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Select Board meets every other Monday of each month.

DECEMBER 20, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Price at 6:11 PM, with the following present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Scott Holmes (ACO), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Gail Richardson, Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Glen Bridges, Secretary.

CORRESPONDENCE: Ron went over paperwork of figures still needed for the Comprehensive Plan.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from Dec. 8 were reviewed and accepted with one correction, change of the word ‘budget’ to ‘audit’ in the last sentence of the Treasurer’s report.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that 34 Christmas food baskets were delivered; two were unable to be delivered. On 12/28 K & T will be coming from Island Falls to work on the relief valve on the truck. Jim doesn’t know what to do about fuel, diesel is $3.40/ gal.
Jim asked that the Road Commissioners be sure the far side of the Fire House is sanded.
A part was purchased for truck #3.

ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: Scott reported that he was awakened, with baby Danica sick, by phone calls in the middle of the night about a stray cat. He would prefer that that doesn’t happen again.

TOWN CLERK: MMA is looking for the 1977-78 Select Board minutes. Carol said they didn’t take minutes back then. The State offices are closed 12.23 and 12/24. The Selectmen decided the Town Office will be open 12/23 and closed 12/24. CMP called to inform the Town that Dig-Safe will be working in the vicinity of Russell Road and Timberwood.

TREASURER: The payroll for the week ending 12/13/10 ……..$2333.19.
The payroll for week ending 12/20/10…………$1781.06
Year-end payroll 12/31/10……………………………$902.07

The A/P warrant for this week ………………………$781.91
Carol moved to sign three payroll warrants and the Accounts Payable warrant. Motion passed.
Checkbook balance……………………………………….$296,637.25.

Erna gave Selectmen a list of several checks that were never received and need to be replaced.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave reported on what information is still needed from the Selectmen for Fred Snow.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: The craft fair was very successful, generating over $500, $400 of which will go the Bicentennial Committee.

PLANNING BOARD: Glen reported the Ledges Lane Special Exception is complete. The next meeting will be Jan. 11th.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Meetings are planned for Jan 20 and 27.

OLD BUSINESS: Carol attended the Selectmen’s workshop, and reported that Town Officials have to take the Right-to-Know class within 120 days of being elected. It can be taken online.

Carol also reported that if the Town carries insurance on the ball field, then it can be sued. If there is no insurance, then the Town cannot be sued.

An Assessor’s meeting is planned for Monday, 12/27/10 at 7 PM to discuss the windmill evaluation. Inform Beaver Ridge Wind, and invite one of the State tax representatives.

Sandra Gould has resigned; discussion followed about when to appoint a new one. Carol suggested doing that at the next meeting (Jan.).

NEW BUSINESS: Carol will work on LD #1 tomorrow. MMA, KVCOG and the County Commissioners all want the LD #1 figure.

Selectmen will have to meet Friday 12/31/10 to sign the year-end warrants.

The next Selectmen’s meetings (every other Monday) will be Jan. 3rd and Jan. 17th.

Motion to adjourn passed at 6:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen S. Bridges, Secretary

DECEMBER 8, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM. Present were:
Selectmen Clint Spaulding, Carol Richardson, and Chair Ron Price. Also Erna Keller (Treasurer), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Sallyann Hadyniak, Scott Holmes (ACO), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Keisha Whitman, Glen Bridges (Secretary), Chris Spaulding.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from Nov. 22 were approved as corrected. The Secretary reported that the Webmaster is bringing the minutes up to date on the Town website. The reason for the long delay was the Secretary neglecting to put the required signal in the address line of minutes sent to the Webmaster. (THANK YOU, FRANCES.]

CORRESPONDENCE: Dave Schofield wrote regarding details of a rental owned by Elwin Turner. Letter was placed on file.

The workshop for elected officials was rescheduled because of snow-covered roads to Dec. 14th from 4:30-8:30 PM. at ‘Spectacular Events’ in Bangor.

A letter of resignation was received from Freedom’s health official, Sandra Gould.

A certified letter from lawyer Martin Crowe regarding a foreclosure stemming from tax liens. Discussion followed about the history of property transfers, and the Town’s error in the map and page number. Ron moved that this be turned over to Bill Kelly if the Board cannot determine if the lien is legal. Motion passed with 3 votes in favor.

TREASURER: The payroll warrant for last week (11/29) was $3792.35, and this week’s is $2486.34.The A/P last week was $$47,683.09, and for this week is $$34,556.32. The checkbook balance will be $285,986.12 after the warrant is paid.

Sullivan’s bill for fall pick-up was $8408.92, $1400 over budget. Spring clean up was also $1400 over budget.

Cathy Dow is working on the 2007 audit and should be finished by the end of the year.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: The Select Board met in executive session as authorized by MRSA 405(6) for 15 minutes. Upon return, Ron moved to appoint Clint as official represent- ative of the Board in charge of Town Garage personnel for maintenance of winter roads. Motion passed. Clint said we may need one more part-time driver, possibly Glenn Sporie.

ACO: Scott reported that he bought the dog crate for a reduced price, and the clerk at Tractor Supply changed the number on the check. Erna will call them about this illegal action, and doubts that the check will clear.

Robert Muelmann was convicted and fined for ‘dog at large’. He will be back in court in January on a similar charge.

Also, the goat owners pled not guilty. Clint thought the State animal humane officer should be called about the goats because they aren’t being fed adequately.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Carol reported applications are down from last year.

BICENTENNIAL COMMITTEE: Eight attended their meeting. Lorraine had all the speeches from 100 years ago. Next Jan. 4 is the next meeting; officers will be elected.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Janet reported no activity. Clint advised the committee request adequate funding for next year.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The next meetings are Jan.20 and Jan. 27 at 7 PM. They need to hear from the Historical Society, Comp. Plan Committee, and Fire Department.

OLD BUSINESS: S. Bennett wants a copy of the letter to Selectmen from Bill Kelly. Steve reports that the NRCS would cost-share a private road that has a public easement.

A letter was received from Beaver Ridge Wind regarding their 2010 tax assessment increasing by over $1 million. The Selectmen will schedule an Assessor’s meeting with Todd Preston and Mike a Rogers.

The next Board of Selectmen’s meeting will be Dec. 20,2010.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Secretary

NOVEMBER 22, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Price at 6:10 PM. Present: Selectmen Carol Richardson, Clint Spaulding, and Chair Ron Price. Scott Holmes (ACO), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Jim Waterman (Fire Dept.), Glen Bridges (Secretary), Clint Spaulding Jr., Dwight Gould & family, Sallyann Hadyniak, Joe Freeman, Steve Bennett.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Joe Freeman asked why he wasn’t called to sand roads. Clint explained that only the dirt roads were being sanded, and it was an opportunity to train a new driver. Carol mentioned a letter from MMA about drug testing for employees. Joe said he would call the DOT about requirements for a physical.

Dwight Gould submitted the only bid for plowing the 5 miles of small Town roads; Clint moved to accept Dwight’s bid, motion passed unanimously.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from Nov. 8, 2010 were accepted as written. Steve Bennett commented that the length of the road [end of Beaver Ridge Rd. to the Sibley Road] should be 6500’, and he asked to include his point, which he considers significant, that the County commissioners voted to discontinue winter snow plowing in 1948.

FIRE CHIEF PACK BOXES FOR THANKSGIVING. : Jim thanked everyone who volunteered to pack Thanksgiving boxes.
He reported that K & T from Island Falls will repair the Truck #2 pressure relief valve; the truck may have to go to Island Falls for the work.
There was a rollover on Stagecoach Rd. in Unity today on black ice.
Montville’s tanker truck will be kept in Freedom.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES CONTINUED: Steve Bennett said he thought the meeting with Bill Kelly was worthwhile, though he didn’t agree with everything Kelly said. Bennett will follow up by going to the County archives to look for any “undiscovered” minutes He will pay the cost of his research if the Selectmen agree to accept the results as valid. Steve gave the Selectmen copies of one of the State Statutes on road discontinuance. Steve commented that he doesn’t know where the money would come from to pay Bill Kelly to mediate a compromise, as Kelly advised. Ron responded that the Selectmen will not be making the decision about the road.

A letter from Bill Kelly said he will do no more work until he hears from the Board.

Ron said that according to Bill Kelly, the over-riding priority is the question: Will the NRCS cost-share on a road that retains a public easement. That needs to be answered before any more discussion takes place.

CORRESPONDENCE: The letter from Bill Kelly was read, saying that he will wait to hear from the Selectmen, and articulating the question (above).

A letter was received from the Carpenter’s Association, engineers, offering inspection services under the new International Building Codes.

ACO: Scott reported that he picked up a stray cat on Rollins Rd., and will go to Tractor Supply to buy a large dog crate soon.

TREASURER: Erna reported the payroll for the week ending Nov. 15 was $3694.35, and for this week is $3824.29.

The A/P warrant for the week ending Nov. 18 was $15,031.42, and this week the A/P is $1759.48. The checkbook balance, after all the bills are paid, is $336,275.24.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: The dirt roads have been sanded. The sander worked OK, but the chute will have to be waxed.

TOWN CLERK REPORT: Cindy reported that the annual Town Meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2011, with Don Berry as moderator. Nomination papers will be available Dec. 16, to be returned Jan. 18.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The next meeting is Dec. 2. Tim Biggs and Brian Jones were both appointed to the Budget Committee by unanimous vote. Ron said the four meetings so far have been devoted to finding ways to save money in anticipation of school funding cuts. The committee members are: Doug Van Horn, Willa Dibner, Nancy Bailey Farrar, Erna Keller, Janet Boynton, Sallyann Hadyniak, Brian Jones, and Tim Biggs.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: The election of officers resulted in Viola Greeley, Pres., Lorraine Overlock, Secretary, and Janet Boynton, Treasurer. They will be organizing for the Freedom Bicentennial.

OLD BUSINESS: The Veteran’s Memorial Bench is installed, the monument to be moved tomorrow.

Carol will contact Boyd Ward for written permission for a plow truck turnaround.

The audit was discussed. The 2007 material had to be re-mailed because the auditor’s address had changed. 2008 is being prepared now.

NEW BUSINESS: A meeting is scheduled with all the plow truck drivers for Monday, Nov. 11 at 7 PM.

The next Select Board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 6, 2010. [Secretary’s note: this was later postponed to Dec. 8].

Vote to adjourn passed at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Sec.

NOVEMBER 8, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Price at 6 PM. Present: Selectmen Clint Spaulding, Carol Richardson, and Ron Price. Scott Holmes (ACO), Jay Guber (CEO), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Fire Chief Jim Waterman, Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Glen Bridges (Secretary), Sallyann Hadyniak, Chuck Hadynaik, Clint Spaulding Jr., Dottie Holmes, Carol Hagar, Steve Bennett, John Clark, Thelma Ledden, and Bill Kelly, Town Attorney.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from October 25 were approved with one correction. The minutes from Oct. 11 were approved with one correction.

CITIZEN°ØS ISSUES: Amanda Jamison left materials to explain the program called PACE, which provides low interest loans for up to $15,000 for weatherization. The town would have to pass an ordinance to participate. A meeting is being held Nov. 18th at the Unity elementary school about this new program.

CORRESPONDENCE: MMA Insurance sent a list of hazards that need to be corrected: removal of playground equipment, mid-rail needs to be added to disability ramps, interior lights need to be covered, replace missing vinyl siding, put a step in front of the rear door.
Another restitution check has been received for $10.61. Carol will call the Sheriff°Øs office to see what the restitution is for (likely stolen road signs).

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that on Nov. 18 from 6-8 AM is a volunteer opportunity to pack Thanksgiving boxes at the Tarratine Hall in Belfast,and to deliver them Nov. 20 between 8 AM and noon.
The FEMA 2010 fire grant has been denied; Jim is waiting to learn the reason.
The required service test is due on the pump on truck #2. Jim asked for authorization to use monies from the FD Capital Improvement Account to repair the relief valve and large suction lines. The Selectmen voted to approve.
Also, some turn-out gear needs to be replaced at $450 for a pair of pants. Carol moved to approve; motion passed.
Jim inquired about the progress of the audits. 2008 is being prepared now.
Route 220 was closed due to flooding from the Morse Center Montville Rd.
A 50/50 grant application has been sent to the ME Forest Service, for portable radio batteries and a hand-held GPS.

CEO: Jay reported that Alexander King on Oak Lane was granted a permit for a mobile home. Jay spent 3 days learning about the new State International Building Codes., which will be imposed on all Towns in Maine, but will not be enforced in towns with a population less than 2000 unless an ordinance is adopted. Regardless, new buildings will have to be in compliance with the new codes.
A harvest permit was received for Patrick Brown for 39 acres. Jay handed in his yearly report, and expense & mileage report, and will be leaving at the end of Nov. for four months.

TREASURER: Erna reported the payroll for the week ending Oct. 31 was $1298.86, and for this week is $3206.68. The checkbook balance is $384.839.86. The A/P warrant for the week ending Nov. 5 was $3629.93. The A/P this week is $54,944.78, and includes the Nov. school payment. Carol moved to sign the A/P; motion passed.
The 2007 audit is now being worked on by the auditors.
Cindy submitted a report of the Rec. Committee°Øs fundraising for the garden and ball field. The ball field is $1772 over budget, but when the audits are done, the monies can be rolled over from previous years.
Cindy also asked permission to have a craft fair at the Town Office & Annex on Dec. 10. Carol moved to approve; motion passed.

ACO: Scott reported that he issued a summons to Robert Muehlmann to go to court for °Ædogs at large°Ø after one of his dogs °&Mac176;went for somebody°±.
Carol told Scott that Cindy has a dog crate the Town can buy for less than Tractor Supply°Øs price.

