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DECEMBER 26 2007
Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs and Ron Price.  Lynn Hadyniak was absent.
Others present: Glen & Dave Bridges, Clint Spaulding and son, Betty Sienkiewicz, Erna Keller, Craig Turner and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:08PM. 
Minutes of the December 13, 2007 meeting were read and approved.  They will be placed on file.
1.     Clint Spaulding informed the group that Mrs. Geary died this AM and there are a number of trash bags on her property.  She had resided on the corner of Greeley and North Palermo Rd.
2.     Dave Bridges brought up the issue of night fishing which becomes law on the 1st of January, 2008.  Several years ago the Town closed the public boat landing to the public after dark because of drinking and loud parties along with vandalism. 
     Night fishing is more effective and there is the possibility of fish population being depleted. 
     Dave questioned if there had been any hearings regarding this new law.  Is there an overpopulation of bass?
     There was a discussion related to the pros and cons of having the access open.  A motion was made to keep the hours we presently have but no action was taken on it.
3.     Craig Turner came to the meeting later on and reported that the Department  of Conservation  felt that there should be access to the landing and pond.  Ownership of the entrance, road and landing need to be decided.  Lee Griffin, an officer of the Department of Conservation, has been invited to attend the Selectpersons’ meeting on January 9, 2008 to discuss this. If the landing is State owned, Clint requested that Jim Waterman keep the entrance open since the fire department needs access to the water.
1.     Payroll paid: $3088.17
2.     Checkbook balance: $180,625.05
3.     Accounts payable: $17,515.05
4.     Request by Erna regarding Accounts Payable to pay any bills that come in before the end of the year was granted. A motion was made authorizing a member of the Board to sign a supplemental vendors’ warrant prior to December 31st.  Motion was seconded and carried.
5.     Larger bank safe deposit box at Bangor Savings is needed to put valuables in.
6.     In going over the accounts after warrant was done by Erna, it was noted that Cindy is $200 over the amount allowed.
1.     Sandpile is half-way gone.
2.     Air compressor needs another part.
3.     Two tires are needed for the loader.  Rims need to be taken off and cleaned.  A motion was made to purchase two new tires for the loaded.  Motion was seconded and carried.
      1.  COMPREHENSIVE BOARD:  Glen Bridges states they hope to have one   or two meetings before the end of January.
1.     Nomination papers can be taken out beginning January 3rd.  Positions open are for one Selectperson, treasurer, clerk and school representative.
2.     A petition by the Bennetts  for a special meeting regarding taxes was posted on the Town Office door.  Ron Price had asked Carrie Bennett for a copy but it was not forthcoming.  The petition was signed by notary Carol Richadson.  As of Wednesday night no copy regarding this meeting could be found at the Freedom General Store.  As far as the Board goes, this is not a legal meeting; it has not been posted for the required seven days and this meeting would be subject to the same rules as any petition.  If the refund of tax money already collected is approved and already spent, where will the money come from?  The original request for a secret ballot referendum required 45 days before it could be acted upon and a request had been made that it be done before the end of December which was impossible to carry out.  Hence, no action was taken on the original request.
3.     Erna Keller requested that a new account with $20,000 be set up for paving.  Also one for the fire department with $7,500.
4.     Fire inspections have been done.  
5.     Warrant: A motion was made and seconded to pay the Vendors’ warrant in the amount of $13,274.62.  Motion carried.  
6.     Humane Society contract needs to be signed. There is a charge of $1.35 per resident for a total of $907.  A motion was made to accept the contract with humane society.  Motion carried and the contract was signed.
1.     Vacancies:
     A.  School Board
     B. Solid Waste Representative.
     C.  Budget Committee: Dana Canavan may be willing to take Brian       Mitchell’s place.
2.  Ganty still needs to be rated.
3.  Audit 2005: Ron Price will check on this.
4.  Job evaluation for Clint Spaulding needs to be done.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers

NOVEMBER 28, 2007

Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak and Ron Price.
Others present: Sallyann Hadyniak, Dave Schofield, Jeff Keating, Hilary Fleming, Rhoda Waller, Lynn Ascrizzi, Steve Bennett, Glen & Dave Bridges, Ronnie Levaque, Matt Bennett, Jay Guber, Erna Keller, and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:05.  Minutes of the November 14, 2007 meeting were approved and a motion was made to place them on file.
         Lynn abstained on voting since she had not read them.
1.     Rhoda Waller brought up the issue of the increased taxes for some and the increase in the mil rate.  Tim Biggs responded to her questions as to why this had happened by explaining about the decrease amount of anticipated revenue that was listed. 
     Consideration of paying for abatements and the 2% discount for early payment of taxes has already used up the $1,000 overlay.         
     Each year the town runs out of money earlier and earlier.  Getting a loan         was suggested but that is not a possibility since the audit for 2005 is not       complete. To correct this $10,000 was considered as an overlay for the        budget. A “bumper” is needed as was done years ago.  For the past few         years it should have been set at 5% which is allowable.  Last year it was set          at 1%. The net amount to be raised by local property tax rate is $700,539.73       according to the 2007 tax calculation.
2.     Lynn Hadyniak had contacted Richard Flwelling, an attorney with MMA, with several questions. The revenue amount should have been listed as $0.00 since this needs to be voted on at a Town Meeting and it was not.  There is not any specific state statue regarding this.  The legislative body for the Town is the town meeting.  The assessors have no right to change the amount.
3.     As to the current tax commitment Flwelling suggested that no further action be taken.  There is no legal basis for abatement.  Lastly, it can be taken to court.
4.     The possibility of a special town meeting to vote to change the revenue amount was questioned by Lynn to the attorney.  He did not recommend doing this.
5.     Steve Bennett had some comments he made regarding the rebate number.
In speaking with Dave Ladeau he suggested to Steve that a special town meeting be called to set a rebate number that would be acceptable to the residents.  Jeff Kendall suggested to Steve that a warrant be done asking to move money into a surplus account.
6.      Steve requested copies of the fax Lynn had received as well as copy of the current revenue-expense statements.  He stated we didn’t have a cash problem and were not in bankruptcy, but we have a cash flow problem.  One way to help the cash flow problem would be to have taxes due every six months.  This is done in many towns.  
7.     It was suggested that what the Town had done needs to be more transparent to the tax payers.
1.     State 2008 valuation of the town is $43,250,000.  This is $3,000,000 higher.  To rebut this, a form letter needs to be returned within 45 days for grounds for appeal. Lynn will take care of this. State valuation uses a formula for coming up with this number.  Real estate sales are considered.
1.     Continuing education:
      A.  MBOAI seminar: December 6, 2007.  Cost: $20.
      B.  Updated UPC training manual; Cost: $20.
      C.  Vernal pools in Fairfield.
      D.  Updates on plumbing codes: Black Bear Inn, 11/28/07.
2.  Inspections and permits:
      A.  Viewed site for a building requested permit by Ron Price with Val Whittier since there is some wetland there.  Needs setback 50 ft.
      B.  Tim Biggs location re: eagles.   Inland Fisheries and wildlife viewed.  It     was agreed not to do a GPS since Tim’s building would be on the outer        limit of the eagles nest. Planning Board permit by rule was approved.
      C.  New shore land zoning guidelines need to be adopted by July 1, 2008.      If they are not adopted they will be imposed on the Town.
      D.  Timber harvesting:  State forester will act on behalf of the Town.
      E.  Timber harvesting being done on Cellar-Kitchen RD.  State Forester         informed.
      F.  George Greeley off Greeley RD has timber being harvested by Steve        Spaulding.
      G.  Basil Barnes Oxen Bridge inspected.  Steel barn frame. This is being        done through the Kennebec Farm Agency. 
      H.  Patricia Sylvia of 89 Bryant RD: portable garage
      I. Pete & Marion Bowers, 57 Town house Rd: milk shed.
      J. Steve & Carrie Bennett: horse farm.
      K.  Sandra Willett: Town house Rd: storage shed.
      L.  Addison and Penelope Chase of 623 Palermo RD: slab on old henhouse   site. 
1.     Permit given for a sewage system to former Letourneau’s garage.
2.     Complaint of trash on Wanning Rd, Mallets’; Dave will contact them after a motion was made, seconded and carried that he do this.  
3.     Cost of gas:  This has become an expensive item particularly when you sometimes have to make repeated visits to a site.  He feels the first two visits should be included with the permit, but the remainder should be charged to the homeowner with the extra fee going to the Town.
1.     A request to go into executive session was made by Dave Schofield.  Jay Guber was included in this.  All involved returned from this session at 7:40.
1.     Proposed rules for governing the qualifications for local health officers were briefly discussed.  This would include education, training and experience standards.  A copy of this is included with the minutes.
2.     Health officers serve for a three year term.
1.        He would like to rent an excavator for a day.  He would operate it and clean up and ditch around the Town Garage.  This was taken under advisement.
2.        Sand salt pile has been covered with hay and silt material. 
1.     Letter regarding code violations at the fire station was received by the Town Office about two weeks ago.   Lynn Hadyniak realized this tonight and informed Jim of the communication received from OSHA.   Jim will follow up on this with Scott Greeley.   All code violations have been corrected.  He will need receipts and sign a statement regarding the  
2.     Christmas baskets for needy families will be ready on December 15th.            Contact Erin @ 338-6809.
   3.  Emergency Management Plan: Jim has been working on this.  He needs         more information before he can complete this.
1.     More people are becoming involved with the board. 
2.     Meeting tomorrow night with the planning board.
3.     Inland fisheries will be coming to a meeting.
4.     Working on policies and implications.
1.     Clint Spaulding may be interested in some of the work.
1.     Gantry still needs to be inspected.
2.     Swampland areas belonging to Mark Boudreau, Nancy Bailey Farrar and Elizabeth Soission need to be viewed.
3.     Audit 2005:  Someone with some accounting experience needs to look at our numbers and information on the audit.
4.     LD #1 needs to be done.
          1.  Warrants:   Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the    following warrants;
                   A. Payroll: $2223.88
                   B. Vendors: $104,306.72 included 3 payments to the school. 
          2.  Job evaluation was requested by Clint Spaulding.  Possible need for         others to be done.
          3.  Next meeting will be December 12, 2007.
          4.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM
   Comment: Dave Bridges commented on how well the Board acted on the tax      situation and the running of the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
Fax from Richard Flwelling, MMA
Local health officers training requirements

NOVEMBER 14. 2007
Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak and Ron Price.
Others present: Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Erna Keller, Glen & Dave Bridges, Jeff Keating, Steve Bennett, Dave Bennett, Matt Bennett, Ron Littlefield, Gwen Littlefield, Barbara Littlefield, Diane Cody, Steve & Carrie Bennett, Sallyann Hadyniak, Dave Schofield, Gerald Stefanski, Clint Spaulding, Jim Waterman, Nancy Bailey Farrar, Marc Payne and Marion Bowers.
Minutes of the October 31, 2007 meeting were read and a motion to approve them and place them on file carried.
1. A large group of residents were in to discuss taxes and how the commitment was done.  Steve Bennett and others agreed with him that an error had been made in the way they were figured out. He felt that on item #13 of the 2007 municipal tax rate calculation form that other revenues was understated by $100,000.  The selectors have the right to decide how much of the other revenues (dump stickers, excise tax, etc.) they want to put down.  The other concern of citizens was that amount in the overlay should have been brought before the residents before the tax calculation was done.
       The amount that the Town voted on in March is the amount you need to use unless you have a special town meeting to permit an increased amount. 
Tim Biggs brought up the fact that over the years it is earlier each year that the Town does not have the money to pay its bills.  It becomes a pick and choose situation as to who will get paid.
Carrie Bennett suggested that the time the Town Office is open should be cut back on to save money.  She voiced concern over residents who could not pay their taxes because of poverty.
The group felt that the taxes needed to be refigured.
If a surplus needs to be created there are several ways of doing such as   creating a surplus for residents to vote on.  Another way is, if there is an excess on any line this could be put into surplus.
Tax bills need to be done earlier.
A temporary loan, a tax anticipation loan, was suggested, but the audit for 2005 needs to be done before you can obtain this money.
Steve Bennett had also spoken with Dave Ladoux of the State Property Tax division and he felt that what the Town had done was not right since the selectors had no authority without a Town approval. If, when the taxes are redone and are lower, interest should be paid to those who have already paid their taxes.
       MMA Legal Department will be checked with regarding the entire situation.
       Barbara Littlefield spoke about an abatement she had filed in August and has not heard concerning this.
       Gwen Littlefield feels we should have a town meeting to discuss the taxes.
 2.Glen Bridges spoke about the possibility of a grant for an electric turbine in Sandy Pond.  This could supply power for Town Office and Fire Station.  It is unknown if we would have to have a Comprehensive Plan in place. Money would not be available until next spring.
1.     Nancy questioned if the planning board had been directed not to work on Town ordinances? This was the impression that Prentiss Grassi had when he came before the Selectors asking their input.  It was felt that the Comprehensive Plan needs to get done and for this to be worked on first.  This was a misunderstanding as both things need to be worked on.
2.     Dave Schofield suggested that they check with the CEO as to which ordinances are needed and Jay could steer them in the correct direction. Several ordinances needed are for a commercial ordinance, as well as for forestry and junkyards.
3.     State Junkyard Ordinance could be adopted by the Town.
4.     Sex offender ordinance suggested regarding the recreation field.
1.     The septic system work, a leach field, on High St has been completed. Receipts are needed which Erna has.
1.     Air compressor has been obtained.
2.     Bryant Rd. culvert will be worked on.
3.     Goosepecker culvert will need to be replaced next year.
4.     Bills for work done on trucks and repairing loader.
5.     Complaints about Mitchell Rd. Clint is aware of this problem.
6.     Snowplow driver: Dwight Gould is a candidate.
7.     Bucket loader: fuel tank needs repair.  Dana will do this.  
8.     Synthetic transmission oil obtained from Freedom General Store.  It is expensive.
1.     Brian Mitchell would prefer not to be on the committee. 
1.     Meetings are planned for every two weeks with assignments given out.
1.     Clint stated that some of the property owners had blocked the road to the Hutchins Cemetery.  Veterans may be buried there and it would be illegal to block entry.  This was reported by an elderly man who wanted to gain entry.
2.     Road Commissioner is agreeable to maintaining the cemeteries.
ASSESSORS need to view the swampland owned by Mark Boudreau.
1.     Special Town Meeting: no decision.
2.     Gantry rating:  Need an engineer to rate this as to tonnage.  Who?  Contact Pike Industries.
3.     Tree limbing on Pleasant St. done by CMT.
4.      Audit 2005 meeting November 20th, 2007.  This will be an all day process.  It was suggested that the Selectors attend.
1.     Fix spot on Mitchell RD that has been complained about.
2.     Use box grader from Ingraham’s for a trial.
3.     Selectors meeting November 28th.
4.     Ron Price had spoken with Richard Flewelling of the MMA Legal Department regarding the property taxes and the legality within the rights of the Selectors. Flewellings verbal response was different or could be interpreted differently than his faxed response.  The term municipal body was used; is this Selectors or the Town?  Verification will be sought. 
    There is no legal requirement to reduce the property taxes according to MMA. Money raised by appropriations can’t be spent other than what was agreed upon at the Town Meeting.
5.     Warrants: The following warrants had motions made, seconded and carried to pay;
               A. Payroll $1814.34
               B.  Supplemental payroll $80.06
               C. Accounts payable $27,595.93
               D.  Pay the school account of $31,098.00 if enough money comes in.
6.  Assessors meeting: November 19th at 6:00PM.
Motion to adjourn was made at 8:50PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
OCTOBER 31, 2007
Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak and Ron Price.
Others present:  Erna Keller, Betty Sienkiewicz, Jim Waterman, Glen & Dave
 Bridges, Sallyann Hadyniak, Mark Boudreau, Jay Guber & Marion Bowers.
Minutes of the meeting beginning on October 17, 2007 and recessed several times
were read and approved.
1.     Tax assessment issues:
A.   Jim Waterman has property where there is a house listed, but it is not his and he has no house there.
B.    Mark Boudreau complained about his bill.  He has a lot of swamp land as so designated.  Most of his land is in tree growth; he has documentation done by a forester in 2000.  He has no electricity on his property.
1.     Exemptions for paying excise tax related to those in the military.
2.     Sandy Pond dam: All rights of Sandowski and Nelson have been released and the Dam now belongs to the Town of Freedom.
3.     Emergency Action Plan has been worked on by Lynn Hadyniak.  Names of  the individuals that would need to be contacted in an emergency are listed.
     A map showing the topography and emergency evacuation re: the dam with possible inundated zones are included.  This information will be turned into MEMA.
    A drill also needs to be done. This will be done by phone calls.
4.     Sullivan Brothers:  Needs a notice for extra pickup.  There is a $20 fee if this is absolutely essential.
5.     State valuation of the Town is $43,000,000. 
     2006 local valuation was $33,282,000.  State valuation: 40,000,000. Professional 2007local valuation:  $33,256,000.  State valuation: $43,000,000. The State uses recent sales and taking an average to come up with their number. Mil rate was discussed. 
6.     Fiscal survey requested by MMA.
7.     US Census requests boundry or name changes.
8.     Sandbags available at no charge.  This will be given to Clint.  
1. Checkbook has $62,457.03
2. Erna suggested making a list of vendors and the due date of their invoices. This would be included with the warrant.
3.  A motion was made and approved to pay the vendors warrant in the amount of $57,178.98.  Beaver Ridge and the Greeley RD have both been worked on.  
4.     Meeting on November 20th re: 2005 with the auditor.
5.     Change in moving data on computer requested by Erna was approved by Selectors.
6.     Information on 2006 valuation on computer is incorrect.
7.     LD 1 is being worked on.
         CEO: JAY GUBER
1.     Permits:
         Tim Randall of 613 Belfast Rd for a box trailer.
          Jon and Sandra Willette of 67 Town house Rd. for a storage shed.
2.     Inspections:
    Paul Flynn of Town House Rd lifting house and sills.Shawn Turner of Hutchins Corner, building on back of trailer.
3.     Application for permit by Ron Price for a home off Sibley Rd.  Planning Board will review.  Val Whittier has seen the area because there is some wetland involved. It may be necessary to do a permit by rule.
4.     Letter from Val Whittier re: Robert Meulhman.  Visit to the site where there had been excessive cutting. Septic system can be put in.  Owner agreed to allow the land to return to normal and to plant some trees.  Also his floating house will have to be removed from the pond.
5.     Dues for membership in Mid-Coast Association: $10.
6.     Wanning Rd. has been repaired. (FEMA) The dangerous condition was eliminated. Nothing was done in front of Mallett’s.  Road there is very rough.
7.     Shibles still a work in progress.
1.     Upgraded doors to the bathroom and rear to 36 inches making them handicap accessible.
2.     Hunters’ breakfast: November 10th, 4:00AM to 10:00 AM.
3.     Class November 10, 2007 NIMS 300 multi-agencies.
4.     Narrow roads: recent damage to the rotating light on recent trip to Hardwood Lane.  Those living on narrow roads should be mindful of large vehicles getting in.
    Report given by Ron Price.
1.     FEMA work has been done.  Signature needed on form. It was felt that Clint should sign this.
2.     Maine Motor Transportation classes for all class 3 drivers.  Clint would like to attend this.  Covered are testing for substance abuse and alcohol. This way he would be certified which would be helpful if there was ever any lawsuit.A motion was made and carried to send him to the class.
3.  Higgins and Sons for welding on plows: cost $250.
4.  Request for a heavy duty trimmer on a service rental form.  Question is this to rent or buy?
5.     Written list of needed tools including
      A. 6 & 12 ton Jack stand.
      B. 20/40 air jack
      C.  Air compressor
      D. Hose
      E. Other tools.
    Motion was made and carried to approve the purchase of the tools requested.
    Total cost of tools: $2,864.92.  They will be stored in a locked box.
1.     Brief report on mumps which have been confirmed in Southern Maine. 
2.     There are also two possible cases in Kennebec County?
3.     Lynn Hadyniak spoke about the bacteria MRSA which is becoming more prevalent and is resistant to most of the antibiotics.
1.     Sallyann Hadyniak stated that they had met last week and they all had assignments.  They want to get this finished before the Annual Town Meeting.
ASSESSORS’ MEETING: November 3, 2007 at 7: AM.
1.     LD 1 needs to be worked on.
2.     Municipal value return needs to be done.  
3.     Suggestion was made by Sallyann Hadyniak for representative of Boards
    report to the Selectpersons on a quarterly basis.  This has been done in the past.
4.     Mitigation Grant Opportunity: Letter of intent re: Sandy Pond Dam be sent.
    They allow $3,000,000 per project. Questioned if we were eligible since we
    do not have a comprehensive plan. 
5.  Read Brugger has resigned from URIP.  We need a replacement.
Warrant for payroll:
1.     Motion was made and carried to pay this in the amount of $6,566.91.
          Executive Session for a General Assistance Discussion:  Board went into this
          Session at 8:00 and returned at 8:45PM.
          The next meeting will be on November 14, 2007.
          Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM.
          Respectfully submitted,
           Marion Bowers
October 17, 2007

Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak and Ron Price.
Others present:  Hilary and Tom Fleming, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Sallyann Hadyniak, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:12PM.
Minutes of the October 10, 2007 meeting were read; motion was made to accept them and place them on file.  Motion carried.
Currently the check book has a balance of $19,660.91.  Accounts payable needs $20, 440.11 for the current warrant.  Changes were made reducing this amount to $3820.05.  Major outstanding bills include the school which is owed from July to the present with a July payment of $31,000 unpaid.  Also unpaid is the County bill for $61,621.09; Jackie Robbins and the lawyer are also waiting for payment.  The County bill needs to be paid as stated in a recent memo.  It was due the 1st of October. 
Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following warrants:
          Accounts payable:  $3,820.95
          Payroll: $20005.88
A letter was presented to the Selectors to sign making Lorraine Overlock a 501 agent related to the cemetery account. A motion was made, seconded and carried to sign this letter.
The treasurer also left a letter related to requesting an increase in the number of miles she should be paid for related to her job.
1.     Letter presented to Dave Schofield regarding then Small Community Grant Program from Tim MacMillan in relationship to Stanley McDonald.  The contract amount for sand and gravel to Monroe Sand & Gravel was approved for a lump sum of $7,750 provided certain conditions are met.  Copy of the letter is attached.
2.     KVCOG has a water quality meeting in Fairfield on October 25. 
Also there will be a meeting on November 8th related to new state laws.
3.     Permits and inspections:
A.     Roberta Mc Card of 7 Sanford Hill Lane. CMP has done an electrical inspection.
B.      Moody of Beaver Hill Rd has an electrical permit.
C.     Permits to Prentis Grassi for a porch and woodshed.
D.     Robert Muehlman for a tool shed.
E.      Dennis and Janice Turner of 749 North Palermo Rd for a pole barn.
F.      Inspections with Val Whittier.
1.     Eric Fuller of North Palermo Rd, wooded wetlands inspected. 
2.     Wind turbine site
3.     Drew Fales of Ledges Lane.
4.     Tim Biggs off Birch lane for an addition.  State biologist will have to inspect because of the eagle nest and planning board will also have to visit.
G.     Steve Bennett of Sibley Rd, corrected setback for shed.
H.     Steve Shaw has in the past been informed to provide necessary paper work and information related to his subdivision to buyers.  Eric Fuller and Janice never received any of this information.  Jay has talked with Ken Shaw in the past regarding this as well as sending him a written notice.  Jay now has his out of state phone number and address.
4.     Kleinschmidt:  New address.
5.     ACO called regarding dogs running at large on Wanning RD.
6.     Wanning Rd needs repair; part of the road is gone on the side near an incline and sharp curve.
ROAD COMMISSIONER: Clint Spaulding absent.
1.     Salt and sand pile is covered with plastic and tires.
2.     Yard has been graded off.
3.     Loading place made. Granite or cement blocks to preserve the loading place.
4.     Pay loader needs work.  Bucket part needs repair.  Also there is a leak in the fuel tank.  Dana Roberts has been contacted.  He worked on the loader last week.
5.     Tools needed including an air compressor with a 175 psi per 14-18 cu ft per minutes.
1.     Attended an informative workshop in Waterville with many different agencies involved. A new state health plan was talked about and ways to cut the amount spent were discussed.  Maine spends next to the highest amount of money per capita for health care. Maine was also the highest in the number of visits to the Emergency Room.
2.     The second half of the workshop was devoted to LHO’s.  There was a discussion of them needing to be certified.  Also a list of duties or possible duties were listed.  It was agreed that most municipal officers have little if any knowledge of what the health officer can do.
COMPREHENSIVE MEETING:  Sallyann Hadyniak stated that they would be meeting on Thursday, October 25.
1.     Donna Sporie property re: taxes and acreage:  There is nothing in her deed related to acreage.  A motion was made By Lynn Hadyniak, seconded by Tim Biggs to leave the tax bill at 2.5 acres.  Motion carried.  If she is not agreeable to this, she could have the land surveyed.
2.     Request for additional money from the town is getting closer.  Requests to consider would include Erna Keller’s mileage, Jackie Robbins, assessor, additional pay because of an increase in properties, Stevens Rd property, County and School taxes.
1.     Website has apparently has crashed. Francis Walker, the webmaster, is away until the beginning of November.
2.     Possible road grading before winter. 
3.     Tree limbing by CMT has not been done.
4.     Next Selectpersons’ meeting will be on October 31st.
  Meeting will recess until 7:00AM because of incomplete information to set the commitment date. Meeting recessed at 8:00PM.
 Present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak, Ron Price.
 Also present: Hilary and Tom Fleming, and Marion Bowers.
  Meeting was called to order at 7:05 AM.
1.Figures from property taxes from 2006 and 2007 were gone over.  There were about 30 pieces of property which raised questions when the two years were compared.  Until this is answered the commitment statement will not be signed.  Erna Keller came in to answer some questions on TRIO.
1.     Meeting was recessed at 8:00AM until Monday, October 22 at 6:00PM.
                             CONTINUATION OF RECESSED MEETING
                                                OCTOBER 22, 2007
Selectors present: Tim Biggs and Ron Price.  Lynn Hadyniak was unable to be present.
Others present:  Marion Bowers
The meeting was resumed at 6:15 PM.
A discussion of finances of the Town was discussed at length.  A motion was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Ron Price to sign the commitment for taxes for 2007 for the amount of $700,539.73 to be raised by the local tax rate.  Motion carried.  This would give the town an overlay of $10,329.38.  Value of the Town if $334,856.85.  This may different from the State’s value.
One mil rate is equal to $35,000.  The new mil rate has increased to 19.5. Later this was changed to 2.01
Warrant for the fire department (from their grant), for a vender of $2377.50 was approved. 
1.     The gantry needs to be rated.  The qualifications of the builder are in question as to his ability to rate the gantry. 
2.     Tools needed:
     A.  Air compression and air tools
     B.  Jack stands
     C.  A good Jack
     D.  Loading dock using cement blocks or granite.  The     Freedom Church has some granite that may be useable. 
     E.  Container to lock up equipment.
     F. Sockets and drop lights.
3.  Projects needing to be done:
     A.  Grading dirt roads
     B.  Repairing brake line leaks.
A.     Widening of narrow roads needs to be discussed at next meeting.
B.      Heating oil needed at fire department.
C.     LP gas needed for Hunters breakfast was approved.
Meeting was recessed at 7:00PM.
Next meeting will be on October 31, 2007.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
Attachment:  Letter from Tim MacMillan

OCTOBER 10, 2007
Selectors present:  Tim Biggs and Ron Price.  Lynn Hadyniak was ill.
Others present:  Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Dave Schofield, Geri Frates, Barbara Donnelly, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:05 by Ron Price.
   Minutes of the October 3, 2007 meeting were read, amended and a motion was made to accept them and place them on file.
1.     Bids were presented to the Selectors for a septic design.  There were two of them.  Last year related to the same case there were three, but one has declined to re-bid on the work.  Material to do the required work which includes a design for a two bedroom field, concrete infiltrators (these can be driven on), and a pump station have increased in cost. 
     Bids were opened and the lowest bid was accepted.  If the higher bid had      been accepted the DEP would require an explanation.
     Betty Sienkiewicz felt that payment for this work had been accepted in the          past by the Town.  This has been in the works for years.
     McDonald doesn’t have to pay anything according to Dave Schofield. 
     The Town will pay for this initially, but will be reimbursed 100% percent.     There is $1100 to do this and perhaps $1000 more. 
      The bidder will get the amount he listed in his bid.
     A motion was made by Tim Biggs to accept the bid, seconded by Ron Price and motion carried. 
     Copies of the bids will go to the State.
1.     Meeting with Val Whittier from DEP on Friday, October 12th to view the Shaw subdivision on the North Palermo Rd.  There are nine lots to this subdivision, wetlands are involved and some of them have been filled in the past with 4-5 ft of gravel.  Such was the case on lot 5 or 6 in which the fill had to be removed and work had to be stopped.  There is a limit as to how much wetland can be filled in. 
2.     Eric Fuller from Montville wants to put in a driveway and camp on lot 1.  Nothing can be done until seen by DEP.
3.     Tim Biggs also has a non-conforming lot which has a building and is closer than the 100 ft setback.  This will be viewed by the DEP. 
4.     An inspection of the Bowers woodlot was done. 
5.     Continuing education:
A.     Outside wood boilers workshop in August. There were five tests required to be certified.  Jay passed. If these were allowed in the village there would be a problem because of the smoke.  It is possible to extend the smokestack on these boilers.
Motion was made for the meeting to adjourn at 6: 40PM
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers  

OCTOBER 3, 2007
Selectors present: Tim Biggs, Ron Price; Lynn Hadyniak was ill.
Others present:  Clint Spaulding, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Sallyann Hadyniak, Jay Guber and Erna Keller, Viola Greeley, Lorraine Overlock and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:00PM.
Minutes of the September 19th meeting were read, corrected and a motion was made to accept them and place them on file.
CD related to cemetery: Viola Greeley and Lorraine Overlock were present to discuss a CD that they felt had come due on September 27, 2007 and was reinvested with a new maturity in 2008.  This has been an ongoing problem and they need the interest for the cemetery.  Ron Price is aware of the problem they are having and the group including Kathy, the treasurer, needs to meet.  It was suggested that the control of the CD go back to Greeley and Overlock and others in the group.
1.     Annual membership dues in KVCOG have had a 2.5% increase in dues.
2.     Application for needy people for toys, sponsored by Wings of Love needs to be posted.
3.     Tree growth information requested from the assessors.  This would include the number of people and applications.  This list needs to be checked with the State’s list.
4.     Survey for solid waste needs to be made out by Selectors.
5.     Letter from DHHS stating that the Town of Freedom is in compliance.
6.     Warren Group again requesting real estate information.  This request has been turned down in the past.
1.     Continuing education: Classes attended in Union, Augusta and Pittsfield; Subjects included were safety, electrical and shore land zoning.
2.     Robert Muelhman has been fined in the past for not getting the necessary permits.  He would now like to have an addition 6X14 to his barn and questioned paying for an additional permit.  It was agreed by the Selectors to charge him for this new addition.
3.     Permits and Inspections:
     A.  Steven Bara of 49 Raven RD for a storage and animal shelter.  This          was Ok’d on 9/25/07.
     B.  Dave and Nancy Farrar of 925 North Palermo Rd. for a deck.
     C.  Tim Biggs and Pam Gallik of Smithton Rd for a screened in porch.          This requires a visit by DEP and the Planning Board.  One page of the       permit was missing.
     D.  Intent to harvest notification:  Jack Silliphant of 2 Larry Lane.  Area is      located on map 2, lot 4-2 on North Palermo Rd. 
     If a parcel over 20 ft is to be clear cut lots of paper work is involved.
4.     Jennifer Sanborn has requested to be put on the list of site evaluators for wetlands, etc. She also does septic designs.
5.     Requests pay for the remainder of the year so that he can pay his taxes.
6.     Stanley Mc Donald has been approved for a septic design.  Original bidders need to be contacted.  Town pays for this project but will be reimbursed by the State.  It is believed that the Town has to approve this before it can be done.  MMA will be checked with.  Also the property owner has to pay a small portion of the bill.
1.     Paving quote from Littlefield Paving for Sibley Rd was received.
2.     Other roads needing work: Greeley, Beaver Ridge and Rollins RD (FEMA), Ayer Ridge RD, and Wanning RD (FEMA).  Sibley work also needs work.
      Clint suggested that they hire a contractor; he would supply the hot mix as     well as putting it down.
      Bryant RD has a culvert problem.  The present culvert needs to be removed and then area filled in.  Ditching would be needed as well.  Many complaints        have been received by truckers and school bus drivers.
      One-half of the work would be paid by FEMA.  Motion was made by Ron    Price and seconded by Tim Biggs to have the work done on the roads.       Motion carried.
3.     Trees:  CMP has removed a limb off a big tree by Chase’s.  CMT has viewed the trees on front of Dottie Chase’s house and they need to be removed.  They are a liability to the Town.  CMP will wrap the wires.  A motion was made to approve $1100 to remove trees in front of Dottie Chase’s house.  Motion carried.
4.     Salt is coming.  Two loads containing about 30 tons will be delivered the cost at the cost of $2,000.  It will be cheaper if we hire trucks.
5.     Tools:  Prices being checked out.  Jack stands are a necessity.  Gantry needs to be done by a licensed engineer since it requires rating.
1.     Portable potty at recreation field needs to be removed. 
2.     Comprehensive Committee:  Needs to meet.
3.     Fasculo Property:  Glen Bridges requested the approval of the Selectors in contacting Mrs. Fasculo regarding property on North Palermo Rd and to consider putting it into a land trust agreement. This was approved.
4.     Computer and Printer:  The printer is not responding to the treasurer’s drive.  Ryan will be in to correct the problem.
5.     Donna Sporie needs to bring in her deed regarding her amount of land.
6.     Sign on Rollins RD is still up. 
1.     Mitchell Rd needs to be graded.
2.     Warrants:
3.        Motions were made and seconded to pay the following:
               A.  Accounts payable: $18,692.
               B.  Payroll: $1141.29
  The next meeting will be on October 10, 2007 to set a commitment date.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:20PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers

MINUTES 9/19/07
Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak, and Ron Price.
Others present: David Schofield, Jay Guber, Clint Spaulding, Tammy Swan Birkbeck, Tom Martin, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Sallyann Hadyniak, Erna Keller, and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order by Ron Price at 6:04PM.
Minutes of the September 5, 2007 were read and a motion was made to approve them and put them on fie. Motion carried.
Executive Session.  A motion was made to go into executive session to discuss a personel issue.  At 6:50PM a motion was made to come out of executive session, motion carried.
1.     Swan Birkbeck and Thomas Martin presented information in relationship to the confusion regarding their property.  An abatement on the house has been done according to Tim Biggs since this had been discussed at the last Assessors Meeting.   However, it appears that they have been taxed on a correct lot which has no house, but they had been taxed for a house.  It was suggested that they combine on the tax map 1 11-1 and 11-8.This would decrease their taxes.  They would be charged for 3.71 acres.  Mike Turner claims he owns 11-8 which is a one acre lot.  
1.     Checkbook currently has $25,769 in it.
2.     Liabilities:
          A. White and Bradstreet: $250.
          B.  County Commissioners; $61,000
          C.  School payments owed since May.
          D.  Assessor, Jackie Robbins: $1150. Part of this payment needs to go          before a town meeting.
3.  Income:
          A. Howard-Fairfield: $85.
          B. Black Hills: $36.72
          C.  URIP: $7,904
          D.  Knox Fire protection: $1500.
4.  Can the Town borrow money from a Capitol Improvement Fund? NO.
5.  The Town needs to know how much money needs to be raised before the mil rate can be set.
6.  A suggestion was made for people to pre-pay their taxes now.
7.  Problems with TRIO related to taxes.  Both Cindy and Jackie have encountered problems.  Someone from TRIO will be here Tuesday.  Some if not all of the Selectors will also meet with them at 9:00AM.
8.  Letter from Lorraine Overlock regarding interest on CD’s.  This CD is not due until 1/27/08.  Erna will contact Kathy regarding this.
9.  Signature needed on Wells Fargo document.
10.  2005 audit: Craig Costello had a list of questions regarding this.  Erna needs to meet with him and hopefully Hilary will be available at that time.
1.     Education workshops
     A.  MBOI September 13 in Gray.
      B.  Life Safety 101, Pittsfield on September 12th.
2.     Inspections
      A. Bob Letourneau on North Palermo Rd area inspected with Val Whittier.
       This is for a for a post and beam cabin purchased from Mark Mesaric.
               The area involves wet land.  A house pad of 4400 Sq feet will be required as           well as erosion control. A septic design has been done.
     B. Carl and Brenda Moody of Beaver Hill Rd permit for septic installation     and power.
     C.  Debra Hawthorn of 26 High St:  Inspections have been done several times.        She has removed three vehicles as well as the garbage/trash.  She will be      moving the 10th of November. This includes the trailer.  She has requested that           Jay call before he comes.  Otherwise she feels she is being harassed.
      D.  Pete and Marion Bowers of 57 Town House Rd, timber harvesting.
1.     Garage has been cleaned up. 
2.     No bulletin board is up yet.
3.     Checking on prices of sand:  The pile needs to be higher, 1000 to 1500 yards are needed. 
4.     Mildred Skidgel was in the area and seemed to be interested in selling some of the land near the garage.  This would be behind the garage and toward the water tower.  She is beginning to realize that she has a serious problem on her hands.
5.     Need for tools including air tools, air compressor (cost $1000), jack stands and other item. 
6.     Problem plowing dead-end streets because of need to turn around.  Also the Town Office parking lot is included in being a problem. Clint suggested that they need a private snowplower for these roads which encompasses about one-half miles of road.  They also need to be insured.
7.     Look into getting some more drivers for part-time work.  Clint may be interested in doing these dead-end roads himself.  These would include Mill, Wentworth and Russell. 
8.     Pay for usual two drivers:  Clint would like to see them get $3,000 for the season from November 1 to May 31st. 
1.     Lynn Hadyniak spoke about the outbreak of whooping cough in Southern          Maine and also about the rabies in the area.  There have been rabid         skunks and cats.  There are notices up on the bulletin board about      rabies.
1.     Donna Sporie property:  Difference of opinion on how much acreage she          owns.
2.     Speeding on Rollins Rd:  The sign is still up and the speeding is down.  Clint has not graded the road which slows people down.
3.     High St will not be posted with a sign related to speed.
4.     Grading:  Clint is waiting for a grader.
5.     Tree removal in from of Dottie Chase’s house has not been done.
6.     Civic assignment for 10th graders:  These would involve them working on October 10th.  Decision needs to be known by September 25th.  Weeding the garden in front of the office was suggested.  It was question if there was anything that could be done at the Town Recreation area.  The Academy lot could become an issue, so best to leave that alone.
7.     Requested response to Harold Palmer by September 28th by Selectors: Ron Price offered a book containing surveys of the Town Roads.  Whenever a subdivision of land has been done the road involved remains a public right of way.
8.     Sand request:  A motion was made by Ron Price and seconded by Tim Biggs to have Clint make a judgment as to which sand to buy for the Town.  Motion carried.
9.     Snowplow drivers: Usual drivers will receive a minimal pay of $3,000 for the season from October 1 Through May 1. They are expected to be available when ever needed unless health reasons prevent them from being on call.
           All Selectors were in agreement.
10. Warrants: Motions were made and seconded to pay the following warrants;
        Payroll: $1,645.95
  Accounts payable: $10,317.89.  The original amount had been $47,914.25 but the school payment was removed as well as the amount for Jackie Robbins was reduced. 
11. The next meeting will be on October 3, 2007.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers

September 5, 2007
Selectpersons present: Lynn Hadyniak, Ron Price, and Tim Biggs.
Others present: Tom and Mary Mallett, Harold Palmer, Betty Sienkiewic, Sallyann Hadyniak, Glen and Dave Bridges, Ron Kessler, Tom Martin, Tammy Swan Birkbeck , Gary Birkbeck and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 5:25PM by Ron Price. 
Minutes of the August 22, 2007 were read, amended and a motion to approve them carried.
1.     Harold Palmer produced three more deeds related to the property on Sibley Road  In these deeds he alleges that road is a private road and in two of the deeds it states that a right of way  allows for hauling logs over it for a two year period.  These deeds go back to 1915.  He also stated that the road was discontinued beginning in 1921.  Copies of the deeds are attached.
2.     Tom and Mary Mallett of Waning Rd had several issues to discuss.
A.     A request to have the Town change the speed limit on their road because of the curves and hills which are a safety factor particularly in regard to their children and one in particular with handicaps which requires the school bus to be parked for sometime while this child gets on and off the bus in a wheelchair.
B.      Problem with Jay Guber, CEO.  They feel he has been harassing and stalking them as well as spying on them.  In addition they feel he has called the ACO on them on more than one occasion They would like to petition to have Jay removed from his position.  According to Tom, Jay calls David Schofield every Monday morning regarding them.  They have three unregistered cars in their yard which they claim they are allowed to have. Mr. Mallett feels that he should not have had to take down the trees in his forest for a septic design.
C.     The Selectors will meet with Jay Guber and David Schofield in an executive session.  A meeting with the Malletts will also be planned.
3.  Thomas Martin was in to discuss the tax situation on property he and his daughter, Tammy Swan Birbeck own.  The taxes have been paid on the land but not on the house.  The house, on some of their property, is owned by Mike Turner and he has had tenants living there and the current tenant is renting with an option to buy.  Ken Shaw had the intent to sell the land in dispute to Mr. Martin.  The judge has seen papers denoting this.  The property line markers have been removed several times and the property resurveyed. This will eventually be heard in court. 
1.     A report was left for the Selectors. 
         Currently there is $53,485 in the checking account.
2.     Entry in financial report includes a URIP payment.  Also there is a   payment of FEMA  funds of $11,090.82
1.     Lynn Hadyniak reported that Tina had been called about a loose goat on   Route 137.  The goat belonged to the Nisties of Albion. The animal     was tied up.
1.     Smithton road’s ditch was filled in when the road was graded.
2.     There are several issues the Selectors wish to discuss with Clint.
3.     Inspection of the Town Garage needs to be done to see that violations according to OSHA have been corrected.
1.     Executive session with Dave Schofield planned for September 19th.
2.     CMP called with a PFP number regarding tree removal on Pleasant St.
3.     Safety factors to consider for building ordinance including egress window, stair standards and risers.
4.     Applications for permits:
      A.  Cliff Lewin of Lewin Lane for putting a trailer to butt against                          another one for his daughter and five children.  This application will         be brought to the Planning Board.
5.     Advised Robert Meulheman to come to the office to get a copy of the          building code. Seems to understand there are ordinances to follow.
6.     State piled up dirt where Lari Turner’s drainage pipe is, resulting in a plugged drainage pipe.  DEP needs to be contacted. 
7.     Education: October 10 and 11th there will be a seminar related to wood burning boilers which involves training and certification.  DEP will pay for this.
8.      Correspondence from Klineschmidt.
1.     Appeals Board:  There is a meeting tonight at the Freedom Congregational Church regarding an appeal.  Frances Walker needs to be sworn in prior to this meeting.  A motion was made to appoint Frances Walker to the Appeals Board for a term of five years.  Motion was made, seconded and carried.
2.     Comprehensive Board:  They have not had a meeting recently and they were encouraged to get busy.  Glen Bridges said that they hope to be able to present the plan at the March Town Meeting.
3.     Cemetery Committee:  Lynn Hadyniak suggested that the public works get involved in this and that it should be brought up at the annual Town Meeting.
1.     Trees on Pleasant St:  CMP has removed one of the dangerous trees.  However two directly in front of Dottie Chase’s old home need to be removed.  CMP will be contacted again.
2.     Lawyer fees:  According to Lynn Hadyniak who had a brief conversation with Al Stevens about the meeting tonight by the Appeal Board said that money was not mentioned.  A motion was made to pay $4936.68 instead of $2485. We will still owe him $15.  Motion was seconded and carried.
3.     Fasculo property: Glen Bridges has been in contact with a Mr. White.  He had been the financial advisor but no longer is.  She did speak with Mr. Fasculo.  His wife has no financial advisor at this time.  She may in the future be willing to go forth with donating the land on North Palermo Rd. 
4.     State wage scale:  It was decided to pay money due them, the public works group, a lump sum.
5.     Computer contract: A contract has been made with Ryan for computer upgrade and maintenance. 
1.     Donna Sporie of Clark Rd questions the correct amount of acreage she          has.
2.     Rollins Rd:  The speed limit signs for the road are up; 35 mph.
3.     Opportunity for buying used state property by Selectpersons and Treasurer.
4.     Waldo County Commissioner’s bill of $61,621.09 due by the first of October.
5.     Need to check on record of permits and septic plans in relationship to Swan and Martin Property.  If not in the office, it should be filed with DHHS.  Contact Russell Martin of subsurface waste water.  No trespassing signs have been removed on this property.
6.     Warrants:  Motions were made and seconded to pay the following:
               Payroll: $794.36
               Vendors: $42,074.06
The next Selectpersons’meeting will be on September 19, 2007.
Motion was made to adjourn at 7: 10PM
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
Deeds from Harold
Safety Advisements
Surveyors map of Thomas Martin, Tammy Swan and Sandra Turners lot.

AUGUST 22, 2007
Selectors present:  Lynn Hadyniak and Ron Price.  Tim Biggs was absent.
Others present: Clint Saulding, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Sallyann Hadyniak, Harold Palmer, Pete Bowers, Glenn and Dave Bridges, John Willette, Mary Mallett, Erna Keller and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:00PM by Ron Price.
Minutes of the August 8th and 13th were read, corrections made and then approved.
Harold Palmer presented documents related to Sibley Rd.  He felt that this was a private road.  He presented a letter, copy of a deed dated June 1997 and a lot map. He has requested that the town provide him with proof of right of use, title and deed of the discontinued Sibley Rd. from North Palermo Road to William Clark’s residence, now Steve Bennett’s residence.  He would like to see the road returned to its previous shape including removing the tar. As it is now, the town has done work on the road going in as much as 4 feet from the center of the road in which a ditch has been dug and he would like to see this filled in.  .
 Mr. Palmer has requested that a response be sent to him by certified mail no latter than September 28, 2007.  If this is not forthcoming he will contact his attorney. He was very willing to provide the town with copies of deeds he has          related to this.
Mr. Palmer also stated that this has nothing to do with the appeal pending in relationship to the road.
The information described above is attached to the minutes.
1.     Pete Bowers was present to complain of damage done to his newspaper box stand and the large amount of damage done to the lawn by the grading of the road. It was learned that Matt Lee was the operator of the grader. Photographs were viewed and a bill presented.  Since the road commissioner’s phone number was not readily available and it was 4:00PM he contacted a neighbor to remedy the situation.  Payment by the town was declined by Pete.
     Clint stated that he would have taken care of the problem if he had       known about it.
Payments received: $66,494.  This included motor vehicle excise tax,
 state revenue and liens.
The State is now allowing refunds of excise taxes in certain cases if the town approves.  A motion was made by Ron Price that we not reimburse excise tax.  Motion was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and carried.
1.     Letter from Gordon Fuller documenting their intent in relationship to the Skidgel property.  “The bottom line is that they did not observe a significant imminent threat posed by the facility from a hazardous stubstance and or waste or petroleum perspective.  It appeared to us that the greatest hazards associated with the site were more of a fire hazard and /or physical hazard which are not within the Department’s regulatory jurisdiction.  Has the Town considered condemning the facility and ordering that it be cleaned up?”  Matters are still being discussed with the Skidgels.  Marden’s will be contacted since they have material there with their name on it.  Other suggestions were also made in the attached letter.
A.     It was also suggested that a certified letter be sent to the Skidgell’s  condemning the property
B.     Contact EPA.  A letter to the EPA should include information already received regarding the strong odors found by an independent source. 
C.      Start a petition drive regarding this environmental problem.  Contact John Piotti and Carol Weston.
D.  Jay is to continue to work on the problem.
2.  A letter from Kleinschmidt, the only one Jay has, was presented to      the Selectors.  A proposal to redesign the “Earthen Dam,” obtain         permits and bids would cost $8,000.  It was suggested that we might         obtain help from FEMA.
3.  A letter to correct conditions at 26 High St was received.  This was signed by Tiffany and John Roberts as well as Debra Harthorne.
4.  Inspections:
    A.  Jay and Dave Schofield inspected Robert Meulhman’s property     on Carey Lane.  A composting toilet was planned for, but when the         excavator arrived he was told to leave.  A septic tank is essential for    this design. Also found was a saw mill –pole building had been     constructed which was larger than 100 square feet.  No permit had       been obtained for this; a fine of $100 will be imposed for building        without a required permit. A certified letter will be sent to the resident          describing the building code requirement.  Fines will be imposed if     necessary.
5. Mike Smith’s inspection of a garage was done.  The bales of hay are   in place.
6.  Drew Fales off Ledges Lane inspection showed that silt fencing and
    bales of hay are in place.
7.     Shannon Leavitt of 184 Ayer Ridge RD in the flood zone map has  put up a shed.
8.     Steve Bennet has obtained a building permit for Sibley RD and Bennett Lane for a garage and storage facility.
9.     Dave Hurley of 225 Clark RD had a situation with a fence.  It is now being put on the property line.
Continuing Education: 
1.     MBOA has a state wide seminar coming up.  Jay requested that an annual fee of $38 be paid for him to attend. This will be added to the warrant. The topic will be by the State Fire Marshall and Planning Office.
Mary Mallett brought up the fact that according to the building ordinance the inspector should notify the resident of an inspector 24 hours before it is done.  She stated that Jay does not do this and appears without notification. She requested that this be put into the minutes. Jay did state that he does not call people and has never received a complaint until now.
1.     Speed limit signs are a problem.  They have been removed several times on Rollins RD and they are not obeyed. Ron Price had been in touch with Sheriff Storey regarding problems in the area and he will come out to the area.  Regardless of the speed limit, the driver can be charged with driving to endanger.  The individual or individuals involved live in the area and make life difficult for their neighbors. Bob Keating another deputy is also aware of the problem. 
2.     Road work:
A.     Waning RD: Shoulder has been repaired, but paving or cold patching needs to be done. 
B.     Beaver Ridge: Repaired and ditching has been done.
C.     Goosepecker Ridge RD: Needs to be done.
3.     Trees:
     A.  Tim Basham, an arborist, will check on the trees on Pleasant St      near Chase’s.  There are four of them that need to be removed.
     The price if $110 per hour and if a crane is used it is $200 per hour.
     B.  Jay Guber had called CMP about the situation, they are :widow-     makers,  and he was told that CMP would look at them.  Wires are    involved. Jay suggested that the Selectors send a letter to CMP.
     C.  Lendell Chase has agreed to clean up the area once the trees are     taken down.
1.     Recycling information for report was sent to the wrong person twice according to Thressa Abbott.  The report should have gone to George   MacDonald.
2.     Request for signs on High St:  There are several children on that road and it is felt that there is excessive speed so they have asked for signs designating children at play.  Signs are costly and ineffective.  A motion was made to deny the request and the motion carried.  The sheriff will be asked to patrol the area.
3.     Poster from Bangor Savings Bank in Unity:  August 24, 2007 food and a tour of the bank vault are planned.
4.     Camden National Bank had savings information.
1.     CES appeal has probably been dismissed.
2.     Bureau of Labor:  Postings need to meet with Clint about these.
3.     Frances Walker needs to be sworn in for the Appeals Board.
1.     FEMA money less than expected.  Another check will be coming in.
2.     Sign at garage needs to be put on a bulletin board.  Clint told to get one.
3.     Jack stands are needed.
4.     Warrants:
      Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following warrants:
            Vendors: $22,586.63
             Payroll:  $960.48
The next Selectors meeting will be on September 5th from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in view of the Appeals Board meeting which begins at 7:00PM at the Freedom Congregational Church.
The meeting adjourned at 8:45PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
1. Harold Palmer’s papers and letter
2. Letter from Gordon Fuller
3. Tiffany and John Roberts letter.

Selectors present:  Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak, and Ron Price.
Others present:  Matt and Adrienne Bennett, Glenn and Dave Bridges, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Jackie Robbins, Jeff Keating, Erin Wade Bennett, Lendall Chase, Pete Bowers, Willa Dibner and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was resumed at 7:00PM.
Lynn Hadyniak gave a synopsis as to the reason for this meeting.  Essentially it was because of the recent appeal request related to the permit issued by the CEO to CES.   Addison Chase, Chair of the Appeal Board has requested legal representation.  Several questions were raised which were referred to MMA legal department. 
1.     How many times can a decision be appealed?  The answer to this briefly was only one time.
2.     Does the Appeals Board have authority to act on something we have no ordinance for?  Answer:  “The Board’s authority to hear the appeal comes from Section X of Freedom’s Building Ordinance, as that section allows appeals from decisions regarding building permits.”
3.     If the Town votes on the status of the Sibley RD after the date of the appeal, August 8, 2007, and says it is a public way, does this have any effect on the appeal?  Answer briefly is that this should have no impact on the appeal.  
   All appeals should be presented on a standardized form according to the staff
    Copy of the FAX related to this Appeal is attached from MMA legal            
     A discussion followed.  Jeff Keating expressed concern that DEP doesn’t really have knowledge of what is going on. Others question the answer given by MMA and interpreted this differently that what others had.
Jay Guber stated that the building ordinance doesn’t cover roads, only set-backs.  He also stated that an appeal has to be valid in the building code.
The appeal process does not slow down the process for CES. 
Clarification from MMA regarding an appeal without an applicable ordinance needs to be obtained.
The Appeals Board will be meeting in about two weeks according to Pete Bowers who had spoken with Addison Chase.  Willa Dibner stated there was a message on her machine for Mike Smith, another member of the Appeals Board with possible meeting dates.  
Complaint received by CEO: Jay Guber.
He was called regarding a possible situation on High St regarding a non-legal residence and sewage. On Saturday he and the Health Officer, Marion Bowers viewed the “residence” at 29 High St and found there to be a camper there in which someone had been living there for more than a year.  The property is owned by Tiffany Roberts. 
Findings: multiple bags of trash in various locations, 4 unregistered vehicles, an illegal dwelling with out a septic system, illegal dumping of human waste across the street on someone else’s property and within shoreland zoning. 
Plan: 1. Trash bags were to be removed by Thursday and be able to present evidence of buying stickers or a statement proving how they were disposed of
2.     Coverage site of human waste site with lime. 
3.     Registered letter to Tiffany Roberts stating violations and corrective action.
4.      Eviction considered but it was felt it would be best to work with the people involved. 
5.     Follow-up situation at next selectpersons’ meeting.
Lime had already been applied to the disposal site by the next day.  As well as an apology to the property owner had been done by the camper resident.
Dangerous Tree Situation:  Lendall Chase
Pleasant St near the Chase’s has a tree with part of it being half broken off and hanging over the road.  Also there is another tree growing out toward the road.  There are wires involved in this situation as well as the school bus stops there.  Clint Spaulding will be contacted regarding this problem.  
Meeting was adjourned to 8:00PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
Attachments:  MMA legal response to questions re: appeal.

AUGUST 8, 2007
Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak and Ron Price. Others present:  Betty Siennkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Terry Boulier, Jay Guber,
Glenn and Dave Bridges, Sallylann Hadyniak, Mary Mallett, Erna Keller and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:05 by Ron Price. 
Minutes of the July 25, 2007 were read, amended and motion was made to approve them.
1.     Terry Boulier spoke regarding property they have for sale on Pleasant St.  Currently there is a barn and electricity there.  Years ago there was a house there and a cesspool.  The question is for the Bouliers and the real estate agent is whether the property has been assessed as a house lot.  In investigating this Tim Biggs found that it is being assessed as a house lot.  When the Bouliers bought the property there was a septic system design for the property.  The property would have to be perked and an up-to-date septic system design done.
     Ron Price called for the board to go into executive session to discuss three general assistance requests.  This was done and the selectors returned later announcing that the executive session had ended.
1.     There was a question of leasing her truck for her work; however there is something wrong with the vehicle and the selectors need more information before a decision is made.
1.     A special planning board meeting is planned that Jay will attend for the planning board to make a decision regarding Basil Barnes request to put a bridge over Pratt Stream.  USDA will fund 75% of this since it, the bridge is necessary for access to his farm land.
2.     Permits:
A:Steve Bennett of 137 Sibley Rd for a garden shed and green house. The gravel pad already in place will have to be moved to 51 ft from the center of the road.  He also wanted a permit for a barn but advice from the DEP is needed since it is close to a stream.
     Terry and Ken Boulier re: Pleasant St property as discussed above.
3.     Fences: 
A.  Currently a permit is required to placing a fence as Jay has interpreted the rules.  There was concern expressed over this.  Currently a 15 ft set back from the property line is required.  Jay feels this limits liability of the Town.  A fence can be placed on the property line as long as both parties agree in writing that this is agreeable.
B.  Selectors were requested to read the building code regarding fences. Jay would like their input after reading this.
4.  Permit appeal.
A.  There is an appeal that was received in the Town Office today, August 8, 2007 regarding the permit Jay gave out to CES for 3 windmills.  Bennett et al feel that there are three reasons this should not have been done.  Jay responded that those reasons had not affected his decision to do this.  He feels that this issue needs to be address in court.
B.  Tim Biggs will contact MMA regarding how many times can a person go over the number of times what they want.  Is there a number of appeals that can be made?  This issue has been addressed numerous times in the past.
C.  Lynn Hadyniak spoke with the Appeals Board Chair, Addison Chase, who suggested hiring a lawyer.  No decision was made until further information is obtained.
5.  Miscellaneous
A.  Jensen’s trailer is being used for storage only.  There are no plumbing facilities.
B.  Albert La Cava has again been requested to pick up garbage.  He is willing to get a receptacle or such. 
C.  Mike Smith and Drew Fales are in compliance with their projects.  A silt fence has been put where needed.
D.  Call to ACO for two dogs running on Waning Rd.  There have also been dogs running on Carey Lane.
E.  Construction debris on Mallett’s property on Waning RD and allegedly   unregistered vehicles way out back.  He, Jay, will speak to Dave Schofield              regarding this.  Marion Bowers received photos tonight of the Mallett                  property taken in July.  There was a note to contact Dave Schofield attached     which was dated July 12th. These photos were viewed by the selectors and         Mary Mallett who was present.  The question arose as to how many
unregistered vehicles you can have on your property.   A definite        answer was not known.
F.  A question was asked of Jay if he had any powers relating to power lines          or right of ways. The answer was in the negative.
ROAD COMMISSIONER:  Clint Spaulding, not present. 
1.     Tim had been in contact with Clint.  Clint would like the approval of the selectors in regards to grading all the dirt roads.  He has had numerous
    phone calls and complaints. Approval to grade was granted.  Cost around     $1200. 
2.     Calcium application to dirt roads was question was denied because of cost.
3.     Jay Guber asked about cold patch for Waning Rd which is in need of it. There is some FEMA money to do this. 
4.     Beaver Ridge Rd is being worked on because the tar edge has caved in.  It is currently being packed solid with dirt before macadam can be applied.  It also needs to be ditched.    
1.       A letter has been received in the town office stamped August 8, 2008 which is an appeal as mentioned above related to the permit for CES which was given to them by the CEO.  This application was done on June 26, 2007 and there is a note there that Jay will have to bring this before the Planning Board.  On July 12, 2007 the planning Board met and reviewed the application, approved it and the CEO issued.   As mentioned above Addison Chase would like to have a lawyer to represent the Town/Board and review the appeal according to a conversation Lynn had with him. 
2.       Ron Price got up and spoke as a citizen and wondered if the Appeals Board can say they do have jurisdiction in this.  This is another question that should be asked of the MMA.
     Ashley Pulsifer and Shannon Leavitt have volunteered to be on the committee.
1.     Lynn Hadyniak has finally been in contact with Al Stevens regarding his bill.   He does recall the limit of $2500.  He will have to review his files and a date and time to meet regarding his bill has been made.   Also as far as he knows neither the CES nor the Bennett et al cases have been dropped. Andy Price did tell the Planning Board that CES would withdraw their case.
2.     Tim Biggs felt that the status of the Sibley RD and the assertion of the last 1000 ft being abandoned needs to be settled.  It was also questioned that if the town took a vote on the status of the Sibley RD and extension, would it affect the appeal?  MMA will be asked regarding this.
3.     Special Town Meeting may be needed to sell Stevens RD property and to raise additional funds for the assessor.  
4.     Skidgel Property:  Gordon Fuller stopped by but was not seen by the selectors
     or the CEO.
5.     Fasculo property:  Glenn Bridges has not been given any information for her             to investigate.  Ron Price will see that he gets the information to her.
6.     State wage scale for public works employees:   Lynn Hadyniak had much of the needed information.  She is willing to go back through the records to March 2007 and also back to May 06 since they were never adjusted.  She will be looking to see if they were paid the then current state wages or if their pay needs to be adjusted.
7.     Abatement for Dottie Chase had already been taken care of.
1.     Computer upgrade and maintenance contract:  Ryan Viens of Belfast
     Computers will be doing an up grade and program transfers if approved
     tonight.  Upgrading the existing server will cost $1129 plus time on the site.
     Ryan is insured and had sent a list of clients.   A motion was made by Ron     Price, seconded by Tim Biggs  and approved to contract with this individual   for the services he provides.
2.     Road repair and maintenance:
A.     Differentiation of disbursement of funds from FEMA and the town have been done by Clint Spaulding.
3.     Warrant of July 25, 2007 for vendors was corrected.  The amount should have been $39034.16.
4.     Rural initiative:  This provides for road monies of $31,000.  This application form was signed by the selectors.
5.     Need to discuss salary and overtime related to pay:  Salaried employees don’t get overtime pay.
1.     Letter addressed to Wilson Hess regarding school consolidation and legal council for the town if we were interested.  No interest shown.
2.     Letter regarding Insurance policy and coverage.
3.     Waldo County annual report.
4.     Labor posters that need posting.
5.     Quarterly workers comp loss fund:  2005 $0; 2006 $3400; 2007 $175.
6.     Filing liens cost: $624 or less if more taxes are paid.
7.     Hazardous waste:  The town could apply to do a disposal with area closer to Waterville, but will check with Waldo County first.
8.     Warrants:  Motions were made, seconded and approved to pay
               A.  Vendors amended warrant:  $22,019.18
               B.  Payroll warrant: $1524.71
Motion was made to recess the meeting until 7: 00PM Monday August 13, 2007.
Meeting recessed at 8: 30PM.    

Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak and Ron Price.Others present: Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Mary Mallett and children,Robert Nelson, Jay Guber, Prentiss Grassi and Marion Bowers
          The meeting was called to order by Ron Price at 6:04 PM.
          Minutes of the July 11, 2007 were read, amended and a motion was made to place them on file.
1.     Robert Nelson, an experienced researcher regarding deeds, spoke regarding the ownership of Irving Lane.  There was a discussion regarding ownership of the road.  Basil Barnes would like to see the road discontinued.
               However there are two other owners of the road and their approval is                       necessary.  Albion had wanted to close their end of the road, but the final                     outcome is unknown.  There is a bridge called the Pratt Stream Bridge that is              currently impassable with machinery and Basil would like to see the road                       closed so that repairs can be made so that he can get to his fields. 
               If a road is discontinued before 1964 the property goes to the landowners               unless there is a right of way clause in the statement.
     According to Mr. Nelson, the selectors have a major say in closing the road.
               There was not enough information from Mr. Nelson for the Town to take                 action.
               1. Permits: One permit was given to Nancy Bailey Farrar at 915 North                      Palermo RD for a gift and craft shop and enclosed porch.
               2.  Site visit on July 15 with Robert Letourneau regarding one acre of                      wooded wetland with standing water.  This needs an evaluation by a site                       engineer for doing a perk test for a septic system; he could then file with the      DEP for fill to be added which would then allow for a septic system.   
     3. Handy Ma’am on North Palermo RD never had a permit for a septic system design that can be found and there is no  holding tank ordinance in this town.
               4.  Inspection of Mike Smith’s on Carey Lane point; he is in compliance.                This was done with Val Whittier on July 19, 2007.  
               5. Robert Mulehman’s was also inspected.  He had requested a permit for a            septic design with only a leach field, no tank.  He plans on using a                                composted toilet and needs a permit for this.  These toilets needs to be                     inspected by a third party and they then can be approved.
    6.  A question was asked regarding outhouses.  They are approved as long as         there is a permit and design.
    7.  Planning Board
                   A.  Approved CES’s permit for three wind turbines.  They will be                                 charged $100 per structure.
                   B.  Lewin for a trailer.
                   C.  Jessie and Angie Kenney filed for a house on the Belfast RD.
   8.  Lynn Hadyniak questioned a trailer at 484 Palermo Rd which belongs to                  Dorothy and Bruce Jensen as to the plumbing facilities.
1.     Certification of health officers will be required in the future.  They had their first class of which she was unable to attend because of scheduled surgery.
1.     The planning board would like some direction from the selectors since  the commercial site ordinance review was repealed. It was the general feeling that this type of ordinance is needed. 
2.     The comprehensive plan group is working with the planning board.  It was felt that this should continue, but also to redo the commercial site review ordinance. The selectors will support the planning board.
1.     Currently have no members.  It was suggested that the public works group do the cemetery work.  It is essential that cemeteries with veterans be kept up.  This is a requirement.
1.     There is a problem separating the FEMA money from the town money.
1.     Members are needed.
2.     There will be no Freedom Field Day since Clayton Larrabee will be making improvements on the field. 
1.     Lawyer fees:  The town has not heard back from the attorney, so none will get paid tonight.
2.     Attorney briefs regarding appeals in Superior Court: It is unknown if the case is still active in court.  The lawsuit by CES has been withdrawn.  Bennetts et al is unknown regarding their action.
3.     Wage scale:  Lynn Hadyniak will contact Erna Keller in regards to this.
4.     Evacuation Plan for town office needs to be done.
     OSHA 300 lists need to be posted at the garage.  Cindy will be contacted       regarding what forms are needed.
     A lockout procedure needs to be written by Clint and posted at the       garage.
      A bureau of labor standards form is needed.
      A letter needs to be sent by August 11, 2007 that all violations in all the          town buildings have been corrected.
1.     Computer upgrade and contract:  The Belfast computer representative, Ryan is bonded and his resume has been requested.  They do not do contracts but come when necessary. 
2.     Letter asking about any property owned by Luann and Steve Littlefield in Freedom. 
3.     Recreation Committee by-laws were read.
4.     Manager’s report from the UREC was received.
5.     MMA Risk Management has sent information regarding property and casualty insurance for all town properties including vehicles. We are being charged $10,000.
6.     Farm Share information has been posted.
7.     MMA executive committee sent in a ballot type questionnaire for voting for members.  This was signed by the Selectors.  Galen Larrabee was one of those listed and voted for as well as two others for different positions.
8.     General assistance requested received today that Lynn Hadyniak will investigate.
1.     Accounts payable:  $43,970.24.  Motion was made, and seconded to pay. 
2.     Payroll: $1,489.89 was cancelled tonight.
August 8, 2007 will be the next Selectors meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers.  

MAY 30, 2007
Selectpersons present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak and Marion Bowers.
Others present:  Sallyann Hadyniak, Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Glen and Dave Bridges, Thelma Ludden, Pete Bowers, Dottie Chase, Basil and Verda Barnes, Kathy and Lorraine Overlock and Marion Bowers.
The minutes of the May 2nd and May 9 were read, amended and a motion to approve them carried with the understanding that they are to be filed in the proper place.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Read by Lynn Hadyniak since Erna was not present at the time. 
1.     Checking account: $52,574.38.
2.     Payroll warrant includes $1933.09 for clean up. 
3.     State wages have been updated as of May 2006. However, the wages for the employees have not been changed to reflect this.  The public works employees are aware of this and this needs to be corrected by going back to those employed on May 2006 and correcting their pay. 
4.     Lynn read off the list of positions and the amount of pay for that position. 
5.     Accounts payable: $47,974.15.  This amount includes warrants for the school and the lawyer. 
6.     Maine DOT:  $7,759. Refund 
7.     There is no accurate information on trucks and their repairs.  Information should include the truck, parts and number with the cost on the bill of sale.   There also should be a signature on this. Erna needs this for accurate posting.
8.     Investigation into the cemetery and the historical accounts needs to be done.
     Refund for gas and diesel fuel needs to be obtained. This is needed related                       to the fire department as well as the town trucks.
9.     Lynn will discuss the matter relating to public works with Erna.
10. Year to date pay for Erna and for all employees should be done.
11.  Request for authorizing payment for payroll tax was approved.
          1.  Board of appeals:  Frances Walker would like to continue.  Her term         had recently expired.
          2.  Budget committee:  Brian Mitchell’s term has expired and he would like to          be replaced if possible.  Jay Guber had expressed interest in the position.
          3.  Forest Fire Warden: Jim Waterman: reappoint.
          4.  Emergency Management director: reappoint.
          5.  Road Commissioner: Clint Spaulding: reappoint.
          6.  Animal Control Officer: Tina Freeman: reappoint.
          7.  Health Nurse: Marion Bowers
          8.  Recreation Committee:  This is a volunteer committee.
                                                     Tim Turner
                                                   Matt Bennett term expires in 2008.
                                                   Lisa Smith term expires in 2007.
                                                   Jeff Keating term expires in 2008.
                                                   Dave Bennett
                                                   Jennifer Smith
9.     Cemetery Committee, Comprehensive Committee and Public Works are all         volunteer positions.
          1. Basil Barnes was present to discuss property he feels he owns beginning one-      third of a mile off of the North Palermo Rd.  Bob Nelson was not present to       comment on this. Ownership of Irving Lane is an issue.  No action taken.
1.     Lawyer fees:
          A.  Alton Stevens: Lynn Hadyniak
           has spoken with him regarding and  his brief related to the Town and   court action. She would like to see his bill removed from tonight’s     warrant.
          B.  Bill Kelley:  Lynn has not heard from him, but according to   information he never caps a fee for Towns.  We have received a bill      from him.
2.  Special Town Meeting re: Anderson property on Stevens Rd. 
          This has to go before the Town if it is going up for bid.
          Other possible items to be brought before the Town include money for          roads, lawyers.
2.     Skidgell property: No action.
3.     Tax Map updates:  Tony Neves according to Ron Price is not interested in doing this.  John Miller of Eastern Maine Mapping Services was recommended by Ron.  Web address:  1979 was the last time the entire book of maps was updated. 
4.     Fasculo property:  No response has been received when Lynn contacted them.  Glen Bridges feels this should be followed up on and the Board approved of her contacting their representative.
5.     Appraiser, Jackie Robbins has appraised 130 homes. She also has a manual on how she appraises which will be available.
6.     EMA’s plan for the dam on Sandy Pond is for the wrong dam. 
          7.  MMA Insurance related to property and casualty and workers comp:  Billed for $1146.  This amount is based on a percentage for the volunteer firefighters coverage The premiums need to be paid for.  Reminder to include this in next year’s budget. This will be placed on the warrant for June 13th.
          8.  Al Stevens has information re: brief so that the Town would not default.    Some of this relates to the ownership of the road by abutters.  Information     was    presented at the appeals hearing that the road was discontinued for       maintenance           only in 1975.  It is still a public way.  There appears to be         conflicted statements       in the brief that need to be corrected. Lynn will           contact Al Stevens.
1.     OSHA LETTER:  Hazards found at Town sites.  The Town must respond by June 5, 2007 to them and a letter will be sent hoping to avoid penalties. Fineable items included lack of water at the Town garage along with no toilet facilities there. The water there has to be potable, (drinkable).  This letter will be signed by all three Selectors.
2.     Triad information related to scams will be posted on the website.
3.     Cemetery Account #10: Lorraine Overlock was in to discuss the Smithton and Thurston/Smithton Cemetery Accounts.  She had with her information she had obtained which was very vague and unspecific.  In the Smithton Cemetery there is money for perpetual care for 10 lots and 7 lots in the Thurston/Smithton Cemetery. There is also a $5,000 CD in the Thurston account.  The financial information she received is inaccurate. Erna will look into this and Lorraine and Kathy Overlock, treasurer of the group were advised to put in a written request to get information regarding the interest.
4.     Historical Society: Lorraine Overlock reported that the general account, which is for checking and fund raisers should be separated from the grand money they receive and how it is used.  It appears that this has been an ongoing problem since the money is run through the town account first and should then be posted in the proper line item in the budget. This is true also for the Cemetery Account #10.
5.     Need to check on newer pay scale for 2007 re: public works by Erna.
6.     Brown goods: Sallyann Hadyniak expressed her appreciation of those who worked on those days.  Expenses will be paid out of the Brown and White goods line for workers.
7.     OSHA complaints:  It was suggested that water for the Town garage be bought in large containers since the water in the well is not potable.  Clint felt that the containers would disappear.  In the past, portable johns have been leased.
8.     Ramp for entrance for disabled:  Lendall Chase will do this.
9.     Liberty trees:  These need to be gotten.  If shipped it will cost $78.  It was suggested that Tim Turner be contacted. Donations would be helpful to pay for this shipping.  
10. Bulk permit:  A motion was made by Ron Price and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak that the Town mailing permit be used by non-profit groups only.  The motion carried. Ron Price had spoken to a postal inspector regarding the use of the bulk mailing permit.  He learned that the use of this was for   groups that  are designated as non-profit by the IRS.
11. Request for concealed weapon request for Larry and Sallie Spaulding:  A motion was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak  to sign their request.  Motion carried.
12. Dump Stickers:  Paul Flynn may be reluctant to sell these.  He will be offered an opportunity to do so.  He would buy them at the usual price and could mark them up as he so desires. A motion was made regarding the stickers, seconded and carried.
13. Cemetery Clean-up:  Thressa Abbott required assistance in doing this and hired a resident of the Town that had helped her in the past.  Thressa was asked by Lynn Hadyniak, who hired this individual?  Thressa responded by saying that she did.  Concern was expressed by Lynn that this individual has is listed on the state sexual offenders website and if he did anything improper the Town along with that individual would be guilty. Some of the cemeteries were nearly impossible to get to and a great deal of work was done as shown in the photographs.  It is nearly impossible to find someone to do this type of work.
14.  Deputy clerk for recording of minutes:  A motion was made to have Marion Bowers continue to serve in this capacity.  Sallyann Hadyniak would fill in if Marion was unavailable.  Motion seconded and carried.  
1.     Accounts:  Motions were made and seconded to pay the amended following accounts.
          Payroll: $1,933.09
          Accounts payable: $36,953.51. This included the payroll taxes.  
 Adjournment was at 9:30PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers.    

MAY 16, 2007
Selectors present:  Lynn Hadyniak, Tim Biggs, Ron Price.
Others present:  Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Clint Spaulding, Jay Guber, Glen and Dave Bridges, Tim Turner and son Dylan, Basil Barnes and Marvel Hutchins, Erna Keller and Sallyann Hadyniak.
The meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m. by Ron Price.
Minutes of the May 2nd and 9th meeting were read and Lynn Hadyniak made a motion to accept the minutes with the amendments and Tim Biggs second the motion.  All were in favor.
1. Ron Price will recuse himself as a selectperson from anything that has to do with the wind turbine project.  But he will do whatever needs to be done as a citizen for this project.
2. Jay Guber stated that he would have not hired a lawyer that didn’t do a good job.  He feels that Mr. Alton Stevens didn’t do a good job.  Tim Biggs said that he and Lynn Hadyniak voted for Mr. Stevens because Mr. Chase felt he did well in advising the Appeal’s Board.
3. Basil Barnes and Marvel Hutchins wanted to know if he owned all the property for about 1/3 of a mile from the line back to his property on Irving Lane.  Ron Price will call to get info regarding Irving Lane from Bob Nelson /Randy Reynolds.  Ron Price said he will contact Bob Nelson/Randy Reynolds for more information regarding this road.
4. Tim Turner was there to ask the board if the Rec. Comm. has permission to purchase a weed whacker because the woman (Lisa Smith) who does the whacking the weeds said the weed whacker wasn’t whacking the weeds.  It was broken.  Ron Price made a motion to buy a new weed whacker.  Time Biggs second the motion.  Motion made and carried.  Tim also stated that someone wants to make a donation to the Rec. Comm.  to be used for Mitchell Field only.  It was suggested by Erna Keller that the Rec. Comm. get together with the Historical Society in regards to work that need to be done to the Freedom Rec.  Park.
1.      William Kelly was paid $2,500.00.
2.      MRC  $892.76  (Municipal Revenue Committee) refund
     3.  Cindy Abbott needs to order more garbage stickers.  A motion was made by
Ron Price to order the un-numbered stickers from Hutchins.  Lynn Hadyniak seconds the motion and all were in favor.  Motion made and carried.
     4.  There are two farms in Freedom. Dan and Ginger in South Freedom and a couple own a farm in Montville.  Unity Barn Raisers are asking for $1,000.00 for the community farm share.  This will be tabled until there is more money in the treasury.
5.  Ron Price stated that the Cemetery Comm. said they have $650.00 listed in the yearly report but only received $402.00.
6.  Ron will contact Lorraine Overlock to see Erna Keller regarding the Cemetery & Historical Committee statement.  (Inaccurate)
7.  There is $42,486.21 in the checking account.
 8.  After the payroll and vendor warrant, a balance in the checking account stands at               $19,722.68.
9.  There is an outstanding check in the amount of $8,000.00 which was paid to Lee Bros dated 5/4/06.
10.  Clint will talk to Lee Bros. to find out where the check is.
 11.  $31,914.00 school payment was removed from the warrant
1. On May 6, 2007 Jay went around to 8 sites and advised folks to practice the nuisance ordinance which is less than a junkyard ordinance.
2.  He noticed that there was construction material being brought in on the Handy M’am site.  On Bryant Road were Everett Lingley, Mr. Elwin Turner, Mike Smith, and Tom Mallott on the corner of Bryant Road and Clark Road.  All were very receptive and said they would clean up.
3.  Jay and the Mid Maine Code Enforcements discussed junk yards with the DEP w/waste from junk yards.  It would be a good idea to have pick up quarterly.  It is a State form and not Freedom.
4.  On May 7th, state forester met and went to Robert Muhlmann.  Robert got his floating house boat licensed.
1. Drew Fales was approved to start doing his building project 6/15/07-2/15/08.  There is an eagle nesting site near his property.
2. Jay had called Val Whittier to come down and approve Drew’s site at the next meeting June 7th.
3. Jay will not be here June 8-24th.
4. Jay gave out 3 permits, one to Addison Chase for a “Hoop House” on 623 North Palermo Road.
5.  A permit to Robert Cody to move his school bus to 28 Hardwood Lane. He will be living in it and an out house permit from the plumbing inspector.  Then a building permit will follow.
6. To Lisa Wirth of 23 Burnham Road to add an addition to her house.
7. Fema requested to fill out documented flood inspection locations.
1. It will cost a lot to repair Rollins Road.  Approximately 1100 feet of paper, (GEO textlite) and 50 yards of gravel will be needed and 5 culverts.  Grader was out on Saturday and broke down.
2. Clint spoke to Bo Selleck and said he would be over to do work on Smithton road when the grader is finished being fixed and the rain stops.
3. Truck number 7 and 8 are in dire need of repair.
4. Talked about a salt and sand facility made of a canvas type building and cost $24,000.00.
5. Jay requested that a ditch be taken care of on Wanning Road.
6. Clint stated that there are 13 families located on Rollins Road and it is important the road be fixed once and for all.
On Friday May 25th Clint, Ron Price and Tim Biggs will be at the town office parking lot awaiting brown and white bag drop-off from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturday Lynn and Sallyann Hadyniak will be there from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Clint will install the a/c in the town office.
Glen Bridges wants a receipt for the 100 feet of silt fence she donated to the town.
Tim Biggs made a motion to ask Lendell Chase to do carpentry work around the town office and set a spending price of $500.00.  Lynn Hadyniak seconds it.  Motion made and carried.
It was reported that there will be a Comprehensive Planning Board meeting on Thursday May 24th at the town office.
General Assistance forms are available from Cindy and she will help fill them out.
Al Stevens was hired @$150.00 per hour.  He was faxed by Cindy Abbott on two things that he will defend the town of Freedom.  We need to find out about the $4,900.00 bill.
We need to do something about the Anderson property. (Anderson’s car was removed). It should be brought up at the Town Meeting to get permission to sell.
Skidells property, waiting to hear from DEP.
There is nothing new on the Fuselo property.
Tax Maps update:  Tim did not get a chance to call Tony Neves.
Kim Holmes will get a letter regarding the shots needed to be paid for in relationship to her being a volunteer firefighter.
Next Selectperson’s meeting will be on Wednesday, May 30th.
Lynn Hadyniak read the correspondence.  
1.       The proposed school budget,  which was placed on the bulletin board
2.      Osha report was given to Ron Price to call.
3.      Forms to be signed and returned regarding the insurance.(property, Casualty and workmen’s comp.
4.      School board members had to sign 9 copies  for the town of  6/1-5/31
         $271,560.00 is the amount of school taxes that have to be paid
5.      $1,208.973.00 is actually what we get from the state funds for the Town of Freedom.
     $5, 207. 31
Ron Price made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:43.  It was second by Tim Biggs.  Motion made and carried.  All were in favor.
Respectfully submitted,
Sallyann Hadyniak

