done to qualify for Grant…
Travis Price proposed some prices for using equipment he has like welder, drills, etc... Ron/Ken made motion to use this list to pay Approved
There was a discussion on the public works does not own these items, the types of  items and that if you paid for the use of these items else where you would be paying a lot more.
Trk#7- Ron proposed not putting up for sale but fixing up to use as a back up
Ken suggested waiting for Clint to vote on this
Water for town garage- from Ward property or do we still have permission to use Skidgell’s wells? We don’t have anything in writing not sure if we need easement.
Ron/Ken motion to pursue
Ken/Ron motion to ask Ken Boulier for a separate quote on cost of running wires from well
Ron stated that the trucks have no communication the cell phones was shut off earlier and need to look into other options: There is a company coming @ 8:00 am tomorrow to discuss some options
Ken can’t make it
Ron will meet with them and report back
US Cellular was also mentioned
Myrick asked for permission to get a key for the election hall where the Historical has filing cabinets
Ron/Ken voted to have Cindy get him a key
Keene House:              
Ron stated that the select board had extended the purchase 30 days and will revisit
The paperwork was revised by Historical for 501 C
Called Secretary of State and applied for nonprofit corp. status as Freedom Historical Society
They had to rewrite the bylaws
Erna will call Ron Smith to let him know and see what else needs to be done
Ken mentioned that if they needed any help his wife Diane could give them some advice on items. She has recently retired from that area of the State of Maine.
Next week they are expecting an estimate for jacking up building also Chris Glass from Camden will be doing an Interior drawing sometime in future.
Ron asked Myrick about the removal of bamboo piles
Myrick was thinking one of 2 ways, ask fire dept or check with a compost facility. He will discuss w/ Drew and get back to the selectmen.
RECREATION COMMITTEE:  The Halloween party was a huge success. There was somewhere around 32 kids there.
Ron complimented the rec/boosters for a Stella performance and said they should be commended for their efforts
Veterans Day celebration is coming up on Nov 11th
Planning Board:  
Sallyann said she had been called about next meeting on Nov 4th being CANCELLED because of elections.
 Still working on cleaning up- Now we have all the leaves to clean up too
BUDGET COMMITTEE:  The committee should start up around Nov. 1st.
Ken still has RIGHT TO KNOW training that needs to be done
Selectmen still have Safety Training for compliance with Maine Dept of Labor
Storage-Recreation Committee
Ken said the idea to enlarge the snack shack is a definite possibility if go on further side towards the tree. Cost would run maybe around $1000 plus a slab. Ken will donate his time- maybe Glenn could finish up whatever Ken can’t do.
 Erna asked Ken to get a list and she would look about getting donation to offset the cost. Ken will look at that.
The Grazitua/Macloed consent decree –still haven’t heard back on this.
There are 2 poverty abatements that need to be done in executive session @ next meeting when all 3 selectmen are here.
Ken/Ron made motion to take this matter up after Bangor Savings presentation @ the next AP & Payroll meeting on October 27th
The next meeting is Oct. 27th to sign warrants. The next regular meeting is November 3rd at 6 PM.
Ken/Ron Motion to adjourn passed at 7:40 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Ernestine Keller,

October 13th, 2014
Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM.
 Present:  Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller.
              Erna reported:
1.             Payroll Warrant this week is $2,825.24 (clerk, secretary, treasurer, cleaning lady, EMA director and road crew)
2.    A/P this week is $49,052.96 (Dogs, CMP, BMV, IF & W, Green Tree, Fire Tech, MSAD3, Central Maine Pharmacy, Travis Price, Audrey Smith, Montville, Knox and Hilltop)
3.   Ending Checkbook balance……………$563,388.93
4.    Halloween Party OCTOBER 19th 2014 (6-8pm) That is this SUNDAY … Please don’t forget!!!
5.   New Employee Pay Rates??? Need a copy for his folder on rates and equipment usage costs…such as welder…etc
6.    Town tape recorder? Glen thinks Cindy has one- I will check
7.    I am going to attempt the secretary position for now and will see how it goes…
8.   Banks??? I need to order checks pretty soon…
Clint motion to accept Treasurer’s Report and to sign AP & Payroll Warrant… Ken seconded… All APPROVED
Meeting tomorrow night with Bangor Savings Tues Oct 14th @ 6… Clint can’t be there but Erna, Kenny and Ron will be
Order checks thru regular key bank account- won’t be until end of year when we transfer if we do
Erna will go to Key Thursday or Friday to see if Michael Chamberlain would like to do another bid
Ron will bring in contact info for BANK OF MAINE to set up meeting for next off week (Oct 27th)
Motion to adjourn passed at 6:35 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Ernestine Keller
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SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 (Postponed from 9/22/14)

CALL TO ORDER: 6::05 PM Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Dave Bridges, Glen Bridges, Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry, Erna Keller.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Dave Bridges expressed concern about occasional private conversations between Selectmen at Board meetings; Ron was surprised to hear this happened, but will be sure it doesn’t happen again.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:
Payroll 9/22/14.......................................$1977.11
A/P Warrant 9/22/14...........................$103,918.23
Ending checkbook balance.....................$578,576.35

Checks received: $705.18 from Maine Revenue Sharing and $366.73 from BMV.

Ron Smith advised there is a process the Board has to go through in order to give the $10,000 grant to the Historical Society, and their non-profit status is not yet complete. Ron Smith will have a conference call with the Selectmen, planned for Thursday, Sept. 25.

Ron/Clint moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, sign the payroll warrant, and sign the A/P warrant. Motion passed.

The subject of a Town credit card was raised, to be tabled until the full Board is present.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported Glenn & Bob will be patching on Penney Hill and Sibley. The problem drainage on Sibley was discussed. Ron wasn’t sure it was the Town’s problem; Clint said it is if the water isn’t following the ditch. Clint thinks it can be corrected with hot mix (a couple hundred for the mix and a couple hundred for labor). This was tabled until the full Board is present.
The culvert in front of Dottie Holmes old house (now removed) has to be replaced.
Also, sand has to be put up for winter roads. Will there be a building? Not this year. Ron asked if the sand left on the pad is usable? Yes.
The Road Commissioners will schedule a meeting.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Ron reported that he delivered the Consent Decree to Macleod/Gazitua a week ago; no response yet.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Training will take place Monday, Sept. 29 from 1-4 PM.

ASSESSOR’S REPORT: There are a number of items to review with Jackie. She’ll be here Thursday, Sept. 25th.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Discussion of the group’s plan to have a work session to cut down/remove bamboo from the Keen property. This event should be cancelled because the HS doesn’t yet own the property.
Whenever it is removed, if it is dumped anywhere it will go to seed. It is too close to the stream to use ‘Round-up’, Dave Bridges added, so probably should be burned.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Erna reported a meeting coming up Wed., Sept. 24 at 2:30.
A Halloween party is planned for Oct. 19 from 6-8 PM. Ron agreed to help judge the costumes if he could get a reminder call. Volunteers are welcome.
Veteran’s Day events will be Nov. 11 at 11 AM followed by refreshments in
the church basement.
The Christmas Craft Fair will be Nov. 29 with a theme of “Grinch”. Volunteers needed.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Erna reported Derek has cleaned up the Penney cemetery and is starting on Bradstreet’s. He has cut trees on Gould, stacking the wood in 4’ lengths, with the limbs piled up. He needs a chipper, and a chainsaw that works. Erna said there is enough money in the Cemetery Budget to buy a chainsaw.
Ron/Clint moved to authorize the Cemetery Committee to buy their own chainsaw, and that safety chaps, helmet, eye & ear protection be worn at all times by any person using the saw. Motion passed.

PLANNING BOARD: Ron asked if the PB is discussing changing Town governance to a Town Manager/Town Council system? This would cost Freedom about $120,000 and the PB should not be promoting this.
Sallyann said there have been a lot of meetings cancelled, and the PB is not working on any planning projects right now.
Judy Nilsen has resigned because she is moving.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The committee should be starting up soon. The question came up if Doug Van Horn would be heading it up again.

1. Letters coming in for charitable contributions for Town Meeting.
2. Nomination papers for MRC; the Board voted to nominate Meredith.
3. Nomination papers for a voting delegate to the MMA Convention on Oct. 1st.
Ron will consider being the delegate. Paper has to be in by Sept. 29th.
4. Candidates Forum at the Hutchinson Center Oct. 16 at 6:30 PM.
5. Meeting on Waldo County Economic Development at the Waldo town Hall, Oct. 2 at 6:30 PM.
6. Nomination for Waldo County Budget Committee. Ron/Clint moved to vote for Dean Potter.
7. Mail from MMA about municipal loans from the MMA Bond Bank.
8. A letter from Steve Coghlan explaining that residents of Argyle Township do not want a landfill located there.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron reported the Board is still waiting for Jim Rogers’ report.
Ron will call CMP about the street light out at 75 Pleasant St.

NEW BUSINESS: Ron showed the group a copy of Beaver Ridge Wind’s check for their property taxes: $182,849.00.
Ron announced the Board Secretary is retiring; tonight will be her last meeting. He complimented the good job she has done for the Board, including extra work such as research. The Secretary offered to continue for a while longer while the Board searches for a replacement, and thanked Ron.

The next meeting for signing warrants is Sept. 29th.
The next regular meeting is Oct. 6th.

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Sec.


Call to order at 6:02 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Dave Bridges, Pam & Bob Hermon, Marilyn Perry, Sallyann Hadyniak, Myrick Cross, Michelle Kinney (AFLAC), Glen Bridges, Erna Keller.

AFLAC: Michelle Kinney represents AFLAC insurance and works with towns. She gave each Board member a folder of information and reviewed the high points of the policy offered. The main difference is that Major Medical pays the doctors and hospitals, AFLAC pay the insured person after an initial $120 out of pocket expense. [See folder for complete information].

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:
Payroll warrant 9/15/14...........................$1601.79
A/P warrant 9/15/14................................$3696.76
Ending checkbook balance......................$663,386.24

Ron/Ken moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and sign the payroll. Motion passed.
Ron/Ken moved to sign the A/P warrant. Motion passed.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Discussion around request for the Town to give the $10,000 Gibson grant money to the Historical Society. Myrick submitted a copy of the original grant letter. Clint wanted clarification, and Ron agreed, to determine if it’s all right to give the grant money to an entity that is separate from the Town. For the purpose of buying the foreclosed Keen house and turning it into a community center/library, the Historical Society has formed a 501 (3C) non-profit.

Clint moved to have Erna discuss this with the auditor, Vernice. Also for Ron to call the Gibson Foundation to inquire about it. and finally, to extend the time frame for the Historical Society to pay for the Keen house by 30 days, or until Oct. 18th. Motion seconded by Ron and passed.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion about difficulty finding used CMP poles that are long enough. Ken talked to Tom LaFreniere; Ron will follow up with Couttes. Bob Hermon mentioned a place in Newport that CMP buys from.

Ken asked if Jim Rogers has contacted the Board (no); he will call Rogers.

The next regular meeting is Sept. 22, 2014 at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Sec.


CALL TO ORDER: 6:05 PM. Present: Selectmen Ron Price and Ken Overlock. Also, Pam & Bob Hermon, ACO Scott Holmes, Dave Bridges, Glenn Sporie, Sallyann Hadyniak, CEO Dave Schofield, Fire Chief Jim Waterman, Treasurer Erna Keller, Secretary Glen Bridges.

REVIEW MINUTES: Two modifications were made to Sallyann’s minutes from 8/18/14. Jim Rogers name was corrected on the 8/25/14 and 9/2/14 minutes.
Ken/Ron moved to accept both sets of minutes as corrected and place on file.
Motion passed.

TREASURER: Erna reported: [written report attached]
Payroll 9/8/14............................................$5178.86
A/P Warrant 9/8/14................................$59,951.75
Ending checkbook balance.......................$258,968.78

1. $15,788 Homestead Exemption received (first 2014 payment).
2. $2451.66 from Town of Knox.
3. $42.12 from Black Hills Corp.
4. Prices for Tech Center storage shed: 8’ x 12’=$1750, 8’ x 14’=$2000
10’ x 14’=$2400. Call Drew ASAP if interested. June delivery.
5. Three estimates for installing floor in election hall.
6. Can Glenn do the needed work (painting, power washing, lights, and remove air conditioners?
7. Please sign July & August check reconciliation.
8. Are Selectmen planning to go to MMA Convention Oct. 1 & 2?
(Ken has a prior commitment)
9. Training for elected officials Dec. 2 in Augusta; Erna recommends for Ken.
10. When will traffic mirrors be installed?
11. For the next few weeks, Erna won’t be in the office all day Tuesdays.

Ken/Ron moved to sign both warrants; motion passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: There was a near 4-car accident at Pleasant St. and #137. The two traffic mirrors can be installed for both the dangerous Pleasant St. and Stevens Road intersections. Bob Hermon will call DigSafe.
Ron noticed someone is tearing up the end of Raven Rd. doing ‘donuts’, so he’ll have the police patrol that area.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim asked if Clint had found the source of the water problem on Mill St. Ron said the cause is an old rock culvert, and Clint has outlined a procedure for a fix.
Jim got an estimate for paving in front of the firehouse from Bard of $12,685 for a 2” base and 1 _ “ surface, plus $4000 for the ramp. This could come out of the FD Capital Improvement Fund.
The last Town water test was in 2007.
Jim asked the CEO about a resident, Jim Collins at 820 No. Palermo Rd. who is adding camps to his property. CEO Dave Schofield replied that it is a violation without a permit or septic design. He will visit the owner. Bunkhouses have special requirements, and for an outhouse ‘primitive system’, a site plan with a soil test is required for a grey water system.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy’s written report [attached]:
1. A confirmed case of rabies in a bat near the #137 end of the Palermo Rd. Four fall rabies clinics are scheduled. Information about rabies is attached, and posted.
2. Have the Selectmen completed the Dept. of Labor training (a video online)? (No)
3. Choose a date for 4 hour GA training. Sept. 29th was chosen.
4. A water test is needed; form attached, and Cindy has the kit. Ron will follow up.
5. Piles of leaves from the Gould Cemetery will be hauled by Cliff Lewin to the Kinney Compost site. Also, Unity College students might help on Oct. 4th.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: See Citizens’ Issues above for discussion on mirrors. Clint was injured by a culvert that slipped off the loader.
Truck #6 needed a steering box and drag link, plus 2 tires. Public Works should be setting this truck up to run the sander.

There is no news on getting CMP poles for a sand/salt shed. Discussion followed about covering the present facility; it collects snow and ice around the perimeter.
Clayton got a price for a similar pole building @ $32,000. Ron found poles, but they had all been cut off at 20’, too short. Thirty foot poles would be right.
Ken will call Tom LaFreniere about getting CMP poles, and Dave Schofield said he might know of a source, and will follow up. 30-35 poles are needed.