NEW BUSINESS: Steve Bennett brought his case to the Board again about making Beaver Ridge Rd. private, with Bill Kelly in attendance for legal advice. His goal is to build a new road in a new location through his daughter°Øs and Dave Bennett°Øs land, then the old road can be rebuilt from Ron Price°Øs last field to Sallyann Hadynaik°Øs. The whole length is about 8000 feet. If the road is private, he can get 75% cost sharing from the NRCS for 2500°Ø per year. He said he would allow access for hiking, skiing, and horseback riding, but Sallyann and Chuck don°Øt want snowmobiles going by their houses, and Steve doesn°Øt want ATVs on his land. Steve would work with snowmobile club to create a new trail if they want one. Sallyann added that there are State setbacks preventing snow machines from going too close to houses.
Long term, Steve said, someday there will be people who want to build homes there. °&Mac176;They would pay taxes and that is good for a town.°±
Steve reviewed his history of the status of the road, letters from Red Mitchell to Sallyann Hadyniak, and quoted the MMA Selectmen°Øs Handbook.
Carol Hagar asked what the true purpose of this request was besides fire protection; for developing house lots? For general access, Steve replied, although current landowners have a private easement. Steve replied that he can°Øt predict the future, but has no intention to subdivide; that is the °&Mac176;farthest thing from my mind°±. Ron Price explained that this session was not a public hearing, but for the Board to be advised by Bill Kelly.
Jay Guber objected to the Town paying for this legal advice, but was informed that Bennett and Hadyniak will be paying the cost for tonight 50/50. He also feels that the Town should have the right to vote on this. Ron repeated that this is not a hearing.
Bill Kelly reviewed the 2-3 year long lawsuit challenging the status of 3 roads. Surveyors were hired, depositions taken. For the record, he said, the resulting Board of Selectmen°Øs vote that the roads were not abandoned still stands. Kelly advised that the status is: the Town has retained the easement repeatedly, and the public has regularly used this access.
Steve disputed Bill Kelly°Øs review of what portions of the road the Town voted on using a 1939 aerial photo as evidence of abandonment. Kelly explained that abandonment is based on the road being passable, not maintenance, according to the Statute, and how trees can obscure a roadway in an aerial photo. Steve also quoted the MMA Manual for defining abandonment.
Bill Kelly explained that letters from Red Mitchell do not carry legal weight because they are not legal votes by a Board of Selectmen, and that the MMA handbook is superceded by the State Statutes on roads. Bill added that the entire Statute has to be read, not just selected paragraphs from the MMA Manual.
Finally, Kelly suggested that the wisest course of action may be to work this out with a compromise if there is any room for give and take. Steve said he isn°Øt sure he wants to pay Kelly°Øs bill all through the process, and Sallyann said she would not pay for more than tonight°Øs meeting.
Bill Kelly stated that whatever the outcome, the Town should have a public hearing and vote to decide, and added that the fate of roads is too important to be decided by °&Mac176;2 raised hands°± (2of 3 Selectmen). The conversation ended with the Selectmen agreeing to take the time to think about this, and will be in touch with Kelly.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that the sand pile is up and covered, and the trucks are all in working order.
A culvert on the left side of the very beginning of the Greeley Road needs work; we need to find out if it is within the State right of way.
Clint mentioned that the State will be giving the No. Palermo Rd. to the Town.
Carol asked if there is a list of plow truck drivers. Clint mentioned that MMA has a site we can advertise on for drivers. Ron moved to go into executive session as authorized by MRSA 405(6), Title 23-3028; motion passed at 8:23 PM.
Upon return at 8:35 PM Ron read a list of names for plow drivers, and the Board will decide later which ones will be the primary drivers.
Jerry Spaulding, Steve Spaulding, Joe Freeman, Bob Herman, Lendell Chase, Joe Richardson, Craig Smith. Clint moved to accept the list of seven names. Motion passed. Applications and testing have to be done. (Joe R. and Craig S. already have applications in).
The budget left for roads, without the cost of salt subtracted, is about $20,757, to get the Town to Jan. 1st. Carol said the budget can be exceeded by 15%. Clint said the truck maintenance budget was cut last year. The trucks have been sandblasted and painted, and now undercoated.

GENERAL ASSSISTANCE: One application has come in.


COMP. PLAN CMTE: Ron said he hoped to have the report finished this Wednesday.

OLD BUSINESS: Clint reported that Mildred Skidgel was working at Skidgel°Øs, said she has a buyer from out-of-state to buy the contents and take everything of value, then she will have the buildings demolished. This will take 2-3 years.
The Town can hook into Skidgel°Øs well closest to the Town Garage. The route would go straight under the site for the sand pile. Carol moved, seconded by Clint to authorize Ron to get some estimates of the cost. Motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS: Carol asked Ron and Clint for some help with LD1, which the county commissioners have asked for twice, and also abatement. Time was set to meet Wednesday 11/10/10 at 10 AM.
Ron will call Tim Biggs, who volunteered for the Budget Committee, to see if he will be in Town during Jan/Feb. Ron will also call the oil company.
Clint thinks a special Town Meeting is needed; Carol agreed and made the motion. Motion passed to hold a special Town Meeting Dec. 6, 2010.
Ron asked about plowing the small roads. This is about 5 miles, including Wentworth, Russell, Mill, the church, Grange, Town Office and Fire House. The Board agreed to put the plowing out to bid, and advertise it in the Morning Sentinel for 2 days, the bids to be in by Nov. 22.
Carol said she would get permission for a plow truck turnaround at Boyd Ward°Øs.
The bench will be put in place this week; the Mitchell monument will be moved later on.
Clint raised the question of how the draft minutes are sent to committee heads and officials, and moved that unapproved minutes only be sent to Selectmen, and be put into the book in the Town Office. Motion passed.

The next regular Selectmen°Øs meeting will be Nov. 22, 2010. A work session is planned for 10 AM on Nov. 10th.

Motion to adjourn passed at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

OCTOBER 25, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ron Price at 6:06 PM. Present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Scott Holmes (ACO), Jay Guber (CEO), Dottie Chase, Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: Review of the Oct. 11 minutes was postponed because Carol was absent then; Clint is absent tonight.


ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Ron reported that the winter sand can be worked on when the loader is repaired, which might be done by now. The trucks are not ready to go: the hopper, being constructed by Dave Bennett, needs to be put on #8, and king pins are needed by #7 for it to be inspected.

Carol asked if Joe Richardson is being considered for a plow truck driver job, and Carol said Clint told her that Joe Freeman is coming back.

CEO: Jay reported two building permits. Joe Ascrizzi is putting a foundation under his shop, and Max Ascrizzi is putting on an addition, but will need a plumbing permit.
The owner of a camper on Beaver Ridge Rd. was informed that camping is limited to 120 days. Lou Buttner has a dumpster, and is loading it by wheelbarrow.
Jay mentioned to Scott that there are 3 dogs on Beaver Ridge Rd., one puppy with no tag.
Sandra Gould and Jay inspected the O’Conner situation on Greeley Rd., and she is sending them a registered letter. Carol said the home owner needs a dumpster. A long discussion followed about the deplorable living conditions there.
Jay will be attending classes on Nov. 1, 2, and 3.
Jay took Chris Cabot from DEP to inspect Penney Pond, which has drained out. The pond is rated as “significant waterfowl habitat”. He found that some time ago, much of the granite from the old mill dam was stolen, the beaver pond dam has been dismantled, and garbage has been dumped on the access road.

ACO: Scott answered a complaint about 5 loose goats eating shrubs on a neighbor’s property; he summonsed the owner to court.
Scott has found a large dog crate at Tractor supply for $100. Carol moved to authorize Scott to buy the crate, along with the purchase order to do so. Motion passed. Erna notified Scott that he has no more mileage money. Ron told Scott to keep track of his mileage, and the Town will charge the owners of the animals.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim pointed out that DHHS (or whatever department oversees state subsidized rental housing) has to be informed of unsanitary living conditions in rental housing, subsidized housing called “Section 8” housing.
The Fire Dept. needs cold patch in front of the 3rd door of the Fire House to level it.
The offer the Fire Dept. made on the truck in Salisbury, Mass. was declined. The truck is a converted milk truck with 153,000 miles, rated at 3500 gallons.
There was a major fire on 461 Hussey Road in Albion.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The payroll warrant for the week ending 10/18/10 was $1443.30, and for this week was $3148.50.
The checkbook balance is $389,982.46. The A/P for the week ending Oct. 19 was $54,297.14, and included the October school payment. This week the A/P is $15,633.91.
Carol moved to pay last week’s payroll for $1443.30 and this week’s of $3140.30. Motion passed. Carol moved to pay both Accounts Payable warrants of $15,633.91 and $54,297.14. Motion passed. Carol commented that she is very happy to see the balance in the checking account.

CORRESPONDENCE: Carol cleaned up the Selectmen’s office, and came up with a stack of mail going back to April.
Bill Kelly wants to call to set up a time to meet with Selectmen.
1. A check for $10.61 was received for restitution, possibly for stolen road signs.
2. Flood Plain maps.
3. Inspection of land fill by DEP; Dave had already reported on this.
4. Contract from National Gas for acetylene and oxygen torches (to Road Commissioners).
5. Guidelines for Shoreland Zoning (to Planning Board).
6. Agenda for Municipal Revenue Committee (PERC) meeting.
7. A survey from U Maine.
8. Second notice regarding Revenue Services; Carol needs help from Ron on this.
9. Maine Forest Service – tree growth report, needs to be sent.
10. Our domain website owner: Carol asked for the user name and password. He said he doesn’t keep those records, and Francis said she doesn’t have it.
11. Carol printed out the state evaluations for the last ten years for the Comp. Plan Cmte.
12. State Guidelines for General Assistance. Carol moved to accept the State Guidelines for the next year. Motion passed.
13. Mike Rogers e-mailed Carol that subdivision surveys should be in a fireproof safe. Carol would like to buy a map storage unit.
14. DEP has released its new rule for replacing culverts. Filed under roads.
15. A list of real estate sales. Each house sold was at least $20,000 over the Town’s assessed value; Carol thinks the assessor should address this.
16. A list of Homestead Exemptions needs to be signed.
17. The State valuation list. Next year the Town is valuated at $61 million, with $10 million added for Beaver Ridge Wind, up 19.35%.
18. Public official’s liability insurance deductible has gone from $1000 to $2500.
Carol thinks coverage on Town buildings should be reviewed and raised.

Carol found another pile of mail in a drawer, which she and Ron sorted through.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Carol reported that she denied two applications.

PLANNING BOARD: Glen reported that the Board met on Oct. 12th, and will be finishing up the documents for the Special Exception application on Lot #10 on Ledges Lane on Nov. 9th

BUDGET COMMITTEE: A meeting is coming up Dec. 2. Jay Guber is resigning; Carol tried to remember who else expressed an interest in serving, she will ask Cindy. Ideas for reducing expenses are being discussed, such as having CMP change street light bulbs to save money, and extending a one time weekend clean-up but eliminating door–to-door, with an organized neighborhood trucking service.
Doug Van Horn needs to notify people about meetings, and he doesn’t know that Sallyann Hadyniak has been appointed.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN COMMITTEE: Regular meetings are finished for now. Fred Snow wants to have a draft ready Dec. 1st, then there will be a hearing. Work needs to be completed on road inventory, businesses and farms. Dave reviewed roads and their condition with Selectmen.
If the Selectmen need any help with the Fiscal Capacity section, call Dave or Fred Snow.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Carol asked why Clint wants to send Bob Hermon to clean up the Bradstreet Cemetery when the budget is used up. Why couldn’t the Town pay the children that live right across the road? Ron moved that nothing be done on cemeteries for now. Motion passed.

Jay inquired why scouts or high school volunteers can’t do this kind of job. Carol replied that liability is the problem. Carol said State law says that no one under 18 can use any equipment such as a lawnmower or weed whacker on Town property.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Ron asked if we still have a Rec. Committee. Carol said Cindy is on it, but Scott and Kim’s terms are up and she has not re-appointed them. Also, members have to live in Freedom, so the by-laws need to be changed.

OLD BUSINESS: The roofing bill has been received; Carol will give it to Erna to pay.

Next meeting will be November 8 at 6 PM. Reminder: meeting at 7 Pm October 27 at the Thorndike Town Office with the Unity Area Regional Recycling.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

OCTOBER 11. 2010

Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:10 PM. Present were Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Scott Holmes (ACO), and Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from Sept. 27 were accepted as written.


TREASURER: No report.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that the road grading is finished. Clint has been trying to find John Cranowski, but hasn’t been able to get hold of him. Discussion followed repeating the sand prices received.

Truck #8 was discussed. Repairs are underway on the rear end of truck #7 and the front end loader. The Selectmen discussed the welding needed on the sander, but agreed wait until next meeting to decide.

Clint found a plow and wing for $1000 at the State auction.

Ron moved to buy winter sand from John Work; motion passed. Clint said the site for the sand needs to be cleaned up.

ACO: Scott was asked by the sheriff to seize a Great Dane on Russell Rd. The owner picked it up at the shelter. Because of this experience, Scott needs a large dog crate, 48” long, 30” wide, and 33” high. Clint suggested looking at Tractor Supply in Augusta. Ron moved to authorize the Selectmen to sign a purchase order as soon as the best price is determined.

SOLID WASTE: Door-to-door pick-up on Oct. 16th clean-up day. No TVs, Freon, computers or hazardous waste should be put out.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: One application has come in.

PLANNING BOARD: Glen reported the September meeting couldn’t be held because of no quorum. A meeting is scheduled for Oct. 12, 7PM.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave reported that the committee meets Oct. 13. Fiscal information from the Board of Selectmen is needed very soon. A draft of the plan is scheduled to go to the State Planning Office by Dec. 1. The deadline for information from the Town is Oct. 31.

Glen inquired whether or not she has to be paid mileage for Town errands/purchases when she has specifically requested no mileage be paid. The Selectmen responded, “No”. Ron moved to authorize signing a purchase order for $69.95 for Glen & Dave Bridges for reimbursement for copies made of the Shoreland Zoning map, and ink used for Planning Board and Comp Plan business.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim Waterman will order two fire extinguishers for the annex.

OLD BUSINESS: Regarding the roofing color, Clint pointed out that the building trim is green. Carol ordered black, and the Board voted for black. Ron will call Brian Mitchell to see if it’s already ordered.

Ron will call Clint to arrange a date & time to install the Veteran’s Bench.

Clint will send Bob Hermon to clean up Bradstreet’s cemetery.

A resident old Clint that the garbage at Buttner’s on Hardwood Lane is going to take an excavator to clean out. Ron and Clint will inspect the site.

Ron reported that the Selectmen did have a work session with Steve Bennett and Sallyann Hadyniak about turning Beaver Ridge Road into a private road. As a result, the Board decided to meet with the Town attorney about options for that road.

The vendor who was having problems with the IRS has resolved the issues, so the Town can go back to doing business with that vendor.

NEW BUSINESS: Dave asked if there will be heat in the annex for meetings. The thermostat will be kept at 60, and can be turned up for meetings, then back down.

Clint moved to sign the payroll warrant for $1398.1o. Motion passed.

REMINDER: The meeting with the UARRC Recycling staff and Evan Coleman is scheduled for Oct. 27, 7 PM, Thorndike Town Office.

The next Selectmen’s meeting is October 25, 2010 at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Secretary

SEPTEMBER 27, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM. Present; Carol Richardson (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Sallyann Hadyniak, Jay Guber (CEO), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from Aug. 16th were accepted as written. The minutes from Sept. 13th were approved with one correction (potholes filled on Waning Road, not Jay Guber’s road.)

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Glen brought up the subject of the Penney Pond being emptied out, and asked if Jay Guber would look into it. Years ago granite was removed from the old dam structure, beavers have been trapped out, and the beaver dam destroyed. The pond is in Resource Protection according to the Shoreland Zoning map, and was a valued asset to the Town for recreation and scenic value. Clint argued that a landowner has the right to remove a beaver dam on his own property; Glen responded that it is unlikely the landowner would deliberately cut his property value in half by ruining it like that.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim offered his condolences to Carol for her loss of Arthur.
Jim is working on his budget for next year. Ron said that the budget Cmte. is looking for areas to cut back, so there won’t be any extra funds coming up.
Jim needs fuel oil for the Fire House. He looked into the Efficiency Maine rebate program, and it is only for residences, not town buildings.
Discussion followed about oil prices; Ron would like to have the prices checked again to see which dealer is the lowest.
Jim mentioned that with holiday season coming up, the Fire dept. will be working on 25-30 Thanksgiving baskets.
He asked if there is a fire extinguisher for the annex yet? Not yet.