APPROVED/Continuation of recessed meeting
May 9, 2007

Selectors present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadynaik, and Ron Price.
Others present:  Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Addison Chase, Glen andDave Bridges, Erna Keller, Basil and Verda Barnes and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order at 6:10PM.
Ron Price stated that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss lawyers and to choose one.  Addison Chase, chair of the appeals board was asked to be here tonight.  Bill Kelly is unable to represent the town because of prior commitments.  He suggested Lee Bragg.  Bragg’s fee is $235 hourly.  He uses two others who get paid $180 and the researcher gets $135 by the hour.
According to the budget there is $6,500 listed for legal representation.  Last week $2,500 was allowed to be used for legal representation.
Addison Chase stated that no testimony will be taken when this case goes to court.  Lawyers from both sides will be present and the tapes from the appeals hearing will be heard.  Addison felt comfortable with the job that Al Stevensdid.  He advised the board when they seemed to be floundering.  He was familiar with the findings of the board.  Steven’s job was to advise and not be an advocate. 
Glen Bridges felt that in listening to the tapes that Addison was not satisfied with Stevens.  She also challenged the entire process including advice from LynnHadyniak. Lynn had stated that MMA had felt it was not a good idea to hireBill Kelly because of an appearance of bias.  Glen felt that if this were the case, shouldn’t the same thing be a reason for not hiring Al Stevens.  
 Lynn felt that her reputation had been impugned by accusations from Glen. 
      Glen asked that everything be above board and ethical and to be for the best interest of Freedom.
Glen felt that Addison had impugned the legal process as well.   
Ron Price felt that Alton Stevens had done a “lousy” job.  There were times whenStevens  allowed Addison to do things he shouldn’t have and then Stevenswould later reverse his position. 
Ron Price was asked what his expectation of a lawyer was.  He felt that they should be advising the board in a process that was fair and legal.
In court the lawyer would be an advocate and in this case defend the town..
According to Addison Chase the appeals board acts like a lower level court.  If fault was found with Al Stevens, Addison said it was his problem, notStevens.
Lynn Hadyniak said that the case could possibly be dismissed.
Conflict of interest became an issue.  The definition of it was read. It appeared that no definite answer was forthcoming.  Ron Price tried to be very careful in what he said related to the issue of hiring a lawyer. A discussion on what he would recuse himself from evolved.  He did say that the Town needs to keep a better handle on what the legal representative is doing for the case. 
Lynn made a motion to hire Alton Stevens of the Marden, Dubord,Bernier andStevens group to represent the named entities of Freedom  in the two cases filed in Superior Court in Belfast.  Tim Biggs, after much thought, seconded the motion.  Motion carried with Tim and Lynn voting for it and Ron Pricevoting against it. 
Dave Bridges felt that if the two selectors present tonight had acted differently in the past regarding conflict of interest, the Town would not be in the predicament it now is in.
Basil Barnes and his wife were present to discuss ownership of an abandoned road.  They are looking for a quit-claim deed.  This will be discussed at the next regular meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 7:00PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Marion Bowers 
MAY 2, 2007
Selectors present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak, and Ron Price.
Others present:  Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Sallyann Hadyniak, Tom & Hilary Fleming, Clint Spaulding and sons, Jim Waterman, Jay Guber, Scott Holmes, Glen and Dave Bridges and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened at 6:04 PM.
Minutes of the April 18, 2007 meeting were read and accepted with amendments.
1.  If the repeal of the commercial ordinance is passed, Sallyann Hadyniak wanted to know if there would be something else to replace it.  Glen Bridges stated that the Planning Board was willing to redo an ordinance. Ron Price said that the Planning Board plans on undertaking this project.  Jay Guber warned about going without a commercial site review ordinance.  A discussion in general regarding the repeal was talked about.  
Ron Price brought up the pending hearing for the commercial development ordinance repeal.  This will be posted tonight by Cindy Abbott in the appropriate places.  The hearing will be at the Grange Hall on May 15 at 7:00PM.
1.     Checking account: $57,721.20: this included grant money.
2.     Herb Abbott: Discussion as to how to pay; town employee or as a contractor.  It was suggested that the town rent his truck and pay for the usage.  Ron Price will discuss this with him.  Tonight, he will be paid as listed on the warrant.  A motion was made by Tim Biggs to rent Herb Abbott’s truck for $250 per month for twelve months.  Motion was seconded by Ron Price and motion carried.
3.     Notary fee for Cindy Abbott: $50 to come from the administration line. 
4.     Mileage pay:  There is no pay for in-town travel.  Out of town mileage will increase to $.36 per mile.  A motion by Tim Biggs for out of town travel to be paid at $.36 per mile, seconded by Ron Price and motion carried.
5.     Bill Kelly charges: According to an earlier agreement of $2,500 there was an overcharge.  He had agreed to charge $120 per hour and the bill was for $145 per hour.  There was a discussion regarding his charges.  It was agreed to pay him $977.50. Lynn Hadyniak will contact him.
6.     Alton Stevens:  Lynn will contact him regarding his charges of $4,936.08.
7.     Warrants:
     Accounts payable : $26,555.89 for May 1, 2007
    Payroll: $2,266.53 for May 3, 2007  
1.     Permit issued: David Hurling on Clark Rd for a garage.
2.     Clarification needed for Denis Turner for a one acre lot, not contiguous with other property of his.  This is on the corner of Albion and North Palermo Rd.  He has been paying taxes for this lot as a house lot.  He has plans to see it.
3.     Cliff and Gwen Lewin:  They called regarding moving a trailer that would be used by family members for six months.  They need a plumbing permit and septic design.  Referred to Dave Schofield.
4.     Robert Muehlmann:  April 18, 2006 contacted Jay via e-mail.  He was disgusted with the CEO, EPA and DEP representatives.  He has several violations including his floating boat house.  This needs to be registered as a boat or removed from the lake.  This violation was filed by the Town and DEP. Muehlmann also mentioned Mike Smith and what he had done, however Smith had all the necessary documentation to do what he has done.  All permits and approvals were in place.  
      May 7, 2007 at 9:00AM:  there will be a meeting regarding the violations at    which a representative from the State Forest, Val Whittier, Jay Guber and    Robert Muehlmann are to meet at the Freedom General Store.  An invitation          has been extended to the Selectors. 
5.     Shoreland zoning:  We have three non-conforming lots that have been approved by the State and the Planning Board.
6.     Attended Code enforcement training on April 25, 2007 in Belfast.
1.        Questioned identification: re Jackie Robbins, new assessor.   A red jeep had been part of her identification and Jim mentioned that there are many red jeeps around.   She will need better identification.
2.        A grant for $16,788 has been received and used for extraction tools and the remainder of this grant is being used for a washer extractor.
3.        Another grant submitted was for $190,000 for a pumper-tanker.  If they were to receive this grant two older tankers, 1933 and 1943 would be removed from service. 
4.        Fire truck #2: pump certification passed.  However, four valves need overhauling with the total price of $800.  $450 of this is for labor. Jim can find a person and permit him to do the labor.
5.        Small trucks certification tests needs to be done which costs $1800. The department can do their own testing.  They either pass or fail on the pumping.  Those that fail can not be used for burning buildings, but could be used for grass fires. 
6.        Spring clean-up will not be in the yard by the fire station. 
7.        Emergency management plan is on file in Belfast. A mock drill needs to be done annually. 
8.        Recent heavy rains have resulted in the water topping the dams.
9.      Maintenance:  Door replacement entrance for people and replacement of the sills is needed at the fire stations.   A motion was made for the fire chief to get the job done. Motion carried.  At least one person was suggested for the carpentry work.
1. Starting date for assessing is currently May1st.1.  It is advisable, according to the Selectors, to let her inspect the interior of the property otherwise she is just guessing and if you refused her entrance, you may not have recourse in disagreeing with her assessment. She has already been at Marion Bowers’ home.
2.  Discussion of contract which has been amended and a copy is attached.
1.     Town is ready for FEMA inspection
2.     Washed out areas on Beaver Ridge and the Waning Road. 
3.     Penny Hill washed out on one side.
4.     Rollins Rd should be ditched and redone including culverts.
5.     Geo-textile fabric needed for Rollins and Smithton Road.  There is a need for four rolls costing $300 to $400 per roll. This material needs to be laid down twelve inches otherwise it can be easily destroyed. Viking Company may have prices just as good as KVCOG. It is possible FEMA would reimburse us for this. Clint will purchase  the material.
6.     Gravel will need to be brought it. Several names were suggested. 
7.     Inventory of street signs needs to be made.
8.     Sweeping in front of Town Office and Fire Station needs to be done.  It is up to Clint to decide who will do it.   
9.     Power washer for Town trucks; this is owned by the Highway Department, but stored at the fire station because of security problems.  A switch on this needs to be repaired. Clint was authorized to get it repaired.
10. Road patching is on the list of things to do. 
11. Roads are no longer posted.
1.     Direct mailing will contain a lot of information.
     A. Brown goods drop off will be at Town Office on May 26 from 8:00AM to
     B.  Rabies clinic: June 2nd tentatively. 
     C. Neutering of cats and dogs, both genders, scheduled for the end of June.            Applications need to be sent in. A nominal fee will be charged.  
2.  Sweeping in front of town office.  
3.  Flags needed for cemetery in South Freedom.  There is a question of someone
           donating flags.
1.     Nothing pending.
1.     Information related to trees donated to the town by Prentice Grassi:  However, there is the cost of shipping them here or someone getting them.  These are liberty elms, resistant to Dutch Elm disease.  Ron Price will talk to Prentice regarding getting the trees.  
2.     Board Policy: This policy will be for appointments of the town officers and board members.  A motion was made by Ron Price t adopt this policy for appointments.  It was seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and motion carried.
3.     Cori Dimmit quit-claim deed: A motion was made by Tim Biggs to sign this deed, notion was seconded by Ron Price and motion carried.
4.     2005 Audit: Craig Costello from TRIO wants to be sure that all accounts can be reconciled.  Hilary Fleming has agreed to meet with him.
5.     Damage from heavy rains and wind storms: Report sent into MEMA.  They will come out and assess the dam and the roads.  An amount of $120,000 was delared as an estimate.
6.     Tractor garage: A copy of the deed for this piece of property was sent to John Carver, attorney for Freedom, to be put up for bid.  A motion was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak to put the old tractor garage up for bid.
1.     Kim Holmes has requested a letter regarding that the “shots” need to be paid for.  This is in relationship to her being a ?Volunteer firefighter.  No action taken.
2.     Workers’ Comp Audit: January 1, 2007 scheduled adjusted.  We are now being billed for $1,100 of premiums.  We did have claims last year.  Lynn Hadyniak will look into this
3.     Insurance with RMS and MMA has beeen dropped because of renewal application.  Ron will check on this.
4.     May 7, 2007 there is a meeting with EMA and FEMA for Clint.  Ron Price will also attend.
5.     Tax Maps:  There is a need for accurately updated tax maps.  Tony Neves had done a lot of work on them last year, but there is till more work to be done.  It was suggested that the work be offered to Tony first and if he declines, Ron Price knows of someone else.
6.     Trash clean-up needs to be done on the Mallett property, complaint received.
7.     Lawsuits:
A.     A complaint has been filed against the town and individuals in the town by Erin Wade et al charging them with being wrong on six of the appeals board conclusion.  
B.      CES has also filed a complaint and summons related to two of the appeals board conclusion.  
C.     Need to hire a lawyer for the town:  Lynn Hadyniak will look into representation for the Town and to represent us in court.  A motion was made by Tim Biggs to authorize up to $2,500 for legal representation.  Motion was seconded and carried.
D.     Dump stickers: A motion was made and seconded to have the Freedom General Store buy stickers from the town and sell them at the store.  Motion carried.
E.      Jackie Robbins: A motion was made and seconded to sign the amended contract for her to assess the town.
F.      Meeting was recessed at 9:20PM related to the Sunshine Act in hiring a lawyer. The meeting will be resumed on May 9, 2007.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
Jackie Robbins amended contract.
Policy for appointments of town officials and board
APRIL 18, 2007
Selectors present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadynaik, and Ron Price.
Others present: Tom & Hilary Fleming, Dave & Glen Bridges, Betty Sienkiewicz, Sue Price, Jay Guber, Sallyann Hadyniak, Nancy Bailey- Farrar, Bill & Annie Pickford, Cindy Abbott, Lorraine Overlock, Viola Greeley, Dottie Chase, and Marion Bowers.
Meeting was called to order by Ron Price at 6:04 PM.
Minutes of the April 4, 2007 meeting were read, amended and motion was made to accept them and to file them.  Motion carried.
1.     Sallyann Hadyniak suggested that several extra copies of the minutes be available for the public to read.  This was approved.
2.     Marion Bowers suggested that the dates of the Selectpersons be posted since meetings currently are not weekly.  The Selectors would like to have Cindy post them monthly. 
3.     Cindy Abbott spoke about the need to inform the BMV on a weekly basis regarding vehicles.  This is a state requirement.  Dog licenses and fish and game information is needed monthly by the State.  Sue Price suggested that they have a contract with Erna Keller authorizing her to sign checks for this.  This would need to be put on a warrant.  A motion was made by Ron Price to authorize the treasurer to make out a weekly warrant for governmental payments.  Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
TREASURER’S REPORT: HILARY FLEMING since Erna was unable to attend.
1.     Jim Waterman received grant approval in the amount of $16,788.
2.     Accounts
               A: Checking: $86,543.82
               B: Total: $218,357.03
3.     Lynn Hadyniak suggested that Hilary Fleming be paid for her work helping Erna.  This was approved by all Selectors.
1.  Inspection:  Walter Longley of Rollins RD, framing.
2. Robert Muehlmann has received a notice of shore land zoning violation.   He disputes this because of the dates of legislation and the date of cutting. Mr. Muehlmann has received a notice regarding this from Val Whittier.  There was a meeting on site with the CEO and a State Forester.  The rules related to shore land zoning are changing.
 3. Gordon Fuller of the DEP was reminded of the Skidgell case.  Since there seems to be a lot of buck passing on this, Jay doesn’t want this property and the presenting problems to be forgotten.  The funding for clean up of this hazardous site is dwindling.  A list of the property left at the site needs to be made along with the hazardous materials.  The Skidgells do have a different attorney. Jay and a soil biologist have visited the site that needs to be cleaned up.  The Town would be eligible for funds, but not a private citizen.  The state needs to make its own evaluation.  There would be a question of ownership if we apply for Brownfield’s money.
     Clean-up involves several phases.  Phase 1 is evaluating the site.           Phase two is working on the cleanup and it is costly.  EPA has money          for a Brownfield grant.
     A silt fence has been put in place at the site.
4. Earthen Dam:  Nearly a foot of water was going over the dam in recent      rain storms. The walkway is covered with water.  David Bridges has noted that the area is eroding significantly.  There is a problem as to who owns the dam.  The Town has not been given clear title, so no further work with the engineering firm of Kleinschmidt has been done.  Ron Price will get the State to inspect the dam within the next couple of days.  Lynn Hadyniak wanted to be sure that the State is aware of the jeopardy of homes if this dam is ever breached.  We also have never received a report from Kleinschmidt.  Jim Waterman has filed an evacuation plan with the EMD even though we don’t officially own the dam.
5.  CEO and LPI training:  This was held at the grange.  He has requested the Grange be reimbursed $50 for coffee.
6. Selectors need to be made aware of the duties and responsibilities of the CEO’s job.  This is done on a yearly basis with Jay filing the paper work.
ROADS: TIM BIGGS since Clint Spaulding was absent.
1.     Roads are in pretty good shape.  There were no major washouts with the   recent storm.  The bridge on Mitchell Rd needs attention. Problems on the northern end of the No. Palermo Rd needed attention and the state was called.  
1.     The board met with the planning board and they will work together to  get this plan done.  
1.     Viola Greeley and Lorraine Overlock were present and wanted to be assured that the new treasurer that there are two accounts; one is for grant money and the other is for monies from fund raising.
2.     There are also two accounts for the Smithton Cemetery and the Thurston Cemetery.  The treasurer is aware of this.
1.     Planning Board:  Nancy Bailey-Farrar had submitted a letter requesting             that she be reappointed. A motion was made, seconded and approved by all to appoint Nancy Bailey-Farrar to the Planning Board.  
2.      Appeals Board:  Frances Walker would like to be reappointed.
3.      Budget Committee:  Brian Mitchell is up for reappointment.  If he is unable to do this, Jay Guber would like to be considered.                         
1.   Presentation of a petition:  A petition to vote to repeal the commercial development by secret ballot referendum was presented to the Selectors.  It contains the necessary number of petitioners required.  There will be a public hearing on one of the following dates in May, 7, 10, 15, or the 23rd at the Grange Hall.  A motion by Tim Biggs to approve the warrant for a secret ballot on June 12th was made and seconded by Ron Price.  Motion carried.  A moderator must be selected for the hearing and a warden for the voting.
2.   Several issues are before the legislature the Selectors should be aware of.
A.     Excise tax:  This tax would be forgiven for the first year of ownership of a NEW car.
B.      There was a discussion of the amount of money the town would lose.  It appears that with the current information Freedom has that the figures from TRI0 maybe inaccurate. More information is needed regarding this.
C.     Jeff Hermon from MMA would be willing to speak on personal property exemption regarding the phasing out of this tax.
D.     Ability to vote for articles if unable to attend in person.
E.      Mailbox:  This has been hit by the snowplow twice and there is difficulty locking it.  This has become a safety issue.  On inspection tonight by at least one person, Ron Price felt he could repair the mailbox.
F.      Postal permit:  A $25 charge for residents of the Town had previously been agreed upon, but some questions have arisen. It cannot be used to send political material that would slander another individual.  It had been set-up primarily for non-profit groups to use.  The issue will be taken under advisement.
G.     Request to have the town pay for a Maine town and city clerk training workshop:  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to deny payment for the training workshop.  Seconded by Tim Biggs and motion carried.
H.     Computer problems:
I.            1.  Batteries needed:  These cost between $39 and $44. each.  A motion was made by Ron Price and Seconded by Tim Biggs for Cindy to buy the needed batteries. 
3.   Need for computer update and work:  Several people were           named: Phoenix which has several different plans and would be     able to take care of problems without coming to the office;          Someone in Belfast at Reny’s plaza, several local people.  This will be looked into.
4.   Disposal Date for brown and white goods: This will be checked into with Sullivan Bros.  The fire station yard would be a good place for this as it has been in the past. Information would be included on postcard containing information re: hearings and voting.
5.   Cindy needed to be appointed for BMV work.
6.   Substance Abuse training for drugs and alcohol:  Cindy would like to have Clint Spaulding attend this workshop.  A motion was made for Clint Spaulding to go to the training for alcohol and substance abuse program which would certify him to conduct necessary testing.  Motion carried.
7.   Notification from the census bureau.
8.   Tree growth information needed by Blaine Miller. Assessors will do this Saturday.
9.   Certificate of Settlement for 2000 and 2002; nothing is owed on these taxes. 2001 is still a problem related to Linda Dixon.  She needs to provide evidence that she has paid real property taxes. 2003 Rick Martin owes for personal property.
10. Letter from American Bank wanting information.  They will have to come in person and copy the information if they want it.  Nothing will be sent.  Jay Guber suggested that she get a signed letter from MMA in regards to the questionnaires she is receiving. The Selectors made a motion not to provide the information requested.  This motion was made by Lynn Hayrick and seconded by Tim Biggs and carried.
Assessors will meet on Saturday Morning April 21.
1.     Dan Humphries will attend since he has had a marked increase n personal property and no new property.   
1.    Bascule property:  Lynn has been in touch with the trust advisement committee.  Their secretary took down all the necessary information and Lynn requested that they respond by the 19th of April.
2.     Insurance:  Proof of insurance is needed by all vendors including contractors.
           A.  Sullivan’s Brothers is on file.
3.     Town tractor garage:  A copy of the deed will be sent to Attorney John Carver regarding a bid for that property.  This will then have to be put in the newspaper.
4.     Key Log: Cindy has all pertinent information.
5.     Dump Stickers:  Suggestion that the Freedom General Store sell them. In the past the store has wanted a percentage.  It was questioned if it were legal.  Ron Price will check with Paul, owner of the store.
1.     Jackie Robbins:  Tim Biggs said that May 1st she will begin assessing the town.  She will be driving a red jeep.  She will be measuring the outside of the buildings and would like to see the interior for a better evaluation.  You do have the right to refuse her entry to the inside. There are 354 properties to be assessed. Each resident will be           mailed an assessment.
2.     Warrants:
                     Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following                       accounts:
                     Payroll for the week of 4/12/07: $2,343.52
                     Vendors for the week of 4/17/07: $37,640.71
3.     Legal notice from Erin Bennett Wade et al to sue the Town of                          Freedom. No reason was stated.
A motion for adjournment was made at 9:30PM.
Respectfully submitted:
Marion Bowers 
Attachment:  Ways to get off phone and mailing lists