ACO: Scott reported on the rabid bat found at a residence near #137 on the No. Palermo Rd. A dog involved got a rabies booster, and a cat will be quarantined for 6 months by the owner.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Dave Schofield reported he had a question on land on Ledges Lane in Resource Protection, and spoke to John Collins, head of Shoreland Zoning at DEP. Dave suggested the property could be re-zoned, taken out of Resource Protection and put into Limited Residential. One problem Dave mentioned is the Resource Protection District limits buildings to 1500 Sq. ft.
Ken Overlock went to a Planning Board meeting to see about a 6’ x 8’ wood shed a resident wants to build on Ledges Lane, and was told it is allowable.
Dave said he will inspect a resident (or former resident) on Penney Hill (Goosepecker) who never got permits for a garage and porch.

ASSESSORS: Jackie will be here at the end of the week.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron/Ken moved to hire Gil to install the new floor in the election hall. Motion passed.
Glenn Sporie will do the painting, put down a baseboard and a trim board on the ceiling of the back room. Ron put Erna in charge with the election hall as the priority and to not go over the $3700 budget.

The consent decree being drawn up by Kristin Collins will be ready for review Sept. 15th.

NEW BUSINESS: Ken would like to start a discussion about keeping taxes from going up next year. Ron responded with his experience on the Budget Committee, how cuts in funding were thrashed over repeatedly and failed, how the state is cutting back on Revenue Sharing and School funding, putting it on the backs of property taxpayers. And at Town meeting, voters drove up several figures.

The next meeting is Sept. 15th, to sign warrants and review consent decree.
The next regular meeting is Sept. 22.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.


Call to order at 6 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Dave Bridges, Glen Bridges.

The payroll warrant from August 29th was $1896.87
The A/P warrant for Sept. 2, 2014 was $4508.66.

Clint/Ken moved to accept the payroll signed Aug. 29th, and to sign the A/P warrant for
Sept. 2. Motion passed.

Rent was received from the Post Office ($630).

Clint reported that the house on Mill St. will be fully removed tomorrow.

Ron/Ken moved to authorize Clint to have the clutch on truck #6 replaced. Motion passed.

Ron reported that someone backed off the boat launch and complained that he damaged
his trailer. It probably was operator error if he backed off the cement. Ron will call
IF & W to check into it.

Clint might not be at the Sept. 8 meeting because he wants to attend the School Board meeting. Ken won’t be at the Sept. 22 meeting.

Ken asked what the Board focuses on at this time of year? Public Works, getting ready for winter roads.

Regarding the request by Jim Rogers to review the contract with Lane Gray, Ron said the agreement was not in any detail. Ron will try to find it, but predicts that Jim will not find whatever he is looking for.

Upcoming meetings: Sept 8 (regular Board meeting)
Sept. 15 (to sign warrants)
Sept. 22 (regular Board meeting)

Motion to adjourn passed at 6:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Sec.

APPROVED MINUTES/Freedom Board of Selectmen
Warrant Signing
August 18, 2014

Those in attendance: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Treasurer Erna Keller, Clerk Cindy Abbott, Fire Chief Jim Waterman, Acting Secretary Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry, Myrick Cross, Pam and Bob Herman,
The meeting was called to order by Selectmen Ron Price at 6:05 p.m., Selectmen Kenny Overlock was absent.
Only one bid was received by the Selectmen in a two in a half week period. Selectman Price proceeded to open up the sealed bid which was submitted by the Freedom Historical Society in the amount of $5,010.00. The Board wanted no less than $5,976.15 which included three years of taxes plus expenses for legal fees, advertising etc. They also included taxes for 2014. The 2014 taxes were waived because the Town owns the property and can’t tax itself. Also waived were the cost of the second advertisements. A brief discussion was held regarding this project: The Historical Society said they will be the owner of the building, and will not be asking the Town for funds for this project. Money would be raised through grants, donations, etc. to restore the building, and hope to have it declared as a historical building and a nonprofit corp. Ron Price asked if the $10,000.00 grant the Historical Society received is available to be used toward this and Myrick Cross stated “will need to clear it”.
Clint Spaulding made a motion to accept the bid in the amount of $5,010.00, Ron Price second the motion, motion made and carried.

1. Payroll warrant this week is $1,928.65 (clerk, secretary, treasurer, road crew, deputy clerk and cleaning lady).
Clint made a motion to accept the payroll warrant, Ron seconds the motion, all in favor, motion made and carried.
2. A/P this week $5,961.48 (Sullivan’s, Thorndike Auto, PERC, Traction, BMV, AAA, Fire Tech, Heiman, Mac’s Erna, Sam’s Purchase Power, Schofield, AE Hodsdon).
Ron made a motion to accept the A/P warrant and Clint seconds the motion made and carried, all in favor
3. Ending Checkbook Balance………………………………$101,136.86
We received a check from MMA WC refund for……………$1,290.00
MRC second quarter 2 for $1,212.20

Clint spoke to Jim about water on Mill/Pleasant Street, he spoke to Clayton to clear out some sections if of a road,
Pat said the poles will be put in and the trees will be taken care of.

Ron made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:29 and Clint second the motion, motion made and carried. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary


CALL TO ORDER: At 6:12 PM. Present: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock. Also Pam & Bob Hermon (Public Works), Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry, Dave Schofield (CEO & LPI), Dave Bridges (Comp.Plan, Appeals Bd.), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Jackie Robbins (Assessor), Hilary Fleming (Solid Waste), Glen Bridges, (Sec.).

REVIEW MINUTES: Ken/Clint moved to accept the minutes from July 28 and August 4th as written, to be place on file. Motion passed.

TREASURER: Erna reported: [Report attached.]

Payroll 8/11/14.............................$1905.90
A/P Warrant 8/5/14.......................$44.38
A/P Warrant 8/11/14.....................$20,021.57
Ending Checkbook Balance..................$91,388.93

Checks received: 1. 2013 2nd Homestead exemption reimbursement $6380.
2. $864 Veterans reimbursement.

A bill was received from Kelly & Collins for a phone call about personal property tax. Erna offered to find out who made the call; if it was a citizen, that person can pay the bill.

Clint moved to sign the payroll and A/P warrants, and to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Ken, and passed.

Clint moved, seconded by Ken, to move the Citizens’ Issues agenda item to the end of the meeting, or limit the time. Motion passed to move that to the end.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim asked if the Board had received the Labor inspection results? (Yes.)
As addressing officer, he had to inform Dottie Chase that her house is #17.
There was a false alarm at Mt. view early this morning.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Dave Schofield reported he was asked to come up with fees for the LPI and Building Permits, but that it’s up to the Select board to set fees.

Dave took a two-day course about legal issues. Any discussion about active legal issues should be in executive sessions.

ASSESSORS: Jackie Robbins submitted three choices to the Selectmen for 2014 mil rates: 1. .0188, supplying $6900 overlay
2. .0189, overlay of $14,000
3. .019, with $18,000 for overlay
Erna said last year $13,300 in abatements came out of undesignated funds; $12,000 in discounts came out of overlay. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to adopt the .189 mil rate. Motion passed.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Ron moved to go into executive session at 6:45 PM as authorized by 1 MRSA 405 6(E) to discuss legal issues with the COE. Motion seconded by Ken and passed. The Board returned at 7:37, having made no decisions.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: A resident on Mill St. is sometimes blocked from getting out because of workers at the Mill parking in the road. Clint will call Tony Grassi about that, and also ask him why the steps are so close to the road. There is a hole in the road, possibly from a pipe under the road?

Ditching is being done on Penney Hill; the culvert has to be installed.

Toby Farrington graded Raven Rd., and did a nice job.

Ron suggested patching be done.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported: [Written report attached]
1. An ice shack is sitting in the boat launch turn-around; also the trashcan is gone. Ken will call the number on the shack & ask the owner to remove it.
2. The Town Office gardens need weeding.
3. Gil said he would install the floor in the election hall. Discussion followed about Gil’s quote. Ken/Ron moved to ask Gil to re-quote the floor job. Motion passed.
4. A new list of excised tractors.
5. Info on Spirit of America award.

SOLID WASTE: Hilary reported that MRC is considering their own project to replace the PERC plant, which would be to construct a landfill as part of an integrated system, including a goal of 50% recycling. Meredith wrote a letter in support of exploring this effort, asking the Selectmen to sign on.
Ron read a letter from PERC, which said they are not closing down in 2018, but selling the facility. Discussion followed, with the Board delaying putting their signatures on the letter.
Hilary asked the Board to sign the letter by the end of August.

COMP. PLAN: Dave asked the Selectmen to add to their annual calendar to have the old dumpsite mowed every summer. Ron/Clint moved to ask Roy Greeley to mow it. Passed.

CEMETERY COMMITTEES: Steve Holmes asked Ron if it would be all right for his group to work on the cemetery on Gunner Woods’ property and to repair stones. There was no objection.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron read aloud from MMA’s Maine Townsmen legal notes: neither the Select Board nor the Town has the authority to vote on collection or abandonment of personal property taxes. There is no home rule regarding personal property tax, real estate tax, or excise tax.

Clint/Ken moved to authorize Ron to call Kelly & Collins for legal advice. Motion passed.

Bids on the foreclosed Keen house will be opened Aug. 18th. Ken mentioned that Myrick had asked if the Select Board has a set policy on handling foreclosed properties. (No.)

Ron asked if Ken has been up to the Tingley land to cruise it with a forester. (Not yet.)

Clint/Ron moved to sign the commitment form @ .189 mil. Motion passed.

1. FEMA info passed on to the EMD.
2. Notice of Waldo County Budget Meeting.
3. MMA invitation to vote on officers.
4. Credit application for Trailside Discount.
5. Bank of America is sending WWII Veterans to Washington DC. Thirty from Waldo County are going, including Roy Ward.

Next meetings: Aug. 18 to sign warrants and open bids
Aug. 25 – regular Select Board meeting.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

AUGUST 4, 2014

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 5:55 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller, Pam & Bob Hermon, Rick Cross, Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry, Dave Bridges, Glen Bridges, and Mike Chamberlain (Key Bank).

KEY BANK: Mike Chamberlain hooked up a conference call with Sean. In answer to questions about the high fees charged to Freedom, Mike/Sean said the bank can’t loan out municipal funds, so it costs the bank money. $32.50/month could be saved to go paperless, but expect fees to go up more. (Erna needs paper statements.)

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:
Payroll 8/4/14.......................................$4157.66
A/P Warrant 8/4/14............................$23,989.45
Ending checkbook balance...................$97,623.22

Clint/Ken moved to sign the payroll warrant; motion passed.
Clint/Ken moved to sign the A/P warrant; motion passed.

1. Rent on Post Office was received-$630.
2. Ron is going to take a day off to review tax bills with Jackie. Hopefully be ready for next Monday night. Ken offered to help.
3. The cemetery meeting/tour can take place after tax bills go out.
4. Opening bids for the Keen Hall foreclosure will be postponed until notice can be advertized in newspapers and another mailing sent out to the Town. Clint/Ken moved to send out the mailing to the Town, advertize, and add $44.38 to a new warrant for the Town mailing. Motion passed.
[written Treasurer’s Report attached]

ROADS: Clint reported more work is needed on Penney Road. There is $30,000 left in summer roads after tonight’s warrant; Ron asked Clint to leave enough for what’s left to do, plus patching. Also, Clayton will be paying rental to the Town on the truck, over $4000.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Sec.


CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6 PM. Present: Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Ken Overlock (Selectman), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Myrick Cross (School Board Director), Scott Holmes (ACO), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Dave Bridges (Appeals Board & Comp. Plan), Pam & Bob Hermon, Steve Bennett, Brian Jones.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes were reviewed from July 7, July 15, and July 21st. Erna advised that whenever a foreclosed property is mentioned in minutes, the word foreclosure has to be used (July 7 & 15). That, and two additions were made to July 15th minutes:
1. Quarterly PERC tipping fee $77. “Per ton” added.
2. Personal Property tax bills not sent...added “due to a TRIO program problem.”
Ken/Clint moved to accept minutes with additions. Motion passed.

The Secretary gave our new Selectman, Ken Overlock, a copy of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance so he could familiarize himself with it; at the last meeting Ken had questions about its content. A couple of notable areas that require permits:
1. Temporary docks
2. Conversion of seasonal residences to year-round.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported [written report attached]:

7/28/14 Payroll Warrant.............................$1615.00
7/18/14 A/P Warrant.................................$3671.27

Ending checkbook balance...........................$115,566.17

1. Erna wrote a letter to Kathy Overlock about renewing the Philip Thurston Perpetual Care CD. Maturity date is Aug. 16, 2014.
2. Foreclosure bids are due July 28, to be opened Aug. 4th at 6 PM.
3. Michael Chamberlain will be here Aug. 4th at 5:45 PM.
4. MMA Convention is October 1 & 2; let Erna know if you plan to go.

Ken/Clint moved to sign both warrants and approve Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Larry & Mrs. Pottle attended to request a correction to his tax bill. His .87A Freedom property is taxed as a house lot, but is not buildable The Freedom line runs through his land, which joins 5.87A in Unity. Ron replied the Assessor’s will take care of it. Ken advised to apply for an abatement.
Steve Bennett attended to talk about personal property taxes, which he thinks should apply equally to residents who are not using business equipment, such as wood splitters and lawn tractors. The Board reviewed their recent research and decision to keep taxing personal property, adding that it would be necessary for the Town to vote to abandon this tax if they so choose. Ron pointed out that the State can go back and audit the Town’s books. Ken added that if we give up personal property taxes, it has to be made up on the rest of the real estate tax payers ($8390 taxes plus $1449 in tractor excise). There would be no incentive to excise tractors without personal property taxes. Steve also pointed out that business owners can be exempt or get tax credits from two State programs.
Cindy reported that 10 tractors have been excised since the notice was sent out asking residents to report personal property.
Brian Jones offered to check on the State level to see if Home Rule allows for any way to enforce the collection of this tax, but he thinks the State has authority over this (certain issues do not fall under Home Rule). Brian asked Ron to check with MMA on the same question.

Myrick reported that the Historical Society (HS) submitted a bid on the foreclosure at 1 Maine St. They have applied for 502 (3C) to receive tax-deductible contributions, and are already receiving some. The HS plans to request the Board to donate the $10,000 grant to the HS, also to further their project for turning 1 Maine St. into a community center/library. Discussion followed about the building being owned by the non-profit, and how transferring the grant would work. Myrick assured the Board that no requests would be made to the Town for upkeep of the building.