HISTORICAL SOCITY: The open house will be Oct. 16th at the old meeting house from 1 PM to 4. Denny Robbins will be working on clapboards on the back of the building.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Jay reported that things are quiet; no permits granted. He has attended some classes.
Jay requested an executive session to discuss a personnel matter; the selectmen and Jay went into executive session under the authority of MRSA 405 (6), Title 23-3028, and returned 5 minutes later. Ron moved that Jay be permitted to take a sabbatical from his job from Nov. 30 to April 1st. Motion passed unanimously. Dave Schofield will take over for that time.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint hasn’t talked yet to John Cranouski about supplying Freedom’s winter sand. Littlefield’s price has gone up 30 cents since they talked.
The shocks on truck #8 are all fixed. The rear end in truck #7 is bad. Carol moved to get it fixed before snow comes, and take money from the capital improvement account to buy a plow at the state auction. Motion passed.
Ron asked about the loader bucket, which leaks. It needs to be fixed and returned quickly to get the sand pile up.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: The ball field is finished, the new grass seed is growing. Just the fence needs to be put up.
A date needs to be set for Ron, Bob Hermon and Clint to install the bench. Dave Bridges volunteered to help.
Clayton is to move the memorial from the cemetery to the bench site.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported the payrolls from 9/20/10 and this week total $3257.67. Checkbook balance is $427,391.94. The A/P this week is $14,320.14 and includes the rest of the charitable contributions.
A contract for the copier service from ABS is in the folder. Cindy is having a problem getting the Town Office hours corrected on the Town website.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave would like to set a time & date to meet with the selectmen to work on their part of the Comp. Plan.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion of the roofing for the Town Office. Brian Mitchell estimated $5000; Carol called him and authorized him to start work, using the black color.

Carol will call MMA about the trash at Lou Buttner’s to see how the Town can handle it, and will send a registered letter to the resident. The property has been declared a health hazard.

Ron raised the issue of Steve Bennett wanting the Beaver Ridge Rd. to be made private and requesting a special meeting with Selectmen to go over the history again. A long discussion followed. Jay Guber said Bill Kelly has already advised the Town and that Kelly’s letter is public information; he doesn’t want his tax bills paying more legal fees or to have his Selectmen burdened with another diversion that has already been settled. Carol said any such process would require a complete survey, a written legal description, and letters sent to all landowners. Jay thought this would not be a good precedent to set.
The Selectmen agreed that another meeting would not be appropriate. Ron will tell Steve that he needs to seek legal advice if he wants to pursue this further.
Ultimately, the Selectmen said the Town would have to vote on this.

NEW BUSINESS: Carol reported that the resident on Greeley whose goats are often loose also has a build-up of garbage, along with a refrigerator that is not secured to keep little kids out of it. Jay said he made a courtesy phone call to the father of this resident.

Jay Guber has a one ton 4WD dump truck with a 9’ plow. Would the Town like to lease it? Clint thought it is not a big enough truck.

The Bridges went to the DEP in Augusta to pick up the new Shoreland Zoning map, and have 5 copies made. The Selectmen approved reimbursement for the copies.

A vendor the Town uses is having trouble with the IRS, so the Town should avoid using that vendor.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be October 11 at 6 PM.

Vote to adjourn at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

SEPT. 13, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM. Present: Ron Price (Select Bd. Chair), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Glen Bridges (Secretary), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Jay Guber (CEO), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Scott Holmes (ACO), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Jeff Bishop, Jeff Keating, Dave Bennett, Steve Bennett, Ron Littlefield.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from Aug. 16 were tabled until Carol can be present. Minutes from Aug. 30 were approved as written, to be placed on file.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Jeff Keating asked if the Selectmen are talking about doing anything about the partying and vandalism near the gate above Sibley Rd., such as closing the area to traffic from dusk to dawn or closing the road to unauthorized vehicles. After discussion, the Selectmen were negative about the idea of closing the road to unauthorized vehicles, but Clint moved to order and install a sign, “Road Closed from Dusk to Dawn”. Motion passed.

Steve Bennett raised the issue again of turning the Beaver Ridge Road into a private road so that he can get public funding to improve the road, and requested a special meeting with Selectmen to discuss all the research and paperwork that has been accumulated. After a long explanation from Steve, the Selectmen replied that they wouldn’t object to such a meeting, and agreed to notify Steve of a date. Jay Guber suggested that under the Forest Stewardship program, funding would be available even on a Town road. Steve also complained about vehicles coming down the Sibley Rd. hill too fast, even with speed limit signs. Clint described the similar problems on Rollins Rd.

Ron Littlefield raised the question of his access to the discontinued road beyond Hardwood Lane being blocked by Mr. Sirois. Jeff Bishop described the destruction done to the snowmobile bridge and trail, and explained that the snowmobile club responded to Mrs. Sirois’ allergy to carbon monoxide by slowing snowmobiles to 5 MPH; they did not re-route the trail. After discussion, the Selectmen agreed that the blocking of access to the road is illegal. Ron said they will look into it.

Jay Guber thanked the Selectmen as Road commissioners for filling the potholes on the Waning Road.

Ron read a bid from Dave Bennett for the Dodge tanker truck for $500. Being the only bid, a motion passed to accept it.

The Selectmen received a packet of required information for the Comp.Plan that the Selectmen need to work on. Ron said they need to get moving on this.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim asked if the $500 for the truck will be returned to the Fire Dept. After some discussion, Clint moved to return the $500, minus expenses of the bidding process, to the Fire Department. Motion passed.
Ron heard about a Brigadier tanker for sale along Rte. 95 in Mass. and will try to get the contact information for Jim.

Jim mentioned that the Town of Chelsea may loan a truck to Freedom.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Jim has requested an up-to-date financial report from Erna for the Historical society because he is stepping down as Treasurer, and wants an accurate report.
The group needs to move their file cabinet out to the annex because their meetings will be held out there. Also, the annex needs fire extinguishers.
On Sat., Oct 16th from 1 PM to 4, the group will host an open house at the newly restored old Town House, with refreshments. Prior to 1945, the Selectmen met in the building.

TREASURER: Erna’s written report: The payroll for the week ending 9/4/10 was $3927.03, including the LPI and CEO. This week the payroll warrant is $1524.64.
Clint moved to sign both payroll warrants; motion passed.

The checkbook balance is $406,362.67.

The A/P for the week ending 9/9/10 was $13,834.81, including payment for 2006 audit. The A/P for this week is $6820.10. Clint moved to sign both Accounts Payable warrants; motion passed.

Discussion followed about the confusion of the report’s checkbook balance, what figures are included or not, subtracted or not. Clint will talk to Erna about the need for a beginning checkbook balance and an ending checkbook balance.

CEO: Jay Guber asked if the post has been removed from the lake by Robert Muellman. Since the lake level is up a few inches, it’s hard to tell.

An intent to harvest form was received for 37 acres owned by Steve Bennett.
Building permits were granted: 1. Avian Haven, a cottage
2. Carrie/Steve Bennett, a deck, porch and ramp
3. Roger Littlefield, a Quonset building with an attached shed roof.
Jay will be attending free courses in Bangor and Gray.
Jay requested an executive session regarding a personnel matter at the Sept. 27 meeting.


Clint quoted prices for sand: Lee Bros. and Works, $5/yard loaded. Farley, from Littlefield’s pit, and Cranouski, $4 yard. Ron asked if it should be delivered, followed by a discussion of the quality of sand. Clint preferred the quality of Cranouski’s sand, and will talk to him more about it.

One of the trucks needs front shocks. Truck #7’s loose wheel bearings were fixed. Bob Hermon is still working on getting the trucks ready for winter. Also, Bob has gotten his permit for a class II license, so may be ready to drive a plow.

Clint got the go-ahead to repair the bucket, and still needs to contact Nancy about welding the stainless hopper.

There are some slight washouts on Smithton from the recent rains.

ACO: Scott reported that he had to herd some loose goats that on Greeley Rd. He picked up one dog and took it to the shelter, after which the owner called and complained. Someone else called the office and complained about having to pay late fees for dog licenses.

RECREATION CMTE: Ronald received a financial/progress report on the ball field, which is $1772 over budget. Another bill will come in when the fence is put up. If monies from 2007 and 2008 can be rolled over according to the auditor, the expenses will be covered.

The Veteran’s bench is ready to be installed by 2-3 volunteers; Clint volunteered himself and his twins.

Announcement: Mt. View football won 44-12 over Dexter !!!

COMP. PLAN CMTE: The next meeting is Sept 23 to review land use strategies and the Selectmen’s contribution, which includes the fiscal capacity and public facilities of Freedom.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The group was supposed to meet this month.

OLD BUSINESS: Ongoing problems of two properties with a build-up of trash were discussed. Jay Guber reported that Lou Buttner, who has “mountains” of garbage piled in his front and back yard on Hardwood Lane, offered to share the cost of a large dumpster with the Town. This generated lively discussion about the feasibility of that idea, the size and cost of a dumpster, and the possibility that buildup of waste would continue. Citizens present expressed their displeasure at the possibility of taxpayers footing the bill again. It was suggested to enforce the State Junkyard Statute. Ron agreed to call MMA to see about either putting a lien on the property to cover clean-up cost, or adding the cost to his tax bill.


The next Select Board meeting will be Sept. 27 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn at 8 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

AUGUST 30, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 by Chairman Price. Present were Carol Richardson (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Ron Price (Select Board Chair), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Sallyann Hadyniak, Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Jay Guber (CEO), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Glen Bridges (Secretary), Aaron Paul and Meredith Coffin from UARRC.

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from Aug. 2 were accepted as written.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Aaron Paul, manager of UARRC attended with Meredith Coffin to express their concern about the single stream recycling proposal that Evan Coleman is making to towns. Their concerns were that this service is unnecessary, not effective for ‘clean’ recyclables, and could damage their efforts if any towns pulled out of UARRC. They would like to meet with Selectmen from all the towns they serve sometime in October. Also, UARRC can now take fridges and air conditioners containing freon for $5.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim inquired about any decision on the Dodge tanker truck. He will write up the bid, which will be advertised in the Morning Sentinel and the Town column in the Republican Journal. Bids will be opened Sept. 13th.
There is no news about federal grants. Jim needs to find out if grants for replacement furnaces apply to town buildings. Glen will e-mail him the contact person for that Efficiency ME program.

CORRESPONDENCE: Carol sent out a letter regarding the offer of special signs for houses of seniors 70 or over.
A thank you letter was received from the County Treasurer for being the earliest town to pay their tax since 2003.
A health notice was received about Eastern Equine Encephalitis.
There are grants available to Towns to encourage recycling.

TREASURER: Payroll for week ending Aug. 23 is $2121.52, and $1404.55 for this week. The checkbook balance is $421,697.57.
The A/P for the week ending Aug. 24 is $4479.08. This week the A/P is $39,416.57, which included the Sept. school payment.
Checks received: General Assistance reimbursement - $387.5
State Revenue Sharing - $3195.30
URIP for $6750
Homestead reimbursement - $11,564
TRIO and the auditor are being scheduled to work on the 2007 audit.
Carol moved to sign the two payrolls for $2121.52 & $1404.55. Motion passed.
Carol moved to sign the A/P warrant in the amount of $39,416.57; motion passed.

CEO: A permit was given to Benjamin Gordon of Thompson Lane for a garage and he was fined $100. Richard Priori was granted a permit for a house on Smithton.
Jay arranged a site visit of a Ledges Lane property, first with a Selectman and then the Planning Board. The owner of this property is asking for a special exception to the Resource Protection District under Shoreland Zoning to allow for building so that he can sell the property as buildable. Jay contacted the DEP and led Amy Lemelin on a site inspection, also contacted a biologist and DIF & W, and secured letters from each. The Planning Board will be putting restrictions both in the deed and permit.
The CEO asked for $135 expense money.
Jay gave a plumbing permit to Susan Berry.
Hague Brochu’s manure storage was built by the USDA, and will be exempted from paying tax. Ron said that no manure storage in Waldo County is taxed.
Two cases of garbage buildup on properties were discussed.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint suggested the Selectmen go to the State auction to search for a plow.
He would like to hire Nancy Bailey Farrer to weld the hopper. The Town needs to order 1500 yards of sand. Bob Hermon is working on truck #7. Truck #8 looks like a new truck
Two culverts on Greeley Rd. need replacement, and the roadsides have been mowed. Now we need some brush control.
Another discussion took place about acitivity above the Sibley Road. The area is being visited by the Sheriff and a Selectman frequently.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN CMTE: Dave gave the Selectmen a document, a follow-up by the DEP representative who inspected the dump, specifying instructions on care and maintenance.
Discussion followed about the information the Selectmen need to gather for the Comp. Plan by the end of September.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron expressed concern about going over budget on the ball field renovation. Carol thought that if the past years’ appropriations can be rolled over, we won’t be over budget.
The Town now has a Veteran’s Bench. Dowels have to be drilled and installed between the pedestal and cement pad.
Ron talked about the need for water at the Town Garage. Trucks need to be washed. Skidgels has two wells that the Town was welcome to use in the past.
Ron will call Brian Mitchell to get an estimate on a new roof for the Town Office.
The next Select Board meeting is Sept. 13, 2010.
Carol moved to adjourn; motion passed at 8:07

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Secretary

AUGUST 16, 2010

Meeting called to order at 6:04 PM. Present: Ron Price (Board Chair), Carol Richardson (Selectman), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Glen Bridges (Secretary)

REVIEW MINUTES: Tabled until Clint is present.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Carol received phone calls from several taxpayers who forgot to pay their excise tax.
On Greeley Road, a “Hidden Driveway” sign needs to be put up.

CORRESPONDENCE: An opportunity from KVCOG to put a Freedom representative on their General Assembly generated little interest. Their by-laws should be filed.
MMA sent a request for ideas for legislation.
The owner of a building on Thompson Lane was cited for building without a permit, will be granted an after the fact permit, and needs to be taxed back 2 years.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The payroll warrant is $1450.58, leaving a checkbook balance of $432,889.76. The A/P (Accounts Payable) warrant is $51,968.37, including the school payment. A quarterly distribution check came in from MRC for $762.13.
Carol moved to sign the payroll of $1450.58. Passed. Carol moved to sign the A/P of $51,968.37. Motion passed.
An agreement with Harris needs to be signed for the 2007 audit. The completed 2006 audit should be received this week.

Ron asked for reports on ball field spending, which is $473 over budget and not finished yet. Carol thinks there is a roll-over from ’07 and ’08, and $3500 was appropriated for this year. A screen still needs to be rented, so the total may reach $2500 to finish the project.
Ron also asked for a report on the spending so far on summer roads. That expense is $904 over budget.
Carol moved to accept Erna’s report as written. Motion passed.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that he is working on numbering the windmill property. He also asked to be informed of any properties storing flammable materials such as grease, petroleum, crop preservatives, oxygen, propane, etc. So far he hasn’t heard from Hilltop or Ingraham Equipment.
An offer of $500 has been received for the ’74 Dodge truck. Ron suggested the meeting be recessed until Clint can join an executive session to make a decision about the truck.

REC. CMTE.: The snack shack is being cleaned out; Ron knows someone who might want it, but it is not in good condition.
There will be a parade and bake sale on August 21 at 9 AM to raise money for the new garden installed at the Town Office. The goal is $293.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Ron gave Bo Spaulding the go-ahead to mow roadsides.

ACO: Ron reported a dog bite incident involving a German Shepard owned by the ACO of Montville, apparently the second such incident.

PLANNING BOARD: A site visit is scheduled for August 19th at 6 PM for lot #10 on Ledges Lane, followed by a special Planning Board Meeting to address a request to allow building within a Resource Protection District under Shoreland Zoning.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN CMTE: The work is moving along. One issue that con only be addressed by the Selectmen concerns public facilities and fiscal capacity, along with a capital improvement plan.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Janet reported that the committee has used up its budget for this year. Dave commented that people are still complimenting all the work that was done.

BUDGET CMTE: The committee will meet again in September.

TOWN CLERK REPORT: Notices for past due personal property taxes are out.

