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Select Board meets every other Monday of each month.

The Dec. 30, 2013 meeting was cancelled due to weather and road conditions.

DEC. 16, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6: 35 PM. Present: Ron Price, Brian Jones, Bob Gerrish, Dave Bridges, Joe Freeman, Bob Hermon, Jim Waterman, Cindy Abbott, Erna Keller, Glen Bridges.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes were accepted as written with a motion from Brian, seconded by Ron, but with the accidentally deleted information (start time and attendees list) added back in.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Joe Freeman was disturbed that the Board had hired Clint to supervise and oversee the paving for $15,000 “behind closed doors”. Ron and Brian responded with the following points:
1. This vote was taken in a public meeting; anyone would have been welcome to attend and discuss it.
2. It was not just the paving job that Clint was overseeing, but also all the 30-40 culvert
replacements and road ditching.
3. A project that is costing over a half million dollars is worth having a “clerk of the works” looking after the Town’s best interest, and the compensation came out of the bond, not other tax dollars.
[Note: The loan was for $600,000 for 7 years @ 2.31%, with yearly payments of $86,000 per year starting in 2014, except for the final year at $84,000]
Joe also complained that the State doesn’t pay the 55% of school costs as directed by a public referendum. Brian explained that as State Rep., he had introduced an amendment to the State constitution to accomplish that, but it went nowhere. Joe expressed his worry that taxes will keep increasing until they are unaffordable for everyone.

FVFD: Jim reported that he will be picking up Christmas baskets this Saturday. There are some discrepancies in the lists of recipients. Brian volunteered to work with Cindy to compare the lists so no family is left out.
In the house fire in Knox, some equipment was destroyed – a hose, a fire extinguisher. An estimated five or so firemen were there from Freedom.
Jim asked to have the Fire Department building entry shoveled out by the plow driver.

CORRESPONDENCE: The gantry has to be inspected and certified by a licensed structural engineer before it can be used again. Erna offered to contact Pat Cronin from DOT. Ron wondered if Tim Varney could do it.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll 12/9/13..............................................$2146.33
Payroll 12/16/13............................................$2027.76
A/P 12/10/13.................................................$6517.34

Beginning checkbook balance.............................$641,403.96
Accounts Payable (A/P) 12/16/13.......................$11,996.64
Ending checkbook balance..................................$629,407.32

A refund was received from MMA for $40.
Discussion followed about the truck phones, which have never worked, yet cost the Town $70/month. The Town trucks have to be able to communicate with each other. Maybe our EMD Christine could find grant money for radios. Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to authorize Brian to follow-up on the problem to find a resolution, seconded by Brian and carried.
Brian moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Ron and passed.
Brian moved to accept and sign both the payroll and the A/P, seconded by Ron and passed.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Rick Cross asked Ron to sign a letter to accept grant monies from the Stephen/Tabitha King Foundation if his grant application is successful. The old Academy headmaster’s house was inspected by a builder and found to be too deteriorated to restore. Brian moved to authorize Ron to sign Rick’s paperwork on behalf of the Board; motion passed.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: One applicant received 50 gal. of heating oil. Brian reported that after Dec. 18th, non-citizens will not qualify for General Assistance; likewise Food Stamps and TANF benefits. Hopefully the group “Warm Waldo” can help.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Ron reported the new (used) Town truck did well throughout the recent snowstorm.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE: Brian commented that compromise is sorely needed between the executive branch and Appropriations Committee. The new session begins Jan. 8.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Ron will contact Dave Schofield to measure the setback of the new building on Ledges Lane.

ASSESSORS: Brian plans to explain the program for poverty tax abatements to a resident who may be in need. Paperwork is in for a septic system grant.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: An all day meeting is planned for Jan. 8th.

OLD BUSINESS: The need for bat guano clean-up in the restored meeting house was discussed, along with Travis Price’s offer to get it done for less money, but it turned out the job had already been finished and paid for.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Brian reported that this year’s shared sponsorship of the annual Recreation Committee craft fair did not go well, and in the future should be run solely by the Recreation Committee. The FVFD did not work well with the office staff, didn’t communicate adequately with vendors, and left before work was done. “This was a disaster”, Brian concluded, and added the FVFD already has enough traditional fundraisers.

OLD BUSINESS: A complication was discussed regarding the Post Office paying for its plowing. After discussion, Ron moved to allow the Town credit card machine to be swiped so that Clint can be paid for the plowing he has done up to now, but in the future he can make his own arrangements with the Post Office. Brian seconded; motion passed.

The next Select Board meeting is Dec 30 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

DECEMBER 2, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:15 PM. Present: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones. Also Hillary (Solid Waste Director) and Tom Fleming, Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Dave Bridges (Comp Plan), Bob Gerrish, Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: Nov. 18 minutes were accepted with two deletions, as moved by Brian and seconded by Clint.

CORRESPONDENCE: Brian reported:
1. An invitation to a Montville Grange tea on Dec. 8.
2. A MERC meeting, given to Meredith
3. Information regarding concerns about the proposed dredging in Searsport harbor, with no environmental impact study, predicting a negative impact on the bay.

SOLID WASTE: Hillary gave the Board a year-end report with a spreadsheet [attached]. Tipping fees are expected to increase significantly when PERC is gone in 2018. Brooks and Dixmont are looking into single-stream recycling.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint suggested the need for back-up plow drivers. The Board voted to go into executive session as authorized by 1 MRSA 405(6)A to discuss personnel matters. They returned after 15 minutes, having made no decisions. Brian moved to hire Glenn Sporie as a relief driver, seconded by Ron and passed.

The single bid received for Town plowing of several roads and parking lots was opened. Ron moved to accept the bid of $5000 from Spaulding Family Trucking. Brian seconded and motion passed with Clint recusing himself.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: One application was received; 50 gal. of heating oil was delivered.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported Ryan is coming Dec. 3 at 8 AM to look at Erna’s computer. Town election and annual meeting dates of March 14 and 15th were decided by a motion from Ron with unanimous vote.

Nomination papers will be available Dec. 19th. Erna, Cindy & Brian are up for re-election.

Brian moved, seconded by Ron, to change the payroll dates to accommodate the employees needs. Motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll 11/25/13...........................................$2052.71
Payroll 11/30/13...........................................$1653.55
Payroll 12/2/13.............................................$3474.94

Checkbook balance......................................$593,104.07

Accounts payable 11/21/13........................$50,543.52
Accounts Payable (A/P) 12/2/13.............$60,848.66
A/P additional 12/2/13..............................$6297.03

Vernice will be in the office Dec. 10th.
Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant for $60,848.66 (includes Dec. RSU 3)
Clint moved, seconded by Brian to sign the A/P warrant for $50,543.52.
Clint moved, seconded by Brian, to sign the payroll for $1653.55.

EMA: Certificates have been received for Ron and Clint’s recent NIMS ICS402 training.

ASSESSORS: Ron said he will get the Luhn survey from Tony Grassi before the net meeting, and the Assessor can resolve that property tax problem.

Brian moved, seconded by Ron, to put the High St. property out to bid. Motion passed.

PUBLIC WORKS: Clint talked to Jim Little, who designs salt & sand storage facilities; he will work on a design for Freedom.

COMP. PLAN: Dave gave each of the Selectmen a handout, which cites studies proving that housing development does not reduce taxes for a town, but raises them due to increased demand on services and schools. [attached]

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Ron reported that the $2700 estimate for cleaning up bat guano in the old meetinghouse is very high; Travis Price will do it for less.

OLD BUSINESS: The no parking signs are up at the mill.

Ron will notify CEO Dave Schofield to inspect the old trailer near Joe Richardson’s, which was supposed to have been removed. In addition, the CEO should follow up on the trailer that is still on the edge of the Bryant Rd., and the septic on the corner of Greeley has to be filled in.

Brian reported that he called Kleinschmidt, and spoke to Mike Schimpff, who he will meet with later in December. Brian is asking for an updated quote for engineering the repair of the dam, and looking for any possible grant funding.

Brian called MMA to inquire about liability insurance on Town-owned property;MMA advised not to add the Town-owned property.

Ron asked the Board about resolving the disposition of the Tingley property. The Board was agreeable to see if the Budget Committee would be willing to fund the cost of a survey (which would be recouped upon sale). Brian will bring this to the Budget Committee meeting on Dec. 11th.

Next meeting is Dec. 16 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

NOVEMBER 18, 2013

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:08 PM, with the following present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Sallyann Hadyniak, Myrick Cross, Bob Gerrish, Scott Holmes, Jim Waterman, Cindy Abbott, Kayley Spaulding.

REVIEW MINUTES: Ron moved to accept the minutes from Nov. 4 as written, seconded by Brian and passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Myrick asked about the Historical Society using part of the annex for storage. Ron replied that the area needs to be cleaned up and organized, and the Historical Society is welcome to take on that job. Others also would like to use that space, such as the Recreation Committee, the office for the EMD, and storage for the office. Ron added that the building is not heated.

Discussion followed about the annual craft fair, which the Fire Dept. wants to sponsor this year. Ron reviewed that Scott told him the Rec. Cmte. had decided not to hold the craft fair this year, and he wanted to know if the Fire Dept. could sponsor it and use the annex space. Ron gave Scott the go-ahead as long as a Town entity benefitted from it.

In the meantime Kayley Spaulding had offered to manage the project, with the proceeds going to the restoration of cemetery monuments.

The Board approved the two groups working together, with the FVFD running the craft fair, and the Rec. Cmte. sponsering the silent auction and raffle.

FVFD: The Thanksgiving baskets will be put together early Saturday by high school students.
Signs are not up yet at the hydrant.
Jim has contacted the Anderson family about burning their house and barn. Shingles, vinyl and metal siding, and asbestos, if any, have to be removed. Jim is concerned about the close proximity to Cy Reynolds.
Brian asked Jim to contact Viola Greeley about another house to burn.
Discussion came up about Beaver Ridge Wind working with the Town to assist residents with holiday food donations.

SOLID WASTE DIRECTOR: Meredith not in attendance; Brian didn’t talk to her yet regarding nominations for the MRC Board.

TREASURER: Erna’s report was read as follows:

Payroll warrant 11.9.13............................$2744.56
Payroll warrant 11.18.13..........................$2091.13
A/P warrant 11.11.13...............................$5783.85
A/P warrant 11.18.13...............................$5535.31

1. A check was received from MRC for $1435.90.
2. Vernice will be in the office tomorrow, Nov. 19.
3. Kirk Sherman Builders invoice for $4000 is in this week’s warrant.
4. A thank you note was received from the Game Loft, read aloud by Ron.
5. There will be another warrant by the end of the week.
6. There are no balances included in this report.

Clint moved to sign the payroll warrant for $2091.13, seconded by Ron; passed.
Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant for $5783.85, seconded by Brian; passed.

TOWN CLERK: Brian listed the notices that are planned for a mailing to residents.
Brian moved to authorize funding the mailing, seconded by Ron; passed. Plowing bids will be solicited in the mailing and in Sallyann’s column also. Clint pointed out that the plow contract holder has to have commercial liability insurance. Ron will write up the bid solicitation.

SCHOOL BOARD REP: Rick Cross reported the Board voted to request proposals to lease school busses; the Superintendent has written detailed specifications.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint asked if the Board wants to build a turn-around at Boyd Ward’s driveway for the mail carrier and Sullivan’s. The Board voted for the Town to turn around at Pottle’s; Ron suggested getting an estimate on what it would cost to build a turn-around across from Ward’s, but didn’t think the Town has any responsibility for the mail carrier or Sullivan’s.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE REPORT: Brian sits on the Ag Committee; the Ag Commissioner cannot attend their meetings because of the Governor’s policy of having to approve such attendance. The next session starts Jan. 8th.

CEO: Dave Schofield talked to the Turners about the trailer on the Bryant Rd., who said it would be moved this week.
There are bales of hay in the Sibley roadway, which will interfere with plowing. Clint will talk to Steve Bennett.
The paperwork for repair of the septic system on Greeley rd. has been submitted, but nothing will happen on it until the spring. The ditch has to be filled in.

ASSESSOR’S REPORT: Ron and Cindy discussed the difference between excise tax on farm equipment vs. personal property tax. As a farmer, Ron can get a $10,000 exemption.
Cindy suggested a check list be used before signing the upcoming tax commitment, and to decide on the date of the Town Meeting.

PUBLIC WORKS: Clint said the board should look into the Sand/Salt shed before the deadline; Brian suggested this come up at the Budget committee. The options would be a fabric building, Quonset, or stick-built.

COMP. PLAN ECONOMIC COMMITTEE: Brian reported that reports are being compiled and collected.

CEMETERIES: The estimate for restoring cemetery monuments is $5520 for 8 cemeteries if they are all done at once.

PLANNING BOARD: Sally reported Gunner has been sending minutes to Ron at work.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron said Tony Grassi has the Luhn property survey, and that needs to be resolved.
The Skidgel property has been transferred from a trust to Mildred Skidgel.
The surveyor will set the pin on Bo Selleck’s property.
The phone still isn’t working in the Selectmen’s office. Cindy thinks maybe they should buy another base. Ron moved to send back to existing phone and buy a new base for the Selectmen’s office, seconded by Brian.
The Tingley property: Brian suggested asking the Budget Committee to fund the survey, up to $10,000 that can be recouped from the sale of the property; perhaps there is wood the Town would want to cut, or gravel. Ron is not interested in harvesting wood from the lot, and wants it back on the tax rolls. Clint thought it could be sold now without a survey. Ron suggested putting this on the agenda for next meeting.
The McDonald property: After discussion about who owns the property, it was accepted that the Town owns it. The owner received a letter on Nov. 9th asking her to come in to talk. Ron moved to wait until Dec. 2 for the owner to contact the Board and commit to paying $3884+ back taxes. If not, put it out to bid. Motion seconded by Brian and passed with Clint opposed. Clint thought it should be put out to bid now.
Brian will call MMA about liability insurance for tax-acquired property.
Cindy reported the ceiling in the annex still appears to be leaking.
Ron gave a letter soliciting contributions from a Children’s Center to Brian for the Budget Committee.

NEW BUSINESS: Myrick explained the community bicentennial celebration on Dec. 28th, with a film, potluck and a dance.
Brian talked about the Comp. Plan enabling the Town to apply for grants, and moved to appropriate $75 to purchase a directory of Maine Grant Makers. Clint seconded, motion passed.
Ron reported Freedom is losing Ryan Willette’s business because he found a reasonable rent in Albion. It’s unfortunate the Waylon Wolf building couldn’t have been available to Ryan.

The next meeting is Dec. 2 at 6 PM.
Motion to adjourn passed at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.
Meeting taped by Sallyann Hadyniak, Deputy Sec.

NOV. 4, 2013

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Rick Cross, Dave Bridges, Sallyann Hadyniak, Tom Carroll, Erna Keller, Frances Walker, Tim Varney, Cindy Abbott, Glen Bridges, Kim & Steve Holmes.

REVIEW MINUTES: Brian moved to accept and file the minutes from Oct. 21; motion passed.

CORRESPONDENCE: Brian received a ballot for directors of MRC; he’ll follow up with Meredith about the candidates. Also, he wants to ask Meredith about Vassalboro going to single-stream recycling.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported the deadlines for holiday basket recipient lists is Nov. 12 for Thanksgiving and Dec. 9 for Christmas.
Cindy gave the Board a list of Budget Committee members needing to be reappointed.
Tomorrow at 9 AM, Mr. Thomas will be escorted to the cemeteries by Jon Willette to come up with an estimate for restoring the grave monuments.
A Fairpoint technician could not program the new phone because the connection was equipped with the wrong cord. The battery may be the problem with the Selectmen’s phone.
The ceiling in the election hall needs work; there is a possible leak. Please inspect it tomorrow; voting is from 8 AM – 8 PM.

HEALTH OFFICER: Frances reported on her research into the Affordable Healthcare Act. She has taken a 20-hour course to become a “Navigator”, one of three in Waldo Co. to help residents find health insurance. A mailing would be helpful to advertise her services. Frances’ phone number for interested residents is 370-0021.
The deadline for Jan. 1 coverage is Dec. 15th, but coverage can be obtained up to March 31st. Frances will leave some flyers in the election hall.
Brian moved to fund the requested town-wide mailing, to be approved by the Board. Clint seconded, motion passed.

SCHOOL BOARD REP: Rick reported the next School Board meeting will be Nov. 12 at the Morse in Brooks @ 7 PM. He is on the finance committee; budget meetings have begun.
Brian asked about the “Common Core” program. Rick replied it has been taught for the last year; there is no choice in the matter.

DOT: SALT & SAND SHEDS: Tim Varney attended to inform the Board that the DOT is phasing out the state program for cost-sharing salt & sand sheds in case Freedom still wants to apply for funding. Eighteen Class III towns don’t have salt/sand sheds. He gave the Board copies of the state statute. The Board will bring this up to the Budget Committee.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that the trucks are ready to go. The plow wing is on #6. The sander has to go to Howard Fairfield’s for trade in.

STATE REP: Brian reported that there will be a series of health forums coming up. The session starts Jan. 8th, bills will be published in December, and he’ll pass those on to the Board.
Brian added that towns could lose municipal sharing if $40 million in saving isn’t found.

EMA: The Vigilant Guard training is at the office at 5 PM on Nov. 6th. All elected officials and office staff should attend. Dinner will be provided.
The G425 (NIMS) training was held on Oct. 28th.

COMP. PLAN: Dave reported the Capital Investment/Economic Development Committee will meet Nov. 5th at 6:30.

PLANNING BOARD: Brian reported the FEMA Flood Plain maps are not available yet.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY/BICENTENNIAL CMTE: Rick Cross reported Dec. 28th will be the final celebration for the bicentennial, with a film on the Old Mill restoration, a potluck, and a dance. Also, Viola will have maps available for sale Wednesday.
The old meetinghouse has a problem with bat guano; clean-up will cost $2500. The electrical work needs to be finished, then dry wall, then the floor.

CEMETERIES: Kim & Steve Holmes attended because they are concerned about the Town cemeteries, and will be actively raising money in the spring with a spaghetti supper. Ron noted that the Town is responsible to maintain any cemetery open to the public. Rick added that by law the Town has to maintain veterans’ graves. Cindy has a list of veterans in Freedom and where they are buried. Rick said there are 120 veterans in Pleasant Hill.
Pleasant Hill will be putting in a request for monies; Smithton might as well. Dave pointed out that the Comprehensive Plan lists 14 cemeteries in Town, two managed by boards of directors, and six private (meaning for a particular family). The consensus was that Smithton is closed, and the rest are full, except for Pleasant Hill.
Ron & Brian agreed to bring up funding for cemeteries to the Budget Committee, and repeated their call for a new Cemetery Committee.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll 10/28/13......................................$2319.11
Payroll 11/4/13........................................$4388.08
A/P 10/29/13..........................................$590,484.38
(Included MSAD3 $45,196, Clayton Larrabee $12,399.30
Allstates Paving $532,889.08)

Beginning checkbook balance.........................$590,442.01
A/P 11/4/13..................................................$46,213.84
Ending checkbook balance..............................$544,228.17

A check was received form the State Truck Excise Fund for $40.72
Tomorrow Vernice will be in the office for a pre-audit consultation. She will also review the expenditures out of the bond monies. The Town has to vote on an article regarding which account the Post Office rent goes to.
Brian moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Ron seconded, motion carried. Brian moved to sign both the payroll and Accounts Payable warrants for this week, seconded by Ron; motion passed.

OLD BUSINESS: The turnaround on Beaver Ridge Rd. still needs to be settled; permission should be asked of Dave Pottle to use his entrance.
Lane Gray has estimated a survey of the Tingley property to not exceed $10,000. Brian has talked to the Unity college forester, who said they could inventory the land as a class project next fall (’14), and that he talked to a geologist about the possibility of gravel underlying the land, gravel the Town might want to own.
Ron expressed his concern for the need to get this property back on the tax roles. He doesn’t know what it’s worth, but is assessed at $800/acre, which would add up to $160,000.
Brian suggested the Board keep researching possibilities, and let the Town decide at Town Meeting.
The Board will bring up the painting of white lines on roads to the Budget committee.