APRIL 4, 2007
Selectors present: Tim Biggs, Lynn Hadyniak
and Ron Price.
Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Erna Keller, Sallyann Hadyniak, Pete Bowers, Glen& Dave Bridges, Scott Holmes, Dottie Chase, Jim Waterman, Clint Spaulding and Marion Bowers.
The minutes of the March 28, 2007 meeting were read and approved as amended.
Ron Price, new selectman was congratulated and welcomed.
Hilary Fleming was also thanked for time consuming work she had done as treasurer.  Erna Keller, our new treasurer was also welcomed.
Ron Price was nominated by a motion to be the chairperson made by Tim Biggs, and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak.  Motion carried with Ron abstaining.
Ron Price
1.      Inspection of the roads by FEMA was done.   Dale Rowley thought that there may be money for the work that needs to be done on Rollins RD related to the March rainstorm.  He will check on this.
2.      Department of Labor paid the town a visit today inspecting the Town Office, Town Garage and the Fire Department.  If violations are found there are three ways to treat them; 1. Pay a fine; 2. Disagree and attempt to fight the fine, (not advised) or 3. Accept the fine and request that money go toward correcting the violation.  The DOL will re-inspect.
Lynn Hadyniak
1.        Jane Fasculo property:  Lynn has left a message with the new Fasculo attorney.  There seems to be some question as to whether the offer still holds and if so is it two or three lots that are involved.  If, it is a back lot, the Town will need a right of way.
2.        A Unity College Senior has been working on a forest management plan for this property.
Tim Biggs
1.       Appointments to the various boards were briefly discussed.  The question      was raised about re-appointing someone who still wanted to stay on a          board, would they have to re-apply? The Selectors will review the     policy before the next meeting and will also check with the person whose    term has ended to see if they are still interested in serving.  
2.       An amendment to the policy was suggested that all three Selectors be present when a person is to be appointed to a board.
3.       Suggestion of Selectors meetings being every other week instead of weekly was discussed.  Length of meeting was considered and also having the public be aware of this.
1.       Need for the budget for the year including the school budget and the total       road budget to date was requested.  This is needed to file form 7.
2.       Erna will be in the office on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  She will prepare payroll on Tuesday.
1.     Inspection by Department of Labor today.  This was done by Michael LaPlante with Dale Gibbons.  Nothing detrimental as far as safety to the residents of Freedom was found.  The inspectiors stated that the “people here know what is going on.”  Violations are to be taken care of as described above. 
2.     Jim has applied for a grant for a tanker.
1.     Received a request from MMA due by April 10, 2007 for tax records which involves the 1099’s and W2’s.  Other information was also requested including contracts and insurance.
2.     Fee for moderator at the annual town meeting.  This was the longest meeting on record.  A motion was made by Tim Biggs to pay the moderator $75.00 for the Town Meeting.  Motion was seconded by Ron Price and it carried.
3.     Selectors’ salary:  A motion was made and seconded to pay the Selectpersons the 4th week of the month.  Motion carried.
4.     Accounts:
    A.  Checking: $57,089.89
    B.  Total: $188, 903.09
    Deposit: $13,934.49
    All accounts: $202,837.58
5.     Audit 2005: no action.  Previous audits okay.  Ron Price questioned if an    agreement with the auditor had been signed.  Ron Price will contact him.
1.       Reports were given on real estate taxes liens, and vehicle excise taxes.
2.       Inspection of the Town Office by DOL with them finding minor violations.  The step-ladder needs to be replaced as well as two bulbs in the exit sign.
      An emergency exit plan needs to be in place.
      A log 3-400 needs to be in place of injuries with lost time. 
3.       Road waiver requested by Sullivan’s to go on tarred roads for picking up trash.  Clint wants them to use one-ton trucks.
4.       Warrant for four unregistered dogs. A motion was made by Tim Biggs to accept the warrant for prosecuting unlicensed dogs for 2007.  Ron Price seconded this and it carried. 
5.       Excise tax collected in 2006: $87,000.
6.       Real estate taxes unpaid 2006 and outstanding: $102,654.
7.       Linda Dixon feels that she has received a duplicate bill.  Question of reconsidering.  Abatement form has been done in the past.
8.       Richard Martin: Certificate of settlement of paid taxes in 2000, and 2002, requested by Cindy.  An affidavit is needed before signing off.
9.       Personal property card with identification numbers is needed this year.  The value will be sent into the state. Eventually personal property will be  phased out.
1.     Quit claim deed: Request from Cori Dimmit.  Tax lien has not been released.
Unable to get insurance for title if there is not a quit claim deed.  He has sold the property.  The Town has never owned this property, therefore they will not issue a quit claim deed.  This was discussed.  If a quit claim deed were issued it would have to be signed in the Selectpersons’ meeting.  The property in question has been sold.
1.     Selectors’ meeting date:  A motion was made to meet every other week.  This will start with the next meeting being on April 18th.  Motion seconded     and carried.
2.      Fiscal responsibility needs to go to Erna Keller with bank notification.  Tim Biggs made a motion to have Ron Price be the other signatory for signing checks and other acts required by the Bangor Savings Bank.
3.     Mail box problem:  Complaint has been received from post office regarding the length of time involved with unlocking the town’s locked mail box.  The drivers are on a time limit. Action will be taken at a later time.
4.     Annual town meeting date:  A motion was made and carried to have voting and the annual town meeting take place on the last Friday and Saturday of March each year.   Motion carried.
5.     Contact Jackie Robbins.
6.     Yellow pages ad:  A motion was made and carried to list the Town Office in the yellow pages.
7.     Warrants:  Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following ;
8.        A.  Payroll: $1,658.for April 5, 2007.
9.        B.  Vendors: $12,663.95 for April 3, 2007.
Motion to adjourn was made at 8:15PM.
Respectfully submitted,
 Marion Bowers

MARCH 28, 2007

Selectors present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Tom & Hilary Fleming, Chris & Clint Spaulding, Betty Sienkiewicz, Sallyann Hadyniak, Scott Holmes, Diane Winn, Glen & David Bridges, Matt Bennett, Ron Price, Dottie & Lendall Chase, Jeff Keating, Mary Ann Bennett, David Schofield, Kevin Malady, Frances Walker, Jim Waterman Ingrid Robitalle, Roland Robitalle, Bobbie McCard, and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order by Steve Bennett at 6:00PM.
Minutes of the emergency selectpersons meeting of February 17, were read and approved.
Minutes of the selectpersons meeting on March 14 were amended and then approved.
1.     Discussion pertaining to appointment to the Planning  Board while Tim Biggs was away.  On March 14, 2007,  Kevin Malady was appointed by Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak.  This discussion became quite heated as Glen Bridges had written a letter back on November 29th applying for an appointment to the Planning Board and with it was a recommendation.  She had been on the Planning Board when she lived in Montville for several years. At the time of her application, Freedom had no policy on appointments.  Later on a policy for appointments to boards was done.
     A letter was read by Glen Bridges as to how she felt that she had been treated by the Selectors.  This letter is attached. In it she feels that there       has been a conflict of interest by Steve Bennett.     
     There is the possibility that the Selectors’ decision will be challenged by        Glen Bridges.
     Kevin Malady had no idea that he was not the first to apply for the       position. He doesn’t want to be known as “Steve Bennett’s man.”
     The discussion was tabled at this point.
2.     Rollins Road:  A group of residents of Rollins Rd were present to present their case in regards to the road which is essentially impassable.  Emergency vehicles could never traverse this road and there are residents there who require nursing and oxygen support. The road is muck and mud.  School buses have not been able to navigate the road for some time.  The road was worked on Tuesday by the road commissioner and several other residents, using gravel from Christine Ray and got it so that one lane was open.
     To correct the situation the road needs to be rebuilt as soon as weather          permits.  This would require a grader and re-rolling the road.  Clint will        try to do this as soon as possible, but too many passes with the grader         produces more mud.  There is one culvert there that needs to be replaced   and another one that presents problems.  Sallyann Hadyniak offered a      culvert on her property that if useable the town could take.
     Geofabric has been suggested, which several of the residents use in their        yards with favorable results. 
     Steve Bennett made a motion to authorize Clint Spaulding to grade and          bring in gravel to make the road passable due to the emergency          condition of the road as it is now.  Secondly the road would need to have     sections of the road that require rebuilding this year along with ditching. Thirdly, an estimate of the cost needs to be given to the Selectors. Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs; motion carried. 
1.     Requests that a policy be written regarding the home page and tapes. 
2.     She also suggested that the public be charged for a digital record if they requested one.  With the Appeals Board where she was recording secretary she wrote out a summary of what was on the CD or DVD.
1.     Phone call from Mary Mallett of Waning RD regarding a phone call for an ambulance.  This took 30 minutes.  The length of time it took to respond may have been because of her phone number, not a typical number for Freedom.  She needs to tell the 911 operator that she needs the Delta ambulance, not the one from Unity. Tim Biggs will follow up on this.
2.     Emergency response questionnaire:  Steve Bennett had requested a template to do this since there were pages missing.  The form had been made out by Freedom’s EMA, Craig Overlock, and had been given to the Selectpersons by Jim Waterman.  Since these questions are in relationship to the Sandy Pond Dam and ownership of the dam has not been legally established, Steve Bennett was reluctant to sign this.  This questionnaire included action that would be taken, flood plan and who to contact are a few of the things listed.
3.     April 11 a municipal meeting at the Waldo Town Hall.
4.     Avian Haven report was handed in.
5.     Waldo County Municipal Aid Contract:  Copy for the Town Office.
6.     Waldo County Commissioners meeting.
7.     Abatement request for Johann Selmar-Larsen.
8.     Land America had been taken care of after the last meeting.
9.     Waldo County Emergency Management was interested if any damage Freedom may have had related to the storm on March 17; this would include damage and flooding.  Clint Spaulding spoke up and said that he had received no calls re: flooded roads.
10.  Waldo County Emergency Agent we be having a meeting for volunteers.  This will be posted. 
1.     Bill Kelly’s bill is on hold until Lynn Hadyniak contacts him.
2.     Mailing permit: A charge for other than the town to use this permit needs to be decided on.  An annual charge of $25 plus .16 per letter was decided on.  The town pays a charge of $160 annually for this permit.  A motion was made to adopt a charge of $25 fee for the calendar year annually for use of the postal permit.  Motion was made by Tim Biggs and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak.  Motion carried. 
3.     Income:
          a.  State income: $25,530.01
          b.  Revenue Sharing year to date: $13,562.48
4.      Accounts:
          a.  Checking $61,885.86
          b.  Total: $193,171.63
5.          CD’s: Thurston $5,108.51
                   Town’s: $8,932.77
          1.  Requested an official permission to sell at fair market value two       SCEBA units to the Robbins Lumber company.  Our fire department has        received eight new ones through a FEMA grant.  A motion was made to    approve this by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak. Motion        carried.
Jay Guber was absent but had submitted the following information.
1.     Skidgell property:  Gordan Fuller of the DEP still is interested in this situation. The Skidgell’s have a new attorney.  The Town has been informed not to proceed with buying that property. 
2.     Central Maine CEOs will be having a meeting on April 11 from 8AM to 12N at the Grange Hall in Freedom.  Jay has requested funds for rental of the Hall, $50 and $25 for donuts and supplies. A motion to approve $75 for this meeting by Tim Biggs, seconded by Steve Bennett and carried.
          1.  Tina Freeman is aware of Heidi Blood being interested in the position. Tina has not resigned.
1.     A joint meeting on Thursday night will be held with the Planning      Board.
1.     Fasculo property:  Lynn needs to contact their attorney.
2.     Bid for Town garage on Stevens Rd still needs to be done.  It was suggested that they check with the Town Attorney regarding this.
3.     Veterans’ bench:  Cole Transportation is offering these to the towns.  A cement site has to be prepared.  The bed is four to five feet long and engraved with a patriotic phase.  The emblem of Cole Transportation is also on them.
4.     Warren Company is a private company that had requested information related to property tax data. This data had been sent.  They have agreed not to post information sent to them by Freedom.  A motion was made to request our $50 application fee back and our file back.
1.     Warrants: Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following: 
          A.  Vendors: $8,500.75. A charge of $968 for the Town report that      had increased by 100 copies to 300 for printing was included.  
          b.  Payroll:  March 24th $2,647.36.
2.  Matt Shaw will be moderator for the Town Meeting.   
3.  Jackie Robinson, an assessor will be present at the meeting.
4.  Tim Biggs offered our thanks to Steve Bennett for the work he had done  during his term as did Lynn Hadyniak.  Steve Bennett offered a few comments regarding his term and his thanks to those he had worked with.
A motion was made for the meeting to adjourn at 8:20PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers.
Attachment: Letter form Glen Bridges

MARCH 14, 2007
Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak.  Tim Biggs was away.
Others present: Betty Sienkiewicz, Hilary Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Nancy and Matt Zane, David Schofield, Matt & Adrienne Bennett and Louis Murray, Pete and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened at 7:10PM.
Minutes of the March 7, 2007 were read and amended.  They were accepted as read.
Minutes of the February 28, 2007 were read, amended and then accepted.  
1.     Louis Murray was in to discuss the problem with water coming into his house from a burst culvert.  When the bridge was tarred this blocked the drainage.  This has been going on for sometime and he would like it corrected.  Steve Bennett will notify Clint Spaulding of this situation.  At this point Mr. Murray has blocked it so that it doesn’t enter his cellar.  He is home a limited amount of time so when he would be available to let someone in was discussed.
1.     Application from KVCOG pertaining to Calcium Chloride and culverts will be given to Clint Spaulding.
2.     Carl Trynor, an attorney, has requested the map and lot number for Steven Gray.
3.     Land America needs map and lot number.
4.     Abatement for Daniel Humphry: Charge went from $15. to $208.  This will be reviewed.
5.     Warren group requested information regarding assessors file.  This was to
     ensure that their records are correct.  There was some discussion as to whom
      the Warren group are.
     TRIO has new ownership and Hilary thought the name was Harris.  Cindy     will be given this to check into.
6.     State Planning Office is requesting the job description for the CEO and the     LPI.  Both Jay and Dave will be given a copy of this request.
7.     Tony Neves needs the Assessors income report for farm and open space law for the IRS.
8.     Request by Bill Kelly to be paid for working with the Planning Board.  He has billed $3,345.27 while the amount previously discussed was $2,500.  Lynn will investigate this. 
9.     TRIO is requesting a release note in regards to the real estate program changes.
10.  Hilary received a phone call regarding extension time for paying personal property taxes as well as information about depreciation.  There is no extension of time.
11.  Mt. View new school:  Work on clearing the land has begun.
12.  The Town has been approved for another grant of $5,500 according to a phone call from Jay to Steve Bennett.
1.     An informational mailing regarding the Town Meeting was approved after corrections were made. 
2.      Signatures needed for a quit claim deed. These signatures need to be notarized, so this was postponed.
3.      Keys for the outer door were made available to truck drivers, Dave Schofield, Jay Guber, Clint Spaulding and Marion Bowers.
4.      $700 was received from Albion in regards to the Asperlundh fire.
5.      Fire Department has received a grant for $7,600.44.
6.      Accounts:
     A.  Checking: $60,062.52
     B.  Total : $191,906.29
7.  LD 1 discussion:
     A.  Worksheet was thoroughly gone over.  The results show that we will        exceed the limit the State levies on the Town by roughly $40,500.  A copy of           this work sheet is attached.
     B.  Steve Bennett made a motion to approve the municipal 2007 warrant as    amended. Lynn Hayniak seconded the motion and it carried.
8.  The warrant needs to be signed and reports from Town Officers need to go to        the printer on Friday.
1.     Septic system for Stanley Mac Donald is again being worked on, mainly because the money is now available.  Tim McMillan of the DEP and who is in charge of the small community grants has been consulted.  A permit was given last week for this work.  The question arose as to whether to put out a new bid for the plumbing work or give the previous bidders a chance to amend their bids.
     The consensus was to give the previous bidders a chance to amend their bids,        which means they can re-bid on this project and submit their sealed bids to         the Selectors by the middle of April.  At this time the Selectpersons can      select a bid.
2.     Mallett inspections: Dave Schofield accompanied the State Electrical Inspector when he went to the Mallett property.  A written report of his
     findings was done.  The land-owner was co-operative. 
3.     Changes in our ordinance regarding inspections need to be made.  It was suggested that MMA be contacted regarding this, however Dave has done this in the past and has gotten some bad legal advice.
4.     Dave would like to have a seminar done for the Planning Board, Appeals Board and others.  This would be two to three hour class.  The Selectpersons were interested in this.  The Towns of Jackson and Knox are interested in such a class as it would set forth the legal responsibilities of those involved.
          1.  A phone call was received from the Town Office from Laurie at the Post- office concerning an individual who had no transportation to get his mail for          a month. He had been without a vehicle for this length of time and had plans   to buy one. After calling the resident involved, I contacted the post-office and    was able with his permission to bring his mail to him.  Appropriate           information was left with him regarding transportation and other services to    call the Town Office if he had further need and they could get in touch with     me.
1.     Town Report and Warrant:  Discussed above.
2.     Appointments:
A.     Planning Board:  Two candidates, Glen Bridges and Kevin Malady are interested.  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to accept and appoint Kevin Malady to the Board. Motion was seconded by Steve Bennett and carried.
B.      Recreation Committee:  A motion was made to appoint Matt Bennett to the recreation committee.  Motion was seconded and carried. Matt thought that he was already a member of this committee.
1.     Warrants:
     Motions were made and accepted to approve the following warrants:
     A.  Vendors: $3,533.87
     B.  Payroll: $2,537.40 
The meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
1.  2007 LD 1 worksheet