OLD BUSINESS: We haven’t yet received the reimbursement for the disability ramps; Cindy will look into it.
The voting booths may be replaced by machines in a year or so.
Ron will talk to Jim about furnaces for the town garage & Fire Dept.
Dave Bridges reported that he finished cutting saplings on the closed dumpsite and asked if he should also cut one nice young oak. Ron advised him to leave it there.

NEW BUSINESS: The Town Office needs a new roof; Ron suggested putting it out to bid.
There has been late-night partying near the gate above Sibley Road, along with some vandalism. Ron has spoken to the Sheriff about it, and both he and the Sheriff will drive to the site frequently. Carol suggested the road access could be closed after dark.
Carol moved to recess the meeting at until Clint can be present to discuss the bid in executive session. Motion passed.

The meeting was recessed at 7:20 PM.
[Continuation of the recessed meeting was cancelled.]
Meeting adjourned before beginning of August 30 meeting at 6:10.
Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Secretary

AUGUST 2, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ron Price at 6:05 PM. Present: Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman), Scott Holmes (ACO), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Chris Spaulding, Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Glen Bridges (Secretary), and Helen Sahadi, candidate for the State legislature.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from July 19 were accepted as written.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Helen Sahadi introduced herself. She has lived in Thorndike area for 32 years, and is running as a fiscally conservative Democrat for the State legislature, a position which represents eight surrounding towns. Helen asked the Selectmen to voice their concerns, particularly about the State cutbacks on all the categories of tax exemptions: Homestead, veterans, tree growth. She needs input from town officials. One frequent issue she hears about is welfare reform.
Ron pointed out that the towns have no say in state programs, just General Assistance. Most applicants don’t qualify for that, unless they have an emergency.
On a state level, Ron felt that the state doesn’t check to see if recipients are qualified.
Unfunded mandates are the biggest problem for towns, Ron and Clint agreed. Dave complained that the state doesn’t fund rural schools equally; Helen agreed, pointing out that schools are 22% of the state budget, and seriously need a new model.
Dave Bridges asked about Helen’s support for equal school funding. Helen said she learned a great deal about this on the School Board, and feels strongly that a new and better model for education is needed.
Scott inquired about Helen’s view on hunter’s rights and gun ownership. She replied that she is supportive of hunting rights, and gun ownership rights, with only two exceptions: Sunday hunting and tax exemptions for land owners who allow hunting.
Glen Bridges asked why Helen made the choice to run. Helen replied that she has always spent time volunteering, and wants to be instrumental in helping people have good lives.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim needs to put the 1974 Dodge T-80 tanker truck out to bid. Ron took notes on details for the bid.
Jim inquired if there is any progress on a grant for the FD furnace? None yet. He also asked when the state is going to work on the No. Palermo Rd., but Clint didn’t know.
Tires for truck #3 have been ordered for $900 out of the FD truck maintenance fund.

CORRESPONDENCE: The ME State Property Tax Division sent a form to fill out regarding certain business equipment.

ROAD COMMISSIONER: Clint described the work being done on truck 8. Truck 7 will also need to be gone through, and oil leaks in the loader fixed. We need to be talking about the winter sand pile.

ACO: Scott reported that he had a call to pick up a stray dog, and took it to the shelter. A lost hunting hound was found and returned. He also got a call complaining about noise (barking). Clint thought that state law says if there is a buffer (trees, fence, etc.), then nothing can be done, but Ron pointed out that Freedom has its own nuisance animal ordinance.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave requested a statement from the Selectmen addressing how the Town protects waterways during roadwork. Clint replied that they follow the ‘Best Management Practices’ from DEP. They use silt fencing to prevent erosion near waterways, and seed down ditches by mulching.
The dump site looks great all mowed, but trees encroaching on the site need to be removed. Dave offered to remove them in exchange for the wood, though most are saplings.
The noise problem of the soda machine was brought up again. Ron suggested meetings might be held in the annex, and that perhaps a petition should be drawn up.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The committee met and reviewed expenses and income, looking for areas to save money. Waste management might be an area to re-work, and it would help if the Town could promote recycling. They will meet again in Sept.
Ron pointed out that clean-up days run the budget over. Discussion followed about how Montville handles their waste, with a suggestion that the committee look into Montville’s expenditures, to compare to Freedom’s.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Ron moved to go into executive session at 7:08 PM. under the authority of MRSA 405 (6), Title 23-3028 to discuss a General Assistance application and other financial matters. The Selectmen returned at 7:28. The GA application was approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The payroll warrant for the week ending 7/19 was $3321.07. For this week the payroll is $1424.80.
The A/P for the week ending 7/27 was $4495.50, and for this week is $6547.49.
The figures for July are not quite finished. The Town took in $185,126.03 for the month of July, and $434,087.50 from January to July.
Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant of $6547.49. Motion passed.
Clint moved to sign the payroll of $1424.80. Motion passed.
Clint moved to sign the 7/19 payroll, two totaling $3321.07. Passed.
Clint moved to pay the $100 bill from Ken Gould for electricity used by the carpenter working on the townhouse. Passed.

OLD BUSINESS: Clint went with Jay Guber to inspect the lot on Ledges Lane, which is rendered unbuildable due to being in the ‘Resource Protection District’ under Shoreland Zoning. The DEP and a biologist are advising, and it will be brought to the Planning Board on August 10 at 7 PM. Clint felt that a Selectman should be there.

Clint said that Clayton should be contacted about the loam and seeding on the ball field.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be August 16 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

July 19, 2010

Chairman Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:20 p.m. Present: Ron Price (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Sallyann Hadyniak (Dep. Secretary) Erna Keller (Treasurer), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Committee), Jay Guber (Code Enforcement Officer), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Ken Kupferman, and Evan Coleman

Clint Spaulding made a motion to accept the minutes of the July 6 meeting as written, Ron Price seconded the motion, minutes to be placed on file. Motion passed.

Ken Kupferman was representing Steve Deutchman, prospective purchaser of property on Ledges Lane. Ken needed information regarding shoreland zoning setback requirements. Both parties had contacted Jay Guber, who didn’t give them any information because neither party was the owner of the property. Mr. Kupferman pointed out that there was a discrepancy in the tax bill and the tax card. He had spent several hours in the Town Office looking for information. Jay Guber arrived at the meeting, and met privately with Ken Kupferman. The meaning of ‘resource protection district’ had to be explained.

Evan Colman presented to the Selectman a Municipal Proposal for Single Stream Recycling. He explained the benefits of single stream, recycling figures, current recycling system, an estimated annual recycling cost, consultant fee, the savings over a five year period key points financial breakdown and consultant fee. The Selectmen have a copy of the proposal. After the presentation, Evan answered some questions that Mr. Price asked; Ron took Evan’s contact info.

Jim Waterman requested a key to the office so that the Historical Committee would be able to hold their meetings in the building starting in October. Jim will not be the treasurer for the Historical Society after the elections. A key will be given to them for the trailer and they can hold their meetings in that building which is heated.

Jim reported that the fire department will purchase 6 new tires for truck #3 at the cost of $900.00. The work will be done at the fire station. Tie rod end work needs to be done on the Utility truck and the air conditioning needs to be checked out.
The Selectmen have not acted on the heating system regarding applying for a grant for the fire house. Jim also wants to have the front of the fire house paved by the front doors.
The plumbing system has been redone and spiders were setting off the alarm and that needed to be cleaned. He suggested that a moth ball be put on the sensor in order for the alarm not to go off accidentally.

1. Payroll Warrant this week is $1,433.89
2. Payroll for week ending 7/12/2010 was $1,403.21
3. The checkbook balance is $75,031.06 (after A/P warrant is paid the balance will be $6,400.06)
4. A/P this week is $68,631.00 (This brings school payment up to date. There will be another A/P this week with BMV. Paving ($16,000.00) and other regular bills. The amount of deposit for today will be somewhere around $25,300.00 and Erna will transfer funds tomorrow to pay the paving bill.
5. A/P for week ending 7/13/2010 was $1,261.05.
6. The town received a check from Beaver Ridge Wind for donation to the ball field in the amount of $1,000.00, MSAD3 reimbursed the town $530.99 for elections, Senior Spectrum refunded an over payment of $445.00. State Revenue Sharing $7,560.18, Viking reimbursed the Historical Society $77.76 for materials returned.
7. Bangor Savings was at the Town Office today and talked about having another meeting. They would like to work with us about getting back to Bangor Savings.

Erna would like to go back to the old way so that the Selectmen will see all the bills that come in and that are paid out.
Clint Spaulding made a motion to pay the A/P warrant in the amount of $68,631.00. Ron seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Clint Spaulding moved to pay the A/P warrant in the amount of $1,261.05. (last week’s) Ron Price seconded the motion; motion passed.
Clint Spaulding moved to pay the two payroll warrants, one in the amount of $1,433.89 and the second one for 7/12/2010 in the amount of $1,403.21. Ron Price seconded the motion. Motion passed. Erna reported that there was a glitch in the Trio system, but it was taken care of and is o.k. now.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the Ledges Lane property that Ken Kupferman was talking about earlier in the meeting. Jay stated that nothing can be done on the property until they get a permit through the state because of the resource protection district and it will be very costly. Jay pointed out that it is not his job to do the homework for the buyers; they should go to the owner.

Mr. Guber gave a permit to Richard and Casey Redwine on 26 Smithton Road. They have a plumbing and building permit where they are going to add under the original roof of a garage a new foundation, master bedroom, master bath, kitchen,
A stop work order was given to Richard Priorie, 166 Smithton Road, because he has a subsurface plumbing permit, but doesn’t have a permit for internal plumbing. Jay will then issue a building permit.

Ron Price reported that the Sibley Road has been paved and the area walkway by the trailer is completed and was included in the total price. Warren Spaulding will be cutting the grass because Lendell Chase is scheduled for surgery.
Selectmen Ron Price and Clint Spaulding agreed to appoint Sallyann Hadyniak to the Budget Committee in fill the vacant spot of Dana Canavan. Sallyann will be sworn in by Cindy Abbott effective immediately.


Ron Price questioned why the Bangor Savings Bank wanted to schedule a meeting. Erna Keller stated that they called to set up a meeting because they wanted to know why the Town of Freedom pulled out all their money from the bank.
Ron continued to say that he and Clint had spoken about this subject and they both feel that even though the treasurer and town clerk position are elected positions, they feel the Selectmen should make the final decision as to what bank should be used.
If any changes are t be made, they would prefer to have it done the first of the year after all the audits are completed and not to change in mid stream.
Erna also stated that Key Bank has not lived up to many of the things they said they would do. Ron felt that changing banks only confuses the matter and he prefers if it gets done at all, it would be after the audits are completed.

The next Selector’s meeting will be Monday, August 2, 2010 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak
Deputy Secretary

JULY 6, 2010

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM. Present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Clint Spaulding Jr., Heather Perry (new Mt. View Superintendent of Schools), and Glen Bridges (Secretary).

CITIZEN’S: Heather Perry introduced herself to the Board, said she is accustomed to working with municipal officers, and welcomed any communication from the Board in her new position as Superintendent of Schools. She’s been on the job for a week, and expects to be “up to speed” by September.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from June 21 were accepted as written.

CORRESPONDENCE: There is an Assessor’s school taking place August 2-6.
On July 17, The Sebasticook Watershed Land Trust is hosting a potluck, annual meeting, and tour of the China School Forest.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Payroll warrant for week ending June 28 was $2256.59. This week’s payroll is $2037.29. The checkbook balance is $15,489.48.
The A/P warrant is $15,229.43.
The Town still owes the June school payment, and July is now due. If tax bills can go out on July 9th, as planned, monies will be coming in soon.
A check was received from Viola Greeley for perpetual care d for the Greeley Family plot. Erna will look into the best CD rates/terms for that.
An important meeting: Bangor Savings representatives will be in the office on July 19 at 2:30 PM to meet with Selectmen and Erna.
Carol moved, seconded by Clint, to sign two payroll warrants and the A/P warrant; motion passed.

TOWN CLERK: Carol reported that Cindy needs to order some cleaning supplies for Kathy, and stationery supplies for the tax bills.
Cindy will be sending out the 2009 30-days notices on July 19th.
Ron read a note from Cindy about her plan to improve the garden around the mailbox. She has asked for $100, the balance to be raised by the Rec. Cmte. This generated a long discussion, followed by a unanimous vote to give Cindy the $100.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: A bid was received to pave Sibley, but it was noted that the Board voted June 21st to hire Cameron at a significantly lower figure.
Clint reported a quote was received for the Fire Dept. of $6500 to dig out, grade, and pave in front of the Fire House. That will go to Jim Waterman.
Ron asked Clint to have Cameron pave the walkway between the office and the annex while they are in Town (maybe throw it in for free?).
Clint asked John Works to grade and crown the gravel roads again. If needed, they should be done one more time in the fall.
The Town will have to pay for trucking the tar at the old dump site for recycling.
Truck #8 is being worked on, rust removed and spots painted.
Cold patch is needed on Greeley Rd.
Ron talked to Mike Hamlet about repairing the bucket.
Dave Bridges reminded the Road Commissioners that the old dump site needs to be mowed every year. Discussion followed about who could do that. Bo Spaulding is too busy. Clint moved to authorize Ron to hire Bill Allen for the job
Glen Bridges asked if the bridge on Mitchell Rd. that needs a guard rail will be fixed before winter.

PLANNING BOARD: Meets July 13th.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: A subcommittee meets July 7th, regular meeting July 13th.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Carol and Janet reported that the committee has overspent its budget by $954 on labor and signs, etc.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Ron said he needs to talk to Doug Van Horn again.

OLD BUSINESS: Clint reported that Bartlett’s screen can be rented for $300 per day with a $100 delivery fee for screening the soil at the ball field. Clint expects the total to come to $1000 - $1100. The ball field project is also overspending its budget. $3500 was raised this year, and $2000 was raised each year for 4 years, but was not put aside. Discussion followed about rolling those monies over. Ron pointed out that the job needs to be finished regardless.
Clayton assured Clint that he can move the Mitchell monument without damaging it to a location at the Mitchell field.
Ron reported that the Town has been granted one Veteran’s Memorial bench, now we need a plan. He asked Carol to call Viola and Lorraine to meet Thursday at noon to decide on the location.
Ron asked what is happening with the keys.
Regarding the railings to the annex, Ron suspects that the wood used is safe, but will call Viking Lumber to find out if there are toxins in the pressure treated lumber.
Ron will go over the Kleinschmidt report with Willa Dibner, hoping it contains the information she needs.
Ron asked Carol to get all the info together on two tax bills that have legal questions and fax them to Bill Kelly. Carol agreed to do that, and said she can get a copy of the deeds tomorrow.

NEW BUSINESS: Carol reported that Mike Rogers (Maine revenue Services) determined that Freedom is taxing at 89% of the State evaluation, and can use a figure of $9500 for the Homestead exemption. This year the State evaluation of Freedom
is $51,150,000.
Carol cited the following figures:
Municipal funds raised: 2010 - $481,288.04 2009 - $509,711.25
School tax: 2010 - $411,737 2009 - $386,923
Maine Revenue Sharing: 2010 - $45,000 2009 - $76,000
Other revenue: 2010 - $106,500 2009 - $120,000
County Tax 2010 - $75,292 2009 - $76,998

Ron suggested setting a time for an Assessor’s meeting to review all the tax figures and the commitment form, and to sign the committment form. Ron moved to recess this meeting until Thursday, July 8 at 6 PM to finish the Assessor’s business. Motion to recess passed at 8:15 PM.