NEW BUSINESS: Brian will contact MMA to see if the Town should have insurance on the Tingley property.

Move to adjourn passed at 7:45 PM. The next meeting will be Nov. 18th.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Sec.

Approved Minutes/Freedom Board of Selectmen
October 21, 2013

Call To Order:
The meeting was called to order at 6:07 p.m. by Selectmen Ron Price. Present were Selectmen Clint Spaulding, (Absent was Selectmen Brian Jones), Treasurer, Erna Keller, Tom Carroll, Rebecca Skibitsky, Myrick Cross, Rhoda Clark, Fire Chief Jim Waterman, Bobby Gerrish and (Acting Secretary) Sallyann Hadyniak.

Review Minutes:
Ron made a motion to accept the minutes as read and to be placed on file, Clint second the motion. Motion made and carried.

Citizen Issues:
Bobby Gerrish stated the turbines were noisy every week during the month of August. There was a reprieve during September and October. Bobby asked Tom when there were going to come with a meter to check the noise levels. Tom responded he believes it will be in November. Bobby made a comment to Clint that they did a good job on the paving of the roads.

Before Tom left, Ron asked him is there will be funding available for the Historical Society and he said yes, Tom gave Myrick Cross his card because he will contact him when the pictures come in for framing. Tom also asked if there was a food bank in Freedom and Jim responded that we use Unity. Tom asked Jim how they can help with their resources to help the people in the town of Freedom . He will work together with Jim and a list will be made up.

Rhoda Clark made a suggestion regarding car pooling. She asked if the town had a place for people to leave their cars so that they can all go in one car. It was suggested by Ron to clear it with the Grange to see if they would allow the use of their lot since there aren’t many activities in the winter there, and that the town plows that parking lot. Ron said for her to contact Roberta and she would be able to help her.

The Board of Selectmen have not yet decided if there will b a turnaround made across from Boyd Wards home, or if they will use David Pottel’s driveway. Clint stated that if they use David’s driveway, they may have to open the road to maintenance during the winter months.

Officers Reports:
Jim Waterman had some questions for Christine regarding Wednesday, November 6. He spoke to Olga and he didn’t know the time they would meet or how many firemen they want there. Clint quoted that there should be 5-8 firemen He didn’t know the time

Ron made a motion to close the office at 5:00 p.m. on Monday October 28th due to a training session at the Town Office starting at 5:30 p.m. Clint second the motion. Motion made and carried.

Treasurer’s Report:
. Payroll Warrant this week is $2,158.92
. Payroll for week ending 10/15/2003 was $1,912.57
. A/P this week is $6,614.54
. There is still on AP that needs to be done for AllStates Asphalt for paving.
Still waiting for any paperwork or info that Clint has to verify amounts of tonnage and if correct amount was charged. Then Erna needs to transfer amount from savings to checking before writing this check for $532,889.08.
5. Beginning checkbook Balance $627,436.26
Less A/P this week $6,614.54
Ending Checkbook Balance $620,821.72
Clint made a motion to accept the Payroll Warrant and the A/P, Ron second the motion, motion made and carried.

Officer Report:
Brian Jones left notes for the following:
. He contacted Efficiency Maine, and there are programs municipalities that provide cash and incentives to improve lighting efficiency and heating. It will take some up front money from the town but no details to report. Still working on it.
. Tried to deal the new flood plan map but because of the government shut down no one is available at FEMA to answer any questions. Since this is a shore land issue, Brian contacted Bill Pickford, and Bill said the maps haven’t been published yet but he will look into it and get back to Brian.
. Contacted Professor (of forestry)Dillon Dillaway at Unity College to discuss the Tingley property. Brian will be talking with him about more details on Tuesday. He expressed interest in the property and will attend the Selectmen’s next meeting.
. Called Seacoast Security and reported only one power outage since August 9, 2012 .
. Called Warren Spaulding and he agreed to open the church on Veteran’s Day. November 11th
. Called Tony Grassi about the Mill tour this Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.and he suggested to invite municipal officials and appointees. He has called around and has received limited response and has left messages with many.
. Brian hasn’t written the Spirit of America award as yet, but will get to it, and hasn’t taken any action on cemeteries.
. Had a lengthy discussion with Meredith Coffin about solid waste and recycling. Our contract is expiring this year with Sullivan. We should explore all of our options and put together a plan before we begin budget deliberations.

Representative for Freedom RSE Board of Directors:
Myrick Cross presented the Board of Selectmen with copies of the Strategic Plan Draft that was worked on for the better part of one year and is to be released this time next year. A lengthy discussion was held by Myrick and Clint.

Historical Society:
Myrick reported that the Historical Society/Bi Centennial is planning an event to be held on Saturday, December 28th from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. They are hoping that at 3:30 p.m. Tony Grassi will show the documentary at the Ole Mill. There will be family type activities like story telling and music then at the Grange Hall there will be a community type supper and a contra dance.
They received a grant for the archives; They have a new black cabin and have a proposed grant to finish the old Town Hall with grant money.
They received a $10,000.00 grant from the Gibson Foundation and that is for the Town Library and Community Center. Myrick is going to go and see the old principal’s house to see if they can make a deal and turn it into a library Community Center .

Myrick stated that they need 47 flags and holders for the veteran’s graves located in Pleasant Hill Cemetery . The Town pays for all the vets’ cemeteries (flags and holders).
After a discussion, Ron made a motion to order the flags and holders for the Pleasant Hill Cemetery and Clint second the motion. Motion made and carried.
There aren’t enough of flags so they will order 50. We will discuss this issue with the budget committee. 50 flags and holders will be ordered. Ron made the motion and Clint seconds the motion, motion made and carried. A lengthy discussion was held. A lengthy discussion was held between Myrick, Clint and Ron regarding the subject of private and town cemeteries.

New Business:
Since the town now owns the post office building due to non payment of taxes, there is a deadline that has to be met regarding upkeep of the building which is November 7th. The asphalt is part of the state states responsibility. Ron called Jonathan Thorn hill to give an assessment on what needs to be done. The roof needs attention, due to rotten wood, etc. the approximate cost to replace the roof, 30 year shingles, drip edge, gutters, etc. is approximately $8,850.00l. Price includes, new roofing, labor, gutters and faisher boards. Clint suggested that the Public Works do the repairs. Ron was notified verbally by Arlene, the postmistress but also received an official letter from the Postal Service stating the work has to be done by November 7. A discussion regarding the work, cost, etc. was held and thought of contacting the Amish to do the work. Ron stated that there isn’t enough of time Time is of the essence. No decision was made.

Old Business:
Ron got some estimates from Lane Gray for Bo Selleck and the Tingley property. Gray would set the pin for Bo for $150.00. The deed for the Tingley property is very sketchy.
If we chose to survey that property, his estimate would be between $6,450.00 and $9,500.00. Lane stated that there is about 200 acres and there is some wood on there. Ron would like to know the value of the land before it’s put out for bid. After a lengthy discussion, no decision was made. Clint made a motion that Lane Gray set the pin for Bo Selleck on Smithton Road the Bo claims the town took it out while ditching. Ron seconds the motion, motion made and carried.

Road Commissioner:
Clint stated that we went over budget on paving, Smithton, Ayer Ridge and Bryant Road took more then what was expected. The amount over is #3,000 or less.
Driveways had to be taken care of and of course cost for labor. URIP money can be used for it comes out the capitol project account and the roads fall under that category. 7,505 tons were used for all the roads. We overspent $3,000 at $71.00 per ton.. Couldn’t leave Bryant Road half finished. Clint spoke highly of those that did the paving. It was a
job well done all around and the last of long discussions/reports.
We are on track with our sand. Clayton Larrabee is down there with the dozer and 1,360 yards of sand will be put in tomorrow. (salt and sand pile)

The meeting wasn’t complete without Clint’s cell phone playing some wild music once again.J

The next meeting will be on Monday, November 4, 2013 .

Clint made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m. Ron seconds the motion, motion made and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak (acting secretary)

OCTOBER 7, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:20. Present were Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Pam & Bob Hermon, Dave Schofield, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Dwight Gould, Jim Waterman, Dave Bridges, Glen Bridges.

REVIEW MINUTES: Brian moved to accept the minutes from Sept. 23 as corrected [Page 2, the paragraph about costs of different telephone systems was corrected for accuracy as follows: “Erna said our current system costs $400 per month, Fairpoint’s Centrix system would cost about half”]. Clint seconded, motion passed.

CORRESPONDENCE: Brian reported:
1. A letter from the owner of the Boyd Ward house on Beaver Hill Rd.; they do not want a plow truck turn-around in their driveway, but offered that a new one could be put in across the road. Clint moved to use the entrance to Dave Pottle’s as a turn-around; motion passed.
2. A letter from Thomas Stevens Cemetery Restoration. Brian moved to have him prepare an estimate for cleaning Freedom’s grave monuments; motion passed. Perhaps this could go into next year’s budget.
Discussion followed about the Town cemeteries not being mowed this year.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim Waterman reported that he has a request for another house to burn, the Anderson house above Cy Reynolds trailer. The asphalt shingles have to come off, and the EPA [DEP?] should inspect the house for other toxic materials.
Jim has the ‘No Parking’ signs for the hydrant.
The FVFD has 8 chimneys to clean. Applications are not in yet from WCAP for Thanksgiving baskets.

SOLID WASTE DIRECTOR: Brian reported MRC sent a copy of their fiscal statements. Proposed legislation LD 1483 is intended to level the playing field between the landfill and PERC. MRC suggests this will drive up the costs for all solid waste disposal. Sadly, no one is encouraging recycling. Brian will look into this further.
Clint suggested Freedom could have a transfer station with another Town, or a dumpster for metal, etc., like Jackson & Brooks. Ron said he’s satisfied with the current process, but Meredith could be investigating other options.

TREASURER: The Board reviewed Erna’s written report:

Payroll 9/30/13....................$1987.87
Payroll 10/7/13....................$6094.02
Ending checkbook balance...........$580.126.12
A/P 10/7/13........................$15,022.95

1. Check received: Reimbursement for $5490.36 Tree Growth.
2. Payroll taxes taken out of Town account by mistake on salary of $6897.82 will be returned out of bond money.
3. The Town won a prize of $98 from OTT Communications, and Julie Downer has made a new proposal for Internet phone service, coming to about $300 per month after installation.
4. Workman’s Comp renewal needs to be signed by Board.
5. Ron has a letter ready to go to 39 High St.
6. Billing for quarterly dues to MRC is incorrect.
7. MMA told Erna that she should discharge liens on foreclosed properties because the liens follow the deed. Kristen Collins told Erna the quitclaim deed takes care of liens. The Selectmen decided to have Erna go ahead and discharge the liens since she has the paperwork all prepared. Brian objected to being charged $16 for sending a fax; Cindy said we could have been charged for 15 minutes.
8. The Town does not have a deed for the Post Office in the Town’s name.
9. Ron moved to get a quote from a surveyor to identify the boundaries of the Tingley property. Brian seconded, motion passed. Brian will have the property cruised by Unity College Forestry staff/students by the end of October.
10. Ron will call Dave Austin at AG Truck about his W-9.
11. Frances Walker needs to come in to fill out a W-4.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: One application was turned down because income was over the limit.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Dave Schofield talked about the new FEMA floodplain maps, which raised the floodplain level in Freedom by one foot. This means some property owners will have to buy flood insurance they never had to buy before. The Board agreed to contest the new map, and to meet with Dave and a FEMA representative in Augusta.
Brian asked if Dave had submitted the paperwork for the septic system grant; Dave replied that it is not due until 12/31/13.
Dave Schofield is working with Turners to move the trailer from the edge of Bryant Road.
There are 2 sheets of metal in the stream. Dave doesn’t know where they are coming from.
Dave would like to have access to the Skidgel property. Ron will talk to the Skidgel’s lawyer.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported the residents on Rollins want their road graded.
The paving is finished. The tonnage went over by 400 tons. The final figure was $71.00 per ton. $10,482.50 is left before the reclaiming, which cost $13,500, but Clint didn’t know if the overpayment to Clayton was deducted.
Clint spoke to the manager about the material left on Mitchell along the ditches. They will come back and grade the edges of Mitchell and remove the excess material.
URIP funds run from July to June; Clint wants advice from Vernice on how to use URIP monies for this project.
Clint suggested that next year the Town permit the Board to use URIP monies for roads, so the road budget could be cut back to apply some to the loan.
The budget allowed $60,000 for the new truck, with $18,000 left. The truck still needs a plow; a ‘dustpan’ plow was recommended. Clint said the sander could be a partial trade-in for a plow.
For winter sand, Clayton offered @ $5.50 delivered.
Grading will be done on Rollins, Townhouse, Davis, and Raven.
Truck 8 is going to Harry Smith’s for kingpins.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Christine reported the 75/25 Hazards Mitigation Grant for $9750 has been submitted.
There is training for all elected officials on Monday Oct. 28 at 5:30 at the Town Office.
In Nov. will be a state-wide training to run the EOC from 5-8 PM. Christine will have a date next week.
The information from CMP on power outages was not accurate. Brian will contact Seacoast Security for dates.

ASSESSORS: Clint brought up the Robitaille property abatement for the land across the road from her house. Ron will call her.
Clint mentioned another property of 11 acres that states 10A on the assessment. Ron thought there should be two improved lots on that property.

COMP. PLAN: Dave reported that 10 year plans are coming in. The Implementation Committee, Historical Society and Appeals Board are in, the Planning Board’s needed more work, and the Fire Chief dictated his plan by telephone to Doug Van Horn, who wrote it up. Another meeting of the Economic Development Committee will be held this month.
A workshop was scheduled for Oct. 14th at 6 PM with the Selectmen to get their 10 year plan underway.

CEMETERIES: Brian researched the state laws, and found the Town is responsible for flags on Veterans graves, and for having bells rung on Veterans Day. Brian will see if there are any functional bells in town, either on the FD or church. Clint added that Pleasant Hill Board should give the Selectmen a list of Veterans.

NEW BUSINESS: Brian came across Efficiency Maine’s program to help municipalities so he will follow up on that.
Brian also checked into having a white line painted on Greeley, and found it is 10 cents a foot.

Next Selectmen’s meeting: October 21, 2013.
Oct. 14 @ 6, Workshop on Economic Dev.
Oct. 23 @ 4 PM, Mill Tour
Oct. 28 @ 5:30, Training

Having no old business, a motion to adjourn passed at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Secretary

SEPT. 23, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: At 6:05 by Chairman Price. Present: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Brian Jones. Also Sallyann Hadyniak, Bob & Pam Hermon, Dave Bridges (Appeals Bd., Comp. Plan), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Viola Greeley and Lorraine Overlock (Historical Society), Tom Carroll (Beaver Ridge Wind), Jim Waterman, Basil Barnes & Marvel, Glen Bridges (Sec.)

REVIEW MINUTES: Brian moved, seconded by Clint to approve the minutes from Sept. 9th as written. Motion carried.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: The representatives from the Historical Society showed a collection of photos mounted on foam-core backing with wires, to be hung on the walls of the annex temporarily until the Meeting House is ready. Tom Carroll recommended framing the photos and hanging them away from direct sunlight, and offered to donate money on behalf of Beaver Ridge Wind toward the cost. Viola & Lorraine will ask Myrick find out the cost for framing.
The H.S. has purchased six antique maps of Freedom that they will offer for sale for $30 unframed. Five were sold on the spot to meeting attendees; more will be ordered. Cindy can take orders.

Sallyann reported that the Beaver Ridge Road sign and stop sign are down.

Basil Barnes and Marvel attended to discuss property taxes on 2.5 to 3A they think belong to CMP, but they are being taxed for. Ron said he would research the CMP pipeline property to see if the acreage overlaps, but noticed their deed said “50A more or less”.

FVFD: Jim Waterman reported:
The Clark Rd. residents and the Post Office have been notified about the changed house numbers.
A trailer is parked near the hydrant at the Mill. Jim asked if he should call the Sheriff and have it ticketed? Reply: No, talk to Tony Grassi.
Jim asked again about the No Parking signs; he is afraid there will be an emergency and he won’t be able to reach the hydrant.
The FVFD will be participating in burning the old Thomas house in Knox on Saturday.
The FVFD is available to clean chimneys.

CORRESPONDENCE: Brian reported:

1. A letter from MMA Insurance. The Meeting House evaluation has been raised form $83,000 to $95,000, and the Town Garage raised from $24,000 to $27,000.
2. The Town cannot recoup any old property taxes on the Post Office.
3. Letter from State Revenue Services about the appeal period of the State evaluation of $57,550,000. Ron said this is down, so no appeal is necessary.
4. The Dept. of Education is asking for a list of farms that hire migrant workers to make sure migrant children are enrolled in school. Brian will follow up.
5. The DEP is accepting grant applications for septic system replacement. Ron said the CEO has done the paperwork for the Greeley Rd. grant. Brian will follow up with Dave Schofield.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy met with the Mill School staff about the children being able to use the playground. The path needs to be mowed from the gazebo to the basketball court so the students can avoid the road. Other mowing or weed-whacking needs to be done near the flagpoles and gazebo.
Brian suggested a plan could be formulated this winter to maintain both the Town properties and the cemeteries.

In response to a question about the damaged phones following another lightning strike, Cindy said two are working, but reception is not clear. One line comes in, divided 3 ways. Now the Selectmen have no phone. The security system is on the 6177 line. Cindy counted the Town has 6 lines coming in.
Ron reported Fairpoint can bundle some of these lines with a system called Centrix, but the phones are expensive ($250), or phones can come from Staples. Erna said our current system costs $400 per month; Fairpoint’s Centrix system would cost about half. It will be $3000 minimum to fix the system. Brian thought that should be covered by insurance; Ron was not sure.
The Secretary made the observation that there have been two lightning strikes since the taller flagpole was put up, but none prior to that that we know of.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Greeley, Smithton, half of Mitchell are newly paved. Ayer Ridge has been started. The top of Smithton had to be shimmed, but some asphalt tonnage was saved on Greeley.
The Town truck is being put together tomorrow. Pins had to be re-machined.

Sallyann asked if a white line could be painted down the center of Greeley Rd. Clint offered to find out how much that would cost.

COE: Ron said Dave is working with the septic replacement grant on Greeley/No. Palermo Roads. Clint asked if Dave has stopped the resident from hand-digging to divert the overflow; Clint said the CEO should be here with a report. It turns out the septic tank is good; the field needs to be replaced.

EMD: No report, but Christine will be scheduling the OEC training.

ASSESSORS: Ron reported that the Assessors have to resolve the Luhn abatement by the next meeting; he’ll get the survey from Tony Grassi.
Ron will call the Sebasticook Land Trust for copies of their application for open space.

COMP. PLAN: Dave reported an Economic Development Cmte. Tues., Sept. 24 at 6:30.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Brian suggested the Board needs a sustainable plan to maintain cemeteries.
Brian got a memo from Myrick asking for 45 veterans flag holders ($5.15 each) for the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Discussion followed about responsibility for maintenance of cemeteries holding veterans. Clint said the Town only has a responsibility when a cemetery is not being maintained at all.
Brian will research the issue; Erna said she put all the information on his desk. Brian moved to table discussion until Myrick can attend, seconded by Clint; motion passed. Veterans Day is Nov. 11th. Ron noted that he was given the financial report from the Pleasant Hill Board.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant 9/16/13...................................$2081.53
Payroll warrant 9/23/13..................................$2137.90

Beginning checkbook balance..........................$576,566.86
A/P Warrant 9/23/13......................................$19,479.62
Ending checkbook balance.............................. $557,087.24

Checks received: ME Revenue Sharing....................$787.82
Grant for Historical Society.....$10,000

Clint moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, and to sign the payroll and A/P warrants. Brian seconded, motion passed.
Clint reviewed the report on monies spent out of the bond.
OLD BUSINESS: Ron will call Tammy McDonald to ask her to schedule a meeting with the Assessors.
Tony Grassi wants to give the Selectmen a tour of the mill. Brian will RSVP the invitation, setting it for Wed., Oct. 23 at 4 PM.
Brian is putting together the Town mailing, including the requirement for small business permits, and the various homeowner’s assistance from MSHA, disposal of pesticides, and WCAP fuel assistance. Ron suggested the mailing advertise the Historical Society maps of Freedom ($30 unframed).

