Cindy Abbott

Voting for local, state, and national representation takes place at the Town Office. You can enroll in the party of your choice at any time during the year - even on the day of an election or a primary if you are not as yet enrolled.

You can apply online (Ballot will then be mailed to you) or print out an Absentee Ballot Request online, fill it out and send or bring it to the Town Office. You can also obtain an Absentee Ballot Request Form (for yourself or immediate family members) at the town office or by calling or emailing the Registrar of Voters (freedomclerk@yahoo.com). The Registrar of Voters will process the Request Form and issue the official Absentee Ballot. For U.S.citizens residing outside the United States and for more information about Absentee Ballots and all links, click here.

The completed Absentee Ballot must arrive at the Town Office no later than 8 PM on the day of the election. The voter or the person designated by the voter on the Absentee Ballot Application may bring in the absentee ballot to the Town Office.

Freedom's Annual Town Meeting usually takes place on a Saturday in March at 10:00 AM at the Dirigo Grange on Belfast Road in Freedom Village. However Election for Town Officials takes place by secret ballot at the town office on Friday, the day before the meeting.

The town elects three Selectmen. Each Selectmen serves a three year term and one Selectman is elected each year. In addition elections are also held on that date for the Town Clerk, Treasurer, Tax and Excise Collector, Registrar of Voters and School Board Representative (every 3 years)

During the year the three Selectmen appoint the Code Enforcement Officer, Plumbing Inspector, Local Health Officer, and Animal Control Officer. They also appoint members to the Appeals Board, Budget Committee, Planning Board, and Recreation Committee.