JULY 8, 2010

Ron called the recessed meeting to order at 6:12 PM. Present were: Carol Richardson, Clint Spaulding, Ron Price, Dave Bridges, Jay Guber, Glen Bridges.

A notice on back taxes and letter to explain taxes to be included with tax bills were read and discussed and edited. The letter compared the 2009-2010 tax figures which determine the mill rate.

Carol reported that the state will reimburse $5000 for the homestead exemption.

Carol moved, seconded by Clint, to accept a mill rate of $14.3. Motion passed with 3 votes.

CEO: Jay Guber reported that he granted a permit to Sue Berry for a dormer, and a plumbing permit.

He also called Robert Muelman on Sandy Pond to persuade him to remove two dangerous posts that are sticking out of the lake and creating a hazard to boaters. These posts used to support his swim raft. Robert agreed to remove them.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be July 19, 2010.

Motion to adjourn passed at 6:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

JUNE 21, 2010

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:04 PM. Present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Ron Price (Select Bd. Chair), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Jay Guber (CEO), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Clayton Larrabee, Dottie Holmes, Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Glen Bridges (Secretary), Samantha Spaulding.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from June 7, 2010 were accepted as corrected (two dates).

CITIZENS ISSUES: Janet Boynton again received praise for the work her committee did on cemeteries, the committee being Janet and Carol, followed by applause from the group.

Dave asked how the audits were coming. Carol replied that 2006 will be finished by August 29, the rest by the time of Town Meeting. Pressure to get these done is coming from the State, and our insurance company.

Clayton said he has the ball field all torn up. The soil needs to be screened, and renting a screen would cost $1000. Discussion followed about whether a screen can be borrowed. It’ll take 2-3 days to screen the loam; the town loader will be used. Grass seed will also be an expense. Ron reported that Beaver Ridge Wind will contribute to a backstop. Carol moved to reimburse each volunteer truck driver
$60 for gas; motion passed. Clint suggested banners be hung to thank volunteers and Beaver Ridge Wind. Clayton will pick up the grass seed.

CORRESPONDENCE: The Town was informed that Bill Kelly will be on vacation from June 28 to July 6. An e-mail was received asking if the town received the judgment from the Court regarding Tom Martin’s property. Laura Pines e-mailed to ask if 2 lots of a subdivision can be joined into one in a deed. Jay will contact her. Jay pointed out that two abutting non-conforming lots owned by one owner have to be joined into one, according to State law.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Jay Guber reported that all subsurface permits are up to date now. He received an intent to harvest notice for Hague Brochu’s land. This 18 acres on No. Palermo Rd. is a “change of use” situation from a woodlot to agriculture.

Two building permits were issued: A garage and breeze way for the Alleys on No. Palermo Rd., and deck extension for Stephanski on Ayer Ridge Rd.

The annual meeting for CEOs is coming up, Jay needs his $10 dues reimbursed and expenses. He attended an all day workshop in Bangor about legal issues.

Jim Jaranka on Mitchell Road has never applied for a permit for his trailer, 2 additions, 2 sheds, or hoop garage. Jay issued the permits with a $100 fine; the situation was partially the Town’s fault.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported the payroll warrant for the week ending June 14 was $2474.82. The payroll this week is $4788.90.

Carol moved to sign the $2474.82 payroll warrant; motion passed.
Carol moved to sign the $4788.90 payroll warrant; motion passed.

The checkbook balance is $74,747.74 before the A/P warrant. The A/P warrant this week is $86,115.97, which includes 2 school payments. If the May payment is postponed, the A/P would drop to $53,575.97. Checkbook balance will be $21,171.77

Carol moved to pay the A/P warrant with only the May school payment; motion passed.

The auditor advised that the checks should be presented with the warrant bills, but it’s a problem for Erna when she has to void checks if the warrant is adjusted. Ron moved, seconded by Carol, that Carol will come in on Tuesdays to proof-read the checks against the signed warrant, which will be finished on Fridays, and Carol will mail the checks. Motion passed.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim asked how the audits are coming, and offered any info he can supply from the Fire Dept.

Jim brought up for discussion the 25 year old furnace in the Fire House, which operates at 81% efficiency. New tires are needed on a truck for $135 each. The office has been painted. Discussion followed about pre-buying oil for the winter.
Haskell Oil will give us a discount, but doesn’t pre-buy. Carol got prices from others @ $2.79 and $2.59. Clint does not yet have estimates for paving in front of the Fire House.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Judy Dorr from MMA came to speak about volunteers being sworn in. It turns out that a minimum of only two people need to be sworn in from any committee. Most Boards, such as Planning or Appeals, do have to be sworn.

The floor is in at the restored meeting house.

Ron informed the Historical Society that the Town was awarded one Veteran’s Memorial bench. We need to get the plan and site settled, so a foundation can be put in.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint moved to go into executive session about a personnel matter under the authority of MRSA 405(6), title 23-3028. Select Board returned a few minutes later, having made no decisions.

Carol moved to call the proper authorities to see what the acceptable way is to dispose of the pavement torn up from Sibley road, and bring it up again at the next meeting. Motion passed.

Clint mentioned that the gravel roads need to be graded again and selectmen need to vote on it. Carol moved to grade the gravel roads and apply calcium. Motion passed.

Clint bought 4 cross members and oil pan for truck #8. Discussion followed about plow trucks; #8 needs a different rear end, then it can haul a bigger load and save money. This discussion was tabled until after taxes come in.

The estimate for paving 600’ of Sibley has dropped from $23,000 to $16,000. Ron moved to hire Cameron to put down 2 _ to 3” paving for $16,000. Motion passed.

The torn up paving has to be recycled according to State law.

TOWN CLERK: Arthur Fletcher bought a trailer from the Sienkiewicz, and should be abated $115.40 because of duplicate tax bills. Carol moved to abate. Motion passed. Other abatements were approved for $151.22 and $161.21.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave thanked Ron Price for coming to the last meeting. The committee will need input from Selectmen regarding economic development and transportation.

Glen reported that instead of buying a needed easel and flip-chart pads for the CPC totaling $125 or so, Dave built an easel, and found pads for $4.99. More applause.

NEW BUSINESS: The town keys were discussed, some of which don’t work on the locks they’re supposed to. The Selectmen need one key that fits every lock.

Clint wanted to publicly thank the ladies (Cindy and Carol) who fed the volunteers who worked on the ball field. Work needs to be done on the snack shack to protect people from the sharp roof corners.

The ramp on the new building cannot have pressure treated wood for the railings. They should be painted or topped with a cedar board. Ron will look into it.

The next Selectmen’s meeting was changed from July 5 to July 6 because of the holiday.

Clint reported vandalism on his truck in front of his house.

OLD BUSINESS: Clint brought up the subject of the Beaver Ridge Rd., it’s history, current law. Ron mentioned the hours of depositions that are on file. Clint concluded that it is a Town decision.

Dave asked if the Kleinschmit report had been located; Carol replied that it is in the office.

The next meeting will be July 6th, at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

JUNE 7, 2010

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Scott Holmes (ACO), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Committee), Jay Guber (CEO), Clayton Larrabee, Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Committee), Glen Bridges (Secretary)

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from May 24 were accepted as written.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Clayton discussed the baseball field. It needs rototilling before drainage can be put in. The field measures 207’, so is legal size for Little League. Discussion followed about how the work should proceed, and be seeded down and watered.
Clayton inquired about field day. Ron replied that the decision was made to not have field day this year; Carol added that no money was raised for it.

CORRESPONDENCE: A letter of approval was received from OnTarget for Sibley Road.
An extremely complimentary letter was received from Gunner Wood about the cleanup of the Randlett-Bowen cemetery. He thanked the committee, saying it looked better than it has looked in 25 years.
Also, Paul Bradstreet stopped by with praise on the job done on the Bradstreet cemetery.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The payroll warrant for the week ending May 31 was $1889.32. Payroll for this week is $2488.80, including spring clean up day. The checkbook balance is $86,792.29 after payroll.
The A/P warrant this week is $30,975.26, after which the checkbook balance will be $55,817.03.
Checks were received from the Black Hills account for $38.88 and from the state URIP for $6703.00.
Carol moved to sign the payroll warrant of $2488.80; motion passed.
Carol moved to sign last week’s payroll warrant of $1899.32. Motion passed.
Carol moved to sign the A/P warrant of $30,975.26. Motion passed.

TOWN CLERK: Carol reported that Cindy wants the outside light fixed for voters, and for sand or gravel to be smoothed over walk between buildings.

ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: Scott reported a dog bite case on Raven Road, and tomorrow he has to be in court for a dog complaint.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Jay hosted the mid-Maine CEO meeting on June 23 for 37 CEOs.
He attended an all day seminar by Efficiency Maine. Anyone is eligible for up to $3000 for insulation, doors, windows, or efficient furnaces following a home energy audit.
Jay signed three certificates of compliance for CMP, and granted a building permit to Noah Dillard on Hardwood Lane for a house.

ROAD COMMISSIONER: Ron reported the necessary repairs to Sibley Rd. are complete, but paving still needs to be done. This should exhaust the summer roads budget except for 2 gradings on gravel roads.
On the June 5 cleanup day, six dumpsters were filled, two with metal that Sullivans may give us a rebate on.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Built up garbage on a resident’s property was discussed, and 2 other similar problem properties.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that the resident who burned a “mountain” of trash had a burn permit. Discussion about naming roads and numbering houses.
Jim asked Carol to check prices of oil for a pre-buy contract. Haskell’s is $2.39 and Thompson’s is $2.79.
Jim is looking into burning a dilapidated property on High Street.

PLANNING BOARD: Glen reported the Board meets June 8 at 7 PM.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: The CPC meets June 8 at 7:30 PM to work on agriculture and forest resources, water resources, and critical natural resources with Fred snow. Carol said she is getting records together for an inventory of land in open space, farm and tree growth categories for Judy Nilson.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Janet reported that most of the cemeteries are cleaned up, except for Briggs and Russell Rd. Good job!

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Ron reported that Doug Van Horn agreed to start budget meetings early this summer.

OLD BUSINESS: The auditor will be here all day June 15 to work on the 2006 audit.
Jay Guber suggested that Skidgels remain on the agenda.

NEW BUSINESS: Carol reported that the 2010 mill rate will be down about $.30 with a $26,000 overlay. She has assessed the windmills at 3.5 million each.
The county tax is down by $1700, and the school tax is down too.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be June 21, 2010.

Vote to adjourn at 7:45 Pm.

Respectfully submitteld,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

MAY 24, 2010

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present were Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectmen, Chair), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Drew Fales, Clara Alvarez, Jay Guber (CEO), Jim Waterman (Fire chief), Brian Jones, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Chris Spaulding, Helen, August, & Stella Tyrone, Glen Bridges (Secretary)

REVIEW MINUTES: Minutes from May 10 were approved with change of date of the recessed meeting to May 12.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Drew Fales and Clara Alvarez complained that signs directing people to a cemetery on their private property had been put up without the courtesy of consulting them. They have been paying taxes on the land, and doing the maintenance work, free of charge, on the cemetery for 10 years while allowing public access. They would like to keep doing the maintenance, have the signs taken down, and are not interested in a tax break on that fraction of their acreage.
Carol replied that she would have discussed the signs with Drew if she had thought there would be any problem. By law old cemeteries have to be kept up. Helen Tyrone expressed concern that the signs are offensive, and damage has been done to wildflowers, while Drew pointed out the value of American Chestnut trees growing there and the need to protect them from damage.
Clint moved to remove the Cummings cemetery signs, seconded by Carol, and passed.

CORRESPONDENCE: The bleachers have to be inspected by an architect or an engineer every 2 years.
The free vegetable program was discussed in regard to Pete Curra’s farm stand. Program customers cannot make their own selections. Ron Price will call Pete.
The Waldo County Municipal Association is having a candidate’s (for Governor) night at 6 PM May 27th at the Waldo Town Office.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Jay reported a pipeline safety emergency response workshop coming up on June 7 at 5:30, meal included, to be passed on to Freedom’s EMD.
Jay is looking into a conflict between the maps for Shoreland Zoning and the Natural Resource Protection Act.
Building permits have been issued to Jeff Murch to a mudroom/porch and to the Watermans for a guest house.
Jay is hosting a meeting of the mid-Maine COE group of over 30 people on May 26 at 9 am in the annex building, with a tour of the wind turbine site.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Jim reported that Judy Dorr from MMA Insurance will be attending the Historical Society meeting on June 9th to discuss the need for Town volunteers to be appointed.

TREASURER: Erna reported :
1. Payroll warrant for week ending 5/17/10 was $2351.70.

2. Payroll warrant for this week is $5300.57, including final road commissioner pay for Carol, $1000 for Erna and $750 for Cindy for work on the 2006 audit.

3. Checkbook balance is $88,603.38.

4. The Accounts Payable (A/P) for week ending 5/17/10 was $11,165.50 including FC Work and BMV.

5. The A/P this week is $22,574.04.

6. Checkbook balance, after this week’s A/P is paid will be $66,029.34.

Checks were received from Knox for $2000 for fire protection, and $126.57 from Pitney Bowes for a 2006 overpayment.
A tentative meeting is scheduled for June 1 with two people from the auditor’s office.

Carol moved to pay the payroll warrant of $5300.57; motion passed.
Carol moved to pay the payroll warrant of $2351.70; motion passed.
Carol moved to pay the A/P warrant of $22,574.04; motion passed.
Carol moved to pay the A/P warrant of $11, 165.50; motion passed.

Ron reported that the Septic Grant was reimbursed for $6847.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that Burnham Hill and Greeley Roads are finished except for the mulching. The corner on Greeley hasn’t been fixed. Now Sibley Road needs attention for plow truck safety. The road was never properly built before it was tarred. A section about 200 yards long needs to be dug out and re-paved. Ron suggested Clint get estimates. Clint thought the job might use up the whole road account, preventing any more grading. Clint suggested possibly digging Sibley out this year and paving next year.

SCHOOL BOARD DIRECTOR: Ron reported that the vote for the MSAD 3 budget will be Wed. night, May 26 at 7 PM at Mt. View.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave reported a meeting of the subcommittee will meet May 26 at 7 PM at the Town office to discuss agriculture, forestry, and natural resources. Various subcommittees will be meeting over the next few months.

OLD BUSINESS: Carol reported the water tests will be done tomorrow. She has called Nelsons to clean the furnaces.
Ron reported that the application is in for Veterans benches; now a photo of the proposed site is requested, which Ron took today.
The two chestnut trees at Prentice’s should now wait to be transplanted until fall; Prentice will root-prune them.

NEW BUSINESS: Carol moved to have the air conditioners recharged; motion passed.
Ron called Clayton; he will do the work on the ballpark.
On the 2006 audit: The auditor sent a list of everything he will need. Two other auditors are coming June 1st (or 6/15) to work with Erna and Cindy.
The special one-time trash pick-up for several residents will be on May 27th.
Clean up day on Mitchell Road is June 5th.
Ron moved to go into executive session, citing MRSA 406(6), to discuss Town building security. Upon return, Ron moved to have a separate lock system installed on the Town garage, with keys for Selectmen and road employees. Motion passed. Building maintenance monies will be used.
Also 2 new keys are needed to replace two that don’t work.

The next selectmen’s meeting will be June 7, 2010.