NEW BUSINESS: The flagpole rope/pulley system needs to be fixed on the new office flagpole.
Ron and Clint plan to attend the Oct. 3rd MMA Conference day.
Clint made a point of thanking the Town residents for being patient about the roads.

The next meeting is Oct. 7, 2013 at 6 PM.

Other: Oct.2 & 3 MMA Conference.
Oct. 23, Mill tour 4 PM

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn passed at 7:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Glen Bridges, Sec.

AUGUST 28, 1013 [The August 26th meeting was postponed to August 28th ]

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present:
Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Brian Jones. Also Dave Bridges, Christine Spaulding, Bob Gerrish, Allen Downer, and Glen Bridges.

REVIEW MINUTES: Clint moved, seconded by Brian to accept and file the minutes from August 12th as written. Motion passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Allen Downer wants to pay his taxes by Sept. 5th. Jackie Robbins recommended reducing his acreage from 59 to 45A, giving him an abatement of $214.
Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to abate Allen’s taxes on that piece going back 3 years.
Motion passed.
Bob Gerrish said the windmills were loud 7 out of 16 days. Ron asked what Bob means by “loud”; Bob replied he could hear it over his TV in his bedroom. Discussion followed about acoustical engineers’ sound studies and statistical modeling.

1. A dividend check for $1175was received from MMA.
2. A County Budget Committee nomination for Clement Blakney. Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to vote for Mr. Blakney. Motion passed.
3. CN Brown has become a supplier of electricity.
4. A query from FEMA regarding properties in or out of the flood plain. This will be passed on to the CEO.
5. Letter from MMA. A professional has to rate the gantry. Clint will call KVCOG for a reference.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE PUBLIC HEARING: Brian reported the overall maximum for assistance has been reduced by 10%, and the level of income for eligibility has also been reduced. The Town can pay more, but will not be reimbursed for any increased level. Freedom is reimbursed at 50%.
Clint moved to amend sections A,D,E, and F, seconded by Ron, and passed.
The paperwork will be signed at the next meeting.

TREASURER: Ron read Erna’s report:

Payroll for Aug. 17th........................................$3686.28
Payroll for Aug. 26th.......................................$1916.65
Second payroll, Aug. 26th ..............................$1883.88
A/P for August 21...........................................$5265.16

Beginning checkbook balance....................................$511,351.58
A/P Aug. 26th..............................................................$156,425.29
Ending checkbook balance.........................................$354,926.29 **

[** A second A/P for $6128.30 was not subtracted above]

Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to accept the Treasurer’s report and sign all the warrants, pending clarification of 1. The A/P for $6128.30 not being subtracted, and 2. the overpayment to Clayton (payment should be for 458 yards of gravel).

Erna reported the MMA Convention is Oct. 2 and 3. She and Cindy are going; are the Selectmen going?

Checks received: $1428.43 from MRC (quarterly refund)
$2386.79 (Revenue sharing)
$1175 (MMA dividend)

Erna put the Philip Thurston fund in a 12 mo. CD at .15% and the Town CD for 60 mos. at .94%

The total spent on the new truck is $30,364.71. New work or parts will have to come out of the undesignated fund balance. Ron reviewed the monies raised for the new truck: $30,000 from Capital Improvement, and $30,000 form the General Fund.

So far the costs spent on roads out of the road bond total $32,033.85.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that a compactor has been rented from Eagle, and cold-patching is about to go ahead on culvert replacements and potholes.
When ditching on Smithton, Bo Selleck complained that a survey pin had been dug up. Clint said this would be difficult to do, considering how deeply they are driven in, and asked Bo to submit the survey to him.

STATE REP: Brian reported that $149 million in bonds- for transportation, research & development, armories, ports, and economic development-will be on the Nov. ballot.

CEO: The septic system on the corner of Greeley/No. Palermo Rd. has failed. Brian spoke to DEP’s Tim McMillen, whose concern is if a stream or water body is being polluted. There are MSHA low interest loans for this kind of improvement. Brian will research this and get back to the homeowner. Next step is for the CEO to inspect it. Clint added there are tax liens on this property.
Ron reported he visited the High St. property, but was told to come back after 5 PM when Tammy is home. Brian also mentioned that he has been looking into programs to help residents who need to relocate, has names and numbers, but hasn’t contacted anyone yet. Ron will stop by again to arrange a meeting with Tammy and the Board.
Discussion followed about other properties in the village that are in poor condition, one burned, one vacant.

EMA: Christine reported a State of Maine disaster drill from Nov. 5-8. Waldo County will be participating Nov. 5-7. On Nov. 6th, all the Selectmen need to be at a meeting from 5-8 on how to run the emergency Operation Center.
Also, all elected officials-Selectmen, public works employees, office staff, and Fire Department have to take the newest FEMA G-425 training. Christine will try to schedule that on a Monday between regular meetings.
Christine is working on the grant for a generator. CMP says power outages have only occurred 3 or so times in 2 years, but that is not accurate. Seacoast Security may have a record of power failures.

ASSESSORS: Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to abate Earl Moore for 42 Stevens Rd. and Steve Bennett for a skidder. Motions passed.
Sebasticook Land Trust said they applied for Open Space on 3 lots on the No. Palermo Rd, but their application could not be found. Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to request a copy of their application. Motion passed.
Ron will review a tax bill for Coca Cola with Cindy.
Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to authorize Ron to research the CocaCola bill.

APPEALS BOARD: Dave reported on the Aug. 22 hearings. Ron attended part of the Gazitua appeal hearing. Testimony can be accepted for 7 days following the hearing.
The Gazitua appeal was denied because the “undue hardship” criteria could not be me.
The Turner appeal was withdrawn because they are pursuing an alternative solution.
The Appeals Board has to amend a section of their ordinance regarding the timelines.

OLD BUSINESS: The time frame for payment on the Lindholm property will expire on Sept. 3. Kory called to see if he could have any leeway getting a USDA loan, but the Board thought that would not be legal. No action was taken.

NEW BUSINESS: Pete Curra, of Curravale Farm submitted an accounting of his customers’ participation in the Community Summer Produce Program. He would like to provide this program again in 2014.
The Secretary handed out a newspaper article describing a MSHA program for low-cost loans to upgrade old mobile homes. Brian will get details from their website and ask Sallyann to publicize it.
Clint moved to go into executive session at 7:54 as authorized by 1MRSA 405(6)A to discuss a personnel matter. The Board returned at 8:15, having made no decisions.

The next meeting is September 9th, 2013.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn passed at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

AUGUST 12, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:06 PM. Present: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Brian Jones. Also Jackie Robbins (Assessor), Dwight Gould, Bob Gerrish, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Dave Bridges (Appeals Board, Comp. Plan), Bob & Pam Hermon, Jim waterman (FVFD), Tom Carroll (Beaver Ridge Wind) and Mrs. Carroll, and Glen Bridges (Secretary), Bruce Flaherty (Spirit of America volunteer).

REVIEW MINUTES: Brian moved, seconded by Clint, to approve and file the July 29 minutes as written. Motion passed.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Bob Gerrish said the turbines were loud last week, but he was gone for four days, so it was hard to tell.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Brian reported the planned public hearing did not get posted, so will have to be postponed until August 12th.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported the last culvert is about to be replaced. Ron asked if potholes and culvert crossings will be filled. Clint replied that 3” of hot patch have to be added to culvert crossings, and potholes filled.
The new truck is inspected. Also, it looks like the PUC is going to fine Freedom for damage to a telephone line.
Dave asked if the culverts were coming out of the $600,000 loan. (Yes.) And approximately how much is the paving costing per mile. (Less than $55,000.)

STATE REP: Brian reported that there is not much news, except there is talk about re-instating the Circuit Breaker Program.

ASSESSORS: Jackie Robbins completed the 2012 Municipal Valuation Return, nine pages of figures due to be filed with the State Revenue Services. [Please see attached.]
The total taxable value of Freedom real estate and personal property is $55,324,281. The 2012 property tax levy is $990,304.63. Total excise tax collected in 2012 was $92,784.30.
Ron moved for the Assessors (Ron & Clint) to sign the Municipal Valuation Return, seconded by Clint and passed.
Ron reported two applications for abatements based on wind turbine noise. Clint moved to pass those on to Jackie Robbins and plan a work session to discuss it. Ron seconded the motion; motion passed. A work session was scheduled tentatively for Aug. 20 at 6:30 PM. Ron will call her.

APPEALS BOARD: Dave reported two appeals will be heard August 22 at 6:30.

CEMETERIES: Clint will contact the coach next week to see if the football team could work on cemeteries.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:

Payroll August 5...........................$5798.16
Payroll August 12.........................$3821.68
Second payroll Aug. 12.................$1076.50

Beginning checkbook balance....................$173,089.15
A/P August 12.........................................-$9864.33
Ending checkbook balance........................$163,224.82

1. $100,696.61 has been paid in property taxes.
2. The Thurston account ($5000) and the Town CD/savings account ($10,348) are being charged $2 per month inactive fee. Clint moved to authorize Erna to look into CDs for these funds, seconded by Brian & passed.
3. Erna suggested the Town buy a second weed whacker so the road crew can use one and the recreation field, office, and cemetery maintenance can also be done. [The Board later decided against that purchase.]
4. The Town was charged $50 for going over the allowed number of transactions on the bond. After long discussion, the Board concluded that Erna could stay within the allowed number (4 per month) of transactions in the future.
5. Erna requested Public Works employees, when buying fuel, to write the price, number of gallons, and which vehicle, on the receipt.

Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to accept the Treasurer’s report. Motion passed.
Ron moved to sign the warrant for $9864.33, Clint seconded; motion passed.
Ron moved to sign payroll warrants for $3821.68 and $1076.50. Clint seconded; motion passed.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Ron moved to go into executive session as authorized by 1-MRSA 405(6)A regarding a personnel issue, seconded by Brian; motion passed. The session ended in ten minutes with no decisions made.
Ron reviewed the policy of the Board regarding hiring employees. Hiring will be done by the Board, or approved by the Board. Any paid employee is subject to drug testing at any time. Brian suggested the Board should formulate other policies for Town employees.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron said the Board had agreed to hire Dylan to work on cemeteries; Clint will check cemeteries to see if any work has been done. Ron added that cemeteries will be on hold until Clint works something out, and the Board won’t be buying another weed whacker.

Thirty days has passed since the Gould bid on the Hatch property. Clint called the Goulds, who came in with a check for $9051. Paul Flynn was called to notarize the three Selectmen’s signatures on the quitclaim deed.
Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to execute the quitclaim deed. Clint moved, seconded by Brian to authorize Ron to sign the transfer tax form. Both motions passed. Papers were signed, notarized, and given to the Goulds.
Brian reported that he is pursuing an insurance claim for the lightning hit that damaged phones and the security system; he is waiting for repair receipts.

Regarding the High St. property, the paperwork for foreclosure was completed. The lawyer suggested putting it out to bid, letting the purchaser deal with the residents. Discussion followed with various ideas about how to resolve this, with consideration for one resident being an invalid, and a mother with two children. Ron queried, “How ruthless do we want to be?” Conclusion: Ron will call Tammy McDonald to request she meet with the Board and give her the opportunity to pay the taxes due. Brian will research any State assistance programs that might help relocate the residents.

NEW BUSINESS: Brian reported that he has faxed information to MMA to have the Post Office insured.

Bruce Flaherty, a Spirit of America volunteer, came in to discuss the annual award with the Board. [See attached Flaherty letter] Last year the Veteran’s Memorial project was honored. Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to nominate the Bicentennial committee. Motion passed.
Mr. Flaherty recommended giving recognition on the local level (at Town Meeting), then the county level. The Board has to come up with a “proclamation”
awarding the Bicentennial Cmte. the Spirit of America award.

NEXT MEETING: August 6, 2013 @ 6 PM.
WORKSHOP with Jackie July 20 @ 6:30 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Sec.

[2 attachments]

JULY 29, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Dave Bridges, Sallyann Hadyniak, Pam & Bob Hermon, Bob Gerrish, Jim Waterman, Tom Carroll & Mrs. Carroll, Jackie Robbins, Erna Keller, Glen Bridges.

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from July 15th were approved, but the figures discussed by the Board for Freedom’s school assessment turned out to be in error. The assessment went from $523,757.32 in 2012 to $542,349.27 in 2013

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Bob Gerrish said the windmills were noisy for several days, but that the wind was not blowing hard enough to tell.
Tom Carroll, manager of Beaver Ridges Wind, said that they are working on getting the sound study started, and added that some people have noted that the turbines are quieter since being retrofitted with the new trailing edge technology.

CORRESPONDENCE: Brian reported:
1. An offer from KVCOG for winter salt. Clint already has an order in.
2. An invitation from MMA for a round-table discussion on Maine’s aging population.
3. Kelly & Collins rate has gone from $145 to $160 per hour.
4. The county tax will be $100,713.02.
5. Heather Perry: the $196,000 [returned to the school budget by the legislature] will be carried over to reduce the budget for next year.

FVFD: Jim reported the meeting to update FEMA maps on July 31 from 4-5 PM.
Regarding the delayed traffic control in a recent accident on #220/#137, Scott could have put on a reflective vest, but he didn’t have one. Joan Sheldon can train Public Works employees to direct traffic and become certified.
Jim talked to Tony Grassi, who has no problem with No Parking signs being installed. A rock has to be moved.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Brian moved to have a public hearing on August 12th, and to have Cindy post it. Clint seconded, motion passed. The income guidelines for eligibility will be more restrictive.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: The culvert work is going well. A phone wire was accidentally hit on Mitchell Rd.
A group went to O’Conner’s to look at the ’03 Sterling truck for $29,900 and purchased it for $26,000. Jim Waterman asked how it was financed. Clint replied it was paid for out of the $60,000 voted for by the Town.
Paving estimates were opened:
1. All State $71.50 per ton [later reduced to $71 /ton]
2. Pike $72.90 per ton
3. Wellmans $75/ton
4. B & B $77/ton

Clint called All State to ask if they could do better, and they reduced their estimate to $71 per ton. There will be an Oct. 1 deadline, and they will use 100% virgin material.
Bryant Rd. will be paved, but not Raven or Burnham Hill. 3696’ of Mitchell will be reclaimed. Discussion followed about how much gravel base there is on Mitchell.
Ron moved to hire All State paving, seconded by Brian, motion passed.

EMA: Christine will attend the FEMA meeting, and will submit the grant application.

ASSESSORS: Jackie Robbins attended to assist with to tax commitment form. Last year the mil rate was 16.25. Following a long discussion about the figures, and proposed overlay of $12, 784, Ron moved to adopt a mil rate of 17.9, seconded by Clint and passed.
[Note: Brian cannot participate in assessing because of his State Rep. position]

PUBLIC WORKS: Next year the URIP funds, now called LRIF (Local Road Improvement Fund) will send Freedom one check Dec. 1 for $27,956.

PLANNING BOARD: The Board met at the Ledges Lane site where the owner is requesting to build a garage closer to the road than the allowed setback. The Planning Board would not grant the permit, and advised the owner to apply for a variance to the Appeals Board.

APPEALS BOARD: Dave reported that the Board has two appeals to decide. An organizational meeting is scheduled for July 31st. Dave asked permission to consult the Town attorney, and to have Kelly or Collins attend the hearing. Brian moved for the Board of Appeals to have the access to the attorney for up to $1000. Ron seconded; motion passed.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Clint offered to get the football team involved in maintenance for the Town cemeteries, as soon as he is finished with culverts, in a couple of weeks. The Town has 14 cemeteries.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant 7/22.........................................$2854.07
Payroll warrant 7/29.........................................$3891.78

Beginning checkbook balance............................$76,191.42
Plus week #1 bond..............................................$4882.38
Plus week #2 bond..............................................$7099.66
Ending checkbook balance.................................$88,129.79

A/P Warrant 7/23...............................................$79,809.74
A/P Warrant 7/24...............................................$1100.53

Checks were received:
Dept. of Corrections.............................................$13.75
Veterans reimbursement 2012............................$739
Balance of Homestead Reimbursement..............$9756
July Revenue Sharing..........................................$4457.23
Post Office rent.....................................................$630

Erna explained that she is following the auditor’s advice and opening accounts to keep track of the $600,000 bond.

Brian moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded by Ron & passed.
Brian moved to sign the payroll and A/P warrants, seconded by Clint & passed.

OLD BUSINESS: Kory Boulier won the bid on the Lindholm house, but the lawyer needs the party’s social security numbers to write up the quitclaim deed.
Brian is still researching Allen Downer’s property acreage, looking for the old Stumph subdivision map.
He corrected Stan McDonald Jr.’s property card acreage. The Luhn property has to be researched.
Discussion came up about the McDonald property on High Street. Ron commented that two banks don’t seem willing to pay the taxes, and the lawyer hasn’t yet sent a letter to the owner; Ron will call Kelly & Collins tomorrow.
Erna asked for the name of the cell phone company that put up the cell tower in Knox; Ron will get it to her.
Ron asked why the Veteran’s photo board is in the office blocking the telephone; it has to be moved.

The next meeting is August 12th.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion passed to adjourn at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Bridges, Secretary

JULY 15, 2013

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Brian Jones. Also, Meredith Coffin (Solid Waste Rep.), Jim Waterman (FVFD), Pam & Bob Hermon, Erna Keller (Treasurer), and Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: Brian moved to accept the minutes (with one correction), seconded by Clint; motion passed. Time of adjournment of reconvened July 3 corrected from 10 AM to 11 AM.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: Meredith asked if lines will be painted on Albion Road. Not by Freedom; that is a State road.

FVFD: Jim asked if the Board had received a letter from FEMA about updating maps. Yes, the Board is aware of the meeting July 31 at 4 PM to update FEMA maps.
Jim reported that Ken Boulier is working on the wiring in the snack shack.
Ron asked the Fire Chief about the protocol when the FVFD responds to an accident. There was an accident at #137/#220, the FD arrived quickly enough, but then took 10-15 minutes for some of them to get into their turnout gear while citizens were directing traffic in a dangerous situation. Jim said they have to wear turn-out gear if they are using Jaws-of-Life or a vehicle is on fire, but not to direct traffic. Jim said he would look into it and come back with an answer.
Jim said he’d like the “No Parking” signs installed at the mill. Clint replied the Town can’t put signs on private property, and suggested Jim talk to Tony Grassi to see if his parking needs are compatible with the FVFD needs.

CORRESPONDENCE: There are three meetings coming up about EPS
funding of rural schools. Brian will notify Myrick.
A notice was received about the 66th annual Property Tax School.
Figures were received for Freedom’s school assessment. It is going from $426,000 to $542,000, or equal to 2 mils. [At the next meeting, July 29th, these figures were changed to $523,757.32 and $542,349.27.]
Heather also sent information about LD 1566. This was emergency legislation allowing the school boards to decide how to spend the monies that were put back into the budget. LD 1566 failed, so now SAD 3 is unable to spend their additional $196,000.