Karen York attended to inquire about borrowing chairs for Montville Field Days. Cindy reviewed the new policy, and had Karen fill out the application.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported:
1. Corrections to personal property abatements. Ron will write a letter of explanation to go with personal property tax bills resulting from the TRIO program error.
2. Signatures needed on the supplemental for personal property tax
for 2013. Ron/Ken moved to sign the supplemental list. Motion passed.
3. List of tractors excised since the notice went out to the Town.
4. Personal property account #105 says they have no tractor.
5. One resident gave Cindy a list of personal property.
6. From the Dept. of Labor training/inspection:
a. Clint needs to sign the Emergency Action Plan.
b. The written Hazard Communication has been printed.
c. The book of MSDA is underway.
d. Training on chemicals for Board, Cindy, Erna, Kathy & Glen. There is a 26-minute video to watch. (Website on handout). Cindy will need certificates showing training was completed.
e. Erna & Cindy need training to be at a computer for more than 4 hours a day.
f. Items to be fixed in the election hall: emergency lights/exit signs, election booth lights, entry door light globe.

Clint/Ken moved to have Glenn Sporie fix the election hall items. Motion passed.

1. Jeff Richardson agreed to let the Town put a culvert under his walkway, draining into pond.
2. Grading is starting on Davis Road.
3. A house going up on Rollins Rd. needs an electric pole put in. According to the CEO a pole permit is needed from the Town. CMP told Clint there is no pole permit needed; CMP is working on it; Clint thinks the CEO is mistaken.
4. There is $53,000 left for summer roads. Gravel will be added to Rollins Rd. and price includes delivery & rolling; Clint will keep an eye on how many loads of gravel are needed.
5. Ron called the person who can sell the Town poles for a sand/salt pole building. He’ll follow up on that.
6. Discussion about problems with the weed whacker.

Clint had to leave the meeting at 7:35.

SCHOOL BOARD DIRECTOR: Myrick reported the first virtual charter school is opening, available to any student in the state. The Board has been opposed to this because $8-9,000 will be lost for each RSU 3 student using the virtual school.
Ryan Harnden is the Chair of the Board now, Myrick is Vice-Chair. Myrick serves on the Finance Committee & the Positive Action Drop Out Committee.
There is a new high school principal, Bill Tracy, from Bucksport High School, with a masters degree. A new middle school principal has been hired.
Caleb Larrabee is the first student member of the School Board. He can participate fully except for voting.
Two programs worth mentioning: One is called the Day One Program, a residential drug treatment program at Goodwill-Hinckley. Another, called the FITT program, provides an alternative Phys. Ed. program, which electrically monitors student’s assigned activities.

FVFD: Jim reported the Emergency Active Shooter Exercise took place as scheduled at the High School.
The Labor Dept. inspection found the wiring for the washing machine has to be replaced.

ACO: Scott reported that he will be unavailable for four days because of the planned birth of his child. Ron asked Scott to find a temporary replacement.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Ron commented that Scott & family did an excellent job on the cemetery on his property. Scott reviewed the progress of the clean up of cemeteries.
Ken asked if Beaver Ridge wind had donated money to the cemetery committee. No, but they donated to the Historical Society for framing the antique maps.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: A poverty abatement application received.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: Glen Bridges asked the Board to include a “Lake Report” on the agenda because the Town considers Sandy Pond its most valuable resource, and DEP describes the water quality as “below average”. Winslow Brook has been running brown with mud from the recent rainstorm, the first time observed in 12 years. Ron suggested this might have been caused by the ditching on No. Palermo Road.

PLANNING BOARD: Ken said there is a new Shoreland Zoning Map that reflects the change for the Mill restoration. Ron will call DEP about getting the map. It was also suggested CEO should take care of that.

OLD BUSINESS: Dave Bridges asked to discuss the issue of the building in violation on Ledges. He read from notes [attached], reviewing the chronology of the actions that have taken place so far. Following the CEO’s measurement of 44’ from the center of the road, consulting with Collins and producing the letter ordering several possible remedies, the CEO changed his opinion, suggesting that the road had been moved and that original right-of-way would measure in compliance with the setback, the ROW being located by the placement of CMP poles. Regarding the idea that the road has been moved, Dave presented the Board with a 1976 survey showing the location of the road, and spoke to CMP, whose representative said a ROW definitely cannot be established using pole locations.
Further, Dave said the legal right-of-way of the road has never been established. And no after the fact permit is legal for the building unless it is brought into compliance.
Ron mentioned in the past some buildings were built without permits, but that they probably would have been legal.
Long discussion followed about how all this came about. Ken noted that one of the CMP poles is located behind ledge, and there’s not much soil there.
Ron explained that the only way to establish the legal ROW of the center of the road would be to have it surveyed. Dave pointed out that it is the landowner’s responsibility to prove where the ROW is, and added that no one has asked either MMA or the lawyer about this.
Dave asked the Board to establish some factual and legal information regarding this issue, and to not set a damaging precedent.

The next meeting is Aug. 4 for signing warrants, and Aug. 11 regular meeting.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Glen Bridges, Sec.

JULY 21, 2014

MEETING TO SIGN WARRANTS: Called to order at 6 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Dave Bridges, Pam & Bob Hermon, Cindy Abbott, Erna Keller, Dave Schofield, Glen Bridges

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant................................$1974.20
A/P Warrant....................................$26,766.60
Ending checkbook balance..............$116,086.07

Revenue sharing received $1716.84

Michael Chamberlain is expecting to come Aug. 4, 2014. Can he be first on agenda?

Ron commented that the Town is low on funds; tax bills need to go out ASAP.

Clint/Ron moved to sign the payroll warrant. Motion passed.
Clint/Ken moved to sign the A/P warrant. Motion passed.

CEO: Dave Schofield reported about 14 new permits, mostly new structures.
There have been complaints to DEP and the ME Forest Service about bark coming off trucks.

Ron asked if the Town has a schedule of plumbing fees. Schofield replied $10 per fixture, or $265, with $15 for DEP. Ron asked Dave to give the Board the fee schedule.
A building permit for a house is $30, not enough according to the CEO. Fees for a 2A lot with 200’ frontage would be $30 plus $265.

The CEO was asked if he works weekends. Not unless previous arrangements are made.
For records, he carries a receipt book and gives receipts.

Ken asked who gave the permit for the mill? The DEP & CMP.

Ken asked if the letter had been sent to Macleod about the fine for building without a permit? Not yet.

The Secretary suggested that future problems could be avoided if the CEO would pay attention to Ledges Lane activity.

Warrant-signing meeting adjourned at 6:40, followed by a meeting at the sand pad to decide on a sand/salt facility.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Secretary

JULY 15, 2014

This meeting was postponed from July 14th. Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller, Dave Bridges, Sallyann Hadyniak, Marilyn Perry, Frances Walker, Glen Bridges.

REVIEW MINUTES: Clint/Ken moved to accept the minutes from June 16th and June 30th as written; motion passed.

HEALTH OFFICER: Frances reported that she has been researching Lyme disease, and attended a program about it. Lyme is practically an epidemic, with Waldo County being the 3rd highest incidence of cases in the State. Lyme can be difficult to diagnose, with several forms of infection caused by bacteria and/or parasites. It is carried by deer ticks on mice, deer and rodents. Keeping lawns mowed is a deterrent. Eventually, Frances predicts the
State will have to do something proactive to reduce the tick population.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant 7/14/14..............................$2935.05
A/P 7/14/14.................................................$30,331.97
Ending checkbook balance...........................$141,200.95

1. Michael Chamberlain might come to the July 28 meeting.
2. Clayton is paying rent on the Town truck he has been using to deliver gravel; the auditor wants a paper trail.
3. Derek Keller has to put in community service, and is willing to tear up the election hall floor and do any painting needed. Ron/Ken moved to have Derek tear up the floor for community service. Motion passed.
4. Liens have to be filed on Friday. Ken/Clint moved to authorize Erna to write up a warrant just to pay the Register of Deeds for the liens; Ken will come in to sign it. Motion passed.
5. The PERC tipping fee for the third quarter is $77.00.

Ron/Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant. Motion passed.
Ron/Clint moved to sign the payroll warrant. Motion passed.
Clint/Ron moved to sign the notice of tax sale. Motion passed.
Ron/Clint moved to sign a warrant to pay for the bulk mailing. Motion passed.

ASSESSORS: The Assessors met with Jackie. The tentative mil rate is $18.10. Bills should go out by Aug. 1st. The delay has been caused by trying to determine how to handle personal property taxes.
Ron read aloud a letter to the Town, to be sent bulk, asking for details about resident’s personal property [attached]. If there is no response, existing records will be used.

TOWN CLERK/TAX COLLECTOR: Some personal property tax bills were not sent last year due to a problem with the TRIO program. Abatements had to be sent out, followed by supplemental bills. Eighteen bills were counted.
Ron/Clint moved to authorize Cindy to abate those property tax amounts, and send supplemental bills. Motion passed.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that Davis Road has reached the $37,000 figure for rebuilding it, and will cost another $15,000 more.
After long discussion, it was determined that there is $43,000 left for summer roads. Other roads that need work are two sections on Rollins, Goosepecker, Raven, and Penney Rd. Ken suggested fixing the worst of the spring mud problem spots, and dangerous holes. Clint said the school busses do the most damage to spring roads.
Ken/Ron moved to drive around and inspect and prioritize the roads Wed., July 16 at 1 PM. Motion passed.

PUBLIC WORKS: A meeting at the salt pad to determine the salt/sand facility will be held July 21, 2014 after signing the warrant.

SOLID WASTE: Freedom got a gold star for recycling the most material.

EMD: A mock emergency training at the school July 19th.


1. Clint/Ken moved to put the foreclosure #1 Main St. out to bid. Motion passed. This will be included in a bulk mailing.

2. The Board still needs to meet with the CEO and LPI.

3. If rent is paid for General Assistance, a W-9 has to be on file.

4. Bad weather cancelled Ken’s date with the forester to cruise the Tingley lot.

July 21 –meet to sign warrants, followed by public Works (sand & salt shed).
July 28 – next regular Select Board meeting.

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

JULY 7, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll 7/7/14.........................................$4180.93
A/P Warrant 7/7/14...............................$99,663.80
Ending checkbook balance.............$160,651.66

$470.08 was refunded from the State. Post office rent for June received $630.

Erna provided the Board with paperwork for the tax sale of the foreclosure at 1 Main St.

Ken/Clint moved to sign the payroll warrant. Motion passed.
Clint/Ken moved to sign the A/P warrant. Motion passed.
Ken/Clint moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

[Secretary absent; notes from Treasurer’s report]

JUNE 30, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:03 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Pam & Bob Hermon, Jim Waterman, Dave Bridges, Glen Bridges, Erna Keller, Jerry Spaulding.

REVIEW MINUTES: Ken moved, seconded by Clint to approve minutes from June 16 and June 23, 2014 as written. Motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll June 30..........................$2265.21

There is no A/P warrant yet, but if Erna is available it can be signed tomorrow. Clayton would like to be paid.
Ken/Ron moved to sign the payroll warrant; motion passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Jim asked why Sullivan’s is using a stake truck to pick up trash. Ron will call Jerry. Ken said they were having some problems with trucks.

FVFD: Jim reported the pump checked out fine. There was sand in the tank and tank valve line. Jim talked to MMA; insurance will not cover anything.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: A culvert is needed for Harvey Schiller’s on Davis Road. Oak Lane was discussed; Tom Clay has requested more work to be done.
Ron expressed his opinion that this is opening Pandora’s box. We worked on Oak Lane, paid $1500 for one job by a private contractor. The $10,000 was meant for emergency situations on discontinued roads. Oak Lane is the main source of problems. All private/discontinued roads should meet certain criteria.
It was suggested that the Board define “emergency” and set a policy on this issue.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Ron suggested the Board sit down with Schofield to discuss how he is doing his job and assessing his fees. Ron will make sure he attends the next meeting. Questions raised:
1. The CEO won’t work weekends?
2. He doesn’t get back to contractors.
3. Hasn’t been making the inspections required by ordinances.
4. Questions about plumbing permit fees/record keeping.
5. Fees should be posted in office.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Ken is getting information from DHHS and the Attorney General. A long discussion followed about the LePage ‘s order to withhold General Assistance from illegal, undocumented immigrants. The Town might want to vote on this. Ron/Clint moved to evaluate the legality of immigrants on a case-by-case basis for each application. Motion passed.

ASSESSORS: The Board has to meet with Jackie, figure out what to do about personal property taxes, and get the tax bills out. Meetings tentatively set for July 7 and 8; Ron will call Jackie.

PUBLIC WORKS: Freedom’s sand & salt pad is 50’ x 60’; the Board should look at the building in Albion put up for $25,000, with poles from the power line. Clint & Ken will inspect the building Sunday afternoon.
Ron wants to get moving on using the Skidgel well for water at the Town garage.
Clint pointed out that the Cemetery Committee needs storage for their equipment. Ken suggested getting a container and putting it somewhere out of sight.
Clint suggested advertising truck #7 for sale or put a dump body on it, but advised selling it. It is 18 yrs. old and has low miles.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Myrick Cross asked if the Board would hold off on a decision about the yellow house foreclosure; it may be worth restoring. Ron questioned who would pay for maintenance after a restoration.

OLD BUSINESS: The issue of a liquor permit will be on the July 14 agenda.
A bid was received from Gil for the flooring of $1260 for 720 sq. ft., or $1.75 per sq. ft. Ken thought this high. Clint/Ken moved to table until July 14.
There is no air conditioner for the election hall; the Board decided one is not needed.

CORRESPONDENCE: Freedom Falls received a permit-by-rule for electric generation at the mill.
Ron got nowhere with the Verizon executive offices, and the interest is building up on the old bill. Clint/Ron moved to pay the bill; motion passed.
A thank you note was received from the Game Loft
Ron/Clint moved to accept and sign the policy on loaning out Town owned chairs. Motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS: The Secretary reported on the generous donation of 50+ large print books to the Book Exchange from Centerpoint Books.
Jerry Spaulding came in to question his tax bill on his garage. The new garage was not there in April. Ron checked the tax book (Map 11, Lot 35 & 38), and will get it corrected.
The Snowmobile Club will be meeting in Morrill Aug. 14th.

The next meeting to sign warrants only is July 7th.
The next regular Select Board meeting is July 14th, 2014 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

JUNE 16, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Scott Holmes, Clayton Larrabee, Pam & Bob Hermon, Dave Bridges, Jim Waterman, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Tim Biggs, Brent Macleod, Glen Bridges, and Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Ken Overlock.

REVIEW MINUTES: Ken moved, seconded by Clint to accept the minutes from June 2 and June 9 as written.
The Secretary reported on research into past minutes; no decision was ever made about the foreclosed Philbrook house.
[Please note: The decision regarding the Ledges Lane problem was misstated in the motion at the June 2 meeting. Clint meant to say a $200 fine and application for a $100 after-the-fact permit.]