Motion to adjourn at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

MAY 10, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM by Chairman Price. Present were Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Scott Holmes (ACO), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Brian Jones, Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Dave Bennett, and Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes were approved with two additions under Rec. Cmte. [adding that it was Carol who reported about the snack shack, and Craig Turner told Carol the bleachers have to have backs].

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Brian Jones complimented the Selectmen on the work done on the Mitchell and Burnham Hill Roads.
Dave Bennett asked about progress on a new commercial Review ordinance. Dave Bridges replied that the comp Plan has to be adopted by the Town before a new ordinance is drawn up because the courts have invalidated ordinances that are not supported by a comprehensive plan. He also inquired about the audits, and was informed that a good deal of progress was accomplished today with TRIO in the office working with Erna for 6 hours.

CORRESPONDENCE: Long answers were received from MMA to three questions from Carol.

TREASURER’S REPORT: None. There is no A/P warrant tonight.

ACO: Scott reported complaints in response to his going door-to-door searching out unlicensed dogs. A discussion followed with Ron not wanting to put Scott in jeopardy, and Clint feeling that it was an “abuse of power”. It was decided by consensus to have Scott use Cindy’s list to locate unlicensed dogs.
Scott was notified by Inland hospital that someone from Albion, visiting a Freedom residence was bitten by a dog. The dog and owner could not be identified, so Scott considered it a “dead case”.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that he received official word that the 2009 grant was disapproved by FEMA, one reason being the age of the fleet
Jim asked if there are any estimates yet for tarring in front of the Fire House; Clint replied not yet.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Jim reported that after a correction in CRIA’s paperwork, they are being told that the CRIA grant check is in the mail.
Judy Dorr from MMA can be asked to meet in Freedom to explain why volunteers need to be sworn in.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that a nuisance tree has been taken down on Burnham Hill. The Overlock culvert will be fixed so it won’t be damaged again. There is no information yet on guard rails from Lee Bros. for the Mitchell Road Penney Stream culvert.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Carol reported one application received.

PLANNING BOARD: Meeting coming up Tuesday, May 11 at 7 PM.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Clayton Larrabee said he would do the drainage for the ball field once John Work pulls the stumps.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Meeting will follow Planning Board on 5/11.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Janet reported that raking needs to be done. Also, Cheryl, of MOCA (Maine Old Cemetery Assoc.), explained the process for cleaning stones, and advised to only use water.

OLD BUSINESS: Regarding properties that have accumulated a build-up of trash, several properties were inspected by Jay Guber and Sandra Gould. Discussion followed, with Clint suggesting that the Town could help these residents. Brian Jones suggested further discussion take place in executive session. Ron moved to go into executive session as authorized by MRSA 405(6) Title 23-3028. Following the session, Ron explained that four letters will be sent informing property owners that there will be a one-time trash pick-up opportunity for them, at a date not yet determined.
Carol reported that she was advised not to write a letter to the Town about the expected rise in property taxes until the mill rate is known. Also, Erna has the figures balanced from the list of appropriations at Town meeting.
Ron filled out the application for the Veteran’s bench, but needs to create a sketch that everyone can agree on.
The elm trees need to be planted ASAP; a test hole needs to be dug in case of ledge.
Carol suggested planting the elms to replace the locusts that were cut down.

NEW BUSINESS: Two water tests need to be done; Ron advised Carol to call NE Labs in Winslow to get two test kits.

Ron moved to recess tonight’s meeting until noon Wed., May 12 to sign the A/P warrant, seconded by Clint, and passed.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be May 24th, 2010.

Meeting recessed at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

APRIL 28, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM. Present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Meredith Coffin (UARRC director), Mike Smith, Willa Dibner, Brian Jones, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Scott Holmes (ACO), Jay Guber (CEO), Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Glen Bridges (Secretary)

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from April 14 were accepted with one correction: the word ’warrant’ was deleted and replaced with ‘checkbook balance’ in the sentence 8 lines from the bottom of pg.1, saying “Checkbook balance will be $97,070.42 with no changes”.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Brian Jones expressed his concern about getting the audits done. Carol replied that TRIO is scheduled to work with Erna on May 10th to start on 2006 audit.

Mike and Willa explained that they are having difficulty because someone in the town office told their mortgage bank that their house is in the floodplain. They asked for help from the Town to reverse that. Their insurance company says that they are not within the floodplain. Carol said that she will look for the report by Kleinschmit, the company that measured the elevations. Ron assured Mike and Willa that the selectmen will get the report.

Dave asked if the Town is planning ahead for the expected cutbacks in state revenue sharing and schools, and the increase in the state evaluation of the Town due to the windmills. Carol replied that there is nothing the Board can do about it, but she will write a letter to residents explaining the reasons for the expected tax hike. Willa commented that on the Budget Committee she would have preferred to cut back the entire budget by 3% excepting the salaries.

Dave asked if the Selectmen have any authority at all to proceed in investigating the Beaver Ridge Rd. under 3026, if the Town amended the article to 3028, and MMA has declared that 3028 cannot be used. Ron replied that the Selectmen have an obligation to the town to determine the status of that road. Carol added, “as long as they don’t spend any money”.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported the payroll warrant last week (4/19) was $1412.87, this week’s payroll is $2395.27, including regular salaries of Selectmen, ACO and road crew.
The checkbook balance is $108,553.65 before paying warrants. The A/P last week (4/16) was $948, a correction of an error. The A/P this week is $13,076.82, including Sullivan’s, CMP, Plumbing Permits, Fairpoint, invoices for FVFD and FC Work.
Checkbook balance after A/P warrant is paid will be $95,476.83 [$75 was added back to that].
State Revenue sharing was received for April of $2279.71.
Erna requested that the Selectmen check that amounts on her worksheet are in the right categories. Verizon wireless sent a contract.
Carol suggested sending a town mailing about hazardous waste collection day, meeting dates, and notice that the office will be closed May 14 so Erna & Cindy can go to the MMA training session.
Carol moved to pay payroll of $2395.27; motion passed.
Discussion about an unexpected charge of $75 connected to required drug testing. The questioned amount was removed from the A/P warrant. Carol moved to pay the A/P warrant of $13001.82. Ron will check into the $75 charge.
Carol moved to pay 4/16/10 A/P warrant of $948; motion passed.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Jay reported that Ted & Lisa Reynolds plan to be “pro-active” regarding the hazard at 24 High St.
Building permits: One permit for Hardwood Lane should go before the Planning Board. Ronnie Littlefield, permit for a garage. Cliff Lewin for another greenhouse. Norm Paquette for a deck. Eli Lewin wants to build a permanent bridge across a brook. Jay advised for DEP to establish if this is a Resource Protection District.
A notice of intent to harvest 10 acres from Shannon Pulsifer, and 19 acres owned by Dave Phillips. Neither of those properties is in Treegrowth.
Jay posted two condemned notices on dwellings.
The health hazard of trash collecting in yards was discussed. Jay suggested the Select Board give him a list of properties to inspect with the Health Officer (Sandra Gould), and then they can decide how to resolve the problem. The Board agreed.

ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: Scott reported that he has started the horse registry. Carol said that unlicensed dogs are a priority.

SOLID WASTE DIRECTOR: Meredith Coffin described how the hazardous waste collection day works. People are not signing up as expected. Waste such as pesticides, solvents, old oil paints, etc. will be combined and charged $27 per 5 gallons total. Carol suggested putting the details into Sallyann’s column and including it in a Town mailing.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported the roads are being ditched. Each end of the Mitchell Rd. bridge culvert was fixed, now needs guard rails (or something) where there used to be wood posts and cable. Ron moved to put up reflectors and “dangerous Curve” signs, Carol seconded, motion passed. Lee Bros. has some guard rails.
A culvert on Burnham Hill Rd. needs work. Another shoulder washed out. It has been marked, and Digsafe called.
Lorraine Overlock’s culvert needs replacement. Greeley Rd. needs the shoulders cut back. So far $6100 has been spent (John Work), and $1200 for culverts. The Town has an estimated $50,000. Culverts can come out of URIP monies.
Clint moved to go into executive session to discuss a personnel issue under the authority of MRSA 405(6) Title 23-3028. Upon return, Clint moved to pay $15 per hour to the road foreman/equipment maintenance man, beginning next paycheck.

RECREATION CMTE: Clint reported that the Rec. Cmte. was the culprit that left food/soda in the snack shack cooler. Discussion followed about the ball field and bleachers. Carol said Craig Turner told her the bleachers have to have backs, but Clint pointed out that the MMA inspector had no problem with the bleachers.
The Town donation of $500 to Knox field goes into field maintenance and insurance.
Ron Price will contact Wally Furrow to meet with Selectmen ASAP.
Fill from ditching can be put on the back side of the ball field. John Work can pull stumps; Clayton will put in drainage, etc. The area is marked and has been inspected by DEP. Trash needs to be cleaned out.
Carol wondered if the swings can be replaced. Regarding the cost of a backstop, Ron will call CES to see if they have any interest in providing that.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Janet and Carol have located and inspected all cemeteries.
The road to Hutchins Cemetery was repaired, then rutted up by a neighbor.
Carol moved to buy 10-12 signs, one for each cemetery, from cemetery funds, for a cost of about $150. Motion passed.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Willa suggested the committee begin work sooner than January. Ron will talk to Doug Van Horn about it.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron called the Cole Transportation Museum to see about getting a Veteran’s Memorial Bench. Freedom can definitely have one bench this year. The setting has to be associated with a Veteran’s Memorial. The two Dutch Elms have to be dug up at Prentice’s next week. John Work can dig a test hole while he’s here to see about ledge rock at the site.

NEW BUSINESS: Clint moved to dig out a dangerous section of Greeley Road and re-tar it.
Carol moved to change Selectmen’s meetings to every other Monday at 6 PM. Motion passed. She will also add that notice to the town-wide mailing.

The next meetings will be May 10, May 24, and June 7 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

APRIL 14, 2010

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM, with the following present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Glen Bridges (Secretary), Dave Scholfield (LPI), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Janet Boynton (Cemetery Cmte.), Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Scott Holmes (ACO).

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from March 23 were accepted to be placed on file.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Dave Bridges inquired about the progress on four audits. Carol related Erna’s suggestion to hire TRIO for the job approved at Town meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE: An unsigned letter was received from an employee of MSAD 3.
Carol moved to sign an authorization for Cindy to collect past due taxes. Motion passed. Responses were received from MMA about Beaver Ridge road issues. CMP will be called to arrange a meeting to review Freedom’s streetlights. PERC solid waste disposal rates are going up. Carol will call MMA about collecting future taxes from Fairpoint, which she said is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that he received notification from FEMA that the $500,000 upgrade for the fire station has been disapproved. Jim asked Clint to get an estimate for him to pave in front of the firehouse. The Dodge is parked outside. Liberty wants to buy the pump. The Fire Dept. has a few things to take care of as a result of the MMA inspection. Furnaces need to be cleaned; last cleaning was 2008.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: All volunteers need to be appointed, sworn in, and listed for MMA insurance coverage. Jim asked Carol if volunteers can sign a waiver; Carol will call Ann at MMA Risk Management to find out.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported that the payroll warrant for the week ending March 29 was $1061.56, and payroll for the week ending April 7 was $1337.99. This week the payroll is $1167.91.
The A/P (accounts payable) warrant for the week ending April 2 was $2684.54, which included BMV, dogs, IF & W, and the 941 payment (withholding) for March of $1370.54.
The A/P warrant for the week ending April 9 was $8042.48, which included BMV, Sullivan’s, Freedom General, PERC, State of ME Plumbing, KVCOG, and Little League.
The A/P warrant for this week totals $33,781.17, including April school payment.
After paying the warrant, the checkbook balance will be $97, 070.42.

Cindy would like to attend a Notary Conference in Waterville on April 15th that costs $75.
Carol moved to accept the [above section of the] Treasurer’s Report, and to pay the payroll and A/P warrants. Motion passed.

Erna informed the Board that there is an MMA workshop for elected officials on Dec. 6th, 2010 for $40 per person. A form needs to be filled out for those interested in attending. The Portland conference was cancelled, so a refund will be coming. The annual MMTCTA conference for Cindy & Erna will be May14 in Old Orchard Beach.

Erna had a suggestion regarding how to get the audits done [see Old Business below].

LPI: Dave gave copies to the Board of a report from HHS and MMA about failed septic systems. He would like to replace a condemned sign on a property on Waning Rd. that was removed. Another house in Freedom needs a condemned sign due to septic system failure.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that the grading has been done except for the Clark Road, which needs a culvert repaired first. A culvert was replaced in Ayer ridge Rd. Another culvert, on Waning Rd. needs to be dug out and re-set. The Town is responsible for damaged culverts according to MMA. Gravel is needed for a culvert on the No. Palermo Rd. The Penney Stream culvert needs to be replaced. Carol moved, seconded by Clint, to approve road grading and culvert work. Motion passed.
Clint reported that the trucks are being evaluated. Maintenance should be a priority, and can be accomplished over the summer. Discussion followed about power-washing trucks and cleaning up around sand pile. Carol moved to authorize clean-up around garage and sand pile, road patching, and truck repair as needed over the summer; motion passed. Carol moved to authorize the Select Board to make repairs needed at the Town Garage as specified by the MMA inspection. Passed.
One fire extinguisher at the Town Garage was not inspected. It would cost $106 for every fire extinguisher in Town to be inspected & certified.
A pair of torn chaps need to be replaced, and it is recommended that the Town have its own chainsaw. Grant money is available for chaps and safety vests, but the paperwork has to be in by April 30.
Discussion followed about hiring and training for chainsaw work, but subject was tabled.
Wells near the Town Garage that might be available to provide water to the Garage were discussed. Carol asked if Ron would speak to Mildred Skidgel about it. Ron and Clint will inspect the wells mentioned.

ACO: Scott has a training workshop this Saturday. He is considering creating a list of horse owners and their phone numbers so he can inform them in case of an outbreak of Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Selectmen approved this idea.

RECREATION CMTE: Carol reported that the committee needs to find out the process for amending the by-laws to accommodate active members who are not from Freedom.
The Bi-Centennial Committee needs members, with representatives from each Town group. Perhaps younger residents would be interested.
Clint reported a problem in the snack shack caused by forgotten food and soda in the cooler. Clint also brought up the use of the ball field. It should be available to the public, with games organized into a schedule. It was suggested that Selectmen meet with the Little League group to discuss making the field available to others, and the use of the snack shack.

The swing set is unsafe, so needs warning signs to prevent use, and should be removed.

CEMETERY CMTE: Janet left for another meeting, but Carol reported that she would like to appoint Joe Richardson Jr. to help with cemetery mowing, and Clint and Ron were agreeable. Carol said Jon Willett did not get back to her about volunteering.

COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave reported that Fred Snow joined our recent meeting April 13th, and Jennifer Irving, executive director of Unity Wetlands Land Trust, came to speak about her group and their work. On March 22, Fred also joined a tour of Beaver Ridge Wind given for a school class from Mount Desert Island HS. In the afternoon, Fred was given a 2 hour tour of Freedom by Glen & Dave Bridges.
Upcoming work gathering information for the Plan prompted resignations of two committee members.
Also, Dave contacted the DEP about the dump. Their representative, Robert Birk, came right out and toured the site, taking tests on standing water surrounding the site, which showed no likelihood of any flow of pollution toward the lake. The covered dump site should be mowed every year, and sprouted trees removed. The Selectmen also suggested new fencing.