SOLID WASTE REP: Meredith and Hillary have been tracking the new agreement with Sullivan’s, which seems to be working well to keep costs down. Sullivan’s contract is up Jan. 14, 2014, and Meredith recommends continuing the agreement as well. She will contact Sullivan’s about continuing the agreement.
Meredith would like to talk to Sullivan’s about picking up more recyclable items at curbside, perhaps with a different vehicle.
Spring door-to-door clean up was $5226, plus $400 for PERC. Residents put out less for pick-up than last year.
The GAT application is in. Tonnage has gone from $248 to $145 per ton. There shouldn’t be any penalty this year.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant July 8....................................$1776.14
Payroll warrant July 15..................................$1986.11

Beginning checkbook balance........................$169,366.00
A/P July 15....................................................$26,930.50
Ending checkbook balance..............................$142,435.50

1. Knox paid their FVFD July payment of $2357.33
2. Erna suggested there is no need for Real Estate Sketching with TRIO for $443.16. She will talk to Jackie about it.
3. The Lindholm property has been put up for bid again. Notices are up.
4. The tipping fee for Quarter 3, 2013 is $74.50.
5. MSAD 3 sent bills. July will be $45,193.27, then $45,196.00.
6. Erna advised the Board that the loan monies will be available Monday, July 23 and discussed at length how to keep track of each job, employee, equipment, culverts, etc. by road. This has to be tracked daily, and Erna will call Vernice to find out how to set up a TRIO program to track the jobs and funds.

The bank needs more information, including proof of when Ron was added to the Town account as a signatory. Glen will search minutes, but in case it can’t be found, Brian moved, seconded by Cint, to add Ron as a signatory on the Town checking account with Key Bank. Motion passed.
Nothing has come back on the Post Office lease.
The bids for the Lindholm house will be opened July 18 at 6 PM [subsequently this was changed to July 19 at 5 PM], so this meeting will be recessed until then.

Brian moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Clint and passed.
Brian/Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant. Motion passed.
Brian/Clint moved to sign the payroll warrant. Motion passed.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Brian noted that the GA Ordinance is due to be updated.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint has invited estimates from four companies; figures should be in this week. Discussion followed about the specifics of the paving requirements, and the possibility of reclaiming part of Mitchell Rd.
252 yards of gravel are on hand for the culvert work, being done on paved roads first.
The slippery cold patch over a culvert on Greeley was discussed; something was wrong with the mix.
There is $7400 left in summer roads account.
Clint is planning to call the woodcutter who damaged Hutchins Lane.
Clint would like to get together a group to look at the truck at O’Conner’s.

Brian moved to go into executive session as authorized by MRSA 405 (6) (Personnel issue). The session ended 10 minutes later. Brian moved, seconded by Ron, to hire Clint to manage and supervise the roads project for a salary of $15,000, to come out of the loan funds. Motion passed; Clint abstained.

CEMETERIES: There is $2855 left out of $5900 raised for cemetery maintenance.

EMA: The mapping meeting is July 31 from 4-5 PM. A brief discussion followed about the grant for a generator.

BICENTENNIAL: It was a huge success, so well attended that all the food ran out.

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Erna said the committee should meet, because there is Rec. Cmte. money in the safe. Erna would like to start an account for it.

PLANNING BOARD: Ron gave the Planning Board an application for a variance.

CEMETERIES: Dylan might be doing some of the maintenance.

OLD BUSINESS: Brian reported that enough information has come in now to complete the tax commitment.
The Lindholm property was put out for bid again. The interested parties should be informed that if they can’t follow through with the purchase, they forfeit their 20% down payment.
Final payment has not been received on the Hatch property, but the Goulds have been doing a lot or work on it. Ron will call Doug because they were only given permission to clean it before they take title.
Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to have the lawyer provide a quitclaim deed. Motion passed.
A discussion followed about possibly surveying the Sanford Hill property; no decision was reached.
A property on High Street is in arrears. Brian moved, seconded by Ron, to have the Town lawyer send a letter giving the owner 30 days to meet with the Select Board.
Brian is still researching the Downer property, which says 59 acres on his card. He is also researching the Luhn property, and can’t find the survey. It was suggested Tony Grassi might have a copy.
Stan McDonald wants his property card corrected from .76 A to 1.76 A.

NEW BUSINESS: After a discussion about a recently hired temporary employee, the conclusion was that the Board of Selectmen will do all the hiring in the future.

The meeting was recessed at 8:40 PM.


Ron called the meeting to order at 5 PM. Ron and Clint were present, along with Corey Boulier.
Bids were opened, with Corey Boulier submitting the high bid, at $15,000, with a $3000 deposit. The next bid was $12,600.

Meetings: Jackie Robbins at 5 PM on July 16.
Regular Selectmen’s meeting July 29 at 6 PM.

Clint moved to adjourn at 5:30 PM; motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Sec.

JULY 1, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM. Present: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Brian Jones. Also, Dave Schofield (CEO), Pam & Bob Hermon, Bob Gerrish, Nancy Bailey Farrar, Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Doug Gould, Fire Chief Waterman, Ken Boulier and Corey Boulier, and Glen Bridges (Secretary)

REVIEW MINUTES: Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to accept the June 19 minutes as written. Motion passed.


REVIEW LOAN PAPERWORK: The paperwork for the loan arrived by FedEx today and has to be signed by all three Selectmen and witnessed by the Town Clerk, then returned to the bank by July 5th. Ron was not comfortable signing without a thorough review, and scheduled to reconvene the meeting July 2 at 4 PM. [Subsequently this was changed to July 3 at 9 AM.]

CORRESPONDENCE: The door-to-door trash pick-up cost considerably less than anticipated ($5000+).

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Brian reported changes have to be made in eligibility.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported the cement slab has been placed over the Lindholm well. Gravel was put down on a cemetery road, but heavy rains caused damage. There is $10,689 left for summer roads.

STATE REP: Brian reported $34,476.82 projected Revenue Sharing as prepared by the State Treasurer’s office. There is a one-year moratorium on the Circuit Breaker Program. A bill passed that makes it optional what a town charges for vehicle registration.

CEO: Dave reported 5-6 new permits, mostly for seasonal-use bunkhouses on farms.
Dave’s had numerous phone calls from people with questions. Tony Grassi wants a final “walk-through”.
Dave spoke to a Maine State employee about Skidgels, who suggested getting together with the owners to work cooperatively together seeking grants for further clean-up; he also offered his assistance. The site is deemed to be free of hazardous materials now but is within Shoreland Zoning. If the roof were to cave in, the status would change from warehouse to “unpermitted dump”. Dave would be glad to contact Mildred Skidgel, and Ron also offered to try to contact her again, by letter if necessary. The liens on the property amounting to $640,000 are still in place.

Ron asked about the trailer on Bryant Road; Dave has talked to the owner, who has been sick, and has two sons.

EMD: A meeting is scheduled on July 31st for updating maps. The grant for the generator has been put off.

BICENTENNIAL: Volunteers are needed to man concessions booths, put the sandbox together, etc. Cindy reported that chairs will be rented, to be delivered Friday. Ron has 8-9 barrels for trash; we need plastic bags for them.
Clint will contact Bo to mow the roadsides before the Bicentennial.

CEMETERIES: No one is working on the Hutchins cemetery. Jon doesn’t seem to be doing the job. Clint spoke to Kenny Overlock, who can’t meet on Monday nights with Selectmen. Ron thinks there are others who would do cemetery maintenance.

FVFD: Jim said the FVFD would have 200 chicken halves, accompanied by chips, cole slaw, a roll, drink and cookie for $8.
The roof has been repaired on the Fire House at no cost.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll June 24.....................................$1662.95
Payroll second run 6/24.....................$1345.63
Payroll July 1.........................................$3599.41
A/P June 27............................................$119.60 (Walmart rubber mulch)

Beginning checkbook balance.............$176,128.72
A/P July 1................................................$$20,452.99
Ending checkbook balance...................$155,675.73

Checks were received from Viking, a donation of $200, RSU 3 refund for elections $443.54, and Revenue Sharing $5001.15.
Ron talked to the lawyer about the Post Office lease, who said sign it and send it to him.
Clint moved, seconded by Brian to accept the Treasurer’s Report, and to sign the payroll, and the A/P warrant. Motion passed.
Ron moved to sign the Post Office lease and send it to Bill Kelly, Clint seconded, motion passed, and the Board signed the lease.

HATCH PROPERTY BIDS: Erna reported that the minimum amount the Town could accept to cover taxes and expenses would be $3217.38. Brian moved, seconded by Clint, to accept the highest bid over the minimum. Motion passed.
The bids were: 1. $12,051
2. $10,565
3. $8,050
The high bid, from Doug Gould, was accepted, and the Board agreed to have the lawyer provide a quitclaim deed.

Erna asked what to do about the Lindholm house, which received no bids. Corey Boulier is interested in bidding on it. Ron will call Kelly & Collins to see how to proceed. Clint moved to put the Lindholm house out to bid again if the lawyer OKs that. Ron seconded, motion passed.

ASSESSORS: Ron will call Jackie to invite her to review property cards Monday night July 22.
1. Allen Downer, taxed on 59 acres, says he only owns 44A.
2. A letter came, along with a map, regarding Map 1, Lot 34.
3. Pickford hasn’t yet been abated for his tractor.
4. The High St. property is in arrears. Clint suggested sending the owner a letter to come in to meet with the Assessors within 30 days.
5. Mr. Luhn, abutting Grassi mill property, says he is still being taxed on land he doesn’t own.
6. Stan McDonald Jr. wants it recorded that he owns 1.76 acres.

At 7:45 Clint moved, seconded by Brian, to recess the meeting, which will reconvene on July 3rd at 9 AM to sign the loan paperwork.


Present: Cindy, Ron, Clint, and Brian. The Board reviewed all of the papers for the loan, and signed each one with Cindy as a witness.

Meeting adjourned at 11 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Sec.

JUNE 19, 2013 (Postponed from June 17)

Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Ron Price (Selectman), Clint Spaulding (Selectmen), Bob & Pam Hermon, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: The minutes from June 3rd, recessed and continued June 11, were approved as written after a motion by Clint.

CORRESPONDENCE: James Saffian of Pierce Atwood wrote a list of paperwork he needs to complete the $600,000 loan:
1. Attested copy of town meeting & return of service
2. Attested copy of the minutes of the town meeting, or an excerpt, showing the bond article passed.
3. Monthly spending schedule, anticipating spending of bonds.
4. Full names of Selectmen, Town Treasurer, and Town Clerk.
5. Saffian plans to send bond documents for signatures at July 1 meeting, and settling the loan on July 10th.

Discussion followed about asking for the funds to be put into an account; interest is only due on funds used. Clint would like to start on culverts next week, so Ron will call Saffian to ask if that is possible.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Erna said Cindy got a call at home. The Town website really needs to be corrected with mostly just cell phone numbers and office number. Addresses or home numbers are not necessary in most cases. Glen volunteered to contact Frances.

Ron brought up the close vote on one referendum question, defeated by one vote, and asked if there has been any request for a recount. Erna replied, no, there hasn’t been any request, and the timeframe has gone by for any recount request.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant 6/17/13..............................$2955.36
A/P for 6/18/13...........................................$93,603.49
(Included June school payment, work on roads, Eagle
Rental, etc.)

Beginning checkbook balance:.................................$177,232.60
A/P June 19..................................................$9127.17
Ending checkbook balance...........................$168,105.43

Ron suggested tax bills go out by mid-July.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported the roadwork is all finished. Clayton decided to re-grade Smithton at his own expense. Three hundred feet of Mitchell was resurfaced. The new office flagpole is installed. A mailbox was replaced on Smithton. Now we are just waiting for the loan to come through for culverts and paving.
Ron complimented the public Works crew and Clayton for a job well done.

CEO: Dave came in to see Ron regarding a suggestion to raise the building permit fee. Ron said he felt that $15 was adequate.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy is not here this week and will also be out the week of July 13th for her daughter’s wedding. Cindy has requested to name the recreation field trail “Owen’s Trail”, after Owen Freeman, who created it for his Eagle Scout badge.

In preparation for the tax bills, Ron will call Jackie to review the property cards.

BICENTENNIAL CMTE: Clint suggested looking into the purchase of folding chairs; Erna offered to call State Surplus. Erna said the Town owns a cart with about 50 chairs.
Ron asked where new chairs could be stored, and pointed out the accumulated mess in the back room of the annex. He’d like that all cleaned up and organized following the bicentennial; Erna wants to shred old unneeded files. Ron added that the Pepsi machine will be moved outside.
The car parade is organized, with judges being Tom Randall, Hans Schmidt, and Ryan Willette.
Jerry Spaulding will give rides on a wagon with a tractor. The Town was asked to sign a waiver, so that Dale Thomas & Sons would not have any be liability.
The owner of the boat who is giving boat rides will be liable in case of any accidents.
Ron is still working on finding a small bus for the wind turbine tour.

CEMETERIES: Erna said there have been complaints about the smaller cemeteries being neglected, and access roads in poor condition. Clint will look into the condition of the roads, and who damaged them (Hutchins and Russell). Logs blocked Russell Rd. during hunting season. $10,000 was raised and appropriated to fix these cemetery roads.
Ron will call Jon Willette to see if he’s working on cemeteries, and Clint will contact Tom LaFrenier and Kenny Overlock to see if they are interested in taking on some of the cemetery work. Erna said that Jon did come in to pick up some flags.
Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to make all cemetery roads passable; motion passed.

OLD BUSINESS: Clint asked if Mildred Skidgel has been in touch [No].
Ron described a 1993 Ford LTL truck he saw in Bucksport for $20,000. Clint felt that that was too old compared to the 2003 Sterling he found, with 330 HP Cat for $29,000. Ron asked what it would cost to put plows on?
Bob Herman looked at the State auction. Clint said Winslow has a truck coming up for sale, also one from Jay, and another from Conway.

NEW BUSINESS: Clint brought up a property that is behind in taxes, and commented that the Town needs to treat everyone the same. Two banks are involved in this property. Clint suggested getting Kelly & Collins involved, and a letter be sent to the property owner.
No bids were received on the Lindholm house.

Clint raised the idea of a cell tower on the Sanford Hill property. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to authorize Erna to research having a cell tower built on Sanford Hill. Motion passed. Ron could get the name of Rodney Ingrahams’s contact.

The Board will have a work session to discuss roads and trucks on June 24 at 6 PM.

The next regular Select Board meeting will be July 1, 2013 at 6 PM.

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Sec.

JUNE 3, 2013

Meeting called to order at 6 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Bob Hermon, Dwight Gould, Allen Downer, Bob Gerrish, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Dave Bridges, Rick Cross, Jim Waterman, Glen Bridges, and from Beaver Ridge Wind, Todd Presson & Tom Carroll. Brian Jones was absent.

REVIEW MINUTES: Clint moved to accept the minutes from May 20 as written. Motion passed. Ron questioned what Brian meant by his comment that he “had no evidence that CES paid for the road improvement at Beaver Ridge”. Clint confirmed that was what Brian said.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Bob Gerrish reported the wind turbines were loud this week.

BEAVER RIDGE WIND: Todd reported that a sound study was done in response to complaints at the Deer Hill Rd. Littlefield residence. The results came back at 40-41 decibels. During the study, there were five periods where the turbines were producing maximum sound. The summary is available.
To update on the blade serration retrofit of the blades, the crew is scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon, and the job should take about three weeks; ideal conditions are low wind and no rain. This retrofit should reduce the sound noticeably.
After August sound monitoring will be done again. The sound meters are left in place for a period of a couple of weeks. If the turbines aren’t turning, the sound is not being recorded, so the study disregards those periods.
Todd introduced Tom Carroll, the new liaison for Beaver Ridge Wind, who has 20+ years of working with communities. He will be in Maine for 4 days a week, and available by cell phone.
Tom announced that BRW will be donating 4 Red Sox tickets for the raffle (an August Saturday game at the 1st base line, worth $400). They are also donating $1500 toward the fireworks. He’ll get back together with Erna later on to see how close the committee is to the funding goal. In the future, Tom expressed Beaver Ridge Wind’s willingness to help out with Town causes, and left a number of calling cards with his e-mail and cell phone.
Regarding the turbine tour during the bicentennial, Todd asked for help in finding a small school bus to transport people up to the site, which they will pay for. In consideration of the neighbors, they want to avoid a lot of traffic going up Sibley. Ron offered to look into it.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that the FVFD is trying to figure out how much chicken to provide for the Bicentennial barbeque.
Jim warned that burning anything noxious in barrels is illegal. There have been two recent violations in Town. If anyone smells pungent nuisance smoke, they should call the Sheriff.
Ron asked about the flooding of Louie’s basement; did the FD dump 3500 gals. of water that went into his basement? No, Jim said they were shooting water away from Louie’s, across the street.

SCHOOL BOARD REP: Rick reported that graduation is next week. He thought the budget hearing went well. There will be a couple of new School Board members joining the Board.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: The ditching is right on schedule, currently going on near the dump on Mitchell. He’ll need the excavator for a couple more days because of the rain. The goal is to reach Rt. 137 by Thursday. A couple of culverts that have to be replaced, which are part of the original list. Raven Rd. has been ditched from Ayer Ridge up to Bara’s.
Next will be Davis Rd., depending on finances after the vote on June 11.
Discussion followed about the presentation for the hearing Tuesday night; Ron & Clint will get the written plan done in the morning.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE: Brian wrote an email to the Board prior to the meeting, saying he contacted Ben Foster of DOT regarding the Hustus Brook bridge repair needed on Mitchell Rd. He has invited five politicians to speak as dignitaries to speak at the Bicentennial.
About the kennel issue, Brian thinks MRSA Title 7, Ch 723 covers it. He hasn’t read it yet, but thinks that will answer the question.
He said he will be at the June 5 hearing. Someone will contact him to correct that to June 4th.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy gave the Board copies of the Town’s nuisance animal ordinance. Town tradition is to allow verbal complaints; the fines are $50 for first offense, and $100 for repeated offenses. Ron read the Ordinance out loud. Clint thought that written complaints would be of value in case a complaint goes to court.
Cindy also researched the state statutes on kennels, and was told by the State Animal Control Office that “field training” doesn’t require a license.
The Recreation Committee has a rental agreement for an outhouse for the Bicentennial. Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to sign the agreement.
State Surplus is holding an auction on June 15th; items can be viewed June 6th.
The Board reviewed the Referendum Warrant and Town Financial Statement. Clint moved to accept the Referendum Warrant, seconded by Ron and passed. The Board reviewed the Financial Statement, and questioned the “validity” section. Erna was advised to have Kelly & Collins check that wording.

TREASURER: Erna reported:

Payroll warrant May 27...............................$2244.91
Payroll warrant June 3................................$5112.42
A/P warrant May 28....................................$12,876.73

Beginning checkbook balance.....................$291,973.30
A/P this week............................................$13,936.01
Ending checkbook balance.........................$278,037.29

Checks received: $41.04 from Black Hills Corp, and $1063.50 FVF Assoc. grant, and URIP $6818 for 4th quarter.

Clint moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; motion carried.
Clint moved to pay the payroll for $5112.42, seconded by Ron and passed.
Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to pay the payroll warrant for $2244.91. Motion passed.
Clint moved to pay both A/P warrants, for $12,876.73 and $13,936.01. Ron seconded, motion passed.