TREASURER: Erna reported:
Payroll 6/16/14...............................$3856.92
A/P Warrant 6/16/14...................$49,732.12 (includes RSU 3)
Ending checkbook balance............$258,596.81

1. Partial reimbursement was received for a well pump.
2. Philbrook foreclosure? Ron said to wait until we hear from Myrick.
3. Michael Chamberlain (Key Bank) offered to meet with Board.

Clint moved to approve written report and sign both warrants. Seconded by Ken, and passed.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy objected to the Board waiving the fines for overdue licenses on a resident who is 2 years behind for 4 dogs. She also had asked Scott to hold off sending a letter to the dog owner, but he sent it anyway. Cindy was disturbed that some people have to pay fines, and then one is waived.
Cindy advised the Board to set up a meeting with the resident who is reimbursing the Town for a pump. Meeting set for June 23 following warrant signing.
Can the Boy Scouts borrow chairs for their event? Following a long discussion about missing chairs, Ken moved to adopt a policy to loan chairs with a $1/chair refundable deposit, a sign-out sheet, and a $20/chair charge for any chairs not returned. Clint seconded, motion passed. The Secretary will type up the new policy; Cindy will create the sign-out sheet.

ASSESSORS: Ron moved to authorize Cindy to prepare abatements on personal property tax bills that were not sent out, and to send supplemental bills. Clint seconded, motion passed.
Ken said he tried to print out a General Assistance Directive about non-citizens receiving GA, but it wouldn’t print. Cindy will look into it.
Ron reported a real estate agent is questioning the evaluation on a 16A pond front property owned by an estate; not sure of location.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint opened a sealed bid from Clayton Larrabee for work on the Davis Road, which was $10.20/yard for gravel. The town will supply the fabric and workers to put it in place. Ron/Clint moved to accept Clayton’s bid. A long discussion followed about the best way to cut trees in the ROW and do the ditching. Ron/Ken moved to authorize Clint to get the Davis Road job done.

FVFD: Chief Waterman reported that the K & T repair of the pump on the new truck will cost in the area of $8-10,000. He expects insurance to pay for it. Sand was likely sucked into the relief valve, as happened before.
On July 19th, and “active shooter incident” will be played out at Mt. view from 8 AM to 12 as a police security exercise.

ACO: Scott reported that he had the dog owner on Ayer ridge Rd. to sign a letter that from June 12 she has 30 days to license her dogs for last year and this year. She had 3 dogs last year, 4 now. Fines were waived.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Tim Biggs inquired about the prognosis on the Ledges Lane building, and asked how Macleod can get an after-the-fact permit if he is not in compliance with Town regs? After some discussion, Tim asked to “drop it”.
Dave Bridges reported that trees near Greeley Rd block the line of sight for vehicles driving south on No. Palermo Rd. Ron will call the DOT.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint spoke to Mildred Skidgel, who said the Town can use both of the wells on the Skidgel property. She’ll be available in July if the Board wants her to sign an easement. Also, she said the Amish are planning to clean up the site, eventually.
Sibley Rd. is ditched from Mrs. Keating’s to Bennett’s. Discussion followed about routing run-off.
Chipping is mostly done, and the employees were wearing all the safety gear.
The Board will meet Saturday at 9 AM at the Town Garage to review the equipment and operations.

CODE ENFORCEMENT: Ken asked about the CEO job, what his duties are, who he answers to, how it works, and commented it doesn’t seem t o be working very well.
Ron explained the building permit and plumbing permit procedures. The CEO has to make 3 inspections and can be asked to do more. He can also get help with decisions from the Planning Board. He has worked lately on the Mill project, a failed septic system, and build-up of trash.
He was asked back on June 2 to inform Macleod about the Board’s decision (fine, etc.), but he hasn’t done that. Ron thinks he should come to more meetings.
Erna added that Town employees write down where they were going when they are asking for mileage reimbursement; Schofield doesn’t.
Clint suggested talking to Jackie Robbins about the CEO job.
A long discussion followed with Dave Bridges explaining that the Pond is the most valuable resource according to residents who contributed to the Comp. Plan. It is a lake “at risk” according to the DEP, and all of the individual development pressures should be looked at as the bigger picture possibly contributing to the degradation of the water quality. [Note: the Bridges are both certified Lake Quality Monitors with Maine VLMP, monitoring Sandy Pond.]

DAM COMMITTEE: Dave reported on the history of his and Tim’s efforts to accomplish the needed repairs to the dam. The only engineer interested in submitting proposals is Hodsdon Engineers, who was recommended as the most reasonable.
Hodsdon will inspect the dam and submit a plan for repairing the dam from the boat access to the junction with the Grassi property. The sluice would be filled and an emergency rip-rap spillway designed, tree & shrubs removed, and eroded material replaced.
Dave & Tim are asking the Board for permission to hire Al Hodsdon to draw up plans for up to $6000. Then they can go to Kathy Howatt at DEP for the permitting process. Tim said if the repairs involve under _ of the dam there may be minimal permitting necessary. His impression from visiting the dam with Clayton was that the job might cost in the ballpark of $10-12,000 for the repair job.
Ron/Ken moved to authorize the Dam committee to expend up to $6,000 to have plans drawn up for repair of the dam. Motion passed.

CEMETERY COMMMITTEE: The group needs to rent a stump grinder, especially for the Greeley Road cemetery, but Clint thought they are too large and heavy to get into that cemetery. The cemetery tour planned for June 22 at 7 AM will be re-scheduled for July.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron will call the State liquor licensing board to check into the regulations.
Ron will talk to Gil about the cost of installing the flooring in the election hall.

Regarding personal property taxes, Ron talked to MMA, the State Property Tax Division, and the Town lawyer.
1. Some towns in the State, such as mill towns, get 50% of their tax dollars from personal property taxes. There was some debate about whether this includes only income-producing business property, as Erna thought, or all personal property such as personal computers, as Clint thought.
2. Some towns don’t collect this tax at all.
3. If Freedom abandons this, the $8,000 or so will be added to property taxes.

Bill Kelly said the state doesn’t track personal property taxes, but does audit it. Ron said there would be no incentive to excise tractors. Erna predicted complaints from residents who feel they are paying for someone else’s business equipment. Ken said he’d rather not pay personal property taxes, and thought it would be good for business in Freedom to give it up.
Ron closed the discussion saying a decision is needed on this.

Ron will make an appointment with Jackie for June 23 after the warrants are signed. The tax bills need to go out.

The next meeting for signing warrants, followed by a meeting about the pump reimbursement, and then Jackie Robbins, will be June 23 at 6 PM.

The next regular Select Board meeting will be June 30 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

JUNE 9, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:o2 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Glenn Sporie, Bob & Pam Hermon, Dave Bridges, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Chris Spaulding, Glen Bridges.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ron moved, seconded by Clint to accept the Treasurer’s report [attached], and sign the e payroll warrant ($2133.07) and the A/P warrant ($11,466.85). Motion passed.
Ending checkbook balance...........................$303,139.76

The end of May corrected checkbook balance is $318,841.00.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Ron moved to go into executive session to discuss personnel issues with the Public Works Dept. under the authority of MRSA 405 (6) A. Clint seconded, motion passed. The session ended at 8:30, during which no decisions were made.

OLD BUSINESS: Clint moved to delay any installation of new flooring in the election hall until after the next meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: Ron moved to meet at the Public Works Dept. next week to look over all the trucks, equipment, etc. Ken seconded; motion passed.

The next Select Board meeting is June 16th at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

JUNE 2, 2014

CALL TO ORDER: 6:08 PM. PRESENT: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock. Also Tom Carroll and Rebecca Skibitsky (from Beaver Ridge Wind), Casey Spaulding, Dave Bridges (Comp Plan), Pam & Bob Hermon, Dave Schofield (CEO), Scott Holmes (ACO), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Jim Waterman (FVFD), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: Clint moved, seconded by Ken, to approve minutes from May 19 as written and place on file; motion passed.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll 6/2/14.................................$4730.21
A/P 6/2/14......................................$15,430.92
Ending checkbook balance.............$303,537.47

1. Treasurer’s statement is in folder.
2. Received $630 from Post Office; $10,000 donation from Beaver Ridge Wind for the dam.
3. Bond payment ($86,000) due July 10th.
[Written Treasurer’s report attached]

Clint moved to accept the report and sign the payroll and A/P warrants, seconded by Ken and passed.
Clint moved to pay $10/day to rent Glenn Sporie’s trailer, seconded by Ken; passed.
Following discussion about the foreclosed Philbrick house, Clint moved to table a decision until Glen can research the minutes to see if this has already been voted on, seconded by Ken; passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Tom Carroll received a request from the Pleasant Hill Assoc. for donations to remove old maple trees, one a year at $6,000 each. Jim Waterman explained that the State will remove dying/dangerous trees that are within 33’ of the center of the road. Ron volunteered to call Bob Couturier to inform him of that.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that he had John York do a certification; the pumper did not pass. He’s having K & T come to assess and repair the pump.
Cindy asked if the FVFD could burn leaves at a cemetery; Jim will look into it.
Jim announced the “Wilderness Walk for Warriors”, a hike and chicken barbeque hosted by the FVFD to raise funds for veterans, June 21st at 7:30 AM. The hike is $15, the dinner $8. Meet at Frye Mountain GMA, Route 220, Montville. Hike starts at 8 AM.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported:
1. Nine warrants for the Selectmen to sign, one for reach town for School budget vote. Ron moved, seconded by Ken, to sign warrants for the 2014 school budget of $19,417,500. Motion passed.
2. The property tax report to sign. Ken/Clint moved to sign & send it in; motion passed.
3. Help is needed to clean up the election hall. Erna said according to Vernice, this can be paid for out of the Capital Improvement Fund, which holds about $80,000 for sand/salt shed & other capital improvements. Discussion followed about finishing the work on the Annex. Ron suggested putting base trim down, and painting. Ron/Ken moved to hire Glenn to help move items into the Annex, and Bob to finish the base trim and help move the metal desks. Motion passed.
4. Cindy talked to the State General Assistance officer. Freedom has not filed for reimbursement since 2013. The State will do a training session here in Freedom. Ken said he could be available June 6th in the afternoon.
5. Erin Richardson says she can sell wine in a “wine cellar”, and patrons can bring it upstairs to her restaurant for consumption. Ron volunteered to call the State about this loophole, and to see if the Town does or does not have to vote on it.
6. We need Glenn to install the air conditioners, one in the inner office, and one in the election hall.
7. A problem of birds messing on the railing into the election hall. Ron suggested asking Kathy to clean it; Dave Schofield will bring over a plastic owl to scare those birds silly.
8. Cindy needs a congratulatory letter written for a new Eagle Scout; Ken volunteered.

Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to rescind a past vote in favor of fining businesses for not complying with the $10 permit required for businesses. Motion passed.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Dave reported that the ditches were cleaned out at the problem property on the corner of Greeley; trash was put out by road. The septic tank is OK, but needs a leach field. There is no grant money available right now.
Ledges Lane was tabled until tonight. No letters of violation were sent out. Dave plans to talk to the owner, and “let it lay”. The owner realized he was wrong because he filed an appeal. And Dave said most of this is his own fault for not following through. Dave thinks we should just let him know that we’re going to “just erase everything”. The initial permit was revoked, the appeal failed, so the building was built without a legal permit. Discussion followed about the center of the roadway vs. the center of the right-of-way, and the road being moved over. Ken said he never moved the road.
Dave has not yet identified the right-of-way.

Ron was trying to find out what the appeal cost the Town in legal fees, but it must be at least $700-800, and he would like to get that back.
Clint said “We shouldn’t push the issue”, that shifting a road is OK; he has done that. Clint advised against following through on whether or not the owner was in compliance.
A question arose: Wouldn’t this set a precedent that no one needs a building permit if the Building Permit Ordinance isn’t going to be enforced? If the ordinance isn’t enforced, shouldn’t it be repealed? What about treating everyone the same?
Clint moved Dave Schofield talk to the owner, fine him $20, and have him apply for a $200 after-the-fact permit. Ron seconded, motion passed, with Ken abstaining.
CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Cindy gave the Board a list of 16 Town cemeteries. The committee could use a small stump grinder. A tour of cemeteries with Selectmen was scheduled for Sunday, June 22 at 7 AM.

ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: Scott reported nearly all dogs are licensed now. One resident with 2-3 dogs was on a payment plan, but stopped payments. Clint moved to waive the fines if those dogs are licensed by June 30th. Scott will hand-deliver the letter and also send it certified. Ron seconded, motion passed.
Scott will also send a certified letter to a dog owner who hung up on him.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Ron asked Clint about taking care of the brush; Clint replied they have to cut more brush before chipping. They might be able to use a borrowed chipper. Ron asked about a sit-down meeting with Public Works staff, which was scheduled for June 9th following signing warrants.
Clint will call DigSafe for Sibley Road.

OLD BUSINESS: The survey is finished on the Tingley property; it is 181 acres. Ron suggested Ken ask Jim Rogers to go ahead and cruise the property for timber value.
Bo Spaulding will not be mowing the road sides any more; Ron moved to hire Roy Greeley to mow for the same rate of pay. Ken seconded, motion passed.
Ron wants to explore the legality of abandoning the collection of personal property taxes. The Assessors need to meet with Jackie Robbins and get the tax bills out.

JUNE 6, 2014 - Possible date for GA training session.
JUNE 9, 2014 - 6 PM, Meet to sign warrant, followed by meeting with Public Works.
JUNE 10, 2014 - School budget vote.
JUNE 16, 2014 – 6 PM, Regular Select Board Meeting
JUNE 22, 2014 - Sunday, 7 AM Cemetery Tour.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

MAY 19, 2014

CALL TO ORDER: 7:07 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Erna Keller, Dave Schofield, Dave Bridges, Jim Waterman, Mr. Lewin, Glen Bridges. Ken is on vacation.

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from May 5 and May 12 were approved as written, with a motion by Clint, seconded by Ron & passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Mr. Lewin would like to build a road across Town property alongside the old dump property to access a house site near his parent’s property. He would need 300’ in the Town right-of-way. Alternative options would be difficult because of a steep bank.
Dave Schofield talked to the person at DEP in charge of closed landfills, who advised Lewin’s road would have to be set back 100’ from the edge of the closed dump.
Ron advised Mr. Lewin to identify the boundaries, and talk to the DEP. Clint said that because it is Town property, a Town vote would be necessary. Ron outlined some requirements:
1. Find the map and lot #.
2. Mark the dimensions, length and width. It would have to be a 50’ ROW.
3. See if DEP would grant a permit.