MARCH 7, 2007

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak.  Tim Biggs was away.
Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Tom & Mary Mallett, Shawn Biello, Jay Guber and Marion Bowers.
Shawn Biello of Waldo County Soil & Water Conservation District was an invited guest. One of her main functions is for grants for watershed restoration. Sandy Pond stream interacts with Unity Pond off and on.  She presented a booklet with many maps that had been done by the DEP.  Non-point pollution sources (NPS) are indirect forms of pollution, such as fertilizer, culverts failing. 
        She is aware of the problem related to the stream by Stevens RD and that its bank is failing and the erosion there. However that in itself does not look good for the Town receiving a grant to aid in correcting the problem. Several things were pointed out to her that she was unaware of by Steve Bennett.  The DEP has labeled the Sandy Pond Dam a significant potential hazard for failure.  In fact the Town has been asked to make out an EMP which would be needed once the final ownership of the dam is decided.  Also, she thinks the Skidgell area could be  a super clean-up site because of the hazardous materials that had leaked into the flood plain that they are on or nearby. 
        The pond holds 1,050 acres of water and would cause major problems if the dam were to fail.  Within the last year or two, the top of the dam was breached by three feet of water.
        Ms. Biello felt that the area from the dam down to the Skidgels should be eligible for a grant. She feels that there needs to be co-ordination of the various departments and people who have been involved.  Steve Bennett asked her to look into this meaning the dam, superfund site and the stream.
The meeting was opened at 6:35PM with the reading of the minutes. Corrections were made.  Unfortunately one page of the minutes was missing in all the copies.  Approval will have to be done next week.
1.     Tom & Mary Mallett of 773 Waning RD were in to discuss an issue they have had with the building inspector-CEO Jay Guber.  They have bought a dwelling that had not been lived in for several years and have been fixing it up by adding two additions and increasing the height on the second floor.   They felt that they had been harassed by the building inspector.  He had showed up at their home allegedly 10 times without calling ahead.  They questioned why he should be there at all and feel that “his soul purpose is to condemn our home.” Several times he as requested the deed to the property and has yet to receive it. They had the electric turned on without going through Jay, which they felt upset him. The electrician that was allowed in noted that there were three items that needed correction and these were taken care of allegedly the next day.  
           In response Jay countered by stating how he was greeted with   verbal abuse and ordered off the property.  He read from the Freedom         building code for his reasons for inspections of the dwelling.  They were           told that they had to have an internal plumbing permit and septic design    before a building permit would be given.  Jay had accompanied Dave    Schofield, as a witness when Dave went there. February 26th Dave       knocked on the door and they were greeted with come on in.  The door was never kicked in.  When they were threatened with condemning the dwelling for occupancy by David Schofield unless they got the required plumbing permits, they got the required permits.
  On March 2, 2007 plans were made to inspect the dwelling by a group          consisting of Jay Guber, Kern Butler, State Electrical Inspector, Marion Bowers, Health Nurse along with the Waldo County Sheriff.  This was    scheduled with the Mallett for 11AM.  Just prior to that time a call was         received from Mary Mallett stating that her husband had gone off the   road            in a vehicle and had the keys to the dwelling. She was allegedly going   to go to where her husband was and get the keys.  No one ever showed up or     called back until two hours later.
  On March 3, 2007 Jay returned to the Mallett’s property with a Waldo County Sheriff to inspect the dwelling.
  Jay read to those at the meeting from the building code, sections 5 and 6        as to his reasons for being there.         
           Since this has happened the Malletts have had their dwelling burglarized, their puppy stolen along with their generator.  Also a three- wheeler is missing.
           Lynn Hadyniak summed the situation up.  Jay Guber is unwelcome on the property and David Schofield will be inspecting the work. This is in the best interest of the Town.
The structure and the foundation do need to be inspected. As well as a master electrician signing off re: electrical work.
           As to the deed, there should be a copy in the Town Office.
1.     Insurance renewal:  Property and casualty for all Town buildings and vehicles.
2.     Letter from Diane Winn and Marc Payne: re real estate tax;? classifying their business as a 501C, non-profit.  Steve Bennett doesn’t know  that they qualify for a tax abatement,  but this could be researched with the Maine Revenue Services.
3.     Ratio declaration and reimbursement questionnaire related to Homestead exemption for 2007.
4.     Letter from Ross Nason of KVCOG looking for a group think tank related to garbage/waste management.  Read Brugger was suggested as a possibility of joining the group.
5.     Corrective Action filed by Jay Guber re: Malletts.
6.     Scott Storey, Waldo County Sheriff regarding the Waldo County Jail and future options.
7.     Information from DEP via Jay Guber related to Small community grant program. Freedom appears to be eligible to receive another $5500.  This has been used in the past for septic systems.  Jay will see that Dave Schofield gets the information.
1.     Income: Black Hills stock dividend: $36.72.  Steve Bennett thinks this should be sold.
2.     Accounts:
  A. Checking $60,143.73
  B. Total: $191,429.73
3.  LD #1: Limitation of spending.  Comparison of 2005 to 2006 needs to be done.  New property, new lots, improvements and additions need to be taken into account.
4.  Last year the budget was exceeded by $24,000.
1.     Robert Mulhman was presented with a letter on March 3, 2007 by Jay relating to the NOV re: wetlands.  He signed for this letter.
2.     Certificate of occupancy:  In a discussion with MMA, the easiest way to do this is to put it in the warrant as an article according to Michael Stolz.  It will not require any change in the building code.
3.     State Electrical Inspector found violations at the Malletts.  There was also a generator running inside. 
4.     Building Permits:
                   A. Mary Spinelli of 120 Bryant Rd.  Penalty of $100 for                       not  getting a permit for a barn and a fence.
                   B. Mike Smith of 129 Carey Lane for a house and garage.
                   C.  Beaudry of Greeley Rd: garage conversion to a                                        dwelling.  
                     D.  CES, off Sibley RD.  additional fee of $100.
1.     Pandemic flu information for the home will be available at the          annual meeting.
          GENERAL ASSISTANCE: A total of 4 applications for assistance have       recently been denied.
          Hazel Beers has retired and Cindy Boyd is taking her place.
1.     Firefighter Blanket Accident Coverage:
          Jim Waterman feels that the towns of Montville and Knox will not want to pay additional money for this coverage.  However, he wants all of his firefighters to be covered.  There are two from Montville and seven from Knox.
          Lynn Hadyniak suggested that a letter be sent to each of these towns with a “drop dead date” for this insurance.
          A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak that 1, the Town of Freedom add $900 to the 2007 warrant o purchase volunteer firefighters blanket insurance for accident coverage and 2, the Selectmen in the towns of Knox and Montville be asked to reimburse this fee for their firefighters.  Motion was seconded by Steve Bennett and carried.
2.     Fasulo Property: 
          Paul White is now the advisors for Jane Fasulo 1-800 -748-5720.
3.     Town report and warrant:
          A.  Needs article for certificate of occupancy for warrant.
          B. Selectors report was approved.
          C. Petition regarding difference in Selectors pay will be put on    the warrant
4.  Granite benches for Veterans: 
          Lynn Hadyniak spoke with Marjorie Reynolds regarding this. Cole Transportation of Bangor has offered to the towns free a granite bench.  A base must be provided.  Transporting the bench and a required base will be the expense to the Town. Steve Bennett would like to see this at the Town Field.  Lynn will follow up on this.
1.     E-mail from Heidi Blood who would be interested in the ACO position
if it is available.  She will be having a pet grooming and boarding facility on North Palermo RD.
2.     Warrants:
3.          Motions were made, seconded and carried to pay the following warrants:
                   A. Payroll:  $1,962.90
                   B.  Vendors: $5,715.60
Meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
1.     Comments re: Volunteer Firefighters Blanket Accident Coverage.
2.     Statement, notarized from Thomas Mallett re: harassment

FEBRUARY 28, 2007

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett and Lynn Hadyniak. Tim Biggs is away.
Others present: Hilary & Tom Fleming, Sallyann Hadyniak, Debbie Luczai, Betty Sienkiewicz, Scott Holmes, Jay Guber, David Schofield, Ron Price, Travis Price, Kim Holmes, Jim Waterman and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened at 6:28PM.
Minutes of the January 31, 2007 were previously read and approved tonight.
Minutes of the February emergency meeting will be read at a later date.
1.     Debbie Luczai was in to discuss her property taxes since she felt that they were incorrect.  Part of her acreage, 6 acres, is in Unity. This correction needs to be done on the computer.
2.     Ron Price was in to discuss access to his land on Beaver Ridge.  He has three roads that go into his property, but they are all discontinued for maintenance only, they are accessible as a public way.  This has come up at the appeals hearing.  How is he to get to the property?  He requests that the Selectors open the road.  Otherwise he feels he will have to go to court.
     Therefore he is asking the Town to help him with this access.  Ron Price       has accused      Steve Bennett in lying to the Appeals Board in relationship to      the road going to the land Price owns.  This road has been closed for        maintenance only, but is open to the public who can access  it. Private work can be done to it to make it useable so that Price can get to his      property if agreeable to    the abutters to the road. Bennett denies lying to      the Appeals Board     regarding this.
     Price’s second request was regarding that the land is being challenged as it    is used as farmland, hayfields, but he has not applied for it to be designated    as farmland.  The reasons for not applying for this designation is that he          would pay more in taxes in the future, if this were no longer considered    farmland.  In the past, he started to apply for this land to be designated        farmland and changed his mind. He also questioned whether in the past,      have these applications for farmland ever been approved by any board?         Steve Bennett stated that         the Board of Assessors make the decision.   This   has been true for others who have who have applied for farmland         designation. He was given an application by Bennett and refused it.
     Price claims that Bennett lied to the Appeals Board regarding farmland           status which Bennett denies.
     Lynn Hadyniak summarized Ron Prices requests. Applications for       farmland have to be in by April 1st. 
     The remainder of the comments made were related to what had gone on at     the appeals board meetings related to Price’s appeal that the appeal by    Bennett et al were illegal.  The discussion became more heated and it      was    felt that this was not the place for this to continue.
3.     Kim Holmes felt that Steve Bennett had been rude with the townspeople.
     Steve Bennett apologized if he had been rude. She also felt that Bennett’s      attorney, Ed Bearor, and Addison Chase, Chair of the Appeals had been   rude as well.
1.     Quit claim: Action delayed.
2.     E-mail:  Heidi Blood of North Palermo RD will be opening a pet grooming and boarding service for animals.  She is interested in the Animal Control Officer position.
3.     Abatement form from Jerry Leeman. Will be discussed later.
4.     E-mail from Roberta Fogg of Belfast: She is a representative for Waldo County.  She requested the feeling for moving primary elections from June to September so that she can bring this before the state legislature.
5.     Jim Waterman had information from Hartford Insurance related to insuring volunteer firefighters.  This insurance is recommended by MMA and would fill in a gap in coverage particularly when they are doing community service work, i.e. cleaning chimneys.   The cost would be  $52.48 per year for each volunteer.  Steve Bennett will check on this. It would be possible to amend the budget for this.
1.     Income:
          A. Revenue Sharing: $5,490.
          B.  URIP: $7,759.
2.  Accounts:
          A.  Checking: $78,531.33
          B.  Total: $209,408.33
3.  Reports for annual warrant are still needed.
4.  Budget warrant needs to be signed next week.    
          CEO: JAY GUBER
          1.  Violations received from Val Whittier re: Robert Muehlmann           regarding cleared vegetation and tree removal in a significant wildlife        habitat.  Immediate corrective action needs to be taken.  Response to      the     notice should be done within ten days.  Action now can influence the          monetary penalties DEP expects to pursue. Included in this notice is a       requested corrective action plan. A copy of this notice is attached.  The         Town can also take action because of the shoreland zoning ordinance.  A      motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to authorize our CEO to draft a letter   to Robert Muehlmann of 49 Carey Lane, Freedom to notify him that he is      in violation of our Town shoreland zoning ordinance based upon        information in the letter of February 22, 2007 by the Maine DEP. Motion      was seconded by Steve Bennett and motion carried. 
    2.  Wetlands map of moderate and high value fresh water wetlands of ten acres    or more needs to be done by 2008.
          Smaller acreage will be done on another map and include vernal pools.
          We need to update our maps or the State will impose if we don’t do    anything.
    3.  Tom and Mary Mallett of 773 Waning RD:  A phone call was received from    Mrs. Mallett as to what she  needed to have  done to get power to a house     that has been vacant for a number of years and is in bad shape.  He was        informed of the usual procedure which includes getting a permit for        internal plumbing   first prior to the CMP permit. A State Electrical      Inspector was called to inspect the panel. If a house has been vacant for a       number of years and not       condemned the State Electrical Inspector can          only check the outside box.       The CEO and LPI went to the home      together and were quickly escorted out  Prior to this our CEO was       verbally abused by Mr. Mallett and asked him to leave the property when       he had gone there to inspect the property during normal business hours.
          Jay got in touch with MMA to discuss the situation.  He was advised to         have the Sheriff or State Police, LPI, State Electrical Inspector and the Health Officer with him when he returned. A generator had been running          inside with no ventilation.
4.     Wind turbine advisory note from 1/31/07 is attached related to a permit.
5.     Plumbing Inspection course is planned for April 18, 2007 in Freedom.
1.     Problems with co-operation were encountered when he attempted to inspect the Tom Mallett property on Waning RD.  Dave countered with a threat to condemn the property.  He now has been given an internal plumbing approval.  Two years ago, the subsurface system wouldn’t pass an inspection. In talking with the former owner the system had failed.  According to the State the owner can hook up a system and then the LPI can condemn it.
     The owner is installing a composter flush which is legal if tested by a    certified lab. 
     The LPI can’t be over-ruled by the State.
     The Malletts have a $15,000 grant to upgrade this home, but they have to       live in it to be eligible. The septic system would have to be fixed.
2.     Irene Raven trailer: She has contacted the Governor regarding her situation. She is too close to the stream and a septic system was denied. A leach field could be put in going under a brook according to Val Whittier of the DEP. However they would be within the 10ft right of way of the Town rd. If they bought the Town building beside them the problem would be solved.
3.     A motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak to authorize David Schofield, LPI and Marion Bowers, LHO to work together to take action to condemn the house for occupancy  owned by Teresa Fisher located on Belfast RD. This motion carried.
4.     Teresa Fisher is planning on suing Silas Reynolds, her father.  Also she feels that in posting the trailer on Stevens RD we have over-stepped our authority in posting the trailer as uninhabitable. She is considering suing in regard to this as well.
5.     Need for a file cabinet in meeting room for CEO, LPI and LHO where they can store their files and be accessible.  This would necessitate a key for each of those individuals to the outer door. Lynn Hadyniak will write up a policy for this.
1.     Mutual aid radio repeater frequency located in Thorndike would allow for eleven  towns to use a common frequency for emergencies.  This would not infringe on anyone else.
2.     Lynn Hadyniak had heard that there was a problem with pass alert warning.  This is a personal alert safety system SCBA intergrated, know as PASS.  Her concern was if they had ever had a problem with it.  The warning could not always be heard according to a report she had heard.   First thing that should be done is to check the battery.  Jim will have them checked when they are having a flow test done. They have a visual alert as well as the sound alert.
3.     Grants for the fire department are in the $250,000 range.
      1.  Jay Guber pointed out that there was a beech tree about to fall into Waning   Rd.
1.     Sandy Pond Dam update:  A letter from MEMA regarding the pond asking for our EAP, emergency action plan, regarding the Sandy Pond Dam.A partial plan was found consisting of four pages It should have had twelve pages.  Currently the State and the Town have a claim to the dam.
     This matter was discussed with Dana Murch.
     A template is being sent so that when the final ownership is completed the      remainder of the EAP can be made out.
     Information attached.
2.     Petitions:
A.     Request of a petition to change Selectpersons from equal pay failed because of lack of signatures.  This would be based on their positions and would change the pay they received.
B.      Article to amend ordinance for recall of a Selectperson.  A motion was made to put this on the warrant provided the number of days required are met in the State guideline.  This motion was made by Steve Bennett and seconded by Lynn Hadyniak.
3.     Postal Inspector’s report:  In summary, his comments regarding the six     letters sent t to the Freedom Town Hall dated January 4 and 5, 2007 are date stamped consistent with the dates in the Town Office Mail Log as having been received at the Town Hall on January 10 & 11, 2007.  If the Mail Log is correct it is unknown why these letters were six and seven days late when the copies sent at the same time to the appellants were delivered the next day or two via two different post offices.  Since the envelopes were not saved no determination can be made.  Copy of the report is attached.
4.     Stevens RD property:  Dave Schofield felt that Irene Raven was willing to bid on the property, but was waiting for notice of a bid time.
5.     Road Commissioner evaluation needs to be written.  He has had an oral evaluation done.
6.     Jerry Leeman: Over-assessed because it had not been updated in the computer.
7.     Warrants:
     Motions were made and seconded to pay the following:
     A.  Accounts payable $35,881.11
     B.  Payroll $1,218.24
Meeting adjourned at 9:15PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
1.     Notice of Violation to Robert Muehlmann
2.     MMA letter re wind turbine project and permit.
3.     Sandy Pond Update
4.     Postal Inspectors report.
.  .

JANUARY 31, 2007
Selectors present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Sallyann Hadyniak, Tom and Hilary Fleming, Scott Holmes and Matt Bennett and Marion Bowers.
Minutes of the January 24 2007 meeting were read and amended then accepted with amendments.
1.     January 31st is the deadline for budgets and annual reports.
2.     February 15TH is the deadline for budget drafts.
3.     Annual report meeting will be on February 10th at 9AM.
4.     Most of the reports are in except for the animal control officer.
1.     Missing Mail: Tim Biggs checked with the post-mistress, Laurie regarding tracing the first-class letters that were sent to the Town of Freedom Office.  The whereabouts of these letters is unknown.  It is impossible to trace these letters. If they were certified it would be possible.  Laurie would not commit to knowing definitely about these letters, but she thought that she had see some letters from a lawyer.  She was unsure of the number of letters or the day she might have seen them.
     Lynn Hadyniak wondered if they had been delivered to a former PO Box the town had: Box 88.
     Steve Bennett has talked with Laurie and she said that if the address on the letterhead was to the Town Office, it would have been delivered.
     As to the postmistress relief, it is unknown if she knows anything about the letter in question.  It was assumed that if she pulled them, she may have sent them back to the sender, i.e. the law firm. 
     There were eight letters sent to Freedom and two to Palermo.  Of these six letters disappeared. 
     Ron Price has filed an appeal because of the letters not being received at the Town Office in a timely manner.
     Steve made a motion that a Selectperson contact the State Police and Sheriff’s department to see what they would do.  This motion was seconded by Tim Biggs.  In an ensuing discussion, Tim suggested that they wait until the Appeals Board meets Thursday night, February 1st. Lynn Hadyniak felt that a compliant be filed with the Postmaster General Office regarding the missingdocuments.  In this way the Town’s voice could be heard.
     Since the documents had been received on time by Addison Chase ( hand delivered by one of the Bennetts with the site map attached) it may be that the Appeals Board will hear the case.
     Lynn Hadyniak spoke about knowing that she had had mail that was never delivered.  She was willing to contact the State Attorney General, and the State Police, but would not be able to do this on Thursday, so Steve Bennett said that he will call the various departments instead.  Also PO Box 88 will be checked on.  The amended motion by Lynn carried.
2.     State share of FEMA for 2005 is $3100.35
3.     LD #1 according to the Attorney General is unconstitutional.
4.     Article in the Annual Budget for repaving:  There is a question of borrowing $150,000.  There maybe a revolving fund that could be used for this.  This would be paid in installments of $35,000 yearly over a five-year period.
5.     Skidgell’s property:  Lynn Hadyniak has been in contact with Gordon Fuller of the DEP.  A copy of a letter he sent to Mildred Skidgell in Florida was also sent to Jay Guber and the Selectpersons.  In this letter, he made it very clear that in a limited investigation of the site, it has been determined that there are potential hazardous substances and petroleum issues of concern to the environment and the public health.  A written response to the letter he sent is to be responded to by February 20, 2007.  To be included in the response is a request for history of property ownership and the materials of concern stored on the property.  Also their intentions for addressing the concern expressed by MEDEP is requested. A copy of this letter is attached.
          There may be Brownfield’s money if the Town wants to do something in regards to the property.  Lynn Hadyniak felt that there should be an investigative report and removal at the site with State and Federal funds to clean it up. 
          Steve Bennett spoke about salt from the sand pile leaching onto the Skidgell land and into the brook and wetlands.  The Town is complicate as well.  Also the Town should be interested because of a need for a place for the salt-sand shed and Town Garage.  The Town also could perhaps get financial aid versus a private citizen.
          This problem might end up in the Town’s lap anyway. 
          A motion was made by Steve Bennett that Lynn Hadyniak contact Gordon Fuller of the DEP as well a Jean Firth regarding the Skidgell property to make it known to the DEP that the Town is very interested in resolving the issue of the Skidgell Property.  Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried. 
6.Public Market request submitted by Ginger Dermot and Daniel Price:  A motion was made to sign this request that the City of Portland has requested that they are farmers that reside in Freedom.
1.     FEMA income from 2005: $3100.35
2.     PERC bill was not a duplicate as had been questioned last week.
3.     Computer care:  Hilary has been in touch with Phoenix Computer for technical support.  
                   A.  This comes at a price of $70 per hour in 10 hour increments.
                   B.  Peace of Mind program is $750 to monitor and back up computer                      daily.
                   C.  Evaluation on site requested.  Travel time $35 for one-half hour.
                   D.  Steve Bennett will contact Todd in So. Carolina for a phone number.
4.     State wages for road crew:  A rate needs to be set for drivers.  This will be discussed at the next budget meeting.
5.     Accounts:
                   A. Checking: $69,154.27 which includes a recent check to the fire                            department and a capitol improvement account.
                   B.  Total: $196.084.95
6.  In the past, the Town has had to borrow money.
7.  2005 Audit has been shipped to Craig and he has been called.  A summary has been sent and a detailed account is ready to go.  It is unknown if this will be ready to be printed for the Annual Warrant.
1.     Tree on Pleasant St:  CMP will not remove it unless it is falling on the        wires. It was suggested that Lendall Chase call CMP.  Tim will inform him.
1.     Planning Board Vacancy:  A motion by Tim Biggs to appoint Glen Bridges to the Planning Board to replace Carrie Bennett failed because the motion was never seconded Steve Bennett had heard negative comments about the applicant.
2.     Insurance for volunteer firefighters:  This would cost $52.48 pr person.  Steve Bennett will check into this.
3.     Warrants: Motions were made and seconded to pay the following accounts:
          A. Vendors: $3,828.01
          B.  Payroll: $1,117.52
Motion was made to adjourn at 8:25 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
Gordon Fuller’s letter to Mildred Skidgell