FORECLOSURES: Erna advised that the minutes need to be clear and detailed as a record for the foreclosures.
The Post Office lease was received [see Old Business].
Ron said that two properties are ready to go out to bid. On 5 Pleasant St., the notice of tax sale needs to go to the newspaper. Discussion followed regarding the amount of down payment. Ron moved to require 20% down (to be returned if bid not accepted), seconded by Clint, passed. Ron moved to put the Lindholm property out to bid, with 20% down, seconded by Clint; motion passed. Clint mentioned that the Town is entitled to collect all taxes, fees, legal fees, mowing, advertising and any other expenses.
The Hatch property also can be put out to bid, but Ron has to talk to Kelly again.
Erna asked if Jackie has looked into Homestead on the McDonald property yet. Ron said the Town needs an application; is there an application on file?
Cindy recommended sending out a Town mailing about the foreclosures; the Board agreed.
Clint moved to proceed with putting both properties out to bid. Ron seconded, motion passed. Ron & Clint signed the ‘Notice of Public Sale’ papers for putting the Lindholm and Hatch properties out to bid. [See continued minutes; Hatch property sale was delayed a week].
Rick suggested the Historical Society be permitted to look through the Lindholm property for any historic items that may have been left in the house.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Clint reported for Christine that she had to choose two places that were potential disasters, the earthen dam and Skidgels. They inspected the dam, and water was running over the top. Clint thinks something has to be done, and suggested the Army Corps of Engineers be contacted. Dave talked about his review of the Kleinschmidt Report, which said the overflow is not adequate.
At Skidgels, beavers are re-routing the stream.
Christine took pictures, and thought one of the sites might be chosen as an Emergency Management exercise in the fall.
Ron attended an EMA meeting, and heard about the process for applying for a grant for an emergency generator, which would service the office and annex.
Jim Waterman said the fire department has two generators, one a 10K generator, but they have to use non-ethanol gas. Ethanol gas caused the $600 damage to the Jaws of Life.

BICENTENNIAL: Erna is sending out calls for donations for both Bingo and fireworks.

COMP. PLAN: Dave reported the next meeting is June 5th.

PLANNING BOARD: Regarding any Town permit application required by the Planning Board from Tony Grassi, THE CEO consulted with the Town attorney, who reviewed the new Commercial Development Review Ordinance, and said no permit is necessary. Tony already has all the permits he needs.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Cindy reported that Pleasant Hill Cemetery says they need 35 more veteran’s flags.

OLD BUSINESS: The 5-year lease agreement for the Post Office has been received. The rent is $7560/year or $630/month. It has to be transferred to the Town. Ron wanted time to look at it, and moved to have it reviewed by Kelly & Collins. Motion passed. Erna said the Town must have it back by the end of June.

NEW BUSINESS: Dave reported his conversation with Tony Grassi about the earthen dam. The Kleinschmidt report is on the condition of the dam, but contains no suggestions for repair. A grant could be applied for to repair the dam, and also a feasibility study could be done on the potential for electric generation.

At 7:40 Clint moved to recess this meeting until Tuesday, June 11 at 6 PM.


Present: Ron, Clint, Erna, Glen. Brian absent.


1. Post Office: Ron read the letter from Kelly & Collins reviewing the lease for the post Office. Kristin is contacting the USPS rep to have a minor change made in the language, but she approved the lease either way. Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to sign the lease with the USPS as soon as the lawyer approves the signature lines. Motion passed.

2. Lindhom property foreclosure is complete.

3. Hatch Property at 963 No. Palermo Rd.: Kristin advises that the Board has done everything they are supposed to do. They can negotiate with the bank or just sell it. She recommended giving the bank a week to propose a figure, but Camden National is not replying. The bank was given every opportunity to pay the back taxes before the foreclosure, but will not return calls or communicate. Discussion followed regarding the value of the property, and taking down the real estate sign.
Clint asked how to post the sale; Erna replied that it would cost $1400 for 3 days in 3 newspapers, but MMA advised there is no requirement to advertise. Ron moved to sign the ‘Notice of Tax Sale’, send out a notice to Town residents, and advertise for two days in the Republican Journal, with sealed bids due back by July 1st. Clint seconded, motion passed.

PUBLIC WORKS: Clint reported on trucks he’s looked at for sale. One at O’Conners is a 2003 Caterpillar, 8 speed. He’d like to get a group together to go look at it.
Clint rented Matt Lee’s grader to grade Mitchell Rd.

TREASURER: Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to sign the A/P warrant for $19,011.50. Motion passed.
Clint moved, seconded by Ron, to sign the payroll for $3868.36, plus a second run for $83.16. Motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS: Ron reported that two turbines have been retrofitted with ‘trailing edge serrated technology’, and the next one will be done Thursday. Ken Boulier said they are quieter.

Next meeting June 17 at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

Note: Sadly, Cindy Abbott got word today that her Mom passed away in Presque Isle.

MAY 22, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:10, with the following present: Dave Schofield (CEO), Pam & Bob Hermon, Rick Cross (RSU 3 Rep), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Glen Bridges (Sec.),
Bob Gerrish, Ron Littlefield, Carrie Bennett, and Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, and Brian Jones.

REVIEW MINUTES: The Board accepted the minutes from May 6 with one correction, the rent on an excavator $4800, not $4500.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Glen spoke about the importance of the Town being informed about legislation, LD 1434, proposed by Rep. Jones that would retroactively regulate Beaver Ridge Wind, and asked to be authorized to attach to tonight’s minutes the proposed legislation, along with testimony. Brian moved to attach the legislation, with a reference to the website on which all the testimony is available. [That is, click on standing committees, Energy, Technology & Utilities Committee, click on hearing dates, click on May 9, scroll down to LD 1434.] Clint seconded, motion passed.
Brian also noted he corrected his testimony to add that he had no evidence that CES paid for the road improvement at Beaver Ridge.

Carrie Bennett had a complaint about the dog training operation. She thinks there are violations of Freedom’s nuisance ordinance and the state kennel licensing requirements. Clint reviewed his experience in Montville, and said that as long as there is a buffer such as trees, there is no violation. Brian offered to research state statutes.

TREASURER: Erna reported:
Payroll warrant May 11............................$2590.27
Payroll warrant May 20...........................$2860.24

A/P May 14..............................................$9907.21
A/P May 20.............................................$14,359.13
Ending checkbook balance.....................$263,032.25

Checks received: MRC $1146.8
Maine Revenue Sharing $6809.42

Clint moved to sign and pay the payroll, seconded by Brian, and passed.
Brian moved to sign and pay the second payroll, seconded by Clint and passed.
Clint moved, seconded by Ron to sign the A/P warrant; motion passed.
Ron moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Clint seconded, motion passed.

A Bicentennial donation challenge has been offered by Tim Randall. If the committee can get 10 $100 donations, he will donate another $100.

1. Lights are on at the Lindholm property. Board authorized Erna to have the electricity turned off. Ron said this property should be moved onto the market ASAP. Brian moved to have the Public Works Dept. padlock the buildings. Ron moved to have the Public Works Dept. build a new well cover and have the lawn mowed & trimmed. Both motions seconded and passed.
Ron moved to put the Lindholm property up for bid, seconded by Brian; passed.

2. Erna hasn’t yet heard back from McKearni regarding the foreclosure on the post office.

3. Ron hasn’t yet called the real estate office about the Hatch property. Cindy said the bank has been calling the Town office for financial information about it. The bank thinks they can sell it, but they can’t get a deed. Ron will call Kelly about that.
Ron moved to put that property up for bid if Kelly says Freedom owns it, seconded by Brian & passed.

4. No action will be taken on the Tingley property tonight.

SCHOOL BOARD REP: Rick reported a 3.5% budget increase, or $18,592 school tax above last year, for a total of $542,349. Discussion and debate came up about raises, which were 1%, and the “report cards” on schools issued by LePage.
The school budget meeting is Wednesday, May 22 at 7 PM.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy’s agenda:

1. Marcus Blue coming tomorrow at 9 AM to complete property & casualty insurance.
Ron & Clint both would try to be there.
2. Selectmen signed nine warrants for the RSU 3 budget election.
3. The bicentennial schedule of events, along with the ballot for the upcoming election, and info about the door-to-door clean up day (June 1).
4. A mailing is going out about the above and public hearing scheduled for June 4.
5. The new flagpole is in the annex. Brian moved, seconded by Ron, to have the Public Works dept. put it up. Motion passed.
6. Cindy showed a sample of a system (hanging in sleeves in a rack) for storing maps, which Dave Schofield mentioned can be seen in the Knox Town Office. The Board prefers the book system.
7. The gazebo can be picked up June 5; discussion followed about how to load and unload it. Its width is 8’.
8. TRIO has given Cindy a quote of $450 for the program enabling her to register heavy trucks and motorcycles. Motion to authorize Cindy to purchase the program passed unanimously.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Ron took care of one application. Cindy mentioned she will need a report so as to request reimbursement.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that rebuilding of the section of Smithton Road is finished and Clayton will start June 1 to finish it; Ayer Ridge will be started tomorrow. Clint offered fill to residents.
A report on the Hustus Brook has come in from DOT. There is no funding to fix the bridge, but if left as is, the state may put a weight limit on it. Brian volunteered to sit down with the DOT representative to figure out Freedom’s options. Clint will get an estimate to fix the bridge.
Clint met with Wellman’s Paving. Wellman’s rep worked for Lane, and will prepare a bid for the Road Commissioners using _” shim and _” paving. He inspected Goosepecker Ridge Rd. and concluded that nothing can be done for it but to re-claim it.

STATE LEGISLATOR: Brian reported the situation is normal; there is no direction at all and no movement on the budget.

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Dave reported on his tour of trash accumulation on several properties, and the letters he sent. He intends to follow up on the Mitchell Rd. trailer because the owner refused to cooperate, and was very hostile. Dave would like to have a letter from Kelly for situations like this.
He pointed out the need to put a new well cover over the well at the Lindholm property.
Regarding Skidgels, if and when the buildings fall down, they will be classified as an unpermitted landfill. Then it becomes the Town’s liability.
When Jay Guber left Town, he gave Dave his collection of paperwork. Dave would like to have a secure file drawer to organize it all. Cindy said there is a file cabinet which would have to be kept in the election room.
The Planning Board is working on an application for a permit for commercial purposes, and figure out a fee schedule. Since the recently adopted Commercial Development review Ordinance was not retroactive, Dave disagrees with the Planning Board that Tony Grassi has to go through any review for the mill restoration. Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to authorize Dave to consult with Kelly & Collins. Motion passed.

EMA: Clint reported for Christine that she cannot be at a meeting at 6 PM on May 29th.
Someone from Freedom should be there because of the grant application. Ron will try to get there.

ASSESSOR: Erna asked if Jackie R. has looked at ‘homestead’ for the MacDonald property. Ron will call her.

APPEALS BOARD: Dave reported that the Board should be having their annual meeting soon.

IMPLEMENTATION COMMITTEE: Dave reported that the group is meeting and making progress. The target date for the Board to create a draft for an Economic Development Plan should be the end of July.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Myrick reported the group got a grant to have a workshop led by an expert on how to preserve historic artifacts. The consultant will come up with a plan for Freedom. The next grant application might be for buying the materials to follow through on preservation.
Work is continuing on the Meeting House. The wiring and ceiling will be finished this week.
Rick has a letter from Jack Gibson offering a $10,000 grant, which he offers yearly to towns he’s done roadwork for. Rick wrote a draft for an application.
The Historical Society also has an interest in the Philbrick house, perhaps to restore, containing a library and a rentable space. The group is also making an effort to keep the old Bangs & Knight store from being town down. Ron commented on the potential cost to the Town for maintaining these sorts of properties.
Brian moved, seconded by Clint, to approve Myrick going ahead with the grant application(s). Motion passed.

CEMETERIES: The Pleasant Hill Board will be asking the Town for $600 next year. The Town owned cemeteries are being mowed and trimmed.

OLD BUSINESS: The Luhn abatement should be completed.
NEW BUSINESS: Ron reviewed correspondence.

The next Select Board meeting will be June 3, 2013 at 6 PM.

Motion passed for adjournment at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges


MAY 6, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM. Present: Brian Jones, Clint Spaulding, Tim Varney, Glenn Sporie, Dwight Gould, Pam & Bob Hermon, Willa Dibner, Mike Smith, Dave Bridges, Jim Waterman, Trudy Price, Travis Price, Clayton Larrabee, Bob Gerrish, Nancy Bailey Farrar, Frances Walker, Cindy Abbott, Erna Keller, Glen Bridges, Todd Presson (Beaver Ridge Wind), Julie Downer, Dan Baker (OTT).

FVFD: Jim Waterman reported that the new hydrant has been tested. Water, which should be going into a culvert, is draining into Louie’s basement. Clint didn’t know if the culvert was good or not.
There is a statewide ban on open burning due to the dry conditions.

BEAVER RIDGE WIND: Todd Presson was in attendance to announce that BRW has been working with GE for over a year, and has entered into an agreement to install a new technology called “low noise trailing edge serrated edge”. The turbines will be shut down in June, and the serrated edges are installed with epoxy to each blade. The sound should be reduced by 2-4 decibels.

OTT TELEPHONE SYSTEM: Ron introduced Julie Downer and Dan Baker, who gave an in-depth presentation on a new phone system that is tied to the Internet. They can join separate buildings, offer a one-year warrantee on the phones, and need a 3-year contract. Brian commented that the FVFD has to have a landline for emergencies. Cindy asked about the frequent lapses of Internet in the office, sometimes for a week at a time. In reply, Mr. Baker wasn’t sure this system would be advisable, and questioned the cause of the Internet failures.

SOLID WASTE: The figure for tipping fees is in from GAT.

TREASURER: Erna reported:
Payroll May 6.................................$4171.23

Beginning checkbook balance.........$332,472.95
May 6 Accounts Payable (A/P)........$47,634.67
Ending checkbook balance..............$284,838.28

1. Erna updated the Board on foreclosures.
2. Karen York asked to reserve the metal chairs for August 10th.
3. Erna & Cindy will be at a training May 9 in Freeport.
4. Another A/P warrant will be submitted when Cindy has her state reports finished.

Clint moved to sign the payroll, seconded by Brian; motion passed.
Clint moved to sign the A/P warrant, seconded by Brian; motion carried.
Motion by Clint to accept the Treasurer’s Report passed. seconded by Brian.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy had the following on her agenda:

1. The annex lobby needs to be opened for the Historical Society Thursday.
2. Cindy gave her grant application to Myrick; he’ll bring some ideas to the Select Board.
3. Flags are ordered, including 9 dozen for Pleasant Hill, along with 12 veteran markers.
4. Health Officer needs to be appointed. Motion passed by Ron, seconded by Clint, to appoint Frances Walker.
5. Appeals Board members to be appointed as follows: Smith (2 yrs.), Walker (3 yrs.), Bridges (5 yrs.), Biggs (1 yr.), and Chase (1 yr.). Ron moved, seconded by Clint, to sign appointment papers.
6. Cindy is getting prices from two sources on map books.
7. There are wasps getting into the office lobby.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported 33 of 95 culverts need to be replaced at a cost of approximately $132,000. Thirteen culverts are in question.
Clint called Pike. One mile of paving is $110,000, but the more you do, the more the price goes down, in this case to $55,000/mile. Asked about dirt roads, Clint explained that Smithton is the priority.
Tim Varney said the whole length of Ayer Ridge needs to be replaced, with serious ditching and culvert replacement, and some places need shimming.
Nancy asked if there were other sources for estimates, and Clint said Lane, in 2012 was charging $74,000/mile no matter how many miles. The excavator can be rented for a month at $4800. For 3 trucks, 160 hours of labor, and the excavator the total would be $42,880. Ron reminded the Board that they already voted to rebuild Smithton.
Clint suggested that the Board could ask for quotes, and does not need to put jobs out for bid. Brian moved to table two bids that had come in, but withdrew his motion.
Clint opened and read the bids, and moved to accept Clayton’s bid for $9.80/yard for gravel, spread. Fabric at $309/roll put in place. Brian seconded, motion carried. Clint moved to rent the excavator for ditching, seconded by Brian and passed.
Cindy will fax MMA to add insurance for the excavator.

Bob & Glenn got a lot of brushing done; seeding and mulching has to follow ditching, and rental of a chipper later on.

REP. JONES REPORT: The Governor wants to eliminate $42,000 in revenue sharing, which would mean 2.5% more for school taxes and _% to make up for revenue sharing added to the mil rate.

HEALTH OFFICER: Frances reported that she and the CEO inspected some properties with trash build-up. Dave Schofield wrote letters to 7 Mitchell Rd. and 26 High St., giving them a deadline of May 9 to remove the trash. Frances suggested the Town needs an ordinance in order to address and enforce this kind of problem. She also discovered a health hazard at the corner of Pleasant St. and Rt. 137, a well covered only by some rotten plywood. Dave Schofield will look into that. Finally, with the threat of an historic building on the stream being torn down, perhaps the Town should have an Ordinance protecting historic buildings.

EMA: Brian moved, seconded by Ron, to authorize Christine to apply for the grant for the generator. Motion passed.

ASSESSOR: Jackie was working in the office Wednesday.

COMP. PLAN: Dave reported that the Implementation Committee met May 1, and reminded the Board that their responsibility is to write a 10-year plan for fiscal development. Brian asked if it would be OK to start July 1st.

CEMETERIES: Ron has tried to reach Bob Couturier a couple of times, and will try again.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion continued on the road-paving project. Ron asked if the Board was going put a question on the ballot for borrowing funds for the paving. Clint suggested they consider $600,000. Brian pointed out that the Town wanted to see a clear plan. Clint will call Tim Varney about the inventory and written plan.
Another article for the ballot concerns Beaver Ridge Rd. Will the Town abandon the road in exchange for a recreational easement. Nancy inquired about the cost of that; Ron replied there shouldn’t be any cost.
Bill Kelly told the Board that the Town should have some guarantee that there will be a road built, regardless of NCRS cost-sharing for Bennett.

The Board decided to meet at 5:30 AM on May 8th to write and finalize the referendum questions.

Baseball equipment disappeared some time ago, so Clint moved to donate the proceeds from the sale of scrap metal donated to the Farm League; Ron seconded; motion passed. Bob Gerrish offered to lend equipment he has leftover from the girls’ team.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion passed to adjourn at 8:26 PM. The next regular meeting
will be May 20, 2013 at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

APRIL 22, 2012

CALL TO ORDER: Called to order at 6:05 PM, with the following present: Selectmen Ron Price (Chair), Clint Spaulding, Rep. Bryan Jones. Also, Bob Gerrish, Frances Walker (Health Official), Dave Schofield (CEO), Meredith Coffin (Solid Waste Director), Pam & Bob Hermon, Sallyann Hadyniak, Jim Waterman (FVFD), Clint Spaulding Jr., Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan), Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Glen Bridges (Secretary).

REVIEW MINUTES: Motion made by Brian, seconded by Clint, to accept minutes as written & place on file.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Bob Gerrish reported that the wind turbines are still too noisy, and he is in the process of writing a letter to the DEP.
Bob asked Clint about road maintenance [see Road Commissioners report]. Sallyann asked Clint to look at a hole at the end of Beaver Ridge Rd.

TREASURER: Erna reported:
Payroll for week ending 4/13/13...............................$2659.47
Payroll for week ending 4/22/13...............................$1669.49
A/P for week ending 4/16/13.....................................$3977.55

Beginning checkbook balance......................................$370,976.69
A/P 4/22/13....................................................................$54,240.22
Ending checkbook balance............................................$316,736.47

Revenue sharing received for $2330.17; BETE check for $4 received.
The 2nd quarter tipping fee for PERC was $74.75
Brenda from TRIO finished all the corrections, so Erna can now add all the budget amounts.
We need a letter written regarding foreclosure on the Post Office property. The legal work on foreclosures is done and back in office. Ron said decisions about disposal of foreclosed properties should be made individually.
Erna asked if the mileage reimbursement is still $.42/mile. Brian said he assumed that would stay the same, and pointed out that the difference between that figure and the state rate can be a tax deduction. He’ll find out what the state rate is.
Brian moved, seconded by Clint, to pay the payroll; motion passed.
Motion by Brian, seconded by Clint, to pay the A/P warrant carried.

SCHOOL DIRECTOR: Glen mentioned a newspaper article about the upcoming RSU 3 budget specified $542,349 as Freedom’s contribution. Last year the figure was $523,757.