FVFD: Jim reported Safetyworks will be here July 22 for Inspector Wagner to inspect the Town office, garage, and fire department, and Selectmen or Public Works staff are invited to attend.
Does the Town have a fireworks ordinance? Jim handed out a model ordinance from the Fire Marshall’s office. [Attached]
Stan Mitchell at 57 Hunter Rd. in Unity had a fire, fully engulfed when the various fire departments arrived. Jim reported that “metal scavengers” were soon on the scene.

CEO: Dave reported:
1. Regarding Ledges Lane, Dave said that when he visited the site, he measured from the center of the road (which has been moved), instead of the center of the right-of-way, as determined by CMP poles. He also discussed the case again with Kelly & Collins, who advised it would be difficult to enforce the permit since Dave issued his denial verbally instead of in writing. The question remains if the building was built with an active permit or not. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to table this until Ken returns. Motion passed. Ken has a conflict of interest, but Ron wants him to hear about this.
Clint suggested Dave locate the CMP poles and determine the ROW.

2. At the end of Greeley/N. Palermo Roads, the residents will not answer the door; Dave has made 5-6 visits to the property. He mailed a letter to them; the Board has a copy.

3. Using the Town maps is very difficult. Dave offered to buy big book holders to organize the maps. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to authorize Dave to spend up to $200 to buy what he needs to organize the maps. Clint seconded, motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant 5/19/14............................$1837.90
A/P Warrant 5/19/14.................................$50,210.88
Ending checkbook balance.........................$303,639.11
1. Copies of checks are in the safe.
2. Quarterly MRC check received for $1256.64
3. Becky from Patriot Renewables called at 6:15 tonight. She was on her way to deliver the $10,000 donation check, but then discovered she was given the wrong check, so it is being mailed.

Ron will visit the Verizon office about their bill.
Also, Ron will call Jackie to meet May 27 at 6 PM for Assessors workshop.

Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to sign the A/P and payroll warrants; motion passed.
May 26 is a holiday, so Erna will do the payroll May 27 at 8AM.

The Board discussed the excessive bank charges on the Town’s account, and asked Erna to have Key Bank come and talk to the Board. Perhaps other banks too.

PUBLIC WORKS: Clint met with Clayton Larrabee on the Davis Rd, who said he would work for State wages on rebuilding that road. The Town will supply fabric, Clayton will supply gravel, ditching, culvert replacement. There is $27,000 URIP monies; Clint’s estimate for the project is $37,000. Ron advised limiting the job to $37.000.
Erna mentioned a large hole on Goosepecker near Jeff’s that needs to be filled ASAP.
Ron asked about the brush collected along side the roads. Clint wants to rent a chipper. Nelson can’t get to it soon enough.

OLD BUSINESS: The survey on the Tingley property will be here May 20 at 10 AM; the Board should be here to go over it.

May 27 at 8 AM will be payroll signing; Assessor’s workshop at 6 PM.

The next regular Selectmen’s meeting will be June 2, 2014 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

MAY 12, 2014

Meeting to sign warrants called to order at 6:05. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Glen Bridges, Dave Bridges, Bob & Pam Hermon.

1. The meeting at the Town Garage to discuss plans for a salt/sand facility will be postponed until Ken is back from his trip.

2. Discussion about personal property taxation and a couple of residents who are resistant to paying it. Some towns have given up on collecting this tax (50%?). This tax is on any equipment worth over $1000, such as dozers, excavators, coolers, etc. Equipment that can drive on the road can be excised. Equipment has to be identified with a serial number and records kept. The State discourages Towns from abandoning this. Ken moved, seconded by Ron, to call Kelly/Collins to ask for advice about giving up collection of personal property taxes. Motion passed. The downside would be if a business came to Town that would pay a lot of tax on equipment, and tractors that are currently excised would not have to do so.

3. The problem Verizon bill. Ron will stop at their Waterville corporate office to explain the Town’s position on this bill.

4. Treasurer’s Report [attached]: Erna talked to Vernice about how to pay for the floor replacement in the rear of the annex. Vernice said the amount voted at town meeting ($4200 with $3300 left, & $1000 for labor) cannot be exceeded.
Payroll 5/12/14...................$1923.34
A/P 5/12/14........................$2967.08
Ending checkbook balance.....................$348,368.88

Discussion followed about the cost of finishing the work, and the cost of different types of flooring. Linoleum would have less labor costs. Gil Williams has estimated $1428 in labor.

Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to sign the payroll and A/P warrants.

Regarding replacement of the Select Board office computer, Ron moved to buy the i5 hard drive, Office 13, with no monitor, for $699 installed. Clint seconded, motion passed.
That needs to get done by May 19th for Jackie Robins.

5. Ron moved to go into executive session as authorized by 1 MRSA 405 (6) F to discuss confidential records, seconded by Clint & passed.
Returning 15 minutes later, Ron moved to grant poverty abatement to a resident for the oldest tax owed on property taxes. Ken seconded; motion passed.

6. Discussion about how to transport riding lawn mower around Town. A trailer might be needed.

7. Discussion about rate of pay for mowing and weed whacking. A meeting is needed with the Public Works department to explain the “chain of command”. Ron moved to schedule a meeting for ASAP after Ken returns; motion seconded by Clint and passed.
Ron moved to offer mowing/weed whacking for $10.50/hour (state wage) to Dwight, Glenn, and Chris, in that order. Ken seconded, motion passed with Clint abstaining.

8. The Secretary gave the Board a brochure on the Amish storage sheds with a price list, in hopes of discouraging the purchase of an eyesore-shipping container for storage of recreation equipment.

The next regular Select Board meeting is May 19, 2014 at 6 PM

Motion to adjourn passed at 8 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

MAY 5, 2014

CALL TO ORDER: 6:05 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Dave Bridges, Christine Spaulding, Pam & Bob Hermon, Bob Gerrish, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Glen Bridges, Tim Biggs, Carrie Bennett, Jim Waterman, Dave Bennett, Joe Freeman, Dwight Gould, Glen Bridges.

REVIEW MINUTES: Ken moved, seconded by Ron, to accept the minutes from April 21. Clint moved, seconded by Ken to accept the April 28 minutes. Motions carried.

CITIZENS ISSUES: Bob Gerrish objected to the use of the donation by Beaver Ridge Wind; he thought that Tom Carroll said could be put to any use. [Note: The Secretary listened to the tape, and it turned out Bob misunderstood the conversation. It was entirely in the context of using the donation to pay for engineer’s drawings and repair construction of the dam; see attached.]
Dave reviewed his work with Tim on the dam, and that they need engineered drawings, and the rest of the donation can go towards constructions if any is left over.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported: [report attached]

Payroll Warrant..............................$4038.79
A/P Warrant...................................$14,396.51
Ending checkbook balance.............$342,233.07

1. Fuel refund will be $1239.41.
2. Payroll changes have to be during a public meeting; several still need to be decided:
Secretary, cleaning, and mileage.
Following a discussion about wages and mileage, Clint moved to raise the Secretary’s pay to $10.50 per hour, the mileage reimbursement to $.56/mile, and the Cleaner to $12.50/hour. Ken seconded, motion passed.
Ken moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and sign both warrants, seconded by Clint, and carried.
Erna reported that John Work will be doing the road grading.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that the Dept of Labor inspection is coming up by Safetyworks. The Fire Dept. is not under OSHA. Ron asked for a week notice before the inspection.
Jim asked about buying fuel from the DOT; Ken explained that no decision has been made on that yet.
Jim suggested the Board start discussion with Knox for their contract for fire protection.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported:

1. One poverty abatement application is waiting for a decision.
2. An order is needed for delinquent taxes to be paid on the oldest taxes due first. Ron moved for oldest taxes to be paid first, seconded by Clint, and passed.
3. Drug testing policy needs to be voted and signed. Clint, seconded by Ken, moved to approve and sign the drug policy; motion carried.
4. More changes need to be made before a mailing can go out about June 7 clean-up day. Ron will call Jerry Sullivan.
5. The General Assistance Officer’s name has to be posted. Ken agreed to fill that role, Cindy is deputy.
6. Personal property tax information for Assessors is the first four pages of the 2013 commitment book. The yellow-highlighted names did not receive a bill for personal property tax. Cindy suggested abating, then issuing a supplemental bill. Cindy hasn’t gone back through 2012. Also, Cindy has to check with Jackie to see if any changes were made. $38,000 in personal property tax is owed from 2013.
7. Erin Richardson wants to apply for a liquor license, see paperwork she provided [attached]. Cindy will send paperwork to MMA.

ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: There are still unlicensed dogs in Town. Scott is not in Town when calls come in. Carrie Bennett suggested Scott talk to the horse owner on No. Palermo Rd. about his responsibility to keep his horses fenced in.
Ron will call Scott to request he attend the next meeting.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Ron thought Dave was going to attend tonight; Clint voiced the need to have the CEO explain the building regulations. Do people need blueprints to build? Are the new building codes only for Town of over 4000 population? Dave will be asked to come to a meeting. Ron thinks mortgage loan institutions drive some of this.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: One poverty abatement application to decide.

ASSESSORS: A meeting will be held following the warrant signing May 12th to discuss personal property taxation and when the tax bills will go out. Ron will try to get Jackie to come; also will try to get the tax commitment form done.

EMD: Every 5 years the Board has to sign an Emergency Management Agreement; Christine submitted the agreement for signing. There were problems during the ice storm reporting outages to CMP. Residents are unprepared. The campaign this year will be public awareness.
The site evaluation for the generator was done, but Christine hasn’t heard about the generator grant yet.

PUBLIC WORKS: Bob Gerrish said Deer Hill needs to be graded.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Erna reported the Rec. Committee is buying storage racks for folding tables and chairs for $296.29, on warrant this week. The recreation building has been cleaned out so the Little League can use it. Netting has to be put up. The field has been left with trash on the ground; teams used to clean up after themselves, and there was a clean-up day.
Storage is needed for Rec. Committee games, maybe a shed by the snack shack.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: After discussion about the progress of the committee, Ron, seconded by Ken, moved to appoint Kim, Scott, & Steve Holmes, Tom LaFreniere, and Ken Overlock to the committee. Ron suggested the committee have a meeting to work out how to proceed. Cindy and Erna have been raising funds to pay for professional restoration of the stones, and have gotten an estimate for the job.
Ron moved to direct the committee to only clean up the cemeteries, and proceed with a professional to restore the stones. Clint seconded the motion; motion passed.
Ron moved to appoint Cindy and Erna to the committee, seconded by Clint, passed.
Ken decided to resign from the committee to work on Smithton Cemetery with his family.

SOLID WASTE DIRECTOR: One meeting has been held with Meredith and Jerry Sullivan; they agreed to meet again before Sullivan’s contract is up.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron listed issues that need attention:

1. Summer roadwork.
2. Trash build-up on corner of Greeley/No. Palermo Rd.
3. Ledges Lane; a letter is expected.
4. Storage for town property; some stuff should be hauled away.
5. Regarding the Beaver Ridge Wind donation, Ken suggested the Board be consulted first to authorize solicitation or grant writing. Following discussion, Ron moved to set a policy that any soliciting of funds or grants by Town committees, Boards, or the Fire Dept. be approved by the Select Board. Ken seconded, motion passed.
6. A design for a salt & sand shed is needed. A meeting was set for May 13th at 6 PM.
7. A policy is needed on maintenance of discontinued roads.
8. Will a chipper be rented for the brush along roads? Clint will call Steve Nelson about removing it instead of chipping.
9. The Tingley property survey should be in within a week. Ken said Jim Rogers offered to cruise the property free of charge to determine value of wood.
10. Mirrors for Pleasant Street?
11. Ken moved to authorize Dave Bridges to seek funds from Beaver Ridge Wind for engineer’s drawings and dam construction repair. Clint seconded, motion passed.

Warrants will be signed May 12th at 6 PM.

Assessors will meet May 12th shortly after 6 PM.

The next regular Select Board meeting is May 19th at 6 PM.

Selectmen will meet May 13th at 6 PM on salt/sand facility.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

APRIL 28, 2014, 6 pm

Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Ken Overlock, Tom Carroll, Pam & Bob Hermon, Bob Gerrish, Joe Freeman, Erna Keller, Dave Bridges, Glen Bridges.

WARRANTS: Ron moved, seconded by Clint to sign the warrants:
Payroll 4/28/14……………………$1639.78
A/P 4/28/14....…………………….$4949.69
Ending checkbook balance……………………$345,128.57
Motion passed. [see attached Treasurer’s Report]

TAX ASSESSMENT: Ron replied to Bob Gerrish’s assertion that the turbines assessed value should be raised to reflect the installation of serrated edges. Jackie researched this with Mike Rogers, who said improvements which are considered “upkeep” and maintenance are not considered taxable. Jackie said she should be depreciating the turbines, but hasn’t. Tom Carroll added that BRW has not asked for depreciation.
Bob disagreed with Jackie & Mike Rogers; Jackie explained that if you replace your roof with a new & better roof, it does not raise the assessment on your house-it’s the same thing.

BEAVER RIDGE WIND: Tom Carroll announced that BRW has donated $10,000 to the dam repair engineering and construction. Erna suggested they make the check out to the Town of Freedom. Dave Bridges thanked him, commenting that BRW has been a good neighbor time and time again. (Applause)

FVFD: The Select Board needs to meet with Knox regarding their fire protection contract. The FD is due for an inspection; bring it up at the May 5 meeting.

ASSESSOR’S: The Assessors discussed an illegal division of property by Ken & Doug Gould. A long discussion followed. Jackie said this should be followed up for code enforcement by the CEO if it remains a non-conforming lot. Cindy said the names were not changed in the lien notice.

Joe Freeman purchased the first trailer on Bryant Rd., and asked about re-assessing it.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: A request to use the lobby for tutoring a student for 2 hours a day for 2 weeks during office hours. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to approve. Motion passed.

Ron moved to go into executive session as authorized by 1 MRSA 405(6)F to discuss a General Assistance matter. The Board returned 45 minutes later, having made no decisions.

The next meeting is May 5, 2014 at 6 PM.
Wed. April 30 meet with Meredith and Sullivan at 6 PM.
Thursday, May 1 in the morning, FEMA inspection.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges

APRIL 21, 2014

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:11 PM. Present: Ron Price, Ken Overlock, Dave Schofield, Pam & Bob Hermon, Ron Littlefield, Bob Gerrish, Dave Letourneau, Tim Biggs, Dave Bridges, Rick Cross, Meredith Coffin, Hilary Fleming, Tom Fleming, Erna Keller, Glen Bridges. Clint Spaulding was absent.

REVIEW MINUTES: Ken moved, seconded by Ron to accept the minutes from April 7, 2014 as written and place on file. Motion passed.