OLD BUSINESS: Regarding Steve Bennett’s request to turn upper Beaver Ridge Rd. to Sibley into a private road, following discussion Carol moved to go forward with looking into putting the question before the Town as a ballot referendum in June or November; to contact the Town lawyer to see if a referendum would be possible, and the cost involved. Carol’s motion passed with 3 votes.
During discussion before that vote, Selectmen pointed out that the Town vote was non-binding, that they cannot consider the “abandoned road” route as the Town meeting article was amended (to 23MRSA 3028 from 3026) because of the 1955 town vote, and that this process would likely cost a great deal of money.

Erna’s suggestion of using the raised & appropriated funds to pay TRIO to get the audits done was discussed. Ron felt that the idea is a good one, but that the$10,000 could be used up very quickly. Ron will call TRIO and the auditor tomorrow. The charge last time was $125 per hour plus travel, or $1250 per day.

Carol will be working with Erna and Cindy on balancing the figures in the Town Report.

NEW BUSINESS: Storing the Town lawn mower was discussed, with the suggestion that it could be stored in the rear of the annex if wider doors were installed, but because of financial constraints, consensus was to keep storing it at the Town Garage.

A Town Office key is still missing. Carol moved to have five keys made, numbered 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Clint seconded; motion passed. Ron said that keys should not be given out to truck drivers.

ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn passed at 8:30 PM. Next meeting is April 28, 2010 at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

MARCH 23, 2010

Meeting, moved to March 23 instead of the 24th, was called to order at 6:04 by Ron Price, with the following present: Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Dave Schofield (Plumbing Inspector), Jerry Sullivan, Marion Bowers, Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Scott Holmes (ACO), Janet Boynton, Sallyann Hadyniak, Glen Bridges (Secretary), Craig Overlock (EMD).

ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN: Ron Price was re-elected Chairman after being nominated by Clint Spaulding. Discussion followed about the various responsibilities of the Chair, such as running meetings, knowing and using Parliamentary Procedure (Robert’s Rules), etc. Ron requested that the Chair represent the Board to the public and the press.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes of March 10, 2010 were accepted as written. The Secretary passed out an article to the Selectmen from the Bangor Daily News that outlined the process for clean-up of a former Howland tannery. Selectmen approved the addition of “Secretary’s Report” to the standard agenda form.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Sallyann mentioned that Beaver Ridge Road is developing ruts.

CORRESPONDENCE: A letter was received from Jerry Sullivan with a contract for trash collection. Discussion followed about clean-up dates, followed by a motion from Carol that the dumpster collection up on Mitchell Rd. will take place June 5th, with door-to-door pick-up on October 16th. Motion passed. The Oct. 16th date will not be announced until after June 6th.

Erna reported that the payroll for the week of March 15th was $1782.64 (including election ballot clerks pay). The A/P for March 15th was 2960.50, including 2 BMV, 1 dog report, 1 IF & W report, pay for Don Berry for $125 for Town Meeting and $75 for a previous meeting.
This week the payroll warrant is $1780.13. The A/P for this week is $39,109.60 (includes school payment of $32, 540). The checkbook balance will be $119,350.51 after the payroll and A/P warrants are paid.
A check was received from Revenue Sharing for March of $2045.48.
AAA needs dates entered on a contract for portable toilets.
Scott Holmes has a class on Sat., April 17th for annual training.
On March 30 at 11 AM, a Key Bank representative will be meeting with Erna, and she requests that all the Selectmen attend.
Carol moved that Ron Price call Don Berry to inquire if he is owed any more monies. Motion passed.
Carol moved to approve the AAA contract for one toilet for the ball field. Motion passed. The other one at the town Garage is year-round and under a separate contract.
Carol moved to pay both payroll warrants, seconded by Clint, passed.

PLUMBING INSPECTOR: Dave Schofield informed the Board about changes in the State septic System Grant program. Carol moved that Dave will look into the legalities of condemning a building, will notify the owner of a house with a non-functioning septic system, and will work with the Freedom Health Officer, and report back to the Board. Motion passed. Discussion followed about a septic system on the lake that failed in 2001.

ROAD COMMISSIONER: The missing Glidden Rd. sign is at the Liberty Town Office. Clint delayed cleaning trucks until the current weather system has passed. The Town Garage is being cleaned up.
Clint received a complaint about a driveway culvert that was damaged by an automobile accident. There are similar complaints on the Clark Rd., Burnham Hill Rd., and Waning Rd. Carol moved for Clint to contact MMA to see if the Town is responsible for driveway culverts, and to inspect and list the problem culverts.
Upcoming work: Bob Herman will continue cleaning up the garage. Sand and settled material needs to be dug out to the left of the sand pile.

ACO: Scott reported that the cat that bit a resident was not rabid after the 10 day quarantine. Three beagles were reported running loose on Palermo Rd., and Scott found the hunter who owned them.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Two cases, handled by Ron and Clint.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR: Ron said we need to motivate Craig to attend meetings because there is business to attend to with the Board.

PLANNING BOARD: Some Board members were planning to attend a workshop tonight facilitated by MMA.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: They called to thank the Selectmen for the $5000 article passed at Town Meeting. They were awarded their grant for 2010.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Bill Spaulding wants to have a concert for Field Day, which Carol thought was a good idea.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Janet Boynton volunteered for the committee, joined by Carol.

OLD BUSINESS: Glen reported that the shelves are being built by Tim Biggs and Dave Bridges. We’ll be ready to look for donations in a couple of weeks. Carol moved to pay for materials for the shelves; motion passed.
Ron moved to allow the use of the annex building by public organizations; motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS: Ron wants to outline the process for getting the audits done.
1. Meet with Erna.
2. Find someone to work with her. Erna should be involved with the selection process, and the help should have the autonomy to move ahead.
3. Place ad in paper for a candidate with experience with the TRIO program and municipal bookkeeping.
A long discussion followed about how to find the right person. Ron suggested getting referrals from the two audit firms we have done business with.

Clint reported that some residents were unhappy with the vote on the article about Beaver Ridge Road. The article was amended to say 23MRSA 3028 instead of 3026, so now MMA needs to be contacted to see if the Town can work with that statute. The wording was exactly as dictated by MMA. Carol pointed out that no money was raised and appropriated for any work on this issue. If it comes to a vote, it should be a referendum question on the ballot in June or November.


Dave Schofield, Plumbing Inspector
Jackie Robbins, Assessor’s Agent
Joanne Knowlton, Deputy Clerk
Dave Bridges, Comprehensive Plan
Sallyann Hadyniak, Comprehensive Plan
Kevin Malady, Comprehensive Plan
Glen Bridges, Comprehensive Plan
Sandra Gould, Health Officer
Jay Guber, Code Enforcement Officer
Stan McDonald, recycling pick-up and alternate UARRC representative.
Meredith Coffin, UARRC Committee Representative
Glen Bridges, Secretary to Selectmen
Sallyann Hadyniak, Deputy Secretary to Selectmen
Kevin Malady, Planning Board
Janet Boynton, Budget Committee & Cemetery Committee
Addison Chase, Appeals Board
Scott Holmes, Animal Control Officer
Carol Richardson, General Assistance Officer
Cindy Abbott, alternate General Assistance Officer

Motion was made to appoint all of the above, motion passed.
Postponed appointments were: Cindy Abbott for Deputy Treasurer, until MMA is asked if she needs to be appointed, and bonded, for taking in money. Craig Overlock, until he lets the Board know if he wants the position for another year.

Clayton Wentworth wants to meet with the Assessors to put his land in Open Space. Carol said the program offers 20% off the evaluation, with another 25% off if public access is allowed with hunting, snowmobiling, etc. , and the land not posted. The other two categories require a conservation easement or deeded covenants. The Assessors will meet with Clayton at 1 PM on Friday, March 26th.

EMD:Craig Overlock came in following a workshop on Hazardous Mitigation Grants. The plan for the earthen dam has expired. He needs to run a safety drill and update the contact list. Craig will meet with the Selectmen next Wednesday night. He also volunteered to be appointed to the EMD position for another year.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be April 14th, 2010.

Motion to adjourn at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Secretary

MARCH 10, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM. Present were Carol Richardson (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Jay Guber (CEO), Sallyann Hadyniak, Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from Feb. 24, 2010 were corrected, and voted to be placed on file.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Dave Bridges asked the status of our trash pick-up, if other companies are being sought out. After discussion, Clint moved that he and Ron will write up a bid request. Carol will type it and send it to the Belfast and Waterville papers this week.

Jay Guber asked if something can be done about deep potholes in the Waning Road. Clint is working on it, but one truck is out of commission right now.

CORRESPONDENCE: The Selectmen reviewed a document that explained that if the Town votes to exceed the LD 1 percentage, our Town valuation by the State will increase, and taxes will go up. $586,000 is the limit.
All Other correspondence has been answered and filed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The payroll warrant this week is $3590.92 plus $102.27 added on (that had been left out). The checkbook balance is $118,932.04.
The A/P this week is $11,925.96. Checks have been received from URIP, payment #3 of $6387, a Check from Black Hills for $38.88, and MMA Workers Comp. refund for $523.
Carol moved the pay the A/P warrant, motion passed. Carol moved to pay the payroll warrant, motion passed.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Jay has arranged a meeting and tour for about 30 code enforcement officers on May 26 from 9-12 in the new annex building. Carol offered to make muffins for the group, and offered coffee the Rec. Cmte has.
Jay attended a seminar at which MMA lawyers said that employees of towns can expect to be rehired every year unless otherwise notified in writing. If not rehired, they have the right to be informed of the reasons.
Mike Smith has removed the old camp on his Sandy Pond land.
Jay asked the status of the old Town garage on Stevens Road. The Select Board is working on that.
Jay inspected the earthen dam; no water is passing over it.

ROAD COMMISSIONER: Truck #7 is out of commission at the moment.

ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: Discussion took place about a resident who was scratched and bit by a feral cat. The cat is being held in quarantine to see if any symptoms of rabies appear. Ron wants the Select Board to be responsible to follow through on this.

FIRE CHIEF: An important meeting is taking place on March 17 at the Unity Fire house; Freedom should be represented.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Not much happening right now; request are down from last year.

PLANNING BOARD: A brief meeting was held March 9, followed by a longer Comp. Plan Committee with Fred Snow in attendance.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN COMMITTEE: Dave reported that the Committee reviewed the year’s activity and the State requirements, and a presentation at Town Meeting. Francis Walker came to discuss the Town website.

OLD BUSINESS: Jay Guber inquired about cell phone bills.
Jay brought up the subject of Skidgels, remarking that he feels ignoring it is not the answer. Carol thought the State has said all the toxics are removed [in the sections the EPA worked on]. Jay thought there might be clean up funds available in the new stimulus funds.

NEW BUSINESS: A couple of deeds are in question, and are being researched.

Ron Price spoke in regard to his last three years of service to the Town. Ron agrees with both Dave Bridges and the write-in Select Board candidate that civility has been lacking in Town, the Town has been “split’ and acrimonious. Ron feels that people need to be respectful of those they work with. He has tried hard to be respectful throughout his term, and apologized for a couple of slips, but he particularly feels that civility has been lacking on the Select Board, and encouraged the Board to bear that in mind as they proceed.

Vote to adjourn at 6:55 PM.

The next Select Board meeting is March 24, 2010 at 6 PM.

Restpectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

APPROVED MINUTES/Freedom Board of Selector’s
February 24, 2010

Chair Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:10 P.M. with the following present:
Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Carol Richardson (Selectman), Ron Price (Chair and Selectman), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Sallyann Hadyniak (acting Secretary), Jay Guber (CEO) Scott Holmes (ACO) and Clint Spaulding Jr.


The minutes of the February 10, 2010 were approved as read and Clint Spaulding made a motion to have them placed on file. Carol Richardson second the motion, all in favor, motion made and carried.




Carol and Cindy are going to make up a notice to be mailed out regarding the date and time of election and of the town meeting and anything else that needs to be included. With the approval of Ron and Clint, the notice will be mailed out as soon as possible.

After a very lengthy discussion regarding the article that Steve Bennett requested to be put on the warrant, a motion was made by Ron Price that Carol Richardson contact Lawyer Bill Kelly to determine the proper wording for an article to be put on the town warrant to see if the town wants to proceed with the process and to see if he could give the Selectmen a ball park estimate as to how much the process would cost if the town does approve. The process includes whatever six steps Bill Kelly will outline which Ron assumes will be the same as in the letter from MMA. Clint Spaulding seconds the motion, motion made and carried. All were in favor.


All the correspondence that was received at the last meeting was discussed.
1. There was a discussion regarding the $288.00 cell phone (2) bill from Verizon Ron Price said he will contact Verizon and take care of the Verizon bill.
2. On February 24th there will be a meeting of the County Commissioners at the District Court Office to discuss the future of the old sheriff’s building. It is open to who ever want to attend.
3. A letter containing the dates for the SAD 3 budget meetings.
4. A survey of roads that need to be done.
5. A reminder that the LD1 needs to be done before Monday. This is in regards to the Town warrant.
6. A letter from the Maine Forest Service asking for help that Carol will handle.(a survey)
7. From the Department of Environmental Protection
8. Carol found a real estate transfer that was never signed by E. Nason. Cause he was dead and Mrs. Nason signed it. This is in regards to the Dam.
9. Stanley McDonald wants to continue to be the recycling guy.
10. M.Coffin was in the office and said the UARRC was increased. She left folders at the town office for people to read, and they will be stuffed in the town report.
11. Received a check for $250.00 for each of the wrecker charges.
12. A request from the North Star Snowmobile Club.
13. Papers need to be signed to appoint the planning board to the comprehensive planning committee by Cindy.


Ron Price announced that the Town Report will be dedicated to Betty Sienkiewicz Peter Bowers and Floyd Raven which was reported by Cindy Abbott.

Erna presented a chart of all the colors to be picked out for the town report and everyone agreed that Golden Rod be the color and it hasn’t been used since 1993.


Personal Property approximately $32,353.00 (2007-3008-2009)
Total taken in excise tax $91,588.00 (our excise is up)


1. Payroll Warrant this week is $1,899.78
Clint made a motion to pay the payroll warrant and Carol seconds the motion, motion made and carried. All in favor.
2. The Checkbook balance is $194,818.38
3. A/P Warrant is $73,137.53 including 2 school payments January and February) (balance after a/p in checkbook would be $121,680.85)
Clint made a motion to pay the a/p warrant, Carol seconds the motion, motion
made and carried. All in favor.

We received a check from MRC for $775.98, revenue sharing February- for $5,950.06

The Historical Society has $1,221.29 as of December 31, 2009 in their account.


Another lengthy discussion was held regarding the audits of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. We are 4 years behind and Ron Price would like to see someone get hired to get these audits done. Something needs to be done! Ron knows of two people who can do the work, Susan Berry and Debbie from the China Town Office, but Carol said she no longer works there. Clint suggested Lenora Martin. Carol stated that we need someone who knows town government and knows how to do the job.
Ron Price made a motion to put an article on the warrant to hire someone to do the 2006-2009 audits and the town to fund it. Clint seconds the motion, motion made and carried.


Jay Guber filled out a form for shore land zoning with DEP requesting on permits, applications, in shore land zoning, any violations, etc. mailed it in and received informational sheets for the planning board and for him. One has to do with information
regarding planning boards and their responsibilities and what’s going on. The other one has to do with contaminated wells and drinking water. There is a map and web site monitoring ground water.
Jay attended a Code Enforcer training seminar in Rockland regarding land use and legal issues also lead paint and new lead regulations going on in the state.