SOLID WASTE DIRECTOR: Meredith attended a meeting. She is awaiting letters; one from the DEP asking for statistics on Freedom’s trash, and the annual letter from GAT is due. Meredith will have a table at the Bicentennial; she is working with Doug Van Horn on a five-year plan as required by the Comp. Plan.

ROAD COMMISSIONER: Clint reported that Smithton Rd. is the priority, with 1700’ needing to be re-built. Two culverts are needed, and another to be re-set. Screened gravel (6”) is $5/yard. Crushed gravel is $9-10/yard. Clint will also check with Clayton.
A couple of Smithton residents were told they didn’t need culverts when they put in their driveways, so now the Town is responsible for those.
As the inventory progresses, 22 of 55 culverts need replacement, at a cost of $3500 - $4000 each. Several roads haven’t yet been inspected: Bryant, Beaver Ridge, Raven, Rollins, and the village.
Mitchell still has frost coming out. A new longer culvert is needed on Deer Hill. Soon there will be problems on Greeley Rd.
Brian asked how long the Smithton section would last if re-built. Clint replied the last section was done 8 years ago. Now, using fabric, the roads don’t push up from underneath.
Clint said Davis Rd. also needs ditching. The budget for summer roads is about $110,000. Clint pointed out the purpose of this inventory is to plan ahead with a written plan and possibly get the Town to support borrowing funds.
There’s a vote on June 10th, so a decision has to be made at a continuation of this meeting on April 29 if there is going to be any ballot article.
Ron moved, seconded by Brian, for Clint to get all this written down – the inventory, priorities, costs, how the jobs will be done and by whom, etc., and to recess this meeting so it can be continued April 29th. Motion passed.
In the meantime, the Board authorized Clint to start ditching on Smithton and Davis.

CEO: Dave Schofield was in attendance, and Ron asked him to attend one meeting per month, preferably the second one, and to provide the Board with monthly reports describing all his activities and building/plumbing permits granted to keep a permanent record. Dave agreed.
Dave reported he will be working with Frances on the properties with trash problems; they will inspect High St. and Wit’s End tomorrow. A long discussion followed about how to resolve the trash problems. Dave Schofield said the Town needs an ordinance; Dave and the Planning Board could work on that.
He has issued a “Stop Work” order for the old Bangs & Knight building being torn down. The owner hasn’t’ yet supplied the paperwork, an analysis of asbestos, lead paint, etc., and should meet with the Planning Board.
Ron asked what is going on with the Turner property; a trailer is sitting very near the road. Dave will visit them tomorrow. No permit has been granted for that.
Ron asked in general about trailers being added to properties. Dave said it is not allowed if the property is only a 2-acre lot; each building would have to have 2 acres. In Jaranka’s case, he has 5.8A and said he needs assistance from his relative because of health issues. Dave thinks if healthcare is an issue, then it is allowed. Brian said clarification is needed here.

ACO: Scott should be asked to attend the next meeting to talk about resolving the problem of unregistered dogs on Wit’s End Lane. It was suggested a summons be delivered, but also it was pointed out that if the residents don’t speak English, they also might need Clara to help them come in to register the dogs. The Board agreed that Scott should make one more visit, and Clara should be contacted.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy reported:
1. Nothing has been accomplished on her grant application. Brian will call Myrick about it. Deadline is June 24th.
2. Please attend the bicentennial meeting tomorrow at 2:30.
3. Flags need to be ordered, and a list of veterans is needed from Pleasant Hill. Ron moved, seconded by Clint to authorize 12 dozen flags ordered.
4. Don Hagar needs two “Blind Driveway” signs replaced.
5. Inquiry about changing to new phones. Discussion followed about the current phone system being recent; it was questioned why we would need a new system. After discussion it was decided to invite Julie Downer and Mike Giggy to explain their proposal, which is a system linked to the Internet.
6. A new flagpole is still needed for the office. Ron moved, seconded by Brian, to authorize Cindy to spend up to $800 on a 30’ pole, including all the donations ($549 with Sallyann volunteering to buy the flag).
7. The Board reappointed Planning Board members Bill Pickford, Judy Nilson, and Drew Fales.
8. The final payment for the gazebo is being sent in. It can be picked up any time after June 7. Gravel is needed to level the spot; Clint volunteered to do that.
9. Dave Bridges has pointed out that there are numerous interesting maps that should be available to Boards and residents. Cindy was authorized to look into buying 2 books, one for tax maps also.
10. Becky Furrow/ball team want to build a batting cage on the baseball field. Telephone poles have been donated. The Board was negative on the idea of telephone poles, and Erna suggested a portable batting cage world be more workable. Ron will call Becky Furrow to invite her to the May 6 meeting.
11. Heidi Smith is organizing a “Walk to Freedom” from Mt. View to the Rec. field in mid-August; the proceeds will be put towards anti-bullying education.

ASSESSORS: There is a pile of mail for Jackie; Ron said he’d call her.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim reported that they have tested the new hydrant. “No Parking” signs are still needed.
Jim is purchasing an AED device (defibrillator), and each member of the FVFD will be trained to use it. A CPR course is scheduled for May 20 from 6-7:30 PM, and anyone can attend. [This conflicts with a Select Board meeting].
A short discussion regarding burn permits followed. They can be bought for $7 online, but are free from a Fire Warden.

STATE LEGISLATOR’S REPORT: Brian reported that a bill for restoring revenue sharing will be going to the Appropriations Committee. Rep. Mike Carey said retirees will not be getting a COL raise this year.
Bills to label GMO foods and gun control are coming up. Next week there will be a couple pieces dairy legislation.
Brian pointed out that the RSU 3 budget is being set before the legislature has adopted a budget, but he doubts that’ll happen before the session ends.

HEALTH OFFICIAL: Frances reported that she is gearing up for the job, and will accompany the CEO Tuesday to inspect the two properties with garbage build-up.

OLD BUSINESS: The Secretary handed out the printed results of the research she was asked to do regarding assessment/collection of personal property taxes. Brief discussion followed about the difficulties involved.

MEETING RECESSED: At 8:25 PM Brian moved to recess the meeting until April 29, seconded by Clint and passed.

The recessed meeting will reconvene at 4 PM APRIL 29TH.

APRIL 29, 2013 MEETING RECONVENED at 4:00 PM. Present: Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Bob & Pam Hermon, Trevor Ripley, Bob Gerrish, Steve Bennett, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Glen Bridges, Dave Bridges.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Steve Bennett attended to clarify details about his road project, public easement offering, and mentioned that he’d prefer a Town meeting vote over a referendum vote.
Trevor Ripley is getting an appraisal on lot #34-8, ownership of which is in question. He owns #34-1; his well is on #34-8. Barbara McCard is custodian of the original landowner’s (his great-grandmother) finances and estate; she is in a nursing home. Ron said he will call John Miller (Eastern Mapping Services) to see if the map is accurate according to his research.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reviewed his inventory for road repairs. A long discussion followed about how to get the work done. Clint has estimates for the cost of Smithton, not including Public Works labor.
Ron suggested the Board also seek estimates from other companies, such at John Works. Clint expressed concern that other contractors will cut corners unless he oversees the job. In the meantime, ditching can be started as soon as “Digsafe” comes.
Clint reported that some sections on Davis Rd. need work. The canopy has to be cut back, and the wood hauled to the property owner’s house (owner is not able to haul wood).
Clint met with Tim Varney for 3.5 hours. Public Works needs an email address for their laptop. According to the inventory program, the whole length of Ayer Ridge Rd. needs reconstruction. Thirty-three out of 95 culverts need to be replaced, and 13 are in question.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy presented the Board with a copy of the Town drug policy to sign. Ron moved, seconded by Clint to sign it; motion passed.
Cindy also had a contract for the board to sign for the Bicentennial Fireworks Display. Motion passed to sign the contract.

EMA: Clint reported for Christine that she can apply for a grant to buy a generator, but first has to have an office to work out of, meaning a physical place for the need and use of a generator.

TREASURER: Erna reported:
Payroll April 29.....................................$1420.40

Beginning checkbook balance........................$326,283.60
A/P April 29....................................................$3780.46
Ending checkbook balance............................$322,503.14

Motion was made by Ron, seconded by Clint to accept the Treasurer’s report; motion passed. Motion by Clint passed, seconded by Ron to pay the payroll and A/P warrant.

Foreclosures: Regarding foreclosed properties, Ron and Clint will inspect the Lindholm and Hatch properties. A letter has to be sent to the Post Office regarding the rent, which should now be paid to the Town; Erna will write the letter and Ron will sign it.
The disposition of the Sanford Hill property (Map 1 Lot 38) will be decided at the May 6 meeting. Dave Bridges suggested putting a conservation plan on this property to protect it, but the Board disagreed.

Abatements: 1. Mr. Luhn thinks he paid taxes on Town property (see his survey).
2. Alan Downer has questions about his property lines.
3. John Downer has questions about his property lines.
4. Stan MacDonald thinks the acreage is wrong for his lot.

Cindy Abbott reviewed prices for flagpoles; the Board voted to authorize Cindy to buy the aluminum pole for $430 plus shipping and to purchase two flags.

Regarding meeting with Pleasant Hill cemetery Board, Bob Couturier hasn’t gotten back to Ron. Ron will deliver veteran flags for Pleasant Hill.

Motion for adjournment passed at 6:05 PM.

The next meeting is May 6, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

APRIL 8, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Price called the meeting to order at 6 PM. Present: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones. Also Donna & Glenn Sporie, Pam & Bob Hermon, Bob Gerrish, Dave Bennett, Jim Waterman, Willa Dibner, Mike Smith, Nancy Bailey Farrar, Ken Overlock, Sallyann Hadyniak, Scott Holmes, Dave Bridges, Ron Littlefield, Erna Keller, Cindy Abbott, Glen Bridges.

REVIEW OF MINUTES: Motion by Clint, seconded by Ron, to accept minutes from March 25 as written and place on file; motion carried.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES/QUESTIONS: Bob Gerrish apologized for his profanity at the March 25 meeting. He also asked if the Board could look into having the DEP act as mediator between BRW and neighbors. Brian asked for more information from Gerrish & Littlefield to present to DEP.
Ken Overlock asked if Harold Greeley had asked for help to burn a trailer.

FVFD: Dave Bennett brought up the need for No Parking signs at the access point to the new hydrant, and suggested checking with Tony Grassi. The secretary asked for a final cost figure for the new hydrant; Jim replied $7200.
Discussion followed about several properties that should be burned, and the rules for burning (removal of roof shingles and vinyl siding). The FVFD has to work with DEP, and if a burn is for training, a state certified instructor has to be on the site.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: One application was requested but not returned yet.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported that the Public Works Dept. can start cold-patching. The roads have been inspected. Mitchell Rd. needs paving. Half of 10 culverts on Ayer Ridge Rd. need to be replaced, and 3 (or more) of the six culverts on Mitchell.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT: Brian reported that constituents who want to receive weekly legislative updates can email him. In public hearings, he finds that there may be five citizens who have concerns, and five lobbyists. More citizens need to attend. Cutbacks to towns and education spending are still unknown. The RSU3 School Board is voting on a budget without knowing the State cutbacks. Brian summarized that “the system is broken”. The only way this will change is if citizens get involved.
Brian introduced a resolution in the legislature to honor Freedom on its 200th anniversary.

ACO: Clint brought up complaints of trash building up at Wits End Lane, along with 5 unlicensed dogs. Scott will interview the residents on Wits End Lane. His phone numbers are 382-6245 or 314-7438.

TOWN CLERK: Corrections need to be made and billing needs to be fixed through Jackie Robbins. Clint Spauldng Jr. presented Cindy a gift of an Open/Closed sign for the office, which he made. Brian asked the Secretary to write a letter of appreciation.
A grant application is available which would provide $10,000 for assistance to children or elders (food, clothing), or repairs to a community center. Ron read the letter of details that accompanied the application. Brian moved, seconded by Clint, to approve applying for the grant.
A mailing needs to go out to notify residents about the June 1st door-to-door pickup; Brian can add his mailing about the legislative session to that.

HEALTH OFFICIAL: Brian asked about the process to address the problem of trash build-up. Ron will contact Frances to ask her to inspect the trash build-up, and invite her to the next meeting.
Jerry Sullivan will be cleaning up the trash on High Street.
Discussion followed about other problem locations.

EMA: Ron moved to reappoint Christine as EMA, seconded by Brian, and passed.

PLANNING BOARD: Meets April 9 at 7 PM. Ron attended a recent meeting, and the Planning Board would like to have an inventory of all discontinued roads to determine their status. Cindy pointed out that no money was raised for this. Ron thinks this is a good idea, but may have to wait another year to fund the research.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Ron asked Cindy about the Spirit of America award; Cindy replied that the award is for the Veterans Memorial. There will be another award for the Historical Society.

BICENTENNIAL COMMITTEE: There are concerns about liability if events are held on private property. Ron will check with MMA Insurance.

CEMETERY COMMITTEE: Ron would like a volunteer to head up this committee. Ron will be meeting with Bob Couturier to go over their finances.
Brian pointed out that Smithton is filled up, and contains the Town’s first settler; Brian would like to see the Town take over Smithton. Pleasant Hill is still viable and selling lots. Smithton managers would like Town assistance if Pleasant Hill gets any Town monies. Brian asked Ken Overlock to have Viola get in touch with him.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron reported that at the last meeting the decision was made to have the tax map mylars updated by Mr. Miller, who was hired to update the tax maps.
The Board is to meet with the bank to negotiate an amount to be paid to the Town to release the foreclosed Hatch property (1.86A on No. Palermo Rd.) before the auction May 1st. Brian is available Wed. or Fri. afternoon.
The disposal of four other foreclosed properties was discussed; Erna said all the paperwork is with the lawyer. Ron assumes the properties will be put out for public bid.
Brian moved to go into executive session under 1 MRSA 405 (6) at 7:12 to discuss acquisition of properties; the Board returned at 7:29. No decisions were made.

Ron asked Brian if he had consulted with MMA about Bennett’s road issue. (No)
Ron said the paperwork from Kelly brought up several problems:
1. The centerline and width of the road must be established by a survey.
2. Does the Town want to hold Bennett et al liable to build the road or leave it up to the discretion of the owners.
Ron made several points:
1. He thinks the map provided for the route of the road is not accurate.
2. If the road is a private way from Sibley into the woods, it just ends in the woods.
Clint pointed out that if the Select Board disregards Kelly’s advice, then the Town would have no legal recourse.
Brian wondered if the Town should require Bennett to build the road before the Town agrees to an easement. Ron read from Kelly’s letter regarding the complications that arise when private landowners aren’t interested in granting an easement unless NRCS cost-shares, but NRCS won’t cost share on a road not yet built or discontinued, so private landowners will have to agree to finance the entire road construction prior to anticipated cost-sharing, and to transfer private rights on the private portion of the trail regardless of the availability of NRCS funds.
Bob Gerrish suggested that NRCS might consider a private road with a public easement to be a public road, and refuse to cost share, or have their monies returned.
Brian moved to table the subject until Steve has talked to NRCS. Motion passed.

Regarding delinquent personal property taxes, Brian moved the Board should establish a policy to deal with this uniformly in the future. He also asked the Secretary to research policy on personal property. Cindy suggested we need someone to go out to take pictures of the property, but there were questions about Assessors trespassing. Another problem is getting a photo or VIN number on property from 7 or so years ago.

Ron moved to go into executive session under Title 1 MRSA 405 (6)A at 7:48 PM regarding a Public Works personnel issue. No decisions were made, and the meeting resumed at 8:04.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Erna reported:
Payroll 4/1/13..........................................$4072.79
Payroll 4/8/13..........................................$1423.64
Second run payroll...................................$538.25

Beginning checkbook balance.................$412,620.86
A/P 4/8/13..............................................$60,889.71
Ending checkbook balance......................$351,731.15

On April 5, TRIO will be downloading all the corrections from the audit, which Vernice will check in case any adjustments are needed. TRIO is also setting up the back-up system, which should have been done August 3rd, 2010, and was the cause of excessive hours and mistakes with the TRIO program.
Erna contacted the Registry of Deeds; the Town doesn’t file anything with them until property is sold, then the Town files a Quit Claim Deed. The Transfer Tax (RETTD) has to be filled out. The Town’s transfer tax costs are part of the costs associated with the sale.
Discussion followed regarding Lee Bros. not having Workers Comp, so they must submit the Independent Contractor Requirements to the State. Clint confirmed they have to prove they are independent contractors. It can be a simple online process.

Motion by Brian, seconded by Clint, passed to pay the A/P warrant. Brian moved, seconded by Clint, to pay the payroll warrant. Motion carried.

The next Selectmen’s meeting is April 22, 2013. Motion to adjourn passed at 8:33 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Glen Bridges, Secretary

MARCH 25, 2013

Chairman Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were:
Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Erna Keller (Treasurer), Cindy Abbott (Clerk) Sallyann Hadyniak (Acting Secretary) Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Heidi and Reed Brugger, Bob Gerrish, Jerry Stephanski, Steve Bennett, Bob and Pam Herman, Burke Oheron, Barbara and Ronny Littlefield, Myrick Cross.


The February 25th approved as written minutes was reopened with one correction of a letter that was a typographical error (a.m. to p.m. The approved minutes of March 11, 2013 were reopened and a one word correction was made. (was ato they) Ron Price made a motion to accept the corrected minutes to be placed on file as written, Brian Jones second the motion, motion made and carried, all were in favor.


There was a discussion between Ron Price, Bob Gerrish and Clint Spaulding regarding, the ordinances, wind turbine noise and hear say, Article 29 on the warrant and abatement. Ron Price stated that there will not be anymore windmills in Freedom and no windmills will be put up on Sanford Hill. Ron also said he will pass the concerns of Bob Gerrish to the proper authorities. All properties that will be foreclosed on will be put out for bid. Ron is not in favor of holding on to any properties even if it is to be used as wood lots or anything else. Bob Gerrish promised that this is not the end of this discussion.
Jim Waterman stated that he would hate to see rumors get started especially with windmills in the shadow of his house. Ron once again stated that no windmill are going to be put in Freedom and then Jim asked Ron to then put a stop to the rumors.
Regarding the Tingley property, Jim stated that there are American Chestnut trees on that property if they weren’t already cut down during the several times that property was cut.
A brief discussion between Clint Spaulding and Barbara Littlefield was held regarding a letter that was petitioned out.
Reed Brugger was here to support Bob Gerrish and agreed with Jim Waterman regarding theTingley property (trees) and the town should know about the Tingley property.
Bob Gerrish is concerned about and discussed snowmobile use of roads.
Steve Bennett followed up with speaking about the Beaver Hill Road and discussed the letter that the town and Steve received from Bill Kelly the town attorney. Steve wanted an answer from the Board as to what is going to be done.
Steve feels it should be done at an open town meeting and the voices of the people should be heard, questions should be answered and to take a town vote to abandon or not that 4,000 feet of road but allow the habitants to use it for hiking, biking, country cross skiing, and a portion of it for snowmobiling, no motorized vehicles would be allowed.
Brian Jones made a motion to draft an article and send it to MMA. Ron Price second the motion, motion made and carried and all were in favor.
Bob Gerrish spoke to Tim Varney and Tim stated that he has been very busy and will be for the next year and will be unable to help the town of Freedom. Clint said he would get in contact with Tim and talk to him.

Clint has not been able to look into a new plow truck.

Ron Littlefield asked for help regarding his house and Ron Price said all he could do is to notify the wind company. Ron spoke to Tod Presson last week and he said sound equipment was going to be put up in the vicinity of Bob Gerrish’s house and Ron Littlefield’s.

Jackie Robbins is working on accessing and started last week.

Solid Waste Director is satisfied with Sullivan’s contract.

General Assistance Our threshold is $18,315.00.

Cindy reviewed with Steve Bennett regarding the property that he purchased from Brian Kelley. The acres are 45.89 that Vite is looking for …The property on Oak Lane has 50.75 and the property on Mitchell Road has 50 acres. Vite Vitale is looking for Map and Lot on that property. Vite has the forest plan completed.