TREASURER: Erna reported:
Payroll warrant 4/7/14.........................................$1898.70
A/P 4/7/14...............................................................$4365.47
Ending checkbook balance....................................$338,517.56
Erna asked the Board to address changes in wages as she had outlined on her report [attached]. She advised that any changes to payroll amounts have to be done in a public meeting.
Erna asked if the Board has decided who will be hired to grade the roads.
Ken reviewed the A/P. Ron moved, seconded by Ken, to sign the payroll and A/P warrants. Motion passed.
Ron moved to table decision on wages until the next meeting. Ken seconded, motion carried.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Myrick inquired into the status of cleaning/organizing the back room of the annex so the Historical Society can use an area. His plan is to make a workspace with 2 file cabinets. Ron & Erna will bring it up with Cindy. Rick said he would also follow up.
Ron is not in favor of having the EMD work in the annex. Christine can use his desk in the Selectman’s office.

Bob Gerrish asked when buildings are assessed. He thinks the serrated blade technology added $600,000 to the value of the turbines. Ron replied that assessment is not done when work is done, but when Jackie Robbins visits properties. She will determine the turbine assessment.
Ron said that he and Jackie Robbins were in the office all day April 2nd to be available as Assessors to residents, but no one came in to talk about assessment.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Ron reported that Clint got an estimate to fix the Davis Road. Roads need to be graded in the next 2-3 weeks. Erna asked if Palermo might do it. Others mentioned were John Works & John Cranowski.

SCHOOL BOARD REP: Myrick offered his written report, starting off with important dates coming up.
May 1-Program about bullying
May 6-EPS (State) Funding Workshop
May 21-Public Budget Meeting
June 10-Referendum Vote
Myrick outlined the proposed Tech. Center budget, and the RSU 3 proposed budget, up 1.3% for Freedom. [See report attached]

SOLID WASTE: Meredith reported that 2 employees have been hired to put in 8 hours each as managers, with a 3-month probationary period. The center now can make money on ink cartridges and cell phones. The Center came in under budget for 2013-14.
Brooks passed an article to withdraw on 12/31/14.
The PERC contract expires in 2018. MERC is taking legal action against PERC’s parent company for hiring a lobbyist for $750,000 and now trying to make the towns pay for it.
Sullivan’s contract is up in 1_ year; Meredith would like to meet with Sullivan and Selectmen to discuss possibilities for the next contract. Pick up less often? Also, how about a recycling drop-off in Town?
A date was set for a meeting, April 30 at 6 PM; Jerry will be invited.
Ron asked Dave Schofield to inspect a trash build-up on the corner of No. Palermo Rd. and Greeley Rd.
Regarding June 7 clean-up day, Jerry said he would take items such as yard waste, wood, gas tanks, construction debris, tires up to 16” (off rim). No computers or TV sets.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Dave reported that activity is picking up now. Flood insurance maps should be available July 15th, so that ordinance has to be amended.

We have a major issue. A building has been built illegally on Ledges Lane. The Town’s only option is to have the owner take it down, move it back, or remove the section that is too close to the center of the road. There is no option to appeal; a variance was denied. See attached letter to the owner. Dave has worked with the Town attorney.
If the building isn’t moved, the owner will have to pay fines of $100 to $2500 per day and legal fees.
Ken disclosed that he was hired to do the carpentry, so probably shouldn’t be involved.
Dave said the fine can be negotiated, but the problem still has to be corrected.
Regarding any question of Ledges being a private road with applicable setbacks, the Appeals board thoroughly investigated that with the attorney during the appeal.
Ron agreed Ken should not be involved; and the Board will proceed when Clint is here.

HEALTH OFFICER: Ron moved, seconded by Ken, to appoint Frances Walker to the position.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Myrick reported that all the electrical work is done, with 3 lights outside and numerous receptacles inside. Plaster and wainscoting will be completed this summer.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave reported that he and Tim are working on the dam repair project. They met with Tony Fletcher, a DEP dam inspector. In 2005, Kleinschmidt’s report said the overflow, at 625 cu. Ft./second, is inadequate for a 100 year flood (900 cu. Ft./second). The dam is 286 ft. long, and Fletcher advised it should be raised, with an emergency spillway incorporated into it.
We will need a permit, and a set of engineer’s drawings in order to get a permit. Tony Fletcher said tree roots will create a tunnel for water to flow through.
Tim met with Clayton, who thought he could do the job for a ball-park of under $20,000. Tim asked if we could use monies from the Capital Improvement account; Ron said not without a special town meeting. Ron expressed appreciation for all Tim and Dave’s work.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: The committee is active, but needs to work out how to proceed. There is an estimate of $5599 to restore the headstones for all but one cemetery. The committee is Kim & Steve Holmes, Scott Holmes, Ken Overlock.
Ken wondered if the Boy Scouts could work on cemeteries for merit badges. Only Public Works employees can use chain saws, but Erna added that volunteers can sign waivers for liability.

NEW BUSINESS: The Assessors will have a workshop with Jackie Robbins on April 28 following the warrant signing.

Ron reported there is only 1_ year to go for cost sharing on the salt & sand shed.
Dave suggested getting bids; Ken will follow up on that. The Knox facility cost $160,000.

The next regular Selectmen’s meeting is May 5th. Warrants will be signed April 28th. Ken said he will have to miss the May 19th meeting.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Sec.

APRIL 7, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM, with the following present: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Ken Overlock. Also, Pam & Bob Hermon (Public works), Bob Gerrish, Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Tom & Hilary Fleming (Solid waste), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Dave Bennett, Brian Jones (State Rep.), Rebecca Skibitsky (Beaver Ridge Wind), Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from March 24th and March 31st were approved, to be placed on file.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll 4/7/14......................................$4762.25
Accounts Payable 4/7/14.......................$12,413.37
Checkbook balance...............................$389,203.59

Erna also reported two training classes she will be attending, on April 29 and July 15.
The first bond payment is due July 10th, 2014. Discussion followed about sending tax bills out early.
Clint and Ken reviewed the payroll report; Clint reviewed the A/P warrant. Clint moved, seconded by Ken to approve the payroll and A/P warrants. Motion passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Bob Gerrish objected to the tax bills coming out earlier; he thought it should be September. Erna pointed out that last year they were out in July. Ron explained that there is no rule governing it, that it’s the Select Board’s responsibility to see that Town finances stay healthy.
The Board will have to meet to straighten out the personal property taxes. Jim Waterman asked what constitutes personal property? Ron replied any equipment used for business.

Dave Bennett complained that it took a week for an inspection to take place on a frozen blocked culvert on Bennett Lane. Clint apologized and said it’ll be on the agenda tonight. Clint pointed out the article approved at town meeting is only for discontinued roads, not private roads (Bennett Lane is a private road). Ron suggested the Board develop a policy to accommodate Article 36: “To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate $10,000 and authorize the Selectmen at their discretion to use this money to aid residents living on ‘discontinued roads for maintenance only’. These funds to be used for minimal maintenance & extreme winter plowing.” A long discussion followed, Ken suggesting the need to re-visit the issue.
A complete inventory of roads is needed, which Dave Bridges pointed out has already been done and is in the Comprehensive Plan.
Ken moved to spend $50 to have 10 copies of the Plan printed, seconded by Clint and passed.

FVFD: Jim reported the FVFD received a grant from the Maine Forest Service for 50% of chain saws and safety equipment ($800), which he’d like to take out of the FD Capital Improvement Account. Clint moved, seconded by Ken, to approve that expense; motion passed.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported:
1. The Secretary’s pay is too low; her job entails a great deal of work. [Cindy’s reaction to doing minutes].

2. The Board needs to make appointments. Ron moved to appoint the following:

A. Dave Schofield > CEO

B. Prentice Grassi & Kevin Malady > Planning Board
Tim Biggs & Addison Chase > Appeals Board

C. Doug Van Horn, Tim Biggs, Sallyann Hadyniak, Tim Varney, Erna Keller, Bonnie Shaw, Prentice Grassi, Steven Holmes > Budget Committee [includes Selectmen]

D. Lorraine Overlock, Myrick Cross, Viola Greeley, Drew Fales > Historical Society

E. David Bridges, Glen Bridges, Kevin Malady, Sallyann Hadyniak, Judy Nilsen, Prentice Grassi, Bill Pickford > Comprehensive Plan

F. Cindy Abbott, Glenn Sporie, Kim Holmes, Cody Holmes, Donna Sporie, Erna Keller > Recreation committee

3. Cindy wants to send out a notice about door-to-door clean-up (June 7th) and a recycling brochure. Clint moved, Ken seconded, to authorize expense for mailing.

4. Will the Board meet on Patriot’s Day April 21? Yes.

5. Cindy gave the Board a list of tractor excise information.

6. Also a list of unlicensed dogs.

7. A mailbox was destroyed by the plow truck. [See discussion under Road Commissioners]

8. There are 20 of the Town’s best folding chairs missing since the hunter’s breakfast. About 30 are left. Whoever borrowed them did not go through Cindy, and she asks whoever has them TO PLEASE RETURN THE CHAIRS! Clint moved to adopt a new policy of not loaning them out (except for the funeral they were already promised for); motion passed. The Board also decided to re-visit this before June.

Ken asked if the Board would reconsider his motion to print the Comp. Plan, and so moved. The motion to reverse the first motion passed; the Comp Plans will not be printed, but Cindy will make a copy for Ken.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that the roads have held up well. One resident on Davis Rd. wants the Public Works dept. to bring in some gravel to repair a couple of spots.
Clint discussed policy on mailboxes, and moved to adopt a policy that the Town is not responsible for mailboxes. Ken seconded; motion passed.
Tom Fleming noted that the road has sunk near a culvert on Greeley Rd.

SCHOOL BOARD: Ron attended the budget meeting. The budget is up 1.3% and the state share is reduced again. The per student cost structure does not favor rural districts. No positions were eliminated; health insurance has increased 7%. Freedom’s school bill will be up by about $6700, due in 2015.

SOLID WASTE: Hilary reported Aaron left in January. Two existing workers were hired as managers for 8 hours per week, and continue their regular work the rest of the week. The Center budget was decreased by $30,000 this year.

ASSESSORS: Ron will set up a meeting with Jackie Robbins and the Assessors.
Also, the Assessors need to work on personal property tax assessing.

COMP. PLAN: Dave reported that he and Tim Biggs are working together and making progress toward getting the earthen dam repaired.

OLD BUSINESS: Clint reported, regarding the issue of tools at the Town Garage, that the Town can fill out a credit application at Trailside Discount in Newport. Trailside would want limited people authorized to shop, such as a department head and one other. They do check I.D.

Ken asked about buying fuel from the State Garage. He buys his fuel from Paul, but thinks the town money should be spent more carefully. Clint pointed out the time and mileage that would be spent going over to the DOT garage. The difference until June 1 is 62 cents. After discussion, the Board put off a decision since snowplow season is over. [Famous last words]

The next meeting is April 21; warrants to be signed on April 14th.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

March 24, 2014 (Click here for PDF of this meeting.)