Scott Holmes reported that if you surrender a dog to the shelter it will cost you $30.00.
He received a call from a woman who wanted to surrender 1 cat and then said 5 cats and she didn’t want them taken to the shelter the town of Freedom uses and never called Scott back. She didn’t want to see them be put down. Scott also requested that he wants to be the CEO for this year and Carol asked him to submit it in writing.


Ron Price reported that Jerry Spaulding verbally resigned his duties as the Road Commissioner. Jerry made this statement to him before he left town to go to Florida.
Jerry told Ron and also said it to Clint while Clint was sitting in his truck with another man. He turned in his timecard in a sealed envelope and scribbled all over it. He needs to write a letter of resignation. Therefore the Board is acting as the Road Commissioner since the Road Commissioner is out of state.

Emergency Management Director:

Ron Price will talk to Craig Overlock who is the present EMD and find out if he wants the position again. The EMD should attend every meeting because of the importance of this position.
Carol stated the most important thing is no matter what your title is; you must be willing to get involved and learn. You have to learn and can’t just take the title.


Jay Guber is trying to set up another visit to Beaver Ridge Wind in May.
He has been in contact regarding the Stevens Road garage building that needs to be torn down and needs a letter from the Selectmen in regards to what they are looking to have done. Josh Reynolds is looking forward to doing the job.


Town Reports will be printed and the warrant will be put together next week and Ron Price volunteered to be around to help put the books together, as did Sallyann Hadyniak.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be held on Wednesday March 10, 2010

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ron Price at 8:05. Clint Spaulding second the motion. Motion made and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary

APPROVED MINUTES/Freedom Board of Selector’s
February 10, 2010
Chair Ron Price was absent therefore Carol Richardson called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. with the following present:
Clint Spaulding, (Selectman) Carol Richardson, (Selector) Erna Keller, (Treasurer) Sallyann Hadyniak ,(Acting Secretary) Kathy Cunningham (School Board Representative), and Steve Bennett.
The minutes of January 27, 2010 had two minor corrections that were made and Clint Spaulding made a motion to accept the corrected minutes to be placed on file and Carol Richardson second the motion.  Motion made and carried.
There was a lengthy discussion regarding the request by Steve Bennett to put an article on the warrant about Beaver Hill Road. Carol Richardson received written information from MMA and reported the information.  There were three different processes that were described and Carol Richardson said she will contact MMA again to see what if any of the three methods include all of the 6 steps.  She will have the information by the February 24th meeting. (making a portion of the Beaver Hill Road private from Sibley Road to the property of David Pottle’s driveway).  Steve wants to make a road and if it is private he could get monies from NRCS.  If it’s a town road they would not help financially.
Kathy Cunningham (School Board Representative) gave a report and brought the Board up to date.  She spoke of rumors of closing smaller schools, the superintendent is retiring in June, the double bus run, there are many new policies  and Sad 3 is taking a hit of $300,000.00.  The Performing Arts Center sits 320 people and a check in the amount $340,000.00 was given by Future MSAD#3 for the Art Center.
The Payroll Warrant for this week is $2,225.90.  Carol made a motion to pay the payroll and Clint Spaulding second the motion.   Motion made and carried, all were in favor.
The Checkbook balance is $204,312.18
The A/P this week is $27,715.07.  Carol made a motion to pay the A/P Warrant and Clint Spaulding second the motion.  Motion made and carried, all were in favor.
 1.   A letter was received from the Public Works Department and a form needs to be filled out.
2.   for old business, tending to the trash at the dump.
3.  Notices for School Budget meeting.
4.  Beaver Ridge Road issue
5.  A letter from DOT and E911
6.  Waldo County Taxes.
7.   KVCOG saying how much needs to be paid.
8   A letter from the insurance company stating that the towing for the two town trucks      was paid.
9.  Two different letters from MRC, one for Dam Safety and expiration.
10.  UARRC
11.  PERC
12. Emergency Management.
13. LD1 Carol found the policy that was established for drug testing 12/2/03.
The above correspondences will be tabled for the February 24th meeting.  Both Carol and Clint agreed.
UARRC went up to $6,499.23 and it needs to be put into the final budget because it’s $5,000.00 and there is a difference of $1,500.00.
KVCOG just called back and the last check they received from us was in June of 2008.  Therefore there is a total of $909.00 past due for 2009 and $909.00 is due in 2010 so the Board agreed to send them a total of $1818.00 covering 2009-2010.
The Planning Board wants to be appointed to the Comprehensive Planning Committee by the Selector’s.   Both Carol and Clint agreed to have Carol draw up appointment papers.
The next Selector’s meeting will be held on February 24th.  Carol Richardson adjourned the meeting at 7:21 p.m. All were in favor!
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary

APPROVED MINUTES/Freedom Board of Selector’s
January 27, 2010
Chairman Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:08 p.m., with the following present:
 Carol Richardson (Selector), Clint Spaulding(Selectman), Ron  Price (Selectman), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Jay Guber(CEO), Sallyann Hadyniak (Acting Secretary), Clint Spaulding Jr., Scott Holmes, Tony Sirois, Tom Levesque.
The minutes of January 13, 2010 had two minor corrections that were made and then the minutes were accepted as read and were to be placed on file.  All were in favor.
Tony Sirois addressed the board about having a problem with the large amount of snowmobile traffic by his house on Hardwood Lane and surrounding area. He spoke to the game warden and the warden suggested counting the amount of snowmobiles.  The numbers vary from 46 on Saturday’s and 37 on Sunday’s.  It’s possible that some may or may not be members of the North Riders club.
His wife is highly allergic to exhaust fumes and it is causing her a lot of health problems and two more houses will be built there in the very near future.
After a lengthy discussion it was suggested to talk to Bob Garish (who is the President of the snowmobile club) that Mr. Sirois speak to him to see what can be done.  Mr. Sirois stated he would be willing to help build a trail if needed.  He will report back to the Selector’s after speaking to Mr. Garish. 
In regards to the meeting of January 13 Citizen Issues, Jay Guber presented the board with copies Legal Year In Review of 2009 which was taken from  the Municipal Law Review which is the Maine Legislative Update covered changes etc regarding a number of different categories such as abandoned roads, all three Selector’s being Road Commissioner and information regarding TIF.
The contents are all legal laws,
Chair Ron Price read correspondence from Steve Bennett requesting that an article be added to the town report in regards to a  section from the Sibley Road to a section of the of the Beaver Hill Road put before the people to be voted on.
Meredith Coffin (Regional Recycling Chairman/Solid Waste Representative) sent in a report and a letter that will be given to Carol to be put into the Town Warrant.
The Treasurer’s report was read by Ron Price.
1.     The Payroll Warrant is $3,419.88 for this week.
2.     The Checkbook Balance is $201,743.40
3.     The A/P this week is $7,648.32
4.     A check was received from GA Reimbursement for November and December for $150.00, Revenue Sharing for January $5,641.88 check from Bangor Savings for $15.74 for the interest on the Philip Thurston CD that gets paid to Smithton Cemetery.
5.     There is a contract in the Waterville Human Society in the A./P Warrant folder.
Carole Richardson made a motion to pay the A/P Warrant and the Payroll Warrant in the said amounts and Clint Spalding second the motion.  Motion made and carried, all were in favor.
Jay Guber reported that he went to Camden for the Midcoast Code Enforcements Officers Association for covering legal issues.
Three lawyers were in attendance that represented three different towns, to discuss legal issues for code enforcement officers and it was a training program for ongoing education.
Jay received a call regarding a building on High Street owned by Ted and Lisa Reynolds that the back part of the building collapsed and believes it is a hazard for the neighborhood,.  He called Ted to make him aware of it and to see if there was anything in the building he wanted.  If not Jay suggested to contact Fire Chief Jim Waterman and perhaps the fire department  and have a practice fire drill on a burning house in the village.  They will get back to Jay.
Jay brought up the issue of Skidgel, and stated that he has a right as a Code Enforcement Officer of the town that he has the right to inspect that property because it is a hazard to the public or any property the he deems needs attention. 
A lengthy discussion followed and it was stated that if the town knows what’s in that building, the town will be liable to clean it up and there isn’t any money available for the town to take the responsibility.
Another hazard is the steel building on the Stevens Road which belongs to the town.  Cy Reynolds offered to take it down for the lumber and Jay suggested that if Cy does take it down to sign off any liability and time frame.  The building has no value.  Jay will talk to Cy and see if he will do it.
Jay called Cy and Cy did not want to do it, so they will contact T. Wakefield for he is the one interested in the steel.
Jay just reported the liabilities in town.
After Scott Holmes questioned if the snow should be shoveled off the trailer, Carol and Clint agreed that it would be a good idea to get a roof rake.
Smithton Cemetery wants an article on the warrant asking for $300.00. It was voted that they get the interest several months ago which accumulated.
The Historical Society is asking for $2,500.00 from 2005 that was not given to them in an article submitted for the town warrant.
Ron Price said to put the article on the warrant regarding the $300.00 for the Smithton Cemetery and the $2,500.00 for the Historical Society and let the people decide as to giving the Historical Society $2,500.00 from 2005, and the 300.00 for the Smithton Cemetery.
Ron stated that the Rec. Comm. needs to turn in a report with a breakdown regarding Freedom Field Day and whatever else there is to report.
Sallyann Hadyniak reported that Bill Pickford will chair the Comp. Plan/Planning Board meeting on Tuesday Feb. 9, 2010

Clint Spaulding gave a brief road commissioner’s report.  All is going well.  Bob fixed the air valve and the tires are down at the town garage.
Clint also brought up the subject of some of the cemeteries.  He feels that some need attention.  Jon Willet volunteered to do clean up.  Clint had Carol confirm the existence of one or two of the cemeteries.
There is a controversy regarding the road in Freedom and Montville where Jeff Richardson lives.   A section of the road is unclear.  Montville said it belongs to Freedom and Freedom said it belongs to Montville.  Ron Price called Jeff Richardson to find out what the problem is between Jeff, Montville and Freedom properties.   After a lengthy conversation with Jeff and Montville, Ron decided to file the letter that the town received from Montville is to be filed and not sent back to Montville. This matter is between Jeff and Montville.  (Town lines)  Before filing the letter “DO NOT SEND” was to be written on it.
Clint Spaulding made a motion to pay $150.00 each to Cindy and Erna for doing the Town Reports.  Carol Richardson seconds the motion.  Motion made and carried.  Both Carol and Sallyann volunteered to help put the town reports together.
Carol Richardson requested a meeting regarding the budget after the budget committee is finished and before the town meeting.  A discussion regarding the issue was discussed by all three Selectors.
The next scheduled Selector’s meeting is set for Wednesday, February 10, 2010.
Clint Spaulding made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m. Carol Richardson second it.  Motion made and carried.  All were in favor,
Respectfully submitted,
Acting Secretary,
 Sallyann Hadyniak

JANUARY 13, 2010
Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:20 PM, with the following present:  Erna Keller (Treasurer), Jay Guber (CEO), Clint Spaulding (Selectman), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan Cmte.), Ron Price (Selectman, Chair), Glen Bridges (Secretary), Clint’s son Clint, Steve Bennett.  Carol was with Arthur in the hospital.                  
REVIEW MINUTES:  The minutes from Dec. 23, 2009 were approved as written.
CITIZEN’S ISSUES:  Steve Bennett wants to put an article on the warrant for the annual Town meeting, and inquired about a deadline.  Ron said no deadline was set yet, but by Feb. 1st would be good.  Bennett would like the Beaver Ridge Rd. from the intersection with Sibley to the driveway at Dave Pottle’s to be made private.  The reasons are because:
1. The abutters would like it to be private.
2. Bennett would like to repair it, and cost sharing is available from NRCS, but only if it is a private road.
A long discussion followed about what trails snowmobiles do use, and Jay Guber mentioned that family burial plots need to have public access.  Ron and Clint suggested Steve write up his article; they want the Town to be able to vote on it.
CORRESPONDENCE:  ME Emergency Management is holding a dam safety workshop on Feb. 10; Ron felt this should be attended by our EMD and Selectmen.  Clint knows someone who might be interested in the EMD position.
            The ME State Treasurer informed the Town that 7% is the highest interest allowed on past due taxes.
            A letter was read from the Montville Selectmen.  They have spoken to Jeff Richardson about his vehicles blocking the plows and he has not cooperated, and they ask Freedom Selectmen to sign on to the letter to Richardson.  Clint moved to sign the letter, passed, and signed.
TREASURER:  Erna reported the payroll warrant for the week of Jan 2 was $3310.05, and for the week of Jan 9 is $2191.48.  The checkbook balance is $198,935.57.
            The A/P for the week of Dec. 31 was $3027.15.  The A/P for the week of Jan 13th is $1019.05, with the addition of Jay Guber’s expense sheet in the amount of $743.92 raising the  total to $1762.97.  The A/P for the week of Jan 13th is $5488.63, with a possible credit coming in of $720.  A check for business equipment exemption reimbursement for 2009 was received for $48, and from MMA for a tow charge of $250.  A bill, in the folder, was received from KVCOG.
            The Comp. Plan committee would like the remaining $3846.72 to be carried over to 2010 to help pay KVCOG.
            Final checkbook balance is $191.683.97.  Ron asked for a comparison with a year ago; the Jan. 2009 balance was $116,638.88.
            Clint moved to sign the 12/31/09 A/P warrant and the Jan. 13 A/P warrant.  Clint moved to sign both payroll warrants.  Motions passed, four warrants were signed.
            Erna reported that the middle doors were left open on the double-wide, and the heat doesn’t seem to be working.
CEO:  Jay Guber reported that he went to a workshop on electrical codes.
COMP. PLAN COMMITTEE:  Dave reported that he met with Fred Snow and asked him to project costs for the rest of this year.  The budget request reflects the balance left from 2009 carried over, and subtracted from the $8,000 needed to complete the plan.  He is also requesting $500 for expenses and printing.
BUDGET COMMITTEE:  Their first meeting went well after procedures were ironed out.
OLD BUSINESS:  Clint read from the minutes of Oct. 4, 2006 outlining his request for a drug testing policy.  Discussion followed, with a motion to accept a written policy that “All employees will be drug tested upon hiring and randomly tested thereafter”.  Motion passed.  Secretary will type policy.
NEW BUSINESS:  Clint talked about the upcoming Town Report, and suggested that Cindy and Erna be compensated for their extra time.  Sallyann volunteered her time to help with it. 
Glen mentioned that part of the justification for the new copier was the ability to save money  by printing the reports in-house; Sallyann remembered the Town saved $600 last year.
Ron asked if the Committee/Board reports are in for the Town Report, and set a deadline of Feb. 15th for reports to be in.
            Dave Bridges asked if the budget figures will be easier to comprehend in the Town Report this year?  Jay Guber remarked that the TRIO program is “bizarre”.  Ron said he is not satisfied with the way the budget figures are presented in the Town Report and will suggest a change at the next meeting.  Clint added that QuickBooks figures are  easy to change.  Clint compared a 2003 Town Report in which the figures were very clear.  The State Bureau of Taxation wants the Town to simplify it and only present the figures for the upcoming year.  Ron added that three different Treasurers have used different categories for the same items.
            Ron Price said that Belmont has narrowed their Town meeting down to 12 articles to take care of everything.  Clint said again that LD 1 should be first of the articles on monies.
The Selectmen signed purchase orders.
The next meeting will be Jan 27, 2010.
Motion to adjourn at 7:50 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Secretary