1. A RECOUNT OF BALLOTS CAST FOR Article 3 & 4 on the warrant and ballot at a referendum election held on March 8, 2013, was conducted before me on March 20, 2013.
2. As a result of that recount, and having heard from any candidates and witnesses, there present who wished to speak, I have determined that the total number of votes cast for the Articles 3 & 4 was 207, as follows:

Article 3 – “Shall an ordinance entitled Town of Freedom Commercial Development Review Ordinance be enacted?”
#3 Yes 103, No 99, 1 void, 4 blank
There was one change found, one ballot was marked both Yes
and No so this ballot was voided.

Article 4 – “Shall an ordinance entitled Town of Freedom Wind Turbine Ordinance be enacted?”
#4 Yes 101, No 104, no void, 2 blank
There was no change to the count of this article.

Keenan Auction called the office to say they plan on auctioning off the Hatch Property, on May 2, 2013. Since the town foreclosed on that property Keenan needs to talk to the Selectmen. Keenan Auction phone number is 885-5100. It was discussed by the Selectmen and a motion was made by Ron to set up an appointment with the bank to go over this whole thing. More discussion was held and the motion was rescinded by Ron and Brian wanted it to go into foreclosure. At the last meeting they engaged Bill Kelly to initiate the legal foreclosure hearings and this should be given to Bill to finish up. The motion was second by Clint Spaulding, motion made and carried. All were in favor.

Scheduled Spring Cleanup door to door will be on June 1, 2013. Ron made a motion for this date and Brian seconds the motion, motion made and carried. Letter needs to be signed and returned to Sullivan for approval.
See attached list of accountable items, items that are not accepted, those that can be taken to the Unity Area Recycling by the resident. Free. Items must be curbside before 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. If you have items not on this pickup list call Sullivan’s Disposal Service at 948-2658.

The first Saturday the town office will be closed and opened on the second Saturday, also the office will be closed on Monday 4/15/2013 for Patriots Day.

Bangor Computer Copy will be here again tomorrow to make some adjustments and complete some software updates. He also wants to be here when Erna is printing checks so he can make adjustments, if needed.

Do the Selectmen want Jackie Robbins to draw changes on the Mylar’s? Eastern Mapping “Services has the Mylar’s”. Cindy can’t find our Mylar’s and she thinks that Eastern Mapping Services still has them. She couldn’t find them in the vault or in the office. Ron said that Eastern Mapping should be doing that and Larry Holtham thought there was one correction to be made on the Ingraham Property.

A copy of the credit cards total transaction since October $4,452.91 total fees brought in total $116.11. Total spent $4,571.02 on credit cards.

Cindy presented the Selectmen with a picture of a “Open/Close “sign that lights up for over $100.00 approximately, and the board decided to have her come back with a cheaper idea for a sign.

Cindy will be putting together a Policy Boo for the Selectmen, of things that need to be signed by the Selectmen after town meeting. Items will be added as the year goes by and will include:
Committees Oath of Office
Order of Municipal Officers Oldest Tax
Selectmen Policies

Spirit of America Foundation – this ceremony is for the Freedom Recreational for the Veterans Day Memorial.

Cash Receipt Report January 1st to March 25th, 2013.

Pre-30 day Notice on 2012 Taxes are being mailed March 26, 2013.
Taxes and Personal Property Taxes – See Attachments.

Appointments need done to be done tonight is Secretary to the Selectmen,
Building and Plumbing Inspector

Every March after Town Meeting the Selectmen should have a book with the names and offices listed and their dates, terms/year of expiration. (Policy Book).
One of the policies is to have the oldest taxes paid first before the new yearly tax. Ron Price made a motion to approve a Policy Book for another year which is basically and Brian Jones seconds the motion. Motion made and carried. All were in favor.

Spirit of America foundation is a ceremony for the Freedom Recreational for the Veterans Day Memorial taken place on April 19th. It will be in the Hall of Flags at the state Capital on Friday at 1:00 p.m.

Cash receipts from January to March 25th is $119,212.77

Brian Jones made a motion to appoint Scoot Holmes as ACO, second by Clint Spaulding, motion made and carried, all in favor.

Clint Spaulding made a motion to appoint Dave Schofield our Building Inspector and Plumbing Inspector, Brian Jones second the motion, motion made and carried. All were in favor. Ron Price made a motion to appoint Glen Bridges as Secretary to the Board of Selectmen, Brian Jones second the motion, motion made and carried, all were in favor.

There are 4 pages and 134 properties of 2012 real estate taxes totaling $116.681.16.
2011 is $59,021.75
2010 Five properties is $ 6, 638.84

The property on Greeley Road was taken care of.
In 2009 Richard Tingly property
A discussion regarding Personal property 2006-07-08-09-10-11-12 was discussed. (I didn’t get any copies of the things that were being discussed).

Ron suggested having a work session on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 4:00 or 4:30 p.m. to discuss personal property back taxes is the duty of the Selectmen to list the item, make, model, year etc. that they are accessing.


1. Payroll Warrant this week is $1,604.86
2. A/P this week is $9,886.16
3. We received a check from revenue Sharing for March total was $1,552.65
4. The Treasurer’s Disbursement Warrants for State and Payroll needs to be reviewed by Selectmen and signed if accepted.
5. I would like to know when we are changing the pay for Brian Jones and how much different it will be.
6. I have a suggestion about the foreclosed land of Tingley. We should contact Verizon and see if any of that land could be used for a cell phone tower. Make a deal with them for our cell phones, phones and internet. Could save the town hundreds of dollars a month.
7. Brian, I am still looking for an identification card from you to go in your folder that the auditor requested.
8. Hatch property 963 North Palermo Road, I have faxed the info already to the lawyer so they should be contacting you. There is a copy in the folder for you to look over for when the lawyer calls.
9. We need new open sign for the office. Cindy has entered the request; there is a copy in A/P Warrant. Would you like the $129.88 or the $140.47 (whichever you decide not to choose needs to be subtracted off the totals warrant)? This figure needs to be removed because the board didn’t want to spend that much money on an open/closed sign.
10. Contract for portable @ ball field needs to be signed and date entered, usually April vacation is tryouts and removed Sept.
11. Official Tally from Town Meeting
1. Final Totals $1,100.275.10 $1,080.06 $19,973.04 $515,511,50
2. Less-General Fund-Public Works - $30,000.00
3. Less UCP Donations - $1.000.00
4. Final Totals-Budget Committee $484,511.50
Estimate Abatement Discounts (pg 5) $32,000.00
Estimated School Payments (pg 5) $523,752.00
County Tax (pg5) $100,713.02

I still haven’t heard back from the police department that was trying to serve foreclosure notice on the post office property.
Erna presented the Board with a the Treasurer’s Disbursement Warrant to be signed and it gives Erna the authority to sign the checks and also state fees.
Ron read the contents of the Treasurer’s Disbursement Warrant out loud. Current municipal officers, C. Ronald Price, Clint Spaulding and Brian Jones Any of the municipal officers acting alone may review and sign these warrants. The treasurer is an elected official.
Ron made a motion to accept this with any of the municipal officers regarding the Disbursement Warrant. Clint second the motion, motion made and carried and all were in favor.
Because Brian is a state legislator, he is unable to have anything to do with accessing, therefore, because he has very little to do with the roads as part of being a road commissioner, he wants to give up his salary of $1,000.00 to Clint Spaulding who has the most knowledge etc. regarding the roads. Ron made a motion to give it to Clint and it was second by Brian, motion made and carried.
($1,000.00 was Brian’s share of being Road Commissioner). All were in favor.\

AAA Toilets contracts must be signed for two potty toilets, one for the field and one by the old Town House. Ron asked if all were in favor of signing the contract, all were, and contract was signed. Order must be placed early.

Clint made a motion of pay the payroll warrant in the amount of $1,694.86, second by Brian and Clint also made a motion to pay the A/P warrant in the amount of $9,615.81 (and that included the cost of the signs that was not approved $270.35 by the Board) second by Ron. Motions made and carried and all were in favor.
Ron stated that so far this year, we spent $194,663.00.
We have already collected $549.00 for the new flag pole to be erected by the Town Office.
Jim Waterman stated that Dave Spencer’s barn cannot be burned down because the burn permits say that metals cannot be burned. It is prohibited by the state. Dave would have to separate everything into a burnable wood pile. The best thing for him to do is to “bury” it all. on site.
Ron received a request from Sallyann Hadyniak to fill the open seat on the Planning Board. Ron made a motion to make the appointment; it was second by Brian Jones, motion made and carried. All were in favor.

Clint spoke to Mr. Shutes and he said he would re-route the buses.

Ron suggested that Cindy Abbott be appointed as deputy of General Assistance. If the GA can’t make it, Cindy would take over and be compensated. Brian suggested bringing it up at the work session. It was just suggested to take $500.00 out as administrative fees from the $5,000.00 in the General Assistant account and Brian made it a motion and Ron second the motion. Motion made and carried.

A work session was set for Monday, April 1, 2013 at the Town Office for 4:00 p.m. All were in favor.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be held on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

Ron made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m. second by Brian and all were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary

March 11, 2013

Chairman Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Cindy Abbott (Clerk), Erna Keller, (Treasurer) Sallyann Hadyniak (Acting Secretary) Bob Gerrish, Hilary and Tom Fleming, Pam and Bob Herman and Carrie Bennett.

First order of business was to nominate a Chairman for the year 2013 regarding the Select Board. Clint nominated Ron Price, second by Brian Jones. Motion made and carried. All were in favor.


Bob Gerrish requested a recount in reference to Article 4, “Shall the ordinance entitled Town of Freedom Wind Turbine Ordinance be “enacted?” (101-104)

Pam Herman requested a recount in reference to Article 3 “Shall the ordinance entitled “Town of Freedom Commercial Development Review Ordinance be enacted?” (103-100)

Bob and Pam will get the petition and must have 21 signatures (of those that voted) according to statue 2531B Title 38) within 5 business days and a date will be set for the recount which will be before the next meeting. Cindy explained everything involved in a recount to both parties.


Clint made a motion to accept the minutes from January 14th up to and including February 12th as written and to be placed on file. Brian seconds the motion. Motion made and carried.
Clint made a motion to accept the minutes of February 25th as written and the name of Bill be added to be placed on file. Brian seconds the motion. All in favor, motion made and carried.
*Ron will find out the last name of Bill.

Carrie Bennett and Clint Spaulding had a brief discussion regarding a letter that was sent out and someone told Clint that the letter that they sent out was not the same letter that was signed. This was all “hear say”.

Brian Jones gave a Legislature report and there will be a public hearing tomorrow from 10:00 a.m -1:00 p.m. (Corie Wilson’s Bill) LD345 which is a bill to protect the identity of concealed weapon holders. Three more hearings are coming up and they will cover revenue sharing, circuit breaker, homestead exemption and excise tax, educational funding, proposed budget cuts, drug supplement to seniors with low income. Citizens should show up in order to have their say. You can call Brian for more information.

Ron read a letter that was written to Jerry Sullivan on a positive note and signed by Hilary and Meredith to be sent to Jerry. It contained the total tonnage and what is to be expected in 2013. Ron made a motion to have all three selectmen sign the letter and send it off Clint seconds the motion, motion made and carried,
Hilary had nothing else to report regarding solid waste.


Jackie called to see if the town still wants her services and the board all stated absolutely!

There is one pending and Ron called the state and they never called back.


Mud season is coming right up. When a road is posted no oil trucks are allowed, only milk trucks and feed for the cows. Paul Flynn will deliver 50 gallons of fuel. Mail trucks cannot go down roads that are closed. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the roads, etc.
*Clint will talk to Ray Shute to see if he could help us out.


Cindy started that a check in the amount of $44.38 was made out to pay for the mailing of the Planning Board letter. In the meantime Bill presented a check to Cindy for the postage. After discussing this matter, Brian made a motion to give back the check to Bill Pickford, and in the future, all boards that are sending out mailings in bulk should be pre approved by the Board of Selectmen and no last minute notices will be accepted. They should submit it earlier in order to include it with something the town is sending out. If you want to send something out, go to the Selectmen’s meeting and have the Board proof read the notice. Mailing should be approved by the Selectmen. Clint seconds the motion. Motion made and carried. All were in favor.


*Ron will try to talk to Mildred Skiduale.

Another lengthy discussion regarding the figures listed in the Town Report. It included URIP money, Rec. Comm. and wanted to know why we went over budget!
The bottom line is that Brian would like to present a clearly understandable budget in the Town Report to the community.


The Board agreed to make all appointments for the positions that are open at the next Board of Selectmen’s meeting (March 25, 2013). A letter addressed to the Selectmen must be submitted for a position.

Erna spoke about the foreclosures:

Hatch Property, Brian made a motion to engage our attorney (Bill Kelly) to initiate and complete foreclosure hearings and processors on this property. Map 1-11 0 3 deed BK2004 pg.108. Clint seconds the motion. Motion made and carried. All were in favor.

Tingley Property all required steps were taken and there wasn’t any response. So the town hand delivered to his sister. The town will foreclose on the property has a right to take the property by quick claim deed Brian made a motion to proceed with foreclosure but do not sell the property right away. The property is located on Sanford Hill and belongs to Richard Tingley. The town would benefit owning it and using it as a wood lot rather then sell and get fewer taxes. This property will not go up for bid (for now) but we will foreclose on it.
The white house on the corner of Pleasant St. and 137 is unoccupied by the owner who is in the nursing home. The state does not want to own this property is foreclosed and under Freedom’s care. Brian made a motion that Freedom put it up for public auction, Ron seconds the motion, motion made and carried and all were in favor.

McDonald Property, located on High Street. Because there are two different banks listed, makes it a bit more complicated. So a motion was made by Brian to direct the treasurer to send out two lien certificates and a new 30-45 day notice to redeem the property to each bank and the bank that responds first will be given a quick claim deed from the town. Clint seconds the motion. Motion made and carried.

Friend Property, a motion was made by Brian to table this until more information is obtained. Second by Clint, all in favor motion made and carried.


1. Payroll Warrant this week is $2,736.17
2. A/P this week is $11,108.35
3. Foreclosure Hatch (Hatch property)
4. Now that town reports, meeting and voting is over, Vernice, Brenda and Erna will be working on the Trio issue. As of next meeting they hope to have everything straightened out.
Brian made a motion to accept the payroll warrant in the amount of $2,736.17 pending Hatch property, Clint seconds the motion, motion made and carried and all were in favor.
Clint made a motion to accept the A/P Warrant in the amount of $11,108.35 Ron second the motion, motion made and carried, all were in favor.

Cindy will prepare for the recount of the two ordinances and have the recount done before the next Selectmen’s Meeting. She is the only one that can touch/handle the ballots.

Brian made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:34 p.m. and Ron seconds it. All were in favor. Motion made and carried.

The next Selectmen’s meeting will be held on Monday, March 25, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary

FEBRUARY 25, 2013

Chairman Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding, Brian Jones, Cindy Abbott (Clerk), Erna Keller, (Treasurer) Steve Bennett, Jim Waterman

Acting Secretary Sallyann Hadyniak was out of the state, therefore Clint Spaulding recorded the minutes.


Due to the absence of the secretary, a motion was made by Brian Jones to table the past three meeting minutes and at the next meeting all four minutes of the meetings will be addressed. Motion made and carried, all were in favor.


1. Steve Bennett is having a forester work on the property that he purchased from Mr. Kelly but it will be a little late. The board agreed it was o.k.
2. A representative (Julie?) from OCT Communications System attended the meeting and explained all about their system. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the system and the cost. It was suggested that the Board do a neat assessment and and then get back to Julie to let her know what they want to do.
3. Bill ? discussed a verbal agreement between the town of Freedom and Delta Ambulance. He presented a copy to the Selectmen and stated that they work closely with the Albion Rescue. He is just asking for their signatures. Muddy roads can create a problem. They would do their best. He wasn’t aware of any problems in the past. All three Selectmen signed the paper. He also added if for any reason they need to talk to him, he would be willing to come out and answer any questions, etc.
4. Cindy Abbott presented a draft form of the warrant which contains 38 articles. Brian made a motion to accept it and the motion was made and carried. All were in favor.


Frances Walker gave a report and attended training.

Brian Jones spoke briefly about the State Legislature, LLD and Scholarships. He mentioned some correspondence such as a letter of communication that was received from the town attorney Bill Kelly regarding Beaver Hill discontinuance. Perc was discussed and Meredith wants to meet with Ron and Jerry tomorrow (Feb. 26th). If Clint or Brian cannot make it, Ron will keep them abreast as to what is happening.

The Spirit of America Tribute was given out to the Freedom Fire Department in 2001 and to the Rec. Committee 2012. Clint recommended and made a motion to give it to the Historical Society, Ron second the motion, motion made and carried.

Ron made a motion to sign the Warrant and Clint second the motion. Motion made and carried.

Brian made a motion to go into Executive Session MRS64056 at 7:22 p.m. and the board came out at 7:24 p.m. and no decisions were made.


Clint made a motion to dedicate the Town Report to Roy and Marguerite Ward. Ron will call their son Daryl to see if they can get a picture of the two of them together and some history. All Selectmen were in agreement.

There are two ordinances on the warrant and Ron suggested a post card or letter be sent out to all the residents.

It would be nice to have a picture of the old and new Mill together with the history, It would nice to give an award to Tony Grassi, but it was decided to wait until next year.


1. Payroll Warrant this week is $1,685.62 (This includes clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, and road crew)

2. Payroll for week ending 2/18/13 was $1,932.29 (This includes clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, and road crew).

3. A/P this week is $59,924.08 (sch9ol payment state reports and other bills)

4. We received a check from MRC Quarterly Dist. 1st Quarter for $1,534.40. We received a reimbursement check from General Assistance for $1,009.06. Unemployment Refund for October to December 2012 was $21.29.Revenue Sharing for February for $4,371.23.

5. Waldo county Tax has gone from $98,161.15 up to $100,713.02; this is an increase of $2,551.87.

Erna is working with the auditor Vernice and Brenda from Trio to correct issues like they had last year.

Ron commended the Public Works guys on a job well done. They were where they should be and no major problems occurred. Brian stated just for the record, the guys usually get grief, but this is one time they need to get the credit they deserve.

Clint announced that he is sick and tired of getting phone calls after 9:00 p.m. and being disturbed at home. He will not put up with it anymore. Enough is enough!

Brian made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m. Motion made and carried and all were in favor. The next meeting will be on Monday, March 11, 2013,

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak

Acting Secretary

FEBRUARY 12, 2013

Chairman Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. Present were:
Selectmen Ron Price and Clint Spaulding, Erna Keller (Treasurer) Jim Watereman (Fire Chief) Sallyann Hadyniak (acting Secretary) Hilary and Tom Fleming, Meredith Coffin. Clint Spaulding Jr. Selectmen Brian Jones was absent.

Steve Bennett asked if he could speak. Steve received a letter from Bill Kelly with some good suggestions and one was to present a letter of intent (discontinue a discontinued portion of Beaver Ridge Road) of which Steve drew up and presented a copy to Ron. It basically was a description of the portion from the line of Rick Martin’s property (with Rick agreeing to sign) going in a n/w direction of 4,020 feet and having Erin and Jason Wade sign a right of way on their property, also Steve and Judy Bennett, Ron Price, Dave and Maryann Bennett and the Beaver Hill Land owners. (6 abutters) Steve showed tax map to make it clearer to understand. Ron was to get in touch with Bill Kelly and set a time for Bill, Steve and Ron to meet and go over the letter of intent and whatever else may come up. There was a discussion and Steve will wait to hear from Ron.

Ron read a letter from Bill Kelly to meet with Steve and Ron to go over the above process.