JANUARY 24, 2007
Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Jeff Keating, Thressa Abbott, Betty Sienkiewicz, Hilary and Tom Fleming, Scott Holmes, Matt Bennett, Ron Price, Sallyann Hadyniak and Marion Bowers.
The meeting was opened by Steve Bennett at 6:09PM.
Minutes of the January 17, 2007 were read, amended and then accepted by all.
1.     Deadline of January 31 for budgets and annual reports.         
2.     Deadline of February 15 for budget draft at 6:30P.M.
1.     E.-mails and letters were read.
      A. Lynn Hadyniak sent an e-mail to Gordon Fuller regarding the Town’s interest in making the site at Skidgells safe and at no cost to the Freedom tax payers. Copy attached.      
B.Glen Bridges letter: not read.                                                                                
     C.Letter from Superintendent of Schools re: a public forum for the Governor’s plan for schools.
     D. Fax from Rudman and Winchell re: appellants to CES. Appeal letters (3) were sent out on January 4 to the Town Office for Chairperson of the Planning Board, Nancy Farrar-Bailey; Chairman of the Appeals Board, Addison Chase, and Town Clerk, Cindy Abbott.  On January 5, 2007 these letters were again sent but were amended and had a list of appellants included. None of these 6 letters were ever received at the Town Office.
         In a letter from the appellants’ attorney he has included an attached affidavit as to the fact that his paralegal had sent the letters which included the first letter and site plan.
         These letters have never been returned to the sender. 
         In checking with the post-mistress, Laurie, she felt that they had not been delivered or sent back to sender. She also stated to Steve Bennett that if they had an address of PO Box 88 and 71Pleasant St they would have been delivered.   Steve Bennett spoke with the post mistress and questioned if the letters were not delivered, what would happen?   She would have sent them back to the sender was her response.  
        Steve Bennett spoke about this as an abutter and a citizen.  He is not pointing the finger at     anyone, but is formally asking the Selectpersons look into the problem. 
         Tim Biggs will speak with the post-mistress regarding the problem.  Lynn Hadyniak felt that it was premature to request that the post office do a trace at this time.
        Letters related to this appeal were received by the Steve Bennetts and Erin Bennett and      her husband. Their copies were taken to Addison Chase and Cindy Abbott by the necessary date.  However, according to Cindy Abbott, she did not receive the “site plan” at that time.  Steve Bennett said that Judy Bennett and Erin Bennett Wade did in fact   deliver the site review map to Cindy and it was stapled to the appeals notice.
        Ron Price agrees with how Steve Bennett feels regarding the missing letters. However        Ron has requested the appeal be denied and suggested that the ordinance be read.
        E. General Assistance informational letter was given to Lynn Hadyniak from DHHS.
  F. Maine State Housing Authority: Survey to be conducted on January 30, 2007 as to how    many people in Freedom are homeless.  This is to include anyone who          is sleeping in    vehicles, motels, living with a relative, or elsewhere.
   G. Waldo County Homeland Security: Conclusion as to how they were meeting the needs if a    disaster, epidemic etc. were to occur.
   H. Map from DEP showing high and moderate value wetlands.
   I.  Belfast Area Child Care and request for $500.  Also enclosed information re: childcare.
TOWN Clerk & TAX COLLECTOR: Cindy Abbott
1.     Letter from the Motor Vehicles Department regarding late payment.  The audit department sent her a reminder regarding their policy.  A weekly report is to be made on vehicles. If there is cause for delay she is to contact the audit department.  The letter she received was a formality.
2.     In response to this letter Cindy reminded the Selectors of how busy the office has been with taxes, planning board, appeals board, and snow mobile registrations.
1.     Jim Waterman was not present, but Hilary Fleming announced that he had been  notified by Susan Collins that he had been approved for a grant of $35,300 that he had requested for such things as pagers and an industrial washer.
1.     Municipal Sharing payment, first for 2007, of $5000.66.
2.     Snowmobile registrations: $244.94
3.     Accounts:
A. Checking: $80,684.53
B. Total: $193,615.21
4.  Audit for 2005: In contact with Craig regarding the budget and general ledger for that year.
5.  Tax forms, such as 1099’s are being sent out.
1.     Evaluation by Lynn Hadyniak needs to be written up.
1.     Contact with her needs to be made.
2.     Rabid skunks in Knox according to Ron Price.  One skunk tested positive for rabies, the other got away.  A dog in a confined area was bitten.  
1.     Vacancy to replace Carrie Bennett available.
1.  Upcoming meetings beginning on February 1st and 2nd and each Thursday thereafter in the basement of the Freedom Congregational Church through the first Thursday in March.  This will be to hear the appeal in regards to Bennett appellant’s vs. CES regarding ordinances related to the wind turbine projects.
1.     There will be a meeting of that board on Thursday January 28, 2007
2.     Dave has talked with Clayton Larrabee who will stump everything and remove the old school wall.
1.     Appeals Board Attorney:  Lynn Hadyniak has been looking into particularly in regards to possible conflict of interest.  She has had this discussed with the MMA and the BarAssociation.  A case of this kind has never been decided by a court previously.  A decision was made, since the conflict of interest, is too close to call to go with another lawyer.
         Two lawyers were recommended; Peabody of Bangor or Marden, Dubord, and                          Stevens of Waterville.
         Alton Stevens does municipal law and it was decided to go with him.
A.   A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to hire Alton Stevens for the Town of Freedom representing the Appeals Board.  Motion was seconded by Tim Biggs and carried. Steve Bennett abstained. Attorney Stevens is available to be there on February 2nd.
                   B.  An amount of $2500 was previously approved for legal expenses.
2.  Deed for Stevens RD property has been found by Tim Biggs. 
3.  Skidgel’s property:  Lynn Hadyniak has been in contact with Gordon Fuller via e-mail expressing the interest the Town has in that property particularly in regards to safety and not being an expense to the Town.
1.  Recreation Committee vacancy:   This needs to be posted.
2.  Lynn Hadyniak went over a list of pending bills in the legislature.
3.  Warrants: 
The following warrants were made, seconded and approved to be paid:
a.      Payroll: $1,995.41
b.     Vendors: $8,887.14; this included $2,200 for patching Smithton Rd.
There was also a question regarding the PERC bill which has been included.
It will be paid, but will be followed up on.
Motion was made at 7:40PM for the meeting to adjourn.
 Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
1.     E-mail to Gordon Fuller.
2.     Cindy’s letter
JANUARY 17, 2007

Selectpersons present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs, and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Read Brugger, Glen & David Bridges, Hilary Fleming, Dave Bennett, Ron Price, Sally ann Hadyniak, JayGuber, Scott Holmes, Matt Bennett, & Marion Bowers.
The meeting was called to order by Steve Bennett at 6:04PM.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as amended.
1.     January 31, 2007 is the deadline for the budgets of the various departments annual warrant.
2.     Sheepscot Valley Association has requested information by January 31, 2007.
3. Budget Committee Meeting: January 18, 2007. Budget draft deadline is February 15th.
1.     Letter from Clerk of House, Mildred McFarlane, to be put in the Annual Warrant.
2.     Request for $2,500 restoration of the old Town House to be put in the Annual Warrant.
3.     Monthly managers report from the UARC.
4.     Workers Comp Fund: This is in regards to the Asperlundh fire in Albion in which Freedom Fire Department was involved and were seen for possible damage medically from exposure to hazardous material. $3,300 was billed for medical expenses and $3,400 for loss of wages. Albion is possibly suing Asperlundh for reimbursement of costs.
5.     Maine recycling week: Calendars available.
Report from Cindy. 
   A.  Money received for the month of December: $94,000.
   B. $853,000 passed through the Town Office in 2006.
   C.  Board of Appeal letters:  A series of these arrived on varying dates.
    D. Registration form for fuel tanks, above and below the ground for the Freedom General Store.
    E.  Letter from MMA Risk Management Services regarding coverage for the volunteer firefighters.  The by-laws of the fire department have a major role in some of the decisions. The Selectors have no appeal role. A copy of this is attached.  A copy of this was given to Dave Bennett of the fire department. 
A.   Checking: $113,101.10
B.    Total: $226,31.98
     Income: Homestead, 2nd payment: $2100.42
     General Assistance payment information requested by Lynn Hadyniak.
1.     Report for permits from 2/06-12/22/06:  Total of 38 permits.  A copy is attached.
2.     Permits:
        A. CES: January 4, 2007.  This was for 3 windmills.
               i. Nonrefundable fee for review process of $100 had been paid. This was done according to the ordinance.
              ii. An additional fee for the permit also has to be charged.  Jay questioned as to whether this should be $100 per structure or $100 for the project.
              His feeling was that this should be charged per structure.  The ordinance needs to be reviewed. 
        B. Jessie Boulier of 196 Greeley RD: an “after the fact” penalty, of $100 for plumbing and building for building without a permit.
        C.  Mike Smith of Carey Lane:  DEP has documentation and vegetative work is ok.
C.   Charles Shore of 77 Glidden RD, off Wanning RD timber harvest.
3.     Permits approved already by Planning Board:
        A. 1/5/07 Town Garage a new door.         
4.  1/2/07 Beverly Harrand: Lot 2 of the Shaw’s subdivision Needs a DOT driveway permit and has nothing yet.  Call made to individual George Sible, expressed no interest in getting a permit even after second call. 1/12/07 further contact with Beverly, she is  awaiting soil engineer recommendation.                
 5.  Attended Appeals Board meeting 1/16/07.
6.  Mid-Maine training for CEO in Skowhegan 1/17/07.
7.  April 18, 2007 Meeting for Plumbing and Venting for Mid-coast Maine. Possibility of it being in Freedom. Refreshments would need to be supplied.
8.  Meeting with Dave Schofield regarding property on Stevens Rd. 
              A.  Old Town Garage is hazardous, no warning signs.  Town would be liable if someone were hurt.
              B.  Rumor has it someone is living in the Anderson trailer.
              C.  Town lot is 60 by 80 ft.  Deed has been found. 
              D.  Irene Anderson is not currently interested in buying the Town lot.
1.     Smithton Rd. has been repaired.
1.     Amount recycled is up 3%. 
2.     Handout re: recycling when stickers are bought and it was also suggested that information be put in the Town Report.
3.     Steve Bennett informed those present that we had spent $62,000 on getting rid of our trash    
          No activity
1.     Anderson septic system:  State has had people from 3 divisions evaluate and inspect the property in regards to installing a system.  This also includes someone from the DEP.  There is a possibility that they have enough room to install a system, but no information from them has been forth coming.
2.     The couple who will be moving in are allegedly not currently living there.  There is no running water.  The septic system was disconnected by being cut off at the tank and it was plugged. 
3.     On retrospect Dave wishes he had condemned both of the properties
4.     As it stands now, nothing can be done until spring and a test pit needs to be done. 
5.     The adjacent Town Garage is a hazard and if you try to repair it, you would be trespassing since it is on a 60 X 20ft site. It is a liability for the Town.   The Town should get rid of it and make who ever takes it remove it.  Also make sure that it is not grandfathered in.
6.     According to State Statute another system can be installed including a leaching field.
EXECUTIVE SESSION: A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to go into executive session to discuss a performance evaluation of Clint Spaulding.  Motion was seconded and carried.
1.     Board Vacancy Policy: There was a discussion with a few more changes in this. A motion by Tim Biggs to amend the policy of board of selectpersons of  2007 and to accept new articles 17 and 18 with changes initialed. This was seconded by Steve Bennett.
      Nineteen policies have been created this past year.
      Each year after the annual town meeting they require reenactment or changes by the new board of selectpersons.
4.     Mutual Aid Agreement:  This was to agree to mutual aid with Thorndike. This needs to be signed by both towns of Freedom and Palermo.  A motion to sign this mutual aid agreement with Thorndike was made by Tim Biggs, seconded by Lynn Hadyniak and carried.
5.     Planning Board Vacancy:  A new  notice will be posted regarding this vacancy.  Inquires should be directed to the Selectpersons. 
6.     Fasculo property:  Lynn Hadyniak informed those present that Grant Estelle of Unity College forest management program has a student that he think would be a good candidate in evaluating this property.  This would be done under supervision.  An inspection of the property and discussion needs to take place at the Fasulo site.
7.     Irene Anderson regarding property on Stevens Rd may possibly be interested in the adjunct property, currentlyTown owned.
      1. Lendall Chase spoke to Jay Guber about a rock maple tree on the corner of  Pleasant and Mill St. that is deteriorating and needs to be removed.  This is on a  corner where children get the school bus.  A letter to CMP from the Selectors  needs to be written regarding this potential hazard since it involves the power line. LynnHadyniak will contact them.
      2.  Lawyer for the Appeals Board:  The Appeals Board would like to have Bill Kelly.  He also represented the Planning Board.  A discussion followed regarding whether there would be any conflict of interest.  Most of those in the  audience were in favor of him.  The Appeals Board had wanted an answer tonight since there is a time constraint.  Lynn Hadyniak will look into this.
               A.  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak and seconded by Tim Biggs
               that the Town agree to hire an attorney to represent the Town in the appeals pending CES application Tim Biggs seconded this and motion carried.  Steve Bennett abstained from voting.
               B. A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak and seconded by Tim Biggs that the Town spend no more than $2,500 for the attorney to represent the Town pertaining to the appeal.  Motion carried withSteve Bennett abstaining.  
               C.  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak and seconded by Tim Biggs that the Town hire Bill Kelly to represent the Town of Freedom to work with the Appeals Board on the pending CES application provided that the  Maine State Board of Bar Examiners and MMA agrees that there is no conflict of interest for such representation. Motion carried with Steve Bennett abstaining.
3.  Appointment for registrar of voters.
               A.  A motion was made to appoint Cindy Abbott as registrar of Voters for the Town of Freedom for a two year term from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008.
4.  Fire department:  Sallyann Hadyniak suggested that there be some form of fund raising for the fire department.
5.  Warrants:
               A. Payroll:  $1, 433.96
               B.  Accounts payable: $44,614.96
      Motions were made, seconded and approved to pay above accounts. 
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
Permit list for 2006
Recycle information
MMA risk management: Re firefighter  

JANUARY 3, 2007
Selectors present: Steve Bennett, Tim Biggs and Lynn Hadyniak.
Others present: Betty Sienkiewicz, Thressa Abbott, Tom and HilaryFleming, Clint Spaulding and son, Jim Waterman, Glen and David Bridges, Ron Price, Barbara Mosseau, and MarionBowers.
BARBARA MOSSEAU, Superintendent of Schools spoke regarding SAD 3.
The school budget has been purposed but before it is finalized she would like to have it put before the public.
She believes that there needs to be a tighter link with the community.
Within the district there also needs to be similar teaching with each school.
1.     Vision Statement.
2.     MSAD #3 five-year strategic plan.
There are unexpended funds this year of 1 million dollars.  This can help to defray costs over the next few years.
As to “No child left behind” adequate yearly progress was made.
There was a question and answer discussion before she finished her talk.
The Selectpersons’ meeting was called to order at 6:36PM.
Minutes of the December 20, 2006 meeting were approved with one minor correction.
1.     Letter from John Carver: regarding Sandy Pond Dam whichLynn Hadyniak will report on.
2.     Letter from Waldo County re: FEMA and the roads worked on.
3.     Reports need to be prepared for the budget and annual report.
   A.  A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak to require all department heads to have their budget and annual report prepared by January 31, 07. This was seconded by Tim Biggs.  There was some discussion, which at that meeting time,  possible wants and needs should be included.  Also if unable to meet the deadline, reason for failing to do so, could be amendable.  Motion carried.
B.   A motion was made by Tim Biggs for the preliminary budget to be finalized by February 15, 2007.  LynnHadyniak seconded the motion and motion carried.  
1. Salt and sanding of roads has been done.  There is plenty of this material.  The question arose as to whether residents are allowed to help themselves of the salt and sand. This was agreeable if a small amount was taken.  This has been done for years. If the amount left in the salt-sand pile is low, taking material by a resident would be objectionable.  
2.  There is a problem with other surrounding towns not doing winter road care plowing, sanding, etc as has been done in the past which involves going beyond the town line.  An example of this is Young Hill on the North Palermo Rd and the Burnham Hill RD which is in Montville as well a Freedom.
3.  J. Downer’s driveway area needs some gravel according to Tim Biggs.
4.  Year-end evaluation of road commissioner will be done next week.
1.     2006 report shows that this has been a successful year: no injuries or breakdowns.
2.     Summons to fire station: 69.
          A. Knox calls: 13.
          B.  Freedom calls: 26.
          C. Mutual aid calls: 30.
3.     Structure fires have been in Albion Palermo and Freedom.
4.  Arson:
       A.  All 3 barns burned have been ruled as arson.
5 Chimney fires:
          A. Knox 2.
          B. Freedom 1. 
6.  Grants:
          A. Fire grant for 2005 has been closed out.  This was used primarily for turnout gear, SCBA’s Due to a clerical error $115.90 was returned.
B. Fire grant for 2006 from Homeland Security has been applied for. The fire department has received a 2nd level of approval via e-mail. This grant would be for an amount near $35,000. This would be used for industrial wash machine, (also called a water extractor) and turn-out gear. Also needed are 3 vehicle radios compatible with a narrow band. Also a new set of Jaws valued at $18,000+ are needed.  We would be required to pay 5% of the granted amount. Approval of the grant is usually around the end of December.
C.     Election of officers is next Monday, January 8, 2007and includes the auxiliary.
D.     Training for Town Officials: January 20, 2007 at theHutchinson Center in Belfast.   This is a 9AM-3PMseminar covering a variety of subjects. These are required classes for the firefighters.
E.      Cell phone request:  Hilary will follow up on this.
F.      Volunteers:  We have 16 or 17 but during the day this presents a problem with many of them working.  The recent trailer fire took mutual aid from Albion as well as Palermo in addition to Freedom.  Sometimes as many as five towns need to be involved.
G.    Mutual Aid Agreement needs to be signed. The usual towns in this are Albion, Montville, Palermo andThorndike.
H.     Problem Areas:
1.     Older trailers being brought into Freedom.  They present a safety hazard.
2.     Narrow roads:  No room to pass or turn around create problems.  An 18 ft road is really needed and a turn around area. Again public safety is involved.
1.     Nomination papers are available.
A.    Positions available and have been posted:
          1. Town clerk- tax collector
          2. Treasurer.
          3.  Selectperson
          4. School board representative.
B.  Papers need to be filed by February 12, 07.
2.     Year-end reports were gone over.
          A. $853,000 passed through the Town Office.
B.      Excise taxes were down on vehicles and up on boats.
C.   Town elections will be on March 30, 2007
D.   Annual town meeting will be on March 31, 2007.
E.    The above dates in March need to be determined 84 days prior to actual meeting.  According to policy they need to be re-enacted on a yearly basis.
F.    Taxes:
                    1. Currently $144,936.86 is owed the Town.
                   2.  About $10,000 is owed in liens.
                               3.  There is the possibility that two residents may lose their homes
                               through foreclosure for unpaid taxes. Cindy has contacted them several times in regard to this possibility.
1.     Dave Schofield had contacted her regarding that he believed that there would be a septic system being done at the Anderson property on Stevens Rd. Once it was done he would notify her regarding removing the notice that was on the door stating that the residence was uninhabitable.  DEP had been contacted and was to view and comment on this possible installation.
2.     As of this date, no further information is available.
3.     Steve Bennett will contact Dave Schofield.
1.     Accounts:
        Checking: $100.005.00
        Total: $212,935.68
        CD’s as of 11/31/06: Thurston CD: $543.01; Other CD: $832.03
        Capitol Improvement: $78,299.
2.     Income:
        Municipal Revenue: $4, 053.23
        Homestead $7,629: 1st payment.
3.     Thank you notes received from 2 mental health groups.
4.     Closed-out except for tonight’s warrants.
5.     Bill Kelly’s bill will be removed from tonight’s warrant since the hourly price in the bill is different than what had previously been stated. Lynn Hadyniak will be in touch with him.
1.     Board Vacancy Policy: A second draft by Lynn Hadyniakwas reviewed.This will be slightly revised.
2.     Stevens RD property: Steve Bennett will contact DaveSchofield.
3.     Skidgel Property: Lynn Hadynaik will contact ScottLeighton of the Hazardous Department of the DEP of the Town’s interest.
4.     Board vacancy policy: This will be voted on next week.
5.     Jane Fasulo Property: Lynn Hadyniak has sent an e-mail toUnity College.
1.     Reaving of some dirt roads should be considered in the budget done by the Road Commissioner.
2.     State Police have been contacted regarding the Bennett horse incident by Lynn Hadyniak.  Also the Flemings have also contacted them in regard to suspicious activity around their trailer.
3.     Warrants:
          A. Payroll: $1,138.42
          B. Accounts payable: $5755.83
          Motions were made and seconded to pay the above warrants.  Motions carried.
4.     Motions:
A.     A motion was made by Lynn Hadyniak for the Town Election to be on March 30th and the Annual Town Meeting to be on March 31, 2007. Motion was seconded and carried.
B.      A motion was made and seconded to sign the Mutual Aid agreement with four towns; Montville, Albion,Palermo and Unity.  Motion carried.  The form fromThorndike was missing.
5.     Meetings: Assessors; January 7, 2007 at 8:00PM.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.
 Respectfully submitted,
Marion Bowers
1.     SAD#3 Vision Statement
2.     SAD#3 Five Year Strategic Plan