March 10, 2014
CALL To Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:20 p.m. by Selectman Ron Price.  Present were Selectmen Brian Jones, Clint Spaulding,  Acting Secretary Sallyann Hadyniak, Tom Carroll, Rebecca Skibitsky, Tom and Hilary Fleming, Bob Gerrish, Clint Spaulding (son) and Tim Biggs.  Before Tom left, he stated that he didn’t receive a picture of the Freedom Map of which he had already paid for.  Ron was going to look into it.
The minutes were approved as written and Clint Spaulding made a motion to accept the minutes as written and placed on file.  Ron Price seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
Brian received correspondence from MERC and PERC, etc. and gave it all to Hilary.
Citizens Issues:
No major issues, just Bob Gerrish had mentioned how dangerous it was regarding the cutting of tree branches and the way a guy was cutting the branches the wrong way. Clint agreed and stated that he had spoken to the man about it.
Ron questioned if the closet in the annex was all done and Bobby replied, All Done!
Solid Waste:
Hilary Fleming our representative for Solid Waste gave a lengthy report compiled by her and M. Coffin. 
There are lots of changes going on over there by the recycling department.  They are going to cut back on employees, but leave the wages alone.  It would be cheaper to keep our recycle center open.  Three most important money making products for the center, are cardboard, mixed paper and natural plastic although they would like to have more.  Greg Launder (from MRC) is so impressed with our recycle center.  Meredith received a memo from Sullivan and the meeting was pretty successful.  Echo Maine brought us Recycle Containers that is being offered to the town.  There will be a reduction in staffing at the center next year but the hours will remain the same.  GAP amount was 244 tons in 2014 effective 1/1/2014.  There was 116.17 tons in 2013.  Jerry was very supportive.  Jerry has a 2 year extension.
School Board:
Ron reported that the Board voted not to contract bus service and now they are in negotiations for new teachers this year.
General Assistance:
No activity.  One outstanding GA application  Brian was asked to drop it off in the mailbox cause she wasn’t able to get out of the house and when he went back to pick it up it wasn’t there. (Repeat Client)
Road Commissioner:
Clint sent the truck to have the sander fixed.  The roads are all posted with Heavy Load.  If water is showing the trucks do not belong on the road, even if it’s below 22 degrees.
State Representative:
The Medicaid expansion bill report is coming up this week. The Municipal Sharing Revenue will be coming up and will be the same as last year. 
EMA: Negotiations for Knox are coming back up next year for the fire department.
Budget Committee:
They would like to look at the warrant at least one more time.  Sallyann suggested that it would be nice if it would be required for each officer of a town committee attend at least one meeting a month or one every two months.  Just saying.
Old Business:
Tim Biggs would like to look at the Klein Schmidt study of the upper dam.  He put his hands on the book and was going through it.
New Business:
Tim Varney gave Ron paperwork to apply for and receive the ability to purchase diesel fuel from State Camp located in Knox.  We have been applying for discounts but did not receive any last year.  A lengthy discussion was held regarding this subject.  Presently we get our diesel from Paul; at Freedom General.  Ron will speak to Paul to see if Paul can do any better.
Cindy Abbott had some abatements to be paid and presented them to the Board.    For the personal property that was paid and needed to be abated, in the amount of $4,224.00 for both.
Ron made a motion to sign the supplemental tax certificate and Clint second the motion.  Motion made and carried.
One is farm land the other is tree growth.
Another lengthy discussion was held regarding the Gould’s property.  Doug and Sandra are the owners of the property and have to pay the back taxes of 2013 and the taxes for 2014.
Cindy also gave them a few budget reports that needed to be checked regarding the budget amounts.
Cindy reported that there isn’t any heat in the annex and Ron promised that there will be heat there tomorrow.
Cindy also stated that the election booths aren’t up and Ron said he will have the voting booths set up by those that took them down.
The Department of Labor stopped by for an inspection and stated that the side door exit must be clear to leave the building.  There was snow and they just gave us a slap on the hand and asked that it be removed and kept open.  Clint Jr. was doing the shoveling, together with Erna and Cindy, but Clint Jr. and Erna got hurt and the snow piled up with additional ice.  Clint Jr. is now able to do the shoveling and will tend to it.
The Absentee Ballots have been and are still available at the Town Office. 
Cindy presented the Selectmen a copy of the Town Report to be looked over.  They went through every item in the book   three changes were added to the warrant and Ron made a recommendation and a motion to do the changes tonight and to sign the warrant.  Brian seconds the motion, motion made and carried, all were in favor.  Ron made a motion to revise the Town Report and sign the warrant, it was second by Brian and all were in favor.  Motion made and carried
It has to be posted by Thursday, and the warrant had to be signed at a public meeting.  There wasn’t any time to meet with the Budget Committee.
Town Reports will be ready by Monday.
The Board needs to make a decision as to what the Town Report will look like.  It is being dedicated to the Bi Centennial Committee.
Ron made a motion to review the treasurer’s report and sign the warrant.
Treasurers Report:
 Payroll Warrant this week is #2,346.47 (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, road crew).
1. WAGES for Town- Please look over and see if you would like anything corrected.  Increase in Chain Saw Use and labor there is a payroll to correct this for Glen Sporie-wasn’t told that he had been using his own equipment.  Secretary Wages needs to be looked at; also Mileage is still at .42 NEEDS TO GO.
2. Payroll 2nd Pay run for 3/3/14 was $589.45 (correcting Glen Sporie’s use of chain saw and brush cutting salary from 2/1/15).
3. Payroll for week ending 3/10/14 was $5,065.75 (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, selectmen, ACO, LPI, CEO, road crew 4.5 Overtime)
4. A/P this week is $1,809.81 (CMP Thorndike Auto , Ingraham Equip., Howard Fairfield, Glen Sporie, Frightliner, Mark Gordon, Standard Distributors, Bob Herman)
5. Beginning Checkbook Balance………………..$401,199.22
           Less A/P this week………………………………..$1,809.81
            Ending Checkbook Balance……………………..$399.389.41
1. A/P for week ending 3/7/14 was $52,165.95 (Maritime Energy, State-Dogs, Sullivan’s, CMP, Freedom General, PERC, IF & W., MSAD#3, Waldo Registry of Deeds, Town of Knox, Town of Jackson, Dave Schofield, Kelly and Collins, Hilltop)
2. A/P for week ending 2/28/14 was $49,608.53 (PERC,  BMV, MSAD#3, Gorham Leasing, Clint, Portland Glass, Chase’s , K & T Equipment),.
3. AAA potables needs contract signed with date of delivery & pick up for ball field, we usually do around April vacation.
4. REC;D another  bill from Verizon for $69.50
5. We received a check from Black Hills for $42.12, USPS for $630.00 Feb. Rent, Rec’d Check from State of Maine for 2013 for $789.86 (in Green Selectmen’s Folder)
6. DIESEL is $4.45 a gallon at Freedom General as of 2/28/1.  Have we gone with getting diesel at Knox State Camp?
7. Do we have heat out in the Election Hall yet?  OR called Paul?  While we are on other building.  Last few times shoveling has been done out there was by me so we could get into building.  I shoveled all but couple feet in middle of ramp that I just climbed over to get supplies.
8. We will be working on printing tow reports this week.
9. we got an e mail from Kristin Collins on Cory Boulier property at 5 Pleasant “Street (in “Green Selectmen’s folder)
10. Called Grant Russell on the cost of the overage for our color copies-he is investigating why our contract amount went from 1470 to 2000 and is adding more colored copies over 6563.
Ron made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Brian second the motion. Motion made and carried.
Ron made a motion to sign the abatement to David Spencer and David Luczai, excise tax refunds that were paid and they came off the personal property rolls. Clint seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
Tonight was Brian Jones last Selectmen’s meeting.  His term of office expired.  Thank you Brian for all your work and the time you put into this thankless job.  Good luck in the future. Brian couldn’t find the words to express his thoughts for the two Selectmen! 
Next Selectmen’s Meeting will be held on March 24, 2014.
Ron made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:55:p.m. and Brian seconds the motion.  Motion made and carried, all were in favor.
Respectfully submitted by:
 Sallyann Hadyniak,
Acting Secretary

FEBRUARY 24, 2014
The meeting was called to order by Selectman Ron Price at 6:10 p.m. on February 24, 2014.
Those present at the meeting were Selectmen Ron Price,  Spaulding and Ron Price, Acting Secretary, Sallyann Hadyniak, Bob and Pam Herman.  Selectman Brian Jones was absent.
Ron Price made a motion to accept the corrected minutes and to be placed on file, Clint Spaulding seconds the motion.  Motion made and carried.
We received a disc from the MRC (Municipal Review Committee) that handles our solid waste disposal and would like for it to be shown and watched.
1. Payroll Warrant this week is #2,539.01 (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady and road crew) Overtime 3 hours for road crew..
2. Payroll for week ending 2/17/2014 was $2,958.06 (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady and road crew)   Overtime 18 hours for road crew.
3. Payroll for week ending 2/10/2014 was $2,478.61 (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady and road crew)   Overtime 18 hours for road crew.
4. A/P this week is $3,457.05 (CMP, Fairpoint, Waldo County Registry-discharge of 20 liens, MACA-Training for ACO, Key Bank-(Feb.941)
5. Beginning checkbook balance……………………$497,670.41
Less A/P this week…………………………………$3,457.05
Ending Checkbook Balance……………………$494,213.36
6. Second A/P for week ending 2/21/2014 was $3,841.76
(Sullivan’s CMP, PERC, BMV, AAA, Dana Strout, Roland Robitalle 11
7. A/P for week ending 2/21/2014 was $21,924.33 (CMP, Freedom General, Thorndike Auto, Ingraham Equipment, PERC, BMV, Central Maine Newspaper, Howard Fairfield, UAARC, RHR Smith, Fire Tech, MMA dues, Glen Sporie, Viking, Clint Spaulding, Freightliner, Economy Heating, Staples, Touchtone, Scofield, Dirigo Grange, Verizon and K & T)..
8. We received a check from, MRC for Quarterly Refund for $1,169.26
$1,169.26, Revenue Sharing February for $3,912.06
9. Important:  There was one foreclosure for 2011 taxes.  Mark Philbrook         Acct 514 (1 Main Street Map 11 Lot 61).
10.   We got our Waldo County Tax amount due this year, a decrease of $1,567.92 from last year, new total is $99,145.10 (this will be going in the Town Report.  They also have a comparison chart with all the towns that we would like to add to.)
11.   Quit Claim Deed for McDonald’s ?  Has this been done?.
12. Vernice has moved her date o be here until March 4, 2014.
13. Cover of Town Report?  How about pictures from the Bicentennial or would you like something different.
14. REMINDER we need all reports handed in or emailed to Cindy ASA
Ron will call Audrey Jones at Verizon to find out why we are being billed for  the suspended cell phones.
Cindy or Erna will get the information on Touchtone. (what touchtone give and what we are getting).
Clint made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and the warrants, Ron seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
Ron will call the heating guy Paul Curtis and Bob Herman would be willing to talk to him.
From MRC (they sent us the CD)
Clint made a motion to sign an abatement check in the amount of #184.37 to Lysandra Palmer which was for the homestead of 2012.
The POSTED signs are all up.  If there is time Clint will put up some of the signs that are missing and Beaver Ridge Road is one of them. 
Clint also reported that Sibley Road is in bad shape and something has to be done about it, especially below the big culvert.  A lengthy discussion was held regarding the road problems.  Davis Road needs to be ditched also.  Bob Herman suggested getting pole light mirrors for the corner of Pleasant Street and 137 which is a dangerous area.  Bob offered to look into the cost, etc.  It will also benefit the fire department.  Clint will talk to Ray Shute regarding the school bus parked on High street.
Another discussion was held regarding the house on the corner of 137 and Pleasant Street as to how to get rid of it.  Put it out for bid?  Sell as is?
As of tonight no action is being taken.
           Scott was not there to give a report, so Ron talked at length about a horse that was killed instantly by a car driven by a woman..  Lots of discussion and different reports were given by Ron, Clint and Fire Chief Jim Waterman.  Clint wanted to know exactly what happened that night from Scott.
It does not look good that we will get money from FEMA. An e mail was sent to Christine from Dale. and it has a lot to do with Hurricane Sandy.   Christine has not heard anything regarding the grant for the generator. There was another discussion regarding this matter.
The assessor was in the office today and found two people with a problem.
Bobby Jo Nicolas sold 5 acres that was in tree growth to Roger Poulin for $3,106.00 and a penalty must be paid, more likely by Bobby Jo.
The other one is John and Kathryn Bagley who put in a new home beyond David Spencer’s who sold the land to them and it is in farm and open space and now there is a penalty that must be paid in the amount of $1,118.00.
These people will get a supplemental tax bill..
Nothing to report, but Ron requested him to give a full report as to what occurred on the night the horse was killed. A full report WAS given.  Somewhere along the line there was miscommunication.
Clint wanted to talk about a GA to Ron after the meeting.
The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 10, 2014.
Ron made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:43, Clint second the motion, motion made and carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak

FEBRUARY 10, 2014
The meeting was called to order by Selectmen Ron Price at 6:06 p.m. on February 10, 2014.
Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Fire Chief Jim Waterman, Acting Secretary Sallyann Hadyniak, Scott Holmes, Tim Biggs, Bobby Gerrish, Clive and T. McDonald.
 Ron Price started the meeting by opening sealed bids (2) regarding the property on 39 High Street; The first bid was from Charles and Cheryl Knight from Northport, Maine in the amount of $5,280.02 and also submitted a check in the exact amount. The second bid was from Clive McDonald in the amount of $4,551.51 and had submitted a certified check (which was requested for the deposit) in the amount of $910.00 and the balance would be paid the next day.
Brian Jones reported the Town’s interest in the property is $4,247.70.
Brian made a motion to accept the high bid, and Clint seconds the motion.
It was called to the attention of the Selectmen that the deposit was to be paid by a certified check or money order equal to or greater then 20% of the bid price.  There was a discussion regarding the checks in regard to the fact that the high bid in the full amount was not submitted on a certified check or money order, and the lower bid was submitted on a certified check.  Therefore Brian withdrew his motion of accepting the higher bid.  Brian then made a motion to accept the bid in the amount of $5,551.51 from Clive McDonald.  Clint seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
Ron asked Cindy to inform the other bidder (Charles and Cheryl Knight), that they lost the bid and to return their check together with a copy of the notice.
Brian also mentioned that the bidder needs to pay the balance within 30 days and they said they would bring it in the following day.
Ron made a motion to accept the minutes as read with a corrected typing error and to be placed on file.  Brian seconds the motion, motion made and carried by all.
Jim Waterman made a statement regarding the Tingley property and wondered if there was any American Chestnut trees and if anything was going to be done to protect them. There is a program out there that can save the American Chestnut tree. It was just a concerned citizen’s comment.
 Scott gave a brief report regarding the cats on Greeley Road..   Scott does not have time and dates for the town report.  He had them written down but his daughter ripped them up.  Ron stated that Scott should have a place in the Town Office to keep documents of all the calls he makes and services he performs.  They need to be documented and kept in the Town Office.  If he wants to keep copies at home that is just fine.
Jim Waterman came down to turn in a bill and to see what the bid process would be.  He reported that some work was done on tanker and that his report is ready for the Town Report and hopes the Budget Committee will approve of his budget.
Cindy Abbott reported that the Craft Fair brought in $679.31   Donations of $41.3,0,  Food $70.25, Boosters $43.82, Silent Auction $404.00  $120.00 table fees and half was given to the Fire Dept. but they donated it back..  Between other donations we took in a total of &740.39.  So far this year we took in $113.01 and so far we raised $853.40 for restoration of cemeteries.
Three individuals still owe for 2013.  One was just collected this morning so there were four. Sue Friend will be taken off because Cindy does not know where her dog is.   Brian will take care of his son’s dog and will pay the late fee.  Number 6 and 7 is an issue.  This is the outstanding list.
Cindy handed the Selectmen papers regarding information on the audit and Burnice will be back on February 25th at 8 a.m. for the testing portion of it.  If there are any questions they can come in that day.
The Snack Shack is valued at $1,750.00 will be in the Town Report and shoud be increased to $2,800.00.
Tingley, Post Office and property on High Street was not included because it was not before December 31, 2013.
Cindy gave a lengthy report to the Selectmen regarding lists of abatements, foreclosures
Ron made a motion to make the corrections to the Robotelli property, Clint seconds it.  Motion made and carried.
Cindy gave the Selectmen reports consisting of:
1.      Abatements   list for 2013
2.      Real Estate
3.      Supplements
4.      Automatic Foreclosures
5.      Foreclosures
6.      Personal Property
7.      Cash Receipting for 2013
8.      Three office refunds for $500.00 (training, office supplies etc.
9.      Taxes and personal property and cash receipting
Ron made a motion for Cindy (clerk) to take to prepare an abatement form for the ones that need to come off so they can be reassigned.  Clint seconds the motion.  Motion made and carried.
MVR is $156,325.00 which is considerable up from last year.  Excise should be up also and Cindy will bring it to the next meeting.  The next one is just for the month of January.
Wilson Hess is willing to write a cemetery grant.  Community Building Grant Program due February 15th and Maine Charity Foundation Fund due September 15th, but the Historical Society should be doing that.
All reports are due by February 15, 2014 to be put into the Town Report.
The ballots will be available on February 19, 2014.
Doug Van Horn,Tim Biggs, Prentice Grassi, Steve Holmes, David Bennett,  Bonnie Shaw, for 2014.  Forms are ready for the Selectmen to sign.
Ron made a motion to sign the appointments for the budget committee for 2014, Brian seconds the motion, motion made and carried by all.
The Spirit of America Tribute should be named for 2014.  The Bi Centennial Committee should be chosen.  Brian will write up something to that effect.  All were in agreement.
Cindy wants the Selectmen (regarding the Town Report) to decide shat they want on the cover, color and dedication for the Town Report.  Cindy will supply a list of those that passed away.
There wasn’t any a/p warrant   The payroll warrant was in the amount of $2,352.03.  Clint made a motion to accept and Ron seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
Citizen’s Issues:
Ron explained the story behind the $200.00 that the Historical Society was charged for the use of the hall in December.  The money was returned and the confusion was settled between the Historical Society and the Dirigo Grange.
Bobby Gerrish wanted to know why the Grange was not plowed.  Clint responded with, it needed to be cleaned up before he would plow it.
Mr. Gould came to the meeting to say he was missing hours on his payroll check.  He was paid for 32 hours and he worked 44 or 48 hours.  There were issues with the date. 
No committee reports were made.
Brian reported that revenue sharing was passed the house and it looks like the municipality can look forward to revenue sharing. that Freedom will receive $70,000.00
Brian reviewed one report and awarded 50 gallons of heating fuel and $50.00 for groceries.
Ron had abatement requests and Brian made a motion for the Board to go into executive session, 1MRSA Section 405 – 6 - F (discussion of confidential records) Ron seconds the motion, They went in at 7:24 p.m. and came out at 7:48 p.m. No decision was made.
Steve Holmes gave Ron information dealing with a US Army Corp of engineers and suggested that they might be able to help with the dam problems.  Ron is going to call them to see if they would be interested in helping.  They have an office in New Hampshire.
Tim Biggs had a short discussion regarding the dam, and as the Board stated, not decision has been made as to what will be done.
A heating system is needed in the annex. Both heaters are failing. One barely works and the other one does not work.  We need a whole new heating system
And it will cost approximately $2,500.00 or less fired by propane.  A new oil fired one will cost approximately $1,100.00.  We would keep the same system there since we are burning kerosene.   If two are put in, it will cost approximately $2,000.00.
After sharing the information with the Board Ron asked how they felt about it and it was agreed and all in favor by all to have one installed. (Kerosene)
The chain saw needs to be repaired or replaced with a new one.  The cost to repair (piston and jug) will cost approximately $400.00.
We have an account at Viking and Ron made a motion to replace the saw with a new one.  Brian seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
 The amount of the second payroll warrant was $194.38 and with Dwight Gould’s check made the payroll $226.56
The next meeting will be February 24, 2014
Ron made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:02 p.m. and Brian seconds the motion, motion made and carried
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary

JANUARY 27, 2014
CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. on January 27, 2014 p.m.
 Present:: Tom Carol, Bob Gerrish, Erna Keller, Jim Waterman, Myrick Cross, Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones and acting
Secretary, Cindy Abbott.
Review of Minutes: 
The minutes of December 16, 2013 were read and Brian Jones made a motion to accept the minutes as read and to be put on file and Ron Price second the motion.  Motion made and carried.
The minutes of January 13, 2014 were read and passed with the correction of sand/salt NOT garage.  Brian Jones made a motion to accept the corrected minutes and to be placed on file and Ron Price second the motion.  Motion made and carried.  
Bob Gerrish discussed an issue regarding the closet in the trailer (annex) and felt that it needed to be rebuilt due to many problems.
Ron Price made a motion to take $10-0.00 out of the building maintenance fund to redo the closet properly.  Brian Jones seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
Brian Jones reported due to previous correspondence from the state that we own the upper dam (boat landing) and it needs to be repaired at some point in the future.  Bob Gerrish thinks the dam needs to be fixed before three or four years.
Fire Chief:
Jim Waterman reported that a grant was approved for a chain saw and chaps. Which will be added to the fire trucks...  Jim has an actual list of 20 firefighters and 2 jr. firefighters.  There was a brief discussion regarding automobile accidents and clean-up.     
The deadline for the information to be reported for the Town Reports is February 15, 2014.
  School Board Representative, Myrick Cross:
Myrick talked with Heather Perry about the school budget.  There won’t be any figures until the end of March.  Right now it is 7.6%  and Heather predicts that the state minimum mill rate will be closer to 8%.  It was voted NOT to contract bus [1]service, there were too many issues.  Also they voted NOT to close any of the schools right now.
General Assistance:
There was 50 gallons of oil delivered this week and one other by deputy GA.
Treasurer-Foreclosures- February 19, 2014
TIngley Property:
After a very lengthy discussion Ron Price would like to have an estimate to see what it’s worth and ants the town to vote as to what to do with it.  Brian Jones thinks we need to do our homework and study the assets.  Clint Spaulding has been talking to people in the community, or put it out to bid. 
Ron Price made a motion to put 2 articles on the town warrant and let the town decide.
Article #1 does the town want us to dispose of the property in the usual manner by putting it out for bid.
Article #2 would the town agree to raise and appropriate $15,000 to do a survey and appraisal of the property to establish the potential value for it and come back to decide what to do.
Motion second by Brian Jones, motion made and carried by two votes, Clint abstained.
McDonald lot- Ron Price made a motion to put it back out to bid, put it in the paper and have a mailing.  Then they will vote at the next meeting February 10, 2014.  All were in agreement.
Treasurer Report:
1.  Foreclosures:  Discussion is warranted.
a. Tingley Property-2009 what are we going to do with this
b. McDonald Property 2010 Bids should be in today and opened except it did not get in the paper.  It was posted in 4 places and sent to everyone n town.  What would you like to do?  Another week-do another mailing with this info and who is running:
c. 2011 Foreclosure List.  There are a couple of poverty abatements for the Selectmen to go over in private.
2. Payroll Warrant this week is $2,962.96 (Clerk, Treasurer, Secretary, Cleaning Lady, Road Crew-24 hours overtime)
3. Payroll warrant this week 2nd Run is $107.65 (error on Erna’s part) ( Missed 8 hourfs on Glen Sporie)
. A motion to pay the payroll warrant in the amount of $2, 962.96 was made by Brian Jones, second by Ron Price.  Motion made and carried.
No motion to pay the A/P in the amount of $15,338.76 was made and second.  
4. Payroll For week ending 1/20/2014 was $2551.21 Clerk, Treasurer Cleaning Lady, road Crew  6.5 hours overtime)
5. Beginning checkbook balance…………………………..$633,538.83
  a. Less A/P this week……………………………………… $ 15,338.76
        b. Ending Checkbook Balance…………………………. $618,200.07
      6.  A/P this week is $15,338.76 (Sullivan’s CMP, Freedom General, PERC,
           BMV, Fairmont,  Harry J. Smith, Clayton Larrabee, Glen Sporie, Clint
           Spaulding, Mac’s Hardware. Maine Motor Transport, Int’l Salt, Chase toy,                     
           Dwight Gould)
      7. A/P for week ending 1/17/2014 was $59,057.33 (Sally Turner-mailbox,
Thompson’s Oil, Freedom General, Ingra ham Equipment, PERC,
            Traction Augusta, BMV, MICCA, O’Connor, Waterville Freightliner
            Int’l Salt, Touchtone, Postmaster, Central Tire, White and Bradstreet,
           Northeast Truck, Cindy Abbott, Hilltop-FVFE, Verizon, Robert Herman)
      8.  We received a check from State of Maine for January Revenue Sharing            
           $3,031.80.  Treasurer State of Maine for $304.52 Snowmobile Refund    .                                                                      
      9.  We received a bill from Myrick Cross to pay the Dirigo Grange $200.00 for    
            the rental of hall, kitchen, and dining room on December 28th  2013
            Potluck and Contra Dance.  THIS IS NOT ON A/P WARRANT.  If you decide
            To pay we need you to add this to the total a/p…in front of A/P WARRANT
            FOLDER.  Brian Jones made a motion to table the bill received from the Dirigo Grange $200.00 for the use of the Grange Hall in December.  We have never been billed by the Grange before, so there will be a discussion with the Dirigo Grange.  Ron Price seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
10.    PERC-1ST Quarter 2014 Tipping Fee will $76.00 ton.
11.    Did phones get cancelled with Verizon?  Cindy was in Unity and has info on the phone that Audrey gave to use to see if they work in town.
12.    I would like to go into executive session to talk about payroll issues.  PERSONEL MATTER
13.    Also I have had a problem with TRIO and Dwight’s payroll.  Hope we now have this fixed.
14.    Maritime Energy-0Need estimate on both heaters now.  I do have another person who actually might be able to get parts for these Paul Curtis.  Another Company to get quotes from is Thompson’s Oil-right now they are running 0% financing on propane heaters.
Ron Price made a motion to call Paul Curtis regarding the parts for both heaters and Thompson’s Oil. regarding a quote on propane heaters.
Brian Jones second the motion, motion made and carried.
The Board went into Executive Session at 7:34 and came out at 7:52 regarding labor negotiations.  No decision was made.
Update regarding the sound study was given and showed that there is a decrease in the noise level of the wind turbines.
A motion was made by Ron Price  to the A/P report with the change adding $40.00 more to the A/P report for Clint’s training, work zone traffic control, and to accept the correction to the treasurer’s report.($15,378.76).   Motion made and carried.
Road Commissioner:
A discussion was held regarding the bus parked on the side of the road on High Street.   Clint stated that it was a state issue.  Cindy requested that the tree on high street be cut.  Clint said he would talk to Pat.
State Representative:
Brian Jones spoke about the Revenue Sharing issue.  He would like to see that included in the mailing together with the upcoming bills.
Cindy reminded Brian that he would work on a grant for the cemetery.
Scott Holmes received a call from the Animal Rescue of Greater Portland regarding the cruelty of kittens on Greeley Road .  He requested that he would like the CEO and Health Officer to go with him to that house.  Ron Price made a motion that Scott to go by himself and report back to the Selectmen.  Clint Spaulding seconds the motion, motion made and carried.
Nomination Papers were taken out by:
Kenneth Overlock    3 year term for Selectman
Cynthia Abbott         1 year term for Clerk, Excise Tax and Tax Collector
Ernestine Keller        1 year term for Treasurer
There was a discussion about a refund.
New Business:
A discussion regarding the bus on High Street was held again.
There is a need for a new POW Flag.
The next meeting will be February 10, 2014
Brian Jones made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:24 p.m. second by Ron Price.
Respectfully submitted,
Acting Secretary
Sallyann Hadyniak
 And back up Cindy Abbott

JANUARY 13, 2014

PLEASE NOTE: The Dec. 30, 2013 meeting was cancelled due to weather and road conditions.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Tom Carroll, Rebecca Skibitsky, Jim Waterman, Bob Gerrish, Dave Bridges, Ron Littlefield, Glen Bridges, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Hilary and Tom Fleming.

REVIEW MINUTES: The Dec. 16th minutes will be tabled until Brian is here because Clint was absent on the 16th.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Dave Bridges said he thought the Board has managed the Town very well for the past year, and the roads this winter. Hilary agreed.
Bob Gerrish thought MSAD3 should keep the bus system as is.

SOLID WASTE DIRECTOR: Hilary gave the Board a copy of a letter that renews Sullivan’s contract for two years with minor changes. Overall, Meredith and Hilary think the Town has been treated very fairly.
Recycling is down and needs to be encouraged; the Board is addressing some issues at the center.

FVFD: Jim asked when budget committee meetings were scheduled, and complained that he had to call Doug to be put on the email list.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: One applicant was supplied with 50 gals. of heating oil.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported a sand shortage due to the repeated road icing. There is a stockpile of 500 yds. of screened sand at Claytons to be moved to Freedom’s pile, but we’ll need more. Ron moved to authorize Clint to purchase another 1000 yards of sand (and salt) to be put up, seconded by Clint and passed.
There are still trees leaning into the Ayer Ridge Rd. and N. Palermo Rd. near Addison’s. Clint will call the DOT about the N. Palermo rd.
Clint predicted damage was done to the new paving under a truck that caught fire and burned on the edge of the Ayer Ridge Rd. before the white cape farmhouse on the left.
A complaint was received from Diane Cody that her oil company refuses to send a truck down Hardwood Lane. Clint moved, seconded by Ron that a letter will be sent to all the Hardwood Lane residents explaining that they are responsible for sanding a private road, and that their plow driver should stop blocking the road with snow. Motion passed and Ron offered to write the letter. Clint suggested that Hardwood could be sanded using Town sand.

EMD: Christine applied for FEMA assistance because of ice damage.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The date of the next meeting is unclear, but thought to be Jan. 14th. The following residents have voiced interest in serving on the Budget committee: Bonnie Shaw, Prentice Grassi, Steve Holmes, Wilson Hess, and Dave Bennett.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: Dave reported that no meetings are planned, but Town committees and boards are submitting their ten-year plans.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: The Board received a copy of the grant application to the Elmina B. Sewell Foundation, which estimates the following figures for a community center/library:
1. Building $75,000
2. Renovation $37,500
3. Shelving $8500
4. Misc. $2000
5. Electronics $8500
6. Collections $10,000

Clint moved to sign the acceptance form, seconded by Ron & carried.
Dave Bridges commented that Myrick deserves support for trying to accomplish something positive for the Town.
Ron expressed his concern that the Town needs a salt/sand shed; we already have the Grange Hall and the Church basement for community events, and our small library with access to other nearby libraries.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Cindy reported that she will have an accounting of the craft fair at the next meeting.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported a problem with the annex sorting/cleaning project. While Myrick is heading up an effort for the Historical Society to clean up and use the space for storage, no one should be in the annex until Cindy and Erna have sorted through all the Town records and shredded whatever can be discarded. And that cannot be done until the shelving is stabilized. Cindy added that the Historical Society should be aware that the annex is not free of mice.
Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to hire bob Gerrish to stabilize the shelving with supports. Motion passed; Gerrish thought he could do the job Friday.
Cindy also asked the Board to develop a policy to govern the borrowing of Town equipment. Right now 20 of the best folding chairs are missing.
The heating system for the rear annex is not working properly, and would cost $1600 to fix. Ron offered to research more economical ways to heat the building.

Cindy gave the 2014 Waterville Humane Society contract for $1020.98 to the Board to sign. Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to sign it.
Cindy advised the Board that the microfilms which preserve the Town records could be stored safely at the State Archives. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to authorize Cindy to hand-deliver the microfilms to the State Archives. Motion passed.
Don Berry could not moderate the Town Meeting on March 15, but is available March 22. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to hold the election March 21 and the Town Meeting March 22. Motion passed, with Cindy asked to send out a town-wide mailing of upcoming dates.

CEMETERIES: Cindy asked for help in researching available grants for cemetery improvement. Clint reported that a team building effort is going on at Mt. View, and a junior class team may be interested in Freedom’s cemetery maintenance this summer.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant for 12/23/13.........................$2465.19 (18 hrs. overtime)
Payroll warrant for 12/31/13.........................$3238.84
Second run 12/31/13..........................$746.28
Payroll warrant for 1/6/14.............................$3639.68 (26.5 hrs. “ “)
Payroll warrant for 1/13/14...........................$3402.78 (17 hrs. overtime)

A/P 12/24/13...................................$4345.37
A/P 12/31/13...................................$12,268.26
A/p 1/7/14.......................................$3005.20

Checkbook balance........................$642,168.16

Vernice will be in the office Feb. 4th.

Three members of the FVFD submitted time cards for cutting brush for 2 hours each @ $20.76 each. Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to pay these on the next payroll. Motion passed.
Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to sign the A/P and payroll warrants. Motion passed. Clint moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Ron seconded, motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS: Regarding the road bond, Cindy needs figures for Vernice by Feb. 4th so roads can be listed as assets.
Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to put the MacDonald house up for bid and to advertize it as required and add it to the town-wide mailing.

The next meeting is January 27th at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:25.

Respectfully submitted
Glen Bridges, Secretary