Jim Waterman thanked Clint for moving the snow on the other side of the fire house. There is some kind of propane heat in the building during the day and the only concern is that the pipes don’t freeze. The hydrant can be used in case of fire in the village. The home insurance should be a bit cheaper to the residence in the village area of the hydrant because it will be a constant flow of water all year round. The Fire Department has received a grant from the Main Forest Service and our share is $1,063.00. We would have paid $2,126.00 but because of the grant it was half of that amount) The grant was approved and the full amount requested was granted.
Jim wanted to know if there was a time frame for looking for a truck basically for winter plowing. A short discussion was held.

Sallyann reminded Ron that the minutes of Jan. 14th, Jan. 28th have not been read. Ron and Clint agreed to wait until Brian returns.

Clint gave the report:
1. The Payroll was $1,792.89 this includes (clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, and road crew) and
2. Payroll 2nd run for this week was $447.22 (this is to fix payroll. Erna didn’t see a.m. p.m. on the last day road crew plowed) (Erna’s error).
Payroll correction from last week was $3,819.93 (by arrow and name)
The A/P was $9,119.85
Payroll total correction fro 2/4/13 is $3,819.93

Clint made a motion to accept the A/P and Payroll w/corrections were second by Ron. All were in favor.

It was suggested that the colors for the town report should be chosen. Clint made a phone call to Erna and stated Dwight was incorrect name and to remember it is Doug.

The corner by Stevens Road was all cleaned up.

Cindy left a list of information:
Ron will deal with it under old business.

Health Officer (Frances Walker) was sworn in. no report

Bi-Centennial Committee was at the Town Office today and had three different individuals talk about the fire works display. {Prices range from $2,500.00 to $4,200.00. It’s just a matter of working out what the committee wants.

Planning Board has the ordinances ready to be discussed

Public Works will deal with Tim in the spring.

Budget Committee has turned in their budget information that will be on the warrant.

1. The ballots will be available to be picked up on Friday, February 15th.. A seven day notice must be given and then after that a public hearing must be held regarding the two ordinances. and they have to be done and completed 10 days prior to the referendum vote.
2. After a discussion with some members of the planning board, it was decided that the hearing will be held on Thursday, February 21, 2013.starting at 7 p.m. in the Freedom Congregational Church basement. A moderator (Don Barry) will be present. The hearing will be 10 days before the vote and it must be posted 7 day in advance.

4. A discussion was held between Clint and Ron regarding the phones in the office due to a concern with the cost efficiency. The present system is costing a lot of money and the new system will contain using ear phones.

5. Ron attended the Waldo Town Office with selectmen from Waldo County and reported it was well attended.

6. Ron suggested red for the 2013 Warrant and Clint agreed.
7. Ron gave a report about a meeting that he attended at the Waldo Town Office between the representatives and Senator from our area with the selectmen that wanted to attend from the towns in Waldo County. It was well attended and there will be cuts. They all agreed that there will probably be some changes in the proposed budget..

8. Ron wanted it noted in the minutes that Clint and the 2 guys did an excellent job on the roads during and after the snow storm.

Ron read letters received from K V Cog salt and culverts, the Census Bureau and Ron will look it over.

Both Meredith and Hilary Fleming presented a report and went into a lengthy discussion talking trash regarding Sullivan’s, Dumpsters, Perk etc. Both Meredith and Hilary signed a form for being representatives for the next 5 years and it will be given to Cindy.
They also discussed the different ways money can be saved in Freedom by crunching the numbers. The bottom line is they want to get together with Jerry and communicate. Ron will try to set up a time and date for all of them meet. He will e mail Meredith.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 was made by Clint, second by Ron, Motion made and carried. Next meeting will be held on Monday, February 25, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary

JANUARY 28, 2013

Chairman Ron Price called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. Present were: Selectmen Ron Price, Clint Spaulding and Brian Jones. Also Erna Keller (Treasurer) Sallyann Hadyniak (Acting Secretary) Jim Waterman (Fire Chief), Bill Kelly (Town Lawyer) Bill Pickford, Gunner Wood, Drew and Clara Fales, Judy Nilsen, (Planning Board) Diane Winn, Lissa Widoff, Clint Spaulding Jr., Heidi and Read Brugger, Steve and Judy Bennett, David and Maryann Bennett, Matt Bennett, Carrie Bennett, Jeff Keating, Pam and Bob Hermon, Becky and Bob Kanzler, Noah Dellard, Tony Sirois, Lynn and Joe Ascrissi, Barbara Elkins, Martha Foisy, Bobby Garish, Paul Noisy and Ron and Barbara Littlefield.

Due to the absence of the January 14th minutes, Brian made a motion to table the minutes until the next meeting. All were in favor, motion made and carried.

CITIZEN’S ISSUES: The board received a letter from Bob Kanzler, a concerned citizen regarding discontinued roads. Ron. Price read the letter out loud so it’s in the records. No action was taken. Brian was out of the room and Ron wanted to wait until Brian returned.

Ron moved on to deal with the issue regarding Beaver Ridge Road of which Steve Bennett presented a proposal to the Selectmen. Ron has correspondence from Bill Kelly dealing with the materials that Steve submitted and Mr. Kelly had written to Ron Price pointing out some things that should be addressed. Ron in turn invited the town lawyer Bill Kelly to attend this meeting and he introduced himself and was open to questions and answers. There also was a lengthy discussion regarding the status of the Beaver Ridge Road.
Ron gave Steve Bennett the floor and Steve went into full detail as to why it would be in the best interest of the abutters that this road becomes abandoned instead of discontinued, due to maintenance. Instead give an easement to the inhabitance of the town of Freedom as open to the public for foot traffic only. The bottom line is that if the road was abandoned, 75% of the cost of building a road. would be funded by NRCS. They will not fund a town owned road. Plus having a road there, will give easy access to the land located on the road frontage of which there isn’t any access except by foot the way it is now. Not even a fire truck can get there to put out the fire.
Many questions were asked and answered and in the end, Ron suggested the Steve, Ron and Bill Kelly will meet and between them, they may come up with an
Amicable solution.

Pursuant to 30-A MRSA 2528(5), the Selectmen of the Town of
Freedom directs the clerk to place the following on the March 8, 2013 referendum ballot:
Shall an ordinance entitled Town of Freedom Commercial Development Review Ordinance be enacted?

(An attested copy of this ordinance is available in the Town Office.)

Shall an ordinance entitled Town of Freedom Wind Turbine Ordinance be enacted?
(An attested copy this ordinance is available in the Town office.)
The two ordinances are to be put on the referendum, March 8, 2013 which is the day before the Town Meeting. The deadline for preparing these ballots is February 8th. In order to act upon this, it has to be today or schedule a special meeting a week from today, (February 11, 2013. There will also be a hearing to schedule appropriate hearings within the first two weeks of February and not later then the third week. A short discussion was held and a motion was made by Clint to place the two ordinances on a referendum to be voted upon on Friday, March 8, 2013. When asked for a second regarding the motion, Brian abstained. Therefore Ron seconds the motion, motion made and carried otherwise, it would have been put on the desk and no action would be taken. Ron voted to put this as a public referendum vote on the March 8th referendum. At that point, Brian stood up in front of the desk and spoke not as a selectman but as a citizen. There was more discussion held and finally Ron took control and affirmed the motion that was made by Clint and seconds by Ron. It was time to move on.
At that point, mostly everyone in attendance left.

Jim Waterman stated that regarding the hydrant on Mill Street, they are unable to pressurize or put water to (no heat in the building and the basement is open) the line due to the cold temperatures may crack the pvc pipe.

Jim received a call from Jay Guber in Florida requesting that the name of Guber Lane be changed. The house is up for sale and it is a private road.
Jim informed Jay of the rules and Jay will get back to him after discussing it with his wife.

Since Erna is gone for two weeks, Jim wants to know how to handle paying the bills. The bill Jim is interested in getting paid is one that is due on the 31st. Jim will call him regarding the late payment due to the treasurer being gone. and feels there will not be a problem.

Jim would like the Comp. Plan Comm. to communicate with him regarding the fire department and the information that they are looking for.

There was one chimney fire and nothing more to report.

Brian reported one general assistance request and it has been taken care of.

Payroll Warrant this week is $$1,637.21, (This includes 3 selectmen, aco, ceo, clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, road crew and laborer shoveling @town office.
2. Payroll for week ending 1/19/2013 was $1,675.19. (This includes secretary, clerk, treasurer, cleaning lady, and road crew)

3. A/P this week is $27,254.12.
4. We received a check from Municipal Revenue Sharing for $4,140.23-Snowmobile refund for 2012 for $172.12, A BETE refund for 2012 for $350.00.
5. I will be back from Arizona on Feb.8th – see ya@ the next meeting…
6. FORECLOSURES-I HAVE CONTACTED AUDITOR ABOUT HOW TO DEAL WITH EXPENSES FOR FORESLOSURES…VERNICE’S RESPONSE IS: For now, I would say yes, and set it up as a new department, do not use one already set up. Hopefully you will b able to sell it before the end of the year so you can get your costs aback, but just in case, the board may want to think about budgeting some money for the expense….perhaps appropriate a set amount from undesignated just so they do not have a unauthorized expense.

Vernice H, Brooks
RHR Smith and Company

7. Tax Lien Workshop-Tuesday March 5, 2013 in Bangor. Copy on door of your office.
Assessors/selectmen/tax collector/treasurer.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the properties that are being foreclosed on and those that have lien holders on them.
Brian made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as read and Ron seconds the motion, motion made and carried.

Ron has a health form to give to Cindy to give to Frances Walker our new Health Official to be sworn in.

Brian invited all the Selectmen from this legislative district and three superintendents to attend a meeting on Wednesday February 1, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. (meeting will start at 6:30 p.m.) at the Town Office. If the Governor’s budget is approved as proposed, The Town of Freedom is looking at losing approximately $150,000.00 in school subsidy and $26,000.00 in revenue sharing. Brian will call MMA for them to give him the final impact of numbers before Wednesday. We are looking at the tax regulation increase of about 2 mill for the town roughly to make up for the budget shift in Augusta and that does not include the mill and a quarter or mill and a half that we are going to have to pay the school due to the six month fiscal year billing which is going to be a tax obligation because of the school and revenue loss, of an increase of approximately 3 mill.
Clint then sat across the table as a citizen and had a discussion regarding the above topic.

The Budget Committee is done with their work and came up with a final proposal of figures to be given to the Selectmen to act on.
$471,996.50 which is $7,000.00 more then we raised last year.
Foreclosures are to come from undesignated funds.
It was recommended that we do not do anything in regards to the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. (Finance request)

Ron has a folder filled with all the information regarding the foreclosures. Brian made a motion for Ron Price to transfer all the foreclosure information he has in a folder to Bill Kelly for a legal opinion so we can move forward. Clint seconds the motion, all was in favor, motion made and carried.

Ron wants this project to be done right suggested that Steve Bennett (his lawyer if he wants) to sit down with Bill Kelly and Ron to discuss this in full since Bill didn’t have some of the information that Steve was talking about.

Brian made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:36 p.m., Clint seconds the motion, all were in favor, motion made and carried.
The next Selectmen’s meeting will be held on Monday February 11, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Sallyann Hadyniak
Acting Secretary

JANUARY 14, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Brian Jones called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM. Present: Clint Spaulding and Brian Jones, Selectmen, and their Secretary, Glen Bridges. Also Judy Nilsen, Drew Fales, Gunner Wood, and Bill Pickford of the Planning Board. Bob & Pam Hermon, Frances Walker (Health Official), Ken & Doug Gould, Dave Bridges (Comp. Plan, Appeals Board), Erna Keller, (Treasurer), Cindy Abbott (Town Clerk), Sallyann Hadyniak, Bob & Becky Kanzler, Jim Waterman (Fire Chief). Ron Price, (Chair) arrived later.

Brian adjusted the agenda to accommodate Ron’s expected arrival later.

REVIEW MINUTES: Motion passed to approve the Dec. 31, 2012 minutes as written.

CORRESPONDENCE: Brian reported the following correspondence:

1. The yearly review for General Assistance.
2. Approved and signed changes to General Assistance.
3. Waterville Humane Society contract with Town for $1020.98. Brian commented that the Town might want to look for alternatives because this is a “kill” shelter, and he thinks the holding time for the ACO to keep pets is too short.
4. Letter from Dave Schofield (CEO) about the Boynton barn on Stevens Road. He thinks it will not fall further toward the stream, but that snow will collapse it towards the road. It was noted that the Historical Society ought to be interested in some of the contents.
Another letter from the CEO reporting the results of an inspection on the Lindholm house on the corner of Pleasant St./Rt. 137. The foundations are solid, as well as the structure, but there is black mold in places, and a broken septic vent pipe. With 12-16” of snow cover, he couldn’t tell much about the septic system. Brian mentioned that if the Town forecloses, the State has a lien on the house.

FIRE CHIEF: Jim Waterman reported the Jaws of Life is repaired. He learned that the FVFD should not use gas with ethanol for that engine, and had to purchase 5 gallons for nearly $20/gallon. Dave Bennett is planning to pressurize the new hydrant tomorrow.

STATE LEGISLATURE: Brian reported on the cuts to State programs being proposed by the Governor. Impacted would be the Circuit Breaker Program, Homestead Exemption, stipends to Foster or adoptive parents, and schools. Revenue sharing for Towns would be suspended for two years. If these cuts go through, it would cost the Freedom about $141,000 over two years, or a 1.1 mil increase in taxes. In other words, there are increases being forced on property taxes that the Select Board has no control over.
Regarding the school budget, Brian talked with Heather Perry to arrange a meeting with three school superintendents in his district and all the Selectmen from the affected towns. He urged concerned residents to call Mike Thibideau.
The legislature is in session this Wed. and Thursday.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE: Brian reported one applicant, who did not qualify.

ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Clint reported the roads are in poor shape because of the warm temperatures causing muddy ruts. Tonight Roger will be back-dragging Smithton and Mitchell to smooth them out before it freezes up again.

HEALTH OFFICER: Frances reported that she has been researching the requirements of the position. She needs to have a letter written to the State informing them of her appointment. Brian asked the Secretary to write that letter.
The flu is reaching epidemic levels in some areas of the State.

COMP. PLAN: Dave reported that there will be an unofficial organizations meeting of the Comp. Plan Economic Development Committee tomorrow, Jan. 15 at 6:30 in the annex.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Clint reported that the committee met Tuesday Jan. 8th. Among other business, they discussed the charity requests. The next meeting is Jan. 17th .

PLANNING BOARD: Bill Pickford attended with three other PB members to ask what the plan is for the two proposed ordinances and the public hearing, and what the PB should be doing to facilitate that. Brian replied that there is some disagreement about how the ordinance should be voted on, by referendum secret ballot question or as articles at the annual Town meeting. The Secretary reminded the Selectmen that they had said they would get together to review the ordinances as a Board, and have not planned that yet.
Bill reported that the next PB meeting is Feb. 12th, and that the vacancy on the Board needs to be filled. Mary Ann Bennett cannot do it.

CEMETERIES: Clint reported that the Town does not own Smithton Cemetery or Pleasant Hill. The new Board in charge of Pleasant Hill is looking for $600 from the Town and donations from plot owners too. The Town has never assisted before, except on one occasion to help purchase gas for mowing Smithton. Pleasant Hill has never needed financial assistance before and Clint wonders if they are wasting their funds. Clint suggested the Town supply the flags, holders, and maintain the veterans’ graves at Pleasant Hill. We have an excellent volunteer who takes care of Freedom-owned cemeteries, and a volunteer to maintain veterans’ graves at Pleasant Hill. Further, Clint said if the Town is going to support a cemetery, the Townspeople should benefit.
Another problem Clint mentioned is that the Pleasant Hill board wants to be informed if anyone wants to go into the cemetery.
Brian suggested Bob Couturier be invited to a Selectmen’s meeting to explain; Ron Price said Bob should be asked to bring a financial statement.

CITIZENS’ ISSUES: Sallyann objected to the report that she stopped someone walking their dog by her house on Beaver Ridge Rd. She denied doing that, and also said a snowmobiler came speeding out of the trail, and could have caused an accident with her car. Sallyann described the proposed recreational easement for Freedom residents only.
Bob Kanzler explained that Ron Price had told him that the road/trail was a public way, and he is interested in opening up and maintaining some trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. His daughter attends Unity College, and he has talked to people there about getting the college involved. Ron confirmed that he told Bob Kanzler the road is public and he has the right to walk his dog; State law applies.
Bob said he was not speeding with his snowmobile, but was slowly pulling a roller, which packs down the snow for recreational use.
Brian encouraged both parties to get together to reach an amicable agreement.
Glen Bridges objected to the proposed recreational easement being described as “for Freedom residents only”; Sallyann thought she could be wrong about that.

Ken and Doug Gould attended to discuss errors in Ken’s property tax bills. Abatement was made, but Doug said more is due. Ron said Jackie came in to review the account, and they never should have been taxed for four acres, but it is confusing because of names changing on the records. Ron suggested a meeting be scheduled with the Goulds, Jackie, and Assessors, and Cindy asked to be included too.

Payroll 1/7/13....................................$3721.91
Payroll 1/14/13...................................$1679.39

Beginning checkbook balance..............$503,227.84
Accounts Payable (A/P) 1/14/13...........$48,192.14
Ending checkbook balance...................$455,035.70

The A/P Jan. 4 was $12,409.25.
Clint moved, seconded by Brian to sign the payroll of $1679.39 and the A/P for $48,192.14. Motion carried.
Discussion followed about the McKearni property, which is leased to the Post Office, and 7 accounts of 2010 taxes still not paid, due tomorrow, Jan. 15, and one abatement not completed.
The audit takes place Jan 15 for two days.
The Waterville Humane Society contract needs to be signed and paid.
There is a credit of $334.68 with Howard Fairfield (snowplow equipment).
Erna will be on vacation from Jan. 28-Feb. 8.
[Treasurer’s Report attached]

A lengthy discussion followed regarding foreclosure on the Tingley lot, 200A on Sanborn Hill with nearly $12,000 taxes due. He has are 30 days left to pay the taxes. Tingley’s sister, who has power of attorney, has signed for him previously.
Clint said full payment is required on all back taxes, and the two Assessors agreed that everyone has to be treated equally.
Ron moved to have Bill Kelly make the required phone call and draft the required registered letter to Tingley with a 30 day deadline.

Regarding the Mildred Richardson trailer, the Assessors have to write a letter to Joe Richardson to inform him they will abate the tax on the trailer only if it is removed before April 1st.

TOWN CLERK: Cindy handed out a schedule of dates, deadlines for taxes and foreclosures, dog licenses, a rabies clinic, Town office closure dates, deadlines for reports, ballot questions, and other deadlines leading up to Town Meeting. Ballots have to be available by Feb. 7th. The warrant for Town meeting has to be signed by Feb. 25th, and all the Election materials have to be posted by Feb. 28th. This important schedule is attached. Town meeting is March 9th.
In addition, the list of overdue tax 2010 accounts is attached to the schedule.
The Board listed questions to be voted on in March:
1. Town Clerk, Treasurer, Selectman
2. Two ordinances
3. Bennett’s road issue

OLD BUSINESS: The state has a lien on the Lindholm house on Pleasant St./Rt. 137, and wants the Town to foreclose. Mrs. Lindholm is indigent and in a nursing home, so the State attaches a person’s assets in that situation. Discussion followed about ways to sell tax-acquired property; Ron suggested that all potential foreclosures be sent to Bill Kelly’s office.

A Selectmen’s work session is scheduled for Jan. 21 at 4 PM.
Meeting of Comp. Plan Economic Development Committee Jan. 15 at 6:30.
Budget committee Jan. 17th. .

The next Selectmen’s meeting is Jan. 28th, 6 PM.

ADJOURNMENT: Vote to adjourn passed at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen Bridges, Secretary

[2 attachments]

Please note: My tape recorder failed for this meeting, so there is no tape.